Happy St Pattys Day?

I think winter is gone for good-the sunlight here is sooo beautiful right now!  Nothing makes me sadder than grey skies, but nothing makes me happy like sunlight. Ahhhh. 
I tagged along with my mom this morning to run errands in Oak Cliff. While we were in the neighborhood we stopped for an early lunch at Spiral diner. It's all vegan food-and all really tasty.
Here's what we wore.
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair skirt, Old Navy lace tanktop, Nina Ricci silk jacket, Balenciaga Spring 2008 booties, and vintage mouse belt buckle.
This was so funny-checked my BlogLovin' and I saw that Kelly (AKA the Glamourai) had done a post wearing exactly the same vintage mouse belt buckle as me today! Surfin' the same brain waves.
psst…don't you love her DIY bib necklace?
Today my mom wore her new mesh Stella Mccartney sandals.
Sweet shoes, mom.
Camera ran out of battery before I could photograph the restaurant but I snapped a picture of my strawberry shake with my phone.

I almost forgot that it's St. Patty's Day…yeah, yeah sorry I'm not wearing green. St. Patty's Day is always overshadowed by my dad's birthday, which is on the same day. Happy Birthday, dad.
Better sign off now…I have so much to do this week…I'm nervous about leaving for Austin and getting behind on things. Sigh. But I'm so excited anyway!
xx jane
P.S. This is a little late but I did an interview for Breathless Vintage a while back-thanks so much Morgan! xo
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  1. strawberry shakes are my favorite!

  2. Marina says:

    You both always look great!I love this Bal shoes. And I’m in love with Stella McCartney sandals. Wonderful blog, Jane!So positive and so stylish.

  3. Nadja says:

    You look amazing, that lace top is great. I love your mom’s shoes.

  4. Pen says:

    You look awesome! LOVE your lace top and your skirt! And your floppy hat is so cute! Your mom has got the best shoes around!

  5. Cari says:

    I love your bubble skirt! My birthday is today too. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

  6. Annie says:

    love your skirt! and your mom is so stylish.

  7. modejunkie says:

    you look amazing in that skirt jane. not to mention the shoes. aahh..
    lovee your mom’s new shoes.

  8. ava says:

    Hi Jane, its me Ava. I adore this skirt and outfit. I love your shake too. <3 Your biggest fan, Ava

  9. Leia says:

    I love everything about your outfit! The skirt, the top, and omg the shoes! Lovelovelove them. Also, are you vegan? I’m vegetarian :)
    P.S. It’s lovely and sunny in London, too. Can’t wait till it’s properly warm and I can wear skirts and dresses every day!

  10. I wish winter in L.A. would be over! I’ve been wearing tights every day for months. I love that mouse belt so much and I it is amazing when multiple vintage pieces pop up! Reg. the Stella heels, I love her but have you ever had bad luck with her shoes? Like them falling apart? I have, so I am curious.

  11. Emmy says:

    love your outfit! the lace top is particularly amazing. you’re so lucky you have a mom that dresses well, i basically have to tell my mom what to wear :-)

  12. Patricia Ann says:

    It’s weird, I think this is the first time you ever mentioned your Dad. It makes me feel like you, your Mom and sister always been photographed on this blog made it sound like your parents are separated.
    Unless they are, because if anything you could’ve just been saying, Happy Birthday just in case he reads your blog.
    Yummy looking milkshake by the way.

  13. Nathalie says:

    that texas weather seems soo nice, winter won’t be over here in sweden yet for a while… ;) both you and judy are looking stunning, as usual!

  14. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE 5th Avenue Shoe Repair, and now there’s a store in my city that’s starting to stock it! Unreal! LOVE your outfit, and OMG! Am so so jealous of your mom! LOVE those Stella’s! (Have been eyeing them in the nude colour), and it looks gorgeous with that short-sleeved jacket!

  15. Brigadeiro says:

    PS. Thanks for dropping by my blog & for your lovely comments! :)

  16. Dexter says:

    You both have fantastic shoes, they look very pretty! However, I also like your skirt, it’s amazing!

  17. Estelle says:

    Waooow, this skirt is amazing ! And so are your mom’s shoes ;D
    Bisous, Estelle

  18. Patricia Ann says:

    Apologies, I hope I didn’t offend you. I was merely curious.
    Happy St Patty’s Day back to you too. And I do wish I owned more green things.

