Hussein Chalayan ’98-’99

I already posted this at La Maladie Tropicale a while back but it's worth reposting.
Thank you Phrost for sharing these.

Please click below to see all of the images.

"Between", spring 1998
"Panoramic", winter 1998

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  1. Niki wrote:

    I think the whole collection is star wars, meets spaceballs, meets high fashion.
    basically, i adore.
    great post.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    So I’m new to having a blog, so I’m not quite sure of the “etiquette” but I love yours, and I linked it on mine, and was wondering if you’d do the same for me. It’s a brand new little baby blog.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  3. alina wrote:

    Haha, first poster said it all. This collection also reminds me of Brancusi’s sculptures.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  4. madeleine wrote:

    this collection is amazing.
    where do you get all this information?-do you just check the designers websites?

    3.12.09 · Reply
  5. stllptrc wrote:

    I love Chalayan, the video of his Spring 07 show always makes me cry a little bit, as inexplicable as that may be

    3.13.09 · Reply
  6. yo wrote:

    your post reminded me of this video
    you can find more of Floria Sigismondi’s (the director) videos here

    3.13.09 · Reply
  7. Eva wrote:

    That first photo will now become my wallpaper. Thanks! haha

    3.13.09 · Reply
  8. Brigadeiro wrote:

    LOVE Chalayan! He is a true artist, and is simply…incredible!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  9. anna wrote:

    please check out my newly started blog and give me feedback:

    3.13.09 · Reply
  10. Carys wrote:

    This stuff is so CRAP!
    This is NOT fashion, its dressing up some anorexic girls in ridiculous outfits and making millions of dollars from it!
    Give us some real fashion!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  11. p+q wrote:

    the reason why hussein chalayan bewilders people is the reason why i love it. he confuses, stuns, takes people’s perceptions beyond what they already know, throws you off-center. it’s as real as fashion can be, i think.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  12. keren wrote:

    Astounding.This is pretty amazing, I’d say.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  13. You should check out Alexander Mcqueen’s Nuclear Winter collection. :)

    3.13.09 · Reply
  14. actually he is a turkish designer (I am turkish too) and his original name is “HÜSEYİN ÇAĞLAYAN” and he is very succesful of the world I think
    visit me at : http://fashioncholicgirl.blogspot.com/

    3.13.09 · Reply
  15. luxirare wrote:

    collections have been dissapointing lately. seems as if creativity in fashion has disintegrated into building corporate luxury empires, and i appreciate that you posted archival garments of a brilliant designer.
    The future of fashion worries me, what will happen when all these ideas are recycled and every cut + pasted combination has come and gone?
    please keep these kinds of posts coming!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  16. melissa wrote:

    Aah i love it all.
    Whatever happened with your meet-and-greet? how did it go? x
    visit my blog whenever, its just starting up

    3.13.09 · Reply
  17. it’s weird to see some of these things to me because ive grown up around some of these silhouettes my whole life.
    now im wondering if you could be able to find givenchy mcqueen era, there’s something that i saw on fashion file once when i was young, and the image of it remains permanently burned into my brain. and ive never been able to find a picture of it!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  18. Nihan wrote:

    He is not Turkish but Cypriot, well Turkish Cypriot let’s say. I have been following his work for quite a while now. He describes himself as an artist who likes to present his work on human body and I am sure he does not make millions of dollars out of it. Actually he also directs short movies which he says is just another way to express himself. He is really talented and anyone should think twice before trashing someone else’s work.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  19. ce wrote:

    I am not his biggest fan but there is a retrospective of his career on now at London’s Design Museum and it was quite impressive.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  20. He is so much more than just a “fashion designer” and dubbing him an “artist” is not enough to really capture the innovation and creativity he brings to his works – these are extraordinary pieces of moving art. I look forward to what he does next!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  21. These are amaaaazing. I especially love the one with the super long sleeves!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  22. deltay wrote:

    Whoa – that is intensely out of this world.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  23. Catherine wrote:

    Beautiful…this makes me want to go buy a star wars mask and put it across my face and walk the streets!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  24. Sydnie wrote:

    Another amazing post, Jane! I’m loving the pictures .. very high fashion!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  25. Emily wrote:

    Sorry but I think this is all disgusting and almost offensive. Don’t get me wrong, I love your clothing and shoes but this line is repulsive. I feel like I’m looking at Donnie Darko gone horribly wrong.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  26. mandi wrote:

    wow. this is incredible. I love the light in the first photo. The red dress sans sleeves is stunning, and the top with the straightjacket-esque sleeves is crazy good.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  27. Julie wrote:

    Waouh that’s great, so conceptual ! He has become a little more commercial since then…

    3.14.09 · Reply
  28. Ann wrote:

    chalayan goes way beyond fashion — he makes you rethink forms and reimagine the way we represent the human body. i think it’s amazing.

