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  1. Maurenice says:

    WOW…I can’t keep my mind off those Chanel Chain Stilettos! The heel is sick!

  2. sara says:

    hi! i really love your blog, i have you in facebook too, please visit my blog!
    i love the chanel shoes!!! are amazing!

  3. Jess says:

    yeah I LOVE those Chanels.
    great blog, good luck in your finals! Jess from http://houseofharps.blogspot.com/

  4. Wow they’re hottt shoes

  5. Aaron says:

    Those Chanel ones are amazing!
    hopefully you will be able to get your hands on them

  6. gorgeous chanels-gold chains on the heel is just genius!

  7. Trinity says:

    I just saw those Chanel in a magazine… they look like they could have been discovered in a pirate’s treasure chest… They are gorgeous!!!

  8. Karen B says:

    Those Van Noten’s are awesome. I was in Antwerp last week just speechless in front of the shopwindow at his flagship store. The windows are always awesome and they change like every month or so.

  9. Sydnie says:

    This is so cute! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

  10. Ashley K says:

    Oh the Chanel’s… *swoon*! Good luck with your finals!

  11. Margarita says:

    Those are such amazing shoes!! I love them!

  12. Aria says:

    those shoes are most definitely Badass!!

  13. ondressingup says:

    Oh. Definitely the Dries! Good luck for exams.

  14. Ava says:

    The Dries van Notens are so VIBRANT! LOVE them!

  15. I’m in sweet love with the Chanel Paris Moscou heels. The chain detail around the column-esque heel is exquisite.

  16. ragil mega says:

    I really like those chanel

  17. daisy says:

    good luck with the studying!

  18. ali says:

    so is it me or are octupi freaken everywhere now????? Not that I don’t love it…but im pretty sure Vicki Secret is doing some blog loving of its own…
    prada skirt= MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD!!! every outfit that incorporates that thing just blows my socks off. the teal color is just stunning- especially with some sort of eye popping lipstick and top combo.
    good luck with finals.

  19. xAZD says:

    wow! i absolutely love your collage-style, and the shoes are to-die-for.

  20. athena says:

    Both of those shoes are gorgeous. But, if I could only pick one it would be those beaded Dries!!
    Best of luck with your finals. I know you’ll do great!

  21. Love the Dries shoes! So intricate and beautiful..

  22. freeteyme says:

    gorgeous shoes!!!

  23. S.I.Q. says:

    they are amazing!!
    good luck with finals!
    -make your own shoes
    -best current model

  24. Geri Wu says:

    love love love! haha i cant concentrate on studying for my finals either ><
    xx, Geri

  25. sunni says:

    those chanel heels are so decadent i can only imagine anna dello russo pulling them off…!
    and you do ib don’t you? if these are your final final exams, GOOD LUCK! just think, there is at last light at the end of the tunnel… :)

  26. Cruz says:

    Those Dries are beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like the Chanel shoe – good luck on your finals!

  27. diane says:

    those chanel shoes make me sad. i WAANNTTTT them!

  28. Good luck on your finals!
    Your blog is darling!
    I’m quite a fan of both pairs!

  29. Lauren says:

    Hey Jane! Both shoes are nice but the Dries are truly AMAZING! If you can…definitely add them to your collection!

  30. Jade says:

    Goodluck with your finals! Those shoes are killer!

  31. Missaa says:

    Those Chanels are AMAZINGS! god!

  32. cassiopeia says:

    ooh! those chanels are just to die for!!! good luck with finals :-D xxxxc

  33. Amalina says:

    Good luck with the finals :)

  34. Anika says:

    Good luck with your exams.
    And those Chanel shoes are to die for!!!

  35. Japke says:

    those Chanel heels are perfect! Good luck with your finals!

  36. M+V says:

    oh wow.. AMAZING! good luck with finals :) great blog btw. xx

  37. Marina says:

    This shoes from russian Paris-Moscow pre-fall collection will be in Moscow in 29th may in special pop-up Chanel boutique which will be open only 4 weeks.
    P.S. I’m in love with this Dries Van Noten shoes(if I’m not mistaken you have the same?)

  38. Suzanne says:

    OMG, the chanels :O

  39. Sara says:

    oh i love those dries…i’m still working on hunting down the other beaded ones, the ones that you already have. i scour ebay and every place i can think of every day trying to find them and still no luck!

  40. Emma B. says:

    I can see why! (:

  41. Ida Filippa says:

    Hi Jane,
    nice shoes! spotted this octopus necklace for ya!
    check it out – http://www.modcloth.com/store/Womens/Accessories/Necklaces/My+Pet+Octopus+Necklace

  42. super-fabulous-gaudy-delight! …good luck on your finals!

