INSANE Givenchy’s from two seasons ago??

I would have never known about these shoes if it wasn't for a very very helpful and wonderful commenter….someone left me a comment about two weeks ago reccomending I check out these Givenchy's on YOOX. I can't find the comment now-but a HUGE THANK YOU to this sweet person.
 I never remember to check YOOX as thoroughly as I should but I certainly will from now on-aren't these insane? Who even knew these shoes existed? I had never seen them before…I guess there are always shoes that don't show on the runway…?
The bulbous wedge heel covered in straps is out of some sci-fi movie's wardrobe. I have high standards for 'crazy' when it comes to shoes but these are up there. They're remarkably comfortable, I wore them on Saturday from morning till night. 
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  1. Bambola says:

    They’re gorgeous shoes. Strappy to fit in with Summer days, patent black to fit in with Winter nights.
    Bambola x

  2. rider says:

    that is a great site. fantastic shoes, even better if they are 2 ss ago.

  3. deltay says:

    Wow, those are pretty intense! Love them :)

  4. Ava says:

    Hi Jane, I love your shoes and I adore your nail polish. And hey, Ava wrote this.

  5. Alice says:

    Yeh for sure love em!!!! Also your cute as nail polish…reminds me of Dexter season one with the ice truck killer! Looks great with the patent black. xx

  6. Jane says:

    wow gorgeous! they don’t look comfortable, but i guess they are! :)
    wow i can’t get over the straps…crazy!

  7. ashford says:

    are these your feet? How cute is that nail polish!?!

  8. Hui says:

    Givenchy shoes have boasted one of my favourite shoes as well. And you know, there’s actually one pair that you had that you posted a long, long way back that I really really loved which I cannot seem to find anywhere :/ Especially because it’s a couple seasons ago. Maybe I’ll try Yoox out again.
    I know this is a crazy request but any chance you could start tagging your posts by the type of shoes? At least by labels, for starters? So that us readers can go back for easier reference. Your site is after all, our seaofshoes as well. :) It would be great so that we can sieve out older posts that we want to show our friends and other shoe-admirers! :)
    In any case, your blog is loved – regardless.<3

  9. Killer shoes! Yoox really does have some great stuff, I always remember to check it weekly or so.

  10. Killer shoes! Yoox really does have some great stuff, I always remember to check it weekly or so.

  11. Kristina says:

    i love the heel and they look really comfortable. they look extra cute with your candy colored toes!

  12. You’re right, they do look like something out of a sci-fi movie – I love the rainbow-colored toes. :)

  13. Eleonore says:


  14. DUSKIN says:

    yeah, pretty amazing.
    i was putting a moratorium on shoe purchases for a while, but now i am rethinking the rules.

  15. amanda says:

    wow, so hot. i’m super envious!

  16. tanya says:

    nice shoes! very alien!
    i second Hui’s request to tag your shoes by brand. makes it a whole lot easier for us fans to sieve through your sea of shoes!

  17. jana says:

    thanks! yours rules too. and those shoes, WOW! the plastic-like material and abnormal shape are really perfect, especially with your toenail polish!! i had a slightly similar pair in high school, they were like black leather and the heel was completely grotesque and of course it was a laughing stock but fabulous nonetheless.

  18. Limespark says:

    Those sweet candy nails have awesome contrast with the kick-ass shoes. Which I will be dreaming about now.

  19. Lauren says:

    These shoes are INSANE….I think I may be in love : )

  20. Laurie says:

    I can’t believe you spent $500 on sandals.
    They’re gorgeous though.

  21. Mandi says:

    I love your candy coloured toes! You should check out gargantuan green and do you lilac it from OPI…

  22. Rae says:

    gorgeous! ive seen these shoes around before on polyvore, but always assumed they were dior….anyways, looks lovely on you jane! great investment:D

  23. Rikki Lane says:

    Those shoes and the most amazing shoes I have ever seen! WoW.
    Love the rainbow toes too :]

  24. Amee says:

    Those are killer for sure! They do look comfortable! I just had rainbow nails a couple weeks ago too lol.

  25. FOXYMAN says:

    dude, these are AMAZING!!!
    good score!!

  26. amy says:

    love the shoes
    the rainbow toe-nails are a nice touch and juxtapose nicely with the shiny black of the shoes

  27. Samantha says:

    just thought i would let you know, the comment is in the “im crushing” blog (haha i went and looked, i dont actually know all you comments for every blog)

  28. william says:

    They’re S/S 07. Love them.

  29. Tamia says:

    WOW. I love Yoox…I need to go see if they have some sort of feed/notification system for designers I’m always looking out for…

  30. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! I spotted these on yoox over the weekend (I don’t usually browse yoox, just purely by chance), they are A M A Z I N G L Y G O R G E O U S ! ! ! Love your rainbow-coloured pedi, too cute!

