I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately. 
I've been loving this skirt since Michelle at Quail sent it to me, along with some other beautiful things that have yet to make it to the blog!
Worn with A PVC jacket from Mango, an American Apparel floppy fat, and Martin Margiela cut-out boots.
Current favorite b&w inspirations:
Charlotte Rampling
David Bowie
This shot by Helmut Newton in a 1987 US Vogue
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  1. sd says:

    the Helmut Newton image is stunning

  2. Brigadeiro says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS outfit!!! That skirt looks so comfortable, versatile & effortlessly elegant! Love it!

  3. Libby says:

    Love the hat, and the david bowie shot is fantastic!

  4. Strike a pose! Very nice! I love the cut-out Margiela boots..they look awesome!

  5. Christine says:

    That’s a gorgeous picture, fits nicely with the b&w inspirations!

  6. stephanie says:

    I love Charlotte Rampling. She’s one of my favorite. Have you seen the movie Swimming pool!?! It so good!
    Love the boots with the long skirt. Great combination.

  7. Jessica says:

    that hat is PERFECTION.
    i have three of them, they’re completely delicious.

  8. Nini Nguyen says:

    Hi Jane-
    The MMM boots is so amazing!! It made everything looks so great. How is school? We all need to get together to have lunch soon!!

  9. Cruz says:

    LOVE this outfit! I’ve been wanting to see those MMMs again on here haha. Those other pics are amazing too, you turn me on to so many new stylish people.

  10. candid cool says:

    charlotte rampling is so intriguing

  11. Justyna says:

    You look like soooo good!!!
    I love hose boots:]

  12. jules says:

    this outfit is pretty much a big deal! Love love the skirt!

  13. Imela Kei says:

    oh gosh…i want that Margiela pairs so much! Saw them on the web and yeah…they’re so darn expensive! Plus shipping here to Indonesia…aarrgghh
    anyways, you look mysterious yet lovely. Love ur style so much!
    Keep it up!

  14. amber says:

    still very much love those shoes!! And i like that hat too!

  15. the Voguette says:

    I’m loving everything!! you look so amazingly cool and those shoes!!! *drool*
    they are perfect on you. and that hat tops off the whole outfit.
    The Voguette

  16. annie says:

    love the Bowie and Vogue shots, so glamorous and timeless.

  17. Julia says:

    These are pretty great :)

  18. The Martin Margelia boots are pretty amazing -I think your blog is really inspiring I love it – I’d really appreciate if youd check my blog out - – and comment on some of the posts and become a follower!

  19. in love with your little cropped jacket.

  20. christina d says:

    third image is perfection. i never say this but: OMG

  21. Bisou-joue says:

    I’m just so crazy about your floppy hat !

  22. Sabina says:

    Crazy outfit, it’s so elegant! I’m just in love!

  23. Ruth says:

    I like the way you think girl and I love the inspirations! Ruth @ Matches

  24. Beatufiul outfit, you look amazing!

  25. lol I meant: beautiful* :P

  26. lucy says:

    dark and pretty ! you seem to be a mysterious lady !

  27. Christing says:

    love this look…esp in black and white!! charlotte rampling is incredibly inspirational!!

  28. lauren says:

    The boots are so stylish, they look as if your wearing ballet pumps with stirrup leggings!

  29. mrjyn says:

    i wish i could have introduced your fetus to helmie and june. nice lean, pachuca.

  30. Leia says:

    Love it, Jane :)

  31. Madelene says:

    Charlotte Rampling is the best.

  32. Charlotte says:

    I <3 Helmut Newton's work

  33. sierra says:

    i like this new black/white tone but i miss the old header :-)

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  35. iru says:

    oh my. a monocle. bowie in glasses… the only thing better than our spectacled friends are our monocled ones. spot on again!

  36. Emma says:

    Two words: absolutely fantastic!
    Your outfit embodies such air of mystery; beauty and dram – all simultaneously. And you look gorgeous as ever too, of course.

  37. Corrie says:

    Nice. Those Margiela boots kill me every time!

  38. Your outfit is gorgeous! I love margiela’s boots.

  39. Caitlin says:

    god, everything looks better in black and white. i think the wizard of oz had it the wrong way round

  40. Caroline says:

    gorgeous! love the black and white photo :)

  41. Morgan says:

    this is stunning. there is absolutely no way that you are only sixteen….

  42. Angela says:

    such a sophisticated look! I love it!!

