LOTS OF PICS AHEAD//stupid pictures taken while running errands

Today I tagged along with my mom and my sister to run some errands. I took the camera and we ended up making a pitstop at Joanne's to pick up some plastic animals. Unfortunately they didn't have as large of a selection as we would have liked but we still had fun.

Walking around outside whilst waiting for my sister to finish her voice lesson. 
This crazy glitter jacket was purchased yesterday when I went thrifting with a friend. It is so insanely sparkly and it feels like a Brillo pad. I love it.
Pasta paper.
Carol threatening my mom and I.
Mom makes out with a sparkly octopus sticker
They have a lot of different 'Toobs' of plastic animals to choose from. They aren't all animal toobs though. We have a Jamestown Settlers toob.
Brontosauras vs Velociraptor round 3
Carol's pretty beaver tail
Okay I promise to get some real posting done soon. Sorry for bombarding you with dumb pictures.
But in the meantime,
why don't you check out the fun little project my mom and my sister and I are working on:
We figured it was about time to do something (useful?) with our little zoo of plastic pets.
xox Jane

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  1. tee wrote:

    holy moly is that snow youre walking on in that first pic?!
    it must be FREEZING! and youre only wearing a skirt and blouse?!
    jane you are ke-razy!

    1.20.09 · Reply
  2. Maya wrote:

    Are you kidding me with those shoes? I love them!!

    1.20.09 · Reply
  3. corie wrote:

    i love those plastic animals! it looks like you had fun ;)

    1.20.09 · Reply
  4. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Oh! How I miss mucking about with my mom & sisters! What a fun-filled day! Thanks for sharing, as I now reminisce on when my sisters were play-fighting with my mom :)

    1.20.09 · Reply
  5. lovely lovely outfit. and i adore those shoes. i love how you put the outfit together – glittery top, voluminous skirt, and playful shoes. beautiful.

    1.20.09 · Reply
  6. AMAZING i lovee the emerald green. SALUDOSSS Jane. haha besos!

    1.20.09 · Reply
  7. Sunset wrote:

    That jacket is SO perfect! Isn’t it terribly itchy though?

    1.20.09 · Reply
  8. Trisha wrote:

    aww cute pictures! you guys look adorable. looves the glittery jacket!

    1.20.09 · Reply
  9. Matthew wrote:

    Are the pictures taken with the D40? Why are they so pixelated?

    1.20.09 · Reply
  10. Sophie wrote:

    Hihi, don’t you worry, I like the dumb pics!:) /Sophie from Sweden♥

    1.20.09 · Reply
  11. David Diaz wrote:

    I recently came across your blog.it inspired me to finally stop hesitating, and make my own! yours is soo goodd

    1.20.09 · Reply
  12. Jessica wrote:

    I LOVE that jacket. Great score!

    1.20.09 · Reply
  13. Amelia wrote:

    sounds like a really fun day. i wish my family got along really well
    i love plastic animals <3

    1.21.09 · Reply
  14. DUSKIN wrote:

    too cute.

    1.21.09 · Reply
  15. Brianna wrote:

    More posts like this please Jane! I know you girls have a ton of personality just by viewing your wardrobes, but a glimpse into your daily adventures really add your spirited charm. Girls just wanna have fun : )

    1.21.09 · Reply
  16. karafina wrote:

    thats awesome… i have a collection of miniature plastic animals.. like reeeeeeally miniature! like the size of a corn kernel!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  17. Dexter wrote:

    Oh dear, those shoes in the first picture are awesome! You look fantastic! as for the other pictures, I’d say everyone is supposed to have a day of now and then:)

    1.21.09 · Reply
  18. i like the frog closures on the jacket!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  19. Sunny wrote:

    This is so stupid…. But ur only 16… I really dont expect much of u exept shopping… This is sad?? Dont u have friends? Go on parties, to the movies???
    I really need to stop reading this sh…

    1.21.09 · Reply
  20. Vogueite wrote:

    Prada/Marni skirt & Prada spring 2007 heels? :)
    i love the shoes from that particular season

    1.21.09 · Reply
  21. Henrietta wrote:

    I know you’re only 16, but…really? PLASTIC ANIMALS on this January 20?
    Good grief.

    1.21.09 · Reply
  22. miriam wrote:

    ah, not dumb at all. but i see your point. great outfit though!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  23. Christine wrote:

    Mathew: Just because a picture is taken with a D40, doesn’t mean that it automatically comes out fantastic. Using a camera on it’s correct settings is what gives you a crisp, none pixelated image. DSLR’s used on the incorrect settings can come out as bad as a cheap point and shoot sometimes when given to someone who doesn’t know their stuff. A good lens always helps, especially one with image stabilization under dark light. It’s kind of daunting how people assume just because an image is taken with a £400 D40, the pictures should automatically come out fantastic. The real skill comes with the photographer, not the camera.
    Anyway, lovely post Jane. Always a pleasure to see your stunning outfits!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  24. Super cute post! Looks like a fun day :)

    1.21.09 · Reply
  25. i like this fun pictures!!!!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  26. keren wrote:

    They’re not as ‘stupid’ as they are entertaining.
    And the skirt and heels you’re wearing are most amazing.
    Very cute top, too.

