On Feathers and Prada Spring ’06

Wearing American Apparel floppy hat, tie dye jeans from Madewell, a bag I got in Morrocco, vintage top from Feathers Vintage and Prada Spring 06 booties.
I got this velvet printed top from one of my favorite Austin shopping destinations-Feathers Vintage.
They also have a fantastic eBay store, you should check it out!
I got to meet the owners who are super cool ladies-can't wait to come back next month and see what's new.
These shoes are absolutely one of my favorite pairs in my closet. Snagged on eBay, what a lucky catch.
They're Prada Spring 2006-every pair of shoes from that collection would have rocked my world, I'm lucky to have these though! There was a version of these in plasticy Barbie pink patent.
Erika Kurihara (Fashion editor at i-D mag) was snapped by Jak & Jil wearing hers. So cute! She is so gorgeous too.
Prada erika kurihara fashionedid
Now if only I could get my hands on a pair in pink patent…
xo Jane

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  1. phamzy wrote:

    jane- i love your boots! and the studded bag is amazing!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  2. amy wrote:

    those shoes in pink are major bad ass!
    why did you cut off the photo at your shoes? :(
    great look!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  3. Ava wrote:

    Those boots are absolutely the PERFECT color! Love the bag, too– studs of any kind are always a surefire way to my heart!!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  4. Roxanne wrote:

    awesome pair of fab shoes!!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  5. Brigadeiro wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those Prada’s!!!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  6. Cruz wrote:

    Love those boots, especially the color you have. Although hot pink would be fun. ;-) But your whole outfit is amazing, just &$^#%&@(#! Especially the bag, the fact it’s from Morocco makes it even more special I think. :)

    4.1.09 · Reply
  7. jules wrote:

    Perfection as usual jane, love erika’s ensemble as well.
    visit me

    4.1.09 · Reply
  8. I love these Prada boots! They are awesome!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  9. omg!
    i love your boots, jane!
    and this is my first time to see you in this kind of outfit!
    you still look gorgeous!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  10. Libby wrote:

    Omg, es bohemian chic. That describes probably my favorite style of all time!!!!! Beautiful, always loving your outfits :)

    4.1.09 · Reply
  11. Cari wrote:

    Great pictures! I love that purple wall. Fun shirt too I will have to check out feathers. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

    4.1.09 · Reply
  12. Cindy wrote:

    Love the boho look! I almost went into shock when i saw it. The shoes are sick.

    4.1.09 · Reply
  13. I love your new header! And your outfit of course. I’m happy to hear you’re coming back to Austin soon- I live here so hopefully I’ll get to meet you. Oh and those aren’t studs on your bag, but coins right? I’m not sure but it looks like it! Awesome :)

    4.1.09 · Reply
  14. Wendy Toth wrote:

    I love that you snapped up those booties on ebay.

    4.1.09 · Reply
  15. Ah, I’m jealous about those Prada boots. I remember really wanting the Barbie pink ones when they came out, I love the color that you have too…

    4.1.09 · Reply
  16. Amee wrote:

    Jane, I love your new header and the up close picture of you! You look stunning! This is one of my favorite looks on you. The bohemian top is such a great find! As are the Prada boots of course!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  17. quelle wrote:

    what a nice, relaxed outfit. those boots are to die for!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  18. Cara wrote:

    jane, i love this outfit, sorry to keep bugging you but i would really love it if you checked out my blog that i do mention you, i hope i dont bug ypu bcuz this is like my 4 post to ask you to check it out, also everyone else please check it out i would love more readers!!!!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  19. two years old and they still look super-modern! sure got your $$$$$ worthhhh

    4.1.09 · Reply
  20. Cindy wrote:

    Only you could pull of the most incrediblt badass outfits!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  21. polaroidme wrote:

    <3 the blog, and your title image is just genius!
    check out my blog, I think you might like it!
    beijos lulu

    4.1.09 · Reply
  22. Joann wrote:

    Gorgeous top!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  23. Sara K wrote:

    I love the shoes! Also, are you wearing OPI nailpolish in Skinny Jeans on your toes?

    4.1.09 · Reply
  24. Eli wrote:

    what a perfect combination of that hat, bag, and shoes!

    4.1.09 · Reply
  25. Kelsey wrote:

    Are those coins on your bag? So cute. It would be one of those things I would keep forever — anything I find traveling has such sentimental value.

