Today I hung out with my mom, my sister, and my cousin at Northpark to have some lunch and do some shopping. Yesterday was our last day of school, so we were sort of celebrating the beginning of summer…I almost wimped out and stayed home (because I got like, three hours of sleep last night!) but I'm glad I didn't because it was one of the funnest times I've had in a long time-they make me laugh so hard.  
Mom and I picked out outfits together this morning…she has been eager to debut a breathtaking Christopher Kane dress. 
 It's a total collector's piece-I'm in awe of it. It feels incredible too! She says she'll let me borrow it sometime. Obviously not an offer I'm going to resist!!
The genius of this dress is that such a compellingly bizarre and barbarous statement has been put on such a conservative canvas….such dichotomy allows for some pretty reckless styling! This dress could seriously go with everything.
Today Mom paired it with vintage Levi's and Yves Saint Laurent cage booties today. (and her usual Ray Ban aviators and Prada tote)
After gassing up, we had a tasty lunch at La Duni.
My cousin Sidney on the left and sister Carol on the right!
After lunch…shoe shopping….lots of shoe shopping. There is more where this came from, but sadly my camera battery ran out…!
These Yves Saint Laurent cage heels are mine-I'm in love with them! I much prefer these to the mid-calf cage ankle boot. The velvet bow is genius.
Another shoe purchase…I've been lusting after these since day one! I can't seem to resist anything western-inspired. Guess it's just my undying appreciation for Texas…I've always had a thing for cowboy boots.
These are next level, though. The clean lines of this shoe, the double platform, that industrial-strength zipper-these Givenchys mean business….they're total shit-kicking shoes. Not to mention they are very comfortable for walking.
Today I wore a new dress I picked up at Seven in New York. The dress is Henrik Vibskov. I grabbed it because it was a total steal….and because I couldn't resist the hypnotizing print. I'm not even kidding, staring at this dress made my eyes hurt after a while today.
My headphones are from Eskuche for those who have asked!
And because everyday needs a soundtrack-today I choose Logic System's 1982 LP Venus.
Have a great summer everyone.
xo Jane
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  1. EMILIE says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your Yves Saint Laurent cage heels !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patricia Ann says:

    It’s interesting how you sometimes write about your Mom when it comes to clothes that she’s bought. It makes me feel like your Mom is a bit hesitant at times to share stuff. I mean, nothing wrong with that of course, it’s sort of just a normal thing between females. But, is it true? :)
    Your cousin has really nice blue eyes. Are those real?

  3. Juliet says:

    your mum has a gorgeous style!!! totally in love with everything!

  4. love those shoes – the unexpected velvet ribbon is genius!! adds the element of surprise.

  5. Malene says:

    Hi It’s a Henrik Vibskov dress… Here is a link to his webshop

  6. Alexandra May says:

    Where did you get those headphones? I LOVE GOLD!

  7. Wendygital says:

    Totally love the way how your mom styled that awesome kane dress with the vintage levi’s and the cage booties! Just PERFECT!
    Oh, the Givenchy shoes… Congrats on getting them! They’re stunning!
    Looks like you all have a lot of fun together.
    What an adorable family! :-)

  8. first off, super uber jealous of the kane dress!
    and your outfit, i love really simple outfits that have great detail upon closer examination. you win.

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    OMG! I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your Mom’s and your YSL caged heels! Absolutely amazing!
    And that dress from Seven is amazing! Love it! :)

  10. Anni says:

    mm, chistopher kane dress – brilliant! so jealous.

  11. Alice says:

    wow, i love that dress! and the cage heels looks= so good on you! btw, your mom WOULD have the much lusted-for christopher kane dress. damn!
    p.s. your cousin’s eyes are so fierce!

  12. Seriously love the cage heels. The velvet bow is a great detail. I also prefer these to the bootie. The dress print is really psychedelic and I like the yellow underneath.

  13. Punkie says:

    AMAZING SHOPPING! your mother is so beautyful!

  14. OMG, this dress is one of my favorite pieces of this season,I’m green with envy :)) I love Givenchy boots, too :)

  15. Selly says:

    You mom’s dress is so WOW!!!! I love it so much… Two thumbs up for it… :))
    You all look gorgeous….

