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  1. Aria wrote:

    That is quite the accomplishment little lady!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  2. Nicole wrote:

    wow. Mr.West.
    quite an accomplishment.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  3. Karoline wrote:

    wow, that’s awesome! congratulations :)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  4. TSL wrote:

    well deserved.

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  5. god its just insane how the internet is connecting peeps these days! good work jane, im sensing S.O.S world domination on the horizon.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  6. seriously that is amazing
    i am straight up jealous

    3.27.09 · Reply
  7. Alicia wrote:

    thats awesome! :)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  8. jfkjean wrote:

    congrats love, you’re gonna be a big star now (that’s if you weren’t one already!!)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  9. lisamarie wrote:


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  10. kirstie wrote:

    uhhh that is pretty fuckin amazing. jealouss!!!

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  11. keren wrote:

    Wowie. Congrats, Jane ! ;)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  12. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is crazy incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the reflection.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  13. Farren wrote:

    WOW. That’s awesome! And so now I think it is safe to say that “normal” people are now the inspiration for celebrities! =)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  14. amy wrote:

    now THAT’s gotta feel good! trip out!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  15. Ohhhhhh my god. I have a huge crush on Kanye! I am crazy jealous right now! You deserve it though!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  16. Alice wrote:

    That’s SOOO Cool!!!!!! wowow

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  17. Roxyheart wrote:


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  18. ash wrote:

    that’s totally awesome jane! and glad to see it looks like you had a fun time here in austin. i ended up getting to see kanye play twice that saturday, and he was great. got some cool pics of him and his girlfriend at the shows. check it out here if you want…

    3.27.09 · Reply
  19. quelle wrote:

    wow, that’s major.

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  20. K wrote:

    You’ve reached rockstar status, Jane! :D

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  21. so cool, congrats!

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  22. bluejayintokyo wrote:


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  23. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OMG! That is TOTALLY unreal!!!!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  24. candice wrote:

    incredible!! how flattering!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  25. Penny wrote:

    Kanye is my own personal Jesus Christ—WOWZA!!!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  26. Cara wrote:

    Jane, i love your blog so i metioned it on mine. please please please check it out.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  27. OMG!
    it’s very flattering on your part, jane!

    3.27.09 · Reply
    I freaking LOVE Kanye. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    I love his music and can NOT work out without it.
    I love his attitude and will never forget when he stood up to Bush on live TV
    I love his STYLE!!! He is amazing and I love the way he and his entourage are always styled to the 9s.
    I have a Kanye CRUSH!!! You lucky lucky girl. :)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  29. You’re on a roll, Jane! Congrats!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  30. deltay wrote:

    Whoa – that’s so cool! Congrats ;)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  31. Victoria C wrote:

    That is insane!! What a surreal experience. xx

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  32. Connie wrote:


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  33. Georgie wrote:

    That’s awesome, Jane. :)

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  34. Cindy wrote:

    Wow-ie-ka-zow-ie!!!! you are one lucky lady…. that is so awesome, you deserve it!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  35. whoa, lucky girl!
    gotta love kanye!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  36. you are BY FARRRRRRRRR the luckiest sixteen year old ever – and at first i thought only because of the givency wedges and ann demuelemeester boots and cute vintage animal belts and access to rick owens gorgeousness and such.
    but kanye confirms it. fo sho.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  37. Rosanna wrote:

    this must have been EXTREMELY thrilling!!!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  38. you are offically a BAD ASS! one small step for sea of shoes, one giant leap for fashion blogigng kind!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  39. mrjyn wrote:

    Yes, but the story continues, apparently michelle? brought into question KW’s manhood while he was surfin [he’s in studio in HI] the fashion blogs today, and he straightened that issue right up, and not only that but he reiterates that even though she’s got a pretty cool blog, it’s not as cool [and here he says] ‘tdctlihs’. Jane West, same name as if you’d married Batman? hmmm, i wonder where KW’s surfin’ tonight?

