I haven't worn this dress in so long but it is perfect for the (glorious) weather we're having.
It was an eBay find-100% polyester and pieced together in a very complicated way.
Worn with Stella Mccartney sandals (new, and so. comfy.)
A leather wrap belt purchased from Boulevards boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma
and some bracelets stolen from my mom
hasta luego xx jane

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  1. Phoi wrote:

    this is stunning

    5.30.09 · Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    Oh man, I’ve been wanting those Stella’s for such a long time, but I can’t find them anywhere! They look amazing on you, but I must admit that I’m a little jealous haha!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  3. Damsels wrote:

    AH that is so so stunning
    you looks perfect .
    and the pics are great as always

    5.30.09 · Reply
  4. heathen wrote:

    that dress is lovely in how it has the change in pattern. you look great!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  5. Emmy wrote:

    wow, LOVE the dress, i can’t believe you found it on ebay. your bangles are also unbelievably lovely.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  6. Danielle wrote:

    Oh, that dress is quite amazing. I like the way tour hair’s looking in those pictures too.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  7. fickle red wrote:

    i love the Stella Mccartneys and the dress.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  8. Teagan wrote:

    I desperately want this entire outfit.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  9. milly wrote:

    fab dress & shoes….love the bangles too

    5.30.09 · Reply
  10. SRR wrote:

    I love the dress! The print really stands out when it’s mixed with the solid colored panels. I love the jagged edges of the skirt, too.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  11. Vanessa wrote:

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours now. :)

    5.30.09 · Reply
  12. Shen-Shen wrote:

    Woah AWESOME dress and awesome shoes!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  13. Ava wrote:

    THOSE SHOES. ARE. AMAZING!!!!! And I love the cut of the dress!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  14. Cari wrote:

    I love the dress and all of the bangles. Very cute. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

    5.30.09 · Reply
  15. mary wrote:

    you are so beautiful.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  16. Sylvia wrote:

    So so so SOOO gorgeous. The dress is absolutely stunningly unique and you look beautiful!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  17. amirg wrote:

    Jane you look amazing !
    I’m a big fan of your blog :)
    and your dress is stunning
    take care
    best wishes from Iceland

    5.30.09 · Reply
  18. cassaundra wrote:

    that dress is gorgeous!
    you look stunning!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  19. Tamicka wrote:

    Love, love, love!!!! The dress is wonderful!!! The shoes are fab and the bangles superb!! Perfect 10!!!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  20. scisi wrote:

    cute shoes and the dress is v.dreamy:)

    5.30.09 · Reply
  21. xAZD wrote:

    the dress is so great! and love belts like that.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  22. It’s sooo great!! The belt is perfect

    5.30.09 · Reply
  23. What a great summer outfit. Yellow is such a happy color!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  24. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane!! I LOVE this dress!! <3 Ava

    5.30.09 · Reply
  25. That dress is pretty stunning! So jealous you got the McCartney sandals, they’re to die for.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  26. Emma wrote:

    these pictures are some of the best you’ve posted yet! i love how summery and breezy this look is, while still completely innovative and different.
    LOVE it!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  27. jane!
    i love your dress!
    you’re so pretty!
    and the stella’s!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  28. Lauren wrote:

    You mix black and brown so freely! I do it occasionally, but most of the time it really kills me. You do it very well though!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  29. The dress is amazing..I love the shape. The Stellas look great with it. Looks like you’re definitely having beautiful weather there.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  30. annie wrote:

    oh my goodness.
    this dress is perfect.
    as we all know, you look stunning in black.
    combined with the buttery yellow, it’s just amazing.
    you should wear more yellow!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  31. emily wrote:

    Oh that is such a fantastic dress =) It’s the perfect shade of yellow!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  32. Jane, you’re so beautiful. I love all the photos!!!!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  33. that dress is REALLY great… <3

    5.30.09 · Reply
  34. quelle wrote:

    what a great dress – especially paired with those bracelets!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  35. Emma wrote:

    omg……………just omg you look amazing i’m so jealous of you

    5.30.09 · Reply
  36. Sarah wrote:

    i really like the print on the dress. i love fat bangles; they just look so great on everybody. i wish we were having good weather. it seems like it’s the end of winter instead of the beginning of summer.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  37. Libby wrote:

    You look stunning, i have been wanting those Stella’s for ages, so jealous!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  38. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OH MY! Did you also get those Stella mesh sandals? Am SO jealous! I really want them in nude, but they’re sold out everywhere I can find them :(

    5.30.09 · Reply
  39. barbara wrote:

    the shoes are beautiful but doesn’t your mom already have a pair? why did you buy new ones instead of sharing?

