*love the signature Margiela stitch on the back of these boots.*
As I said in my previous post, there was something about this pair of boots that was immediately compelling to me. They spoke to me in a way that NO SHOE has ever spoken to me before.
And when they spoke they said a lot of things to me.
It's a beautiful boot, no doubt-and being born and raised in Texas, I've always had a thing for cowboy boots. These boots have a dash of Texas trash to them, with a heap of surrealismo lumped in. They are the prototypical warped classic.
Yes…a warped classic…kind of like these things.
The first thing that popped into my mind were some of my favorite David Lynch movies; blue roses (Twin Peaks: Fire, Walk With Me), blue nails (Wild at Heart), blue eyeshadow (Blue Velvet),  blue curtains, , blue hair (Mullholand Drive), blue skies (most Lynch movies, but especially Wild at Heart)…and of course, Blue Velvet. These blue boots could have totally made a cameo in any of those movies. 

Some stills from Blue Velvet.

Yes, these boots have something very surreal about them…in fact they wouldn't look so out of place in a Magritte…the suit the color scheme of Fair Captive quite well.
(Okay, I'm done with desecrating Magritte for the rest of my life. I apologize..really.)
I wore them yesterday, to our Easter dinner. My sister made a bunny cake. It was a delicious feast, you should go see it on my mom's blog. Here are some really lame pictures of my outfit!
Wearing a vintage fur and thrifted dress. 
My friend Ronnie (he's in a super cool band called Vega) is playing with Crystal Castles at the Granada Theater tomorrow so I have to come up with something fun to wear! Probably with the Margiela cowboy boots.
TTYL, xox Jane
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  1. RAYCH says:

    1. i totally go ape shit for you
    2. your crazy is showing
    3. but I kinda find it attractive

  2. Cruz says:

    I completely love those boots, would love to have a similar pair. I totally agree about them being warped classic. Great easter outfit, saw the feast on your mom’s blog, looked delish. Have fun at that show, I love Crystal Castles!

  3. Luxe. says:

    I get the appeal of the boots, they are very you! Looking good as always.x

  4. Bambi says:

    Haha, there is something indeed mezmerising about those boots.
    I LOVE the colour.

  5. Meghan says:

    hahaha! i love your magritte interpretation.
    nice boots. and jealous you are seeing crystal castles!
    your boots will definitely stand out in the inevitable sea of converse and docmartens at the show. :)

  6. Brigadeiro says:

    OMgoodness! Those boots are SO SO gorgeous & unreal! Love the degrade (and I’ve always been a fan of a nice pair of cowboy boots ;))
    LOVE the outfit! ;)

  7. elsa-bille says:

    Oh god I’m so jealous, I’ve been in love with those since the first time I saw them, they look absolutely great on you! xoxo

  8. cindy says:

    Blue Velvet, bizarre crime story and a ear… silly me what do I know?
    but, I think those boots are wonderful!

  9. Jules says:

    Love those boots.;D
    Have a great day.;D

  10. Meg says:

    My grandparents live in Texas, and their backyard has that exact fence! It’s eerie. And you know… I love the boots. Not my thing, but they are so enthralling to look at.

  11. grace says:

    great new header! i love it
    and congrats on the new babies!

  12. shay says:

    Those boots are wonderful, I love how they look covered in dust, like you’ve been on a walk in the desert. Sort of romantic somehow…

  13. I’m totally into the Lynchian reference. Those shoes are surreal.

  14. Ashley says:

    i have never been a fan of cowboy boots. until now. those are uhhmazzingg.

  15. Leia says:

    I don’t think I could wear those boots but you look fab as usual! And Carol’s cake looks sooo cute – I need to find myself a bunny mold! :)

  16. Madelene says:

    I love David Lynch films.

  17. how did you like ariel recently?

  18. courtney says:

    wow, amazing music, muchos gracias.
    your reasoning for liking cowboy boots is parallel to my reasoning for not liking them hahaha

  19. Vintage Tea says:

    wow! The boots are amazing!!! So different to anything else out there at the moment

  20. louisa says:

    wow, your wear dead bunnies as a jacket to match your bunny cake!

  21. what else can you dye …hmm i wonder…
    amazingg boots..not my type though…i’ve got a pair and never actually wore them im thinking about selling them or something

  22. Ina says:

    I don’t really like cowboy boots but these are pretty amazing. Love the fact that they are short ankle booties. :)

  23. Christing says:

    love these! the unique faded coloring is perfect!

  24. londoner says:

    love this post, love your style, love this blog! you look beautiful!

  25. MANFOX says:

    AMAZING boots, I’m wondering… is the detail sprayed onto them too to make it look 3D? probably, hey?
    hence your surrealism references!

  26. Kaja says:

    I loved this post & I loved the Magritte collage! haha, thinking of him, perhaps actually he’d have been quite amused seeing it:)))

  27. those boots are as yummy as purple yum!
    i love it so much, jane!
    it’s a nice dress and fur jacket!

  28. Awesome boots, Jane! They look strange, but utterly romantic. I love them, are they comfortable?

  29. Zoe says:

    that dress is beautiful! did you see the little piece about you in uk vogue?? in the vogue shops online section they have put you in their list of favourite fashion blogs!

