Thank you, Teen Vogue!

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(sorry my scans turned out kind of contrast-y)
I'm very honored for Sea of Shoes to be featured in Teen Vogue's March Issue for their fashion bloggers feature-especially since I'm along side an ALL-STAR CAST!
Camille, Bryanboy, Rumi, Julia, Arabelle, Karla, and Tavi are in there too!
What an amazing honor.
Thank you very much Teen Vogue-I am so, so glad you like Sea of Shoes.
xx Jane

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  1. omg you are so cute! Congrats!!!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  2. Mel wrote:

    Ah, I just received that issue, and it was wonderful to see you in it! Congratulations!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  3. it is an incredible article, i love the good publicity fashion blogs are getting as they are becoming such a strong force in fashion.
    You were the first blog I ever came across, you got me into fashion blogs and I’ve recently started my own! Thankyou so much :)
    Brooke xx (australia)
    ps; you look fantastic in those photos, your smile is brilliant.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  4. Bryan Boy wrote:

    loving you! ;)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  5. Aish wrote:

    That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you, congrats. :)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  6. Jisol from JP wrote:

    wow congrats to you!! ♡♡
    and you look super cute in the picture

    2.2.09 · Reply
  7. DUSKIN wrote:

    congrats! you look great!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  8. juliet wrote:

    So great! You’ve earn it!
    juliet xxx

    2.2.09 · Reply
  9. Wax wrote:

    im getting a copy tonight! :P

    2.2.09 · Reply
  10. Polly wrote:

    I would like to find oneself on magazine):)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  11. kristina wrote:

    the article is great. you deserve it!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  12. Ditte wrote:

    Congrats Jane, you certainly deserve it! :)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  13. Archibald Maximilion wrote:

    You are so deserving. Well done. x

    2.2.09 · Reply
  14. zenaide wrote:

    Congratulations jane! By the way, I was wondering if you could tell me who the black and white piece hanging on the wall in the top right of the picture in the third image is by?? I’m so taken by it! Thanks!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  15. CC wrote:

    it was a great article! bravo to you!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  16. Talia wrote:

    Great Job !!!! Did you know that you were in the French Issue of Glamour a few month ago ( October i think.. ) !!! I think i still have it if you want some scans !!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  17. lis wrote:

    Jane the style Icon…hip hip hooray!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  18. Zori wrote:

    It is so sweet that you have been featured there. You deserve it. I am going to read the whole article now.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  19. sune wrote:

    Ah fabulous! you are pretty amazing Jane

    2.2.09 · Reply
  20. congrats! You look stunning.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  21. Anne wrote:

    Like Wohhh being featured in Teenvogue that like really really awesome :)Congratulations!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  22. Anne wrote:

    Woh like being Featured in Teenvogue. Thats really awesome. Congratulations :)!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  23. Tis an amazing blog; you deserve it.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  24. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Congrats on your Teen Vogue feature! How amazing! And ZOMG! You’re wearing the amazing multicoloured Dries I thought I had purchased recently (only to be told 4 days later it was sold out, bought the black with cognac leather strappy pair as a consolation prize…), LOVE the blue multicoloured though, am still hoping to find them (have given up on the jewelled pair from SS08).

    2.2.09 · Reply
  25. Maren wrote:

    And what a great article, I really enjoyed reading it.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  26. Karolin wrote:

    Fantastic, I’m so jelous about you ! In positive, of course. I think You’re really brave, and you’re style is really mature. I hope my blog in some day will be as amazing as yours. Love ya Jane !

