This is a very boring and self-indulgent post brought to you by my iPhone.
Click below to see the whole post.

I love the camera feature on my iPhone-like many iPhone users, I'm a little obsessed with it.
Isn't it great that you can Instantly capture precious moments like these?
It also happens to come in handy for fashion emergencies….
"You guys, should I buy this A. Wang dress??" (They said yes, I did)
You don't have to wait a minute to brag on the awesome "2 Carebears 1 Bong" shirt you just bought. 
I have some friends who like to exchange outfit pics on a next-to-daily pics…below are some of the pics sent from my end.
In the changing room at Free People
Trying on some vampy Fendis at Barneys a few days ago
But these are the shoes I actually wore (Dries van Noten sneaks)
Sometime during SXSW
Worn to get sushi, I believe….
Ran out of shampoo, went to Target….
Just sipping tea in my room…
Wore to the grocery store….

Then you start taking outfit pics at the gym and you realize your addiction is getting out of hand…

You may notice some clutter in my bedroom ….sorry about that. Normally I keep my room pretty neat.

Freshly cleaned:

I've had many requests to show a picture of the school uniform I have to wear…
There you go….way to wear navy socks w/ navy shoes, Jane.
Sigh…looking at this makes me miss school sometimes.
Used to have to so much fun screwing around in art class….
It was free dress day at school, and I wore a deep v-neck Ann Sofie Back sweater backwards. Apparently I was showing too much skin so I was told I'd have to find an underthing. My friends quickly remedied this problem by sculpting me a hunchback out of newspaper. I wore it the rest of the day and no one said anything.

I think making this post was a step torwards recovering from my addiction..because at least now I can delete these pics from my library.

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  1. Nadia says:

    the Dries are gorgeous janie :)

  2. zelia says:

    how many pairs of shoes do you have?
    they look all amazing!

  3. daisy says:

    Your room is very neat, im still trying to re organise mine! I really like the utfit you took in the changing room at Free People!

  4. Betty says:

  5. winnie says:

    wht a lovely you! :)

  6. Hannah says:

    Great pants! I LOVE your lion belt.

  7. Anni says:

    this is no boring post!!!!
    I really love it!!!

  8. Mizzie says:

    So seriously, how do you walk around heels all the time? Do you have botox on the balls of your feet? Do you where insolias? (If you don’t you should check them out. Best insole for heels) What is your secret?

  9. alysse says:

    looks like you need to download the camera bag app. it makes iphone photos look much better (film-like). i can tell you’d enjoy it.

  10. Christine says:

    I thought this was a fun post!
    I love the outfit with the red jacket, so lovely.

  11. caitie says:

    haha nice hunchback.
    aaannndddddddd i want your shelves of shoes :/

  12. sophia says:

    Love the Dries. Those Fendi’s remind me of Jil Sander.

  13. Nahal says:

    wow i love those Fendi’s!
    I wish I had your wardrobe so I could have an awesome outfit every time I went somewhere!

  14. ava says:

    Hi Jane! I like all the pics and your school uniform is cute. I keep checking Urban Outfitters for your shoes. This is exciting. <3 Ava

  15. Laura says:

    the first step towards recovering is admitting the problem! soooooo well done

  16. cassaundra says:

    your wall of shoes is glorious.
    great idea with the newspaper hunchback.

  17. Jenny Brewer says:

    adorable! phone cameras are super fun. I had to wear a uniform, too. ahhh memories.

  18. Siri says:

    Oh my, I love those fendis!

  19. Barbro says:

    You are awsome =)

  20. haha, you are too cute for words. :)

  21. April says:

    THAT’S NOAH ROLLINS!!! He used to go to my school! Crazy, small world.

  22. maria says:

    Gorgeous shoes!! Camera phones are great for snapping quick pics of things!!

  23. Roz says:

    Haahaa..A slight addiction maybe? (:
    But I suppose I would be like that if I had an iPhone too, you lucky person! You’ve shown some really nice outfits there.. And I can’t belive how many pairs of shoes you have! That’s the kind of amount I dream of! I have about 14 or 15 pairs, and I thought that was alot..
    Oh and great newspaper hunch back btw. :P
    Your blog is incredibly inspiring, and if you’re reading this, I just wanted to let you know that it was amazing fashion bloggers like you that inspired me to start my own blog!
    Great post, as per usual.

