Roadside pictures in Fairy, TX-from March 22nd

These pictures were taken on the side of the road on our way home from Austin last Sunday. So sorry, these pictures are a week stale.
I scored this Alexander Wang dress on sale at Barney's before I left for my trip.
IT WAS REALLY WINDY, as you can tell by my hair and the way my dress is about to blow off of me.
Wearing Alexander Wang dress, vintage beaded cardigan, and cut-out Marigela heels.
Wait, wait…gotta zoom in on my new Margielas. A sandal patent cut-out seafoam green sandal. So simple, so perfect and that color is out of this world. It is my favorite color-and it is so hard to find in clothing. Now I have a dress, a sweater, and a pair of Margielas in this hue. Can't wait to add more to the sea-foam green collection.
Not such a good picture, doesn't really do them justice! I'll try to snap them later this week.
xo Jane
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  1. quelle says:

    so lovely! seafoam green really is hard to find for clothing.. well, anything really! i can’t wait to see more pictures of those margielas!!!! wow, they are amazing. i am also in love with the dress. <3

  2. keren says:

    The shoes are so, so beautiful! You really can pull off anything. :)

  3. k says:

    wowowow. how do you find all these margielas!? or do you just get them all not on sale…

  4. boubou says:

    Hello jane !
    just to tell you that i love your style, your way of showing fashion etc ; my passion is to make lot of collages and get inspiration from them :
    i don’t do street style photos, i don’t take photos of me haha but i make lot of collages it’s one one my huge hobbies ! ( sorry for my english ! ) juste my blog is in french but my collages are international, i invite you yo take a look at iy :))
    i hope you will like it !!! see you !

  5. bouchra says:

    Hello jane !
    just to tell you that i love your style, your way of showing fashion etc ; my passion is to make lot of collages and get inspiration from them :
    i don’t do street style photos, i don’t take photos of me haha but i make lot of collages it’s one one my huge hobbies ! ( sorry for my english ! ) juste my blog is in french but my collages are international, i invite you yo take a look at iy :))
    i hope you will like it !!! see you !

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely one of my favorite colors. I want that dress & those shoes…

  7. Amee says:

    Jane, sea foam green looks fantastic on you! Just curious, are the heels comfortable and do the cut outs leave any sort of imprint on your feet? Thanks!

  8. amy says:

    love the monochromatic look
    love the beaded sweater
    love the shoes …always

  9. jules says:

    Nothing short of perfection JANE! love the seafoam colored ensemble, it to die for
    great post, great blog, great everything
    i follow ur blog, care to follow mine?

  10. Gina says:

    Those sandals are beautiful as is your whole outfit!

  11. Cruz says:

    Dude Jane, this is amazing. The background, the colors, your outfit (obviously), it just is cool on so many levels! Those cut out shoes are amazing, especially in that color.

  12. deltay says:

    Whoa – that was windy!
    Love the shoes though, and if that pic doesn’t even do them justice… wow, can’t wait to see how brilliant they are! Outfit was beautiful.

  13. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE = the shoes
    LOVE = the dress
    LOVE = the beaded cardigan

  14. Reb says:

    Wonderful outfit, beautiful setting.
    Have you ever heard the song “Are You In?” by Incubus? It’s a pretty simple song with few lyrics but in it Brandon Boyd sings
    “It’s so much better, when everyone is in, are you in?
    It’s so much easier…when seafoam green is in fashion”
    Just thought of that when you said that was your favorite color. :)

  15. Ava says:

    GORGEOUS COLOR!!! those margeilas are out of this world amazing!
    inspirational as always!!

  16. deener says:

    Wow, you make the dress look so much better than the “model” on Shopbop! Gorgeous as always and you’re right, when will they start producing more seafoam clothing?

  17. roselxx says:

    beaded cardigan is my dream!!!!!

  18. arienette says:

    this outfit reminds me of my grandmother!

  19. gennie says:

    amazing shoes as always ;)
    I have a Chloé chiffon skirt that color. I never really thought how hard it is to find seafoam green — now thoroughly enlightened haha. Someone should do something about it!

  20. Cara says:

    please please please check out my blog. i wrote about you. tell me what u think,

  21. Sunset says:

    Beautiful AW dress! It’s magical! I feel like the wind took away from the outfit a bit, could you please retake ’em sometime?

