Just talking about hats…

I have never considered myself a ‘hat’ person…for a long time I eschewed them as looking too try-hard and I hated the thought of having my line of vision obscured by a floppy brim.
However for some reason I have had a total turn-around and now I’m hat crazy!
Perhaps it has something to do with these stylish people
I fell hard for Daul Kim‘s Y-3 hat. That swooping brim is insane-this whole outfit is one of my all-time favorites but I digress..
The Glamourai doing what she does best-that is, being glamorous of course. I love this jaunty two-tone cap with her rounded glasses. 
Maria Felix dripping in Cartier=BEYOND WORDS, have you ever seen anything like it? I haven’t…that hat though, that hat! If I could find one just like it I’d wear it everywhere. 
Dropsnap.jp (AKA the only website in the world that matters) is an endless source of hatspiration. 
But probably the number one driving force behind my sudden hat obsession is….

CA4LA is a chain of stores in Japan specializing in stylish hats and head gear. I found out about it a while back when I was researching cool things to check out for my trip to Tokyo this summer.

The website is in Japanese but you can run it through Google translator if you want to read. I have been blindly clicking my way through often enough that I can navigate it in Japanese! Haha. 
(For those of you in London, I believe there is a ca4la there if you wanted to check it out.)

Just go to their website and look at the amazing selection of hats they have!
Here are some of my favorites:
See what I mean?
Who wouldn’t go hat-crazy with a selection like that? Unfortunately for me, most of my favorite styles are sold out. I especialy love those spotted fur ones and that sweet beret!
I am eagerly anticipating visiting CA4LA when I visit Tokyo this summer. 
Until then, I have a meager collection of just two hats.
One being my tartan Rugby Ralph Lauren beret and the other my rabbit-fur felt Helen Kaminski hat.

Tonight I wore the aforementioned Helen Kaminski hat…with an organza skirt from Anthropologie, a wrap belt from Boulevards boutique in Tulsa, and a vintage 70’s edwardian style shirt.
Yes, I am now officially a mad-hatter.

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  1. Francesca wrote:

    I’m also thinking of adding more hats into my everyday wear. I’d love to see how you’ll incorporate them. Gorgeous pictures by the way!

    2.19.09 · Reply
  2. oh stunning! i love them all :)

    2.19.09 · Reply
  3. Ashton wrote:

    great hats!

    2.19.09 · Reply
  4. I’m hat crazy too, especially for rabbit-fur felt. It’s the best quality you can get. I love your Helen Kaminski number, it’s like a soft Stetson.

    2.19.09 · Reply
  5. Ooh, that second picture houses one perty hat. ;)

    2.19.09 · Reply
  6. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Ilove hats, buy them, and then feel I look incredibly silly in them…I recently bought yet another hat (a floppy one), and am trying to convince myself that I don’t look as bad in hats as I think…
    I love your rabbit-fur felt hat, and every outfit you’ve worn with it ;)

    2.19.09 · Reply
  7. Brigadeiro wrote:

    PS. The outfit picture didn’t show up for me before, but now I see it…what an amazing photo! The house is looking absolutely gorgeous! :)

    2.19.09 · Reply
  8. lizzy wrote:

    those hats are awesome, and your outfit is very victorian-esque. i like

    2.19.09 · Reply
  9. Eva wrote:

    Since a recent photo of Karla (from Karla’s Closet) was posted on her blog of her wearing an over-sized hat I’ve been loving them loads lately as well. You look cute as always in yours :)

    2.19.09 · Reply
  10. Nicole wrote:

    I never wore hats (other than toques in -20) until I started working in a bakery… Now I have loads- including a very tacky but oh so awesome arabesque turban toque! Its all about wearing them with confidence. I might have to step up to some giant floppy hats to continue my winter over-the top old Hollywood toppers into the summer months.
    On another note… I resent Japanese men.
    They always look better than I possibly could in a crazy outfit I wish I could come up with!

    2.19.09 · Reply
  11. Sabrina wrote:

    I have so many hats! I don’t know why I never wear any of them. The poor things.
    By the way, I love your home, it’s so inspiring.