  43. Mel says:

    Oh god, I so need those Chanel shoes. Time for a trip to London for a shoe hunt I think. x

  44. Chloe says:

    The Chanel one, it has to be very old, doesn’t it? Coz I don’t think I have seen this one before, but like the structer of it :D

  45. grace says:

    summer is sooo soon, good luck, lady!

  46. chantelle says:

    that chanel one is sex on a stick.

  47. ichan says:

    love those Dries Van Noten!! but the “it” shoe that you must have this year is LV Tribal Heels.. OMG, they’re breathtaking!!!

  48. Soraya says:

    I love love love DVN shoes, I recently bought amazing black snake stiletto sandals.
    I’d love to own these as well!
    Good luck with your finals!

  49. Deltay says:

    Aww, good luck on your finals, Jane! You’ll do great =)

  50. rachel says:

    UMMMM SALE TODAY @ net-a-porter gurl.
    lots of goodies in the shoes… the hot pink and the black lace strappies are up!!

  51. not my real name says:

    UGH!!! will smoeone tell me what the big deal is about these shoes!?!?! sure they’re pretty i guess, but they look like a PAIN to walk in! seriously!!! no offense to all of you who are drooling over them, but i just don’t get it.

  52. not my real name says:

    UGH!!! will smoeone tell me what the big deal is about these shoes!?!?! sure they’re pretty i guess, but they look like a PAIN to walk in! seriously!!! no offense to all of you who are drooling over them, but i just don’t get it.

  53. Anne says:

    Good luck with your exams!! and those Dries shoes are to die for!! ^_^

  54. Yan, Chen says:

    My name is Yan and I’m a journalist of a fashion magazine named “Little Thing” (http://www.littlethingmagazine.com/) in China.
    I love your style and outfits so much.
    It will be my pleasure to interview you and introduce you to the girls in China.
    Please reply me via e-mail: lupin_986@hotmail.com.
    Thanks a lot!

  55. Sunset says:

    Aww how cute :D Those Dries are fabulous!!

  56. Julien says:

    I m searching for the Dries sandals too…Too rare ?
    Only seen one pair in Paris’s Dries store last year…
    When I m studying, I always keep something I would like to happen in my mind… La pensée positive .

  57. Lili says:

    I’d KILL somebody for those Chanels.
    LoveYour style

  58. Flora says:

    Good Luck also love the shoes

  59. MonkeyModa says:

    As much as I like the Chanel because of its nod to my culture, the price on those things gave me sticker shock!

  60. Brigadeiro says:

    Ah! Those Dries are DIVINE!!! I finally got my hands on the other beaded pair I have been searching for forever, SO SO happy! :)

  61. Jules says:

    They are gorgeous shoes.=) Looking forward on your next post,have a great day ahead.=)
    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  62. Treshh says:

    That is for love

  63. the Voguette says:

    jane those shoes are to dieee for!! LOVEEE the DVNs and the chanel shoes are amazinggg.

  64. yay board post! i missed them!

  65. Solo says:

    Good luck on your exams,and those heels.So cool.;D
    Travel and Living

  66. bluejayintokyo says:

    Hi Jane :-)
    I thought you might be inspired by the outfits of one particular Australian newsreader, Lee Lin Chin.
    The outfits she wears to read the news every night are fascinating ;)

  67. Beth says:

    I don’t blame you those Dries Van Noten shoes are show stoppers!
    Good luck on your Finals as well btw!

  68. gabrielle says:

    ahh! the chanels blow my mind!

  69. Cari says:

    Gorgeous shoes! I love the Chanel. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

  70. you’d rock with the dries van notens!

  71. Those heels are just spectacular! Good luck with finals :)

  72. Becca says:

    those chanel heels are amazingly amazingly great.

  73. luxirare says:

    Where are you??? please update……I miss regular seaofshoes posting

  74. lunarzie says:

    good luck on your finals :-)

  75. jamie clare says:

    if you get the chanels i’ll never visit you blog again. hahaha. it would be toooooooo painful….sigh.

  76. LLIIIISU says:

    Your blog is amazing , and you are so beautiful. :)
    Love your style. ;)

  77. amy says:

    I saw these shoes and thought of you.
    I love your blog! So stylish!

  78. sarah says:

    yeah these are amazing. good luck on finals!

  79. Vina says:

    that Chanel shoes is super gorgeous!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  80. Abi says:

    Those Chanel shoes are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Works of art.

  81. Kris says:

    i was wondering if you saw these Ann D. boots that are similar to yours? except these are stilettos,
    from Jak & Jil
    but whatever. you don’t even read your comments.

  82. edgar says:

    it is truly the <3 for shoes…<3 <3 <3 it much…

  83. I love love looooove these shoes…and you’re drawing :)

  84. Maybe you have never really understand my existence.