  19. Sydnie says:

    I love the shape of your skirt! And both pairs of shoes (yours and your mom’s) are absolutely to die for. I want to raid your closet!

  20. Angelique says:


  21. daily-chic says:

    Love this outfit !

  22. ALYSSA says:

    did you buy your lace tank recently? I can’t find it on the website :(

  23. deltay says:

    Your banana shake looks really yummy!
    And lucky you, already having beautiful Spring weather. There’s still like… a foot of snow here. =( Which is kind of sad, actually.
    That skirt looks great on you, & Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (& Happy Birthday to your dad too)

  24. luxirare says:

    yes the food posts intertwined with the clothing posts please keep ’em comin. Next time have ur batteries charged! have fun at sxsw!!

  25. claudia says:

    you both look really nice. I really like your lace shirt i want one just like it

  26. deltay says:

    Whoa – that is so weird. I think my comment was posted and then… poof! it just disappeared.

  27. I love how you’ve been obsessed with that hat lately! I luv it! The jacket and the skirt look really good together!

  28. S.I.Q. says:

    your skirt is perfect!!
    and i love your mom’s necklace and shoes (mk has them :P )

  29. Oh and wearing green on St patrick’s day is TOTALLY overrated!

  30. Sabina says:

    You both look so pretty!
    It’s also sunny here, finally! I can’t wait till it gets warmer!

  31. momazpe says:

    this is one of my favorite outfits ever! that skirt and the booottttiessss

  32. becca says:

    oh my goodness. those are gorgeous boots. and the skirt too, i’m so glad i’ve found your blog its amazing! :)
    would you like to swap links?

  33. rachel says:

    i have been contemplating those stellas. hard.
    could you please inquire weather your mother was comfortable in these beauties all day
    they are so SO SO sex-y
    i seriously adore you jane and can tell you are super gracious and aware of how lucky you are to have so much access to all these amazing pieces
    you are the first blog that i have not rolled my eyes at. ever.
    thank you again

  34. rachel says:

    ps todays outfit was pretty much perfect
    i live in fl so pretty much the same climate!!
    we are so lucky!!!!!!!

  35. mandi says:

    Such an amazing skirt – I love the colour!
    I’m the opposite to you – I prefer cold, wintery days… and I’m in Australia, so the skies are getting greyer which makes me smile :)
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  36. Simo says:

    I want your skirt! and ur mom’s shoes :)

  37. such a great hat. and great pair of shoes! I love the picture that you took of your mom. the bead necklaces are incredible.
    and that milkshake looks delicious!

  38. OMG twins! ;)
    i love this buckle & wear it on a chunky vintage chain ~ so it can be a belt or a necklace… love your simple black leather band though.

  39. janet says:

    your skirt is freakin’ awesome! i love it, i love it.

  40. keren says:

    Must say again that the skirt is reeeeeally great ! The Balenciaga’s are wicked, too, as are your mom’s. :)

  41. McCall says:

    Mmmm… that strawberry shake looks so delicious… and it reminds me of summer days… and makes me want to wear a pink dress and play in the sunshine…

  42. Kristina says:

    wow, your phone takes really great pictures. what kind of phone do you have?
    you look so cute in that skirt

  43. evita says:

    that skirt and that hat are super lovely! and that belt too! waaaw you always always looks good sister! and now I know where it comes from, your mother is super stunning too!
    love you!!!

  44. Cindy Parker says:

    The bubble skirt is my favorite! Happy St Patrick’s day to you too!

  45. jimena says:

    u look so chic!!!

  46. Both pairs of shoes are beautiful. I wouldn’t mind either ;) and how delish does that shake look! xx

  47. Daniela says:

    I just love the ballon skirt!
    Awesome blog,

  48. The skirt looks perfect =]

  49. ap says:

    how if it’s a vegan restaurant how come you got a milkshake?! (unless it’s soya, lol)
    both have incredible shoes today (as always)/.

  50. vee says:

    I’m scared of the Oak Cliff area :( I love you outfit though.

  51. Style Scientist says:

    I love your mom’s shoes. They are pretty HOT!

  52. lucinda says:

    My dad’s birthday falls on St.Patricks Day too! I love your skirt

  53. mayk says:

    lovely * * *
    that belt is so epic.

  54. michelle says:

    This is a great blog!
    i am truly stunned by yourr fashion ideas!!!!!!
    please consider looking at my blog and commentign!!!!!!!!