    3.27.09 · Reply
  40. Emalyn wrote:

    That’s so sick. I follow your blog on a daily, and I love it, Jane! :D

    3.27.09 · Reply
  41. kalamazoo wrote:

    wow that’s so cool!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  42. Belle wrote:

    Woah!!! congratulations!! Amazing xx

    3.28.09 · Reply
  43. R wrote:

    Wow thats aweseom! Congrats!
    Blogs are definitely such a great way of connecting people together these days! great opportunities and experiences to be had.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  44. VIJA wrote:

    Kanye is rockin Varnets! Righteous! You should find some!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  45. Heleen wrote:

    ahhhh girl I’m very envious now :D
    congratulations! this is so, so cool.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  46. Heleen wrote:

    ahhhh girl I’m very envious now :D
    congratulations! this is so, so cool.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  47. M! wrote:

    I totally love love Kanye West, his music and his style. It’s so awesome that he’s reading your blog. I’m so jealous ;)!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  48. dot wrote:

    wowser thats amaing well done you xxx

    3.28.09 · Reply
  49. dot wrote:

    I mean amazing oppsie xxx

    3.28.09 · Reply
  50. Ann wrote:

    I’m soo happy for you Jane! i wonder who else follows you who’s famous :D

    3.28.09 · Reply
  51. WOAH.
    that’s major love for you, jane! :D

    3.28.09 · Reply
  52. Christing wrote:

    so amazing! congrats!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  53. Hannah wrote:

    Aha! That’s so damn cool!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  54. Esme wrote:

    Like everyone: WOW!
    You’re the luckiest 16yo in the planet! THE AWESOMEST TOO. ;;)
    Like Carlotta, you WILL dominate the world. LOL. =))

    3.28.09 · Reply
  55. sam wrote:

    wow! that’s insane!!1 congratulations jane! it’s super amazing news ;)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  56. lunarzie wrote:

    that’s so awesome! congrats!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  57. Emlyn wrote:

    HAHAHA that’s a story to tell your grandchildren!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  58. Sara wrote:

    That’s amazing ! Love the picture he took.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  59. Alexis wrote:

    You are soooo lucky, I love Kanye!!
    If you talk to him tell him I loved him at jingle ball :) haha

    3.28.09 · Reply
  60. NVA wrote:

    congrats, jane
    now you are famous…

    3.28.09 · Reply
  61. Annie wrote:

    oh my god let me just take some time to BREATHE! I love him! As much as YSL, as much as KARL!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  62. iole wrote:

    Nice we to you!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  63. nikky wrote:

    there are no words.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  64. Kim wrote:

    He also mentioned, “They Don’t Call Them Lovers…”..congrats!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  65. Pave.Gurl wrote:

    Did you see he also mentioned “They Don’t Call Them Lovers in Highschool, Leeland” in his next one too?

    3.28.09 · Reply
  66. Dan Dixon wrote:

    That is quality!!
    So cool!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  67. Frida wrote:

    Wow! Congratulations Jane! :D

    3.28.09 · Reply
  68. congrats! this is truly a huge deal! i am so happy for you! now your amazing style and lovely personality appeals to celebrities too? WOW! the picture is awesome, too (of course!)i have a new respect for Mr. Kanye West now.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  69. sarah wrote:

    wow jane! that should keep you in a good mood for a long time! aren’t blogs the best? i have met so many great people through mine. keep blogging no matter what!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  70. juley wrote:


    3.28.09 · Reply
  71. styledrop wrote:

    Congrats! That’s cool. And so are Kanye’s mirror shades.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  72. So Crazy!!! Keep Doing Your Thing!!!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  73. honey wrote:

    wow congrats
    dream come true 4 me

    3.28.09 · Reply
  74. S.I.Q. wrote:

    -March Jacobs
    -Christian Lacroix

    3.28.09 · Reply
  75. Zoe wrote:

    It’s amazing how far the internet reaches people! Keep up the good work on the blog!! :)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  76. wow you’re so lucky! ;)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  77. Ocular Oasis wrote:

    This is dope. Not to mention I dig the sunglasses!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  78. Kelsey wrote:

    Congratulations! Very exciting.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  79. Amelia wrote:

    cool wat to get the word of mouth!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  80. Jacqueline wrote:

    Ye thats awesome!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  81. Emily wrote:

    well done!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  82. Olya wrote:

    That is ridiculous. Congrats. :) You’ll go on to do great things when you’re older and I can be like “I read her stuff before she was megahuge”.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  83. chantelle wrote:

    wicked…sooo wicked.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  84. Amy Guidry wrote:

    Wow. Very cool. BTW, is this now the Sea of Sunglasses site? Because there happen to be a lot of photos lately with reflective sunglasses going on….very curious indeed.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  85. Libby wrote:

    You really must be the luckiest sixteen year old with a great closet and celebrities emailing and blogging about you. Incredibly jealous!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  86. J. Rene' wrote:

    holy shit balls! that is cool. the power of blogging to bring people together–wonder who else is looking?!?!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  87. mauri wrote:

    so, i had a dream last night that we were new friends. we had our first girly sleepover and i tried on lots of your shoes. none of my friends have the same size as me and it was nice to share that trait, especially with you, ms. sea of shoes.
    is it creepy i’m sharing this? … probably. i’m not even a hxc follower, but a friend showed me your blog a month or so ago. i think i’m hooked now.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  88. lilix wrote:

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  89. Jozee wrote:

    Jane, you are an internet phenom! I remember hearing about you from a friend of mine a few months back and immediately fell in love with your site. Since then I’ve told, and been told about you (course, I already knew) another countless number of times! I’m sure plenty of other famous people are reading this here blog o’ yours. It’s really fantastic.

