J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters.

Hi guys, I'm excited to announce the launch of a capsule collection I did for Urban Outfitters. I'm so grateful to have been given the chance to design what I love (shoes!) and it has been a pleasure to work with UO.

Here is the snippet from the press release.

"Jane Aldridge may be just 17 years old, but the Dallas-based fashion blogger has an impressive global following on her personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. "Ever since I've reached my full shoe size I've been fanatical about collecting shoes," says Aldridge. "That's how my blog got started, as a means of chronicling my addiction to beautiful footwear and the evolution of my personal style," she adds. 

The magnetic Texas teen has to wear a school uniform five days a week with a one and a half inch heel rule, but outside of class, flats are the last thing you'll see her wearing. From YSL cage heels and Chanel bow-tie booties to Margiela clogs, Aldridge pairs her favored heels with equally envied outfits. And now, she has found another creative outlet for her passion; designing shoes herself, with the help of Urban Outfitters.
Launching next month, J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes is a capsule collection of three styles, exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Dramatic knee-high brown leather peep-toe boots feature top-stitched detailing and lacing at the front, black gladiator heels with studs and twin buckle straps, and lace-up, pointy skimmers. "I'm really excited to bring my designs to Urban Outfitters," says Aldridge. "The inspiration for this collection is a mish-mash of some of the elements of my favorite pairs—sort of Victoriana meets gladiator warrior."
Can't wait to get home and try them on!

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  1. jen michaels says:

    wow this is so exciting! congrats jane!

  2. maria says:

    This is awesome!! Congratulations!!

  3. Laura says:

    Amazing, I’m so excited for you! :}

  4. Chelsea says:

    That’s so exciting Jane! Congratulations!

  5. jh says:

    i love the boots!

  6. Heather says:

    What an accomplishment Jane! You are truly the future of fashion!

  7. Congrats! You’re living the dream!
    InBetweenSeams: http://elizabethjaime.wordpress.com/

  8. frenchghosts says:

    wow, this is amazing! i need to get my hands on a pair!

  9. Kate says:

    I think you’re the luckiest 17 year old ever…
    also, I want the skimmers more than anything…

  10. Wow they look amazing!!! What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!

  11. Connie says:

    Those brown peep-toes are TO DIE FOR! I cannot wait until they are released!

  12. Saree Elias says:

    J! congratsss! im in love with the peep toe booties! i want i want! :)

  13. Chelsea says:

    Love the boots as well, it’s so sassy! :)
    I know this will sell well, God bless!

  14. Michelle says:

    wow! i’m soooo excited! i love jane!!! :D

  15. Michelle says:

    Looking forward to buying some of these!

  16. Priyarrr says:

    UHM. those black flats?! FABULOUS! Can’t wait to buy them asappp EEEEEE!

  17. How awesome! Congrats on that.

  18. elyoo says:

    WHOA! Congratulations!

  19. Lauren says:

    yayyyyy! i wanna buy a pair. :)

  20. sd says:

    uhm…wow!! lucky!!

  21. Elinor says:

    Congratulations Jane! The shoes are “so you”!! Wish we had Urban Outfitters out here in Malaysia! *envy*

  22. Debbie says:

    Wow…congratulations and I will be looking for those boots at Urban in the Fall?

  23. So exciting! Congratulations, you designer you (:

  24. they look amazing!
    you deserve it, you have got to be one of the most stylish 17 year olds alive right now.
    you’re very lucky.

  25. Antonia says:

    Congrats! I NEED those boots! LOVE. THEM.

  26. Ainsley says:

    No way!! I was just at Urban Outfitters today haha. That’s so cool!!

  27. wow!
    those are nice shoes, jane!
    i love your designs!

  28. Kathlene says:

    I seldom like the looks of flats, but this pair i actually really like. How exciting it must be to get to design your own shoes!

  29. ava says:

    I am so proud of you Jane!!!! I LOVE these shoes! <3 Ava

  30. Brigadeiro says:

    OMGOSH!!! How absolutely UNREAL! Congratulations! I love the tan lace up boots! Amazing! :)

  31. claudia says:

    AHHHHHH thats amazing your sooo talented wow lucky you

  32. Shauna says:

    So basically you can ripoff the expensive shoes you wear, make them affordable-ish for your fans, and you ‘designed’ some shoes? I mean, come on, really. There is zero effort in this. Studded sandals? BURBERRY. Peeptoe boot? MMM. laced ballet flat? Ann D. Whoopity do. At least come out and say “Hey guys I appreciate that you admire my collection and wanted to make more affordable versions.” There is nothing, NOTHING, original about this.

  33. I never comment your blog jane, but i just want to say congratulations. i made my blog in the hope that it will take me too somewhere in the fashion world.

  34. Congratulations! That first pair of leather sandals are amazing–so sexy!

  35. Annie says:

    these look amazing!!! congratulations!!!! my favorite are the lace up boots – a mix of MMM and AnnD! Love it!
    What’s the price range for these?

  36. shila says:

    oh wow congrats jane! they all look great! I hope UO can ship these to asia!

  37. Kat says:

    Can you even draw? I think you might have more credibility if you posted your design sketches for UO. Considering the fact that these designs just look like runway knock-offs, this looks like YET ANOTHER celebrity design collaboration wherein the in-house designers design the collection and use the celebrity’s name to sell the goods.
    The fact that you’re going to be a design student is seriously laughable.

  38. gennie says:

    congrats jane!!!! the beige boots are so you!!!!

  39. Dana says:

    woah wild! 17 and upstaging everyone! love the flats, and the heels too. whats the price range like? fingers crossed for affordable :) congrats girl

  40. Shana says:

    I just wanted to let you know about a new forum for artists as well as musicians, fashion designers, and filmmakers, http://www.PutItOn.com. As an artist I think that the mission is really great. The site gives you a free gigabyte of space for portfolio, there is no commission taken for sales, audio and visual works can been streamed in their entirety, you can create live personal broadcasts for your followers, and anything you write will be translated into 10 languages. So check it out!

  41. Nubby says:

    Congratulations, you’re doing so much at 17 between school and blogging and designing! And your photography lately has been stunning! Big things are happening for you!!! Hopefully there will be even more styles in the future. My brother has done many t-shirt designs for Urban and enjoys working with them as well.

  42. dannie says:

    whoo, first kanye and now this- you are doing an amazing job, cherish this moment, i can tell its just the beginning ;;;)))

  43. jae says:

    congratulations! what a great accomplishment for a 17 year old – damn! and i love the bootss!!

