unparalled coolness


This outfit exudes such a timeless, trendless, unattainable coolness that I feel compelled to post it.
The kind of outfit that makes me want to get to know the personality of the girl wearing it.
*note to self…..add Y-3 sweatpants to mental shopping list…
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  1. luna says:

    O my gosh, Iremember when all Iwanted was a pair of pants like that, the ones with the domes up the sides *hangs head in shame*
    Im amazed ANYONE can make them look chic!

  2. Wax says:

    the outfit is stellar!

  3. Those pants obviously remind me of those like Adidas track pants, who knew they could turn out to be so chic! Those Y-3 pants are obviously a lot chicer, but they look so casual cool with heels and a plain sweater. Great post

  4. Peter N. says:

    So sexy. This is the kinda stuff I imagine my future wife wearing when we walk around soho in the wee early morning for breakfast.

  5. Peter N. says:

    So sexy. This is the kinda stuff I imagine my future wife wearing when we walk around soho in the wee early morning for breakfast.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Wow I have never seen anything quite like this. It is wonderful. Your blog is so lovely :) I would really like if you could check mine out. I’m a fellow Dallas Lady.

  7. zoe says:

    now i will have to break out my adidas track suit from soccer! yaya!!

  8. Adrian says:

    They shoes are cute; they trackpants not so much.

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    That is SO hot! My school uniform used to be navy blue (3 stripes) Adidas tracksuits, and many years on, I still love that look. And this is just gorgeous!!!!

  10. Sunset says:

    Track… pants? If anyone can make them fashionable, Jane can. xo

  11. Barbro says:

    I LOVE the shoes <3

  12. heather says:

    that outfit is amazing! I want trackpants aswell!

  13. Anneli says:

    Funny because the header tells about “vestimentary taboos” (for ex. combining stripes and dots)….. just about the opposite of “timeless, trendless, unattainable coolness” :) But it is true that if any one masters “acrobatic exercices” as they put it, it is you Jane !

  14. Tis indeed an interesting outfit.

  15. leyla m. says:

    how great!
    love how it the pants and heels actually work!

  16. mary says:

    i love this outfit!

  17. lux lux says:

    looove the slightly oversized sweater she appears to be wearing, its a really effortless mix. also, couldnt you so try making a pair like that? as long as the material wasnt too stiff and crinkly, you could totally just hem the trousers and run strings through the ends, or just run them through the normal pre-existig hem. not unlike Childhood Flames and her amazing harem pants.
    i might just break out the sewing needle..:)

  18. tracksuit bottoms are doable but they’re hard to pull off. 3 stripes are never a good look unless you’re in run dmc.

  19. JNA says:

    Speaking of Y-3, sickest hoodie of all time? wowowowowowo….http://hypebeast.com/2008/09/adidas-y-3-2008-fallwinter-new-items/

  20. lucille says:

    I see that on vogue too and I think that a great idea ( heaven if you are a real fashion )
    come on my blog !

  21. william says:

    This is why it’s important to have some basic shoes like Christian Louboutin’s 120mm Pigalle shown in the picture, to contrast the overwhelming (and wonderful) eccentricity of a look like this.

  22. piper Lauer says:

    LOVE THIS!!! so chic! Thanks for posting!

  23. ella says:

    that entire issue of Vogue Paris was intense. That look in particular made me laugh because I had my ex-girlfriend dress up like a luxe homeless person one Halloween. She wore my Vuitton heels and her own Adidas Sweatpants hanging low etc etc etc and just looked a complete mess but it was so fabulous.

  24. shok says:

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  25. bethany says:

    this makes me think of madonna. she loves her some adidas work-out pants.

  26. mandi says:

    your blog is perfection, you are so chic :)

  27. Shauna says:

    I wish I wasn’t so short, I couldn’t pull them off, but I like them!

  28. The Tart says:

    I love how fashion recycles through the years. It’s been done before & still looks cool.
    Hmmm, tad bit like Sporty Spice too & I thought she was the best Spice.
    Fashionable smooches,
    The Tart
    ; *

  29. luxurina says:

    Yay to high heels with sporty clothes…So sexy..I love louboutin pigalles, they are timeless!

  30. Mike says:

    its funny how some people dog addidas but once they find out a pair of pants are y-3 theyre so chic!

  31. Mandi says:

    I love this! Last week my boyfriend gave me a white addidas jacket with navy stripes that was too small for him – i was playing around with it – it looks great as a dress, zipped all the way up, belted with a thick navy belt, with ankle boots!

  32. julianna says:

    I adore this look!
    Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City used to rock that look all the time.
    she’d wear cute strappy heels with athletic shorts and a vintage tank.

  33. i love those shoes, absolutely perfect.
    this reminds me of carrie bradshaw too.

  34. shanna says:

    I totally agree.. I saw it myself.. where I can’t remember..
    I have something similar but never thought wearing it with a classic pump..but it’s great!

  35. JNA says:

    “unparalleled” not “unparalled”….got your back missy

  36. Jodie says:

    beautiful, beautiful image.. a paris vogue scan?

  37. stephanie says:

    ohhh GLAMOUR of february a french mag =p
    i love it! and i love your blog !!!!
    stephanie a french girl =$

  38. Lola Re says:

    I don’t know though! It breaks the timeless rule of no track bottoms outside the house! I just can’t like it… :o( I’m sorry everyone!!!
    Lola Re

  39. Jordans 3 says:

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