  16. Meg says:

    Your dress is effing killer. I love it to death. The last picture of you is so badass.

  17. Sarah says:

    wow, nothing less then stellar for your family! Absolutely phenomenal really!!
    And those shoes….wow, there are no words.

  18. Kristina says:

    Oh I love that Christopher Kane dress,its looks really good on your mom!and the shoes..IM SO ENVY! :D

  19. Kaylene says:

    LOGIC SYSTEM! One of the best bands EVER!!! I’m not at all surprised you’re into them, considering other music you have mentioned in previous posts. I’m on the lookout for some Yellow Magic Orchestra, I’m guessing you’re into them no doubt?

  20. ragil mega says:

    Nice outfit you got there.. and LOVE the new shoes..
    and how cool is your mom’s dress. I’m a little scared though, the creature on it looks real!

  21. MM says:

    I love your entire look , you are definatly one of the few American teenagers with real style .

  22. Taru Tuomi says:

    yes, your heels with the velvet ribbon are gorgeous. Did not find them in my YSL boutique though. Thinking of getting the cage platform sandals in black patent though.

  23. omg! omg! omg!
    you ladies are sooooo gorgeous!
    i love your mom’s top! it drives me crazy!
    jane, you look so cute in that dress!
    and your cousin is so beautiful!

  24. Poppy says:

    Don’t gte me wrong, love the Christopher Kane dress. But I always think something so instantly iconic can instantly date it – maybe ‘date’ is the wrong word. I suppose I mean I wouldn’t wear something so instantly recognisable …
    anyone else agree, or care to put it more eloquently?!

  25. amy williams says:

    I swear, ever since you re-started this blog, it has got better and better.
    The clothes and shoes in this post seriously are the best, I mean THAT C.Kane dress, 2 styles of the YSL Cage shoes AND those amazing Givenchy booties….you two have exquisite taste!!

  26. Amazing outfit ! Yves Saint Laurent cage heels <333333

  27. Loving YSL shoes, Sidney & Carol’s smile & Givenchy’s shoes!

  28. Hortense says:

    the yves st laurent’s cage boots are the only shoes I want right now, maybe I could kill for having it!!!!!

  29. Bea says:

    your cousin reminds me of ashley olsen.:p

  30. Cant believe your mom has that CK dress! It’s pretty amazing. And i love all Givenchy shoes in general, theyre just on a whole other level.

  31. L says:

    Your outfit is sublime. Also cannot get over those luscious cage heels and your moms Christopher Kane dress. Ugh it hurts.
    And Jane, what are those amazing earphones!?

  32. Emma says:

    The cage heels and the Christopher Kane dress are both perfection.

  33. Romi says:

    WOW! I love everyhing in thes post!!!!! Those dresses are beyond amazing!!!!
    You can wear yours form both sides, right? Love your cowboy boots. The YSLs are fabulous too.

  34. Celine says:

    I L O V E T H E D R E S S !!

  35. The caged heels are killer, we can’t wait to see how you’ll be wearing them!

  36. Great bit of stripeyness going down!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Intreegue says:

    Love the tee your mom’s wearing!

  38. Nini's Style says:

    Love the new shoes Jane!!!!! Judy’s Christopher Kane dress is 2d4. Only people with a strong personality can pull it off and your mom is the only person can do it… You look so cute in your gold head phone :)…
    P.S: It was nice seeing you yesterday.

  39. Ilanka says:

    Wow, amazing shoes. Love the YSL! There are amazing!

  40. Tracy Bristol says:

    Your photography is always wonderful. I love that you captured your mom pumping gas.

  41. Bisou-joue says:

    great outfit ! your YSL caged heels are stunning !

  42. Ann says:

    wonderful post Jane! <3
    Your cousin's eyes seems to jump out of the screen!
    Anyway, your mum sort of resembles Daphne Guinness. Have you heard of her? She's pretty iconic with fabulous hair!

  43. Ariel says:

    Both dresses are aweseome! Great style must be in your genes!!! I love the bird cage shoes on your mom and the ones you bought. So cool!

  44. chicfaced says:

    i “get” the Kane dress, but am i the only one who is terrified of it? yes? ok :)
    love those cage heels AND those freaking headphones – you are too cool for school, jane! (har har har).

