if you could have ONE THING for fall, it would be…?

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  1. Ava says:

    WOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE! …and possibly DIY-able with the help of some heavy-duty leather-wrangling tools! :)

  2. Christing says:

    amazing! i want one too! would love to see what you would do with it!

  3. Karen B says:

    Wow that is one FIERCE corset!

  4. marieke says:

    belgiuuum :D

  5. Ty Ty says:

    That corset is ingenious! I am in love with it… so FIERCE!
    Ty Ty

  6. ida filippa says:

    i love it! so you!

  7. i wonder what it would look like properly down up.
    i cant even think about fall right now, i prefer to give the seasons their full attention during their actual seasons. only exception ive been looking at dior homme’s fall runway for purely practical reasons.

  8. xAZD says:

    wow – stunning! also, i realized today that if you were to have a celebrity look-alike, it would be kirsten prout (she was on Kyle xy)
    haha XD

  9. oh boy, wish i could have that Ann D’s.

  10. ewelina says:

    i think that it is ugly :D

  11. Kristin says:

    Wow, that’s intense! I would love to see that done up also. For I would love a pair of Louboutin metallic pumps.

  12. I like it best over the white dress!

  13. lei ann says:

    haha…jane this is soooo you, espesh with your love for octopi :)
    i agree with ava…i’m already brainstorming on how to DIY this :)

  14. Sunset says:

    Hooooly crap. AMAZING! I think you can definitely turn this into an interesting diy!

  15. Cruz says:

    I loved those the first time I saw them, so cool! You definitely need to find a away to procure those for fall.

  16. MM says:

    mehh , I’m not loving it.
    seems like its trying too hard haha.
    but a more toned down version , I can imagine.

  17. sd says:

    i LOVE that thing!

  18. Cathrine says:

    Hi Jane.
    I just wanted to know which camera you use?
    Greetings from Denmark :)

  19. Erica says:

    Great thigh high boots. Or a phenomenal trench.

  20. ooo this looks HARDCORE good!

  21. i like the waiscoat but the corset…..i could never carry that ;)

  22. Gabrielle says:

    ann’s a genious. wow.

  23. mo says:

    i so need a horse harness of some sort now!
    fashion nostalgia from los angeles

  24. dasha says:

    I don’t see myself in that but i have to say its amazing..ann is amazing!
    check my blog

  25. Aria says:

    Mine would be the YSL leather bodysuit!!!!

  26. Camille says:

    Definately DIY-able, with the right resources!
    All you need is a leather corset (Lol good luck finding that) and a bunch of black belts!

  27. Shen-Shen says:

    Holy crap, that is so AWESOME!

  28. william says:

    I agree with the person who said this could be a DIY. I’ll have to try myself sometime.

  29. Yep, this is definitely one on my wish list. The other one I really like is the one by Alexander McQueen.

  30. That would be so wicked on you, too!

  31. Mardjan says:

    if i could have one thing for fall: the stella mccartney mesh heels

  32. Kay says:

    (not hooker boots)

  33. Sarah Lowe says:

    i like the corset, but the things coming off of it aren’t so fab. love the cool dark jacket in the first pic.

  34. tresh says:

    it s just marvellous. she got it!!
    just discovered

  35. everything. oh wait, that’s one word not one thing.
    hmmm… i really can’t think of one thing at the moment so i’d have to go back to my original answer of everything.

  36. Wendygital says:

    Wow! Glorious design!
    I certainly wouldn’t mind to have just this one thing for fall! ;-)

  37. Stephanie says:

    oh WOW.
    this makes me think of spiders…but not in a bad way. Ann Demeulemeester is a total genius. I am such a fan.

  38. not my real name says:

    not that

  39. dirtyflaws says:

    i agree and def gave you note for pointing out this amazing piece xx

  40. Robin says:

    The corset seems a little torturous, iron maidenesque perhaps? Too many visits to the tower of London? I definitely love the corset look for fall, perhaps I won’t go as extreme but admiration to those who have the guts!

  41. annabel says:

    oh yeah, you could definitely do a DIY for that!

  42. Adore Belgian designers…so extraordinary.

  43. Theme T says:

    This is too cool! You are such a great inspiration!
    Love from Norway

  44. that thing is a monster!

  45. marthelle says:

    i saw this photographed by mario testino in a german magazin this past week and immediately thought of you! very awesome.

  46. Charlène says:

    You should took the first one, I think it would be great for you :)

  47. Charlène says:

    on you, not for you, on you: it would be great on you.
    (sorry it’s late, and I’m quite tired ^^)

  48. Eboni says:

    I lovvveee Ann!! she is an amazing designer. I am actually about to do a piece on her on my blog! If i could have one thing for fall, it would definately have to be a piece from Balmain tho, by Christophe Decarnin!! he is just ridiculously good

  49. All of these photos are amazing. I LOVE the YSL and Chanel heels – SO fabulous. And that king kong shirt is scary, but so eye-catchingly awesome

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  51. I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

  52. Wow! Very fashionable. I love the collection. :)