I have to say that I much prefer the bleak and dreary dustscapes of Texas to the urban sprawl of Tokyo…I always have.
My mom and I shot each other in Roanoke, just a minute or two away from home. 
We loved these funky chairs lined up in front of this restaurant. 
Wearing a J. Crew pleated bib front shirt, J. Crew bracelets, shiny brocade pants from 'furfur', and Chanel bowtie heels

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  1. masibvo says:

    I love the small town feel. There is nothing like it. Glad you are back safely and love the Chanel booties.

  2. Tara says:

    Those brocade pants are too gorgeous! I agree with you — I LOVE the “bleak” Texas and Oklahoma landscape…so peaceful. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. DUSKIN says:


  4. Cathy says:

    love those heels!
    Wish I could afford Chanel.
    you’re really lucky!

  5. Modemädchen says:

    love the shoes!!! adoreabke!!

  6. fun pants! and i saw you and your mom in vogue…congrats!

  7. Heather says:

    Jane, you’re so cool.
    Definitely my favorite blogger :)

  8. sd says:

    i love the shoes!!
    they have a bit of a sex appeal feel to them

  9. Thomas E.K. says:

    Pants are rad as can be.
    I love Texas and it’s quirky culture. NYC, LA, Paris etc are fun to visit and delve into but I absolutely love living in Texas and find it peaceful, beautiful, inspiring and full of an almost lackadaisical energy.

  10. edit says:

    the outfit below with those same pants was much more successful than this one.

  11. Ava says:

    Hi Jane! I have a pair of pants that are kind of like yours but I was not sure about a top idea. This is a great idea for me. <3 Ava

  12. peacegal45 says:

    i LOVE those shoes!

  13. YoQueSe says:

    stuuuunning shoes!!!

  14. Andrew Jones says:

    It always feels great to come home and sleep in your own bed after a long trip.
    Great shots! As always, love the shoes.
    Have a great weekend Jane.
    Me & Marisa

  15. Anna says:

    absolutely cool shoes, many greetings from Poland :)

  16. Nahal says:

    Your outfit is incredible, I love how you make things that wouldnt traditionally match look amazing!

  17. Cvm says:

    I ust LOVE your style…you can combine clothes that I’ll wouldn’t wear and look perfectly!(Sorry for my english..I’m spanish and I don’t speak english very well)

  18. vicky says:

    really like the pants!
    and the shoes DUH!!!

  19. Lake says:

    those shoes *dies*

  20. Hi Jane!, i’m so in love with your Chanel heels, they’re to die for!.

  21. Bek says:

    I love the last picture, you really live one or two minute away from there ?? With that kind of shoes, you’re not afraid of the dust are you ?
    Where is it located in Texas ?

  22. alex says:

    i’ve been digging your outfits as of late, but this one not so much.
    i like all the individual pieces, but together it looks a mess.

  23. cassaundra says:

    what a dreamy town!

  24. Kelly says:

    Babe’s Chicken! Ha-ha. Your shoes are killer!

  25. The pattern of the pants is gorgeous.
    But myself, I’m more of an urban sprawl girl – but then again, I have never experienced anything like what Texas must be like.

  26. dannie says:

    i love the bows on the shoes
    the individual pieces here are great, cant say i like them together though

  27. katie says:

    I like that you didn’t match the shirt with the pants. It looks much better to be less matchy matchy.

  28. luxirare says:

    i love these pants from fur fur and I had no idea that Laforet carries their merchandise!
    Those shoes are like “naked” chanels.
    PS. totally awesome pages of you and your mom in Vogue! You guys look drop dead.

  29. emma rolos says:

    i was there a few times actually! i thought the same of those awesome chairs. i go to the near by university (southwestern adventist university)
    they have some great restaurants there and absolutely loved the atmosphere :)

  30. Brigadeiro says:

    The fabric of those pants is just amazing! Such cute chairs, and Roanoke looks so cute & quaint! :)

  31. Emma says:

    these pictures are so great!

  32. xAZD says:

    these are truly stunning photos! the lighting is so pretty

  33. Becca says:

    I adore those brocade pants – so fabulous.

