This would be my last day in Los Angeles, tomorrow afternoon my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. I'm sooo tired from running around LA for three days.
We're staying in Santa Monica-am very happy to see a beach. We have a great view at the restaurant at the top of our hotel.
One of my favorite stops here in LA was at Maxfield.   
I love the sculptures outside the store.
Really windy and kinda chilly in LA this weekend.
Hence the dumb poses in these pictures! Wearing thrifted vintage leather shorts, YSL cage heels, Lillith blouse, and Prada bag.
Carol fondling my mom's Natalia Brilli leather-covered amp chord. 
Kinda looks like she has my mom on a leash. Not a bad idea considering some of her antics here in LA ;)
My mom (and I) are in love with her yellow Margiela clutch.
The Nolex by Natalia Brilli and her usual Omega Seamaster watch.
Hanging out at Betsey Johnson while my sister tried on some v. cute dresses.
We had a nice lunch at Sur on Monday.
The whole time we were here my younger sister wouldn't let me take her picture-she had all these cute outfits on, but she'd pull some weirdo face like this whenever the camera came out. What a jerk! Hahaha.
when we were driving around we kept seeing this poster for a new Jack Black movie and me, my mom, and my dad all agreed that Carol's crazy facial expressions made her look like Jack Black's would-be, could-be daughter. 
I did get one normal picture of her though-so pretty when she doesn't stick her tongue out at me ;) that isn't to say I don't love the pictures I get of her funny faces.
I didn't bring my camera out today but I was very happy to see Lucrecia (of Fashion is Poison)-had so much fun.
About to fall asleep at the keyboard at this point-goodnight and next time you hear from me, I'll be in Tokyo!
xo Jane
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  1. matilda says:

    Nice pictures! those shoes are amazing, and your blog is the best!
    Love from Sweden

  2. Bambi says:

    Yes that clutch looks amazing to hold, such an eye popping yellow :)

  3. Ava says:

    The YSLs are killer as always! Sleeeeeppp and have fun in Tokyo!!!!

  4. Cruz says:

    Looks like you had a great LA experience, I love your outfit with the leather shorts. Have a fantastic time in Tokyo!

  5. I love your outfit! Really cool.
    I like your sister’s balzer, too!
    Lucy =)

  6. ana says:

    you seem to be having fun!!! :D!
    great pics

  7. Shiki says:

    I hope to luckily meet you in Tokyo during your stay!!
    I want to see you and your mom with my eyes how fantastic styling you are doing.
    If I see you, I absolutely say Hi to you!
    Have a great trip in Japan.

  8. Brigadeiro says:

    AMAZING AMAZING pics! Love ’em all! I can’t get enough of your YSL cage heels, stunning! I didn’t realize the statues were so big until I saw the pic of you next to it! Such an amazing store! Your mom’s clutch is 2D4! Hope you have a great trip to Japan (and get some rest on the way) ;)

  9. Wendygital says:

    Totally love your shorts and blouse outfit!
    Nice pics too!
    Have a wonderful trip! :-)

  10. cottonsocks says:

    i love the lillith top. its beautiful!

  11. Elsa says:

    Nice pictures!
    I love your outfit!
    Ysl (l)

  12. Mira says:

    YSL Cage boots are AWESOME!!!!!

  13. lovin those killer YSL heels!

  14. Punkie says:

    all this pics are awesome but my favorite is the one with the ysl sandals on the street… great shoot!

  15. craftYARD says:

    omg – how did u even know what 2 pack???

  16. onic says:

    the pics are great :D and i love the Eiffel necklace that your sis wearing :D

  17. Love the cut and colors of the toile blouse. Your mom and Carol look great, too. You have a very very stylish family!!

  18. juliet says:

    You live such a chic life!
    juliet xxx

  19. Ida says:

    have a great time
    Confessions Of a Shopaholic

  20. Alyssa says:

    Amazing photos! I love your sister’s Blazer, it’s so beautiful *__*

  21. Holly says:

    Love your top in the first outfit, intact I love everything you wear!
    Have an amazing time in Tokyo
    Holly x

  22. m Tejada says:

    what camera are you using? your pictures are great!!

