Margiela Artisanal

Margiela01 Margiela02 
Margiela03  Margiela04
Margiela05 Margiela06
Margiela07  Margiela10
From WWD
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  1. Aisling says:

    WoW I did not realize that these were living, breathing models until about the 5th picture down. Amazing, I like how the anonymity of the models makes the clothes stand out that much more. the fringe colorful dress is amaaaaazing.

  2. Wax says:

    amazing. i wonder if the models could perfectly see through the stockings on their heads. lol

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    I can’t believe they’re real models too! Margiela’s so so so amazing! I love the white dress the most… Just incredible!

  4. tenzin says:

    Margiela…i think he’s amazing.&so are you jane,i lovelovelove you blog!!!

  5. Erman says:

    Can the see through the head-socks?? Love the fringe though. it’s still here after a few season!!

  6. PenPen says:

    I thought-mannequin…real person…mannequin…ahhh!! Real person!

  7. juliet says:

    MMM is always a great talent show!
    juliet xxx

  8. Ashton says:

    those are just amazing!

  9. carlotta says:

    ah its amazing how many people have mistaken the models as mannequins, perhaps thats that point, but i didn’t even realize they were ‘real’ until i read the comments .. freaky!

  10. Fressine says:

    Personally I find it quite disturbing to treat real persons like mannequins.
    Even if there is evidently an artistic message behind it, I find these images very degrading for the models.

  11. mikyandstyle says:

    this is realy incredible!

  12. Robbie says:

    Um, that bolero was made your you Jane!

  13. luxirare says:

    YOU RULE for posting these.

  14. Oh that multi-colored fringe number is so oversized and wonderful. reminds me of the Pugh puffy jacket from last season…you feel like you’re getting sucked into it n lost

  15. Lola Re says:

    Oh, I love the one-legged, one-shouldered jumpsuit. It reminds me of these pics from Plastique Photo:
    <3, Lola Re! xx

  16. Lola Re says:

    Oh, I love the one-legged, one-shouldered jumpsuit. It reminds me of these pics from Plastique Photo:
    <3, Lola Re! xx

  17. Mike says:

    terribly uninspired.
    margiela is great yes, but his artisnal collections are the same every season, and for someone labeled as the GOD OF AVANT GARDE FASHION i would expect a bit more innovation.

  18. Becca says:

    Margiela is such an artist. I love everything – everything.

  19. Camille says:

    The fourth and fifith pictures, I love. Very beautiful and eccentric.

  20. Justie, says:

    Hi, name’s Justie,
    I found your site from tvogue. ( :
    Congrats! I love your site sooo much.
    clothing is my inspiration!
    and i’m the most obsessed person
    (besides you, Haha.) when it comes
    to shoes.
    Just wanted to let you know!
    Thanks, later.

  21. We love how the models look like fashion illustrations, accentuating the clothes.

  22. ash says:

    love the looks. although the stocking head things still freak me out.

  23. beautifully haunting almost installations.

  24. a la mode says:

    I’m going to see his exhibition in Antwerp next week, I cant wait!

  25. lucille says:

    Your post was very interresting ( Ilove martin Margiela )
    And I love your blog

  26. Marian says:

    SHEER TALENT FULLSTOP! so inspiring!
    muah x

  27. amber says:

    totally thought they were mannequins. My fav is the white one 4th photo :o)

  28. Morgen says:

    Holy Cow! Thank you for posting these atrocious photos. My daughter was a Ford model and she quit because they would make her do awful stuff like that. I am so glad she quit.

  29. shu says:

    It reminds me of the documentary called “killing us softly” about the objectification of women and its effects on both girls and women in society. I find these photos disturbing.

  30. dreamrio says:

    The first thing that came to mind upon seeing this is Project Runway contestant Keith. His swatches and his “sad chicken” garment. Anyone else?
    Interesting stuff!

  31. mathilde says:

    I love this work!!!

  32. Sunset says:

    That blue, one-legged body suit… and the puffy-shoulders cropped… thing… are perfection. LUUUST.

  33. Laurence says:

    whatever, margiela is crazy

  34. Abigail says:

    This collection is truly inspirational! Its very funky and creative, and im sure some DIYers could create similar pieces from this insiration. One looks as though it is just shredded jean? Crazy what can be made with fabrics!!