  24. La Dauphine says:

    So cute! Love the Fendi’s – hope you bought them!

  25. alison says:

    hey jane,
    there’s an iphone app that i just downloaded for the camera that you will love…i’m obsessed with it. it’s called CameraBag. you will love it.

  26. Christing says:

    so jealous of all your shoes and the storage space you have for them!!! i have some crappy makeshift rack that’s falling apart…i’ve been inspired to find a better solution :-)

  27. Aili S. says:

    ohmigosh. so many shoes. how rich are you? lol you can afford soo many nice shoes and clothes by high-end designers. jeaallouss. lol

  28. alex says:

    Love the blog! :) Your closet is amazing!

  29. cindy says:

    LOL! this post was so great, hahahaha. wish i had an iphone! :[

  30. love those pants you wore in the first picture. ‘id love to know what label/designer they are?
    this post is great.

  31. Vix says:

    I don’t post often but I had to for this. Awesome post! Random posts like these are my favourites :)

  32. Kate says:

    ha ha nice :)
    love the shoe display in your room! & just about everything else. i cant believe that you of all people have to wear a uniform to school. but i guess thats why you are so into fashion….am i right?
    btw, can you wear whatever shoes you want w/ your uniform?

  33. Sarah says:

    so jealous of your shoe display (and collection!) the shoe hanger on the back of my door is just not working and it’s overflowing – i might have to get some shelves too.

  34. PAPERFASHION says:

    i love your shoe wall :)

  35. Ruby says:

    Jane, you are too cute! I loved this post. Your blog is definitely the best out there.

  36. Ore says:

    Oh but I LOVE the shoes you’re wearing in the very first one :)

  37. What great photos, I love personal little shots like that, you can just flip through your phone and they cheer you up instantly!
    That hunchback thing is hilarious!!!
    Did you buy the Fendi’s?

  38. Elisabet says:

    Ohhhh I just LOVE all of your shoes. Great blog! Those pants in the first picture are so pretty.

  39. victoria says:

    Lovely Dries sneakers. Their extremely cool. I know cool, might sound overly used however their yellow, dries SNEAKERS. How else would you put them?

  40. william says:

    Love those Miu Miu wedges :)

  41. Cruz says:

    LOL the hunchback! Cameraphones are the best because you can take pictures of stuff in stores secretly and be a creeper and take pics of people without them noticing. Or maybe that’s just me idunno. :|

  42. Graylen says:

    I love the flats you are wearing with the yellow skirt under the caption “Ran out of shampoo, went to Target….,” where are they from?

  43. Thomas E.K. says:

    Those Noten sneakers are rad as can be. I was temped to grab a pair of boys Notens on ebay a few weeks back but decided to hold out for some Y-3’s or something instead.

  44. Laura says:

    hey jane, cute as ever, no question…but one thing surprised me…am i wrong or is it an ikea bed in your room? if i’m right, i’ve the same one:-D a didnt know that there are also some ikea in the usa!?but it would really cool, i think thats the sence of life: mix it; ikea beds and designer shoes;-) love, Laura* from Germany

  45. Tereza says:

    aha, these pics are soo fun…I think your friends tried to change you into Quasimodo, bsc you are too pretty, hehe :)
    Btw, I´ve always wanted to ask- how tall are you?

  46. Marcia says:

    dude, you have so many shoes and heeehehe we have the same bed. I love the Dries Van Noten sneaks…um they are so sick, your wardrobe is bananas…dayum girl. Btw i love the juxtapostion of the two male barbies…um soo hot. lmao

  47. Louise says:

    wow, all of those shoes! I love all of them! I also love the painting you have on your bedroom wall, it’s very nice

  48. Riina says:

    I would actually like to wear a school uniform :D here in Finland we don’t eaven have that possibility :(
    And wow you have some shoes :–D Cool!

  49. sophie! says:

    i love all your outfits and your style :)
    kisses from argentina!

  50. Emma says:

    absolutely adorable post! thanks! and why didn’t u get those fendi’s? im in love…

  51. marie says:

    yay ken doll art!