  22. t says:

    oooh you got the cutout booties as well?! i didnt even know they came in this colour. sweet as babe.

  23. Libby says:

    I love the shrug and shoes, i like how natuural the colors are too.
    Libby ~

  24. i saw that dress at nordstrom’s a week or so ago. i used to buy clothes in seafoam green all the time, (you’re right it is a hard color to find) it is such a soothing color. but since it’s so rare i would always get rid of my stuff because it’s hard to match with things.
    anywho, beautiful pictures, and great shoes! i love the colors you are wearing.

  25. love this outfit!! i got the same dress as a present but i am so flat….the keyhole and all…it’s really not working out for me :((( YOU look great in it though! ;)

  26. jess says:

    my god, these photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Christina Chan says:

    Though this is an impressive blog, we cannot escape the facts. She is extremely privileged not only financially, but in the level of intimate fashion exposure that most girls her age and NOT of her financial disposition, she has received. Her mother was a former model that lived aboard for an extensive portion of her life in addition to providing for her children to the ability to live free of the usual constraints that afflict the masses. More and more I am beginning to feel that fashion & art, are privileges of those of have versus those who have not. I would be entirely more moved by this blog, if she were middle – class or even poor and scrapping a bit for her clothes and shoes, let alone, making them herself. This isn’t to completely bash her efforts, as she’s exercised considerable dedication to her blogs but let us not forget the reality here: she’s a wealthy 17 year old girl in Texas, with a former model for a mother and an unlimited wealth of resources at her fingertips. This is not common and her popularity is directly linked to “our” i.e. the “have nots” and the “masses alike” with the lives of those who possess the material things and opportunities we wished we had. It is really our envy, shrouded in “appreciation” that allows this girl to have reached the heights that she has, and will continue, as long as we worship material idols instead of going out, into the world, and inspiring not just ourselves but others. – CC

  28. livvy says:

    what a beautiful color :)
    and jane you look lovely.

  29. william says:

    You make me want to go home to Tennessee, just a little. The south is really remarkable, how quickly you can go from city environments to rural landscapes. The relatively untouched areas are always breathtaking; that isolation cannot be bought.

  30. Leia says:

    Lovely outfit, and killer shoes!

  31. Erika says:
    This dress might interest you! I’ve been eye-ing it for weeks…

  32. sarah says:

    wow jane you travel in style haha

  33. shoptoomuch says:

    Love the seafoam green Margielas! Personally hankering after the black version…

  34. marina says:

    nice outfit, love you’r shoes!

  35. juls says:

    Love this style. Seafoam green against the Austin greens is divine!
    If you want to check out a young Australian designer’s blog for stunning heels and artworks go to:

  36. Christing says:

    love the dress…it looks great captured in the wind! fab shoes as always!

  37. Katie J says:

    These photos are so lovely- the mint green colour palette is perfect for Spring!

  38. Oh, Margiela! How I love thee.
    You really do have the best shoes.
    Such an aptly named blog as a result!

  39. a la mode says:

    Awwww you look so summery!

  40. Kaylene says:

    You just keep outdoing yourself!!! Beautiful!

  41. anna says:

    Aren’t you freezing? Anyway your outfit is amazing like always ^^

  42. Esme says:

    I love the alexander wang dress. :)’s like the best for me. :)
    the color really suits you. :)

  43. That dress is so delicate! And that shade is amazing, particularly with your colouring.

  44. That dress is so delicate! And that shade is amazing, particularly with your colouring.

  45. That dress is so delicate! And that shade is amazing, particularly with your colouring.

  46. vintage Tea says:

    Such a cute dress,. I love the colours your wearing here. So fresh

  47. i love the the pastel color of your outfit, jane!
    and how i envied the margiela shoes!

  48. Maddison says:

    I LOVE these pics =P
    The wind just makes you look more beautiful!
    You are just stunning!

  49. Ia says:

    Wow, you are stunning!
    Just a question, you have a wonderful figure, how do you keep it? Any special exercise? Food? And if you do exercise, what’s your favourite training outfit?

  50. lunarzie says:

    love the dress. love the shoes. they belong together <3 <3

  51. Apple says:

    OMG OMG! I’d kill for your cutout boots. :D Your outfit’s so beautiful!