    3.28.09 · Reply
  90. Eva wrote:

    That must have been really strange doing a daily routine of checking your e-mail and realizing you just got a note from Kanye West. More power to you! haha

    3.28.09 · Reply
  91. coco wrote:

    cool :)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  92. Hahaha, wow! That’s so cool :)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  93. sarah wrote:

    that’s amazing jane! (:
    two of my favorite things: your blog & kanye west

    3.29.09 · Reply
  94. Marilyn wrote:

    And how cool that he took the time to take a picture of himself for you. Maybe now your secret celebrity fans will start coming out of the woodwork.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  95. Cherie wrote:

    so exciting!!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  96. paola wrote:

    Congrats Jane ! your blog it’s sooo amazing, you deserves all this sucess !
    (sorry about the bad inglish, I’am brazilian).

    3.29.09 · Reply
  97. Feist wrote:

    oh my gosh! that’s so exciting, congrats! love your blog by the way! x

    3.29.09 · Reply
  98. emma wrote:

    wooooowww. way to go jane! that’s amazing! (:
    if anyone wants to check out my blog …

    3.29.09 · Reply
  99. 1. I loooooooove your blog. found it on yeezy’s a few days ago.
    2. you make texas look like the place to be, no doubt.
    3. your shoe collection is banannas, if you didnt already know…
    4. what do you think of the new nina ricci ‘suicides’?? im obsessed.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  100. That’s just TOTALY WILD! :D

    3.29.09 · Reply
  101. Toronto wrote:


    3.29.09 · Reply
  102. Hi!
    I’ve seen you in a magazine and as you are my age y thought to look through your blog.
    As I imgined I love your looks and of course, most of the shoes!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  103. Lea wrote:

    WOW Kanye! I love his style too btw.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  104. awesome!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  105. Daphne wrote:

    good job, jane!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  106. Sara wrote:

    wow…that’s amazing!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  107. FRED EGAN wrote:

    That’s pretty insane.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  108. Laura wrote:

    WOW!!!! Way to go Jane!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  109. ari wrote:

    that is so sick that kanye knows who you are!!
    ps. i love your blog, i look at your page every day!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  110. wow, you must be so pleased!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  111. Lizzie wrote:

    wow congrats that’s EPIC
    lol also did you see the person in the comments that ACTUALLY thinks you’re karl lagerfeld’s daughter?

    3.29.09 · Reply
  112. Michelle wrote:

    woah! woah! woah! congrats! you deserve it…you have fantastic style.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  113. Congratulations girl. That is awesome. I just hit Kanyes blog (a little late) and about fell out of my chair! Knowing his style, and yours, it was only a matter of time before you two connected.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  114. Leah wrote:

    oh youre so badass this is disgusting. like disgusting meaning wicked cool fabulous fantastic amazing, etc. etc. etc.

    3.29.09 · Reply
  115. lindy wrote:

    just too cool

    3.29.09 · Reply
  116. Becca wrote:

    seriously cool!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  117. Lola B. wrote:

    Wondering why anyone would be jealous….he peeped the blog for the same reason all of us do…cause she’s dope, and stylish, and young with a mean shoe game!!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  118. Justine wrote:

    This is amazing! You are very stylish and your blog is an inspiration.. I can’t believe you are so young and from such a small town. I’m actually from Pilot Point Texas, just north of Dallas, and I think they would fall over and die if they saw someone dressed as cool/sylish as you! Keep it up… I think you’re going to go very far in the fashion world. Can’t believe Kanye commented on you..so sick!!