    4.1.09 · Reply
  26. Those.Shoes.Are.Killer. xx

    4.1.09 · Reply
  27. Jozee wrote:

    This is such a wonderful summery/spring look. Am definitely going to need to pick up those floppy hats. They are too cute.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  28. cassiopeia wrote:

    great outfit… the boots and bag are especially rad :-D

    4.2.09 · Reply
  29. Ashley wrote:

    the boots are amazing! and i love the outfit you paired them with. so jealous. i think the pink patents are kind of tacky, but i’m sure you can find plenty of ways to pull them off. :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  30. I really love your look! You look amazing! love your pamela, your top, your shoes… I’ve seen some similar boots in Ash I want to go for them this month! wow, I’m amazed. Love the colours of your top, so fresh and chic. Spring hasn’t arrived yet to Barcelona, so saaad.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  31. Sunset wrote:

    I just love how vivid all of the natural colors are in your outfit. And those shoes are to die for!! :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  32. ALYSE wrote:

    i love the outfit and the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
    xx. A

    4.2.09 · Reply
  33. Lucy-Jane wrote:

    Loving that top so much now i realise it’s velvet.
    You really are on stylish gal, and you seem so sweet.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  34. yuka wrote:

    amazing shoes jane! im so envious that you have the BEST shoes!

    4.2.09 · Reply
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    4.2.09 · Reply
  36. isa wrote:

    hi Jane
    soo nice to see the shoes on the catwalk ever since I first read ur blog I had an obsession with them and I found them on ebay UK a month ago in my size 3!!!! I was the only one bidding now they are miiine and I loove them!I love ebay!now I want one of the dries VN or margiela argh!gorgeous outfits by the way!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  37. Minni wrote:

    Wow I envy your bag soo much! And the shoes are also gorgerous!
    Sorry my bad English I’m from Finland :D But I would like you to know that you have readers from this side of earth too :D

    4.2.09 · Reply
  38. Mon Dieu, Cherie ;)
    This is the PERFECT look. I´m completely in love with every single piece!!!!!!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  39. keren wrote:

    The shoes are bliss, and your bag is wicked too. ;)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  40. anne wrote:

    hey jane, your shoes are amazing.
    by the way, i like your new header, it´s a bit cleaner. i´ve written about you. http://les-attitudes.blogspot.com/search?q=sea+of+shoes
    wish you all the best. love anne.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  41. Geri Wu wrote:

    i love those shoes… they go with absolutely everything this spring! But i like the bag even more! :D

    4.2.09 · Reply
  42. Alix wrote:

    Hey, you’ve got a new header,right?
    I really like it!
    And those shoes(especially in hard candy)
    are amaaaaazing!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  43. styledrop wrote:

    Those pink patent ones scream must-have!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  44. mrjyn wrote:

    i love your new video site. when did you make that? and that’s a cool A.D. video for your first one.
    looks like they have a lot of french people wearing shoes on there, you think more shoes are on there or are on YT? Let me know what you think, because i have a friend who says you say it’s more on the yt, and i said, his names baxter, he’s that guy that wrote me on lookbook about you yesterday, he was all, is that j.a.? and i was like, totally ‘avril poisson’ which either means april fools or april fish, either way he fuckin’ deserved it for being a nosy nancy on a comment, tres pouilly fuisse! the french people like shoes better than you or about the same? seems like it might be a tossup. that’s so cool that you wished A.D. a happy birthday in french. i hear the belges parlez vous un peu, avec un difference…vivre le difference. i didn’t know she was Belgian. like the waffles, have you ever had those waffles from Belgium, they’re big, but models eat em’ tout la jour et la nuit avec la mayo [qlc?], which are really le frite belgique. don’t you like how those words sound together, like it kinda rhymes but not really.
    anyway, thanks for adding me as a friend. oh, i’m wearing bleached out gap shorts and an old stained jockey tee, if you’re hard up to blog when you wake up

    4.2.09 · Reply
  45. catherine wrote:

    love the shoes on the first pics. Great sense of style and powerful colors for next pics.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  46. xAZD wrote:

    that’s great! i like the brown better than pink though

    4.2.09 · Reply
  47. Jane, I am loving your Prada Booties! Spectacular find darling! and the Moroccan studded bag looks like so in right now with the beautiful tannish brown leather. The AA hats look amazing on you….every color you can pull it off so well. I am dying to get the grey one.
    Much love gorgeous,
    Your friends at Heights of Fashion
    Maury and Gis

