Richard Avedon for Gianni Versace, Vogue Italia February 1993

Thanks so much to iluvjeisa at The Fashion Spot for scanning these-
the people who share their scans in the Vintage Magazine forum are angels-thank you for helping preserve vintage fashion & providing endless inspiration!
More pictures ahead.

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  1. awesome photos, jane!
    i love the outfits and braided hair!

  2. Ooh where did you get these!! They’re gorgeous. I love the red bell bottoms.

  3. Zad says:

    Wooow, that`s breath-taking!
    I love the “lots-of-hair” thingy PLUS I had as BIG crush on Linda ever since I saw her for the first time!!!

  4. cassiopeia says:

    oh wow! such beautiful colours… the polka dotty flares remind me of those spotty cheap mondays that have been blogged about lately. got to love the hair texture and evangelista looking FIERCE! :-D

  5. ronnie says:

    the boy has crimped hair. :)

  6. Cruz says:

    Love all the color and the hair! Crimped hair is great, it’s cool to see it on you too.

  7. m. says:

    fun fact: the dude is kate moss’ brother.
    that’s a pretty impressive gene pool

  8. Abigail says:

    Love the Moss family. Not such a fan of Evangelsita but these shots are incroyable and I love them, therefore she is likeable in these.

  9. Fab Brunette says:

    These shots are gorgeous, breath-taking really… Thanks so much for sharing these, they are so inspirational…

  10. sd says:

    wow how beautiful
    how come modern fashion ads aren’t like this?!

  11. Lauren says:

    I am loving the crimped hair! On the models and you, of course!!

  12. Interesting spread (no pun intended..LOL..).
    Anyways, these shots are fun to look at, but they are not that artistic in my opinion. They look a little too staged.

  13. jules says:

    wow the colors and the posing in these photos are electric! love kate and linda they are living legends in their own right. love this jane!

  14. Jill says:

    Those were the days!! Kim Alexis, Paulina Porizkova and Cindy Crawford were my favorite models…I was 15. The whole waif look hadn’t struck yet. Richard Avedon made women look like goddesses. It was a sad day when he passed away in 2004. The photo of N. Kinski with the snake is my all time favorite. Thanks chica for this walk down my memory lane.

  15. hapsical says:

    Oh, this is great! It is lucky people take the time to scan vintage mags, because there’s not much by way of pre-2000(ish) fashion material on the net.

  16. sarah says:

    OMG that HAIR!

  17. Connie says:

    Talk about going back in the day! I love how vintage the mixture of floral prints appear.

  18. rask says:

    I think it’s funny that no one’s wearing shoes!!

  19. The Minx says:

    EPIC. They remind me of the show godspell

  20. LUXIRARE says:


  21. Brigadeiro says:

    Wow, amazing photos! Loved that ‘era’! Thanks for sharing! :)

  22. voguemanie says:

    amazing photos… and I loved your outfit in your previous post.

  23. baboo. says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong..but isn’t it Kate Moss?? O_O;;

  24. Cari says:

    Love the florals and the wild hair!

  25. chrisdesu says:

    look at kate and linda!!!!! lovely :)

  26. Vanessa says:

    The girls look great, but that dude is tooootally creepin’ me out.

  27. Susan says:

    I love the crazy big crimped hair. It makes me want to grow my hair down to my waist.

  28. S.I.Q. says:

    the hair of the girls is amazing!
    -Marc Jacobs
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

  29. Stephanie says:

    Oh, how these photos take me back to that time…Makes me wish I’d saved all my Vogues from the 80s!
    Thanks for sharing these!

  30. Stephanie says:

    P.S. I didn’t even save my 90s Vogues, what a shame.
    Avedon was an amazing photographer.