  30. Geri Wu says:

    omg i literally gasped when i saw the boots
    they are esquisite!
    – Geri

  31. i.f says:

    dear jane,
    i am so in love with those boots, but until now i have only seen them in plain back or white. i hope you don’t mind me asking: where did you get them?
    thank you

  32. Elsa says:

    Blue Velvet – best David Lynch film, imo.
    (although Mulholland Drive comes in at a close second…)
    Oh, and the boots are nice too, ha.

  33. Hannah says:

    What wonderful shoes!!! I agree with the whole warped classic thing.
    And your sister makes an amazing rabbit cake! :)

  34. Stephanie says:

    When I first saw those boots on your previous post, I had similar thoughts–that they look surreal. Indeed they’re very Lynchian, Magrittesque….the stuff of warped dreams. I thought your references were spot-on!
    And wearing the rabbit(?) fur coat on Easter….How tongue-in-cheek; love it!

  35. Fab Brunette says:

    Those boots are magical. They are gorgeous. I need a pair. Thanks for your crazy posts!

  36. lis says:

    LOVE Lynch’s Lost Highway….Crazy GRL Jane your blog is my home away from home….I’m homesick for TX…PLEASE do me a favor and kiss the door of The Granada Theater for me and then after the show blow $100 of sushi at Blue Fish for me!!! Homesick in Deutschland

  37. Rocío L. says:

    AMAZING boots!!

  38. Those are lovely cowbow boots! They have a really nastalgic feeling to them. I have been searching for a pair of cowboy boots too, but have yet to come across anything like this. they are hauntingly beautiful. j’adore.

  39. Emma says:

    Those boots are ridiculously cool! My mother collects cowboy boots, I’ll have to have her check these out.
    Your blog is always inspiring. I’d be so happy if you’d take a look at mine!

  40. Cari says:

    Those boots are amazing. Cute coat also.

  41. a la mode says:

    I love your garden!

  42. momazpe says:

    hahahahahaha you are so cute

  43. the Voguette says:

    could you be any more fab?
    The Voguette

  44. corrie says:

    I adore these boots, they’re just so damn cool. Perfect for a Texas girl. I’m gonna have to try and DIY them, it’s been on my mind since I saw them in the Barney’s shoe catalog.

  45. S.I.Q. says:

    the boots are very special..
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony!
    -Johnny Depp as Duchamp

  46. corrina says:

    fur???????????as in dead animal?yout putfit is lame, not the pictures.
    happy easter btw.

  47. MiaLAMPE says:

    I like your dress, no doubt.The shoes are more questionable I think. They’re nice, but not like AMAZING.

  48. Diane says:

    I completly love your martin margiella boots and your vintage fur, well i love your outfit of this post !

  49. candice says:

    thanks for sharing ur thoughts on the boots.
    it’s always exciting when smthg speaks to you.

  50. Kathleen says:

    People need to stop freaking out about the fur, it’s VINTAGE.
    If you don’t get my point from the get-go, then just nevermind.

  51. Sang Oh says:

    transition of colors on the shoes..!
    QUITE elegant.
    admiring your -not too flashy but artistic- look!

  52. paula says:

    I don’t usually like cowboy boots, but these are really nice! especially on you :) perhaps the color does it ..

  53. Sarah says:

    yay for cute new boots, and yay for Crystal Castles and Vega tonight! See ya there girl :)

  54. Nikkii says:

    I love that you wear recycled fur :)

  55. x AZD says:

    loved these shoes in the barneys catalogue with the smashed up toy cars–so great. and they are terrific on you!
    x A

  56. Insomnia says:

    Great idea to put them in Margritte’s painting, I think he wouldn’t mind if he knew (:

  57. Ashley says:

    i gotta hand it to you…you know how to unexpectedly put an outfit together and rock the SHIT out of it. you look absolutely fabulous!
    you just got yourself an avid blog follower.

  58. Debbie says:

    Love your outfit as always…

  59. Lola says:

    Love your style!

  60. alice says:

    it’s ironic that you are wearing a coat of dead rabbits on easter

  61. Deltay says:

    Oh wow, love the boots, they look even better worn than just alone! And they go beautifully with your outfit.

  62. Gisela says:

    You are so amazing with words! The way you express your feelings about certain items always catches my attention and therefore makes me want to buy everything you love. lol! Love the Margiela booties..wicked!

  63. Mary Kathryn says:

    boots are preshhh! the outfit is ahdorable too! esp. the fur. happy easter!
    xx mkayy.

  64. Kelvin says:

    way to insult david lynch and magritte

  65. MK says:

    corrina is crazy, the outfit AND FUR is ahdorable! shoes are preshhh as well. =)
    happy easter!
    xx mkayy.

  66. Sydnie says:

    Those boots are gorgeous! The colors are beautiful, and I love the overall shape of them … great pick, Jane!

  67. MK says:

    corrina is crazy, the outfit AND FUR! is ahdorable. shoes are preshh as well. happy easter!
    xx mkayy.