  23. m Tejada says:

    what camera are you using? your pictures are great!!

  24. Rocío L. says:

    Amazing photos and Amazing style!!!!

  25. hehehe..i love carol’s funny face!
    she’s still so cuteeee!
    i love your floral top, jane!
    your mom is always glamorous!

  26. Manda says:

    I always wodered, how did you get your hair so blonde? Its beautiful! :]

  27. Leia says:

    Carol is so beautiful, and I love her style, too! Have a great trip, Jane :)

  28. This is such a fun post! Everyone looks fabulous! Have a great trip!

  29. Diana says:

    Those cage heels are amazing!

  30. Alice says:

    great photos!
    your sister is too funny. that’s like my sister.. sigh, younger sisters..
    btw, the picture of the table setting taken by your mom (?) with the reflection of your mom and dad (?) in the mirror is so cute. i dont know why, but i love it!

  31. h says:

    Hey Jane,
    Whole family has amazing style – as ever!
    If you have time, check this out-
    I know you love vintage, and I just found out about these auctioneers who sell the most incredible designer vintage (think YSL Haute Couture from the 60s), from pre-1900 stuff right up to 80s Comme and 90s Gaultier. Did a post on my blog about them:
    have fun on your travels

  32. Sara says:

    I like your sister’s jacket! Where is it from? :)

  33. daisy says:

    Lovely outfits in this post, and pretty photos.! Glad your having fun! Have a safe trip!

  34. Christing says:

    lovely pics! sounds like a fun trip and i’m soo obsessed with the yellow clutch! love how it’s ridiculously oversized!

  35. Lauren says:

    thanks for the pics Jane! especially for taking the time to do a post on vacation.
    I really love your Prada bag, but I’m beginning to think carrying it with every outfit may be hurting the outfits a little bit-or even if not hurting, simply adding nothing to them. Enlisting 1 or 2 more bags in the rotation wouldn’t hurt!

  36. KD says:

    Amazing pictures, your outfit is to die for!

  37. ava says:

    Hi jane! I like these pics. I like Carols’ RL Rugby Jacket. Pretty! <3 Ava

  38. Mariya says:

    Hi, Jane!
    To start with i want to say that i LOVE your blog very much!!!(I read it for 1 year)To my mind, Sea of Shoes is the best fashion blog ever.Your style is realy impressive.Becouse of beautiful vintage clothes and the most fashionable shoes your look is so magnificent and interesting.In adition to it you are beautiful girl with great hair!
    It was interesting to know that you like to read.I think it’s the most wonderful way of spending spare time.The Magus?Nice book!
    Can you tell more about your favourite books/films/music?It would be great!You’re such a interesting person, Jane!
    I know it sounds like stupid curiosity but…Do you have a boyfriend?Where would you study after school?How many dogs do you have now?
    Love your lates outfit.And all pic from LA are interesting!Thank you!
    Can’t wait to see new photos!
    P.S.Sorry for all mistakes.My English is too bad.
    Your fan from Ukraine. Mariya

  39. Michelle says:

    Your sister is gorgeous!

  40. Emma says:

    Your sister IS really pretty. Your family has the best sense of style…most of all your mom! She always looks put together with bit of edge…like the bright yellow oversized bag. I can’t wait to head back to LA, it really is the best place to be.
    love the fahshion kiwi

  41. candice says:

    wow some fantastic images u got there. very luckt girl wish i was there!!

  42. just wanted to stop by and say hi again…loving your blog as always and looking forward to the Toyko trip. These LA photos are amazing – oh and tell your mom I’m so into her plaid shirt (especially with the black blazer over it a couple weeks ago in some cafe).!

  43. me says:

    i wanted to see ur sisters whole outfit. why can’t she pose like you and your mom.