  52. Lauren says:

    Those Fendi shoes are immense! Love the rest of your pics too, all very stylish!

  53. Alice says:

    LOVE seeing the different looks – and adore those pants you wore to Barney’s! Did you end up getting Fendis?

  54. stéphani says:

    I love your blog
    you showed up on a brazilian blog
    kisses from Brazil

  55. hillary teagan says:

    this is so cute! please show more posts like this! these are fun to see. hahah

  56. jennah lim says:

    you’re living the dream. BLESS YOU!!!! you, your home, and your stuff is insanely gorgeous. <3 <3 <3. Wish my life was as sweet.
    Where did you get the Iphone cover?

  57. lilly says:

    i really like you jane

  58. this was such a funnnn post!!! The hunchback thing is hilarious. I love seeing your shoe collection.

  59. Isabel says:

    And that is why I am coveting the iPhone…
    Your Sipping-Tea-Oufit is very cute.
    Nicely done on the undershirt, too, lol. :)

  60. Ariadna says:

    this post is not boring at ALL! sometimes its really cool to see the inside life of a blogger.
    can i just say that it would be nice if you could check your inbox. i sent an email to see if you could give me some tips about shopping in dallas. Anyways great blog!

  61. Jayne says:

    Oh my goodness!! That lion belt is AMAZING. You have an amazing sense of style and a talent for finding such fabulous items!

  62. Erica-Renee says:

    You are too adorable. LOVE your blog!

  63. rrrrorryyy says:

    what is the cheapest pair of shoes you own? the most expensive? (wait sorry if that was rude!)

  64. Madeleine says:

    Oh my God! I would kill for your shoe closet, you are a lucky girl indeed!

  65. Brigadeiro says:

    Haha, great pics! I especially love the Dries mustard sneakers (my last post had them in grey, snap!), and the outfit with the YSL cage sandals, gorgeous! *lol* to the newspaper hunchback, and your school uniform’s so cute! Mine used to be navy Adidas tracksuit and white tee with school logo :)

  66. ajflkjdsla says:

    your spoiled rotten

  67. cindy says:

    you make me want an i phone and i’ve been anti them for sooo long. love this post jane. those fendis are breath taking. you should get them if you haven’t already. it almost kills me that i’m so inspired by a girl almost 10 years my junior but then i realize that it’s actually incredible. you really are fearless, stylish and ageless when it comes to fashion. not to mention you mom’s blog is equally lovely. age mens nothing to an aldridge girl. love you guys. like real life gilmore girls but with carol too. enough ranting now, lol.

  68. Hannah says:

    Oh my goodness your shoes. Wow. I am infinitely jealous! I love the white lace dress you wore with the lion head belt too, it’s breath taking.

  69. Carol says:

    Holy Shit!! Look at all those shoes!

  70. FF says:

    About time you make a post that isn’t sugar-coated.

  71. Laie says:

    I love what your friends came up with to cover your back!! I’m sure it will be SO trendy next season! xD
    By the way, every time you post a picture of your shoe collection I get the urge to buy shoes!! Thanks to you my bag-obsession is over. Now I have another obsession… xD

  72. Davina says:

    haha…it’s good to know that there are other people out there that take photos of their outfits in the fitting room via their cell phone! i liked the hunchback idea, very clever… :)

  73. Andrew J says:

    Love love love the Lion Belt!
    Me & Marisa

  74. Libby says:

    Hahaha, what an adorable post! I love taking iphone pics, my my i want that carebear bong t!

  75. Romi says:

    haha very funny!!!
    It’s a strange thing to see you in flats…
    The Fendis are kilers btw!

  76. kirstine says:

    the hottest hunchback EVER!
    After seeing your closet I really do
    want to swim in those shoes!

  77. they’re all such awesome photos. I sincerely hope you bought the Fendis. They’re amazing!

  78. Girl I hope you have some Dr. Schols or you are going to get serious pain later haha. Not that I blame you…heels are the hottest.
    I love your shoes, always.
    love the fashion kiwi

  79. mo says:

    amazing taste!1

  80. Amanda says:


  81. mrjyn says:

    don’t worry, if you ever need to use the uniform pic, just holler.

