Ever since my mom bought these vintage pieces home, I've been dying to put them together. I find something  intriguing about the flashy, tacky sequins (I mean tacky in a good way) and the cozy and classic tartan maxi. 
This piece is available for purchase on Atlantis if you're interested! Sorry about the confusion on the jacket last time. If you're interested in the skirt, email me or my mom!
Wow, I've gotten the nicest responses to the news interview-thanks everyone for your kind comments and emails, you're so sweet! I'm camera-shy when it comes to being filmed so it made me feel a lot better.
Anyway, I had lots of fun trying on these peices-it'll be sad to say goodbye to them!
xo Jane

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  1. Amee wrote:

    Jane, I love how clear and beautiful your photography is. Looks like you had fun with crimping iron lol! :D Love the glamour of your shiny top.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  2. sd wrote:

    lol that’s so weird it kinda works

    4.16.09 · Reply
  3. Zarna wrote:

    i love that top!!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  4. jane I know you should have millions of people talking about your interview But I really have to say that you were completely fantastic , and deserved it as you deserve much more cause you are the girl with the best sense of style I ever seen in this world! you rock!! xx

    4.16.09 · Reply
  5. Love the way you paired the two pieces and I’m in love with those boots!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  6. mayk wrote:

    love your hair crimped.
    and that maxi is SICK. tartans can go soooo wrong and this one is right.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  7. Kristin wrote:

    Hi Jane-
    Saw these Zanotti for Balmain fabulous bootie-shoes just now at shopbop.com and thought of you! They are a bit more vampy than some of your other lace-ups…still good though.
    Take care.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  8. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OMG! LOVE the sequinned top! And the skirt is simply gorgeous, paired together with the Ann D’s = PERFECTION!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  9. your eye for style and intriguing combinations never ceases to amaze me. You will go far look how far you’ve come and you haven’t even graduated highschool!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  10. ashley wrote:

    there’s something very Ralph Lauren about it.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  11. adrienne wrote:

    i love the waves in your hair!!
    and hey, if you ever get sick of those shoes, i will gladly take them off your hands…………. :)

    4.16.09 · Reply
  12. wow!
    you rock on those red lips and sequined top, jane!
    i love your new hairstyle!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  13. caroline wrote:

    the textures here are INCREDIBLE my darling!! ps, oh hi BEST INTERVIEW EVER. so proudddd

    4.16.09 · Reply
  14. GGshoe wrote:

    Wonderful Outfit! Great balance. Love It!!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  15. angel wrote:

    I’m loving the sequined jacket.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  16. Amy wrote:

    wow the entire top half of this look is such an amazing homage to the proenza schouler spring 09 show!!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  17. Great modeling pics, Jane!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  18. Jozee wrote:

    These photos are lovely. Texas wildflowers out in full force! Love the tartan paired with the sequins.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  19. Christine wrote:

    The second picture is beautiful!
    I don’t know how you thought of mixing tartan with sequins but it works.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  20. iru wrote:

    The second image it positively beautiful. And what a creative way to breathe new life into that top. Total vagabond luxe!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  21. Brenda wrote:

    extraordinary photos, you look absolutely gorgeous! grrreat combination of the top and skirt as well.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  22. Geri Wu wrote:

    the top looks great with the skirt! loves it.
    xx, Geri

    4.16.09 · Reply
  23. Kaylene wrote:

    This is the sort of un-obvious styling i’d love to see more of in fashion magazines! So much fun, and so very beautiful.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  24. Cruz wrote:

    LOVE these two, it’s a shame you can’t keep em. Love all the backgrounds you’ve been using to photograph with lately Jane, very beautiful! Congrats on your TV appearance btw! :)

    4.16.09 · Reply
  25. Hui wrote:

    The tartan skirt has such a Vivienne Westwood vibe to it. Which is basically another way of saying I absolutely love it.
    I have no idea how you rocked the sequins, but you did. It’s pretty amazing. I fail massively when it comes to sequins. :/
    You were great on TV. Sweet, warm and absolutely charming. ;)

    4.16.09 · Reply
  26. Cara wrote:

    I love the sequin jacket
    really brightens up the skirt
    pleas visit by blog that i mentioned you on

    4.16.09 · Reply
  27. kelse wrote:

    love that sequined sweater! I’m sure you’ll have no problems selling it :)