    2.19.09 · Reply
  12. TamZ wrote:

    Ohmygawsh you look adorable! Love that outfit! I’d totally wear it :]
    By the way, is that your mannequin? [i hope that’s what it’s called. haha] Because I really want one but I don’t know exactly where I can get it… :]

    2.19.09 · Reply
  13. sd wrote:

    i think the hat works
    and i had a phase too where i always had to wear a hat b/c i felt naked w/o one
    but now i’m kinda out of love w/hats
    …mostly cause i had limited options to choose from haha
    and a hat can only be worn so many ways

    2.19.09 · Reply
  14. noah wrote:


    2.19.09 · Reply
  15. Love the hats! I recently found one identical to the red beret you have featured at a great vintage shop…Great outfit too, that skirt is gorgeous!

    2.19.09 · Reply
  16. megan wrote:

    i had a hat phase this past summer where i bought random hats (well, two to be exact) and my friend gave me one as well. i felt so cool walking around boston with my straw fedora and then my neon floppy baseball cap. but i never ended up debuting the straw band hat i bought on etsy that i’d pined away at for so long. i guess i didn’t have the balls. or my head is too big. probably the latter.
    i’m glad you have discovered a new love of hats. perhaps a new blog…hole? of hats? anyways, it’s good to get excited about something new (i rarely feel excitement so hold onto that feeling!).

    2.19.09 · Reply
  17. I love hats, but I go through stages in wearing them.
    The composition of the photo you took is great, as is the color.

    2.19.09 · Reply
  18. Ayesha wrote:

    I’m so not a hat person, it’s very rare to find a hat that suits me, but i’m completely coveting a lovely fur hat that I hope to op-shop (thrift) in the near future!
    I think that red beret would look super wonderful on you!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  19. Kayla wrote:

    I’m an avid reader of all of your blogs, your mum’s as well, and I just *adore* your style.
    I found this website that I seriously think you need to check out. It’s called Holly Whirl and it’s the site for a consignment shop in St. Louis (I think??) BUT this is their site for their top of the line exclusive vintage-y things and it’s FABULOUS! I think you and your mum would have a lot of fun checking it out! Enjoy!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  20. That edwardian blouse looks perfect on you. I understand your newfound passion for hats, they are so practical when you’re having a bad hair day!!!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  21. Corie wrote:

    there’s a red beret at american apparel if you’re desperate for one…

    2.20.09 · Reply
  22. LisaF wrote:

    Haha, you should REEAALLY take a look at my old post: http://radiobedlam.blogspot.com/2008/12/hftiga-mnniskor-br-margiela.html

    2.20.09 · Reply
  23. Shen-Shen wrote:

    Your blouse is amazing amazing amazing.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  24. cindy wrote:

    i have so many hats but i never wear them. my favourite though is a crochet and straw fedora. it’s great in the summer. i can’t get over how amazing the mongolian lamb coat is in that first street style image. i think if i owned that coat i’d never take it off.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  25. gennie wrote:

    your dining room is absolutely breathtaking!!!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  26. Christina wrote:

    love the colour green…. mmm…. looks just perfect with the dress form.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  27. Mel wrote:

    I have a hat fetish too! Gosh I really want to get some 1940s styled hats. Love your Helen Kaminski hat! I think I have a hat like that. Wow I love your outfit!!! I’m crazy about 1970s blouses right now, and that Edwardian one is absolutely gorgeous!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  28. Lainey wrote:

    I absolutely adore hats. It’s my go-to for accessorizing, and I always feel so confident when I wear one. I love yours…it’s very romantic.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  29. 2.20.09 · Reply
  30. Clea wrote:

    If you’re looking to expand your collection, your should definitely check out hat designer Eugenia Kim ( http://www.eugeniakim.com/ ). She makes really amazing hats (I especially covet a rose beret called the Marlena). I first heard about her through this video post ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwMqskpFY1g ) by a girl named Christine who works in a hat store.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  31. Denise wrote:

    Your pictures are always tasteful and adorable! Who said a shoe obsession was unhealthy, anyhow?
    Just thought I’d like to point out Matthew Williamson’s interesting new shoe for Fall 2009: http://thepopfix.com/2009/02/20/fashion-round-up-seeing-double-and-cowboy-boot-sandals/

    2.20.09 · Reply
  32. Katie wrote:

    way too cute

    2.20.09 · Reply
  33. Sydnie wrote:

    Your website is absolutely wonderful! I read about it in TeenVogue and just had to check it out. Seriously, you’re going somewhere in life. Hopefully, I am too! I have my own fashion blog called ‘Take Me Out to the Runway’. It’s not very well-known now, but I’m hoping it might be soon! If you have a free minute, I’d appeciate your feedback on it. One more question before I go … how did your blog become so popular, other than being great? Thank you so much, and good luck in the future!
    http://www.takemeouttotherunway.blogspot.com << My blog!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  34. jenny wrote:

    hello! i love your blog. you are a pretty amazing young woman. keep it up, please!
    my question is alas not about all the lovely clothes or the hats, fabulous though they are. my question is about the “house” you are always photographed in, is this your house. a studio, ?? please do tell. i have a blog mostly dedicated to home decor and such and i am always drawn to the pictures of yours. please do tell.
    thanks millions

    2.20.09 · Reply
  35. momo wrote:

    I just adore your site and your eclectic style!! I have totally fallen in love with your Dries Van Noten tribal beaded sandal that you’ve worn in several posts now. I don’t think I’ve ever lusted after a shoe as much as I am now! I would seriously save up all my money to buy a pair, but I cannot find them online anywhere! Do you have any idea if there are any more for sale? I’ve been thinking about just buying some plain black sandals and super-gluing beaded pieces onto it, but it’s such an undertaking!

    2.20.09 · Reply
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    Since I follow a daily exercise regime, I give a lot of importance to the shoes I select. I guess some advice on things to look at while buying shoes may help save one from the wrong choice of shoes they end up with while trying to blend style with comfort.
    I would advice that its important to not only go with the style of the shoe but also look at the comfort factor. In the short term your shoes may be the best looking but if you end up with a back pain due to a wrong choice based on looks, then surely you are inviting trouble.
    A short and sweet advice would be to buy shoes that are not too tight or too loose and that they are exclusively meant for the sport you plan to use it for. This will prevent any injury to your body and also solve back pain problems.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  37. omg!
    i’m very inlove with your whole outfit.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  38. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane, I really like the hats. Hats have been on my mind too. I love this outfit you are wearing. I really love your sense of style. Now I am inspired to wear hats!! I sent an email to you, Thank You Jane! You’re the best. – Love, Ava****

    2.20.09 · Reply
  39. Jill wrote:

    I have the La Dona watch because of Maria Felix…she was such a character. Don’t shy away from hats. You rock them!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  40. tanya wrote:

    I love this look! That skirt and the blouse really play up the hat perfectly :-)

    2.20.09 · Reply
  41. Serena wrote:

    Okay, I apologize because this is totally off topic, but I just came across these octopus cups and I instantly thought of you and your love for all things graphic and ocean-y! You can find them here: http://www.supermarkethq.com/product/octopi-cup. Also, I’ve been checking out your blog regularly for a few months and I always love your styling and am envious of your ability to wear such teetering heels without tipping over! Please check out my fledgling blog if you get a chance!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  42. Myra wrote:

    I absoulutely hate hats unless the are utilitarian, like a warm hat in winter. Hats def. look to try-hard. Fedoras need to go die somewhere and ever come back.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  43. Emy. wrote:

    I love hats! Welcome to the club, lol. All of those hats though, are amazing! And the outfit, is killer.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  44. Jade wrote:

    WOW, I thought your last post had become my inspiration, but I was Oh so wrong… this is amazing! It’s like you are living all my fashion dreams out for me… I am going to hunt for a shirt like this on my next flea market run… Beautiful!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  45. lis wrote:

    Maria Felix! Damn girl…what has your mom been spoon feeding ya…I mean that in the best possible way! Anywho I heard through the grapevine that you love Yohji Yamamoto. Doc Martens and Yohji Yamamoto have created a collaboration. The Docs are made useing fabric panelling over the toe which means they will weather and wear differently to the usual all leather boots. CRAZY Grl Jane….