    3.14.09 · Reply
  29. Not gonna lie, it reminds me strongly of Star Wars, particularly the first one (Queen Amedala?)
    PS you’re a shoe person, so maybe you could help me? What does one wear to walk miles and miles (I’m traveling) while having comfort and style? I’m trying to think of some (I posted some on my blog), but still I’m a bit at a lost. Thanks =)

    3.14.09 · Reply
  30. Amanda wrote:

    I think fashion is supposed to make us question what we see and know. This collection definitely does that. And the fact that it is so controversial makes it all the more intriguing. This spun my brain for a loop, and I like it. It is creative and new, and the concept is something unexplored. Maybe fashion can finally move forward from cocktail dresses and pea coats. :)

    3.14.09 · Reply
  31. Lush Lover wrote:

    We had a HUGE discussion about this over on the Lush Forum
    check it out ;)

    3.14.09 · Reply
  32. Agnes wrote:

    Hi Jane. Love that. I also love the part of the Between collection where he sent out the group of women in different stages of covevred up, from nude to burka.
    btw, saw these, wish they where my size… maybe something for you instead. :)

    3.14.09 · Reply
  33. Mahala wrote:

    I never used to understand high couture shows till I started studying modern art. Now they’re my favourite thing to watch…I relish seeing designers let go of the restraints of market research and practicality and create all these kinetic installations for the hell of it. This is not what makes them millions…this is what they do with the millions they make designing clothes we actually wear, and we’re all richer for it.

    3.14.09 · Reply
  34. Bline wrote:

    I wonder how the girls can see through these masks…

    3.15.09 · Reply
  35. Eda wrote:

    Hey! That’s a designer from my country, Turkey. I’m glad that you like his designs, Jane. :)
    Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your blog!

    3.16.09 · Reply
  36. frida27 wrote:

    the model on the right is Giselle Bundchen?…

    3.16.09 · Reply
  37. Thankyouuuuu for posting this <3

    3.19.09 · Reply
  38. Mehron wrote:

    Very fascinating, the first woman’s mask is the most striking.
    Also, the bloodstain and the burqa; I wonder what the message of this collection is?

    3.22.09 · Reply
  39. amiko wrote:

    Hey does anyone know where I can find the video of his 1998 S/S collection “BETWEEN”.
    I’m particularly interested in the ending in which 6 models are wearing chadors from totally covered, getting shorter and shorter until the last model is completely nude only with her face covered.
    I keep looking for it and even on Chalayan’s website, there are no photos or videos of this very controversial sequence. If anyone knows where we can find it please share the info.

    8.21.09 · Reply
  40. Sarah Wauters wrote:

    It’s interesting, I am not much of a fashion maven, but an artist, a photographer. I found both the “clothing” and the imagery mysterious and yet grounded. Look at the artwork of the head pieces and yet the beautiful simplicity of the footwear. Some of the outfits reminded me of what Tina Modotti or Gloria Steinem might wear – very practical almost peasant like shoes. And yet also like medieval armour. Thought provoking.

    1.20.10 · Reply
  41. CrossRoads wrote:

    Oh yes, absolutely you are right. Chalayan is one of our so proud fashion gurus. Glad that I come over your really ‘interesting’ site and to be found so worthy articles to read.

    1.24.10 · Reply
  42. ..okay, so i need a cute dress to wear when i go out…simple slightly sexy BLACK dress. Also, not expensive please…

    4.15.10 · Reply
  43. I am looking for z-boy classic vans slip-ons in black, scatter pig
    design, in size mens 6.5 to buy online. I have tried to go thru
    tailtap.com already and they will not have any in stock until may. I
    would like to buy them asap. Where on the internet or vendors in
    Phoenix, AZ can I find these shoes?? I have exhausted my search

    4.20.10 · Reply
  44. The fashion designers draw out the body form and then make copys for an easy trace, do they use basic templates, or do they know how to draw body forms quickly from memory?

    4.26.10 · Reply
  45. I love Chalayan, the video of his Spring 07 show always makes me cry a little bit, as inexplicable as that may be

    12.21.11 · Reply
  46. haha, first poster said it all. This collection also reminds me of Brancusi’s sculptures

    12.21.11 · Reply
  47. the reason why hussein chalayan bewilders people is the reason why i love it. he confuses, stuns, takes people’s perceptions beyond what they already know, throws you off-center. it’s as real as fashion can be, i think

    12.21.11 · Reply