Your new favorite streetstyle blog-NAST-MAGAZINE.FR

I'm interrupting this week's Austin newsfeed to tell you about a blog you must add to your BlogLovin' if you haven't already!
Nast Magazine is a new blog I've very recently discovered and though it is only two months old, Sophie Arancio's amazing photography (and stylish subjects) puts this newborn streetstyle blog in the same rankings as The Sartorialist and Garance Dore.
Here are some of Sophie's shots from the last two months.
I was wondering who the talented woman behind these beautiful pictures could be…so wandered over to her 'About' page….
Wow! Sophie herself is a total knock-out!
So, if you're new to Sophie's site I would suggest going over there now-can't wait for more updates!
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  1. Jade says:

    The third girl down is a regular on Garance Dore. I wonder if Sophie and Garance know each other…

  2. iole says:

    Thamks for the suggestion…
    love Iole

  3. keren says:

    Wow, these photos are amazing ! :)

  4. S.I.Q. says:

    soo nice photos! thanks!
    -new louboutin for barneys
    and marc jacobs engaged
    in my blog

  5. Danielle says:

    I love seeing street style that’s so creative! These photos look so cool. :)

  6. ava says:

    Hi Jane, it’s me Ava. I like this blog. It is full of great ideas. <3 Ava***

  7. caroline says:

    EPIC. thanks darling!

  8. JP says:

    great site, thanks for sharing.

  9. bridget says:

    such a beautiful woman-those cheekbones! thanks for sharing…i look forward to keeping track of this one!

  10. Victoria C says:

    I will definitely chick this one out. She seems very talented. xx

  11. brigadeiro says:

    Wow! You’re right on all accounts, gorgeous photographs/subjects/backdrops and photographer herself! And I do believe she must be Garance’s friend Sophie we hear a lot about, the layout of the blogs are similar too :)
    Love it! Adding it to blogroll now ;)

  12. i’m heading out to check this blog.
    thanks jane!

  13. the last picture completely sold me! if wish i was that beautiful.

  14. deltay says:

    Wow, total brilliance! And this is especially awesome since I’m really into photography. Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely have to pop over and check it out.

  15. Ava Burke says:

    Great find! All the pictures on her site are of such effortlessly stylish women– what a shot of inspiration!!
    -Ava (a different one than posted above :D )

  16. Leia says:

    Great pictures, will definitely add her to my Bloglovin’!

  17. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing an awesome link!

  18. Sara says:

    She’s already on my Bloglovin’!

  19. Shin says:

    Wow, she’s gorgeous! She’s definitely someone to check out everyday!

  20. momazpe says:

    amazing, i love new talented blogs :-)

  21. now that’s a lovely streetstyle blog! a

  22. Paola says:

    this is the firt time that I comment here. I love your blog sooooooooo mutch ! Here in Brazil, we don’t see people with so mucth style like you, and thanks for sharing this link whit us, is amazing :)

  23. wow, I think this is my new favorite blog too. the second an third are my favorites. this is so garance

  24. Jennifer Lee says:

    Thanks! I love the Sartorialist… I love looking at all of the cool fashion people from all over the world. They give me great inspiration for my own style. I just checked out Sophie Arancio’s blog, and you’re right! She takes great shots. I will follow her blog along with the Sartorialist from now on. You’re also doing a fantastic job too Jane!
    Your mom’s really stylish, also! I might order the peasant blouse she’s designed! :) I live in a really really really small town in an area that considers… I don’t know… -the Gap to be couture.
    (No… actually not. lol) Everyday is banal. To escape, I read up on fashion in books, mags, and the Internet.
    I also have a blog, but I’m sad to say it’s not as cool as Sophie’s or yours. Anyhow, thanks for all your inspiring

  25. Street style blogs are more popular than ever. Thanks for the recommendation!

  26. Linda says:

    Hey could you post a link to your moms blog again?
    I thought I had it bookmarked, but can’t find it!
    Thanks :)

  27. minyou says:

    I love photographs of Grance Dore.
    They are more than street fashion photographs.
    I bookmarked NAST site!

  28. shoptoomuch says:

    fantastic – have added NAST to my blogroll

  29. nikky says:

    love the first picture!

  30. Isis says:

    Thats sweet.
    streetphotos.. pretty emotional…

  31. Kenza says:

    We love Sophie !!!

  32. lora says:

    i knew her from its beginning, and i agree with you, she’s so awesome !

  33. Isa says:

    her picks are great and she definitely looks like someone haunted by garance!
    and can I say how much I adore your last outfit post? completely blew me away, you´re so avantgarde and lovely which is like the hardest melange to achieve!

  34. Anika says:

    Hey, thanks for the hot tip (and link). I love the outfits captured on film and Sophie herself is absolutely stunning.

  35. The Voguette says:

    oh dear lord! DROOOLLLLL.
    these pics are amazinggg – OH SO fab!! Sophie is absolutely adorable!

  36. apple says:

    you will probably hate it but can u cheack out my blog!

  37. apple says:

    my blog is

  38. I didn’t know it and I love it! Thanks…

  39. Saw you on Refinery 29 – You looked fab, as always, and I loved the hat theme in the photos they picked.

  40. amy says:

    another blog i just got from jak&jill is…
    i think you’d enjoy! –amy from texas

  41. gorgeous photography!

  42. thanks so much for highlighting this brilliant site
    love yours too … you’re up there too with these 3 (sart, garance, sophie)

  43. Laura says:

    Great find! I love these pictures!

  44. Jamie says:

    Great photos…I’ll definitely add her. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

  45. Aster says:

    Thank you for this post!
    I really like discovering new sites!

  46. Sana says:

    jane, look what i found on etsy: an octopuss! i remembered how much you liked them, so here it is, in case you haven’t seen it:
    i enjoy reading you (from croatia!)

  47. vintage Tea says:

    I checked out the site and it is wonderful! I love it
    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!

  48. Tatel says:

    Hey Jane thanks for the link, I also have a street fashion blog but mine is based in Barcelona and I love to see other blogs like mine, it helps me to get inspiration and improve my photographic skills.

  49. audeyssa says:

    the girl you wonder about got a blog:

  50. adeline says:

    i love her blog!
    sue shot me at the very beginning…

  51. Victoria says:


  52. Jo says:

    Thank you for finding her! She does take amazing photos and has a great eye for style!

  53. Taler says:

    I guess I’m not the only one who knows about this fabulous new blog. Keep on spreading the word about this blog! :D

  54. Beautiful post. This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. I just hope that you don’t lose your style because you’re definitely one of the coolest blogger.

  55. jessbuurman says:

    love the look in #1 pic.
    Stylish one.
    All other area also good.