  52. Tracy says:

    I just love sea foam green. And you’re right, it’s really hard to find in clothing. It looks great on your coloring. Now I want something in sea foam!! =)

  53. This is an amazing look, the color is great for spring and the shoes are to die for. Love it!
    Also would like to see a more detailed picture of the dress, and the top of it specificly.

  54. cassiopeia says:

    You look so so cute! Love the outfit, especially the dress and the quality of photos is gorgeous!

  55. heini says:

    Beautiful, stunning, AGAIN!<3 You never let me down… So fragile, springy… wow… <3 Thank you AGAIN for inspiration :–)

  56. Ann says:

    CC, thoroughly enjoyed reading your interesting reflection.

  57. michalina says:

    your amazing .. :)

  58. Yaya says:

    have you tried on the miss sixty weave heels at Urban (& prob many other stores) out now? these shoes slightly remind me of them… that and the fact that i tried them on every day last week lol

  59. Le Cocon says:

    absolutely love those shoes, I saw them the other day at a shop, but I’m saving – and craving a lot eg. for those shoes –

  60. Kim says:

    Those heels are amazing! Love them, just like the dress.

  61. joke says:

    it’s my favorite color too, I’m still looking for the perfect bag in this color

  62. frida says:

    wow those are gorgeous!
    you must get a new pair of shoes every week

  63. lucy says:

    you seem to be a nymphe. so pretty

  64. Vee Louise says:

    Hi Jane,
    I’m a newcomer to your blog and I’m hooked. Not only do you have an immaculate sense of style but you clearly have a passion and dedication for fashion that goes beyond wanting to just look cute or pretty. Wading through your previous posts, I’ve found you have an intimate knowledge of clothes and study it as an art. What an inspiration!

  65. Everything is so lovely! Congrats on your new acquisitions!

  66. julie says:

    Christina Chan – the girl’s got talent, and I think it would shine no matter what financial hand she was dealt. You cannot deny this.

  67. Mmm, your skin looks pretty amazing with that delicate color. Nice finds :)

  68. EH says:

    Christina Chan, I don’t enjoy this blog because I am ‘envious’. I’m not an envious person so don’t ascribe me that motivation. I enjoy it because of the beautiful clothing, the great images, and because Jane’s style is so individual. Individuality doesn’t have anything to do with money: some rich socialites dress horribly, Vogue editorials have no care for cost but some are good and some are bad.
    I think the ‘envious’ people are the people who read this blog and can’t look at the clothes without seeing the price tags. Yes, she’s young, yes she’s lucky. We’ve all been young. We all have certain ways in which we’re lucky. I have great skin and a very creative, supportive family, for example. I don’t need to apologise for it; she shouldn’t need to justify her luck. I think it’s mean-spirited to suggest that because her budget’s bigger than the average girl’s that her style is something you can buy. I don’t think it is. I can afford a lot of the outfits she wears (now), but I wouldn’t have the guts to wear them or the instincts to put them together in the first place.
    Also, fashion knowledge is pretty democratic now. Even if you’re a ‘have not’ in terms of your salary, the internet is there are you can educate yourself on style to your heart’s content even without a travelling, model mom. Don’t fall into tired ‘them’ and ‘us’ cliches about the well-off and the less well-off. Compared to some of the people in the world, we’re all loaded.

  69. Hannele says:

    You look fantastic, I love the color assortment.

  70. Joe says:

    American Apparel sells loads of sea foam clothessss

  71. Emma says:

    I love yours clothes !! It’s a very nice and fraich … So marveillous

  72. Justine says:

    you’ve been TAG into my blog!!
    I love your SHOES they are gorgeous!!!
    Kiss J

  73. Jennifer says:

    Lovely outfit — with the breeze and the background, it looks so refreshingly soft and sleek, and feminine. :)

  74. japke says:

    You’re so great in mixing everything together and I love the cardigan!

  75. daphne says:

    I love this colour. I have an amazing Armani suit jacket in the same tone and find that I never get tired of wearing it. Looks great with your hair and skin. Love the location, too!

  76. love your shoes! your dress is so pretty also!

  77. Sydnie says:

    Oh my God, one of my favorite colors for clothing, too! That entire outfit is just amazing.

