whatever "design" means……hahahahahahaha…
-I would like to know exactly what this 'project' that is collapsing is….something to do with awesome vintage photos I guess.
-you never know what you're gonna find here but it's always cool. I always end up saving a ton of pictures when I go here.
Shorpy-the tagline for Shorpy is "Always interesting." It is. A plethora of cool vintage photography.
Stork Bites Man-The guy who writes this must be the coolest dad ever. Stork Bites Man features the coolest retro and current stuff for kids-toys, furniture, artwork, etc. His other blog, Reference Library , always has fascinating stuff too.
La Maladie Tropicale-a blog written by 'The Sibyl' AKA 'The Quartz of George' AKA George Quartz of local band Faux Fox. Lots of good music to check out here, and good films too. The Quartz of George is a wise man.
City of Sound-Lots of information about design and some other stuff you never thought you'd need to know about. Good read.
Today And Tomorrow-an extra-prolific design blog with nice big pictures. 
Six Six Sick -cool party girls just doin their thing.
Agnes B at Rodeo-I wish I could speak Swedish. Really badly. If only to read this blog. I never know what she's talking about but the pictoral content of this blog (Ann D SS09, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, Afro-Japanese kimonos) has me visiting often.
Dear Nike– a lovely assortment of fashion inspiration: great scans, movie stills, Helmut Newton pics, pics of Bridgett B and J Birkin…go stuff your inspiration folder with the goodies this blog has to offer.
Where the Lights End-I don't know who the writer of this is-he is very mysterious but I enjoy his stream of concious commentary on editorial fashion. Thanks for always having good scans, 'Mr Style'!! I admire your passion.
Keep Feeling Fascination-another great fashion-inspiration site stockpiled with photos of pretty things. Thanks very much for your 'Best of Vogue Italia' post!
Luxirare-I like this girl very very much. She's funny. She blogs about Vampyros Lesbos. She has great jewelry. She calls it like it is. I like this blog a lot!!!
Dooo000ooooM-because culture is not 'eazy'. Not really a fashon blog but 100% cool and random anyways.
That's all for now but the "blogosphere" (crappiest word ever) is endless and I'll share more of my favorites soon.

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  1. Frida wrote:

    Nice list! Thank you. Looking forward to more. The internet is such a great source of inspiration.

    1.11.09 · Reply
  2. i.d. wrote:

    Cool links. You can read Swedish blogs using Google Translate! xx

    1.11.09 · Reply
  3. Holly wrote:

    Hello Jane! First I would like to say that your blog is just great!
    I read in the french Glamour that your mother used to be a model, and well, if possible, I would like to interview her for my blog! Please mail me back!
    Thank you a lot!

    1.11.09 · Reply
  4. Sara Scoles wrote:

    How cute it is that Agnes B credits your site in her blogroll.
    Just the swedish translation of your blog “Ett hav av skor”
    Thanks for listing the site…been looking for more swedish blogs, kind of hard to find.

    1.11.09 · Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    Yay, wonderful links!
    An Ambitious Project Collapsing probably refers to this photograph of the same name by Scottish artist David Shrigley (http://www.davidshrigley.com/photo_htmpgs/photos_04/ambitious_project.html)

    1.11.09 · Reply
  6. love.it wrote:

    thank you for the great links. i love them all.
    its quite an eclectic collection of blogs, which is great and it never gets boring…

    1.11.09 · Reply
  7. love.it wrote:

    thank you for the great links. i love them all.
    its quite an eclectic collection of blogs, which is great and it never gets boring…

    1.11.09 · Reply
  8. love.it wrote:

    thank you for the great links. i love them all.
    its quite an eclectic collection of blogs, which is great and it never gets boring…

    1.11.09 · Reply
  9. WAX wrote:

    just like you, i always end up saving tons of pics whenever i visit anonymousworks. such a cool blog.

    1.11.09 · Reply
  10. Hey Jane-
    Thank you for the shout out, we adore your blog, and just the other day one of my friends in the fashion industry and I were discussing how we wish we were as well dressed as you are when we were in high school. Not to mention that we are both a wee bit of jealous that you have such an awesome and well dressed Mom to share your closet with!!!

    1.11.09 · Reply
  11. It’s not the blogosphere, its the BLOG-OPTICON!!
    I apologize for the gratuitous foucault reference.

    1.11.09 · Reply
  12. Sophie wrote:

    Agnes is really good, I’m proud o be Swedish!:) /Sophie from Sweden♥

    1.12.09 · Reply
  13. LisaF wrote:

    If you want to lears swedish only to read AgnesB’s blog you are deffinetly on the right track, she is so smart!

    1.12.09 · Reply
  14. Dooooo000o00m wrote:

    Dear Jane,
    I’ll have to agree with Fashion Pinko that it IS the total anihiliation of all corners! That is, I am stunned that you enjoy my blog and thank you for the kind words. I can only hope for readers/viewers like you; a girl aware of the draping of a RO piece, who is able to blend all-american moods witht the edge of belgian perversity, and japanese hyper overdrive.
    Thank you. :)

    1.12.09 · Reply
  15. jessica wrote:

    i read AgnesB everyday. she’s swedens number1 when it comes to fashion.

    1.12.09 · Reply
  16. Heleen wrote:

    Oh I love this post, I’ll definitely be checking these out as soon as I’ve got some spare time!

    1.12.09 · Reply
  17. Agnes wrote:

    I am swedish, and my name is Agnes, haha! Not agnes B tho. Love your blog. Ciao!

    1.12.09 · Reply
  18. leo wrote:

    if you can’t understand what people write in their blogs try to use the google translations, they’re of course not really good, but you understand a bit more than just staring on the letters;)

    1.12.09 · Reply
  19. One of the guys from Faux Fox lives next door to my sister and brother in law. I’m now sure witch one though.
    There are a lot of good bands in Dallas, as well as fashion and art.

    1.12.09 · Reply
  20. miu miu! i adore the lace + black wedges. it’s a great contrast with the nude skirt!
    =) loving your blog.
    I just started my blog so I’m quite the newbie…ek ;) stop by and say hello if you get the chance.

    1.12.09 · Reply
  21. Del wrote:

    hey !! i love your blog and check it out regularly, you are actually on my “we also like list” , check out my blog as well i am sure you will like it eventhough we are pretty new, its about art, fashion, food, fun, events everything cool in the world
    here is the address if you want to add my blog to your “blogs i like” list:
    a plus

    1.13.09 · Reply

    1.13.09 · Reply
  23. raisa wrote:


    1.14.09 · Reply
  24. Agnes B wrote:

    OMG Jane thank you thank you thank you, you make me so happy! :-)
    You know I am one of you many dedicated Swedish followers… I love how you make fashion glorious.
    and ps, I have written about you once too…
    Love from Agnes & Rodeo!

    1.14.09 · Reply
  25. Songy wrote:

    Maybe I should break the mystery. The guy who writes ‘Where the lights end’ is in Paris studying film. His name is Ray. He did interviews a few times and they are floating around on the Internet.. :)

    1.14.09 · Reply
  26. Sharon wrote:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    1.18.09 · Reply
  27. Sandy Gustafsson wrote:

    Hi! I like your blog, or your clothes the most I think. I´m from sweden and can learn you some hah. No but if you wonder what´s in a preticular post i can try explain. In that case, mail.

    1.20.09 · Reply
  28. Agnes is wonderful, she makes me proud of being swedish! You should know that Nike has moved her blog to Rodeo aswell!

    3.19.09 · Reply
  29. ghd wrote:

    Love your blog

    12.23.09 · Reply
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