  44. OK, I”m not so shocked about the incredible opportunity you have been given but OMG, you are only 17!?! I had no idea. No wonder you can walk around in those high heel shoes! My feet hurt reading your blog but I read anyway. I love your photography and your very unique style. AT your age, I was more like you… then reality of foot and back pain set in and now, my feet never go in heels. I have very boring shoes now but at one time, I had quite a collection and loved them. Your new styles are terrific! Keep it up girl!

  45. JessieADORE says:

    WOW! What a blessing!
    …you’re life is rather un-real. NEVER take it for granted my dear :)

  46. taylor says:

    honestly i expected something much more… creative and exciting from you. these are terrible.

  47. adrienne says:

    i’m so excited!! congrats! i hope they will show up at my local UO!

  48. one small step for Jane Aldridge, one giant leap for fashion bloggers everywhere. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity!!

  49. candice says:

    some of the comments here are just…mean.
    i’m all for opinion, but some ppl could show some tact..
    jane- congrats, congrats, congrats on this amazing opportunity! you are where you are in your fashion career at such a tender age bc you are talented. don’t let anyone else’s negativity bring you down. i’m all for constructive criticism. but not comments which seem fueled from jealousy more than anything..
    keep your head up!!

  50. Lauren says:

    Congrats! This is so awesome!
    I hope you have some non-leather shoes planned. I would def. drop a pretty penny for some of your designs! Lovely!

  51. Lucy says:

    awesome! congrats to you! that is so amazing…you already have a collection out! I can’t wait to see everything.

  52. This is HUGE! Congratulations!

  53. Anne says:

    Oh whoa! Greatjob JANE!!!
    I cannot wait to grab these babies!

  54. Iyam says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! talk about achievement! wish you all the best!

  55. caroline says:

    these are so amazing! congrats on designing your first items; hopefully they won’t be the last!!

  56. Kathleen Rhea Galeos says:

    OMG! Love the design & style; you’re amazing! Cannot wait to buy me a pair. :]

  57. The whole collection is unoriginal and are total knock-offs. The first and third pair also look really cheap.
    I should still congratulate you because of your age. You are still young… design school has a lot to teach you. Though if you really did design these (rather than UO in-house), you should have taken this rare opportunity to really show the world your originality in design and fashion aesthetic. You have failed to do this.
    Well done UO for seeing an advertising opportunity here. These will sell very well because of your established fan base. I for one will not try them on.

  58. Alicia says:

    that’s so awesome! congrats! :)

  59. Rosa says:

    Congrats Jane! The skimmers are my favorite. They’re very interesting looking; There’s something poetic about them. Anywho, hope you blossom into the innovative designer we all know you will be!

  60. Nini's Style says:

    Hi Jane, Congrats!!! I really like the boots.

  61. Jordan says:

    Congrats! You’re so lucky! I’ll definitely gonnna buy them. They look great!

  62. faith says:

    Congratulations!^___^ Loving the boots… I hope it somehow makes its way here to the Philippines so I can get myself a pair. :D

  63. Brandon says:

    The shoes look great! A big, giant CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  64. Christine says:

    Wow! Where can I buy??

  65. Amber says:

    Oh Jane… love you dearly, and I’m definitely excited for you, but coming from the girl who wears Dragonfly Miu Mius and YSL caged heels, I was hoping for something more… exciting. Dramatic. Unique. But this /is/ only the beginning, and I’m sure that future creations will be as stunning as the shoes you often wear here.

  66. Nadia says:

    i am so impressed congratulations

  67. Corey says:

    Way to go Jane!!

  68. AM says:

    I am SO excited!!!

  69. Sunset says:

    Hoooooly CRAP, Jane!! SO many things are happening! First Kanye, now this?! Jesus, YOU GO, GIRL!

  70. Katie says:

    I am so excited for these shoes to come out!

  71. Trinity says:

    AWESOME -AWESOME -AWESOME!!! So super excited for you -and for me -can’t wait for these precious gems to arrive at UO!
    I look forward to more inspiration from you!!!

  72. Lisa Dali says:

    I just came across your blog yesterday …and loved it. I choose one of your pics as “Outfit of the Day” on my freshly made blog http://www.dearfrank.com
    And so I came back today and saw that you are doing this collab with UO! Very cool, congratulations!
    Keep it up! :)

  73. WHOA!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I definitely see YOU in the tan open toe boots!

  74. omigod!!!!! congrats jane!!! you’re so lucky!!!!
    love the brown boots!!!
    I wish they were sold here in Indonesia..
    check out my blog!!

  75. Angus says:

    They paid you to knock-off the Prada boots you wear in half of your posts?

  76. Caitlin says:

    Congratulations girl! You should be soo proud of yourself!

  77. Meaghan Whyte says:

    Hi Jane – Congratulations! You are a really talented designer. I want every single pair displayed in your post. However, I am especially lusting after the brown peep-toe boots. Words don’t describe how wonderful they are :)There is only one small problem – I actually live in Australia. Do you know if these boots will be available online for international sale? Because I would absolutely adore a pair :D xox

  78. Libby says:

    Wow , you are so accomplished, love the knee high ones!!! Do you know the price range yet? Congrats!

  79. NK says:

    Hello. i am one of the regular reader of you blog here but this is my first time posting a comment.. :) just wanna say the boots is awesome.. you are one gifted girl. and congratulations too.

  80. Emma says:

    i can’t believe how amazingly lucky you are

  81. chloe says:

    Wow! Amazing Jane! Congratulations.

  82. Jennifer says:

    Oh my word, congratulations Jane – what an honor and an accomplishment! I’m already eyeing the boots. Any word on when your collection will go on sale?

  83. yikes says:

    This dangerously borders on design plagiarism…both embarrassing (to anyone that matters) and disappointing.
    Just be honest and say that you’re offering middle america an ersatz experience of shopping for expensive shoes–MMM for $34.99!–rather than original designs, which these are not.

  84. My favorite is the laced flat!!! I luv it! Ur shoes definitely will stand out amongst the other shoes at UO!!!!

  85. Rachel says:

    I, too, am skeptical at the credibility of this.
    You haven’t tried them on, you say, so how involved were you int he design process, really?

  86. ragil mega says:

    O My God, congratulations!! How exciting this is I love the boots..