  78. hanako66 says:

    you look amazing….I love this color on you…beautiful photos!

  79. Marjorie says:

    Little hummingbird of islands is going to fly away!!!!
    kisses from France

  80. Jenny says:

    Wonderful outfit – so springy!

  81. Melissa says:

    Christina Chan, congratulations for writing the most bullshit pseudo-intellectual analysis I have ever read. I speak from experience, one’s parents have little to do with a child’s natural gift. I, my sister, my fiancee and most of my friends are designers, architects, graphic artists, etc. NONE of our parents had creative professions or cared about art, hell, my parents still don’t understand what I do. Some people have natural creative talent and Jane is one of them.
    I don’t read this blog because I’m a have-not or envious. I own/buy many of the same designers that Jane wears. How are you able to generalize the thousands of readers of this blog? If you want to read a blog about a poor person making her own clothes I’m sure there’s several. There is nothing wrong with aspiration. I read Elle Decor. It doesn’t mean I have a $10 million house in the Hamptons. But I’d rather get ideas from an aspirational publication than a $100 DIY makeover show on HGTV.

  82. AIKO says:


  83. Meho says:

    WOW those Margielas are beyond gorgeous.. and excellent choice of colour that shade will be turning heads <3

  84. andrea says:

    Hi Jane,
    Love the cut out Margiela heels. I got the Margiela cut out ballet flats and they are so comfortable. A nice respite from the heels but still Margiela. (Might as well be stylish when out walking my dog :-) As I told your Mom, I just started a blog and would appreciate if you can give me any pointers (links to daily reads, putting on a heading, etc. My url is Thanks in advance! Keep up the inspiring work!

  85. Gabriela says:

    I love that color too…the 4th pic is stunning! you look like a magical being..just lovely =)
    I agree w/ CC’s point of view..
    that doesn’t mean I have anything against you..
    xx from brazil

  86. S.I.Q. says:

    the color and the shape of the shoes is out of reality
    -karl lagerfeld quotes
    overpriced balenciaga and balmain
    Christian Lacroix for gola

  87. claudia says:

    the colors are beautiful

  88. Legyviel says:

    I <3 them. Such a lovely colour. It looks great with your pale skin.

  89. xD says:

    beautiful! i like how you know what colors look good on you (paler colors like light pink and the blues/greens seen here) then stick with that.

  90. Jessica says:

    ooh new shoes!! i love how your dress moves in the wind!! :)

  91. Mary says:

    its just gorgeous jane….per usual!!

  92. Rebecca says:

    You’re truly inspirational. Period.

  93. Darian says:

    Your shoes are HOT!

  94. Annie says:

    this is such a stunning, ethereal outfit.

  95. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous colour. What a beautiful dress to find on sale!

  96. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous colour. What a beautiful dress to find on sale!

  97. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous colour. What a beautiful dress to find on sale!

  98. michaelbaquerizo says:

    it’s so much better when seafoam green is in fashion.

  99. ShoeTube says:

    Can’t wait to se what you pair the margielas with next!

  100. S.I.Q. says:

    jess is right…
    -karl lagerfeld quotes
    -overpriced balenciaga and balmain
    -Christian Lacroix for Gola
    -Marc Jacobs engaged

  101. S.I.Q. says:

    ooups.. **christina chan is right on her comment, not jess…
    -karl lagerfeld quotes
    -overpriced balenciaga and balmain
    -Christian Lacroix for Gola
    -Marc Jacobs engaged

  102. Ella says:

    I love the cardigan and shoes! beautiful
    you really do have the most amazing shoes, i would love to have your shoe closet!
    please check out my blog

  103. Matilda says:

    I can’t understand why you buy similar shoes in different colors?I’m not fan of this shoes but you look good!

  104. Betty says:

    Ooo yeah seafoam green! The first thing I thought about was the all-green look J. Stam rocked for Chanel’s Fall 09 runway. Some of it’s a little darker than seafoam though, I guess. Looks like you and Karl are on similar brain waves : )

  105. S.I.Q. says:

    Christina Chan is right. Some have the economic ability. I have some expensive stuff too but I don’t get swallowed in the little whole of clothes and shopping.
    no advertising now :)

  106. Maggie says:

    ah! that’s my dream dress! how do you afford all these gorgeous clothes?