  44. malak says:

    Love the blog.
    i would kill for all your shoes :)
    looks like you had fun on your trip
    its pretty new but:http://cut-the-shit-blog.blogspot.com/

  45. those fries look soooo good.

  46. The Voguette says:

    not only are these pics amazing, but can you look ANY cuter!?!? i love the ysls, one day i will get my hands on a pair as well… *sighs*
    i love the pink shirt its super cute!
    The Voguette

  47. Ruth says:

    Those cage heels are AMAZING ON YOU! Ruth @ Matches

  48. Rachel says:

    your sister is beautiful. like for real. and your mom has the best mom-style ever.

  49. Stephhh says:

    you look gorgeous in the 2nd picture!!!
    have fun in tokyo! :) im so jealous- ive always wanted to go there..

  50. Kell says:

    Hi, was just wondering if you used a DSLR to take your pictures or a normal digital camera? If it’s a digital camera, what brand and model is it? It’d help greatly if you could help me with this.

  51. sd says:

    i didn’t realize how big the statues were!!
    and i love all the cement! haha

  52. I love your striped cardigan, up-top, the view from your room, the fries, Maxfields statues and your caged YSL’s! :)

  53. Those aboriginal sculptures must be an epiphany calling you out to the oriental side of the world. You might want to visit Mr Dries Van Noten’s flagship store there….its like a museum.

  54. Nell says:

    Lots of beautiful pics!
    Have fun in Tokyo!! :D

  55. gennie says:

    ooh you stayed at the huntley?! isn’t it such a gorgeous place?
    I can imagine you and your mom doing some serious damage at Maxfields ;)

  56. amy says:

    glad u had fun in our neck of the woods…love the cage heels

  57. Love the pictures. There is something about the sun light in LA. Pictures always came out beautifully, most of the time plus with great camera that helps alot:)

  58. Danielle says:

    I know I’m 23, but will your family please adopt me? So fun and gorgeous!

  59. Kay says:

    The shot of just the shoes and the cement is amazing.

  60. geri says:

    was wondering if you would make it to maxfields. unreal, yes?
    your moms clutch, yowwwwwwwwwza!

  61. Miss Red says:

    i love your shoes so much! i also really like the leather shorts. they make the blouse less sweet. carol’s jacket is really cute. your mom’s clutch is so fun! the weather out here has been pretty strange…those french fries look really good :)

  62. Stephanie says:

    y’all are just having all the fun! love seeing your pics. makes me look forward to my next visit to the states…miami…(hello shopping!!)

  63. dana d says:

    I was driving by Urth Cafe on Sunday and I totally noticed you walking on the sidewalk, I was like “There is that Texas girl from Sea of Shoes, that’s right I remember she was stopping here on her way to Japan.” You had your hair up and shredded jeans on, a right-on look for here.

  64. Fun pics! I have been following your blog for at least 6 months and love each post…
    Santa Monica is just gorgeous, definitely one of my favorite places to go. (will be returning early spring) There are some nice boutiques and restaurants that are not too far. I love Grill on The Alley best I think…their rice pudding is divine! Hope Carol found some cute things at Betsy Johnson – had they had some adorable dresses and cardis – I particularly loved the posh cream and black cardi with the lady’s face illustrated on the back!
    Hope you had a chance to rest up and have a great flight to Tokyo! I can’t wait to see your next post~

  65. Suzany K says:

    LOVE Carol’s necklace!!!!!!! Where did she get it?
    By the way, does she have a blog??
    Lovely pics of you and your mom as well!
    Have a great trip!

  66. Isabel says:

    You have such an adorable family! Ahh, I’m jealous. You are super lucky, woman!

  67. Ty Ty says:

    beautiful outfit! i love the sculptures, very interesting, and your moms clutch is awesome… so versatile.
    Ty Ty

  68. Daria says:

    Your sister has a great jacket ;)
    big kisses from Poland

  69. elin says:

    Hello, how many pare of shoes do you have? and how mutch did that YSL-shoes cost?
    From: Sweden:)

  70. maria says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in LA!! Your sis is such a cutey. I always wanted a little sis I could pick on. Ha. Wishing you a safe trip to Tokyo!