    2.20.09 · Reply
  46. ediot wrote:

    great outfit youre wearing! youre such a doll.
    and i love this post. inspires me to want to wear a hat..

    2.20.09 · Reply
  47. Adore Maria Felix, she was a very elegant woman.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  48. Kay wrote:

    I really like the hat in the second image, I think she has the attitude to pull it off.
    Ahh and the second spotted fur hat is so good.
    Your hat is very classic as well (:

    2.20.09 · Reply
  49. Lara wrote:

    actually, all of a sudden it ssems like there is so more interest in hats. personally, though, i think its really hard to find a good hat(unless its just for function) because 1.the ones i like most are out of my price range! and 2.i’m too fussy and fiddle to much, so i hate stuff that would flop around or go in my eyes. right now its freezing, so all i’m wearing is a mohair beanie from Gap!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  50. Nicole wrote:

    Etsy is a great place to look. Check out these sellers for a fantastic, one-of-a-kind array of great (and reasonably priced! natch) hats: olmec2164, flapperdashery, and my personal favorite (whose cloche hats are to die for and who also makes gorgeous, unique dresses) lizarietz.
    A general search, a grand romp around the handmade and vintage sections, will also, I’m sure, yield some great hat options. I love your blog and your mom’s. I’m a writer who works a lot in fashion as well and find both your styles inspiring.

    2.20.09 · Reply
  51. zana wrote:

    I would love to be a hat-lady. I would actually love how to MAKE hats, if I had the spare time!! Of course, for me – the less functional the better. Perhaps “head-pieces” is a better word for what I’m describing. Thank you for reminding me to make some!!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  52. that last photo is fab …seriously, where do you live?

    2.20.09 · Reply
  53. I love your hat. In fact, I love your entire outfit!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  54. sjfksdf wrote:
    2.20.09 · Reply
  55. Alejandra wrote:

    speaking of hats…there were some interesting purse hats on the runway at Isaac Mizrahi-Fall 09. you should check them out. Definitely one of a kind. :)

    2.20.09 · Reply
  56. Oh that picture of you is gorgeous! Lovely hat! Ive never been much of a hat person myself either, 1 because I dont think i suit them, and 2 because i’d feel i had to take it off everytime I went indoors! lol

    2.20.09 · Reply
  57. Sara wrote:

    I’ve never heard of The Glamourai and I am totally intrigued!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  58. Melissa wrote:

    Ahh I love hats. I second Clea, have you checked out Eugenia Kim? I just got her Faithful hat which looks very similar to the hat on Maria Felix. The black is sold out on shopbop but the red is still available and it’s on super sale:)

    2.20.09 · Reply
  59. I like hats, but I hate hat-hair, so I usually avoid them like the plague. I have one that I wear in artic temperatures–it’s very Dr. Zhivago (silver fur).

    2.20.09 · Reply
  60. jeannine wrote:

    I love your rabbit fur felt hat, its fabulous. on my blog (still in the works) I just uploaded some pictures of some of my vintage hats from my collection. check it out!

    2.20.09 · Reply
  61. oensh wrote:

    nice hat… love your vintage shirt

    2.20.09 · Reply
  62. Becca wrote:

    Hats always do add a little something. I love that first one.
    Also love the outfit – esp your hat and skirt.

    2.21.09 · Reply
  63. sha wrote:

    tokyo is an AMAZING place for shopping. and the food there is crazy good too hahahahha. i haven’t been in a while though, you’re so lucky you’re going!!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  64. Brianna wrote:

    Hats are my favorite…instant personality.
    I need to take a field trip here:

    2.21.09 · Reply
  65. Karen wrote:

    I love your victorian style shirt, it looks awesome!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  66. Jo wrote:

    I just went to dropsnap.jp and it really is amazing! Thanks for the link(:

    2.21.09 · Reply
  67. Esmée wrote:

    What a great blog you have! Love your collection of shoes!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  68. rachel ann wrote:

    you should check out justin smith esquire.
    he creates gorgeous hats

    2.21.09 · Reply
  69. junimond wrote:

    you are too sweet. never thought of you as the person who’s afraid of traying to hard.
    go for the hats!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  70. Cony wrote:

    TOTALLY love your blog.
    I’m new at this blogging thing so my blog is not something cool, but I’m trying (:

    2.21.09 · Reply
  71. gabrielle wrote:

    i love the hat that jane is wearing in the last picture!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  72. camie gerr wrote:

    that hat is so cute :] very nice blog. i wanted to come see it since i read about you in teen vogue !