  107. Eper says:

    Those shoes are so sexy!

  108. Ziling says:

    You look so beautiful! Gotta love the shoes!!!

  109. florence says:

    chaussure MAGNIFIQUE!!

  110. MON DIEU,MADAME!!!!
    The color of your MM´s are absolutely 2die4!!!!

  111. iole says:

    it feels like spring…

  112. stefanie says:

    I really like your Margiela shoes, I saw them on browns, love at first sight! ^-^

  113. Libby says:

    You look absolutely angelic in this outfit. I have never seen this shade altogether in one outfit before. It seems kind of impossible, but hey, you did it!

  114. aubrey says:

    where did you get your shoes. are there specific websites you go to? or ebay stores

  115. sandra says:

    Really adore your shoes !!! And also love this color, so sweet

  116. Corinne says:

    the photos look absolutely fantastic! i would love to be in TX now, instead of this dreary NY weather. (just today though… we’re supposed to have wonderful weather tomorrow) ;)

  117. Christelle says:

    Ooohhh very, very beautiful!

  118. Sabina says:

    Ah, I’m in love! The colors are amazing!

  119. Becca says:

    such pretty pictures! Love love loving the margiela shoes. Fabulousness.

  120. Kathleen says:

    Recession? What recession? Haha. You must be loaded with money to afford all those Margielas. Lucky girl.

  121. Feist says:

    me ANdf my friend fennelly think you are ‘drunkenley’ amazing’, but even when i’m sober i think you are. You should come to IrelandJane, You’re crazy Jane!! We seriously love you, nuge too.

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  123. ediot says:

    gorgeous pictures and congrats on kanye writing bout yOU.

  124. grace says:

    this is prob my favorite outfit you’ve ever post!!

  125. yilin says:

    the silver sparkles on the cardigan really complement the seafoam green. lovely.

  126. Nicolette says:

    i love the entire outfit, the color is so pretty, and hte shoes of definetly my favorite part of the outfit

  127. Maeva says:

    One of your most simple outfit but really pretty ! I like this one so much on you !

  128. michelle says:

    This is one of my favourite outfits of yours! Wayyyy better than your black shapeless witchy outfits, yuck. Beautiful dress and shoes there.
    I think CC is right, you are extremely privileged and your background has probably contributed to your good fashion sense and unique instincts- but so what? The point is, you have the raw talent, however you may have attained it, so good on you, and good for us who get eyecandy and inspiration out of it. And well I do admit to being envious of your immense spending power, but that comes with pure unadulterated admiration at your innate aestheticism as well, and I’m sure most people share these sentiments.

  129. Lia Rose says:

    Good point Christina,
    It is important to remember the extreme amount of money that it requires to facilitate the lifestyle depicted on this blog and I want to thank you for bringing that to the conversation. That being said, money does not buy taste. Jane and her mother have a unique and interesting view on style, fashion, and travel that seems innate to their personalities and not just their wealth. As a working artist I have to disagree that style and art are privileges afforded only to the wealthy. I have never lived on no more than $30,000 a year (as a household which includes another person), money is tight and we certainly cannot spend freely. However, we have a home that is filled with art, simple clothes that fit properly because I tailor them myself, and natural, tasty, organic food to eat on a daily basis. Blogs like Sea of Shoes are meant to inspire and as long as Jane and her mother realize how fortunate they are, I am happy to live my life and take inspiration from theirs.
    Quick question to Jane, are you interested in going into the fashion industry or art world professionally??? I realize that you are very young and have plenty of time, I was just curious if you have given your future career or particular interests some thought.
    Keep up the good work!

  130. beautiful shoes!!! amazing :)

  131. Hy nice ppl…i wanna tell u that this is a nice and informative blog…
    u knw about the Fly London Shoes? oh let me tell u that they are the best fashionable shoes provider in uk…check it out…For more information visit the site

  132. Fly London says:

    Those shoes are stunning and they match your outfit completely. I love the design and flow they have and the colour is lovely and understated. I actually think I’m obsessed with shoes, I have so many that my husband is starting to get quite annoyed with the clutter, as he calls it. Anyway he’ll just have to put up with it cos I can’t see me stopping anytime soon!