    4.16.09 · Reply
  28. Jane, you should keep the pieces. They both looks so great on you.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  29. Lyndsey Bergstrom wrote:

    You look amazing. I love your outfit. You have such style.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  30. deltay wrote:

    Gorgeous outfit! There is something really amazing about how the pieces fit together.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  31. Amanda wrote:

    ooooh i love that top!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  32. grace wrote:

    another awesome outfit. love the lipstick jane

    4.16.09 · Reply
  33. laura wrote:

    love your wavy mermaid hair today xxx

    4.16.09 · Reply
  34. anN wrote:

    Nice post! Everything here are such breezing. ..the sequin, tartan, yellow flowers and your lips… Most of all, your hair!!!! wl wait for a post of your crimping iron :)

    4.16.09 · Reply
  35. S.I.Q. wrote:

    I really like the jacket!! Very nice combination once again!
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  36. Grace wrote:

    Love that second picture and the sequin top.
    :) Grace.

    4.16.09 · Reply
  37. rachel wrote:

    do i always say this? these are some of the best ones yet!!
    i feel so crazy because all i do is think about clothes and putting them together
    ‘making clothes friends’
    thank you again and again for making us all feel sane
    [the crimper is working]

    4.16.09 · Reply
  38. stacy wrote:

    i think you’re one of the only people who could pull off this top!

    4.16.09 · Reply
  39. Karen wrote:

    your hair looks so awesome, and i absolutely love that top! so beautiful

    4.17.09 · Reply
  40. Leia wrote:

    Love your crimped hair!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  41. i want to join yo partyyyyy.
    lol. you make me want to yodel.
    The Voguette

    4.17.09 · Reply
  42. misslikey wrote:

    omg you have those ann d laces…lovely lovely lovely!!!!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  43. R wrote:

    These are lovely photos! I love the one of you looking up kind of and blowing your hair, very magazine-esque. Hopefully that didnt sound creepy haha

    4.17.09 · Reply
  44. Love Bogegård wrote:

    oh my! you truly are one fierce woman!
    lots of love from sweden.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  45. jeanette wrote:


    4.17.09 · Reply
  46. Ina wrote:

    Amazing sweater! So disco! :D

    4.17.09 · Reply
  47. STUNNING OUTFIT, i love the mix! and i think i don’t have to tell you, your shoes are adorable…

    4.17.09 · Reply
  48. londoner wrote:

    wow… one of my fave posts. love the unlikely combination of flashy and rugged and im really into the crimped hair!
    nice work, yet again.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  49. Insomnia wrote:

    Yet again, amazing finds and beautiful pictures!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  50. Tamar wrote:

    i love it!
    i love red lipstick!
    i love you hair like that!
    how did you did it like that?
    i’m sorry that my english is weird ^ ^

    4.17.09 · Reply
  51. amy wrote:

    i heart sequins + rustic
    great pictures…especially last 2 :)

    4.17.09 · Reply
  52. Laura wrote:

    ohhhh jane you just absolutely ROCK those ann d’s
    i cant wait to pay mine off asap so i can start wearing them! haha
    keep it up, i love the tartan skirt.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  53. Gweng wrote:

    I love your style jane! i also love your pictures, not just here, but all the photography shown in each of your entry. =) I wonder who holds the camera for you?:) i love the photo quality and you always have great pics! :)

    4.17.09 · Reply
  54. Cari wrote:

    Love your hair in this one. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

    4.17.09 · Reply
  55. i would love for you to come over & put an outfit together from my closet. i’m sure it would be unlike anything i’ve ever thought of. also, i would probably be ridiculously excited that we were chillax’ing. hahahaha.
    love ittt. and i love that you can take shoes like the Ann D’s and unique vintage pieces and show how to make them totally wearable. you are an immensely talented young lady.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  56. christina wrote:

    I enjoy your website very much! I am in the process of publishing 2 books- one children’s and one fiction novel…and I pretty much only take time out to get inspired by your webpage! Can you help me with my closet?! Keep it up, girl, you’re doing great!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  57. Sarah wrote:

    love the tartan, and your blog!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  58. Tjordan wrote:

    Hi Jane! I have recently started reading your blog and I am obsessed. I am also from Dallas and I love vintage and thrifting. Years ago I would go thrifting in Dallas all the time and for some reason I stopped. Since I started reading your blog it lit a fire under me to start back. So far I have found some really great pieces at local consignment and thrift stores. Although we are polar opposites, being as though I am 27 year old mother and wife, and I happen to be African American, I totally connect with you on a crazy fashion-y level. You have been such an inspiration to me and have taught me to take risks with my fashion. Keep up the good work! Love the skirt and sequin top! I see that you are loving the crimping iron, so 80’s!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  59. Merel wrote:

    Hey Jane,
    Love the outfit!
    I was just wandering if you’ve seen the Celine “KIRARO sculptural wedge”.
    I saw it in the dutch Marie Claire and thought of you.
    Unfortunately it’s to expensive for me. But hey, maybe you like it!
    I’ve never seen a shoe before that has no middle part… Thought it was pretty cool.
    a fellow shoelover from across the ocean

    4.17.09 · Reply
  60. Clara wrote:

    AMAZING! i love your look!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  61. I am in Ireland this weekend. Wouldn’t that outfit be perfect for me?
    You are too cute!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  62. Maria wrote:


    4.17.09 · Reply
  63. Love the skirt. I’m Scottish so I’m always looking for fun plaid pieces.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  64. The 2nd
    and 4th
    are my favorite :)
    so Editorial worthy, Jane!!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  65. rachel wrote:

    This look is amazing! are you on stylecaster yet? Some of the biggest stylist in fashion are!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  66. Lola Re wrote:

    your lipstick is such a spicy red! love it. and your hair looks cool today too. disco on Jane!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  67. your hair and lipstick look great!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  68. sara wrote:

    jane i loveyourblog – ive been going back through your entries – your clothes are so beautiful.
    anyway, i wasbrowsing online and wheni saw this, i immediately thought of you

    4.17.09 · Reply
  69. Jessica wrote:

    you look great in red lips, and the outfits cute too!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  70. Great combo! Such a unique mix… :) P.S. congrats on the news interview!! it was great!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  71. Vinise wrote:

    great combination. who would have ‘thunked’ it!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  72. Bbb wrote:

    I usually find your stile interesting, but i must say this combination makes you look rather like a blond gipsy. :(
    And this skirt looks like an old woman’s folk table cover.
    I mean, one should not cross the line between avangard original and gipsy countryside…
    (i don’t mean to offend anybody, just commenting the outfit)

    4.17.09 · Reply
  73. beautiful photos.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  74. ETL wrote:

    Super-fantastic combination of the sequins & tartan! And of course, beautiful pictures!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  75. Tara wrote:

    I love the mix of sequins with the more rustic plaid. gorgeous!!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  76. Ia wrote:

    Wow, the two pieces really balance each other up! The top makes the skirt a bit more glam and the skirt makes the top a bit more down to earth! Really like your shoes as well!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  77. cassiopeia wrote:

    they look uber-kwl together… immense. as always, u hit the stylenail on the head :-D

    4.17.09 · Reply
  78. Zoe the frenchie wrote:

    I like your style. I’ve never seen somebody clothed like you !
    I’m asking HOW do you pay for your shoes ? Does your parents buys them to you or you having a job ? How many pair of shoes do you have in your closet ?
    Awwww hope you’ll answer my questions !
    Xoxo love.

    4.17.09 · Reply
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    The Stiletto Effect is partnering with chickdowntown.com and GIVING AWAY an “Elizabeth and James” Deconstructed Tee by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen to ONE LUCKY WINNER!
    To enter this Contest just visit my blog!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  80. you got such easy glamour to you. It’s rather effortless.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  81. madeline wrote:

    love the texture with the pattern and awesome backround!

    4.17.09 · Reply
  82. Kelsey wrote:

    Love bat wing sweaters! You’ve inspired me to post mine.

    4.17.09 · Reply
  83. Jessica wrote:

    ooh i love your red lipstick!!! what kind are you wearing? :)

    4.17.09 · Reply
  84. Annika Lindberg wrote:

    Beautiful pictures!!
    I love your blog, you’re fantastic!

    4.18.09 · Reply
  85. MANFOX wrote:

    these two go SO well together, especially with the bright red lipstick…
    don’t worry you definitely did not come across as shy!!

    4.18.09 · Reply
  86. Rocío L. wrote:

    I love love love the plaid skirt!!

    4.18.09 · Reply
  87. Tanya wrote:

    I loooove the skirt!!!
    You’re pretty

    4.18.09 · Reply
  88. Martha wrote:

    Hi Jane! Just wanted to tell you that you’re mentioned in UK Vogue’s May Issue under Favourite Fashion Blogs:-) In case you didn’t know!