    4.2.09 · Reply
  48. Sophiemei wrote:

    jane~the look a little bit hippie mix vintage
    i love it~so comfortable too^^
    and the pink one~so cute
    this summer must be chic when pink X jumpsuit^^
    the first message @ s.o.s! visit ur blog is use

    4.2.09 · Reply
  49. lunarzie wrote:

    the shoes are sooooo amazing. like the pink ones too :-) perfect!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  50. milkswithteas wrote:

    i love Erika Kurihara’s coat, do you happen to know which label/where its from?

    4.2.09 · Reply
  51. Cj wrote:

    Hola! I just recently discovered your blog.
    Just want to say I really enjoyed your blog. The outfits are great and has inspired me to take more chances with my outfits, especially shoes =) (I’m a engineering major at a small engineering college, fashion sense gets dull after a while).

    4.2.09 · Reply
  52. Anika wrote:

    Love the way you put the outfit together. And no offense to the shoes, that bag is THE standout!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  53. Hanene wrote:

    You are like a flower in that outfit
    Gorgeous , i LOVE <3

    4.2.09 · Reply
  54. lucy wrote:

    no prada ! I love prada ! i’m so jealous of you!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  55. Lauren wrote:

    Oh, I love that sideways one-eye-obscured photo. It could be for I-D!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  56. Ina wrote:

    Ooooo I love the pink ones! So gorgeous!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  57. uppergeorgetowner wrote:

    jane, love the octopus!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  58. ediot wrote:

    you LOOK SO wonderful. and what i like most in this outfit is the bag&hat.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  59. S.I.Q. wrote:

    those pink ones need a lot of courage to wear hehehe

    4.2.09 · Reply
  60. Libby wrote:

    Awesome combo! The floppy hat, leather, and wild print top makes a great western hippy look! The rad purple wall is such a great backdrop.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  61. candice wrote:

    i used to live in austin. love that feathers boutique as well.
    they have an online ebay store too.
    i love the photo of u infront of that bright purple wall. how pretty.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  62. Alicia wrote:

    You look so pretty in this outfit! Love the shoes of course. :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  63. KK wrote:

    I die for this entire outfit. I love love love the shoes! I am crazy jealous. Plus that bag is super fun. Basically, I want to rob you of your closet…

    4.2.09 · Reply
  64. KK wrote:

    PS I totally blogged about mugging you for this outfit – check it out: hardheartsofttouch.blogspot.com

    4.2.09 · Reply
  65. I have to be honest… I kind of hate looking at your blog because it makes me feel sick with jealousy. I have to keep myself in check.
    Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE it. I just hate myself for being so envious.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  66. JUSTJR wrote:

    Its hard to say as you always look great but I think this is my favourite look so far!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  67. Kate wrote:

    Love the bag!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  68. Anna wrote:

    Gah. Love it as always.
    Where did you get those sunglasses?

    4.2.09 · Reply
  69. Annie wrote:

    wow. love the boots. what a phenomenal find!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  70. love the purse!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  71. Kim wrote:

    I love this outfit! Very boho chic & a la Sienna Miller :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  72. Jill wrote:

    Bohemian Glam Unparalled!!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  73. Laura wrote:

    loving the shoes.
    the outfit looks lovely.

    4.2.09 · Reply
  74. hanako66 wrote:

    Those are such fabulous shoes!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  75. you love an open toe shoe!!
    it’s a texas thing… too hot for an enclosed foot ; )

    4.2.09 · Reply
  76. kelse wrote:

    those are so great, wow. peep toe boots are a dream

    4.2.09 · Reply
  77. those pink boot are brilliant!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  78. chauss wrote:

    love the bag. :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  79. gossisnice wrote:

    love the new header!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  80. Karla wrote:

    Love your style girl!