    2.21.09 · Reply
  73. leyandrea wrote:

    dear jane,
    i’ve been reading regularly since last year and i really do adore your blog. i think you will really like this:
    its ALL ABOUT shoes, and its a pictorial so just check it out if you can?
    i am totalyl LOVING your belt…it looks like the max azria ones i have been lusting over for seasons now. :) cheers!
    andrea xoxoxx
    Life In Technicolor

    2.21.09 · Reply
  74. emlinda wrote:

    i really like your unique sense of style, it’s inspiring..

    2.21.09 · Reply
  75. savannah. wrote:

    I live in a little town by Plano. What are some good thrift stores over there or in Dallas? I’m in need of cardigans lately. (p.s.- what town do you live in? I know you live somewhere by Dallas.)

    2.21.09 · Reply
  76. Tamia wrote:

    The blouse is completely OTT. I love it!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  77. deltay wrote:

    HAHAHA @ the madhatter comment.
    I’m not really big into wearing hats either, but some of those are soo cute!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  78. amy wrote:

    I love the outfit of the girl in the first photo! The coat reminds me of a coat from Preen Fall 2009. You should check it out- you might like it.

    2.22.09 · Reply
  79. AK wrote:

    ya i definitely have a love hate relationship with hats. LOL but i def love that hat and outfit of yours!!

    2.22.09 · Reply
  80. chrisdesu wrote:

    that hat shop youre talking about is in harajuku. its on meiji dori, across the street from gap! i looovvvve it x

    2.22.09 · Reply
  81. Anika wrote:

    I adore this outfit, it’s prairie chic with some rock’n’roll thrown in for good measure!
    I too am a hat aficionado…can never have too many hats, I say.

    2.22.09 · Reply
  82. b wrote:

    Love hats, though I sometimes find them difficult to style into an outfit- like a very imposing handbag. My favourite of my small collection would have to be my vintage tulle christian dior turban.. vintage hats are the ultimate and addictive to collect. I think a statement pair of heels and hat is always a winning combination.
    P.S I’m visiting Tokyo this spring for 20 days! I’m having endless daydreams about Tokyo living as well… its too exciting to bear.

    2.22.09 · Reply
  83. riva wrote:

    You look like a southern bell! <3

    2.22.09 · Reply
  84. You should read my blog…I’m friends with the drop snap people!

    2.22.09 · Reply
  85. The Minx wrote:

    ahh, I adore hats. I have to admit, I wear one pretty much every day. I love the fur caps you’ve chosen, and the silhouette of your outfit is beautiful.
    On an unrelated note, you should check out the Sinha-Stanic fashion show. I was reminded of you when I saw it, I think you might really like the draping of the dresses and the little vests :)

    2.22.09 · Reply
  86. Coco wrote:

    Hats totally work for you. :)

    2.22.09 · Reply
  87. your home is amazing!
    with the ca4la hats, im really liking the 3rd one in the 2nd row.

    2.22.09 · Reply
  88. Ellie wrote:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while and love it. I’m from Osaka, Japan, but study in NY now. LOVE CA4LA too. It’s good you’re getting geared up for shopping in Japan now. I always have to get back into it when I go home, it’s kind of overwhelming how much I want to buy that I could never find here! Also, thought you might want to know that’s it’s pronounced: Ka-shi-la. (4 is “shi” in Japanese.) :)

    2.22.09 · Reply
  89. Helen Rice wrote:

    My favorite hats come from http://magarhatworks.com/

    2.22.09 · Reply
  90. McCall wrote:

    I am deffinitely a “hat person” and LOVE this post. I recently came across this blog and have loved following it, its an inspiration and I recently decided to start my own blog. I just hope someday its as great as this.