  71. Cindy says:

    Where did your sister get her blazer?
    What hotel were you staying at?
    Where did you get the stripped cardigan?

  72. Regarde l’amusement! Looks like fun, you have a gorgeous family. The YSL cage heels look a dream on you.

  73. luxirare says:

    is that your dad in the camel blazer? You guys all look super fresh, esp your mom with her margiela and brilli and you with those killer heels but your dad …he is KILLING IT the hardest! I love his outfit………the red necktie and the jeans…ok im stopping now .
    great post jane!

  74. elaine says:

    Geez, what a fashionable family!!!!!

  75. elisabeth says:

    great pictures!!

  76. vintage tea says:

    amazing photos. looks like you guys are having a great time there.

  77. Victoire says:

    looks like you had an awesome time! those birdcage shoes are so brilliant. they’re like architecture-genius :)

  78. Katie says:

    I’ve stayed in that hotel too! It is really nice.

  79. Lovely outfits your mum and you!
    You’re beautiful in the second picture ;)

  80. Le Fashion says:

    hands down your BEST look ever!
    work it!

  81. You are fun. Every time I read your posts, something you’ve said or a picture you’ve posted makes me smile. You also have a great eye for photography. Keep it up, have a wonderful summer! -Sara

  82. Betsy says:

    your sister carol is very impressive considering that she’s confident enough to show those wacky expressions of her face! And I agree with you about her yellow Margiela clutch, it’s lovely!

  83. Larae says:

    Jane! Are you at the Huntley? Did you eat at Penthouse? I love the restaurant’s decor. Yummmm their macncheese and fries are my favorites. Welcome to LA and have fun in Tokyo! xoxo!!!

  84. Zoe says:

    Have fun in Tokyo! Great photos, love all your outfits!! Them YSL caged boots are gorg, and your sisters blazer! :)

  85. xAZD says:

    jane! you look gorgeous! and congrats on another great outfit. your trip will rock!

  86. Megan says:

    You’re blog is my favorite fashion blog. Its been for awhile.

  87. manuela says:

    I desperately need to know what your mom’s job is!
    your blog is reallyyy awesome

  88. tiffany says:

    your sisters blazer is beautiful!

  89. Lily says:

    Your so lucky going off to Tokyo I am super jealous! I’m stuck in rainy Ireland:(! Have been reading your blog for the last year and I must say I absolutely adore it..your such an inspiration as is your mum..she has impeccable style! I started my first ever blog last night can’t believe ive finally done it after going on about it for so long! Very excited about it! Would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think and give me some advice! Would really appreciate it.
    Thanks so much!

  90. geisharock says:

    ahhh tokyo, I’m so jealous! you look stunning sweetie! I love your YSL caged heels and floaty girly blouse with those leather shorts. hahah i love the nolex. you have a gorgeous family :) xx

  91. Rosanna says:

    that margiela clutch is fantastic!!

  92. Libby says:

    I love your sisters blazer and your cage shoes!

  93. Hi Jane, i am glad to see that you have had a good time throughout the trip. You all seemed to have a great time despite the tiredness. Love your YSL shoes, your mom’s clutch, Carol’s smile. ;) Take care!

  94. Shelby says:

    hello, i have been wondering what camera you use for these shots. if u could let me know thatd be great

  95. Sylvia says:

    Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I love your sister’s jacket!

  96. Emily says:

    Have an amazing trip!
    Where did your sister get that blazer? And if it wasn’t from a store that mass-produces them, where do you recommend I find one? It’s fabulous! I love your style but I’m kind of addicted to the whole menswear thing.