  31. D says:

    I saw these on you and I had to get a pair. They’re ridiculous. I can’t wait till they get to me.

  32. hunter says:

    amazing…i’m getting some.

  33. Saree Elias says:

    this are sooo great.. wasn’t it dengel the one who gave you the link? these are monstrously amazing.. shoe crush for valentines. haha . kk J

  34. MK says:

    those shoes are to die for..

  35. armando says:

    i love them ¡¡¡ they look like stripper shoes (in a good way) :)
    Jane i love you
    cheers and kisses from Mexico

  36. They are fabulous. Love the toe nail polish.
    Stay chic!

  37. NC says:

    during these times i am offended at the money you spend on clothing. it is vulgar.

  38. luxirare says:

    wowza! you need to go to columbia university or nyu, where you’d fit right in and possibly turn into the next downtown it girl. Uh whitney port can suck it hard. I’m betting on it.

  39. caryjames says:

    super cool XD

  40. Punkie says:

    lol! I’m watching this wedges on yoox too! they’re awesome!!!

  41. Lainey says:

    Those are probably one of the most amazing shoes I have ever seen!!!

  42. Sharon says:

    Hi, these are awesome!!How do you manage your shoe closet?Aren’t the other shoes getting jealous?:P

  43. modejunkie says:

    oh my god. love the shoes. ok i’m off to hunting them now. ciao!

  44. Erin says:

    oh wow. i hope an australian chain store or mid range shoe company do copies, i can’t afford the real deal but these are the most incredibley perfect shoes i have ever seen. ever.

  45. The Minx says:

    Just amazing. And I love how your toes are all different colors!

  46. lolapop* says:

    candy cute nailpolish is delicious!

  47. C says:

    love the shoes! very chic dominatrix
    come check out ..

  48. Ina says:

    I never find anything “useful” on Yoox, unfortunately. But these shoes are amazing. You’re really lucky I guess!? :)

  49. Heleen says:

    wow. now those are some MONSTROUS heels.

  50. those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!
    loving the nail polish :)
    are they comfy? because they don’t look too uncomfortable…
    ah, they are to DIE for!

  51. yeah says:

    please girl, think of your poor feet once in a while…higher doesn’t mean better. step it down a notch from time to time and wear flats..otherwise, you’ll be f****ed, when you get older – trust me, my sister has been there, it’s sooo painful. still: those are some badass wedges! :-)

  52. Marion says:

    Crazy about your nail polish !!!! (and shoes too for sure)

  53. Nini Nguyen says:

    The shoes is hot Jane.

  54. jillian says:

    your shoe and clothes spending is ridic! first those killer boots, that kick ass red jacket and now these. i mean, for real!

  55. Kat George says:

    I love them! I have similar ones- They have the same shape and size in the wedge but they are a soft black canvas with tortoise-shell plastic straps. All I can say is sometimes when you step too far into your toes you can roll a little bit too far forward on that curved bit at the front! I’ve never fallen but have looked a little bit uncoordinated when getting used to them! xx

  56. Jessica says:

    AMAZING! So jealous….love yoox!

  57. Barbro says:

    I actually love shoes, but those are just too big for me :O

  58. Natalie says:

    Holy, they are crazy! Love it :) And your toe nail polish! So cute haha.
    x Natalie

  59. sue says:

    These were shown on the s/s 2007 runway. Look on’s detail pictures number 29.

  60. Kim says:

    Aaah, they are perfect! As always :))))

  61. you’re so lucky, these shoes are gorgeous! really!

  62. Joanna says:

    Love the rainbow colored nailpolish! lol
    ~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

  63. gabrielle says:

    omg! i love your shoes, i want your shoes. i also think your toenails look cool, all different colors.

  64. Christiana says:

    Wow.!! Those shoes are so shiny and beautiful.

  65. Fannah says:

    OMG. I swear that’s all I could say. Well, that and ‘your nails are done amazingly’

  66. Clarissa says:

    Blaaaahhhhh!! I hate you. I love those. Super awesome. I love the way your toes are painted too. :)
    Please let me wear them :)

  67. those are all i ever want out of a shoe! so sick.

  68. azrael415 says:

    omigod, those shoes are awesomeness personified!! nice find!

  69. Coco says:

    Oh wow. Those shoes are intense. And your toes are so pretty. :)

  70. Kim says:

    They’re great…was watching the 2007 spring show to see them on the runway, did you see the maori ankle boots from that givenchy collection. WTH they were insane – lol

  71. b.a. says:

    “Who even knew these shoes existed? I had never seen them before…I guess there are always shoes that don’t show on the runway…?”
    any “early adopter” of givenchy by tisci—before he became the flavor of the day and everybody and their mother jumped on the bandwagon—-knows about those shoes……..s/s 07 collection and yes they were on the runway!! <3

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  73. joe says:

    aww so sexy