    4.18.09 · Reply
  89. g wrote:

    You must get these: http://www.fashionsquad.com/gareth-pugh-two-tone-shoe-boots/#comments
    …so that I can live vicariously through you? or something? Plus, they’re kickass.
    I now have a strong urge to crimp my hair.

    4.18.09 · Reply
  90. Michael Anderson wrote:

    Who’s your photographer?? These pics are amazing. so are u.

    4.18.09 · Reply
  91. Emma wrote:

    Just to say that your blog is amazing and ever so sweet, and so are you. I tend to visit your blog when i’m feeling a bit down. It’s like entering a place filled with purity, beauty and sweetness, not from this world. However seeing the video clip made me realise that you are actually for real, and i truly admire how genuine you seem to be. You inspire me and, as you know, so many others. Thank you lovely. x

    4.18.09 · Reply
  92. Agnes wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    Have you seen your portrait (and of other bloggers) by Danny Roberts?

    4.18.09 · Reply
  93. Zekay wrote:

    it looks better then expected. In fact it is beautiful

    4.18.09 · Reply
  94. Emma wrote:

    Great sequined jacket!
    And you can’t beat a bit of tartan, right?

    4.18.09 · Reply
  95. Sydnie wrote:

    Jane, your shoes are beautiful! Are they the same ones you showed in the interview?

    4.18.09 · Reply
  96. wow very clear and beautiful pictures! that sequin top is crazy!! love it sooo much

    4.18.09 · Reply
  97. xAZD wrote:

    a very intriguing, indeed, combination of textures and colors! and nice of use the crimper, ha
    x A

    4.18.09 · Reply
  98. Hello Jane!I`m looking at your blog nearly every day since (maybe) 6 month ago.You´re a really cool girl and after watching the interview I think you are sympatic too;)
    I cannot belive that you are 17.
    Many greetings from germany , Janine

    4.18.09 · Reply
  99. love your blouse and shoes and lipstick:) Photos are really great!

    4.18.09 · Reply
  100. Lauren wrote:

    I love how the shoes are unexpected, I saw a long tartan skirt and then those tough rock chick shoes peeked out! Looked great and such a nice surprise!
    Lauren x

    4.18.09 · Reply
  101. I love this combination. Beautiful and unique.

    4.18.09 · Reply
  102. erica wrote:

    you look beautiful, as usual!
    what do you think of this blazer jacket? it doesn’t fit me, unfortunately…

    4.19.09 · Reply
  103. jane, I have been following your blog for quite some time and i must say, you are truly talented. I look forward to reading your blog each day and am inspired with the way you put clothes together. I am from Manila, Philippines and your entries brighten up my day!

    4.19.09 · Reply
  104. Love this combo!

    4.19.09 · Reply
  105. :G: wrote:
    4.19.09 · Reply
  106. claudia wrote:

    I love this!!! you look really pretty

    4.19.09 · Reply
  107. Laura wrote:
    4.19.09 · Reply
  108. Hey Jane, you are a really great girl and I´m looking at you blog since nearly 6 month now.I like your style and that you are so sympatic ,what I could see at the interview;) So, greetings from germany,

    4.19.09 · Reply
  109. Kayla wrote:

    Genius, per usual!

    4.19.09 · Reply
  110. Allie wrote:

    Great pairing.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  111. Dila wrote:

    bad clothes but jane is beautiful :)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  112. Ruth wrote:

    Lovin the sequins with tartan
    Ruth x

    4.28.09 · Reply
  113. Elaine wrote:

    I just stumbled onto you blog and so far I’m loving it.
    Your shoes are to die for. How lucky were you to have a mom who wears the same size as you?
    BTW Camilla Skovgaard has some shoes that I think you’ll really like. Google her and you’ll see some buckle cut out heels that I’ve fantasied about endlessly.

    5.11.09 · Reply
  114. a.n.e wrote:

    love that mix match: sequins and wool.
    btw how do those ann d fit for sizing?

    9.6.09 · Reply
  115. Shawna wrote:

    I found this about you and it is about the most influential people in fashion and you were number 2 when it comes to style bloggers =] http://www.styleite.com/power-grid/

    3.18.10 · Reply
  116. I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

    1.31.13 · Reply