  43. Ty Ty says:

    I love this outfit! very chic… i love the shoes especially. beautiful photos… amazing blog xoxo

  44. Miss Glitzy says:

    Great inspiration! Did I tell you how great are your Margiela’s cut out boots? Yes I think I already did!

  45. lindsay says:

    where do you get your hair done? i’m from the keller area and hop around from stylist to stylist because I can’t find a great one. Beautiful outfit!

  46. Celine says:

    Love that Rampling shot, she’s so sexy! Great outfit too :)

  47. jordyhb says:

    bow-ties on women. that would make for an interesting post. they’re becoming big again – feminine and flirty or masculine and manly? 140Fashion – follow us on twitter.

  48. this is a great picture! i’m loving that floppy hat.

  49. Mina says:

    amazing inspirational outfit. love the boots.

  50. liv says:

    black is a color i could wear everyday, i always seem to find myself wearing it in some form… i love the outfit and photos.

  51. Love the all black outfit!
    Very edgy and chic.

  52. Emma says:

    Love the hat, and the boots are simply amazing.

  53. Danny Daily says:

    Those shoes just provide the perfect counter balance. For some reason, I just think of Kamali when I see them :-)

  54. georgie says:

    Ah, Charlotte….

  55. Gisela says:

    Hi Jane!
    You have those pieces that I’m dying for! The Margiela boots I almost copped at the Barney’s Warehouse sale but there were so uncomfy and that Palldino octopus ring is on my hit list!! You must come visit our blog! You’re going to love it! Your mom Judy visits us often. I’d love to hear from you :-)

  56. Becs says:

    You look amazing in this outfit. I love the floppy hat.. so chic and sophisticated.
    xo, Becs

  57. S.I.Q. says:

    the skirt is great!
    and the leather boots and leather jacket go perfectly!
    -Unusual shoes of 09
    -New MET Costume Institute Gala photos

  58. Clarisse says:

    Love your outfit. I wish I could find those boots here. Would definitely wear that anywhere.

  59. patriflux says:

    soooooooooo elegant!!!

  60. VANESSA says:

    hello,i’m a chinese girl, iwould like to become friends with you.

  61. rubie. says:

    every part of that outfit is perfection.
    i want to ingest it or something.

  62. Amalina says:

    those boots are sexy :)

  63. Geri Wu says:

    i love the outfit! and the martin margiela shoes are to die for!
    xx, Geri

  64. Alicia says:

    Love the outfit! :)

  65. you pull off the effortless chic so well! keep it up, you’re blog is one of the best :]

  66. hey i have that hat too! i just got it in the mail, isn’t it great?
    i love the shot of charlotte rampling.
    xo katy

  67. Mandi says:

    The boots are amazing – wish I had your budget for shoes! You should check out the shoes my bf got me the other day – diy’d by a stylist for $30 a pair :) Not so practical but pretty funny

  68. frances says:

    i wonder how this outfit would look in all white or all camel? hmmm

  69. freakazoid says:

    Black and whites are the best! your blog was one of my inspiration to start a blog! I love how all your pieces fit together…

  70. Anika says:

    The current fave outfit is truly stunning. My style too, I LOVE it :)

  71. clémence says:

    this pic of charlotte rampling is just wonderful…!

  72. flora says:

    Theres something in those photos.. that keeps it timeless.

  73. Isabel says:

    This outfit is so elegant. You are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion. I truly do love your blog :)

  74. birgit says:

    Really nice outfit indeed!

  75. david says:

    you don’t think david bowie is overplayed?

  76. Emily Rose says:

    I love those cutout margiela’s.. and black and white is such a beautiful medium– I feel like the best color photographers are always the ones that have mastered black and white first.

  77. bint says:

    I love your shoes totally FAB!

  78. Ruby says:

    Wow, you look amazing! Love, love, love the shoes !

  79. robynne says:

    JANE! This outfit is so classy. I need to get myself one of those hats. Pronto.

  80. susan says:

    love it, especially the cut out boots :D
    it looks like Rihanna’s one :]

  81. MAURENICE says:


  82. Delmac says:

    outfit, hair, pose. all completely nailed! love it!

  83. cassiopeia says:

    charlotte rampling is my all time idol… just too beautiful. love the sskirt and hat! xxxc

  84. Jey says:

    floppy fat.

  85. remy says:

    luv the shapes of ur outfit
    cept it makes u seem really lonely and isolated and stuff
    which i mean after gettin interviewed bi lyk every1 im pretty sure ur not

  86. jess says:

    those cut out boots are fantastic!

  87. Caleb Poling says:

    Wow, that hat is fantastic.

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