As I prepare for a very long trip I can't help but start to feel homesick already. Summer had only just started and I was enjoying myself at home.

I love waking up early and having tea in bed with a book.
It's even nicer when my puppies join me.



We just planted our garden too! I hope that the July heat doesn't make them droopy while we're gone.
Anyway, after enjoying my last morning in Texas I headed into Dallas with my mom to grab some lunch and look around Forty Five Ten.

So much pretty Dries.

Mom's outfit today 

Her signature stack of silver, along with an Omega Seamaster men's watch. 

Her equestrian Givenchy ankle boots-mom and I both flipped for these. Worn with waxed Levi's jeans. 


I didn't get too dressed up today-wearing a thrifted lace shirt, Miu Miu skirt, and my beloved new Chanel bow-tie booties.

More pics….


Are there words for how incredibly sweet these shoes are? Nope. They're kind of punky and cheeky at the same time though. I need to do a post about these shoes! I couldn't stop staring at my feet today.

Had a tasty lunch at the T Room at Forty Five Ten.
(Good iced tea is another thing I'll miss when I'm in Tokyo. Does anybody love iced tea like Texans do?)

My panini with brie and cranberries.

Mom's pear salad, tortilla, and vegetable panini.


After lunch we stopped at Grange Hall-while I was there I snapped a picture of these pretty flowers inside the store.

If you live near Dallas/in Dallas and haven't visited Grange Hall yet, you have to. It's like a very morbid and beautiful apothecary…not to mention they carry Natalia Brilli (!)

I snapped this picture of an old grain silo on our way into town. 
It reminded me of japanese boro textiles.


I'm going to miss seeing sights like this when I'm in Tokyo…I love the deserted landscapes of Texas. I want to take a road trip to Marfa when I get back from Tokyo!

Better start packing. I'm going to spend three days in Los Angeles with my family and then on Wednesday my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. We'll come back to Texas July 10th. 
I already miss my dogs so much. It's so hard to leave them. But I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

xo Jane

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  1. Ming Min says:

    Those Chanel shoes are beautiful and the food that you ate looks sooooo good. Have fun in Tokyo and its great when you fly over Japan like I did because you can see Mt. Fuji coming out from the clouds
    Please check out my fashion blog
    Ming Min

  2. tara says:

    i have the all black satin versions but i have been dying for the sheer booties! where did yo find them??

  3. KD says:

    Oh my, you seem to have such an idyllic life! Have fun in Tokyo. :-)

  4. Ming Min says:

    One more thing Jane, when you fly to Tokyo make sure to get at least 6 hrs of sleep on the plane because the jetlag really gets to you when you land and when you get back to the United States. When I went to China I almost fell asleep in my food from the plane ride
    Ming Min

  5. nikki says:

    have fun in tokyo!!! it seems like a lot of fun!!! your shoes are sooo incredibly beautiful i cant even stand it!!! america will miss its 2 best dressed bloggers (if you didnt know already… its you and your mom lol)!

  6. Jennifer says:

    You are absolutely adorable. And your blog is so fab. :)
    I love the Chanel shoes and your skirt.
    Have fun in Japan!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I love those shoes on the book. :)

  8. alison says:

    have fun! your Chanel shoes are incredible – they deserve their own post!!! you need to take those to Tokyo with you!!
    when you’re in LA, stop by my boutique Faire Frou Frou for some designer lingerie. i love how you layered the sheer blouse over the black bra!

  9. Daria says:

    Best Chanel shoes ever!

  10. Ebony says:

    Love the Chanel shoes, to die for and those bows set the off perfectly. I’m proud to call Texas home to and no matter where I may travel I always long to return, have fun in Toyko.

  11. Those chanel booties are so beautiful. I love the shoes in the first 2 photos as well, who are they by?

  12. londoner says:

    jane! please take PLENTY of photos in TOKYO!!!! and post them all! bon journee!

  13. xAZD says:

    Wow. The booties are just the definition of punky, lovely, sweet….ahh. I do hope you have the greatest time!

  14. Nahal says:

    Can you update your site while in Los Angeles?
    I live in LA and I would love to see what you wear here!

  15. Cruz says:

    Wow have an amazing time in LA and Tokyo! You guys look great, as always I’m smitten by both of your guys’ sense of style. I reallly love your mom’s Givenchys. Shoot me an email if you need any LA shopping tips okay? haha ;-) And PS I drink iced tea like water, aka all the time. Unsweetened ftw.

