LOL, goofing off in the chairs in the middle of shooting…
I don't know precisely when Atlantis Vintage will be up and running-but mark my words, it will be soon!
Hey also, thanks so much to the person who found the entire National Geographic article on Tibetan nomads-I would have loved to post the whole article, but I didn't want to entirely dismantle a magazine that was school prooperty!
My internet connection was out all today so I have some catch-up to do on Fashion Week!! And homework…sigh…
xx jane

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  1. Leni wrote:

    Looking good! You are so beautiful !!!!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  2. vicky wrote:

    This is the first day I’ve visited your blog, since seeing your feature in this month’s Teen Vogue. It’s amazing! You have such gorgeous shoes. I’m majorly jealous =)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  3. Amee wrote:

    I can’t wait to see the vintage store! That is so neat that you are modeling the clothes. The last picture is adorable!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  4. I am IN LOVE with that jacket you are wearing in the second picture.
    Will it be for sale on Atlantic Vintage?

    3.8.09 · Reply
  5. Leia wrote:

    Your hair looks so pretty tied up like that! And I can’t wait to see the vintage store. :)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  6. darragh wrote:

    wow wow wow. just perfect. the photos are great and the setting is so simple, it’s like my interior designer alter ego obsession. good luck with atlantic vintage.

    3.8.09 · Reply
  7. M wrote:

    HOW will you know what to sell and keep. i would find it too dificult to choose what goes in the store and what i want to keep for myself

    3.8.09 · Reply
  8. i know you’ve probably heard it a million times, but you and your mother have the most incredible style i have ever seen. truly, you two have the most inspirational blogs on the net. i can’t wait to see what delights will be for sale in your store! xx

    3.8.09 · Reply
  9. keren wrote:

    Wow, can’t wait ’till it’s up and running ! :)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  10. you are very pretty jane and those outfits are really gorgeous! looking forward for atlantis!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  11. Saorise wrote:

    Oooo. Im so excited. Beautiful Pics.

    3.8.09 · Reply
  12. Urghh I’m so excited already. can’t wait! :)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  13. Sunset wrote:

    This makes me sad. I probably won’t be able to get any of those pieces, because the prices/bids will be so high with your popularity! Unless it’s fixed prices or something.
    You look just as beautiful as ever, darling. :)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  14. J. Rene' wrote:

    SO GREAT! Those jackets are sooooo hot!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  15. You should smile more often!
    I LOOOOOOVE that second jacket. Please sell it to me.

    3.8.09 · Reply
  16. cassiopeia wrote:

    Adore the second and third outfits… Yay. Can’t wait!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  17. Noelle wrote:

    I love the hat.
    Of course, I love everything else as well.
    Question: Is your hair naturally that beautiful?
    Because dear, your hair is very beautiful.

    3.8.09 · Reply
  18. kiki wrote:

    wow……gold jacket is AMAZAAAZZINNGGG….love

    3.8.09 · Reply
  19. violer wrote:

    and i love the JLO hat lol
    Vi from Cali

    3.8.09 · Reply
  20. With that hat, you look just like Kate Hudson. Your shoes are TO DIE FOR :)
    x0x0 Lusty

    3.8.09 · Reply
  21. Victoria wrote:

    that jacket in the last two pictures is absolutely amazing! and your shoes are killer, of course.

    3.8.09 · Reply
  22. Ella wrote:

    The jacket in the second picture and shoes in the third are absolutely beautiful!
    Lately i’ve been looking at blogs and all your posts are amazing!
    Please check mine out! Im new to this whole blogging business and would love to get some support, I don’t have much up yet but I’m updating it frequently :)

    3.8.09 · Reply
  23. omg, i died. the jackets are to die for!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  24. Karen wrote:

    you look great in those pics, the jacket in the last picture is absolutely stunning!
    – Karen

    3.8.09 · Reply
  25. Ashley wrote:

    Can’t wait to check out the store! I am loving the sparkly pieces in the first picture!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  26. Oh WoW! I can’t wait! You know how much I love vintage!
    If your planning to sell online, you should check out our new site – it’s just for vintage – we just launched Today!!

    3.8.09 · Reply
  27. Rachel wrote:

    Wow, you look like a model in these photo’s (adore the shoes)
    The high waisted grey skirt is to die for.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  28. Ziling wrote:

    You look so beautiful and im jealous of you hvaing such pretty shoes!!!
    Shall we exchange links? :)

    3.9.09 · Reply
  29. I love the bracelets your wearing in the first picture!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  30. Looking forward to your vintage store!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  31. hannah wrote:

    thanks for posting the link to the actual article…
    good move :)

    3.9.09 · Reply
  32. Jo wrote:

    You’re pretty! The gold blazer is beautiful too.
    Drop me a comment if you please(:

    3.9.09 · Reply
  33. Am lovin the sequins… When can I join the wait list? ;)
    – shop-too-much.blogspot.com

    3.9.09 · Reply
  34. Alya wrote:

