first stop in tokyo-ADVENTURES IN KIDDYLAND

If there is one thing my mom and I love more than shoes, it would be toys.
Tokyo's famous 'Kiddy Land' store was the first stop we made on our first day in Tokyo.

We were having a great time until mom saw Pleo.
It was love at first sight…and sadly it was a doomed love, because unfortunately his size and price tag meant that Pleo couldn't come back to Texas with us.
Mom shared a tearful goodbye with Pleo before we left in search of lunch.
Kiddy Land was amazing, Pleo or not!! It wasn't our first trip to Kiddy Land and it won't be our last…gotta go back and get more Totoro toys.
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  1. Holly says:

    you have officially just visited the cutesy shop in the world
    I love your header aswell ‘live from japan’ I wish I was there!
    Have an awesome time
    Holly x

  2. Lauren says:

    OH my god I want to go! And I love totoro.

  3. looks like you are having a greta time! love the mystical looking dolls with the red hair and top hats. even their dolls’ costumes look revolutionary! thanks for sharing from tokyo. would love to visit some day x

  4. lbelle says:

    Awww…Pleo has stolen my heart too! There are a number of them available on ebay, so have your momma check them out when you guys get back to the US. Enjoy your time in Tokyo :)

  5. Carmina says:

    I LOVE Kiddyland! I also put up photos of the store and Harajuku shops:
    What do you think of shopping in Harajuku so far? Here is a huge guide to my favorite Gothic/Lolita/punk shops… check them out!

  6. Liz says:

    Wow. Color explosion.

  7. Dani says:

    Love Totoro! <3

  8. bryana says:

    aww japan! i used to collect the toys that are of the little mouse people with all their mini furniture. kawaii!!
    i want to go again:)

  9. Jennifer says:

    OMG, Pullip dolls! I remember obsessing over them a few years ago. :)
    Kiddy Land looks amazing. Looking forward to future posts!

  10. Anne says:

    I love TOKYO!!!
    Japan in that case, I wanna go too!

  11. maria says:

    All that pink is just awesome. I want those cute mice figurines and the goth girl with red hair. So cool.

  12. Stephanie says:

    what fun….eye candy!! they’re all so strange (in a good way!) and way cute!
    nice header “live from tokyo”!

  13. Ava says:

    Ahhh that looks like an amazing place! Everything is so damn CUTE! :)

  14. Kathleen says:

    Oh my dear lord you are probably the luckiest girl on the face of Earth. One of my million life objectives is to visit Kiddy Land. Yes, I am super advantageous.

  15. quelle says:

    i haven’t visited kiddyland, but i would recommend yamashiroya right across the street from ueno station. it’s 4 floors of 80s toys and miyazaki heaven!

  16. skye says:

    Kuroshitsuji Pullip dolls. O__O

  17. Cruz says:

    We have a Japanese toy store at our mall here and I always ask for a job when I go there, I could spend a day in a store like that! Looks like you’re having a fantastic time in Japan. :)

  18. Michelle says:

    I am currently living in Tokyo (only 2 more weeks to go) and I will return home with heeps and heeps of toys from kiddyland!!! I love it there
    Oh and if you like toys you should go to Nakano as they have a mall there with 60 toystores :D

  19. kdsfdsjf says:

    oh please, don’t talk about price tags.

  20. KD says:

    Green-eyed monster alert!

  21. Zephyr says:

    Oh my gosh, Capybara-san (the big brown plush you’re holding)! Those are so adorable. And I spy some dolls dressed up like characters in a manga I love. All that pink in the first photo is fantastic. I am going to love your Japan posts so, so much!

  22. yilin says:

    Yay I like Totoro too! You can visit the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo to make friends with all of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated characters.

  23. Sylvia says:

    Aww, I love Pleo!! And your header is so awesome :)

  24. debby says:


  25. mary says:

    look at all those cute toys! by the way you have such a gorgeous face! have a wonderful time :)

  26. xAZD says:

    wow! those are so fun and look so collectible!

  27. Chowder says:

    Don’t be sad!
    Are you going to see Ponyo?? If you liked Totoro, you’ll definitely like Ponyo.
    I think you would love the Ghibli Museum!
    Though it’s unfair that the Cat Bus is only for small children…

  28. Punkie says:

    ooooh wow! what a cuties!!! I think I could die in a store like this, as much as I could die in a designer store!
    awesome pics, you’re a great photographer!