  16. stllptrc says:

    Those shoes are insane in the best way. Are they from a recent season? They look like they could be vintage or new. Iced tea is my beverage of choice! In Japan I bet you can find my favorite, rose green. Enjoy your trip.

  17. Mira says:

    This is one of my favorite posts youve EVER made! Wow. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Makes me yearn for a day like that.

  18. Maelis says:

    Ooh I live in Tokyo (one of my homes), but I won’t be there when you visit. It would’ve been interesting if I’d bumped into you! Lovelovelove the white strappy shoes in the first pics, where are they from? And your camera, I’m interested to know what make and model : ) But I hate the booties, sorry, I find them really ugly even if they are Chanel. And a black bra under a sheer shirt – really? It’s not attractive.

  19. gennie says:

    both of your shoes in this post are AMAZING!!! not that they aren’t always ;)
    cranberry and brie panini sounds deeeelish. I should make that at home pronto. Have a safe flight! can’t wait to see what you two are up to in japan.

  20. James V. says:

    Hope you have a blast in Tokyo! Charge the battery for your camera!

  21. adrian says:

    Chanel boots, expensive meals and you are depressed about leaving your already perfect existence to go to Japan…I wish I could sympathize.

  22. Amee says:

    Jane, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! The food at the T Room looks scrumptious and I am drooling over your Chanel shoes and your mom’s Givenchys. And OH GOSH I am obsessed with iced tea. I also thought it was a Texan thing as well :P Anyway, hope you and your mom have a safe trip to LA and Tokyo!! Keep us updated :)

  23. Karolina. says:

    You are incedible gorgeous… :) Simple look but i can’t stop thinking of chanel shoes and white blouse. Ou and your mother is beautiful… I’m so jalouse :)

  24. nikky says:

    enjoy japan!
    your chanel shoes are great…

  25. Sofia says:

    I read The Magus whilst travelling through India…a great book, but such a repugnant protagonist! Enjoy your time in Tokyo.

  26. S.Elisabeth says:

    I cannot believe you get to do all this traveling!! So jealous =)
    Have a lot of fun and take a TON of pictures!! The street style there is nuts in a good way from what I’ve seen.

  27. There are so many amazing shoes in this post I almost peed my pants. The Givenchys are stunning and the Chanels are so beautiful!!!

  28. Wale says:

    Love those shoes!! they look better on your pictures than on the actual magazine!…..What type of clothes/shoes are you packing for Tokyo? Is your sister going too?…. Try to keep us posted…. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Karen says:

    Since you are super rich and can afford to drop cash-ole on $1000 shoes, what charity work are you doing? It’s nice to spend but have you decided to give back to your surrounding poor communities? I mean its nice to be rich (well I guess its nice) but I don’t see what you are contributing, especially in these financially trying times.

  30. nontard says:

    ^karen u are a pressumptuous bitch

  31. I just saw those Chanel booties at Nieman Marcus to day and I was thinking how they would look on. There I saw them on you! They look lovely, Jane! Great choice.
    Have a great trip!

  32. Libby says:

    Ah, those chanel shoes are darling. I love the bows and the classc little symbols! Have fun, Tokyo will be great!

  33. Lidia says:

    I’ve been following your posts for a while now, and i really like them :D seeing you want to go to marfa made me bug, because i live in brussels – belgium (dries van noten, martin margiela, ann demeulemeester & co homeland ;D), and i went to see some family in texas in april (stayed in austin -omg, this city is so amazing!), and we actually made a road trip to marfa :D this place is so.. don’t what to say x). it’s so..marfa!
    if you go there, just try Eve’s Garden, in Marathon for the night :) > it’s really a interesting place :)
    anyway, keep doing so great posts,
    ps: where do you get the money for all these clothes? :O

  34. maria says:

    Love your blog!! Those Chanel booties are too amazing. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tokyo!!

  35. styledrop says:

    Oh, those Chanel booties are amazing! So chic. have a fun trip in Tokio!

  36. Nat says:

    Who makes your mom’s V-neck t-shirt? I love it!

  37. Jordan says:

    Mmmmm The Magus. So worth the extra five pounds it adds to your bag.
    Have fun in Tokyo!