    I love the first outfit. It’s very Marc Jacobs SS09. Looking forward to your shop. And nice blog! Its my first time here.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  35. Elly wrote:

    Hi Jane! I’ve never written any comments on your blog because everybody seems to be saying the same thing over and over again. So, here goes…..
    F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!….that’s it. And like everybody else….cannot wait to take a peek at your mom’s new online vintage store and maybe…just maybe…purchase some on the way out. (P.S: I probably won’t be writing anymore comments anytime soon, but I will be covering Melbourne Fashion Week for the whole week next week. Do come check out my lame fashion news if you have time…at the moment, it is pretty boring) (^_~) http://clickclockculture.blogspot.com

    3.9.09 · Reply
  36. Katura wrote:

    Those shoes…are to die for. Love it! You always look wonderful!
    Thank you for being so inspirational!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  37. cindy khor wrote:

    loved the casual laid back look… and your gorgeous shoes as always..not everyone could pull off vintage by giving it an edgy and cool look…love your stlye as always

    3.9.09 · Reply
  38. XAVS wrote:

    excellent post! I love all the outfits, very nice and even with your age, you look terrific in them! Congrats!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  39. Cindy wrote:

    The 2nd picture is handsome !
    I like your hat ^^ (I’m not sur that’s it’s called Hat,but il’s “capeline” in french)

    3.9.09 · Reply
  40. i love the micheal jackson jacket

    3.9.09 · Reply
  41. denise wrote:

    you look so cute in the last picture! and those givenchys are insaaaane, love them!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  42. Jen wrote:

    i love the clothes, but i hope the prices won’t be outrageous…

    3.9.09 · Reply
  43. Ann wrote:

    simply stunning. beautifully styled darl

    3.9.09 · Reply
  44. Can’t wait for the vintage store :) And absolutely love your boots :)

    3.9.09 · Reply
  45. JT wrote:

    Jane, have you seen Junya Watanabe FW09 yet? WOW is the only word for it.. I can definitely see you rocking some of the incredible pieces from it..

    3.9.09 · Reply
  46. Linda wrote:

    ALL your shoes are just amazing! <3

    3.9.09 · Reply
  47. yaya wrote:

    i absolutely adore all the stuff u have as props and such on the set…

    3.9.09 · Reply
  48. Hi Jane,
    Love your collection of shoes! Gorgeous blog you have!
    Have a lovely week!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  49. Why must everything surrounding you be to-die-for? The clothes. The props. It’s just not fair! Look lovely as always, though!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  50. caroline wrote:

    loving the elephant belt first pic. & the embellished jacket in the second one is obnoxiously amazing!!! Are we talking Atlantis ebay? — because I want to get this stuff without venturing to Texas! added you to my blogroll, what amazing sources of inspiration you share.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  51. piperlauer wrote:

    please tell me what shoe is that i LOVE.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  52. momazpe wrote:

    Jane i looveee the second look so much, very very original.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  53. Whahouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu j’adore!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  54. Sydnie wrote:

    Hey, Jane! You are featured on my blog! I made a post about you referring people to your site. Check it out! By the way, you are amazing!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  55. hanako66 wrote:

    You always look so amazing…great photos!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  56. Love the outfits, but the shoes are WOW!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  57. lilly! wrote:

    are u serious about the first one?

    3.9.09 · Reply
  58. Tiffany wrote:

    Been seeing a lot of this hat missy…it’s cute! And where did you get that elephant belt? So cute!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  59. Elisa wrote:

    You’re incredible.
    I just read of your blog in the teenvogue magazine, and I am completely blown away; they made a worthy choice! :)

    3.9.09 · Reply
  60. drollgirl wrote:


    3.9.09 · Reply
  61. HannahK wrote:

    wow, great shots! i love your style, i’m glad i found this blog

    3.9.09 · Reply
  62. Jules wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    You are so beautiful..
    Look at those shoes,they are so amazing..
    I’m very excited,looking forward for Atlantis.;D
    Have a nice day..I hope you could link my blog in your site.I would really appreciate it.;D

    3.9.09 · Reply
  63. Ami wrote:

    ahh, i love the second look!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  64. Patti wrote:

    god those shoes are great

    3.9.09 · Reply
  65. wi wrote:

    you look amazing! lovely shoes!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  66. Kelsey wrote:

    Holy amazingness. That gold jacket in the second shot is so great. Absolutely love vintage everything.

    3.9.09 · Reply
  67. SHok wrote:

    will you add us to your fav blog list…as soon as we redo our site in a few weeks you will be at the top top top of our blog list! everyone at http://www.HellOOOOOO.com
    LOVES YOU!!!

    3.9.09 · Reply
  68. mariona wrote:

    The last pic perfect, the most cute look for me, kisses from barcelona

    3.10.09 · Reply
  69. Glitter wrote:

    I love the jackets! They are so versatile for this season!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  70. Cyrielle wrote:

    I love the glitter outfit!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  71. grace wrote:

    Love the sheer lace top you’re wearing in the second photo =)
    What did you think of Ann D’s Fall RTW collection??
    I love love love it.
    Anyway, keep up the good work! Your blog is very inspiring. xo.