    5.30.09 · Reply
  40. that dress is beautiful beyond words!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  41. Cynthia wrote:

    I’ve been on the fence about those Stella sandals, but they look fabulous with that dress. Glad to see you’re taking advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Dallas. :)

    5.30.09 · Reply
  42. beautiful!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  43. dannie wrote:

    ::gasp:: you have the stella mccartneys
    mmm…shouldve known!!!! luuuuuuv. n
    that dress i s pretty snazzy, offbeat ;)))

    5.30.09 · Reply
  44. Dana wrote:

    Wow you look so free and happy in these pics! I can tell you really are enjoying the weather very much!

    5.30.09 · Reply
  45. I love that color on you, its very pretty. You have impeccable taste.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  46. Penelope wrote:

    Where were those pictures taken? I love the English garden thing going on in those pictures. You don’t look half bad either. = )

    5.30.09 · Reply
  47. ooooh what a fabulous dress! Great color on you.

    5.30.09 · Reply
  48. This dress is a beautiful piece. It reminds me of a soft, flowy yellow flower petals with African-esque sort of twist.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  49. Meagan wrote:

    What type of camera do you use?
    Is it a canon?

    5.31.09 · Reply
  50. So Beautiful !

    5.31.09 · Reply
  51. Leia wrote:

    What a beautiful dress!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  52. msarah wrote:

    totally loving this look.
    and love the bangle as well.
    take care!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  53. Julia wrote:

    Wow I love your dress with the belt! Your hair looks so good in the pictures too!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  54. Suzanne wrote:

    what an amazing dress! do you mind if I link you?

    5.31.09 · Reply
  55. Veronica wrote:

    Ohhh I fall in love with your dress…. ; ****

    5.31.09 · Reply
  56. Intiz wrote:

    Jane is dancing in the sunshine with the gorgeous dress..Luv it!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  57. Cruz wrote:

    I remember this dress from back in the day, love how you’re wearing it. Great shoes as always lol

    5.31.09 · Reply
  58. i would call it a giraffe dress! this looks fabulous

    5.31.09 · Reply
  59. Asiuzdra wrote:

    Woow. you’ve never looked prettier!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  60. ok i have to tell you the truth…..
    you look amazing!!!!!!!!! ohhh i so love this dress and the stella shoes? i love them!!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  61. Mads wrote:

    Aaahhh I love that dress!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  62. ewelina wrote:

    Very pretty dress :) You look great :) shoes are awesome !!!! Good job Jane :D

    5.31.09 · Reply
  63. A wrote:

    i love your last pic,you look so happy:)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  64. Wendygital wrote:

    That dress is stunning!
    I love ‘Disco’ dresses so much.
    The pics are just perfect and you look gorgeous!
    Cute as a button! :-)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  65. lola wrote:


    5.31.09 · Reply
  66. Sasi wrote:

    You look shiny in the close-up pic. And I love the dress.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  67. nikky wrote:

    the print on the dress is perfect!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  68. I love the belt and the bracelets!
    Lucy =)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  69. fhen wrote:

    the dress is so adorable! the pattern and yellow colour combination is great!
    love it and it is so perfect for summer

    5.31.09 · Reply
  70. Hello wrote:

    Can you make a post how do you take care of your looks? How do you wear make up and what products you use etc? I would appreciate it a lot k thnx bye

    5.31.09 · Reply
  71. catherine wrote:

    wow you look so beautiful in that dress! and i love how you’ve done your makeup. :)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  72. dein otfiit isss richtigg geill liebe ess genau mein style

    5.31.09 · Reply
  73. Emilia wrote:

    What a lovely dress and those shoes – I die!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  74. Sophie wrote:

    this is such a beautiful dress, and beautiful photos of you!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  75. S.I.Q. wrote:

    the dress looks so good on you!!
    very interesting find!
    -architectural designs on runways
    -amazing not known designers

    5.31.09 · Reply
  76. cindywan wrote:

    omg!!! ur dress is complete STUNNING!!!
    love your sun kiss look!
    can u post a tutorial on how to do your curly/wavy hair(u wore it on the previous post)?