  87. April says:

    Jane, holy crap!
    Will your shoes be available at all locations, or will they only be sold at a few at first? I hope they come to Dallas soon, since I live there too~ I’m definitely snagging the open-toe boots. ;)

  88. Hey Jane, Congratulations to you again! Keep it up girl!~

  89. Rachel says:

    YOU are very talented!!! I love all of them!!

  90. Kacie says:

    Some of you need to cool it. Jane is one of the most inspirational and talented girls I have ever seen. Her leap into designing is absolutely amazing, and she ought to be really proud of what she has accomplished. Even if you do not like the shoes (and I LOVE them), doesn’t mean you ought to criticize her. These are amazing designs made by an amazing person….anyone who says different is trying to make themselves feel better by dragging someone else down.
    Way to go, Jane!

  91. wowee!! that’s amazing!! so cool… how awesome will it be to have shoes YOU designed on your shelves??? I’m sure this won’t be the last we see some of your designs though!

  92. mt says:

    we are all entitled to our opinions. you guys can gush about how fabulous the shoes are. we will gush about how un-fabulous they are.
    to each their own. get over it.

  93. Stephhh says:

    im in love with those brown heels!
    congratulations!! :) youre so lucky!

  94. coronaboomboom says:

    many many and warmest congrats! They’re all beautiful, but the flats are absolutely brilliant!

  95. I’m in love with those brown boots and the tie-flats! I can’t wait to purchase these!

  96. Ann says:

    I think it’s really unfair that a seventeen year old girl has the opportunity to “design” shoes for a few simple reasons, one is well ummm…. your fucking wealthy! hello? how do people not get this? I mean anyone could look like they have style when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw down on clothes and shoes, seriously it doesn’t equal talent. I bet you if anyone of these bloggers had the money and nepotism that you had (I mean your mom’s a designer) they would look just as lovely.If your mommy wasn’t buying you all these overpriced clothes would you be able to do it yourself? No I doubt it. You’ve probably never had to work a real job ( a low pay teenage job) and had to look at a lousy paycheck.You didn’t earn those clothes or your “sea of shoes”. If you didn’t have your fancy camera and tons of hook ups with stylish designers, I doubt you would be where you are today.Your blog does nothing but rub in people’s faces what they don’t have, most of us will never own $900.00 Ann D’s even people with “great” paying jobs who work very hard.By the way I don’t think this is mean it’s truth, people with money always get things handed to them and they try to tell people like me that it’s not because their wealthy it’s because they are “sooo talented”.I don’t think people should be appraising this blog.Appraising someone because they have an endless supply of money? Also considering the fact that some of us have lost their jobs because of the failing economy. Thank you.

  97. VintageGirl says:

    I can’t wait to buy a pairr. =]

  98. Vanessa says:

    See if you can get them to carry them in size 5 and 5 1/2. I would love to own some but they don’t carry my size. I’m totally with m Tejada
    Never take your amazing life for granted.
    You are so blessed (and I don’t use that word often or lightly).

  99. Cad says:

    So when the hell can I get my hands on these babies, hm?

  100. jC says:

    Hi Jane, Even tho I’m relatively new to your great blog (found it thru your mom’s!), I can feel a sense of.. basically, I’m really happy for you! The line looks fabulous, & to think that one day soon I can walk into the London Urban Outfitters (where I got my first fabulous pair of pink plastic neon jellies*) & buy a pair of shoes made by you! Funny old world.
    I especially like the lace pumps: Victoriana meets gladiator, that sums your line up brilliantly!
    Well done, you! Have fun in Tokyo.
    * this is my first posting on the UO sandals: http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-hot-pink-celebrity-sandals.html

  101. combatwombat says:

    The peep toe on the boots looks really big.
    As for the flats, they look overly similar to a pair by Junya Watanabe that’s on sale at saks right now.

  102. Nora says:

    congratulations! the boots are my favorite so far :)

  103. Wendygital says:

    How exciting!
    They look amazing!
    Wish you the best!

  104. Jo says:

    Congratulations on realising your dream so young! Can’t wait to see how you outfit these shoes.

  105. thesil says:

    Congratulations! you deserve it! your shoes´s collection is amazing! I have a blog and I steal some of your pics to illustrate the news. Hope this is not a problem! If it is, please tell me and I delete them!
    Kisses from Spain
    The link:

  106. Angus says:

    Getting paid to knock-off the Prada boots you brag about 24/7 must feel great.

  107. :[ says:

    unoriginal and dissapointing :[

  108. TeaTime says:

    I see all your favourite shoe designers here: Ann D, Margiela, Givenchy. It’s great that you have designed affordable versions! They might not be the most original designs but I suspect that was not Urban Outfitters’s remit.

  109. Amy says:

    oooh i love the studded ones and the skimmers! im betting they wont come to UK urban outfitters though :(

  110. hey, u are incredibly good.. don’t miss such oppurtunities and congrats..
    you are good and truly good..
    keep it up !!

  111. Angus says:

    I love how you’re getting paid to knock-off the Prada boots you were all the time!

  112. Angus says:


  113. Lily says:

    Ohh my gosh congratulations! To be only 17 and already have your own shoe line is unbelievable you should be so proud of yourself! I am in love with all three styles I feel I may have to buy them all when they launch!

  114. sune says:

    0h wow thats fantastic! congratulations Jane!

  115. Lisa says:

    I absolutly love it! Do u know if it will be available in Sweden? By the way, love ur blogg! xo Lisa

  116. Kim says:

    Congrats! I like the brown boots. I hope to find your collection in Belgian stores too, I’d love to buy a pair.

  117. Kasia says:

    I love the boots! Brilliant! Congratulations:)

  118. mei says:

    congratulations jane!!
    what an an awesome collection!
    love boots!!

  119. jo says:

    wowwwww, you rock jane!

  120. Marian says:

    wonderful Jane, congrats on your first collection!
    Will they be available here in UK?
    muah x

  121. jen says:

    congrats that is beyond awesome!!! just wondering jane, what shoes do you wear to school with the heel restriction?! i cant think of anything in your collection we’ve seen that you could wear, they are all sky high! would love to know what you wear, as I have to live in flats for work, too.

  122. Pearl says:

    OH JANE CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope they will be available to us in the UK, what fantastic designs. I love how you can see your own style in the designs, and also that there is something everyone will love!!
    You should be so proud of yourself x

  123. Pia says:

    Bravo Jane! The shoes look great and i’m glad you got this opportunity.
    And please Don’t pay attention to the old geezer commentaries, jealous and embittered.
    Keep up the good work!