  29. fawn says:

    DEFINATELY see the Ghibli museum, a friend of mine went and said it was really great.
    Also Scleich = love!

  30. horst says:

    can you bring me one of these amazing figures?

  31. Jane, Thank you so much for your posts! Please keep going! We are so grateful and excited for you that you are continually updating us with so many exciting happenings of your day!
    I agree with punkie, you are a great photographer.
    I’ll be checking back daily as always.
    xx b

  32. Celine says:

    Wow, it’t awesome!
    Love your posts!
    xoxo, C e l i n e

  33. Zoe says:

    oh wow amazing, I wish I was there…the slyvanians! ahh!!

  34. daisy says:

    I want to visit this store, it looks wondrous and Im in love with Pleo!!

  35. malak says:

    OMG , This is amazing .
    I need to go there

  36. That is the most amazing store ever!!! The toys are unreal..nothing like I’ve seen here.

  37. Lauren says:

    Pleo is so expensive! He is cool though, love how he learns etc!
    Lauren c

  38. candice says:

    thanks for posting this!
    tokyo is so colorful, so different. you are becoming quite the sartorialist…taking all those pics of tokyo street style! : )
    you are making me want to visit again…but it’s so expensive there!

  39. Diana says:

    That store looks like so much fun!

  40. Christine says:

    That store is a cute overload!
    Thanks for posting while you’re in Japan!!

  41. chicfaced says:

    that photo of your mom’s hand on Pleo’s box made me lol – such longing. looks like you’re having a great time!

  42. Sunshine Fox says:

    you and your mom can get a Pleo here in the states… has a great selection of vendors that sell them and ebay has them as well and from what I remember when I was in Japan a few months ago, for whatever strange reason, Pleo costs more in Japan that it does in the US.
    We have one and love the little guy…its like a tamogochi but on a whole different level.

  43. Rafelina says:


  44. juliet says:

    That’s just crazy!
    juliet xxx

  45. kristen says:

    I’m SO supremely jealous of your Tokyo trip… I’ve always wanted to go!
    Those toys are AMAZAING, talk about indulging your inner child :)

  46. Jey says:

    OMG Jane I F-ing LOVEEEEE Totoro.
    Hands down my favorite childhood movie!

  47. bianca says:

    I’m so in love with Pullip dolls :)
    I hope you see a lot of lolita fashions the clothes are so colorful

  48. mia says:

    oh my gosh I am from Australia and have looked everywhere for Blythe dolls with no luck. I found something resemebling one once but it was $140AU so :/

  49. Malin says:

    You got a really beatiful skin, and you´ve also been selected to bee one of the 15 best blogg in the world in Swedish Glamour. Isn´t that so funny, and I think your chanel shoes are really really cute

  50. heleen says:

    THOSE MICE!! Oh aren’t they just the sweetest things you ever laid eyes upon…

  51. Jenny Cindy says:

    I love Kiddyland I always get lost in time when I’m in there. It’s a must for me whenever I visit Tokyo – such a fun place!

  52. Caitlin says:

    They are the cutest toys I have ever seen. Pleo is amazing!

  53. Jayrin says:

    ahhhhh hello kitty!

  54. Isabel says:

    Wow, Tokyo looks like a plastic wonderland.

  55. Jessica says:

    i love that!
    my cousin has a Pleo.
    so adorable.

  56. Anna says:

    What are the litte dolls with the top hats called? Soo adorable!

  57. jess says:

    That is one awesome shop.
    And i am super exited because you have 2 pictures of the naked babies with hats, and i neeeed to know who makes them :( i am so desperate haha
    On another note, Tokyo seems tobe treating you girls well. Love the pictures and thanks for sharing.
    PS. I will love you for life and send you lots and lots of virtual kisses if you can get the maker of the babies :D

  58. Ailin says:

    what does your mom do?

  59. trudy says:

    oh man that’s all so adorable!
    the fifth picture down are calico critters! i had the craziest collection of those when i was a kid

  60. Joelle says:

    Kiddy LAND!!!!
    I f’kin loved that place!
    I was there about 8 years ago when I was in middle school.
    good times, right?

  61. annne says:

    hello, Which is the name of the dolls of the second photography??

  62. Yuri says:

    5 storeys of toys is quite mad :) i got my blythe there. such a pretty doll.

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