SLEEVES!//glorious sleeves!

This shirt was thrifted but it's very new I think-it's by Alice + Olivia.
Kinda feel like Stevie Nicks with my big hair and big sleeves in this photo…
I was googling her and came across this page, and it has a few of quotes from her about her style-funny read.
Skirt from Anthropologie.
Belt from my mom's old store.
Miu Miu dragonfly pumps
Multi charm necklace from Urban Outfitters.
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  1. arienette says:

    i actually really like this look, hopefully your feet are feeling better!

  2. DUSKIN says:

    gorgeous. the most perfect colors.

  3. rita says:

    The skirt is really cute.
    Those sleeves are a blast from the past for me- I loved them when I was a freshman in high school, it’d be fun to see them make a come back.

  4. Heather says:

    This shirt is amazing, I really like it. I do have a question about a different shirt, the Commes des Garcons glove shirt you wear every now and then. How on earth did you find one and where did you go? I recently saw one in pink and it just made me covet those shirts even more than before!

  5. Alisha says:

    You have such a great eye for volume– and what better inspiration than Stevie Nicks? Gorgeous outfit.
    – Alisha

  6. Natalie says:

    Your legs look great in skirts! I love how they’re tanned. Haha. I love this outfit! Esp the skirt.

  7. oh wow this outfit looks amazing, and you are beautiful! you have gorgeous hair too!

  8. Sunset says:

    Simply. LOVE IT. And your hair is amazing. Seriously. Holy craaap.

  9. Quynh says:

    Wow…I so had a shir with flowy sleeve just like that!
    This is probably my most favorite outfit i’ve seen on you yet!

  10. Siska says:

    I like your skirt!

  11. karina says:

    I love this outfit!

  12. Tara says:

    Is your hair naturally that color? It’s gorgeous! I’m inspired to grow mine out again.

  13. lisa says:

    oh, did you dye your hair red or is it the lighting??

  14. La Condesa says:

    WOW lovely shirt. I didn’t know the brand, will have a look at them

  15. juliet says:

    Lovely shoes.
    juliet xxx

  16. Siri says:

    How come your legs are so tanned?

  17. gasireu says:

    fantastic colours, just perfect, well done J!

  18. ava says:

    I love Stevie Nicks! She inspired my halloween costume. You look so beautiful.I hope you have the happiest New Year. *Ava

  19. claire says:

    jane, did you get a manicure? i think the shorter nails look much cleaner!

  20. Amber says:

    I love this outfit so much! =)

  21. cindy says:

    this outfit is too gorgeous! i love the sleeves very much.

  22. Francesca says:

    I love your hair in this photo and the color of your skirt. lovely.

  23. Danielle says:

    LOVE this! That skirt is gorgeous!

  24. emily says:

    your waist is so tiny here wow!
    you are tiny
    do you exercise/eat healthily? tell us your ways! haha

  25. Soul Tanggg says:

    you’re too adorable!

  26. good outfit. interesting stevie nicks quotes. i like how she references tale of two cities.
    ps did you change your hair color?

  27. amy says:

    that skirt makes your waist look so tiny and i love the color/cut of the skirt too

  28. moonique says:

    nice! everything is perfect from the shirt to the accessories you picked. the shoes are beautiful:)

  29. prettypretty says:

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours :)

  30. WAX says:

    glorious sleeves, indeed!

  31. CH says:

    Hi girl :)
    Those sleeves are amazing and I really love that skirt!
    You’ve a great taste on clothes.
    Check out my blog!

  32. carlotta says:

    good god! you look stunning here i love this outfit. I especially love the belt, will it be available to buy when your mom gets the store up and running?

  33. you look beautiful! i love your pumps and that skirt is adorable!

  34. Catherine says:

    This one’s really lovely, Jane. It’s modern art-nouveau, like Mucha’s muse in 2009. And I love that dark yellow-brown, I just bought a wristlet that color & it goes with more than I expected.

  35. Robbie says:

    I can’t believe that necklace is from Urban? I work there and we never get things that cool in store?!

  36. Katlin says:

    Don’t mean to gush, but your hair looks amazing! :)

  37. Saree Elias says:

    kisses, Saree

  38. connie says:

    This, by far, is the best outfit I’ve seen yet! I LOVE the skirt! It’s something I’ve been looking for a long time now, but everything from Antro always seems to fit me wrong. I LOVE IT ALL!