  38. wow!
    i’m almost fainted when i see your chanel shoes! lol!
    the chanel shoes are so beautiful!
    your mom does look glamourous!

  39. DPL says:

    One of my favorite posts yet.

  40. ava says:

    Hi Jane, I love this. <3 Ava

  41. Just got back from Tokyo 4 days ago and am already missing it. I hope to see lots of cool posts from you while you are there! Take pictures with people from the backstreets of Harajuku, they’re totally up for it! I even met some people I’d seen online from blogs, dropsnap, etc..

  42. Anon says:

    The Magus is a crazy, messed up book. (in a good way)
    Can’t believe your mom already has those Givenchy boots! LVR just got those in taupe a few days ago!

  43. Amalia says:

    She’s going to Tokyo
    with a penchant for raw, fishy meals.
    But climbing Mount Fuji
    May prove tricky in heels.

  44. veronika says:

    gorgeous pictures – your pups are so sweet!

  45. I have been following your blog a while now and I think this is a really beautiful post. Stunning actually! Well done and good luck in Tokyo. P.S can you tell us what you are doing there?
    Best, Bron from New Zealand

  46. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! Fortyfiveten looks amazing! The Dries, the Dries! :)
    Your outfit is absolute P E R F E C T I O N ! ! !
    LOVE the whole look, and the Chanel booties are too cute! Your mom’s outfit’s casual/elegant perfection as always!
    Hope you have a fantastic time in Tokyo!

  47. Miss Red says:

    your shoes are absolutely fabulous. i like the sheer fabric with the logo on it. and the bows are very very sweet.
    i also really like your skirt. really pretty pleat details. love the stack of silver on your mom’s wrist. especially the watch. and her shoes are soooo great. they’re punky and goth and chic all at once. and i really like the shoes of yours in the first few pictures. really cute.

  48. Ann says:

    Wonderful post Jane!! Love the atmosphere in your room, and those pink strappy shoes are 2D4. The Chanel shoes are very cute,i noticed the small number 5 :P
    Have a safe trip, hope you update soon!!

  49. kirstine says:

    those chanel shoes are to die for.
    I love how I get to see your moms
    great outfits as well as yours.
    two for one deal! Have fun!

  50. Robby D says:

    TAKE ME WITH YOU!.. Im right outside Arlington ,up the street! Lol .
    Have fun =)

  51. adorable pups! i love your mom’s chunky chain bracelet. enjoy JAPAN!!!!! that silo picture is pretty great too.

  52. Those first few photos are so candid I could mistake them as a Juergen Teller ad campaign though in a more compassionate theme. That distorted figure of the ‘iced tea glass’ so surreal like Rene Magritte, you should’ve added a caption on the bottom: “this is not a glass of iced tea.”…lol.

  53. alyse says:

    LOL your coming back on my birthday :)
    i hope you have fun. io would love to go to tokyo!!
    xx. A

  54. i love the summer in asia, so jealous! and 3 weeks! so much fun…can’t wait to see your guys’ adventures there.
    any fun plans in la?? i’m in la, the weathers not been so great these days :(
    your mom’s givenchy boots are KILLER. and those chanels…so you!
    have fun and be safe!!

  55. Amber says:

    Have fun in Japan! I hope the weather is nice while you’re there =)

  56. Wonderful compositions in your photographs. They are absolutely stunning. I love the Givenchy boots!

  57. oh my lordies, those Chanel booties are the most amazing things ever! My personal favorite of yours thus far! I know youve probably been asked this a million and one times, but what kind of camera do you use?

  58. kathy says:

    Hello Jane.
    I really love this post.
    Have a great time in Tokyo!

  59. Emma says:

    I love this post

  60. Stephanie says:

    Your Chanel shoes are incredibly feminine…so pretty. And the black bra with a sheer blouse is a great combo! I enjoy wearing a black bra and thin white tee, although where I live, I get some funny looks.
    What your mom’s wearing really rocks! That’s basically how I dress, when the weather’s not too hot.
    Enjoy every moment of your Tokyo adventure!

  61. emily says:

    Oh my god I’m leaving for Tokyo tomorrow TOO!!!
    my family is from Tokyo. It’s an exciting city and you will love it ;D
    Enjoy Tokyo

  62. Sarah kate says:

    love love love the Chanel shoes!