    5.31.09 · Reply
  77. Anika wrote:

    gorgeous dress and shots (the summer-y look is just perfect).
    But more importantly, those Stella heels…..LOVE!!! I have coveted them since I first saw them…they are delightful :)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  78. Rocío L. wrote:

    This dress is so FABULOUS!!! You look gorgeous.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  79. I want those Stella Mccartney sandals so bad, saw them in barneys couple of months ago, seriously regret not getting them!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  80. Laure wrote:

    Finally, you get these shoes as your mum… funny !
    Kisses from France

    5.31.09 · Reply
  81. great pictures! you look lovely in this dress:)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  82. Gabrielle wrote:

    you’re a fucking vision.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  83. chuting wrote:

    ahaha i’ve been reading for ages but have never bothered to comment. this piece though, is way too gorgeous. TORRENTIAL OUTPOURING OF LOVE xoxo

    5.31.09 · Reply
  84. Cindy wrote:

    These pictures look gorgous!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  85. Amanda wrote:

    i am seriously IN LOVE with that dress!!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  86. a la mode wrote:

    You look so much older recently, the make up maybe? Gorgeous none the less, Its funny that I feel as if we are all watching you grow up, hehe! xxxxxx

    5.31.09 · Reply
  87. your dress is beautiful!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  88. Laura wrote:

    that dress was such a good find. it looks great on you.
    love the shoes as always!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  89. Christing wrote:

    so jealous of your stella mccartney shoes! so cute and that dress is beautiful!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  90. Paulina wrote:

    wow,that dress is georgeous!!!I love it.Besdies,I like yr blog very much.
    Greetings from Poland,Paulina

    5.31.09 · Reply
  91. sherie wrote:

    YOU LOOK SO AMAZING IN THESE PICTURES!!! default these on facebook!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  92. daisy wrote:

    This is stunning!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  93. Bisou-joue wrote:

    your dress is stunning, just so great ! You look so gorgeous in it ! love your mc cartney sandals !

    5.31.09 · Reply
  94. I love the first two bracelets! Gorgeous as always :)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  95. ann wrote:

    That dress looks really good on you! lucky..

    5.31.09 · Reply
  96. Truly pushing it to the limit. Never before have I seen combinations with this amount of life and fun juxtaposed with vintage and unique taste in shoe, but insanely flawless. Your love of color is enjoyable to see!
    Gotham Hipster

    5.31.09 · Reply
  97. christelle wrote:

    wow wow wow!!! amazing dress!!!!!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  98. giaxxrawr wrote:

    love, love, love, this outfit!
    The yellow is such a pretty shade and the giraffe-type print is awsome.
    You always come up with the greatest things to wear :).

    5.31.09 · Reply
  99. I’m sooo in love with your PS shoes :)
    The dress has a way of camouflaging into the background on one side, I like it. Quite feminine. :)

    5.31.09 · Reply
  100. Beccca wrote:

    this dress is fabulous! And also those shoes = amazing.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  101. rachel wrote:

    one love (stella’s)
    all these new shots outside, with the color pops and flowwy sunshine and hair
    they are really some of my favorite images right now in my style folder!
    very editorial. very fun. very jane. very cool.
    long locks love xo

    5.31.09 · Reply
  102. Sher wrote:

    You look so relaxed and beautiful here!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  103. Margarita wrote:

    That dress is so gorgeous! I’m jealous – it’s a beautiful colour and very reminiscent of some Lanvin pieces.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  104. CJM wrote:

    This is my absolute favorite outfit you’ve ever posted, and also (in my opinion) the most beautiful and happy you have ever looked. It’s so clear–and wonderful to see–when you truly love what you’re modeling.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  105. Emma wrote:

    This is without a doubt the most beautiful shot you’ve ever posted.
    I am utterly floored.

    5.31.09 · Reply
  106. Honey wrote:

    why are you fantastic???? your skin is so translucent and angelic. (i know, wtf? that sounds so creepy) but seriously, you are gorgey!!!!

