The other day I was lucky enough to be shot by my friend Bret Sano and he took these amazing shots of a piece of vintage Ghost (a label I am fanatical about!) The black duster I’m wearing is one of the most exquisite things I own and I got such an amazing deal on it-it was found in a very special vintage store in the middle of nowhere. LUCKY FIND!!
I borrowed my mom’s thigh-high Givenchy cowboy boots for this shot. Man, I wish I had a pair of my own.
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  1. luxirare says:

    yay! I love this. The photos are truly amazing jane!
    That cardigan is ……well you know what it is. And how lucky are you to be rocking those givs.

  2. Christine says:

    ohh gorgeous. i love the third picture – very artsy :)

  3. daphne says:

    That last photo is stunning. Your hair looks amazing- I think I need to get a crimper. I haven’t had one around for at least five years. It’s definitely time.

  4. brooke says:

    you look ridiculously like your mum in that first shot… its really beautiful!

  5. Bambola says:

    Gorgeous photos! The whole outfit looks absolutely divine.

  6. damzel says:

    I love the last photo, you look gorgeous!

  7. Hannah says:

    These photos are great. I really love the way you’ve done your hair. You kind of remind me of a really young Madonna!

  8. Anne says:

    The photos are exquisite and you make the most beautiful model!

  9. Aaron says:

    awesome pictures!
    i really like the second one, and the black and white ones are nice too

  10. Nadia says:

    i wish i could see the boots in the entirety . . you look great

  11. Kat George says:

    I love the light in the second picture xx

  12. Shen-Shen says:

    These photos are so pretty, and those boots are hot!

  13. Bisou-joue says:

    your outfit is stunning ! you’ve got such a great style !

  14. Bisou-joue says:

    your outfit is stunning ! you’ve got such a great style ! love your hair !

  15. Nadja says:

    Great photos, I love your necklace. Lovely outfit!!

  16. Thea says:

    the bootssssssssssssssssssssss
    it definitely owns my heart-!

  17. The boots are to die for.

  18. daisy says:

    The photos and the clothes are both stunning !

  19. scisi says:

    wow how gothy. they look amazing:)

  20. Georgia says:

    you really carry those boots off! i love the one of you swirling…it reminds me of faires
    It would be mine

  21. Mehron says:

    That is an absolutely breathtaking piece of clothing. How it gathers on the ground… it’s so impossibly ancient-elegant.
    I recently bought some sandals (my first pair, actually!) from a consignment store in Seattle, and they are Ghost. I had no idea what that meant until this post, I am a lot more proud of that purchase now.
    Thanks for being so goddam classy, girl!

  22. wow, these photos are so breathtaking, especially the first and last. absolutely amazing.

  23. Sunset says:

    Gorgeous! That duster is amazing.

  24. Rocío L. says:

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING photos!!! You look gorgeous.

  25. the photos are phenomenal!! you look GORGEOUS!!
    i also love the photos by bret sano on your mom’s blog, you both are beautiful women who really have great sense of style :)
    p.s. i too, envy your mom’s boots ;)

  26. Marina says:

    Gothic queen!Great photos!

  27. christelle says:

    Wow beautifuls pics!!!

  28. Margarita says:

    Such gorgeous pictures. The light is beautiful in these shots.

  29. sandra says:

    love your outfit and dramatic photos!
    *love your blog

  30. Wow, what absolutely stunning photos! I could see Stevie Nicks wearing that outfit. Beautiful!!

  31. fashionstyle says:

    So black…so beautiful !!

  32. KD says:

    Wow, it truly is exquisite. Amazing photos!

  33. Alma says:

    Hey there pretty, I mentioned you in a post on my blog a few days ago, in swedish though. But what I wanted to say is just that I love your blog!

  34. GGshoe says:

    A wonderful find that piece of vintage!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  35. that piece is incredible

  36. Ekaterina says:

    So good photos and clothes!

  37. Zarah says:

    hello check my blog i´m a hairmodel! :)

  38. ava says:

    Hi Jane! I love these pics. <3 Ava

  39. all photos are so beautiful, jane!
    as well as you are!

  40. S.I.Q. says:

    the black duster you are wearing is amazing!!
    you really have some unique clothes!
    -not well known amazing designers
    -make your own shoes

  41. Laura says:

    wow these pictures are amazing!
    The boots are wondeful….

  42. Libby says:

    These shots are gorgeous, and those shoes, I want my own pair too. Your friend is very talented!

  43. Hadley says:

    THat second photo is stunning

  44. xAZD says:

    those are really beautiful photos Jane! Well done. :)

  45. Bright Star says:

    The shots and the lights are beautiful

  46. Wendy Toth says:

    Hot shots, LOVE the boots.

  47. Ty Ty says:

    Omg this photos are too stunning! i love the boot, i wish i had them too!
    Ty Ty

  48. Jill says:

    Fabulous, amazing, fantastic photos…love the third one best! He is such a talented photographer and you are quite the stunning muse!