    4.2.09 · Reply
  81. how very adorable and hippie chic of you :)

    4.2.09 · Reply
  82. WOW! those boots are absolute rocking! Your prada ones are just as rocking! Love the outfit btw!
    love victoria.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  83. . wrote:

    thought you might be intersted. :) http://www.omelle.com/shop/seasons/ss09

    4.3.09 · Reply
  84. Ella wrote:

    great pictures as everytime , love the prada shoes

    4.3.09 · Reply
  85. Ziling wrote:

    Your shoes are sick!!!! They’re the perfect pair!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  86. The boots is beautiful Jane.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  87. Lilly wrote:

    I love these pictures! That dress is adorable!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  88. I love the bag it gives me the urge to buy a vintage leather bag and hot glue pennies all-over it

    4.3.09 · Reply
  89. love your vtg bag and the shoes are amazing…
    i love erika k too, she is so awesome!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  90. seatedbather wrote:

    Love those shoes. I saw a girl wearing them last night at the Paul Smith store opening in San Francisco. I then found an amazingly funny video of the designer preparing for the party.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  91. adrienne wrote:

    boots are SO nice.
    you are totally bringing back the 70s and im loving it!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  92. Meho M wrote:

    The pradas are beyond gorgeous.. they look aweosme with your outfit, and that floppy hat is way too cute on you.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  93. D wrote:

    really love this outfit. i think you do this best. effortless and not at all contrived. the shoes and jeans are to die for, seriously.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  94. lame-o wrote:

    Those arent even the same shoes you have on! The laces are totally different

    4.3.09 · Reply
  95. yilin wrote:

    Wow I love the look of the zany shirt with rolled-up sleeves- fun and relaxed.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  96. lizzie wrote:

    love the shoes!.. amazing blog xo

    4.4.09 · Reply
  97. Becca wrote:

    love the boots.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  98. kelly wrote:
    4.5.09 · Reply
  99. seatedbather wrote:

    LOVE the boots- I might buy them to go with my new Harputs Own three hole dress http://www.harputsown.com/3holedress.html

    4.5.09 · Reply
  100. madeleine wrote:

    Looooove the outfit!

    4.6.09 · Reply
  101. Maggie O'Leary wrote:

    i love the picture of Erika Kurihara. the shoes are absolutely amazing but could you tell me anything about the jacket?

    4.6.09 · Reply
  102. J wrote:

    The outfit is amazing. I have been trying to track down a floppy hat for some time now, but never really considered getting a wool one for summer HOWEVER, it looks stunning on you! And who could resist those prada shoes!

    4.6.09 · Reply
  103. babyMy' wrote:

    wonderful hat, wonderful blouse and wonderful shoes(i think u wear it better than the girl in the last photo!)!!! i love ur outfit so much…i’ll copy it as soon as possible ;)

    4.7.09 · Reply
  104. Punkie wrote:

    I agree with you.. this boots are totally perfect!

    4.7.09 · Reply
  105. I really like the boho look with your gorgeous hat. Very summer.

    4.7.09 · Reply
  106. Ezra wrote:

    great hat choice

    4.7.09 · Reply
  107. Maeva wrote:

    These shoes are really perfect but not for everyone i do think…

    4.7.09 · Reply
  108. Liyana wrote:

    where is the shades from?

    4.9.09 · Reply
  109. Sarah wrote:

    I simply adore this outfit! You pretty much embodied my style right there. Now I’m 13 and I would love to wear what you have on in those pics, but I think it would look a bit silly on my small frame and at my age. Do you have any ideas on how I can dress like that without looking like I’m trying to hard? Thanks! (P.S. congrats on the Vogue articles!)

    4.14.09 · Reply
  110. Lisa wrote:

    Wow, i’m totally in luuuurve with your shoes!
    I live in Holland and yesterday i was shopping in Amsterdam, desperately to find shoes like this ones. Then I found the love-of-my-life-shoes: €250 (like 225 pounds or some)! Damn it.
    I just love your style! This is actually the first time I post something. And yes, my English is pretty bad haha. But hey, comments are always fun to get ;-)

    4.14.09 · Reply
  111. What a great blog! It’s a pity that i can’t find your rrs address. If you can offer rrs subscription service, i can track your blog easier!

    1.16.10 · Reply
  112. thanks for making the pattern available so quickly. hmmm, maybe i can re-prioritize some projects. who am i fooling? i’m going to go buy more yarn. :)

    7.8.10 · Reply
  113. Jacynthe wrote:

    Jane, i love ur outfit! its so amazing!

    3.11.12 · Reply
  114. Jacynthe wrote:

    Jane, i love ur outfit! its so amazing!

    3.11.12 · Reply
  115. So cute! I am so lucky beacause i am looking for something like brown floppy hats and bags. Oh yeah!

    11.6.12 · Reply