  97. mo says:

    you didn’t comment on what brand your cardigan is from the first pic and it’s to die for…i want it. would you mind adding where it’s from?
    thanks much

  98. candice says:

    great post. have a safe flight to tokyo. can’t wait to see what fabulous finds await u there.

  99. Caitlin says:

    You have the most amazing life!

  100. Shen-Shen says:

    That second photo of you is so pretty, and those fries look delicious, haha. I like your mom’s yellow clutch too!

  101. kathleen says:

    wow, your sister looks like a young leelee sobieski!! so pretty!

  102. pameoduz says:

    You will definitely fall in love with Tokyo!!
    So lively ;D

  103. dannie says:

    youre always sooo chic,. i love it
    those caged heels are perfect on you

  104. Roxyheart says:

    I love love your shoes Jane!!!! Have fun in Tokyo. i love your blog.
    Your sister is hilarious:)

  105. nick w says:

    carol is as pretty as you are and your mom. :-)

  106. jill says:

    love your photos – love your blog, and your mom’s, and looking forward to seeing carol’s! wishing you all a great time in tokyo.

  107. marie says:

    your blog and your style are the best, if i could choose another wardrobe, i would take take your one.
    but – i would like to see you in your school uniform!!! that would be very crazy.

  108. amy williams says:

    OMG that Margiela Clutch and all that Natalia Brilli! Amazing amazing pieces!!
    Always loved the ‘nolex’ and especially love the irony of it worn next to the watch.

  109. i want to look at your dad’s shoes – that’s the only bit missing. it looks like he has amazing style too.

  110. Jix says:

    How can you make ur hair look so beautiful ?
    Love your outfit :)

  111. lunabelle says:

    These pictures are AMAZING!
    I really gotta know what camera you’re using!

  112. jill says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m like the last person to discover seaofshoes – I actually found your mom’s fabulous blog first. Love the way today you’ve got overlapping shots because you’re travelling together. the Blog family!!
    Like everyone’s said, I wish you both a safe & magic trip to Tokyo. I guess Carol isn’t going? Well, wishing you all a great time & looking forward to seeing postings from Japan.

  113. jess says:

    ah ha! now we all know were you get the good looks from ! Not to mention the impeccable style !
    The photos look very professionnal !
    ps. where did you go in LA ? looks so high-end !

  114. jess says:

    oups i got my answer. Foud the ‘Santa-Monica’ part :)

  115. Brenda says:

    Hi. My name is Jane and I am rich as hell. In traditional Texan girl fashion, bigger means better and the bigger my shoe closet gets, the better I am than the rest of you. I love all of the adoration and worship I get for being a 17 year old rich girl with a $40,000 shoe collection and can’t and won’t stop growing. The only reason why I have this blog is to show off what I have and you, not. Most of you will go your entire lives without owning a fraction of what I already have but please, keep coming to my blog and checking me out! The more attention I get, the more fans I amass. xoxoxo

  116. Brenda says:

    And yes, I am just jealous. Duh. No one likes to be poor, living in filth and seeing someone a few years younger than them running around in free $1000 shoes when I can’t even pay my internet bill.

  117. S says:

    What kind of camera do you use?

  118. Mitchell says:

    i would love to know the info for your sisters outfit!! it is so cool, as are yours!

  119. iole says:

    wow. great pics great outfits great! love your mum’s style too.

  120. Nahal says:

    Yay I’m so excited you posted from LA!
    Where is the buddha thing you went to?
    I’ve been living in LA all my life and i’ve never seen it!

  121. Who makes your sister’s blazer? At first guess I’d say Ralph Lauren but I’m not sure. Also, which season? I think it is absolutely darling and simply must have it.

  122. Donna says:

    Gorgeous as always! Could you give us the 411 on Carol’s blazer? I’ve been looking for a collegiate, navy blue jacket and this is just lovely.
    Many thanks XD

  123. Linn-Marie says:

    The redhead girl was pretty!
    Where in Texas are u from? Whats ur favorite shopping places there?