  45. Damsels says:

    Maybe others have seen your mom but not i .
    i was super excited
    that gorilla shirt is so incredible

  46. Hélène says:

    You look adorable!! I’m so jealous of your shoes purchases!

  47. yui says:

    what brand are your headphones? ive been looking for a hi-tech pair and i really love yours

  48. gennie says:

    omg the kane dress looks amazing on judy!!
    i love the print of your dress and those givenchy boots are killer!

  49. i like the swirly print dress!

  50. Christine says:

    That Kane dress IS amazing, imagine wearing that in the boardroom? haha
    The YSL Cage heels are gorgeous, they aren’t simple by any means but the clean lines make it wearable with pretty much anything!

  51. cindy says:

    ysl ‘s your trying on are fantastic. you and your family always look amazing, interesting, beautiful, stylish. lots of love, cindy.

  52. Mathilde C. says:

    hi! I am French, I visit your blog almost every day, it is really great! I love your clothes, your style, your shoes …
    Greetings from France
    (sorry for my english)

  53. Lauren says:

    Your mom pulls off the ckane like nobody’s business.

  54. Monique says:

    your cage ysl’s are pretty… very pretty…:)

  55. Emily Rose says:

    I LOVEEEE that kane dress!! I’ve had my eye out for shirts like that to do some sort of christopher kane – inspired look, but to no avail! your mom styled it perfectly. and the cage heels look so fun :)

  56. william says:

    AH! This post is overload. You and your mom debuting your YSLs (the silver leather looks great with your nail polish), your mom’s dress (TOO GOOD), that sick new dress from Seven, and those Givenchys are too die for.

  57. Clara says:

    I just LOVED your shoes! congratulations, you’re so fashionable! I wish I were like you, but because I’m brazilian I can’t go out shopping stuff of good trades everytime. hahahaha (haha it’s like laughing for the case americans don’t use it)…
    Well, I wanna do fashion college in France in 2012, but before I’m going to live there next year! =)
    Loved your blog,

  58. Clara says:

    Oh, and actually, I’ve seen you on march’s teenvogue, that was just FABULOUS!

  59. That dress scares the hell out of me! I love the caged shoes though.

  60. adrienne says:

    you look so cute in those glasses!!
    the first day of summer MUST be spent outside…glad you had a blast!

  61. Alexandria says:

    I am in loooove with those cage boots, too.
    Maybe when I can afford it. hehe!
    Visit my ebay store.. lots of vintage items…

  62. Mads says:

    Wow!! Your mom is the coolest! love her top! And Jane those YSL’s are to die for and that shade of red is perfect on you!=)

  63. Ruby says:

    haha yesterday was my last day of school too… thank god!

  64. candice says:

    sigh, i am seriously jealous of your ysl silver cage heels!! where are they available?! even if i could find them here in nyc, i probably wldn’t be able to afford them thgh. have they gone on sale yet?!!
    congrats on all ur purchases. love ur dress.

  65. amber says:

    Your mothers dress is INSANE!!! It’s frightening and stunning at the same time. Sooo crazy! I like the print on your dress

  66. Lucile says:
    I made you fan art! it is a fashion collage

  67. geri says:

    ohhh good to know the givenchy’s are comfortable, i ordered them online last week! love those ysl’s, the juxtaposition of the cage and bow is genius.

  68. Matilde says:

    you not what?? I’m going to put your mum’s pictures on my blog because…
    go to see:
    you’ll understand.
    LOVE seaofshoes

  69. Ty Ty says:

    Wow ur mum has the christopher kane dress, she looks great in this! and ur outfit is awesome, especially the shoes…. :)
    Ty Ty

  70. xAZD says:

    love the ape! wow. and your dress is lovely as well, wow.

  71. Haqikah says:

    The stripped swirly is hard on my eyes, but nice. The animal dress is way too much,it looks as if bites!

  72. Eva says:

    awesomeness! Henrik Vibskov is a danish label, and how it makes me proud to see that our tiny country can still contribute to the fashion industry! have you seen any of his other designs? its pretty genius, actually!

  73. Diana says:

    You are the best Jane, really. After all this blog hit, when you see everything, you keep me in total surprise! You are amazing, girl.