    5.31.09 · Reply
  107. sam wrote:

    you look creepy with that smile

    5.31.09 · Reply
  108. Geri Wu wrote:

    i’m in love with your dress! and those stella mccartney sandals are exquisite
    xx, Geri

    6.1.09 · Reply
  109. lacy wrote:

    luv the shoes, they are fantastic! :)

    6.1.09 · Reply
  110. Kate wrote:

    Love the dress. It is spectacular.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  111. R wrote:

    Lovelyy photos, the dress and flowers and shoes, all so awesome!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  112. Tresh wrote:

    Kill disco.love it!
    Check new

    6.1.09 · Reply
  113. Monique wrote:

    what a lovely dress.. i really adore those heels.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  114. Natka wrote:

    This dress is amazing! I’m sooooo jealous ;)

    6.1.09 · Reply
  115. Elsii Guerrero wrote:

    you have inspire me to share what i think to whom it may help

    6.1.09 · Reply
  116. Omg! this outfit – loved! you look gorgeous! :)

    6.1.09 · Reply
  117. cali rezo wrote:

    You are very pretty…

    6.1.09 · Reply
  118. Mandi wrote:

    You look great! I love those heels :)
    I just started making my first pair of heels.. hopefully I’ll be making heels like that one day!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  119. sheizey wrote:

    you’re glowing

    6.1.09 · Reply
  120. Rixt wrote:

    That is the cutest dress I’ve ever seen!
    Love it!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  121. Leah wrote:

    jane!! killin’ it as usual!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  122. diana wrote:

    Sorry, but I don’t like your style. You look older always. I like your clothes, but not the way you wear it together. And, when will you remove your blue nail polish? It is too vulgar!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  123. oh that dress is to die for.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  124. dibbly wrote:

    how do you afford all of those designer shoes… extravagant

    6.1.09 · Reply
  125. Yara wrote:

    love the dress, beautiful for this weather .

    6.1.09 · Reply
  126. Alyssa wrote:

    Ah…che bellissima! You look fantastic, and those photos…wow!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  127. Lindsay wrote:

    the closeup is absolutely gorgeous.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  128. Jade wrote:

    I love that belt with the dress, they were made for each other…

    6.1.09 · Reply
  129. m wrote:

    i love this more natural look you have on. i think it’s perfect for summer and it makes you look fresher and younger! such a unique dress too :)

    6.1.09 · Reply
  130. Florenz wrote:

    I always love how you make any voluminous dress look just right with a good belt.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  131. Joy wrote:

    GORGEOUS photos, and i love the bracelets as well!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  132. Linn wrote:

    I love the shoes!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  133. Celine wrote:

    Gotta love a good disco dress! BTW, totally jealous of the shoes!

    6.1.09 · Reply
  134. stylefyles wrote:

    I am in love with that dress.. what a gorgeous print and you’ve styled it so nicely.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  135. a wrote:

    you should steal your mom’s alejandro ingelmo booties!they are funtastic!xo

    6.1.09 · Reply
  136. zara wrote:

    i love your hair in these pics – it’s a nice change :)
    and that dress and those stellassss DROOL

    6.1.09 · Reply
  137. katy b wrote:

    fashion genius! style this good should be illegal.
    honest to blog: loverinajar.blogspot.com

    6.1.09 · Reply
  138. mo wrote:

    love the outfit post~
    fashion nostalgia from los angeles

    6.1.09 · Reply
  139. kate wrote:

    I love this yellow dress of yours! The print is very interesting.
    You look great as always!

    6.2.09 · Reply
  140. Solo wrote:

    Love that dress.So amazing,you look great on it! :D
    Hope to see more from you.;D
    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

    6.2.09 · Reply
  141. Pheobe. wrote:

    What is up with your lips?
    Gosh you ruined such a pretty picture with such an ugly pout.

    6.2.09 · Reply
  142. sunshine wrote:

    I love you outfit!
    By the way, you should really go on
    they sell amazing shoes, I think you’ll them!

    6.2.09 · Reply
  143. shila wrote:

    what a great dress, loving all the print on it.
    the best thing is that it looks beautiful on you.

    6.2.09 · Reply
  144. Ty Ty wrote:

    oh this is gorgeous! i love the bangles too. perfection.
    Ty Ty

    6.2.09 · Reply
  145. amazing dress!!!

    6.2.09 · Reply
  146. Mimi wrote:

    I’m not so much into the dress but the bangles are amazing.

    6.2.09 · Reply
  147. Christine wrote:

    There’s so much I love about this outfit!!
    Gorgeous :)

    6.2.09 · Reply
  148. Crystal wrote:

    Ahhh! So lovely. Yellow is such a color for summer. It automatically just perks you up.
    I love the contrast that the bold black shapes provide.