  55. michelle says:

    This is a great blog!
    i am truly stunned by yourr fashion ideas!!!!!!
    please consider looking at my blog and commentign!!!!!!!!

  56. Vanessa says:

    What did you guys have to eat and how was it? I’ll definitely check that place out soon! I’m not vegan myself, but I do enjoy eating my veggies way more… than lets say… having Whataburger. ^_^

  57. Jo says:

    Your outfit is so chic and classy!

  58. Kristina says:

    I love this outfit. Did you get that lace tanktop recently? I’ve been looking for something like that.

  59. Fiona says:

    I love your outfit! The skirt, the shirt, the jacket, the hat the SHOES..
    And the milkshake :)

  60. gennie says:

    I saw your skirt in black at Opening Ceremony yesterday and I thought of you!!
    Both of your shoes are siiiiiiick :D

  61. I have a vegan diet, and there are NO places to eat where I live. Maybe I AM in the wrong city.
    Judy I love that long chunky necklace!

  62. drollgirl says:

    what super outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. R says:

    Both such awesome shoes! I’ve been lusting over those Stella’s, ever since I saw MK wearing them non-stop!

  64. I love the skirt. You and your mom have such great taste in clothes.

  65. vintage Tea says:

    Your outfit is so cute today. and your moms shoes are killer

  66. Isobel says:

    Ah still with the hat, looks great, was browsing browns and spotted this! http://www.brownsfashion.com/product/fashion/accessories/hats/98544.htm
    very nice, if i could afford it i’d have it :)

  67. Jayde says:

    lovely skirt!oohh btw, saw your mom’s Q&A in Denimology..i love your mom’s style and fashion sense..and her 40pairs of jeans? total envy!

  68. lunarzie says:

    love you shoes. and that strawberry shake makes me hungry :-))

  69. i love your bubble skirt! now im inspired to bust out mine–i bought it like 3 years ago and i haven’t worn it in forever!

  70. lis says:

    love spiral! would always go to the ft. worth one with my fam! jealous…love their crazy creative veggie food!!

  71. Hanene says:

    ” Nothing makes me sadder than grey skies, but nothing makes me happy like sunlight.”
    ==> ME TOO
    I love the skirt, and the shoes , and the Jacket too LOL
    JANE I LOVE U ^^
    No really great outfit AS ALWAYS

  72. Laura says:

    You both look amazing! serious shoe envy over here.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.. I got excited because your famous hahaha
    I think the belt it lovely also!

  73. blogtastic says:

    question…you seem to wear these lace shirts a lot and i love the look. i was contemplating getting one, but how do you orchestrate the undergarmets? for instance, in this outfit, is your jacket the only thing covering you up? i could always wear a cami or something underneath but i’d think that would ruin the look.

  74. christing says:

    the balenciaga booties r to die for! the entire outfit is sooo great! i love the lace tank and navy skirt!

  75. Mary says:

    you look very stylish and as always, incredibly age appropriate and fun but i have to say the real standout here is your mom! love the stellas and her whole outfit per usual!

  76. Julia says:

    I LOVE your jacket and your shoes!!!

  77. Jen says:

    your outfit is stellar! love your blog + your style. you are an inspiration!

  78. drollgirl says:

    i keep coming back to this again and again. i love it!

  79. BB says:

    Love your mom’s shoes :D

  80. heini says:

    I’m AGAIN repeating myself but I can’t help it coz you both look so AMAZING! ! ! :—) GOSH <3 <3 And p.s. is your dad really Karl Lagerfeld :)?

  81. Amy Guidry says:

    I have an art recommendation for you while you are in Austin! Check out Wally Workman Gallery at 1202 West 6th Street…It’s an awesome gallery and not just because my work is there! :-)

  82. Siel says:

    I just loove your shoes!
    and it’s so cool that your mum has the same passion as you!

  83. Eper says:

    Love the jacket, love the skirt, love the shoes! Killer look!

  84. Saree Elias says:

    i love this outfit JJ and im so loving the skirt love the textile and color…
    love ittt..
    kisseees dear.

  85. S.Elisabeth says:

    This outfit is so cute. I love your style! I wish it was warm enough to wear skirts like that over here, but it’s still a little cold. =(
    PS I didn’t wear green on st. Patty’s either & my family is Irish (adopted). haha

  86. Becca says:

    that skirt is so so fabulous. I adore it. That and those incredible booties.