  82. Cad says:

    I really like the hunchback thing,
    I used to love smart ass responses to a teacher’s orders in school.
    I knew a girl who needed to go to the bathroom,
    And her teacher wouldn’t let her, but she insisted she was going,
    And the teacher said,
    “If you walk out that door, don’t expect to come back to my class.”
    So rather than walk out the door, she crawled all the way to the bathroom.

  83. Ebony says:

    I share the same obsessions with I-phone portraits, LOL.

  84. AK says:

    awe that post makes me miss my old school uniform ;( Love the post!

  85. Sophiemei says:

    iphone really good to use
    convenient so much!!
    let’s why iphone always be the best sale in the whole world
    and i like u wear the uniform
    so different Jane!!

  86. kARA says:

    I was excited to the SXSW pic! I know that parking garage you were standing in front of…very close to my apartment! :D

  87. Sherri says:

    looks awsome!!! p.s. where’d you get teh skull iphone cover?

  88. jake sutamo says:

    i like some of your outfit posts. very inspiring. some of the shoes you wear are over the top….hideous, not to mention ridiculously priced and dangerous. while coming back from miami late mon, a lady in atl fell off her designer platforms. she screamed in pain while they tried to remove her shoe from her mangled foot. i wonder if shoe designers will rethink some of their obtuse designs if they are sued a couple of times for negligence and or long term deformities caused to the foot and spine.

  89. annie says:

    the pleasure principle tee is a crack pipe, not a bong

  90. Priscila Henriques says:

    You just got a fan from Brazil!!!

  91. have those dries booties in grey! totally forgot about them til your post! thx;)

  92. chauss says:

    this is a fabulous post. :)

  93. lippyjam says:

    Question – why do girls wear knee-high socks w/ uniforms??? Wouldn’t ballet flats w/ a bare leg be more classic, fashionable, etc???

  94. Haley says:

    i take this many pics to lol. and i have tht same princeton tee haha

  95. emmaj says:

    thanks for all the pics jane! love that A Wang dress xx

  96. Eileen says:

    hey jane! i loooove sea of shoes!
    this might be a weird question, but your school uniform, do you buy it from your school? because i’ve been looking for a pleated skirt, and your school skirt looks exactly like one i want!

  97. Ayn says:

    can you show pictures of your whole room? and your cabinets of clothes. thanks.

  98. hi! says:

    what’s it like sleeping in front of your shoe cabinet?
    do you smell leather in your dreams?

  99. Jayne says:

    I absolutely LOVE the nailpolish you are wearing in the picture captioned “Wore to the grocery store”. It appears to be a beautiful dark green or teal. I am wondering what product it is?
    LOVELOVELOVE your blog. You have a very unique sense of style, quite different from my own, but I still very much appreciate it. Keep being your wonderful self!

  100. Megan says:

    that looked like the uniform i had to wear!

  101. the_barely_tattod_artist says:

    I think I’m going to steal your idea of the shoe wall and re-create it in my own special way with bookshelves and wall shelves…
    Sorry, I’m a huge shoe girl and if I was certain you were a size US 10, I’d break into your house when I was in Texas and make off with them…

  102. Amalina says:

    I love my iphone too ps I want your shoes :P

  103. KD says:

    Love all the outfits, esp. the one with the DVN heels!

  104. One more addictive iPhone photo feature—Photoswap! Download it now, but uh, watch out for pervs.

  105. I wonder why you had to tuck in that newspaper on your back….why were you told not to show off some skin?….if it was suppose to be a ‘free dress day’???….are you schooling in a sectarian institution?

  106. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to see you and your mom Vogue!

  107. yansy says:

    Love all the pics Jane and I totally agree with you about being obsessed with snapping pics all the time. I wanted to invite you to participate in my give-away, I have a feeling you are going to love it. It will look amazing in your room.

  108. Sus says:

    Cute post Jane :)

  109. Mira says:

    I found this girl wearing Ann D. shoes and I love the way she rocks it:
    You like?

  110. Sherry says:

    Hahaha! I love your iPhone photos. I’m jealous; I want one. Oh, and I am also super jealous of your AMAZING shoe rack. Puts mine to shame. (And I love, love, LOVE your tartan skirt). :]

  111. Eli says:

    how much are those fendis???
    i absolutely love those!!!