  34. Annabel says:

    still can’t get over the chanel booties. love.

  35. Isabel says:

    Absolutely love the shoes! Amazing ;)

  36. Kate says:

    Saw you and Judy in this month’s Vogue. Congrats! I loved the way you and your mom wore the same pieces but styled them to suit your personal tastes.
    P.S. Those brocade pants are stunning.

  37. Jocelyne says:

    Those lil bow shoes are so lovely and sweet!

  38. Love all the different things going on in your outfit!

  39. Christine says:

    This outfit is so chic and original, you’re unstoppable!

  40. La Dauphine says:

    Love your shoes! And the photos from your town are fantastic!

  41. Style Spy says:

    Welcome home, Texas girls, and oooooh, I do like those pants.

  42. Cruz says:

    I can see the appeal of Texas. Great outfit as always. :)

  43. Catherine says:

    Don’t know if anyone told you yet but the Bella in the new Twilight graphic novel looks exactly like you! I saw it and I was like… this totally reminds me of someone… RIGHT!? You have to see the resemblance.

  44. Tspranga ;) says:

    BABES! yum.

  45. Jacqueline says:

    Jane….you are so inspiring and such a great role model!! I am sure that you will have a bright future ahead of you(:
    Check out my blog @

  46. grace says:

    those are my favorite of your shoes.they are just sweet perfection and lovely. they make me go ‘mmmmm’ with squinty eyes.
    actually.those and your martin margiela surrealist cowboy boots.

  47. yehav says:

    The shoes and pants combination is marvelous! reminds me of coppola’s Marie Antoinette!

  48. kathy says:

    Amazing brocade pants Jane.

  49. Rebekka says:

    Only place in Texas I really loved was Ferris and that’s because it had the whole small town thing. I didn’t like mainstream Dallas (other than Park Cities), Cedar Hill, nor did I like Greenville.
    Love those shoes! And the pants… And the pants and shoes together.

  50. jane!
    i love your outfit for today again!
    oh, congrats to you and your mom on vogue’s issue!
    i adore your style so much!

  51. Meg says:

    Hey hey! I’m loving your blog! It’s great. What’s equally as great is this killer outfit! I love the contrast between your very american, masculine shirt and your romantic pants. And those Chanel heels… well there aren’t even words to express how much I envy you for owning those! And I agree… I currently live in the city, but there is nothing like it when I go out of state and head back home to Georgia. Nobody does the simple things in life quite like southerners! (Even though Texas and Georgia are very different kinds of south.) Again, love the blog :)

  52. ...l says:

    home sweet home. you look adorable. you’re making me want to move to texas.

  53. Ava says:

    Those pants are incredible!! Love the eclectic mix of patterns/textures in your outfit with the laid-back shape — it’s genius! And those insane-hot Chanels don’t hurt, either :)

  54. Anni says:

    I really love your Chanel heels…. omg they are perfect!!!

  55. Kelly says:

    Love the two different textures and prints together!!!

  56. FrockRawker says:

    The latest issue of Vogue recently arrived in my mailbox and I was so excited to see you in it! Congrats to you and your mom.
    Those chairs are awesome. Totally understand why they chain them down.

  57. Raquel says:

    You look beautiful Jane!! Nice look on the Vogue shit!!

  58. Bisou-joue says:

    Yeah love these chairs, this place looks so great !!
    Love your amazing pants !

  59. this outfit is great. the pants with those shoes are just magic. the pants are a beautiful brocade creation that i want! by the way congratulations on the vogue shoot!! x
    visit my blog at

  60. Anne says:

    I love it when you post pictures of your surroundings – please keep doing that! Would love to go to Texas – it seems so cool, but it’s a bit far considering I’m living in Denmark :P

  61. Ilona Selina says:

    cute shoes! ive got the same ones, only my net is black not white :)
    i never knew how to wear them casualy, but i love how you worked it!
    your pants are gorgeous btw. x

  62. Lauren says:

    Texas is a huge contrast to Tokyo!
    Love your heels xxx

  63. Maria says:

    Jane, I love your style! You are a great inspiration for me. Congratulations to you and your mom on the Vogue-article! I live also in a small town and find it very inspirational to look to the big things from the outside. Maria

  64. cINDY says:

    hm. I was hopin for outfits with your miumiu boots. oh well, still love this outfit.