    2.2.09 · Reply
  27. lolapop* wrote:

    congrats for getting into teen vogue! i am so jealous. i will be sure to look out for the feature! this makes me proud to know you! :]

    2.2.09 · Reply
  28. Queen Q wrote:

    You are all so young and talented and know what to do with your lives.
    its great.
    Queen Q

    2.2.09 · Reply
  29. Congratulations it’s a great honor, I can’t wait to pick up my copy!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  30. amber wrote:

    WTG, You deserve it :o) I may just go buy that copy now.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  31. congratulations

    2.2.09 · Reply
  32. Ashton wrote:

    Congrats Jane! You deserve it, you have a great blog and it is my absolute favorite.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  33. congrats! i read it this weekend!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  34. Eli wrote:

    I saw this the other day, how very cool! Congrats!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  35. wow!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  36. Kathleen wrote:

    I started jumping up and down when I saw this. :P
    You are WONDERFUL and definitely deserve it… I can’t imagine how excited you must be!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  37. Kathleen wrote:

    I started jumping up and down when I saw this. :P
    You are WONDERFUL and definitely deserve it… I can’t imagine how excited you must be!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  38. Becky wrote:

    Congratulations on the Teen Vogue feature, you deserve it :) I absolutely love your style!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  39. Maria wrote:

    Jane, I red an article in Glamour France ( i work for Glamour LatinAmerica and mexico) and since then I am a Big fan of Sea of Shoes! Congratulations and keep growing!
    I am sure we´ll do something interesting with you soon.
    If you can write me back in order to have your e-mail and info it will be great.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  40. Alisha wrote:

    How cool is that?! It’s awesome that fashion bloggers are coming into the spotlight so much – just goes how much the industry is changing…

    2.2.09 · Reply
  41. Sarah wrote:

    I just came across your blog the other day and I’m loving it! A huge congratulations on the article in Teen Vogue – there has been some talk that excellent and popular blogs may overtake the magazine industry, however, it seems they are embracing their blogger friends and instead featuring them…it’s amazing how the industry is changing. A few of my own readers mentioned that my blog could easily translate into a publication but I think this is really the way of the future…so thanks for feeding us fashion lovers with amazing clothes, shoes, and your thoughts!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  42. silver wrote:

    congrats!! ur beautiful!!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  43. Adeliet wrote:

    Hi Jane!
    Just wanna say you have an awesome style at such young age! I really like your shoes and we do have similar tastes in shoes now and then (I own the colorful strappy Dries van Noten in green version!) and I love MMM’s cut out booties too! I’ve set up a personal fashion blog recently and hopefully I’ll upkeep it as my fashion look book, as very motivated by you! Giving you the credit!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  44. Adeliet wrote:

    Hi Jane!
    Just wanna say you have an awesome style at such young age! I really like your shoes and we do have similar tastes in shoes now and then (I own the colorful strappy Dries van Noten in green version!) and I love MMM’s cut out booties too! I’ve set up a personal fashion blog recently and hopefully I’ll upkeep it as my fashion look book, as very motivated by you! Giving you the credit!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  45. Cindiddy wrote:

    Congrats!!! lcuky u! get to be on teen vogue!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  46. Nubby wrote:

    Congratulations, Jane! How exciting. And the first picture of you in the article is so cute!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  47. Evelina wrote:

    I just found your blog through tFS :) i love your shoe collection!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  48. Congrats dearr you so deserve thiss !! So exciting!! Kisses J!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  49. Panda wrote:

    Sea of Shoes is blowing up. Just think of all the fun you’ll have when you move to the big apple!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  50. Wooow, absolutely amazing. CONGRATULATIONS!
    Can imagine how proud you are!
    Stay Beauty

    2.2.09 · Reply
  51. Kay wrote:

    Congratulations! You deserve it, there are so many blogs out there so it takes a lot to stand out.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  52. Melissa wrote:

    I love your blog, and I was so excited to see you featured in Teen Vogue! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. Great Job!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  53. YLM-SPAIN wrote:

    Congratulations Jane !!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  54. Kristyna wrote:

    Saw the article today. :)
    Major congrats to you- you deserve it with your amazing fashion taste.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  55. Kimberley wrote:

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve the honor. I’m going to go pick up a copy this afternoon. :)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  56. zoe wrote:

    I was sooooooo happy when i saw that teen bloggers were featured!
    The part about you is AMAZING! Sea of Shoes definetly deserved it!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  57. Molly Gray wrote:

    Hey girl.. and remember that you are in FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE too.. you can check out the interview at: http://www.fringemagazine.co.cc
    Editor In Chief

    2.2.09 · Reply
  58. Anna wrote:

    I was looking at this issue with a friend and it seriously went like this:
    “Oh my god, it’s Jane!”
    “jane! Sea of shoes?”
    “Whose shoes?”
    “You know, Karl Lagerfelds daughter!”
    “Karl Lagerfeld has a daughter?”
    “Well she’s not really it’s just the thing with the blog…”
    “Can I have my copy of Teen Vogue back now please?”