  112. Stephany says:

    LOL.. love the newspaper covering.. I’d love to have so many shoes =)

  113. seeing all of your shoes on those shelves brings upon ridiculous amounts of jealousy.

  114. jeanette says:

    i love this post! so wonderful!

  115. loletta says:

    That lace dress with the buckle lion is absolutely wonderful … a must !!

  116. eleanor says:

    This post is fantastic! I love every photo, beautiful outfits and nice captions (not to mention the shoes).

  117. Jess says:

    that first outfit is gorgeous. love the shoes and trousers, they look like a beautiful brocade material.

  118. Alyssa says:

    i love it all…

  119. Annabel says:

    haha you’re too cute! all those shoes!! omg.

  120. becca says:

    dear jane audridge,
    though i realise it may be a little too late to praise your recent post about your cat Nao, I absolutely loved it. I just came back myself from a long trip to Japan, and having just come back, all your posts and the ones from your mother’s blog-they all make me smile and make me slightly melancholic… :( BUT, the cat one was hilarious. and I was in tokyo around the same time. I wish I could have seen it all with my own eyes.
    I love how the japanese all do the peace sign with their fingers when they’re getting their photo taken. As it had been my first trip to Japan, my mum and I went to a lot of shrines. So you see these school kids on those end of year type trips, praying to the Shinto gods and then giving a goofy smile ,doing the peace sign and posing for their friends cameras in front of the gods who created Japan as it is of course so important to record and document these wonderful days. it was rather amusing and im supposing that it is a cultural thing….oh shit my pancakes are burning!!!!
    au revoir, becca
    ps loved the pics from santa monica. went there recently. too. I love the whole west coast vibe of it all. the beach, the surf and of course the very hot lifeguards!!!

  121. i love your room, jane!
    and tons of shoes!
    your outfits are amazing!

  122. Lily says:

    I hope you bought those Fendis that you tried on at Barneys they are gorgeous!x

  123. Mads says:

    This is such a cute post!! You still rocked that newspaper Jane..=)

  124. kirsty says:

    I am so jealous of your shoe collection you are very lucky! Also I love that carebears t shirt! xoxox

  125. kirstie says:

    your shoe collection actually leaves me in awe.

  126. Kasia says:

    so many shoes! I’m jelaous!:)
    Great outfits!

  127. S.Elisabeth says:

    So cute, the outfit sharing is such a good idea. Too bad I don’t have friends who would want to do that. And I’m glad you got that dress; It’s adorable!

  128. bingo says:

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  129. Kari says:

    can u automatically post an iphone pic instantly on here- or do you have to do it at a computer?

  130. Maeko says:

    Aren’t we all addicted to something in some way, though?
    Your style evolution is a revolution, and it’s refreshing. Don’t purge those habits, just keep at it. It’s fuel for less creative types like me.

  131. Vi says:

    I think you should have a post dedicated to your room.

  132. Bethany says:

    ahahaha… the ken dolls… thanks for the laugh

  133. Anika says:

    Whoa, hope you got the Fendis. I’m in lust! Did you?

  134. amy says:


  135. Christine says:

    ohh school uniforms, one thing i defiantly dont miss about school :. v. cute post :]

  136. Alyssa says:

    Those shoes Fendi shoes are so hot.
    And you’re so tiny lol. What do you usually incorporate in your workouts
    and size clothing do you usually wear

  137. haha love the iphone album! I always break out my phone in dressing rooms for fashion advice.. interesting to see a bit inside the life of Jane.
    p.s. the window display dedicated to you is BEYOND amazing! I think my life would be complete if I had one in my honor!

  138. joke says:

    fun post! thanks for sharing

  139. maria says:

    My favourite post yet! I wish I could have all of those shoes :)

  140. Shana says:

    I just wanted to let you know about a new forum for artists as well as musicians, fashion designers, and filmmakers, As an artist I think that the mission is really great. The site gives you a free gigabyte of space for portfolio, there is no commission taken for sales, audio and visual works can been streamed in their entirety, you can create live personal broadcasts for your followers, and anything you write will be translated into 10 languages. So check it out!

  141. Catarina says:

    I love the Fendi’s and I am so envious of your shoe collection. You have wonderful taste.

