Comme des Garçons Fall 2009

Did Rei Kawakubo reach out into the future, beyond the eons  and into another heavenly body and peel these garments off the back of its inhabitants? Whoa!
How often do we ever see something so unlike anything in our own dimension? Not often! Lucky us!
Even luckier, style.com has provided a portal into the magic world of Comme des Garcons this season with 116 detail shots! Wow! 
Click below to see some highlights.

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  1. phamzy wrote:

    wow! fashion genius! i heart the sheer so much!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  2. thank you for sharing the photos jane!
    these photos are set of inspiration! the entire collection is unbeatable

    3.11.09 · Reply
  3. jessica wrote:

    <3 The voguette!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  4. arienette wrote:

    it really wasn’t interesting for me at all, ngl

    3.11.09 · Reply
  5. Suzanne wrote:

    Epic. I absolutely love the shoes, especially the ones with the toes painted on! I also enjoy the use of textures and shapes. Beautiful.
    Suzanne IMOS.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  6. quelle wrote:

    this collection is so surreal! love.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  7. Valentine wrote:

    i love how everything seems so very protective of the wearer and yet they look so comfy, light and ethereal.. i may not be able to pull off wearing this.. but they are definitely a sight to see.. :-)
    oh and the shoes!!!! i want the shoes.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  8. Farren wrote:

    I LOVE how you put it: “Did Rei Kawakubo reach out into the future, beyond the eons and into another heavenly body and peel these garments off the back of its inhabitants?” I couldn’t have said it better. And BLASPHEMY: But, I love the shoes so much and they look totally easy to d.i.y. =) I’m going to be walking around with some Comme des Garcons shoe toes soon!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  9. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Rei Kawakubo is truly genius! Loved all the sheer! I’m so so jealous of your incredible sheer/nude CDG skirt you wore in the latest outfit post. DIVINE!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  10. naboonies wrote:

    love the dreamy sheer fabrics!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  11. Rebecca wrote:

    I love some of it (the victorian style garments) and loathe some of it … still it is very interesting.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  12. youbi ng wrote:

    i love the fabrics color..

    3.11.09 · Reply
  13. gennie wrote:

    as soon as i saw this show I knew you’d be obsessed!! hehe. God those exotic skin brogues are insaaane. rare to find a flat comfy shoe that would trump the beauty of sky-high heels!!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  14. miranda** wrote:

    i liked this collection as well.. the color palette was exceptional; blushes, cream, army green..and those coats! and shoes! and sheer dresses and skirts :) just heavenly

    3.11.09 · Reply
  15. maybe overall not my thing, but i totally see this for you!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  16. Ashley wrote:

    So incredible, I hadn’t seen these detailed shots yet. Thanks so much for posting them! I can’t believe I have 116 to go through before I can sleep tonight lol!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  17. This gives me the wants.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  18. amanda wrote:

    it’s magic!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  19. Allison wrote:

    how wild!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  20. Sabina wrote:

    the sheer pieces are incredible, feels like a fairytale!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  21. Heleen wrote:

    gotta love those shoes with the toes painted on – génialll

    3.12.09 · Reply
  22. lis wrote:

    I heart all the wool jackets….the craftsmanship and design is breathtaking!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  23. Laura wrote:

    i wasn’t mad on this collection really….
    some of it was lovely though

    3.12.09 · Reply
  24. rose wrote:

    beautiful. rei pushes the boundaries which influence so many other more “easy wear” designers. without her and others like her wouldn’t fashion be just that bit more ordinary! a true artist.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  25. Zoe wrote:

    Hot damn. This collection is amazing. I love the one shot of the sweater with the knit sticking out.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  26. joy wrote:

    oh wow, i love the gauze!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  27. Nicole wrote:

    It’s nice to see some flat shoes for a change! As much as I love heels, they just aren’t reasonable for those who are at or above model height and walk an hour or more a day. I might have to DIY some of the layered skirts and outlined wool jackets.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  28. Isa wrote:

    so unusual, I love it.
    although the sight of this backhead freaks me out a little..
    and I really need to say, looking at your site, you´re such a doll!
    you´ve got that perfect hair and face AND a sea of shoes, can it get any better?

    3.12.09 · Reply
  29. Katrina wrote:

    I love the shoes so much! This is like nothing I have ever seen before. Thanks so much for sharing.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  30. I haven’t been so excited about a cdg collection in ever!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  31. sarah wrote:

    so amazing!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  32. cassiopeia wrote:

    the veils are inspired and the shoes are rad! loving all that agressive tulle hehe.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  33. Jane Jiang wrote:

    So luminous! j’adore.
    Now I’m totally going to make a ruffle skirt with sheer overlay. Can’t wait to experiment with silhouettes for that!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  34. madeleine wrote:

    AHhhhhh. i how absolutely adore Comme les garcons!
    this collection, like all others, is absolutely exquisite(spelling?)!
    i am in love with the thirteenth look- that coat is amazing.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  35. I think I love the hair and makeup the most..

    3.13.09 · Reply
  36. Love this brand!!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  37. anna wrote:

    That’s amazing!
    especially the first one, i love the.. well.. lets call it a jacket. It gives me a fairytale feeling.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  38. Ayesha wrote:

    oh goodness! the pastels, the sheer, the shoes. All so beautiful! Like fashionable candy floss!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  39. Ziling wrote:

    Very inspirational!!!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  40. Anika wrote:

    I love the ‘out-there’ness; what an incredible set of shots.
    This is fashion that’s not functional but is definitely inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    3.14.09 · Reply
  41. Pen wrote:

    Comme des Garcon is just so so awesome this season!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  42. Quite amazing! I am soooo in love with the shoes
    Visit me at Vintage Tea!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  43. Becca wrote:

    absolutely amazing – seriously. pure genius this season.

    3.19.09 · Reply
  44. Automnale wrote:

    woaw, i’m still crazy about Comme des Garçon’s brand!! <3

    4.3.09 · Reply