  39. Frida says:

    I think this is my favorite outfit of the ones I’ve seen on your blog. I love everything about it!

  40. helen says:

    lovely outfit!
    oh and i saw this guy on dropsnap with your jyunya watanabe jacket (:

  41. The skirt looks so good with your hair. You’re style is so unique, I love it.
    x x x

  42. Kristin says:

    Love it!
    You look almost lika a cute pirate.
    I could die for your hair by the way :)
    // a reader from sweden

  43. bex says:

    you look beautiful! the colours are gorgeous!

  44. Nika says:

    They are glorious, indeed!

  45. nathalie says:

    you look like a little fairy with those sleees and shoes!

  46. cdg says:

    this reminds me of oscar de la renta’s ss08 i think (esp the colour pallete and tanned legs) lol interesting outfit 10/10

  47. bluejayintokyo says:

    The shoes are perfect for that anthropologie skirt. Another gorgeous outfit! In love.

  48. Is' says:

    Wooooow, you look SO good !!

  49. Linn says:

    Just gorgeous !

  50. ulrika says:

    I love that skirt weary mutch!! I love your style and the blog is nice!! This is my first time when I´m commentting:D!

  51. séverine says:

    You are amazing !
    Happy New Year !

  52. The Minx says:

    I absolutely adore this outfit-every element is just awesome.

  53. Jessica says:

    OMG…such an amazing outfit!!! this is my most favorite outfit out of all the ones i’ve seen you wear!! i’m definitely saving these photos for inspiration!!

  54. sarah says:

    i just love your hair!

  55. brigitte says:

    everything about this outfit is perfect! the color of the skirt is amazing.

  56. d says:

    really lovely. i linked you…. the color combo and volume is just too fearless.
    wonderful! where do yo uget the guts to post outfit posts? do friends of your’s read the blog? happy new year!

  57. woah! that skirt is beautiful

  58. Gasp! The shirt is so good on you. I don’t think anyone could pull of those sleeves like you do.
    PS: Your hair looks amazing in the second photo. And your legs look…tan?

  59. nicole says:

    folksy chic! and very tan legs!

  60. Alex says:

    fantastic! I love the way you put this together :]

  61. Gemma says:

    This has to be one of my favourite outfits! I loveeeee it! You Look Amazing!

  62. adore this look. the olive-colored skirt and that belt were made for each other. the shoes are definitely the scene-stealers, though. incredible!

  63. I love this outfit, especially the sleeves. It is so freezing in London at the moment that I love the idea of almost any outfit which doesn’t involve thermals and layering.
    I heard that Anthropologie is planning a London store this year. Exciting!

  64. Tamia says:

    I’m gonna need those shoes.
    They’re fantastic!

  65. Eper says:

    Your shoes are too die for! They match your mile-long legs! You kinda remind me of Whitney Port of The Hills, who now has her own reality show The City.

  66. Nini Nguyen says:

    Love the skirt Jane..Nini

  67. ClementineSundress says:

    amazing outfit… that skirt is gorgeous! that color is awesome :]
    stunning blog, love it!

  68. Tandsm says:

    I really like this outfit, especially the green skirt!

  69. YOU are so adorable I can barely even stand it!!! I love this look. So cute. :)

  70. esther says:

    i have so many comments i must resort to bullet points:
    -those shoes are insane! (the good kind of insane)
    -i almost bought that skirt and now i’m kind of wishing i did
    -i think your hair looks gorgeous and you look so darling
    -you are one lucky (talented) thrift store shopper

  71. Aly says:

    I knew that was an Anthro skirt before I finished scrolling…i’m so tired of looking at it in the shop, but you wear it well! You’ve made me reconsider its potential, I think that’s pretty sweet.

  72. Doug says:

    i love the skirt and shoes so much! especially with the shirt and belt!
    it’s perfect!!

  73. Lunemoiselle says:

    I love the romantic yet modern feel of this outfit, it’s cute but it has a sharp edge. I must say, discovering your blog, I really admire your shoe collection. If you ever have a daughter, she’ll be one lucky girl :)

  74. rachelle says:

    bit of fake tan on the legs there? looks sweet

  75. Hui says:

    This outfit is just crazily beautiful! ♥

  76. Luiza says:

    I loved your shoes, they are beautiful.