    3.29.09 · Reply
  119. Jules wrote:


    3.29.09 · Reply
  120. Kim wrote:

    Fantastic :-)

    3.30.09 · Reply
  121. dagmara wrote:

    he’s great, you’re great ! congrats from poland

    3.30.09 · Reply
  122. nina wrote:

    is Karl Lagerfeld really your father? btw, love your blog! =))

    3.30.09 · Reply
  123. Yaya wrote:

    def congrats! love his pic lol

    3.30.09 · Reply
  124. amazing
    kanye should fix his website so people aren’t spamming their blog addresses, that is shameful imo!
    xo holierthannow

    3.30.09 · Reply
  125. Connie wrote:

    That’s so crazy! I’m not a big fan of Kanye, but it’s always great to get exposure from someone of his fame level.

    3.30.09 · Reply
  126. sanjchee wrote:

    Saw this pic today and thought I’d seen those sweeties somewhere before.. :) http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3594/3351708031_254fe0167c_o.jpg
    Love your taste in shoes.. If you ever decide to get rid of those branch heels….. contact me lol ;) xox from Croatia!

    3.30.09 · Reply
  127. hanako66 wrote:

    wow, that’s amazing!

    3.30.09 · Reply
  128. Jules wrote:


    3.30.09 · Reply
  129. Jen wrote:

    fantastic, congrats!!

    3.30.09 · Reply
  130. Christina Chan wrote:

    Though this is an impressive blog, we cannot escape the facts. She is extremely privileged not only financially, but in the level of intimate fashion exposure that most girls her age and NOT of her financial disposition, she has received. Her mother was a former model that lived aboard for an extensive portion of her life in addition to providing for her children to the ability to live free of the usual constraints that afflict the masses. More and more I am beginning to feel that fashion & art, are privileges of those of have versus those who have not. I would be entirely more moved by this blog, if she were middle – class or even poor and scrapping a bit for her clothes and shoes, let alone, making them herself. This isn’t to completely bash her efforts, as she’s exercised considerable dedication to her blogs but let us not forget the reality here: she’s a wealthy 17 year old girl in Texas, with a former model for a mother and an unlimited wealth of resources at her fingertips. This is not common and her popularity is directly linked to “our” i.e. the “have nots” and the “masses alike” with the lives of those who possess the material things and opportunities we wished we had. It is really our envy, shrouded in “appreciation” that allows this girl to have reached the heights that she has, and will continue, as long as we worship material idols instead of going out, into the world, and inspiring not just ourselves but others. – CC

    3.31.09 · Reply
  131. Sydnie wrote:

    You’re so lucky, Jane! I hope one day my blog gets as popular as yours! Haha, I can dream, right?!

    3.31.09 · Reply
  132. Sarah wrote:

    Of course he would dig your style :)

    3.31.09 · Reply
  133. Snoopie wrote:

    WOOOWWW that’s a big compliment if the stars are watching your blog. And your blog is pretty interesting if a man is on a site for womenshoes.:P Best compliment ever, but afterall it is a good blog.

    4.1.09 · Reply
  134. Lala wrote:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, right!!!!?!!! That’s quiet an accomplisment!!! Congrats!!!
    Keep it up!!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  135. Lala wrote:

    We’re all admittedly a little jealous! But also very proud of you at the same time!!
    Congrats again!!!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  136. Ash Fox wrote:

    wow! i had no idea you are only 16. that is such an honor from Kanye. who knew he read blogs?

    4.2.09 · Reply
  137. J wrote:

    It would be even better if the people who followed his blog weren’t complete idiots. I believe your dad would refer to them as “demode”.

    4.6.09 · Reply
  138. Maeva wrote:

    Just rocked it/him out ;)

    4.7.09 · Reply
  139. Vicky!* wrote:

    You’re on fire girl, congrats!
    Kanye West has very good taste.

    4.7.09 · Reply
  140. Julian wrote:

    congratulations JANE! You deserve things like this! I can only imagine what you’ll do once you’re out in the real world! You’re gonna rock this bitch! ;)

    4.11.09 · Reply
  141. thats awsome
    womens shoes discount

    6.25.09 · Reply
  142. I am so happy for you. Please let us know how it has affected your business?

    9.18.09 · Reply
  143. I know I am soooo super late on this…but that is pretty cool! Blogs do come true! LOL
    Have fun in Paris for the “debut”….hell you are wearing Chanel…you’ve won already!
    Safe travels!

    11.27.09 · Reply
  144. kanye wrote:

    wow, its pretty cool that Kanye sent you an email himself. Are you sure it wasn’t some aid or employee of Kanye? hehe

    1.18.10 · Reply
  145. The weather is changeable, invariable forever forever love, let light wind is brushed, warm sunshine exhaustion of you pass my sincere blessings every day happy, concomitant! Through the happiness!

    9.25.10 · Reply