  63. Leia says:

    Jane, this was a beautiful post. I love your outfit (that Miu Miu skirt is so gorgeous). I’ve been dying to get those Chanel booties… where did you get them? They are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful trip :)

  64. Gina says:

    Did you see you and your mom’s shoes on Shoe Lust?!
    Absolutely to die for!

  65. Alicia says:

    Love those shoes! Have fun on your trip! :)

  66. Bisou-joue says:

    your chanel booties are how so gorgeous ! I can easily understand why you can’t stop staring at your feet…
    I love your mom’s bracelets: so great !
    enjoy your trip in tokyo !

  67. Natalie says:

    The Chanel booties are so, so lovely.
    Have a great time in Tokyo!

  68. Ser says:

    i dont think you will have any problem finding iced tea in japan, they are crazy for it too!

  69. Fannah says:

    I love this outfit! It’s simple, but not too much. And I agree with you on your shoes: AMAZING. I swear, I need those!
    And how come you even look good in pajamas? ;)

  70. Marina says:

    Your Chanel shoes are something special!I can’t say a word. It is just perfect!

  71. The pictures today are amazing! Your puppies are too cute! Are they coming in Tokyo with you?
    How long are you staying away?
    Se chanel shoes are bautiful! I love the miu miu skirt, too.
    Lucy =)

  72. dd says:

    That book looks so new and flawless… like no one has read it before! So sad.

  73. Annabel says:

    your chanel booties are to die for! hope you have fun in tokyo!

  74. Agnieszka says:

    I love your shoes ;)

  75. Sunna says:

    You look so chic! Adorable shoes.
    Enjoy Japan, I wish I could go there too instead of studying for exams… in the Belgian rain.

  76. Sofia says:

    your Chanel shoes are wonderful<3''

  77. shila says:

    hmmm those dries and channel look great. I hope you have lots of fun in Tokyo later! Do post loads of photos as soon as you arrive there! :)

  78. Lady_Rhinoa says:

    It might seem silly or so, but how do you keep your feet in such a good condition, while wearing heels literally every day. I mean the pictures show as you never had any scratches, scars, etc When I am wearing heels my feet sweal, I get scars and bleeding all the time. It doesn`t matter what my shoes are made from , they could be a 3 pound ones or 100 pound ones…

  79. ik says:

    wow you look like twins!

  80. mila says:

    Those shoea are to die for.And i like your moms stack of silver.I dont know if i could leave my dog…I love him so much :(
    Have fun :*

  81. The first photo looks so wonderfully lazy & relaxed.
    Very pretty thrifted shirt & of course, the shoes.

  82. Cécile says:

    You never post your friend’s pictures.
    don’t you have any?

  83. Wow, i love you life.. Shoes, holiday trips, beautiful house, nice dogs, kind mom, eveything’s just so cool! You’re one of my wealthiest blogger, i must admit. Do take care in Tokyo & i’m looking forward for your updates.

  84. sara says:

    love your outfits!!! esp the chanel booties! and i love your mum’s givenchy. what are the white shoes in the first photo? have fun in tokyo!

  85. Nicole Then says:

    wa…those chanel boots are just so cute! plus i love that picture of the books, cup of tea and shoes ;)

  86. Jess says:

    oh my god.
    those Chanels!! why do they have 5’s embroidered on them?

  87. Anne says:

    Your shoes are stunning! You and your mom always look so great !
    I’m a bit jealous that you go to Tokyo. Have fun !!
    Waiting on pictures ;)

  88. Nat says:

    Wow your life seems so great and you take such lovely photos, Have fun in Tokyo, its great went last year. So jealous =]

  89. serena says:

    I stumbled on your blog (coming from DoeDeere’s blogazine :D) and oh my, I’m impressed!
    you seem to lead such a wonderful life… surrounded by all those pretty clothes and even prettier shoes! (the margiela cut-out boots are my favourite, EVER)
    I have to thank you for making me discover a lot of new great designers, and I have to hate you a bit too, for making me envy your shoe collection so much haha
    Only bad thing: you don’t have any pair by my fav designer :( which is.. John Galliano! yup. he is the next big thing, I think. well no, he is a big thing even now actually… whatever, let me introduce you to this fab pair I saw on Yoox (they come in red too, are they not beautiful?)
    anyway, sorry for bothering you! have a nice trip and enjoy summer, I’ll keep an eye on you and your blog ;)

  90. Molly Rose says:

    I love those Chanel booties, they’re so sweet looking, but could be worn so many different ways. Have fun in Tokyo, I doubt you’ll be homesick when you get there.