  124. leyla m. says:

    congrats jane!
    this is great news!!!

  125. Congratulations Jane – You seem like such an eloquent girl who is making the absolute most of your surroundings. If only all teens from families with the kind of financial means you’ve been blessed with would be so grateful as you!
    Wishing you the best of luck !! I hope to one day achieve my dream of leatherwork too!

  126. jC says:

    Well done Jane!! I’m reading some of these mean comments.. haven’t these people learned the motto ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say..’ I don’t know you, and I’ve only just discovered both yours & your mom’s fabulous blogs, but you both give off such a generous spirit, that I really feel for you now, on holiday in Tokyo, getting dumped on by a few squeaky wheels.
    I simply don’t understand women’s envy of other women, which is clearly what this all stems from. Those of us that have happy lives have room in our hearts to enjoy other women’s happiness, simple as that.
    Enjoy your holiday, and ignore those Mean Girls. I love that ‘Victorian meets gladiator’ concept, and especially the laced flats.. there will be something for everybody, and it’s a brilliant move on Urban Outfitter’s part. I got my favourite much loved neon pink plastic sandals from them (link here if you’re curious: http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-hot-pink-celebrity-sandals.html )
    (by the way I’ve added you – if you’d like to swap links, I’d be thrilled to bits, but now’s the time to enjoy yourself & enjoy this well earned new job!!!)

  127. Liz says:

    I really don’t mean to put down Jane, but really, when I saw the pictures I was like ‘REALLY?’ It screamed rip-off to me…like she took her favorite shoes and changed an element.
    Now, I can’t even imagine designing shoes. It must be difficult to truly be original. However….I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed. And I’m not being a ‘hater’ or anything, or jealous. I think that it’s great that she got a chance to design a capsule line for UO, at 17! But if she wants to truly enter the fashion industry, she’s not going to break it. I don’t have her taste in clothing, but I could see her as a stylist, one that can put together a great outfit rather than a desigining visionary. YMMV of course.

  128. Liz says:

    And seriously, are any of you even INVOLVED in the fashion industry? Be nice? Don’t criticize? I don’t agree that one should personally attack her, but we have the total right to analyze her style and design as artists. That’s kind of what people do in the fashion industry every day. She’ll be facing it for the rest of her life, and I’m sure that Jane’s well aware of that.

  129. Aleksandra says:

    Awwww, that is sooo nice of Urban Outfitters staff, that they asked YOU to make the shoe collection for them. I think you did a great job :D btw, are the shoes goin to be available only in US? cos see, i’m livin in Europe (I’m Polish, but i currently live in Ireland, but i visit Poland and UK a lot) and i sooo want to own a pair of these shoes ;)
    have fun in Tokyo!

  130. Chloë says:

    Lusting after those boots, they’re kinda cute!

  131. Barbro says:

    Omg, I love the boots! Congrats! you really deserve it!

  132. Martina says:

    congrats jane!!!! but i like only the boots… the other 2 pairs are not realy my cup of tea…. its amazing how coll this is!! wow, im jealous but in a good way, im happy for u

  133. erin says:

    Those flats look beautiful!

  134. monica says:

    Congratulations! so cool

  135. tippy says:

    Congratulations Jane! You are too cute, love your blog and can’t wait to see how the extensions look!

  136. marion says:

    the peep-toe boots are just amaziiiing ! lovely things jane, you’re very talented : )

  137. Tor Brierley says:

    Congratulations on the collection; without the patronising “wow you’re only 17 palava” actually it’s an amazing achievement whatever your age.
    Tor (FabFrocks) xx

  138. Jill says:

    Congratulations Chica!

  139. Ariel says:

    Awesome Jane! I can’t wait to go buy a pair of the brown boots!

  140. Brittney says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait till they come out. I absolutely love the brown lace ups and the gladiator heels. :)

  141. triss says:

    This is such a great news! I am so happy for you:) Congratulations Jane!

  142. Pearl says:

    Hi Jane, I just came back for a second look at your shoes, and had to comment again. Please dont take to heart any of those mean comments. You are 17 with your first design job and have done exceptionally well. We all take reference from the things we like and that comes across in our designs and personalities. Many other designers do things with reference or similarities, I was just blogging about how simialr a pair of Chloes and Margielas were! So you design a pair of peeptoe tan boots, they are failing to see the super original lacing and other details, because they are looking only for faults. Many people will be jealous of you, you have a great opportuinity here and luckily most of your blog followers wish you well. Dont let the odd few try and spoil it for you. I know for a fact that money certaily doesnt buy style, and bitterness will never find happiness. Oh and FYI if you followed Janes blog you would know how well she sketches!

  143. Yani says:

    that’s so exciting!!! I cant wait to get to UO and buy those peeptoe boots! :]

  144. pia says:


  145. Punkie says:

    woooooooow!!! CONGRATS! you are living my dream!!! I’m so happy for you, that’s a big big deal! I hope one day to have the same opportunity!
    I’m in love with the boots!!! they’re great!

  146. Suzanne says:

    omg, that boots; i want them!

  147. Unfunded says:

    Amazing! These are beautiful! I’m really diggin’ the boots with a white Alexander Wang t-shirt dress. Omg I love all 3!

  148. E says:

    Those boots are phenomenal!
    Such a privilege!

  149. TeaTime says:

    It gets somewhat irritating that when all you little kids rally around to defend Jane against ANY form of critism. Not everyone is a crazed fan! There are people who won’t, shock horror, like stuff she posts and with comments enabled she must expect to take the rough with the smooth.
    Collaborations with popular bloggers are nothing more than a publicity mechanism. Do you really think Rumi would be designing for RVCA, or Susie working for Dazed & Confused if it weren’t for their blogs? HIGHLY unlikely. There are a million more talented shoe designers out there, but Jane has a huge blog and they don’t, meaning she brings with her potential customers. UO weren’t wanting her for her design skills, but the girl gave it her best shot and yes they look like cheap versions of the very expensive shoes she actually buys, but how many of you kids can actually afford REAL Anne D’s? About 1% of you probably, so these are ideal.

  150. xAZD says:

    i just read an article about this somewhere online…and my jaw dropped! How lucky! I love the brown boots. :)

  151. styleSWOON says:

    JANE!!!! So excited to finally see the shoes!! I LOVE the boots! Congratulations…you are amazing!

  152. Bret Sano says:

    Congratulations, Jane! That is sooo cool… I love those knee highs, very gladiator-riffic.