  124. FHCN says:

    Those photos are beautiful and I love your shoes! Your sisters photos are funny. :P
    Have a safe trip!

  125. Laura says:

    great outfit!
    Really love the boots. as always
    your mum looks so chic!
    have fun in tokyo!

  126. AP says:

    New to your blog and I’m loving it! Maxfields looks absolutely incredible.

  127. jamie says:

    Cool. I love these photos. Your moms outfit is as cool as always. Why wasn’t Carol smiling? She’s such a cutie!

  128. rebecca torsiello says:

    The reason why she wears the same clothes and shoes over and over is because she is “real” not “fake” like Sea of shoes or so she says. But hey! What’s wrong with wearing the same items over and over if you feel good about what you have on your body? /this was taken from another blogger’s comment section, time for a dose of reality/

  129. MFR says:

    what kind of camera/lens do you use?

  130. Adeline says:

    it must be so fun to be you!!! :p

  131. Alexandra from Paris says:

    hey guys! check this new blog! it’s Awesome! some fashion punk picture!
    Il est fantastique!
    see U in Paris!

  132. Ezra says:

    so photogenic!

  133. Hsuan-Hsuan says:

    Hi ~ I am Chinese, I can do to make friends with you

  134. Floriane says:

    Great pics ! Love your shoes !

  135. I want to go to LA!!!!
    Read my blog if you want to read about a swedish girls glamoures student life. My blog tells you all the secret and even more ;) You can translate my blog into english with google translator, there is an icon at my blog.
    Hugs and kisses from Sweden!

  136. Milana says:

    I love your blog and your shoes! And your mom is amazing! Very interesting to read your blog!

  137. amanda says:

    love your style! you amaze me. i wish i was that stylish when i was your age, or now even haha. i see where you get it. did i see you modeling for urban outfitters?

  138. GORGEOUS PHOTOS ..yes, it’s been chilly here. but it’s warm now ..yay. Have fun1

  139. chantelle says:

    I love every outfit in this post. Your family has kick-ass style!

  140. Olivia says:

    Welcome to my home, you stylish girls!

  141. Olivia says:

    your blog makes me super hungry.

  142. anN says:

    U make me miss LA…. I also took many shots of that sculptures @ Maxfield and that buddha at sur with me a few years back… :)
    I wish there is Maxfield online :O

  143. michelle maalouf says:

    are your mother’s sunglasses from YSL?

  144. Podszewka says:

    I love this necklace!!! Where did you buy it? ;-)

  145. r t says:


  146. Sasi says:

    You look gorgeous in the second pic. And I love your mom’s clutch!

  147. aude solente says:

    Do you know that Lexpress styles (a french magazine) is talking about the shoes that you have designed for Urban Outfiters and rapidelly talking about your blog and even showing one of your photos?
    By the way your photos are amazing and I really love your YSL cage boots, I thinks that they are way cooler than the usual ones!
    Have fun in Tokyo.

  148. Anaelle says:

    Hey Jane A.
    I come from France ( I’m 12 years old and like you I VERY VERY love the ” Mode ” and I see an article from “Glamour” about you .
    Your an exemple for the terndy french girls like me So You do a good job for us .

  149. Anaelle From France ;) says:

    Hello ; So I will start with the starting … (Excuse me for my Middle english:S I’m 12 years old
    You are a Model For my friends and Me Well … Were are you find the argiela’s Pocket ? I want Him
    he’s su Cute ;) ( Did you get my first Comment ? And can you answers by a Comment ? )
    I gotta go In the American Apparel store in 2 Seconds So XoXo ( L )

  150. Nicole says:

    I love, LOVE your sister’s necklace! Do you know where she found it?

  151. You should really trust article submission service, because this is not really hard to use the article submission criteria for such kind of really good topic just about this good topic.

  152. Pretty women, nice people, awesome places, exquisite food, that’s all you can find in LA. For that reason is that it is my favorite place to vacation. LA is really a paradise city.

  153. Retro Jordan says:

    In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.