    3.10.09 · Reply
  72. Adeliet wrote:

    Awesome vintage preview! Now… you’re tempting me… hehhh
    Quick tell us when it’ll be up so I can get my credit card ready! HAHA
    Anyway, just a shout out to you and thumbs up for the blog! Love those Givenchys!
    xx, Adeliet

    3.10.09 · Reply
  73. lunarzie wrote:

    the shoes are so cool :-)
    i love your style

    3.10.09 · Reply
  74. Ida wrote:

    Can’t wait for the shop. Your style is sensational <3

    3.10.09 · Reply
  75. Kim wrote:

    Hi, I gave your blog an Unique&Chic Award. You can read all about it on my blog, but I’m afraid you won’t understand it, since it’s in Dutch. Still, congrats! :)

    3.10.09 · Reply
  76. Laura wrote:

    wow! if the things you’re wearing in these couple of photos are from the vintage store…oh wow i better start saving my money! i’ve been looking for an embellished bolero lke the one youre wearing with the gold detailing…gorgeous! i need to find the right one.
    on a completely different note, have you seen the christian louboutin limited edition marie antoinette shoes? pure art, just for the sake of looking at them. but at $7k, oooof. only 36 pairs were made!! and all of them are spoken for. haha

    3.10.09 · Reply
  77. adorable! love the jacket …love the shoes.

    3.10.09 · Reply
  78. Andrea wrote:

    Can’t believe I haven’t visited your blog before – I must be living under a rock – but I love it!
    Oh, and hi. :)
    Andrea xx

    3.10.09 · Reply
  79. Kim wrote:

    I can’t wait to see your Atlantis Vintage store. :) I’m in the process of running up my own vintage store online as well. hehe love those outfits & those black chairs are awesome!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  80. Sabina wrote:

    The second jacket is just stunning! Oo

    3.10.09 · Reply
  81. claudia wrote:

    oooooo how exciting!!! it all looks smashing!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  82. Yeaaah! i really like your style! :)

    3.10.09 · Reply
  83. Looove ur sense of fashion!! The first one dress is amazing and the embroidery gold jacket is gorgeous!!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  84. patricia wrote:

    cool~i am keep looking, watching, n reading on the fashion week too!!^^
    i like your styles, of esp. your shoes!!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  85. Great spread Jane. As usual impressive. Like another commentator I like the fact that you smiled in the final photo.
    Loving the judicious use of the Christopher Ross belt buckle in the first photo. By the way I believe you and your mom are single handily responsible for the increase of Christopher Ross chatter on the web. I love his stuff and sadly only own one small buckle, but perhaps Atlantis Vintage will sell a few and I will get more (hint hint *wink*.)
    Love the embellished jacket and of course the G. wedges…a perennial fav.
    Have to say, not loving the hat as much with the first outfit, but as usual you pull it off.
    See you around the web.
    The Blendess

    3.10.09 · Reply
  86. Christina Chan wrote:

    This is somewhat insane. You are clearly a super spoiled 16 year old who owns a ridiculous amount of shoes in the hundreds of dollars — and all you have time to do is talk about yourself and your latest purchases. What are your goals, dreams and or aspirations outside of another pair of Balenciagas? I mean, honestly! With all of the pain and suffering that exists in the world, probably 20 miles outside of your plush town, you’d think you’d have something better to do! My word!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  87. Libby wrote:

    Oh, totally gorgeous stuff, i have to go vintage shopping more. I absolutley love your style, and if you have any tips please leave a comment at my blog http://www.fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com! Thx

    3.10.09 · Reply
  88. abby wrote:

    I made a little fashion illustration of you jane!!! check it out here…

    3.10.09 · Reply
  89. Tereza wrote:

    Gosh, the third outfit of yours is so amazing, especially love that shoes!
    Btw, I ahve one silly question- how tall are you? I ask, bcs I´m tall and I feel quite stupid when wearing tall heels. :)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  90. Amielle wrote:

    I love that jacket, the last one with the yellow stripes on the sleeve. I’m so into nautical inspired clothing it’s slightly ridiculous, but oh so fun. ^^

    3.11.09 · Reply
  91. robynne wrote:

    You share my love for black hats!! LOVE your style!
    xoxo Robynne

    3.11.09 · Reply
  92. Tyler wrote:

    I can’t wait until the vintage store is up. By the way I’m loving those Givenchy’s!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  93. Miss Pu wrote:

    Love the Chair!!!

    3.12.09 · Reply
  94. Emily wrote:

    I have been searching forever for a jacket like the one in the last two pictures! And are you really going to sell those fabulous Givenchy heels? Please give lots of advance notice for when these things will go on sale at the store- I want the chance to get them!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  95. the last look is something incredible!!!
    i soooooo love it!!!

    3.17.09 · Reply
  96. Chris wrote:

    This post makes allot of since.

    3.22.09 · Reply
  97. Victoria wrote:

    totally great !

    3.28.09 · Reply