  74. Hi! What does your mom do for a living? Just curious. :) Have the best summer!

  75. Robin says:

    I absolutely adore those cage shoes! That dress/tunic is great and the shot of you by the pool (or fountain, can’t really tell) is really cute. Don’t fall in!

  76. luxirare says:

    wow your mom looks awesome in that crazy gorilla dress…and your optical print dress is so fresh.
    Grid is sale-ing those right now and you guys are making me want to give in.

  77. linda says:

    your mom’s dress is crazy!
    and i love the hypnotic print.
    sigh. i keep living vicariously through you, young one.

  78. kirstine says:

    those headphones are SIIICK!!!
    I want a pair of pastel pink headphones.
    you look pretty too!

  79. The yellow in the Vibskov is amazing. I am so glad it is summer and look forward to seeing your looks with the new season. It gets sooooo humid in Texas!

  80. I DIED the first time I saw that dress your mom is wearing!! LOVE IT…love your striped dress too …actually, i want it. :)

  81. Alexandra says:

    I am in love with your mom’s Kane dress! I die.

  82. Lianne says:

    Omg your cousin is so pretty!!
    Loooove the YSL cage heels, and love the bow

  83. yr moms dress is insanely cool!

  84. Miss Red says:

    the shoes from that YSL collection are so fabulous! i agree that the ones you bought are better than the full-on cage shoes, but their both amazing nonetheless. your mom’s dress is so FIERCE. it’s so surprising. when i saw the first picture, before the close up, i had no idea it would be the scary monkey mouth! but that’s what makes it so unique. i love the givenchy shoes you’re wearing and your dress is pretty hypnotic. i really like the yellow print against the black print. they work really well together.

  85. I love your mum’s dress. And your YSL cage shoes are amazing.

  86. MK says:

    The Christopher Kane dress has a bit of an optical illusion – love! Also loving the print and colors of the striped dress. Looks like you had a great day!

  87. Cecilia says:

    You’re lucky you’re on break from school! I like that dress, can see how it can make you really dizzy after awhile. ha I’ve gotten a few pieces from Henrik Vibskov and he makes some really cool stuff. Enjoy your summer!

  88. I love those YSL cage booties! They are great!

  89. Pea says:

    hah, I remember seeing that dress on Kristen Stewart in Nylon. It’s crazy amazing, but doesn’t it cost a ridiculous amount of money?
    I get that you’re into high fashion, but this post, I don’t know, to me it kind of screams pretentious…like, YSL heels, Givenchy, Prada…kind of indulgent, right?
    I like your blog, and I hope you really, deeply, truly appreciate how lucky you are. Most everyone can’t afford such luxuries.
    Your mom has amazing style, though.

  90. Julia says:

    i really love your boots

  91. christine says:

    love the christoper kane on your mom and your new shoes!

  92. Christing says:

    obsessed with the givenchy boots and your dress is amazing! how wonderful to have a ridiculously stylish mum whom one can borrow christopher kane from!?

  93. S.Elisabeth says:

    Shoe shopping=love, except my shoe shopping is done at Kohls, etc. Haha though Vera Wang’s shoes for Kohls are pretty epic and surprisingly comfortable!
    Love your dress & your mom’s is intense!
    Blahh and I have another week of school!

  94. Kate says:

    hi i was wondering who takes your pictures??
    i have a blog as well and i would very much like to post my outfits

  95. Amelia says:

    I love this! You look so cute with the lippy, headphones and glasses. The last picture of you is perfect.

  96. I saw that dress at Seven! I’ve been wanting to buy a Henrik Vibskov piece for a while, but they’re all sized for tall Danish girls, and look horrible on me. I love it on you!

  97. debby says:

    i’m really in love with ur dress.. argggghhhh…

  98. Anon says:

    I seriously hope your mom got that mouth dress for free. It’s horrible. (That said, I understand fashion and that’s not it.) The good news? Awesome Halloween costume!

  99. bryana says:

    im jealous of your moms cool/outrageous/bizarre-looking dress! and your headphones:)

  100. chantelle says:

    those givenchy’s are sex on leather.

  101. Vanessa says:

    In looooove with that Christopher Kane dress.