  65. manxcat says:

    jane, you rock. you’re awesome.
    please tell your mum too.
    loves, the manxcat.

  66. maria says:

    Oh, so wonderful!! Theses pics are what I would picture Texas to look like.
    Adore your outfit!
    There’s no place like home!

  67. Ia says:

    Have to say that i LOVE the shoes!

  68. Kristen says:

    I love your outfit. The shoes are to die for.

  69. The pants are beautiful and I am so in love with the Chanel booties!! The photos of Roanoke are so charming.

  70. Sher says:

    Wow, you really look good in anything!

  71. Libby says:

    Those Chanel booties are my favorite, and i love your mustard and blue oufit, charming!

  72. Ty Ty says:

    great photos… i love the colours of the chairs! your mom takes great photos.
    Love the outfit, awesome trousers
    Ty Ty

  73. Kasiopeia says:

    Ah, those shoes are fantastic, really!

  74. clémence says:

    lovely prints together!!

  75. celia says:

    those shoes , those pants, everything is amazing !

  76. a la mode says:

    beautiful outfit!

  77. Katharine says:

    i love your shoes… are simply perfect, Jane!

  78. Hi Jane, Congratulations upon your recent feature the the vogue mag. Love the Marc Jacob’s dress! Simply stunning! Love how you journey the blogging experience together with your mum. Cool! Keep it up!

  79. Rensut says:

    you look miss- matched. I like evrything you have on, just not together.

  80. T says:

    i am absolutely drooling over your Chanel booties! They look so delicate and pretty. Great pictures, Jane.

  81. Ultraviolet says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for more than a while now, and I must comment !
    Those Chanel heels are absolutely darling !

  82. Karoline says:

    I’m in love with those shoes!

  83. Cool pics!
    Great blog!
    I will follow!!

  84. faithsalutes says:

    that is how i feel about the desert. you would love bisbee, az. look it up.

  85. sandra says:

    growing up, my mom wore chanel flats everywhere, having pairs in all colors, even when she took us to disneyland! though lovely on her, i never thought chanel shoes were for me…until now. those are lovely lovey!

  86. Molly Rose says:

    I love the combination of all the different patterns in your outfit, looks amazing!

  87. Gabriella says:

    That outfit just does not work.

  88. Jigsaw Jones says:

    Oh man, those are cool chairs! Some look like old tractor seats.

  89. this look really works. so unexpected and fresh and creative!

  90. Shan says:

    I saw you and your mum in the Aug. issue of Vogue. Beautiful! Congrats!

  91. Megan says:

    Hey! :D
    I just found this site today and I have to say I LOVE all of your outfits. I went through every single page of the site, haha.
    All your looks are totally gorgeous and you are an inspiration! I decided I am going to finally try doing some different things with fashion like I have wanted to for a long time.
    Great site and I can’t wait to see more! <3

  92. Samantha says:

    Those shoes are amazing! :D
    Exchange links…if you can? :)

  93. hanui says:

    those chanel booties are to die for, love.

  94. Krista says:

    Seriously Jane,
    I would give ANY thing in the world to raid your closet!
    you are too perfect!

  95. Isabel says:

    absolutely amazing Jane.

  96. cool pants and shoes!! i want them. tee-hee ^^

  97. gaby says:

    so damn cute. and the booties?!? luvvvvvvvluvvvvluvvvv

  98. mila says:

    Oh i am sooooo in love with your Chanel heels <3

  99. Mary-Louise says:

    THIS outfit is amazing!
    You re always amzing but this time it’s such a wonderful combination.
    I love your Chanel heels.

  100. Dorothea says:

    I’m more of a big city girl. I live in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, so maybe it’s not as big as other cities like New York or Tokyo, but still. I’ve been in New York once, and loved it!
    By the way, like those shoes!