  68. anna says:

    Hey,I love your blog,I was wondering if you could check mine out!It’s at would love it if you told me your opinions on it!
    Your outfits are all amasing!I love your hair to ..if only mine was long enough!

  69. Helen Pena says:

    love love love the outfit
    and crystal castles!

  70. jamie clare says:

    exactly what i asked for! i like the colors you mixed them with, i think they’d look fabulous with dusty rose, too

  71. hanako66 says:

    Those boots are fabulous?

  72. Clementine says:

    I think I’m in love. (those boots! that colour! <3 <3 <3)

  73. FUR FREE says:

    Read this website:
    Do you even know what terror poor animals go through for you to wear that fur! and so what if it is vintage, you are still supporting the trade.
    You wear too much fur.
    bad bad bad!

  74. Justine says:

    I’m obsessed with any David Lynch film especially Blue Velvet and Mulholland Dr. and when I saw these boots I thought of the same thing!

  75. adrienne says:

    sooo awesome…it makes me think that i could go out and find a pair of white boots and spray paint the top part!!

  76. Lacey says:

    Seriously, you have good style for your age (you are very lucky that you can afford to get new very expensive clothes a lot in this bad economy) BUT the fur, is a no no. Please take into consideration what the animals go through. I’ve been a follower of your blog for quite some time now, butseeing a 16-17 year old covered in very expensive clothes and lots of fur has steared me away from your blog. I’m disappointed. This comment was not meant to be hateful in anyway I just strongly believe against fur and I need to support that.
    Think about who you are wearing.

  77. Nini Nguyen says:

    Jane- I love your vintage fur and your new MMM boots.
    Have a nice day,

  78. taylor says:

    to be honest, i feel a mixture of sadness and lust whenever i visit (every day. i’m a regular reader). everything is so beautiful. you have an exquisite house, a gorgeous family (while also being gorgeous yourself), money that never seems to run out… the list goes on. i feel this way a lot. when someone is lucky enough to have roots in a certain thing. you’ve grown up around fashion. my parents never graduated college, divorced, and neither of them are very cultured. i won’t have the money to go to a high-end college. i have to settle for less than i want. i want to work in the fashion industry so bad, but i feel like i’ll never be able to go far because i live in a shitty midwestern town with no way out. i don’t know. i just feel like i had to vent. i’ll say one thing: this site definitely makes me strive to be the best, and to work extremely hard. there’s good that comes from this mental beating.
    anyway, i still have a love-hate relationship with the blog. i’ll still be visiting every day to drool and dream.
    p.s. stop the fur hate. it’s vintage, and would you rather have the animal die in vain or be appreciated for it’s natural beauty? not everyone who wears fur is like, “OH I LOVE KILLING ANIMALS”.
    sorry for the extremely long post. :

  79. Libby says:

    The first time I saw your boots I was like hmmmm but now I see why you like them so much. Lovely colors, and they work perfectly in the Magritte!

  80. Frances says:

    These would make for an interesting d.i.y. project :) but love how you wore them with the fur jacket.

  81. sarah says:

    love your hair here jane!

  82. Jamie says:

    These are definitely the kind of boots that you have to be in love with to wear. I don’t think I would, but you make them look better than I thought they’d be!

  83. Okay, I’m loving that coat, sister. Hand it over now. LOL. Thumbs up on the recent rash of publicity. Yay, Texas!
    Keep up the great work. And Kanye, if you’re out there, swing by my blog sometime. ;)

  84. Jinky says:

    Blue Velvet was my one of my movie studies in college. I think it was brilliantly made, and the actors in it were great. Isabella Rosellini is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated women ever in my book. Jane, I love those boots!

  85. emma says:

    oh no! my friend went to the crystal castles show last night and they didn’t even show up! what happened?! love the fur coooat. ;)

  86. S-R says:

    You look very cute (sans the fur ofcourse!).

  87. amy says:

    so true…those images are like long lost cousins to those boots

  88. anne says:

    Magritte and Margiela? Same surrealistic creative mind. So belgian!

  89. YUKO says:

    “Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst bluuueeeee ribbonnnn!!!!!!”
    that movie was demented.

  90. Marilyn says:

    Incredible boots!

  91. cassiopeia says:

    hehe. love those boots with a passion, and your artistic eye for comparison is great ;-D ah blue velvet… be still my beating heart. great film. as is mulholland drive actually. love the dress too btw.

  92. Nikki says:

    Love those shoes and realy do love blue velvet and magritte! Magritte is one of my favorite painters.

  93. Karen says:

    love the boots, they look awsome.. and love the collaging
    congrats on the feature on the news! :) xox

  94. Mehron says:

    Those boots, plus Crystal Castles? Hot DAMN, girl.

  95. Lindsay says:

    I love cowboy boots being a texas girl myself and have yet to find the perfect ones, one day….but I love these, they are amazing!
    -Lindsay :)

  96. Beverly says:

    wow i love how you do your hair… hmm can you share how did you do it? ♥

  97. mudd shoes says:

    These boots are excellent , i love the color and the design.
    mudd shoes

  98. Honey says:

    Wow super cute !!!

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