  153. Kate says:

    For anyone wondering, I found prices here! http://pipeline.refinery29.com/news/jane_aldridge_urban_outfitters.php
    $178 for the boots
    $58 for the skimmers
    $98 for the gladiators

  154. Anh says:

    I love the lace up pointy skimmers! Congratulations on your capsule collection with UO =)

  155. Julie Cook says:

    gah, those lace up boots are so freaking fabulous.

  156. Erin says:

    I love them. You did an awesome job!
    So I know you are probably having more fun than you know what to do with in Tokyo and Dallas is a distant memory, but I am actually going to be in Dallas this weekend. If you have time, would you mind telling me what thrift or vintage stores you find all your great stuff at?
    Thanks so much!
    Keep doing what you are doing.

  157. bianca says:

    i want the boots i wish it could be shipped to my place
    congrats jane :)

  158. suzan says:

    Amazing congratulations!

  159. conchita says:

    hey! is it okay i also blogged about this in my site? awesome! i’m a fan!

  160. Danielle says:

    That’s so awesome! Your own shoe line.

  161. wow, that’s great!!!
    Congrats!!! Jane, they all look fabulous!!
    You are talent. Wishing you have great time on your vacation!

  162. Maria says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Jane! Can’t wait to get the brown peeptoes!

  163. nicole says:

    these are total rip-off designs! for a girl who is so “obsessed” (as you love to say) with being original, it is disappointing to see knock-off designs being passed off as your own.

  164. KD says:

    Wow! You seem to live the perfect life! I especially love the flats. :-D

  165. Aisha says:

    wow!! Thats amazing, congrats…Let us know when they will hit stores!

  166. Raven says:

    Congratulations! Is this a one-time deal, or will you do more shoes for UO?

  167. Kari says:

    Jane- You need to get into Accessory Design! I went to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I got my BFA there in Accessories Design(yes- they have a Bachloers program for Accessories!)- you really have a great eye and sense of style and I think it would be amazing to see the “Couture” you could do for the accessories industry…..
    Love the pics you’ve been posting from Japan- i am eagarly waiting to see the extension photos!!! I also love that you wear heels/wedges to traipse around the city!!!

  168. Sophie says:

    OH MY GOD !
    One question : what do you do for have a perfect skin like your ?
    So amazing !

  169. Those are really fantastic!

  170. Marla Singer says:

    congratulation, Jane! you’re the most amazing 17-year-old i’ve ever known! go to school and design shoes for UO. oh wow, who doesn’t adore you? <33

  171. Izzy says:

    I adore the flats!

  172. Lauren says:

    Holy crap, that’s huge! And they’re great. Well done.

  173. Ty Ty says:

    Well done! You are very talented… i love all the designs especially the lace up boots. if i were a bit older i would sooooo buy them!
    Ty Ty

  174. RXFASHION says:

    Congratulations! I’m loving the boots.
    I think you should do a post on what the design process was like- most of us have no idea how these things work, I’m really interested!

  175. Sabina says:

    Congrats! I’m in love with the brown ones!

  176. Vanessa says:

    This is so cool, and I’m really happy for you! Those boots are absolutely gorgeous– curse my thick calves that will never fit into them! :-P

  177. mt says:

    another note: SHE HERSELF will probably not even wear them. they look cheap. they are cheap. for a boot that size to only be $178? it’s not going to be made of leather; none of them are. so i highly doubt she will be wearing her knock-offs instead of the real thing. i know i wouldn’t.

  178. Raquel says:

    Great job Jane, this is a wonderful accomplishment!

  179. Tamia says:

    I read this on BlackBook a few days ago and wanted to stop by and say congrats! The shoes look amazing…
    Oh, and it looks like you have jealous haters (per “Kat” above). That’s how you know you’ve REALLY made it!

  180. JHE'ANELL says:

    Wow – that’s major! What an amazing opportunity at such a young age – congratulations to you. Can’t wait to see what’s to come of you in the future – keep it up :)

  181. patricia says:

    congratualtions!!! what a great opportunity. the shoes look great.

  182. Heather says:

    Congrats love! You are eons above where I was at 17! Best wishes on your continued success!! And I’m loving the brown boots!

  183. lizzy says:

    First off, congrats. You are a very lucky and talented girl and I wish you all the best.
    OK, yes, she is obviously wealthy and many cannot afford what she has. BUT it is disgusting for me to read that she has no talent. Jane writes beautifully, takes amazing photographs, has an obvious knack for style, and has managed to create and maintain a very successful blog. It doesn’t matter that she has money, she has managed to take that and create something, to WORK. anyone who has blogged (especially updating everyday) would know that this is not easy, it’s somewhat of a job in itself!
    Also, about her designs. SELDOM have I seen anything amazing come out of UO (their in house brand). Let’s be serious, shoes that cost $50 aren’t going to be able to look like the 900$ ones she wears. She was given an opportunity and she took it, good for her. MANY of you do not know how business works, obviously. It’s like being voted class president in middle school, maybe you get some responsibilities, but not many. She signed off on what she liked within the scope of what they allowed her. ANYONE would take such an opportunity. Seriously, you expected her, at 17, no experience, working with UO to come out with shoes, at $50, that look like anything different?? COME ON, even the shoes RACHEL COMEY and ID TUTTLE designed for urban were plain, uninspired and knockoffs.

  184. Allison Bentley says:

    wow. congrats! urban outfitters has such a great collection of shoes already — such a great mix — and this is even better! i’m excited to see what else you do in this line. love your blog and your mom’s blog. makes my day brighter!

  185. Amazing! Good for you!

  186. Janelle says:

    Way to go Jane! And you know what? Those haters just wasted their time criticizing someone they envy. I hope you are able to design more shoes in the future! :D

  187. Stu says:

    Decent collection but UO donated a fortune to Yes on 8. Shame your collaboration was with such a morally bankrupt company.

  188. Adreanna says:

    Ya know Jane, you just pay no mind to the haters out there. From one budding footwear designer to another, no one really knows what it takes to put your visions out there the way we do…to lay it all out there for public scrutiny.
    Fashion is cyclical. Nothing is new and old is back! Interpretations and re-designs are what make high fashion attainable for the runway obsessed masses.
    Do your thing girl and never let up!

