All necklaces worn are vintage, and all are very recent acquisitions. Expect to see some on the vintage site soon…definitely not going to part with that cross though! What a piece.
Worn with Martin Margiela biege sandal-boots, BCBG skirt, and Ann Sofie Back sweater.
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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! THE Martin Margiela boots! How I LOVE them! The Ann Sofie Back sweater is gorgeous!

  2. Audrey says:

    What a great way to punch up a black dress. :)

  3. Audrey says:

    er, excuse me…
    not a dress but a black outfit

  4. Heather says:

    That is one serious cross. I wouldn’t part with it either. Simply elegant!

  5. gennie says:

    wow i LOVE this look!!!! i forgot how amazing those margielas are hehe.

  6. Dude that ASB jumper is so sick. She is so insanely awesome.

  7. Alfie says:

    gorgeous outfit and DOPE ass chain. Reminds me of a vintage dookie chain!

  8. candid cool says:

    i love the way layered gold chains look.

  9. Imela Kei says:

    this get up is totally perfect!…love the boots (who doesnt?!), the skirt and that a-symmetrical sweater…? its just lovely! and those blings adding up the spice…love the style Jane. Keep it up!

  10. Nini Nguyen says:

    Looking so fabulous Jane!!!! The Margiela boots is dreamy :)

  11. Nini Nguyen says:

    oh, and the background is beautiful :)

  12. alex says:

    im getting an Edina Monsoon vibe from the lacroix-esque cross

  13. Ashley K says:

    Oooo great necklaces! I love how shiny they are! And that cross one is definitely a keeper!

  14. xAZD says:

    A wonderful combination of necklaces. I love how your boots almost disappear next to your legs. So stylish, as usual!

  15. Alisa says:

    i love multiple chains and statement jewelry.

  16. lunarzie says:

    seriously amazing jewelry. and i love the shoes <3

  17. RikkiLane says:

    That is some serious bling! haha. I love the gold with the black, so chic :]

  18. Emily Rose says:

    I seriously love love love those margielas!

  19. Emma says:

    Great post! I don’t know if you actually read your comments but your blog is my favourite and i check it everyday for new posts.
    Keep it up!

  20. daphne says:

    Beautiful. I love the layered necklaces and black/tan combo. So pretty!

  21. Monique says:

    that is amazing… i love the simplicity of the outfit with all those gold chains and that cross.. wow.

  22. Allie! says:

    The gold chain is positively epic and I love the contrast with the black outfit– I stumbled upon a beautiful, old, ornate cross chain awhile ago at an antique fair, and I still regret letting it go- sooooo special and unusual!

  23. Ruth says:

    Love th layering of gold!
    Ruth @ Matches

  24. Very chic outfit and accessories especially the Margiela boots.

  25. Ina says:

    Oh what a shame… That cross is amazing!

  26. the Voguette says:

    you look absolutely fabulouss. love the shirt + bling combo – it looks great!
    The Voguette

  27. Ann says:

    AMAZING! your face is extremely pretty in the 3rd pic-thought you should have rotated it Jane!! xx

  28. rebeca says:


  29. Shaminista says:

    The Margiela are AwESOME

  30. lenn says:

    does anyone know what camera jane uses ?
    the photos and outfits are amazing

  31. Shen-Shen says:

    Hot bling! I love the way it looks with your simple black dress.

  32. tanya says:

    hey what happened to the calvin klein boots post?

  33. Ashley says:

    Definite bling! I love costume jewelry. Great piece!

  34. Morning!
    I stole a picture for a Real Life Vintage Spot mega post on bloggers who are wearing vintage today at The Shrimpton Blog

  35. Geri Wu says:

    love the necklaces! beautiful!
    xx, Geri

  36. annie d. says:

    what kind of lipstick do you use? it is absolutely ravishing!

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  38. Francesca says:

    Love your hairrr.

  39. bintk says:

    Love the whole outfit, you look fab!

  40. Denni says:

    gorgeous boots
    new posts!!!

  41. insanely fabulous necklaces.

  42. chen says:

    I ALWAYS come here to see you.
    Hope to see update everyday~ ;)

  43. Delmac says:

    just wanted to say Jane that I love how you’re always trying new things with fashion, and pulling it off each time. I’ve followed a few different blogs over the past few years, and whilst other bloggers I’ve found start repeating the same combinations over and over, yours are constantly fresh and inspiring. You should definately have your own label or magazine some day! x Delaney

  44. milly says:

    love the layered necklaces!

  45. Savannah says:

    I love the combination of a ton of gold jewelery on an all black outfit. Looks great!

  46. amy williams says:

    That sweater is really stunning, and worn PERFECTLY!

  47. scry says:

    That is an outfit I would never put together for myself, but it looks incredible. And the cross is the perfect focal point.

  48. Bisou-joue says:

    love all your wonderful necklaces !

  49. Hanh says:

    Hi Jane, I love the whole outfit.

  50. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve had in awhile. Awesome style!