    2.2.09 · Reply
  59. TamZ wrote:

    omg! congrats! i was reading this article yesterday and i freaked out XD

    2.2.09 · Reply
  60. must deserved!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  61. icon wrote:

    I am SO excited for you! When i opened up these pages and saw you, an instant thrill ran through my hands holding the coveted magazine, congrats!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  62. Emily Rose wrote:


    2.2.09 · Reply
  63. April wrote:


    2.2.09 · Reply
  64. Camille wrote:

    What an incredible feature! Congratulations, your style definetly deserves the nod.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  65. I saw that article the other day and instantly fell in love. Congrats! You look like a model in those pics! :)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  66. chauss wrote:

    congrats jane. you are in good company. :)

    2.2.09 · Reply
  67. Natalie wrote:

    this is how i found your blog! i love it!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  68. cassie wrote:

    [: I was SO excited when I opened up Teen Vogue this month to see you.

    2.2.09 · Reply
  69. Erman wrote:

    Congratulations!! I thought you are on the cover!! You two are look alike!
    You guys are so my idols in blog world!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  70. Lina wrote:

    I was waiting to buy this, but now I’m definitely more excited! Congraduations!!
    You looks so pretty! I really wish I had your fashion sense! Cheers!!

    2.2.09 · Reply
  71. cLarizz wrote:

    Hey! I’ve been an avid fan of this blog for a while now! Your fashion sense really takes my breath away. May I suggest a good blog that might interest you?
    It’s not mine. I just stumbled upon it while I was surfing around. I hope you enjoy it! It’s in french but there are English translations from time to time. Cheers! *grin*

    2.3.09 · Reply
  72. sophie wrote:

    hey, i saw you in this so decided to visit your blog! i really love what you’re wearing in the first photos! :) the dries shoes are wonderful

    2.3.09 · Reply
  73. ana wrote:

    Wow congratulations. I was in the slideshow that goes along with the article on their website but not the mag. :D

    2.3.09 · Reply
  74. Bimba wrote:

    Congratulations!!!XXX from Paris!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  75. hellomoon wrote:

    that’s cool, it’s good to see u on the maggezine

    2.3.09 · Reply
  76. Bridget wrote:

    jane, what an honor to be not only featured in Teen Vogue but also pictured on the first page!! You deserve it, and look amazing!
    you have a bright future ahead of you.

    2.3.09 · Reply
  77. congratulations!!!!
    great articel !…;)
    visit my new blOG:)

    2.3.09 · Reply
  78. lainey wrote:

    congrats Jane!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  79. Michelle wrote:

    Congrats! You definitely deserve it!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  80. leyla m. wrote:

    you deserve it!!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  81. Dexter wrote:

    Congratulations! Now you have an even brighter future ahead of you! I’m very happy for you, and you certainly deserved it to be mentioned!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  82. monica wrote:

    wow congrats to you!!
    and you look super cute in the teen vogue mag’!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  83. luxirare wrote:

    well deserved. You’re one of those personal style blogs that doesn’t annoy me. In fact, it makes me think that a personal style blog can actually be classy and awesome. All these amazing gems you buy, they are all intelligent choices- in the beginning I seriously thought you lived in london or something!!! No one can beat you and your mother who each have triple laced AD boots.

    2.3.09 · Reply
  84. Congrats! You really deserve it :) I love Sea of Shoes!

    2.3.09 · Reply
  85. I actually found this site through the Teen Vogue issue. I love it! (Shoes are my obsession as well: sizes may fluctuate, but your shoe size will always be the same.) =)

    2.3.09 · Reply
  86. wow, teen vogue is HUGE, congratulations! they used a great picture of you. =)

    2.3.09 · Reply
  87. thats great! congrats.