  91. Wendygital says:

    Lovely pics!
    Hope you have the most wonderful time in Tokyo! :-)

  92. You are so sweet and i love your style.. Have fun in Tokyo.
    = ) carla Schmaus

  93. lilly! says:

    this is sick, your mom is so wrong suppoting you with all so sorry for all the girls, your age, lookin at this and being sad about NOT having such a sweet easy going life like yours!
    babe the world isnt all about shoppin!do u have other ideals?i cant help myself, but this is just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!spent your money for people, who dont even have drinkwater, instead of the 100st pair of designer shoes in a month!you guys are so out of your this shit is one thing, but showing it to the hole world and screamin
    im sorry, but this is not right…

  94. your mom is like the coolest ever, and you’re so pretty! you’re one of my fashion muses haha :D
    i love your shoes.. all of them.. and i bet my sis is going to go crazy if she reads your blog haha :)
    have a nice trip :) go shopping!! haha bring a lot of shoes :)
    and it would be nice if you came by to my blog hihi :)

  95. tara says:

    are you seriously complaining about being away for less than a month? wow …

  96. Kristin says:

    Small detail, but I like the bra you’re wearing under the lace top. It’s not too revealing, but at the same time not matronly either. Have a great time in Japan, I’m sure your puppies will be waiting when you get back. :)

  97. Ruby says:

    I love some nice tea and a book too :) I live in Texas too, and of course the weather is scorching hot, but I guess i’m used to it by now….. that’s kinda weird about taking a road trip to Marfa, because my mom actually wanted to go there this summer as well… btw love the shoes

  98. Rocky-Nes says:

    I love the fisrt picture, you’re so pretty !

  99. you are adorable!!! your mom is gorgeous, too — she looks like a sister! xoxo

  100. Ingrid Marie says:

    First of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! : ) You give me so much inspiration, so keep up the good work!!
    And we in Norway, loves icead tea as much as you do, I think .
    One question: How do you afford all the clothes and shoes osv.? I am 15, and I do not have a chance to buy so many expensive stuff. Could you write a “story” about your wardrobe favorites, favorite stores and tell about when you started to interest for fashion and stuffs like that when you come back from Tokyo? I would love that!
    Thank you,

  101. ragil mega says:

    Love your outfit.. and the white shoes on top of your book..
    have a nice trip!

  102. Christine says:

    I’m so in love with your Miu Miu skirt! It’s so sweet.
    Have a blast in Tokio, Jane. :] (we know you will)

  103. Amanda says:

    im in love with those chanel shoes they are amazing!

  104. kate says:

    South Carolinians love iced tea as much as Texans do :)

  105. Kristiina says:

    I love how you and your mom dress! I wish my mom was fashion savvy too haha. And those Chanel shoes are killer.. I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at my feet if I had them on too. Love your blog. Have fun in Tokyo!

  106. Amelia says:

    the first picture is so beautiful!
    YOU are beautiful.
    cute outfit, neutral tones is always a plus.
    QUESTION – what breed of dog is shelley? :)
    thanks xo

  107. Hélène says:

    i would commit murder for your mother’s boots.

  108. have fun in Tokyo! …both you and your mom’s shoes in this post are unbelievably awesome!

  109. Nell says:

    You look beautiful! :D Lots of nice pictures from your day! How old are you??

  110. Abi says:

    Love the Chanels!!

  111. Christine says:

    Have a safe trip!

  112. Zoe says:

    I want them Chanel booties!! So cute!
    Love both yours & your mums outfits, have a good time in Tokyo!(:

  113. ......... says:

    get a job, there is more in life than shopping shoes with your golddigging mother.

  114. B says:

    i loved your channel booties! oh, I read on a blog about a store, wonder rockets, that is at Takeshita-dori street… it looks like a garden, it’s absolutely gorgeous, you should go visit!

  115. Laura says:

    love the booties!
    hope you have fun in japan!

  116. Lea says:

    those shoes are far too gorgeous for words.
    have fun in tokyo, I’m sure once you get there there’ll be too much to do to miss texas too much.