  102. Alicia says:

    Love the cage heels! :)

  103. Cruz says:

    Jane you look great! Those shoes are amazing (duh) and your mom looks amazing as well. Hope your summer is amazing.

  104. Shan says:

    I’m soooooooooooooo jealous of your YSL!!! Loving the dress Jane it does comunicates by itself!

  105. great style obv. runs in the family! that christopher kane dress is such a conversation piece!
    Also, the cage heels are much more sensible & attractive than the boots! great pick :)

  106. fashionstyle says:

    such a beautiful style!!!

  107. R says:

    Wow great piks! That dress is seriously hard to look at, hurt my eyes just scrolling by lol. I loveee both of your YSl’s they look super uncomfortable to me though, no? And I love your new “shit-kicking” boots Lmao! priceless haha

  108. ewelina says:

    cage heels are sooooooooo amazing !!!!!!!
    Eveline ;P

  109. fashionista says:

    all gorgeous outfits

  110. wow.. that christopher kane dress looks awesome on your mom!!
    and your dress is a steal!! i agree!! love the prints, and love how it turns out on your body, love love love!!
    ysl cage shoes are one of the cooles thing is the world nowadays, wish i have one :)

  111. ttt says:

    u are so hideous

  112. athena says:

    I love it when you do “picture overload” posts. So much dreamy goodness!! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  113. S.I.Q. says:

    i love the dress you are wearing!!
    -hermes and chanel objects
    -architectural designs on runways

  114. anis says:

    woah,ur sister is pretty much more simple dressed up than u and ur mother i guess.
    i like the dress ur wearing!super fantastic!
    and i lovve ur shoe!

  115. naboonies says:

    Super shoes. I want the T-shirt version of the Gorilla print.

  116. naboonies says:

    Oh and by the way your images are crystal clear. New camera? Which model do you use?

  117. John says:

    Could you PLEASE post an update on your current playlist on itunes? Your music is flawless!!!

  118. KD says:

    You lucky lucky girl! Your mom’s dress is beyond amazing is as yours, and I too waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prefer the YSL pump-like shoes to the boots. I’ve never been that into music/headphones but yours rock!

  119. stephanie s. says:

    I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THAT. DRESS. !!! :] The Vibskov one, I mean.

  120. daniela says:

    kristen stewart wore that same christopher kane dress in her feature for the march 09 NYLON. just so ya know.
    love the ysl heels. i’d kill for those! gorgeous

  121. this is not says:

    hey, while you flaunt your style, i hope you take great pride knowing there are girls your age work slave hours, being raped and abused around the world, and that i somehow question whether or not your rich little daddy does anything about it to support global issues. does it feel nice to sleep at night princess?
    because i surely hope people who don’t give a crap and walk around in thousand dollar shoes at 16 feel really good about how fucking lame they really are.

  122. Suzanne says:

    you look stunning! really impressing, the monkeyshirt. like it!

  123. MIKAÄLA says:

    omg your cousins eyes ;o cool

  124. iina says:

    WHOA tgat gorilla shirt ;-D

  125. reena says:

    AWH JANE! Those are my favourite shoes from the YSL collection!!!

  126. sarah says:

    please tell us how you can afford shoes like that.

  127. Barbette says:

    after having just thanked you for giving me a wearable look at the McCartney’s, I am so excited to see the caged YSL heels on your blog, and on your feet!!! If you have time to read and answer posts, could you please tell me how they wear? I have also been contemplating these beauties, but they look a bit, well, caged! My guess is they aren’t the most comfortable of heels?
    Love from Holland, -x-

  128. Emily says:

    Great photo of the Kane dress. I’d seen it in the collections, but this is the first photo that made me realize just how much the image jumps out at you – other photos online made it look a lot more one-dimensional. And of course, love the shoe purchases.

  129. sarah says:

    what lipstick colour are you wearing? it’s gorgeous. x

  130. daisy says:

    I love the dress and the shoes!! Looks like a lovely day !

  131. clémence says:

    I like that dress….
    but i m kinda scared of your mum’s!

  132. Michael Anderson says:

    Best Outfit yet! the glasses complete the whole thing!