  51. dannie says:

    that cross is magnificent
    looks sooo royal
    loooves how you muted (yet still kept it interesting) the rest of your outfit to create a magnificent backdrop for the show piece ;)))

  52. love that bubble skirt. i’ve been lusting after one, but haven’t had much sucess in finding one. jewels = exquisite.

  53. katrina says:

    STUNNING! & amazing blog!

  54. antonia says:


  55. Naomi says:

    wow at that cross!

  56. Liv says:

    Love it. All of it.
    Especially the necklace !

  57. Krystal S. says:

    adore this look x

  58. iole says:

    Loving them all!

  59. Young Damsel says:

    mmm love. oh course and as always<33

  60. hahha love the bling :]

  61. Libby says:

    Want that cross, its gorgeous!!!

  62. nikky says:

    sweater dress+bling is perfect.
    great combo

  63. Cruz says:

    This look is stunning! Love the necklaces.

  64. SLauren says:

    Hey Jane, I’ve been reading your site for a while, absolutely love it by the way.
    And, I found this
    and thought of you!

  65. says:

    Love this look! I love your lip color also…mind sharing what product that is? Assuming it’s not natural :)

  66. diane says:

    loving the tassel necklace- it’s absolutely perfect.

  67. Kat says:

    the cross, the shoes.
    What an awesome outfit dear!! you look amazing as always.

  68. Aaron says:

    The asymmetrical, contrasting skirt bottoms add an unexpected twist that really makes this interesting.
    Those shoes are amazing!

  69. Nora says:

    you look so fierce! loving the outfit and especially those boots! they are to die for.

  70. S.I.Q. says:

    they are great! but what i love the most in the photos is your hair!!
    -best current model
    -unusual shoes of 09

  71. scisi says:

    very medusa-ish chains. lovely:)

  72. Vanessa says:

    I wouldn’t part with the cross, either. It’s so beautiful.

  73. rachel e. says:

    loving the bling. looks great against the black.
    check this video out, its only about six minutes:

  74. Celine says:

    Those pieces are stunning, they look perfect with the simple black outfit.

  75. Amélie says:

    I love this outfit. all those necklaces fit very well together.

  76. mo says:

    you’re fabulous! Still love those margielas

  77. Vanessa says:

    I adore Ann Sofie Back. Swedes have amazing style! Btw I gave you a little award on my blog today :-)

  78. Penelope says:

    Hey there!
    You look fabulous (of course),
    but I LOVE your lipstick.
    Do you mind telling your avid readers what brand/color it is?
    Thanks so much! Keep up the good work fashion-wise!

  79. WOW I LOVE that cross i dont blame you!! : )
    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  80. mrjyn says:

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  81. mrjyn says:

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  82. Ewka says:

    You look great!!! I very like yours style!

  83. viky says:

    beautiful girl&style and blog.
    i love it!
    maybe you like my new blog?

  84. says:

    this is a bling bling:):)

  85. cassiopeia says:

    gorgeous cross… looking fab!

  86. love the proportions of this outfit, and the way the jewels ‘pop’ against the black canvas

  87. kixvix says:

    Black and gold always look good together! Great outfit :D

  88. leyandrea says:

    i love the whole ensemble, jane! it just WORKS u know…so tim gunn would be proud ;)
    weirdly enough deutsche vogue just did a jewelry special on such similar gold jewelry. gonna blog and post those editorial shots soon :)
    cheers babe!
    andrea oxoxx
    Life In Technicolor

  89. Romina Rosenow says:

    Hi Jane, this is my first comment to you or to any blog really, so it’s a very high compliment! My hairstylist told me about your blog and she so intrigued me that I had to check it out, and I find it very compelling: your photos are really clean and the colour always pops, and you have a really fresh, pretty vibe about you, not to mention that you have an absolutely fearless style! I really love your blog and will continue to follow it so keep up the great work!
    xxx Romina

  90. hanako66 says:

    they are all fabulous!

  91. trang says:

    hot shoes & chains! ;) behind the seams

  92. Julia says:

    Cool outfit. Eh, I hate crosses.

  93. M. Fraide says:

    Those shoes will be the death of me. I absolutely have been spending too much time searching for those shoes.
    Size 37 if anyone finds an extra pair!!
    I’m loving the warm weather clothing Jane!
    Colours Marie

  94. Hello Jane, you are always so cool. I wrote about you here:
    Hope you like it

  95. Clo' says:

    Hey Jane!
    Im french and I was reading the few last Glamour magazines.. And I noticed there was an article on you.. !! Perhaps you already knew it ^^
    Love your style, always fresh and you’re gorgeous.

  96. nina says:

    you’ve got so many beautiful necklaces! lucky you :D

  97. Emma B. says:

    Wow… That necklace must have cost you a fortune!

  98. kelse says:


  99. Becca says:

    loving the ‘bling’ esp the cross! Gorgeous! and those margiela boots are to die for!

  100. Molly says:

    Nice with some swedish design!
    love your style!

  101. Karla says:

    love love love the outfit!

  102. j says:

    i love vintage jewellery as well!

  103. abby says:

    i can never get a bun to look like that, no matter how much time i put into it !
    tips ?

  104. fatty liver says:

    That cross necklace is just magnificent, and goes well with the black outfit.