  49. Cruz says:

    Jane those photographs are amazing, you should steal your mom’s botas more often. ;-)

  50. Lauren says:

    You look like a real goth in these photos, but sort of an angelic goth?! Your features are so dainty, really nice shots too

  51. arpa says:

    pictures conjured up images of young, beautiful vampires and a town called Forks…

  52. Absolutely stunning!

  53. Cari says:

    Reminds me of stevie nicks. xo cari

  54. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! LOVE Ghost! I assume it’s the British label that I’m thinking about, absolutely gorgeous as always! ;)

  55. afdafdaf says:

    your ugly

  56. i love how your photos are such a departure from your moms. you both look phenomenal but i like the dark edge of yours. you have a really ethereal beauty!
    you’re lucky to be able to share such AMAZING clothes and shoes with your mom!

  57. dannie says:

    soooo goth chic
    the cross is a lovely addition, as is your hair

  58. Nini Nguyen says:

    Jane- The photos looks amazing!! Your friend did a great job. Have fun in NYC and keep us posted!!
    Nini Nguyen

  59. Becs says:

    Your pics are beautiful and you are so gorg. Love your necklaces!!

  60. jessie says:

    these are absolutely amazing.

  61. Cait says:

    stunning, Jane, just plain STUNNING

  62. a.n.e says:

    eerily amazing. love to see more.

  63. Emma says:

    You are so adorable! These shots are amazing…they remind me of something out of an old vogue spread I saw a few years ago. Your friend is really talented- I love some of his photoshop tricks as well! Wish I knew how to do that!

  64. ragil mega says:

    Wow, I really love those leather pants and the top is to die for!
    Great pictures, Jane..

  65. Isabel says:

    You are beautiful.

  66. says:

    beauty! i love this photos!!!

  67. E says:

    A kind of gothic innocence, I like it. The boots are a pure artistic god-send.

  68. Christine says:

    wow you are beautiful :)
    great shoes Aww..

  69. Tamia says:

    Such beautiful photos! Bret is very talented.

  70. Camilla says:

    Hot pictures! I envy you! :)
    I’ve linked to your blog, hope you don’t mind.
    Love from Camilla

  71. lilly! says:

    you look somehow really ugly in this photos.i mean fuck look at your face.weird!

  72. Celine says:

    I love that shot of you staring at the ground!

  73. Trine says:

    I love love LOVE these pictures. It’s more like art than anything taken out from any other blog. You’re fabelous, babe!

  74. Julia says:

    Wow these pictures are amazing! Your friend is really talented and the outfit rocks. I especially love you crimped hair!!

  75. Christing says:

    beautiful photos! i’m so jealous your mom has givenchy boots! wish my mom was that cool :-)

  76. modernwonder says:

    im a huge fan of your blog. you are so gorgeous. i love your clothes and the unique ways you wear them. check out my blog if you get a chance

  77. Marina says:

    The second photo is divine! Boots- exquisite.

  78. h says:

    Those boots are sensational!

  79. tresh says:

    cardigan and boots just want it.
    loving the

  80. really pretty, i love the feeling and emotion behind these images :)

  81. shit.
    these are outrageous.
    love you’re styling in these shots.

  82. june says:

    great photos, the light is very awesome
    and i love ur style :)

  83. Steve says:

    Very Matrix-chic, I absolutely love this!

  84. grace e. says:

    You are a very lucky girl! And these shots are gorgeous. Perfect way to capture a moment in your life :)

  85. I love that shoes!
    check my blog, from sweden!

  86. Berenice says:

    I’ve just discovered your page and i’m fond of every piece you own !!!
    and those pics are especially nice = )
    i’m french and also fond of fashion, i wish i could own as many shoes as you .
    i’ll often come back to see every new article :)

  87. The Tart says:

    Ghost … Yep, I remember it well. I sold lots of it at Stanley Korshak. I loved the white pieces.
    ; *

  88. Mandi says:

    I love the thigh high boots – wish I had some too!

  89. lucille says:

    You are perfect ! I was so suprised when I discover your blog !!

  90. Каrin says:

    adore her black shoes!

  91. Claire says:

    Second shot is good. The lighting is great.

  92. Gabrielle says:

    you’re so stunning.

  93. j says:

    i really like the second photo! :)

  94. Kay says:

    Your hair is fab, do you crimp or plait?

  95. Chloe says:

    like those necklaces. really like the colour of your lipstick, doll!

  96. That first photo is AMAZING!
    Its so wistful, so glamorous!
    You look like a young Stevie Nicks.
    Kudos to you and the photographer!

  97. Kim says:

    I love the gold necklaces!

  98. fawn says:

    Oh my god, I wish I could dress like this. Cash, however, is limiting, so I’m glad that someone gets to! I love your blog.

  99. derp says:

    it’s not like you can’t just buy a pair of those boots. what with your mom’s endless money supply.

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  101. Nanaaaa says:

    I’m speechless.
    You look absolutely STUNNING!
    and i’m drooling over those necklaces!! they are SO BEAUTIFUL putting together!!
    I’ve been reading your blog for like more than a year now, and being a huge fan of you, I absolutely LOVE your style!
    After watching the interview of you on Channel 33, I like you even more as your personality is so charming!
    Are you thinking about going to Parsons in NYC? (as you mentioned you would go check some schools out)
    You would be the shiniest designer if you ever determine to become one!

  102. nell says:

    Cool pics :D

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