  189. Stephanie C. says:

    I am compelled to comment in regard to the disturbingly negative statements.
    UO most certainly would have given Jane certain parameters in which to work- price points, cost of materials, time involved in the design process, style details, and other such limitations. It is ignorant and unreasonable to assume she would be allowed to design exactly what she’d want in a shoe, ie., her ideal, or dream shoe. After all, she was not designing for Prada, for example, for which case there would be different set of stipulations/limitations in which to work.
    These are great-looking UO shoes, great style and value in keeping with UO’s usual offerings. And they’re in the style of what Jane has in her closet, and it appears she has done a remarkable job! I look forward to seeing more in the future.
    The increasingly numerous rude comments are laced with jealousy of Jane, and ignorance about the design process. It is very unbecoming of young girls in particular to exhibit such rudeness and presumptuousness. Where are your manners? If Jane’s blog bothers you, I am sure there are other blogs you can follow instead.
    As for Jane, I hope she is unaffected by the negativity. Her grace, talent, creativity and style make her a shining star with incredible potential!

  190. Linn Therese says:

    I love your shoes and I love your blog

  191. michelle says:

    We’re not haters. We just realize what bullshit it all is. It’s one thing to say you signed off on designs by UO. It’s quite another to say you’ve designed them, when they are so clearly not your original designs. And while Jane may have style, it is downright offensive what she/her mom spend on clothing and shoes! It’s disgusting! I appreciate women who have style AND a budget, and live on planet earth with the rest of us.

  192. r t says:

    They look cheap as hell. .. and the rich keep on getting richer while the poor keep on getting poorer…

  193. anchristy says:

    i want those skimmers more than anything now.

  194. samantha says:

    oh man. congrats. this is fantastic to hear. i cant wait to get my hands on those knee high lace ups. are they going to be offered in black?? plz plz.

  195. Molly Rose says:

    Those are amazing!! Not many people ever get that kind of opportunity!

  196. your mom says:

    i just read through the comment list and noticed the two that booed the shoes. i don’t know jane personally and you don’t either. we just know her from her blog. so maybe theres alot to the story she hasn’t shared yet. hey maybe urban just wanted to make some knockoff and attach sea of shoes to it so they could sell more. hello marketing.
    another note..aren’t most designs and items sold in stores cheaper versions of the designer runway looks. no average person can afford to by chanel and louis v’s day after day in less of course your last name is hilton. thats why stores like urban and forever21 exist.
    lay off people. jealousy kills.

  197. christina says:

    god, you are literally KILLING me!

  198. Estelle says:

    This is called ‘marketing’ everyone. The future holds few advertisements but product placement and promotion. You’re seeing it now. Sea of Shoes and all the other blogs are brands with loyal followers who buy what is featured. If they don’t buy, they at least see it, and that creates buzz nonetheless. Jane and her mother are capitalizing on this popularity.. I wouldn’t throw harsh words at Jane herself, she IS only 17. There are clearly a team of adults backing up this enterprise, it’s very smart on their part to to take advantage of the blogging world and all the ‘fans’ aka target market of teenagers with disposable income who want to be ‘just like Jane’.
    Kudos to them for getting their money.

  199. Anna says:

    wow, these are awesome. those flats are EXACTLY what i have been looking for, i can’t wait to get a pair!! also, the boots are kickass.

  200. Romi says:

    Love this shoes!!!!

  201. Belen says:

    It´s awesome!!!! I f I could I would buy the brown boots, they´re amazing!!!

  202. Sara says:

    Amazing boots and a really nice blog!!
    Good luck with your new project.

  203. Sarah says:

    Congratulations, that’s absolutely wonderful!!
    I especially like the boots…want want want!

  204. angela says:

    You had the oppurtunity to make a name for yourself designer by working with UO. I understand that designers are inspired by others, and fashion does eventually repeat itself in certain aspects, but these designs are laughable. Ann Demeulemeester, Burberry, and MMM ring a bell?
    just goes to show how much of an asset money is to an “incredible sense of style”.

  205. sammi says:

    Heya I’ve never commented before but gotta say congratulations!! The last black pair is positively lovely, are they only going to be available in the UO in the States?x

  206. Joann says:


  207. Krista says:


  208. Shin says:

    That’s amazing! I will definitely buy the first Gladiator heels and the lace up flats!! They’re gorgeous!! xxoxoxoox

  209. anja says:

    nic specjalnego. masz pieniadze i umiejetnie je wykorzystujesz :) również mam 17 lat, kocham mode, ale o torebce od Prady i butach Laboutina moge jedynie pomarzyć. Oczywiscie życze ci wszystkiego najlepszego, jednak myslę, że ktoś umiejetnie kreuje twoj blog w mediach.
    pozdrawiam. specjalnie napisałam to po polsku.

  210. BellaMax says:

    will they have big sizes? size 12 preferably.

  211. Frida says:

    I’ve just got one tiny question, is there any possibility to get the shoes outside the states? I live in Sweden, far up north and I really, really love the laced ballerinas!

  212. Vanessa says:

    You’re truly blessed. Congratulations!

  213. Dana says:

    Can we preorder?

  214. daphne says:

    Jane, what an amazing job! They all look gorgeous, but I think I NEED those boots! I am just hoping I can snag them before they undoubtedly sell out. Make sure to give us notice when they go on sale!
    We have to jump on the great opportunities we are given, and it looks like you’re doing just that- rock on. It helps to have a supportive, loving family! I know, I have one too!

  215. shannon says:

    Lovely / Amazing
    congrats jane

  216. Mary says:

    Where is the originality? Oh right, nowhere. You would be nothing without mommy and daddy’s money. You are a selfish, immature little brat that only cares about expensive clothes and designer labels. You will get eaten alive in design school, assuming you will be accepted considering you are still in high school.
    Everyone who praises you is just sucking your metaphorical dick because they’re jealous and want your clothes. Yes, your clothes are beautiful, but that does not make you a beautiful person. These shoes look trashy and cheap. I would rather buy Jessica Simpson’s shoes because not only do they look better than this, they will not cost me my entire monthly paycheck. Excuse me if the last sentence is foreign to you, you don’t seem like you know what budgeting is.

  217. Rosa says:

    congratuations! i love the 2nd and 3rd pair. amazing!!! keep up the good work!

  218. jennah lim says:

    UO has the most narrow minded conservatives as their execs. they were so YES on prop 8, they funded its freakin’ campaign…how could you? sell out.