  117. daisy says:

    Your outfit is so perfect, the shoes the skirt the top!! Looks like you had such a lovely day out with your mum! have a safe flight!

  118. Cindy says:

    How does your mom wear those leather boots in this heat? I just moved back to TX from NYC and one of the the things I miss is being able to rock layers. Fashion is so much more fun in the colder weather.

  119. Alexandria says:

    The Chanel booties are cute but I adore the Bruno Frisoni shoes in the first couple of pics.

  120. Caitlin says:

    This post made me smile and glow. Thank you. xx

  121. kyle says:

    i must say, out of all the fashion bloggers out there (and thre are quite a few famous ones who always seem to act like celebritites)– i am always amazed at how hauntingly beautiful and intelligent these pics are, almost like works of art themselves, as well as the clothes of course =)

  122. Rosanna says:

    i’m excited to see photos from your trip! :)

  123. RitaM says:

    Have a safe flight, Jane!

  124. Kayms says:

    Hi there,
    Love your Chanel booties! Would you be able to post a reply of the style number/name so I can chase up a pair please?
    Thanks and have a good time in Tokyo!

  125. Julia says:

    I loooove your booties! I normally don’t like Chanel shoes that much but yours are amazing! Have fun in Tokyo, I hope you don’t get too homesick!

  126. oncelivedinTOKYO says:

    Ummm Japan has A LOT of varieties of iced tea. Mostly Green Tea, and its not very sweet either. I used to live in Tokyo so I know your going to have fun, you can certainly afford to shop up a storm, whereas I can only window shop.

  127. Jane! Those booties are so unique, one of the best pairs in your collection I might say. They remind me of the dancers doing the “Time Warp” in Rocky Horror Picture Show. So punk rock.
    I’m new on the scene! Check out my blog!

  128. Nadia says:

    oh where do i start
    incredible especially the pic with the chanel heels
    and i lvoe seeing you in a different way . less posed

  129. Tracey Schreier says:

    How on earth do you afford your shoe habit? Out of interest, what is your budget for shoes per month.

  130. Hi, this is Robert from Sweden who just wanted to tell you that ur blog really must be the number one fashion blog in the whole world. It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about fashion as u are :D Love the CC shoes, they’re lovely!
    bless // GossipBoy

  131. Hi, this is Robert from Sweden who just wanted to tell you that ur blog really must be the number one fashion blog in the whole world. It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about fashion as u are :D Love the CC shoes, they’re lovely!
    bless // GossipBoy

  132. Hi, this is Robert from Sweden who just wanted to tell you that ur blog really must be the number one fashion blog in the whole world. It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about fashion as u are :D Love the CC shoes, they’re lovely!
    bless // GossipBoy

  133. EMILIE says:

    I love the CHANEL shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And your Miu Miu skirt is fabulous!!!!
    Your mother looks great, as always!!!!!

  134. Christing says:

    your mom has amazing style…love her wrist adornments! and your chanel shoes are amazing!!

  135. sarah says:

    you really arent going to be gone that long, and you are already homesick? you are traveling to one of the most interesting places on earth, where very few girls your age get the opportunity to go. please dont waste this moment by ‘already missing your dogs’.

  136. Jill says:

    The sheer blouse with the sheer shoe is genius!

  137. Marie says:

    I love your Chanel shoes *___*
    wow! your mum is really young and trendy ^^
    love from Spain

  138. Isabel says:

    Sigh – you should consider yourself so lucky that you get to travel like that…

  139. aa.salz says:

    Wow you really look like somebody Coco would want to see in her pieces! Your daddy Karl is surely proud of you!
    Have fun in Tokyo and don’t forget to post lots and lots hihi. I’m really excited to experience your view of the city!

  140. romyyy says:

    i LOVEEE your Chanel ankle-boots, soo cutee!

  141. Karin says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  142. Amalina says:

    i love those chanel booties cute! have fun in Tokyo xx

  143. The Voguette says:

    jane, those chanels are TO DIE FOR.
    they look AMAZING on you, and i love your whole outfit!! (as always)
    one day my shoe collection will be as amazing as yours… one day…
    The Voguette

  144. Eva says:

    LOVE the Chanel shoes!
    but how can you afford everything?
    it aint cheap thats for sure…

  145. Erin says:

    Did you see that TrendCentral did a call out on you today?
    Check it out:
    Good for you … thanks for keeping me in the know.
    BTW, love the shoes.

