80’s Kenzo


I was so happy when I saw this-Gius posted it on The Fashion Spot-I wish I could find more pictures of vintage Kenzo. What a beautiful campaign-far more beautiful than anything I see in magazines these days I think…

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  1. SD wrote:

    that’s sort of a beautiful awesome photo

    2.11.09 · Reply
  2. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Wow, I know it’s completely different, but somehow it reminds me of the relatively recent Chloe campaign with the wraps around the head…

    2.11.09 · Reply
  3. zoe wrote:

    i really wish i could wear scarves like that!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  4. luxirare wrote:

    these pastel colors are very refreshing. I love vintage images.

    2.11.09 · Reply
  5. this reminds me i have a kenzo scan sitting on my computer, i think it maybe be 80s or 90s, all red/orange with Iman. Beautiful!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  6. deltay wrote:

    I agree – there’s a sort of classic beauty about it.

    2.11.09 · Reply
  7. vintage kenzo is cool, but the new kenzo is even better. :)

    2.11.09 · Reply
  8. emz wrote:

    I think its the color that makes it so great =) They don’t have simplicity + color anymore!!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  9. so beautiful

    2.11.09 · Reply
  10. william wrote:

    Reminds me of Chloe’s F/W 06 campaign which I was quite smitten with. They make me want to dress like some desert nomad :)
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog; your opinion means a lot!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  11. Lea wrote:

    This reminds me of my mom’s pastels in her studio & her beautiful pieces of Art. ( I really like your blog I even bough the teenvogue magazine and read the article about blog)very nice…♥

    2.11.09 · Reply
  12. Wax wrote:

    it’s lovely!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  13. alixrose wrote:

    The colors are beautiful and the eyes sell it.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  14. iole wrote:

    I really loved of Kenzo the scent.
    My autuy always wore it and was absolutely gorgeous.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  15. Zoe wrote:

    She looks kind of like you!
    Also I love the shoes in the last post, they remind me of some cheap stripper shoes I got years ago, the most comfy heels ever, I long and pray for fancy dress parties so I get an excuse to wear them

    2.12.09 · Reply
  16. I love this, such beautiful colours!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  17. lucie wrote:

    Kenzo is my favorite brand. I Love love love it.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  18. Hapsical wrote:

    love old fashion ads
    ** http://hapsical.blogspot.com **
    :) :) :)

    2.12.09 · Reply
  19. Kiah wrote:

    a beautiful photo, almost like some impressionist painting!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  20. tanya wrote:

    oh my, those colors, so beautiful and vibrant!!!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  21. tanya wrote:

    oh my, those colors–so beautiful and vibrant!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  22. Soraya wrote:

    I really like vinatge Kenzo, although the spring`09 collection is so ‘déjà vu’.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  23. Soraya wrote:


    2.12.09 · Reply
  24. july wrote:

    This image fits in very nicely with one of your previous inspiration mood boards featuring the “Arabs Crossing the Desert” vidual by Jean-Leon Gerome. I love it!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  25. Charlotte wrote:

    I love to see vintage ads!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  26. Joyce wrote:

    Thanks for all of the vintage ads and magazine articles, keep those coming!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  27. I love the way the model’s eyes match the colors of the outfit. Very beautiful.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  28. I love the delicate pastel color palette and the wispy, ethereal quality of the scarves. Though I’m drawn to really bold, saturated colors for spring (hot pink, orange, cobalt blue), I’m making an effort to find some pastel pieces. I have almost none in my wardrobe.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  29. ediot wrote:

    looks really nice!

    2.13.09 · Reply
  30. Lovely. I wish I could wear a bunch of sheer pastel scarves piled on my head like cupcake frosting. I think people would think I am a nut. Oh wait! I live in Williamsburg…

    2.13.09 · Reply
  31. Tamia wrote:

    The model looks so familiar…name?

    2.16.09 · Reply
  32. i get a lot of old vogues off ebay. grab yourself a march/september from the years you’re after.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  33. Kenzo collection is awesome. Simply ageless and this image is to drool for. Any girl would love to have a picture of themselves that looks this perfect looking as lovely as this model.

    9.21.12 · Reply
  34. Heel wrote:

    Covergirl to say the least Her Makeup is perfection and photographer what can you say but excellent.

    9.21.12 · Reply