  219. Eva says:

    Wow Congratulations !
    Are They only Availible in the U.S or will they be availible in the uk as well ?
    I cant Wait to see them when they are on sale (:
    You Are incredibly Lucky . It’s Only The Start as well (:

  220. Shiki says:

    Hi. Great shoes!!
    I will recommend some stores in Aoyama.
    My favorite is ARTS&SCIENCE http://www.arts-science.com
    This stores are made by a famous stylist Sonya Park in japan. Her styling is mixed with mens shirt, victorian shoes, kaftan jewerly, junkie items ….
    She also makes ladies/mens original clothing and shoes even socks like for Martin Margiela Tabi boots.
    Aoyama store is mainly clothing(original and selected), vintage or designer jewerly and some interior items.
    Daikanyama store is mainly home goods. They have astier de villate plates, bath mat, cote bastide bath towels, pajamas, innerwear, original towel, antique items(if available).
    Marunouchi store is mainly clothing and home essentials. This store is more for urban adult.
    Shoes&Things(Aoyama) is a shoe store but has leather items as well. They have original shoes and selected items of bags, purse, umbrellas.
    Display(Aoyama) is a gallery. Now they are showing STEVE HARRISON “tea HOUSE”. I love his mug cups and tea pots.
    Please take a look if you have some time, I hope your mom and you will like it!!

  221. h says:

    But ironically UO carries incredibly liberal merchandise. It’s typical of youth to have their counter culture created by conservative business execs as marketing ploys.

  222. h says:

    Oh! and Congrats Jane! lol

  223. Agent Lover says:

    I love the bootz! Congrats on your collab! So awesome!

  224. Ilgın says:

    I like ur personal style but those shoes ,as said above,really really look like knock-offs/copies from the runways, next time(if there would be) try to be original/unique like Gareth Pugh for instance, seems you need to work very hard on that,good luck and all best wishes from Turkey sweety girl …

  225. internet says:

    you should make a post addressing the process, or the parts of it that you can. such as: how long it took you to “design” them, what you had to do, show us YOUR SKETCHES. if you even have any. etc etc. i want to know if you were aware of the Yes on 8 bullshit. i just wish you made a REAL post every once and a while. you NEVER address people in your comments, good or bad. unless of course they’re asking what kind of expensive camera you own or where you got your clothes.
    suck it up and be real. this is the internet – welcome to it.

  226. Christine says:

    oh my gosh im so excited for you!! Those flats are crazy awesome too.

  227. Fallon says:

    What a great opportunity!!! Congrats =)

  228. Jane says:

    The lace-up boots and skimmers are to dieeeee for!

  229. Raleene says:

    AHHH I have to get my hands on those! Great job, Jane! IMO, 17 is always the starting age of everyone’s career. Well, that’s what I’ve noticed from everyone + meself. :))

  230. jamie says:

    Congratulations! That is such an amazing experience! This is just the beginning for you!

  231. Peggy says:

    I am astounded at just how evil some of the comments are. I hope some of you nasty and jealous girls re-read what you wrote and see just how ugly you are on the inside.
    All of these vicious comments have made one thing clear: Jane is a class apart. She has class inside and out.

  232. Tikki says:

    Congrats Jane:-)

  233. DERPDERP says:

    oh please, peggy. evil? is stating our opinion really evil? i hope YOU re-read what you wrote and see just how retarded you are on the inside.
    and she has one thing, cowardice. i wish she would just address people for once instead of ignoring us.
    all of you moralfags need to gtfo. i’m sick of you.
    obviously we’re jealous – who wouldn’t be? she has EVERYTHING. fabulous clothes, a nice house, trips across the world for no apparent reason. all of this and she doesn’t answer half of our questions. she doesn’t converse with her fanbase. why not just take the comments down? isn’t that what they’re for? pull your heads out of your asses and realize that YES WE ARE JEALOUS.
    jesus, the people writing the comments make me rage harder than jane herself.

  234. Sarah says:

    Dear Jane,
    I really love your blog. And I really wish I could say the same about the shoes you designed. When I first heard you were doing a shoe collection, I was so excited, especially after I read your comments about the Fall 2008 shoes and how offended you were by their unoriginality. So, you can understand it why I feel a little bit offended by these designs. Jane, you’ve worn the designer versions of these shoes on your blog hundreds of times. What’s original about that? Whatever happened to Kanye West supposedly collaborating on the line with you, (or was that just the news story?). So Jane, in short, I love you, but you definitely have room to grow as a designer. I think design school will really help you. Also… I guess I kind of wish you could go back to incorporating pieces from UO and forever 21 into your wardrobe. At least then, I as a 15 year old middle class girl, could have SOMETHING to relate to, instead of just aspirations.
    Thank you,

  235. Tessa says:

    Jane, you’re amazing! The haters are being lame, the shoe collection is fantastic; very you!

  236. Helen says:

    I echo the sentiments of many of the others who have already commented… this collection is unoriginal. The shoes look like exact versions of various other designer shoes – I fail to see what exactly you “designed” – was it rather a case of stating you wanted a shoe that uses cheap material to look like an Ann D/MMM/Burberry/Junya rip-off, so those of your fans that admire your collection of shoes but cannot themselves afford those shoes, can purchase these?
    Would you even wear these, considering they look incredibly cheap?
    You were given a great opportunity at 17, congratulations. Yet somehow you failed to show your talent in this department. Hopefully once you are enrolled in a design school you will come up with more original “Jane Aldridge” designs rather than just stealing other designers designs.

  237. qiwy says:


  238. lilly! says:

    following your blog and your life is much better than comedy.you a such a loser, with no talent at all, but with money like hell.
    you never gonna be good on your own.im not jealous im shocked how stupid kids all over the world are.

  239. dustbury.com says:

    Skimming along

    First, lets look:
    And now, the press release:
    Jane Aldridge may be just 17 years old, but the Dallas-based fashion blogger has an impressive global following on her personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. Ever since Ive reached my ful…

  240. Dana says:

    I wanna get these shoes! I’m a doctor at a hospital and I could really use those flats!
    Great designs, Jane! Don’t listen to negativity! Keep on following your dream!

  241. kixvix says:

    wow, congrats jane! cheers! :)

  242. Isabel says:

    I want those black flats really really badly.

  243. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats! You are an inspiration.
    I am 21 and just had an internship at Harper’s Bazaar last semester. I want you to know that women at Bazaar read your blog RELIGIOUSLY!
    You should feel like a million bucks. Keep it up!