    6.2.09 · Reply
  149. Jessie wrote:

    It must be nice to have money!

    6.2.09 · Reply
  150. Alexandria wrote:

    i really really admire this blog.. and jane!
    PLease visit my ebay store…

    6.2.09 · Reply
  151. Tiffany wrote:

    This dress sorta reminds me of the american apparel le sac dress, but more interesting of course :)

    6.3.09 · Reply
  152. Ah! Perfecto… Love the whole ensemble & how the color / elements matches with each other!

    6.3.09 · Reply
  153. Wayne wrote:

    OMG Sooooooo cute!!

    6.3.09 · Reply
  154. Camilla wrote:

    You look gorgeous!

    6.3.09 · Reply
  155. Yasmine wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful!! this is one of the best pieces I’ve seen on your blog. Everything you showed is great! especially the shoes. But this dress is stunning, absolutely stunning!!! Love it!!!! :D

    6.3.09 · Reply
  156. nell wrote:

    very qute dress! :D

    6.4.09 · Reply
  157. elaine wrote:

    disco divaaaaaaaaa

    6.4.09 · Reply
  158. sarah wrote:

    Oh I just LOOOOOOVE this, Jane!!

    6.4.09 · Reply
  159. Rockchick wrote:

    I’m a content creator in a virtual world called Second Life. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and recently I did a piece that was inspired by this post. I hope you don’t mind. See it here: http://www.kissowa.net/rockchick/bilder/seaofshoes.jpg

    6.4.09 · Reply
  160. Christine wrote:

    omg u look sooo pretty in those pics. that dress is stunning

    6.4.09 · Reply
  161. oh wow! it’s been forever since i commented although i do check the site regularly. i feel i have to take time to say that dress is amazing and you look amazing in it! i’d definitely take you out disco dancing. ;)
    p.s. i made this video, i think it’s pretty funny so please check it out sea of shoes readers.

    6.5.09 · Reply
  162. Elena, wrote:


    6.6.09 · Reply
  163. Hannah wrote:

    That dress looks very Halston with the leather wrap belt. I love it!!!

    6.7.09 · Reply
  164. Lyndsey Bergstrom wrote:

    I love this dress!!! It looks so great on you!!!
    Miss you!!!

    6.8.09 · Reply
  165. Angelia wrote:

    Hi Jane, my name is Angelia I’m from Bandung, Indonesia and I am Moslem. I found your blog link and then I click it,,,
    I Love your dress,,, and I read a few of your posting,,, and your mom wow,,,very stylish,,,,
    Both of U so Beautiful,,,
    I am sorry if my English is Bad,,,

    6.9.09 · Reply
  166. Jenna wrote:

    wow at least it´s summer over there. i´m envious :/ and nice dress! i like the print :)

    6.9.09 · Reply
  167. Jess wrote:

    very cool outfit!

    6.9.09 · Reply
  168. Ailin wrote:

    you look fab, seriously. all the photographs are beautiful.

    6.10.09 · Reply
    XO K

    6.10.09 · Reply
  170. BIMBA wrote:

    Lovely dress!!

    6.12.09 · Reply
  171. BIMBA wrote:

    Lovely dress!!

    6.12.09 · Reply
  172. wsh wrote:

    hey there.. you look stunning in that dress!! :)

    6.26.09 · Reply
  173. caitlin wrote:

    a little full of yourself?

    7.3.09 · Reply
  174. Lynaa wrote:

    You look like Kirsten Prout!! You’re just beautiful, and amazing! I love your blog… and your shoes!! They are georgous!!! all of them!!

    8.15.09 · Reply
  175. Wow looks amazing! thank you for the pictures!!
    Your dress looks fantastic!
    Where were they taken???
    Baby Dress Shoes

    9.16.09 · Reply
  176. FAB PIcs
    Look like you hadan amazing time!!!

    9.17.09 · Reply
  177. annelise. wrote:

    your hair is amazing! and the rest of your outfit is as well, of course.
    visit my blog @ inordertobeirreplaceable.blogspot.com
    i’m a huge fan of sea of shoes!!

    1.6.10 · Reply
  178. Daria wrote:

    The best dress ever! wonderful!

    6.1.10 · Reply
  179. Anabel wrote:

    Stella McCartney ♥♥♥

    2.18.12 · Reply