  142. Laura says:

    haha love the obcessive outfit pics
    the hunchback is a right look ;)

  143. says:

    LOVING those trousers dollface!

  144. Nyx says:

    Don’t you hate it when people tell you at school your showing too much back skin? I had that happen to me and I was wearing a tank under it too but I didn’t wear a newspaper hunchback thing. The sweater is not too low in the back if you wore it correctly than it would show too much.

  145. deb says:

    love how poised and down to earth you are.
    don’t ever change. it’s refreshing.

  146. Georgina says:

    you’re in VOGUE! I was so excited, haha.

  147. Megs says:

    Just saw you and your Mom in Vogue – amazing!

  148. Carol says:

    your room messy? girl, it makes mine look like $#*! But high five b/c we have the same bed. Ok, everyone has that bed, but yeah anyways… I love the free people outfit and your nail polish in the grocery store pic!
    <3 Carol

  149. vicky says:

    all of the outfits are really cute! and I love your room!

  150. Anoko says:

    Jane….you better WORK (for those that aren’t familiar with that term…it means “you are as fierce as they come”). I appreciate your attention to detail and how well you keep your inventory. Bravo!!!

  151. Kelsie says:

    Love your i-phone photos and i love your article in the aurgust vogue

  152. Jigsaw Jones says:

    HOW do you stay upright in those shoes?? ;)

  153. Melanie says:

    love those pants! they look comfy and trendy at the same time.

  154. RS Wolens says:

    Hey Jane. Big fan. I’m much closer to your mom’s age but my daughter and I are addicted to your blog. She is 19 and just spent a month in Paris on working with a fashion photographer. We had great fun there buying matching Stella net shoes, hers in black (like yours) mine in nude. Luckily we wear the same size!
    I also have a wall of shoes. We live in London. Keep up the great work. I have been inspired by you and your mom to buy a camera and start shooting. My daughter also has a blog called the Bibelle with her best friend. You could check it out. Have a great summer and keep the great stuff coming.
    xRoberta (currently at the Dead Sea where fashion is another country)

  155. mary says:

    all awesome outfits. i dont think u need to stop taking iphone pics, you should just upload them onto your blog more often :) haha and you would be the one to pull off crinkled newspaper lol

  156. ctee says:

    I loved this post, I can totally relate, I use my iphone for all my pictures now and I post straight up from there. It’s so so great.

  157. Carlotta says:

    Oh my God, we are not – at all – the same age but have same addicts : shoes and Iphone pictures !!! I loved your “You guys, should I by this ??” I confess I do… Also taking pictures of fabulous shoes I cross during the day… Thanks for this post, this make my day ! All the best, Carlotta, from France.

  158. Tommy says:

    you’re awesome, I love your outfits. oh and you look so cute with your school uniform ! kisses and a lot of admiration from switzerland.

  159. monkey toes says:

    how many shoes u have? those are koolll…. and cool pants u wear on the pic :D

  160. Wendygital says:

    Lovely set of pics!
    Hahaha, I can understand your addiction… Sometimes these are the pics (those taken with your phone) that you get the most fun time while taking them! :-)

  161. lunarzie says:

    saw you and your mom in vogue magazine. you guys looked gorgeous. congrats!

  162. Love says:

    trop cool la ceinture tête de lion !! (soooo cool your lion’s head belt !!) and the Vera dress, god I could kill for the same ! Jalouse je suis…

  163. noramaryll says:

    wow, AMAZING, if this isnt what fashions all about i dont know. very very very cool. you really do know how to dress.

  164. The newspaper hunchback is easily the best thing about this post! Love my iPhone camera too – now with MMS, it’s even better!!

  165. eden says:

    wow you dressin realy preety!! i wish i had the money to buy things like that!!
    where are you buying this things?

  166. Ana says:

    Hi! I love your blog. You really have a very original style and an amazing taste. The only thing is I think it is a bit dangerous?? that a so young girl can get such expensive shoes and cloths. I hope you are conscious how lucky you are and that you don’t take for granted this high style of life. There are thousands of persons in this world who would feed their families during a year with the money that a pair of these shoes cost. Enjoy life but try always to be grounded!

  167. Selina says:

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