  244. Kelly says:

    I think it’s fairly obvious that the people criticizing you are jealous. We (the readers) don’t KNOW what UO tasked her with – maybe they said, “Hey Jane, people really like your shoes and can’t afford them. Could you design some similar ones that the general public can get their hands on?” If you don’t like it, you’ve got a lot of options! A) don’t read this blog, b) don’t buy the shoes c) start a very, VERY well read blog, get asked by a major retailer to design YOUR own shoes and do it however the hell you want.
    Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

  245. Aicha says:

    It’s great to see you taking advantage of
    these consecutive lucky opportunities!(Teenvogue,Kanye,UO..)
    You–and mom of course-never fail to spark my creativity, fashionwise and or artistically. (How do I contact you through Email?)
    I’ve seen some brilliant rare designer pieces that you’d surely like. Cheers to being TeenVogue Girls of the Week ;)
    My Blog: http://dosvidaniya.blogspot.com

  246. Ilgın says:

    The point is that she has taste and yes she has style and as I said earlier I really like the way she’s playing with garments&shoes(but still there is nothing extra-ordinary or incredible about her style) but she has no “talent”. 17 has nothing to do with this(considering artists creatin their masterpieces at the age of 14). Being talented/gifted is something different. Though, she is all-ways free to show off her designer shoes and clothes and I like seein them (looking forward to see insane shoes from G.Pugh and Owens in the very future;))Stay cool!

  247. kARA says:

    absolutely amazing!! I am so impressed! congratulations :D:D

  248. Nancy Bruce says:

    Wow! I’m so excited to see these shoes in person. They look fabulous. I can’t wait to get a pair for myself.
    Good work!

  249. Becca says:

    So beyond amazing! A HUGE congratulations. A big fan of all of these – fabulous!!!

  250. is says:

    congratulations!! so young and you have your own collection!

  251. Samantha says:

    WOO HOO JANE! :D First off love the shoes and second to all the haters out there don’t hate just because you are jealous of her. If you guys had the money to buy great clothes you would too! And THINK before you type, instead of telling her off in oblivious sentences . So shush and enjoy the shoes :] That’s what this blog was made for! Again congratulations!

  252. Rena says:

    From a shoeblogger from the Netherlands… Concratulations! What honour for all your enthousiasm!

  253. Lottie says:

    love your blog, those are some hot shoes!
    BTW anyone in the u.s i have a competition on my blog and it needs entries!win a pair of designer jeans worth 200 dollars!

  254. JP says:

    Congrats… and enjoy this experience!

  255. Alice says:

    “There is zero effort in this. Studded sandals? BURBERRY. Peeptoe boot? MMM. laced ballet flat? Ann D. There is nothing, NOTHING, original about this.”
    Well, I think there’s nothing abnormal if her shoes take influence from some designers. Jane has surely seen lots of shoes, so it might be kinda difficult to clear her mind completely, don’t you think?
    Congrats! I think the brown boots are the best ones. Urban Outfitters will surely have a shortage on your shoes the day they come up to the store. :)

  256. Susan says:

    Congratulations! I love the lace up boots and can’t wait to see them in the store and hopefully on my feet. You are truly an inspiration.

  257. Rachel says:

    Oh the boots. I so wished I lived in the US. And I kinda wished I had your life as well.

  258. kristen says:

    Congrats, love the flat especially.

  259. Anne says:

    This looks so great. I really want to go to Tokyo. Your pictures are amazing. Have fun !

  260. Julie says:

    When are they coming out? Please tell us!

  261. Cruz says:

    Wow those are cool! Congrats!

  262. Eloie says:

    what is the exact date there coming out??i already have a whole outfit picked out with the brown boots

  263. Adrienne says:

    Oh my God! Wow! What an inspiration, Jane :)

  264. Oximore says:

    OMG the boots are too die for!!!

  265. LVLVE8 says:

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  266. Sam says:

    Wow. Amazing. :)
    I WANT!!!

  267. If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

  268. Gabby says:

    Whoa! Girl thats crazy! Congrats on everything, i wish i culd be more like u excpet i play sports and dnt always have time to care about what im wearing but kudos to u on the blog and the urban designs (even if someone designed thm 4 u!?)

  269. 1248761335 says:

    zDOiEB cafpohyf ucvglkiv bgjibydd

  270. Maddie says:

    THIS IS SO EXCITNG! jane i’m so happy for you :)

  271. Shari says:

    I just found your blog, wow, 17, I’m so impressed. I want those boots! Best to you – i’ll become a follower. Great blog by the way!

  272. Nyanko says:

    Hi Jane,
    Are you going to model these shoes on your blog? I really want to see what it would look like on you and get an idea on what to pair the shoes with. I’m really interested in buying the boots!

  273. MzNik says:

    I dunno know..the shoes are a little boring. I’m not trying to be offensive to you..but you may need to step your shoe game up a little.

  274. Lina & Lisa says:

    Hey J. :)
    It’s Lina and Lisa.
    We love your blog. And your shoes
    are amazing, magnificent, brilliant…
    You have everything a girl wants.
    See ya later. ;)
    -Lisa & Lina

  275. Lina & Lisa says:

    Hey J. :)
    It’s Lina and Lisa.
    We love your blog. And your shoes
    are amazing, magnificent, brilliant…
    You have everything a girl wants.
    See ya later. ;)
    -Lisa & Lina

  276. Lina & Lisa says:

    Hey J. :)
    It’s Lina and Lisa.
    We love your blog. And your shoes
    are amazing, magnificent, brilliant…
    You have everything a girl wants.
    See ya later. ;)
    -Lisa & Lina

  277. Gee says:

    Do you have any idea where i can buy them in Dubai / Thanks

  278. Gee says:

    Hi Jane,
    Eventually i managed to order from USA and send to my mail box to be delivered to Dubai…I love the boots but its just to high for me, so i ended up buying the Gladiator one. Will think again about the boot…Good luck to u . x

  279. these all shoes are unique brand. i wants to know whats the price range for these shoes?

  280. mudd shoes says:

    the designs are excellent, all the best.
    mudd shoes

  281. michey says:

    i must have those boots in a 9 and am too late. :(

  282. Tamara says:

    How great is that! congratulations!

  283. Thanks for a wonderful site. There is so much excitement in the shoes world, and blogs like yours are great for us fashion lovers to browse. Thankyou

  284. Air Jordans says:

    Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in future.

  285. Jordan shoes says:

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  286. I really like your designs, you are very good.Congrats.

  287. Gucci Shoes says:

    Love your site, I would like to invite you to visit my website. It might be interesting for you, I am a fashion illustrator.

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