  133. B. says:

    OMG totally loved your outfit! the yellow and white with the black and white stripes, incredible! so jealous of your mom’s kane dress!

  134. You my dear are a power shopping MAVEN! The cage heels are my fave part of the S/S 09 collection!
    And it’s nice to see another Dallas gal blogging about fashion (I sell primarily online, but am Dallas based as well).
    xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing

  135. Kristi says:

    I love the cage heels, stunning!

  136. sarah says:

    LOVE your dress. amazing.

  137. stephanie gerena says:

    Yves Saint Laurent cage heels <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    im in loveeee!!!!!!!………

  138. Heather Najman says:

    Came across this blog through Google. Wow…my life is going to hell in a handbasket, my family is drowning in debt, literally suffocating, and clueless teenagers who seem to grow money trees in the yard, use Vogue like it’s the latet J.Crew catalog and are held as the next aesthetic second coming. This is a bit much for me, so best of luck in your future endeavors.

  139. Joan says:

    Pls tell me the location with the blue pool background. Where is that at and the name of the place pls..I would really appreciate it. Pls reply to my email. Thanks so much! I admire your style, you’re always looking fabulous.

  140. Eboni says:

    gorgeous gorgeous shoes girl.. i would love to find the brand of those peep toe boots for my blog!! I love writin about shoes and my picks of the week and this would def. be it!!

  141. Beth says:

    Omg that christopher kane dress is amazing.
    I scrolled down to look at the rest of you post and it jumped right out at me!
    Looking forward to seeing a blog post with you wearing it soon ;)
    Have fun in Tokyo!
    B x

  142. susie says:

    First of all: I love your blog!!!
    Secondly: what is that bkue building? Your school? Your family house? So curious ;)
    xxx s

  143. stacy says:

    omg i want that freaking christopher kane dress so bad, i couldn’t find it ANYWHERE though.. where did she find it?!?!

  144. Emma says:

    cage heels…eeeeee! Love your glasses by the way….how Buddy Holly of you!

  145. Cynthia says:

    Very fun! I’m excited for posts from Japan, and all your fashion purchases.

  146. Sasi says:

    Your mother’s dress is impressing.
    Yours is gorgeous, too. And I love the pics of you!

  147. Trina says:

    your outfit is so breezy ;]

  148. deb says:

    this black and white number is sooooo debbie harry. wow, great blog! SERIOUSLY can’t wait to see what you post next.

  149. emma says:

    What kind of camera do you use? please answer on my email: :D
    you are the best!!!

  150. by Helene says:

    I found your blog through lookbook, and I must say that I absolutely LOVE your blog and style! And of course your amazing shoes!

  151. Hi, I borrowed some of your pictures of you wering that gorgeous Henrik Vibskov dress (he’s a danish designer you know, and I’m a dane and even if I wasen’t I would love it anyway!) for my blog at
    I hope you don’t mind, if you do, please write me or comment on the blog and I’ll remove the pictures imidiatly!
    ps. I’m sorry if my english is not correct, it’s not my main-language.

  152. ellen says:

    love the dress.
    xo sweden girl e.

  153. super cute!

  154. fucking A! the top is awesome!
    Read my blog if you want to read about a swedish girls glamoures student life. My blog tells you all the secret and even more ;) You can translate my blog into english with google translator, there is an icon at my blog.
    Hugs and kisses from Sweden!

  155. ladydeathstrike says:

    is it just me or is everyone tripping balls right now? none of these pictures exemplify enviable style, but rather two dumbed down label whores with an exorbitant amount of money and nothing better to spend it on.

  156. kyle says:

    I find this entire blog to be profoundly retarded.
    I’ve cycled through several emotions while perusing these entries, “suicidal” being the most prominent one, and I have come to the conclusion that not only do I hate Christopher Kane gorilla-print garments now, but also gorillas in general.
    Thanks, you assholes, for completely ruining something for me.

  157. Chanelle says:

    Hay !!
    I’m french, so sorry, my english is probably bad.
    I would like to know where your mum or what is the name of the mark (like Chanel, YSL, etc …) of her t-shirt ??
    Thanks and felicatation for your fashion succes :)
    Good bye, Chanelle Patou.

  158. Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.

  159. op says:

    money cant buy style