  146. luxirare says:

    im going to tokyo in september to visit my grandmother again but it would have been so cool to go shopping with you in
    have fun and make sure to keep us updated!
    ps. those chanel heels are fucking insane.

  147. Raji says:

    Ohhh my
    Your shoes are lovelyyyyyy
    Saw some pump versions …
    But yours are better :)

  148. barbara antonina* says:

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    accidentally came to your blog, and i must to say that you are genial.
    in the near future i will try to enter your blog.
    regards from poland! ;)

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  150. sarah says:

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  152. Anna says:

    I’m originally from Texas, too – it was over 10 years ago but the cafe in the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza had the most amazing “cream iced tea” – iced tea with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. My friend and I would meet there for our special treat once a week when I spent a summer in Tokyo. Bon voyage…er…itterasshai!

  153. Lisa says:

    love the shoes on your book. what are they?

  154. Sandy says:

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  155. chloe says:

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    Well have fun in Tokyo!

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    i almost died when i saw those shoes in the second picture. okay maybe that’s exaggerating but they are seriously absolutely amazing.

  162. CB says:

    I have been bothered by some of the poorly mannered comments directed toward Jane and her family. Commenting about the cost of certain items and how one can afford them is very bad form and simply none of your business.
    —Certainly some of the comments are rude, but at the same time, blogging to thousands of people about the expensive shoes one buys, especially if you’re a teenager, invites the question. If you want complete privacy, don’t start a blog.

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    And how cute is it that there’s a little heart shaped thing in your pic right before the flowers? <3
    You are sooo pretty and have such a cool sense of style! I'm so jealouss :).
    Have fun in your trip :D! Enjoy it, because you'll see time flies and you'll be home in no time!

  164. Karen says:

    presumptuous is the correct spelling of the word

  165. charlotte says:

    you are so gorgeous !
    is karl lagerfeld your father ? :O

  166. Linny says:

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    have a wonderful time! mom is so gorgeous as u are

  168. I have always admired your blog and posts like these are exactly why. ^.^ Have fun in Tokyo!

  169. Caitlin says:

    words cannot explain how much I love your booties!
    Have a wonderful time in Tokyo, cannot wait to see & read about your travels
    x x x

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    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

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    Have fun in Tokyo!

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  175. Jess. says:

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    +im loving the red lipstick.
    i love love love your blog, have fun in japan!
    nihon wa tanoshii desune.
    who takes your photos?

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    have fun traveling

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    So I may sound like a major creeper, but were you just driving down Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles earlier today? I was driving, and looked over to the car next to me and noticed if not you, your doppleganger, complete with your adorable headphones. I wanted to say hello, but alas I was driving. Hope you have a lovely trip! I absolutely adore your blog!

  182. Ty Ty says:

    im in love with your doggies! and ur outfit.. your moms shoes are stunning.
    Ty Ty

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    Your blog is just amzing and i can’t believe Kanye West contacted you. I am actually the most jealous girl ever.

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    Wow! you make everything seem all so beautiful.

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    Also, your mother’s style is to die for. If only my mother dressed like that….if only I could CONVINCE my mother to dress like that.
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  198. Liz says:

    Those chanel booties are divine… I love the picture quality of the canon you use, what model is it?

  199. kira says:

    I went to tokyo last summer, and don’t worry you will drink so much iced tea there! but its not like north american iced tea, its different but waaayyy better. i wish i could find it here. oh oh and c.c.lemon. its the best pop ever and its in every vending machine. cute booties, by the way. if only i could afford chanel on my summer salary….ahh

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    The Magus is such a good book! And that food doesn’t look too shabby either!

  214. Air Jordans says:

    Beautiful post. How can we say that feminism has done its work until each of us can walk on the street alone without fear, annoyance, or embarassment?

  215. I understand what you are saying, but you just seem to have forgotten that there are some other people in the world who view this issue for what it really is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away a lot of people who might have been fans of your blog.

  216. Oh my…. I love those shoes, the watch and the bracelets. I like the rocker chick look.
    And those pictures are amazing. :) Nice blog you got here.

  217. Do not forget the birthing process can take a VERY long time and be very tiring for all concerned.

  218. mallikarjuna says:

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