  87. anna says:

    You have an absolutly amazing complexion!!!!

  88. Ziling says:

    You both look so pretty!! Your mom’s shoes are looking fab xx
    Happy birthday to your dad btw ;)

  89. eden says:

    很好看啊!VERY WELL

  90. sueyan.wu says:

    You are a super girl, I like you style.
    Continue to work hard, I believe in the near future, I will see you at the world famous moment ~ ~
    I am from China,welcome to china.
    Am glad to read your article,Unfortunately, my English very poor, I hope you will not mind
    I hope you all well

  91. Manja says:

    Wheee, you look amazing! I stil don’t get it…do you also have to dress up for St. Patty’s day when you are actually not Irish? That would be weird, I think.

  92. Cherie says:

    so funny you both wore the same belt!!

  93. Love your mom’s shoes :)

  94. Amy says:

    I found this amazing octopus ring on Etsy that I had to show you! It reminds me of a de-blingified version of your amazing Antonio Palladino ring. Anyways, I’m not the seller or anything, I just thought of you when I saw it! Here’s the link:
    All the best!

  95. Anika says:

    Your outfits just get better and better. Now I’m drooling over not only shoes, but the skirt and jacket too!
    Fabulous, Jane :)

  96. Libby says:

    This is probably my favorite outfit of you so far, I was so enamoured i wrote about it in my blog (hope you don’t mind). I have the same hat as you and your outfit looks incredinly chic.
    Libby xoxo http://fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  97. jasmine says:

    oh wow i LOVE the outfit you are in! the blue skirt and the black blazer are adorable. and the hat! i like it a lot : )

  98. anna says:

    I looove your skirt, you’re so lucky you bought it ^^

  99. Mille says:

    I adore your style ! AND the shoes <3 Love them !

  100. Winnie says:

    Oh wow you two are quite the stylish pair. Love that belt and that milkshake looks calorific but so so good!

  101. HALIE says:

    Your skirt is gorgeous! I love the color and the volume and the gold on the belt looks fabulous with it.

  102. Sarah. says:

    Uch, you’re so stylish it makes me sick :D.

  103. Margarita says:

    Oooh, I love both of your shoes!!

  104. Kat says:

    How would you help me, if i am very tall (176cm) and i love heels, but at school i will look like a platform??
    if you can, answer at kaatee.b@wp.pl
    Kat xxx

  105. you guys have some serious fashion funds!

  106. eric says:

    Any body loves your outfit,but i love you!You are so pretty

  107. Rebekka says:

    Dear O Dear do I love that skirt.
    Mmmm yummy strawberry shakes!

  108. quelle says:

    love your shoes!

  109. Emily says:

    I liked your shoes and your skirt. Amazing !! you look lovely.

  110. wow your mum has great style like you!! thats awesome lol!

  111. clareassiral says:

    the skirt is amazing, I guess anything that comes from that fifth avenue shoe repair looks great! but it sure looks lovely on you

  112. Pixienish says:

    Zomg strawberry shake I want! Also your whole shoe collection ahaha :D

  113. ƒlorencia × says:

    i really like your blog and i check it regularly
    im from argentina and you have been feature
    in La Nacion newspaper article !
    look: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/nota.asp?nota_id=1109862

  114. Cecile says:

    From an argentinian newspaper, one of the most important of our country:

  115. Noël says:

    I just saw you at Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin! You, and your dad, are so adorable!

  116. SO says:

    balenciaga shoes are amazing! i so wish i could afford them!

  117. Susanna says:

    i don’t like that hat combined with anything but the rest of the outfit looks amazing. Your mom has great style too

  118. matild says:

    where can you buy fifht avenue shoe repair in the us? my sister lives there and wants it all but it’s soo expensive to ship all the nice cloathes from here..

  119. Freya says:

    WOW! Love the skirt in the first pic. Your blog is awesome!

  120. Victoria says:

    Hey chica!
    I read about you in Vogue. You’re amazing! & I EL-OH-VE-EEE your outfit! :) And your shoes are sweeet, duh.

  121. Eliz says:

    My father’s bday is St. Patrick’s Day as well. He turned 50 this year :)
    PS-love your site…

  122. ALYSE says:

    what is your skirt made of (what fabric?) i’m making a skirt for school and figured i mit as well do one i will wear :)
    xx. A

  123. Victoria says:

    I love this shoes

  124. stylistiChic says:

    i love ur style. tht green skirt looks so fab!

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