    2.22.09 · Reply
  91. franziska wrote:

    nice outfit…. and i love the table in the back :)

    2.23.09 · Reply
  92. Anne wrote:

    HATS! check out this sartorialist post – http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/2189TentDiannaweb.jpg
    It’s his “Blue Denim” post but the hat is awesome

    2.23.09 · Reply
  93. Krystal j wrote:

    oh so very lovely my dear.

    2.23.09 · Reply
  94. me wrote:
    2.23.09 · Reply
  95. What a classic outfit. I love the old mannequin in the background too.

    2.24.09 · Reply
  96. What a classic outfit. I love the old mannequin in the background too.

    2.24.09 · Reply
  97. What a classic outfit. I love the old mannequin in the background too.

    2.24.09 · Reply
  98. Sunset wrote:

    Daul Kim is just kind of amazing in every fucking way. Like you! :)

    2.24.09 · Reply
  99. Siel wrote:

    the shoes of the girl on the first picture are from the designer martin margiela
    you shoud look at the thones !

    2.24.09 · Reply
  100. aya wrote:

    I just love everything you out together. I wish it wouldn’t SNOW. I’ve looked like shit all winter :p

    2.26.09 · Reply
  101. Abigail wrote:

    Hats are AHMAZING accessories if played right, i can’t wait to see your hat collection develope and how you wear them! You look gorgeous as usual!

    2.26.09 · Reply
  102. corita wrote:

    ilove the green skirt in your buttom pic.

    3.1.09 · Reply
  103. Beru wrote:

    Hi. I’m a pretty new reader to your page, so this is the first time I’ve commented. I live in Tokyo, and I think your style blog is absolutely fascinating! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to have such an impressive collection (not enough space in Japan! My closet only fits about nine pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots, so I have to sell or toss stuff every season @_@ ). Actually, I am a teenager, too, and I used to live in Texas (people gave me plenty of weird looks for my clothes, as well), so I really relate to many of the things you mention about your hometown.
    Anyways, I decided to comment because you mentioned CA4LA! I frequent that store, as well. I bought a “Che” hat there just a couple of weeks ago, actually! If there is anything you want to order from it, I can help work out having it shipped to you.
    Actually, I’m taking a web design class right now, and for my final project, I’m making an online store that exports fashion and beauty goods from Tokyo to the rest of the world, so it would be some good practice for me. Please contact me if you’re interested (this goes for anyone else, as well)! My email is beru @ temple.edu

    3.4.09 · Reply
  104. Annie wrote:

    LOVE your blog!!!
    Can you please tell me where i can find that vintage looking dress form mannequin? I have been looking for it for so long but couldn’t find a nice one!!!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  105. cerise wrote:

    wonderful.. CA4LA & japan is one of the best places for hats.. so many varieties in lotsa textures & fabrics.. love it! have fun shopping in tokyo!!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  106. RedPoppy wrote:

    Love these photos! I’m an award-winning hat designer for Hats by Tanya and appreciate seeing
    all sorts of hats from around the globe.

    3.11.10 · Reply
  107. The outlay in your blog is clear for reading, I learn a lot, thank you!Wish you make a further progress in the future.

    4.22.10 · Reply
  108. I envy your style, the idea that your post is a tiny bit unusual makes it so interesting, I am fed up of seeing the same stuff all of the time.

    6.28.10 · Reply
  109. Claibourne wrote:

    I have just found your blog and it is amazing! The picture of Maria Felix is great and that hat is killer! A little note about that fabulous Cartier Croc Necklace of Yellow Diamonds and Emeralds. It was a special order from 1971; the best part is that the two crocs attach to form brooches! In one special instance she wore the necklace to an evening event and caused quite a stir when she wore them as brooches for a benefit luncheon the next day. Always something fun to learn whether it be about shoes, clothes, bags, or jewels! Keep up the great work!

    2.26.11 · Reply
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    1.26.12 · Reply
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