    1.21.09 · Reply
  27. Emlyn wrote:

    You all look so amazing! I will definitely start to follow your plastic animal blog, too cute!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  28. cindy wrote:

    hahahaha, you guys are adorable.
    imy superstar!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  29. Robbie wrote:

    you guys are so eccentric… i love it!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  30. adorable!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  31. carlotta wrote:

    hahahahah plastic animal a day! how delighful

    1.21.09 · Reply
  32. Rebecca wrote:

    where did you get those shoes they are great!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  33. Becca wrote:

    i am dying over the glittery jacket – so so great. I love the shoes too, of course!

    1.21.09 · Reply
  34. You look gorgeous! What I’m truly in love with is your skirt and the print on it!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  35. Its great seeing pictures like these! And that outfit – so great!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  36. Fun post! And I love, love, love your shoes!! -S. of academichic.com

    1.22.09 · Reply
  37. Kristal wrote:

    Hi Jane!
    I always read your blog and I think that you and your shoes collection are fantastic!
    Can I ask you something?
    I’m going to go to NYC next week…where can I go?
    (lot of shoes,good food and nice shops)
    :) XOXO

    1.22.09 · Reply
  38. ji kim wrote:

    I like the outfit alot. Very sophisticated for such a young woman!
    Also I am so dying for that incredible squid ring you have!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  39. Patricia wrote:

    I love your style!
    I would like to talk about you in my blog if thats OK with you… it’s still very new, but i simply love how edgy and sophisticated you are!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  40. Matthew wrote:

    Christine – I never made the assumption that $500+ camera = pristine pictures. Usually – actually… always – Jane’s pictures turn out fantastics. Seeing these just make me question why the sudden lack of quality? Was it the camera? Was it the way the picture was save? Etc…
    I came to the conclusion that the only reason the pictures turned out gritty was because they were saved under .gif rather than her usual .jpg

    1.22.09 · Reply
  41. I love that color green. It looks great.

    1.22.09 · Reply
  42. jamb0 wrote:

    did your mother start her blog…if so what is it called

    1.22.09 · Reply
  43. wednesday wrote:

    i love your blog and i love how adorable your family is! you guys are so cute and these pictures made me laugh…jamestown settlers toob…that is quite awesome, gotta say. as always beautiful outfit, i’m always in awe of what you come up with on your blog and how you always look amazing (plus your extensive shoe collection which i am eternally jealous of)…also one question: do you go to a public school and if so do you wear all of this to school? including the shoes? anyway not impt just wondering.

    1.22.09 · Reply
  44. addison wrote:

    your family is so cute!
    and i will definetly be reading the plastic animal blog! haha

    1.22.09 · Reply
  45. Tandsm wrote:

    Aw who knew shopping could be so much fun!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  46. Nicole wrote:

    Seriously those shoes are amazing!! They’re probably worth my rent, but I must have them. What info can you give me on them?
    Also, contrats on the bloggie nomination. I voted for you, of course. You’ve got great great style, especially for someone so young. I’ve got over 10 years on you and while I think I’m pretty damn stylish I’m always impressed with what you pull out/ pull off.

    1.22.09 · Reply
  47. Nicole wrote:

    Again, congratulations. You deserve it.

    1.22.09 · Reply
  48. Shen-Shen wrote:

    Haha I love the plastic animal a day!

    1.22.09 · Reply
  49. Pixienish wrote:

    OMG FUN!

    1.23.09 · Reply
  50. JW wrote:

    hey man, trying to set an age limit on who should play with plastic animals is NONSENSE. plastic animals are for everyone! my husband and i drove across the country last year and we collected plastic animals along the way and displyed them on the dash of our vehicle. by the end we had a collection that spanned the entire country and mixed dinos with llamas and giraffes and zebras … great fun! it’s lovely to see relaxed pictures of you horsing around with your family. That skirt is beautiful. I would love a skirt like that. Keep being young and beautiful Jane!

    1.23.09 · Reply
  51. cassie wrote:

    Darling, you are adorable.
    I enjoy your enthusiasm for plastic animals and am glad that I’m not the only seventeen-year-old that has plastic animals. (:

    1.24.09 · Reply
  52. Ronnie wrote:

    you put a smile on my face with that top. glad to see you wore it so soon!

    1.24.09 · Reply
  53. Sophie wrote:

    I’m wondering where Carol’s jeans are from? The sideways belt loops are awesome!

    2.16.09 · Reply
  54. FAB PIcs
    Look like you hadan amazing time!!!

    10.2.09 · Reply
  55. This is truly a Revolting Development as William Bendix use to say on TV in a different generation or two ago. Maybe three. I’m thinking seriously now about Mac and also about selling my stock.

    9.29.10 · Reply