  101. Vicky says:

    Hey, Jane!
    Like your blog and your style!
    Here is a post about you in my blog

  102. L. says:

    your pant is ultra-hot
    Must have

  103. Zoe says:

    wow that fur fur label looks amazing, I love the trousers and want the cardigan! hardly anything comes up when you google it, I totally want to find out more!

  104. i’m in love with the chanel bowtie booties!!!!

  105. Emilia says:

    First, I love you blog. Wonderful picatures and the hple feeling is just amazing! Love it! And I also have a question; Why did you start to blog?
    (Sorry if my English is’nt the best ever, I come from Sweden)
    Have a good day

  106. Its refreshing for us coastal girls to know that Texas is a mecca of fashion , not just a dust bowl filled with cowboy hats. Can’t wait to visit one day!
    love the fashion kiwi

  107. dani says:

    i love those chanel booties. i had a dream about them a while back. it was a great dream.
    x, dani

  108. Jess says:

    so jealous of those trousers

  109. jamie clare says:

    that is totally sick.
    i’m jealous, and also super happy for you. congrats, lady…you and your momma look totally fierce. they were spot-on when they picked you for that little mother/daughter feature, and i love everything you’re both wearing…particularly your play on the ankle boots.

  110. Julia says:

    sooo gorgeous
    where did you purchase your lovely shoes?

  111. matte says:

    bravo on the vogue spread darling… you guys looked wicked hot.

  112. Kate says:

    pretty different and a little crazy, but you make it work :)

  113. Lisa says:

    I love those pants, so great!

  114. I don’t think anyone could focus on the funky chairs. We’re too busy being jealous of those shoes!

  115. newt says:

    Congrats to you and your mom on the Vogue feature!

  116. Lucy says:

    I am still in like with your shoes.
    ok ok I’m in LOVE with them.

  117. mikyandstyle says:

    i looooooooooooove your pantsssssssssssss

  118. sheli says:

    i just adore your shoes!!! =]

  119. Isabel says:

    Those brocade pants look soooo coool with the booties!

  120. Marcia says:

    omg your shoes ahh

  121. Sasi says:

    You totally rock those pants, and the blouse is lovely.

  122. jojo says:

    Lindos sapatos ;D

  123. eva says:

    Oh my gosh
    I totally love it and you could pull it off.
    i recommend
    have fun^^

  124. i LOVE those shoes!

  125. I guess is different for everyone… I just love the noisy streets of New York sometimes I think I can’t never go anywhere else but that can always change. your shiny brocade pants from ‘furfur’ are just lovely I love the textile print and Chanel bowtie heels are breathtaking I absolutely love them!!!…. great blog!!!!

  126. Love the shoes! Those pants take me back to a post from the Sartorialist, “Color & Print, Florence”.

  127. Sydney says:

    Those shoes are stellar!!

  128. Jamie says:


  129. Kim says:

    Those shoes are to. die. for. OMG.

  130. R. says:

    I really LOVE to dress like that !!

  131. Black says:

    Fabulous outfit! You’re amazing and so is your blog! I featured you on mine.

  132. lindsey says:

    I love those Chanel booties. :)

  133. Tanya says:

    Where did you get the chanel booties? Please tell me in a new post

  134. Stacy says:

    LOVE the booties! you look so great
    and those chairs are awesome

  135. Bri says:

    ahh and i can’t get over those chanelsss

  136. jeanne says:

    im aboustly adoring the necklace at the very top and ur Chanel booties!!
    i want me a pair!! =D u have adorable clothes and great sense of style! i live in texas too!

  137. Those boots are just fabulous!!
    And I love the two fabrics together.

  138. Mimi says:

    these chanel shoes are amazing !!! I love your style ! you’re so beautiful and lucky to have all these wonderful clothes !!
    sorry my english is bad I’m french ! lol bizouuus

  139. JMDlux says:

    Gorgeous combo.
    Where can I get a pair of those shoes!?!?

  140. carolina says:

    oh my God I LOVE ur shoes

  141. When is this? I think it was long ago because your hair wasn’t red here. :) but you still look as pretty. :)

  142. Sofia says:

    roanoke is only 5 minutes from my house! I know exactly where you took those photos! and i looovvveee the outfit :)