    2.3.09 · Reply
  88. Jessie wrote:

    This makes me so happy.
    I was psyched and so surprised to see you while flipping through a copy at the bookstore!

    2.4.09 · Reply
  89. Congrats on the awesome spread in teen vogue. I have this delivered to my house I can’t wait to see it.
    Ps. Though I might honor your achievement with another look at those beautiful shoes and a set on polyvore. ^^

    2.4.09 · Reply
  90. Lilly wrote:

    First off congrats on your amazing spread in Teen Vogue! I can’t wait to get a copy so I can read all about.
    And in honor of your beautiful spread, I have made a polyvore set with adoration to the Maison Martin Margiela Tall Cut-Out Boots.

    2.4.09 · Reply
  91. Katie wrote:

    Taylor Swift isn’t my favorite, so I cringed when I got this issue. But then I opened it up and notice the fabulous article featuring your and many other fashion blogs! I was absolutely delighted. I’m actually thinking of starting my own blog. The only problem is I have absolutely no idea on how to get started. I’m a fashionista living in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea how I can get a start, besides getting a blog, of course. Is it a lot of money to start a blog? Do you have to know a lot about HTML and what not? Please get back to me! It would be absolutely to hear from you… You’re like the queen of bloggers! :)

    2.4.09 · Reply
  92. Katie wrote:

    My bad, I was so excited when I posted that my last sentence didn’t make much sense. What I meant to say was… “It would be absolutely great to hear from you… You’re like the queen of bloggers!” Goodness, sometimes I act such a fool. :)

    2.4.09 · Reply
  93. mmdd wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you deserve it!
    from venezuela

    2.4.09 · Reply
  94. Congrats! You deserve to be apart of that cast. Your blog is very inspiring. I too will be featuring your style on my blog. I’ll let you know when I post it.

    2.5.09 · Reply
  95. Sunset wrote:

    Girl, you totally deserve it! So proud, congratulations! :)

    2.5.09 · Reply
  96. Mélanie wrote:

    First of all i really really love your blog and your style
    and I was wondering if you knew that French Glamour had also made an article about you a few month ago? anyway congratulation, you do deserve it!!
    (sorry for my poor english…)

    2.5.09 · Reply
  97. wow! amazing congratulations! :)

    2.5.09 · Reply
  98. Mattie wrote:

    i saw this!
    you are very pretty
    and obviously have amazing style! :)

    2.7.09 · Reply
  99. Daniëlle wrote:

    Wow great, congratulations!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  100. marie wrote:

    Congrats-you totally deserve it.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  101. Coco wrote:

    Congrats Jane! You deserve it. :) And oh, Bryanboy is <3.

    2.11.09 · Reply
  102. Anna wrote:

    Congratulations! Love your blog! // Anna

    2.12.09 · Reply
  103. Cassidy wrote:

    Hey- I love your blog! I met your very proud dad today at Barne’s and Noble as he bought all 18 of our copies of Teen Vogue. Congratulations! I love how fearless you are with your fasion.. I thought I had way too many pairs of shoes until I read your blog.. haha! I too have a passion for shoes, and it is great to see you getting some recognitions for your hard work, and great spending habits! haha!

    2.13.09 · Reply
  104. Sol Salamanca wrote:

    oh!! i bought my TeenVogue last week..and since then I’ve been visiting nonstop your blog…i fell in luv with this blog!! it’s such an amazing blog!! really and congratulations!! it’s batently brill!!
    greetings from Mexico!

    2.28.09 · Reply
  105. Bibi wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS for being in Teen Vogue!
    You look stunning

    2.28.09 · Reply
  106. Hazel wrote:

    i am so in love with that sex pistols shirt
    where on earth did you find it?

    3.1.09 · Reply
  107. When looking through those photos seems like I’m wearing them and want to see more the hottest, the coolest and the latest trends that fashion models use. Teen Vogue is the goddess of all teen magazines.

    10.26.09 · Reply