  77. candela says:

    i love the skirt!!! it´s awesome;) the shirt it´s cute too!

  78. Romantic, lovely, adorable shirt! Kisses ;)

  79. ainsley says:

    1. let’s switch waists.
    2. i need to go to anthropologie.
    3. your hair looks darker, did you dye it?!

  80. Flannie says:

    Amazing shoes !!!! Miu Miu, of course ! I am mad about Miu Miu’s shoes…

  81. Miyu says:

    This is a great outfit, you look beautiful!

  82. your blog is so fantastic! I think I must be your biggest fan in sweden. keep up the good work. adore you! :) Linn

  83. Stefania says:

    happy new years
    absolutely adore that skirt
    and those shoes are divine!
    beautiful ensemble

  84. Camilla says:

    Wow you look so beautiful: have you dyed your hair? That shirt is exactly the type I’ve been looking for – pity it’s thrifted!
    By the way I’ve just started a blog of my own if you’d like to take a look…

  85. william shatner says:

    i haven’t commented for a while but today feel i must. jane, you look FABULOUS!

  86. ashley says:

    hi hun i saw you on lookbook and i like your blog im going to add you to my blog roll hope you do the same xo!

  87. Tiffany says:

    gorgeous! & I’m in love with your hair.

  88. fashionista says:

    lovely outfit
    it looks so romantic

  89. Danichani says:

    That’s beautiful.

  90. so says:

    This outfit is beautiful, one of my fav since I follow your blog. Gorgeous!

  91. Andy says:

    You look like a doll! You’re wonderful.
    That’s the first time i’m checking out your blog and i really love it!
    hope you’ll see mine.

  92. Miss x Jung says:

    GOD, love that picture! U look fantastic, stunning outfit. And those shoes, WOW! ^^

  93. sophie says:

    the colour of that skirt works so well with your hair. you should wear green more often :)

  94. Jo' says:

    Great, you’re great ! I discovered your website by french magazine and I can’t stop watching it now !

  95. TrendKAt says:

    I totally agree! Gorgeous sleeves!

  96. Hannah says:

    I’m not feeling the shirt but that skirt is gorgeous! And you have awesome legs!!

  97. Clarisse says:

    you look gorgeous !

  98. Becca says:

    that shirt is gorgeous, and the miu miu pumps = love

  99. Marcel says:

    Wow, I really love these photos. Cute and stylish.

  100. Emilie says:

    You are so beautiful! Your body and your face are sublime. You are very lucky, don’t forget it!
    I complex because I am small, and frankly not sublime. I at least deserve to be fairly thin. I am sorry to complain, you probably don’t care about my physical problems!
    Again, your site is wonderful.
    I’m French, that’s why my English is not very good ;)

  101. Josephine says:

    Hi, even though you’ve already got a million comments on this already, I just wanted to say that i love how the sihouette of the sleeves is echoed in your cinched in waist/full skirt, especially noticeable in the first photo. It’s beautiful – well done :)

  102. V says:

    Has anyone told you that you seriously resemble Blake Lively? aka the girl who plays Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl.

  103. atelier says:

    I adore your sandals! great style, it’s a pleasure having discovered your blog

  104. Daniëlle says:

    Not my kind of style, but it looks really good on you!

  105. Lilly says:

    The colors look outstanding on you, and I love the sleeves to death.
    Anthropologie=Amazing Store

  106. Scheharazade says:

    I love this princess style.^-^

  107. rrreeta says:

    I HATE YOu, because you loooooook so grate and amazing ! your hear is as pretty as your face ! I love that your green skirt, it’s so vintage, so hot ! i’m almost crying here, behind my screen, because you are so beautiful and you have your own persnoality style ! (sorry, my Englis isn’t very good, i’m just learning!)

  108. Anna says:

    Gosh, that shirt is the cutest! The sleeves are so adorable!

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  111. Jessica says:

    Ah!!! Obsessing over the sleeves!!
    I love how the cut of the skirt really echoes them…beautiful!

  112. That shirt is absolutely fantastic, you look amazing, almost like a fairy tale.