  31. madeleine says:

    these patterns and clothing are just beautiful!
    and they look so nice against the light sand backround
    my favorite picture is definetly the second one, though i absolutely adore the blazer and pants in the fifth frame(i’ve become so obsesed with little floral patterns lately)

  32. jamie clare says:

    oh wow, evangelista’s pants are toooo out of control. i am all over those floral prints though. yumyum

  33. Sunset says:

    WOW. These are absurdly gorgeous. I just love the styling and the makeup, it’s flawless!

  34. Rebekka says:

    WOW! These are just amazing. Thanks for putting them up.

  35. the Voguette says:

    these are absolutely crazzyyy.. LOVEEEE IT.
    The Voguette

  36. Liz says:

    oh my that is a wicked awesome photo shoot.
    is that brooke burke? or do my eyes deceive me.
    i know someone with 1990’s vogues so i will see if i can scan some shoots. i know of a fab one with a young (and cool at the time) naomi campbell.

  37. alina says:

    The pictures are beautiful except for the fake dunes.

  38. kajsa says:

    the hair is great!

  39. mybrouhaha says:

    such beautiful pictures! i love Richard Avedon! I saw a big exhibition of him in Paris few months ago! it was really incredible!

  40. Kate says:

    oh wow, this is great. I love it when bloggers post editorials from years back.

  41. mariam says:

    kate moss looks awesome! love the red.

  42. sara says:

    guauuuuuuuu is a nice campaing! look my blog! i have you on face book

  43. Geri Wu says:

    oo those are some beautiful photos!
    xx, Geri

  44. iole says:

    great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Betty Mello says:

    I wrote a few words about you on my blog…not many words, but true ones.
    Hugz // Betty Mello—sea-of-shoes.htm#WriteComment

  46. P says:

    haha ciekawe czy tu jakis polak siedzi :D pozdrowienie po polsku i HWDP :D

  47. helen says:

    i like the pictures a lot. and I like your style, too. i check your blog on a daily basis…
    BUT I totally diasgree with what you call ‘vintage’: eighties and nineties clohing is NOT vintage. It just ain’t. The official definition for vintage, is clothing made between the twenties and the seventies. Not after that (that’s just second hand.
    Not before that either (that would be ‘antique’).
    By making this comment, I do not mean that eighties and nineties clothes are invaluable, uninteresting or whatsoever. I’m just the kind of person that gets irritated by a COMPLETELY WRONG use of terminology.This is no offense, just a remark.
    However, I would really appreciate to hear your view on this: do you deliberately call not-yet vintage clothing vintage to make it sound more chique, or were you just not aware of what I’m telling you here? Really curious to hear!
    all the best, and pardon my english, I’m from Antwerp
    (p.s.: nice to see that you like dries and demeulemeester: two of my favourite belgian designers. very proud of them, in a silly kind of way.)

  48. Raquel says:

    It’s amazing to see the majority of the models are still in business!

  49. Aleksine says:

    Wow, really cool and edgy pictures!
    I really have to say that your blog is supercool! And that you (among others) have inspired me to start my own fashion blog.
    I live at in moderate big city, but it seems that all the girls on my age has the same wardrobe – so i have very few to talk fashion with. Therefore a blog which (i hope) can connect me to people out there who have the same interests!
    So keep on writing those good posts for yours and you´ll see more of me!

  50. kelse says:

    wow, epic. and so inspirational. i love it

  51. Lauren says:

    I love the crimped hair . It does feel very staged though, almost as if someone shouted “Freeze & Pose” then took the picture :/

  52. Leia says:

    Ridiculously amazing

  53. richard avedon has been my favorite photographer since i first picked up a copy of “in the american west” in a waiting room when i was 14. i was crushed when he died. these are great.
    also, for helen (comment above): where does the “official” definition come from? i don’t disagree, i’m just wondering who the official word in vintage semantics is?
    xox MG

  54. marguerite says:

    Kate has a gorgeous brother!
    But btw, 1993 fashion can’t be considered Vintage – it should me named something as Retro, I think.

  55. I was doing a research about Avedon times of Versace. This is on of a kind so great. What if this is shot here in Dubai?