Comme des Garcons skeleton jacket from Fall 2008, Margiela cut-away boots
Beautiful (but admittedly, painful) snakeskin Loubs atop a Helmut Newton photograph of Gianni Agnelli
Junya Watanabe flight jacket from Fall 2006, necklace by Assad Mounser, Henrik Vibskov dress
Bags: Faux python laptop tote, Y-3 felt feather bag, Prada Dino Bag, Miu Miu tie-dye bag, a beetle-like backpack, a coin embellished purse from Morrocco
Shoe wall
Yellow Margiela ankle boots with some friends from Tokyo
Two favorite toys
Drawing (badly) in bed, copying from a Newton book
Shoe boxes make great storage
More of the plastic animal collection-plus a little pony from Mexico
Some favorite plastic toys
A dragon necklace, a sea turtle necklace, and a Whiting and Davis snake bracelet recently given to me by the boys at Helloooooo…what an amazing gift!!
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  1. Dominika says:

    LOVE ur shoe wall! I also love ur skeleton jacket and those pink and yellow heels! AMAZING!

  2. 1. Your shoe was is great! I’m working on one of my own.
    2. I’ve been looking for that Henrik Vibskov dress, but its sold out, uhh EVERYWHERE.
    3. Louboutins, signature soles, signature blisters…but pain is beauty. I’m obsessed

  3. Loreen says:

    WOW your shoe wall is incredible !!
    How can u have so many designer’s shoes ?

  4. Josephine says:

    That skeleton jacket is sick; by far my favorite. Really unique piece.

  5. Donna says:

    Love your shoe wall and all of your little toys. I’d die to go back to Asia again and buy so many cool, but pointless toys :)

  6. valerie says:

    those necklaces are delicious! i’m checking out the site now… i know, you have AMAZING shoes, but i’m seriously always in awe when i visit. xo

  7. Christing says:

    you have the most unique items! and your shoe collection is worthy of a fashion museum :-)

  8. deana says:

    i know its none of my business.
    but how do you afford all these things?
    so expensive..
    i cant even afford a 40 dollar sweatshirt from AA

  9. Ruby says:

    Soo amazing! All of it!

  10. Lilli says:

    Your shoe wall is amazing! I love how you have plastic toys all over the place.

  11. Kieran says:

    You have beautiful shoes! But the heels on your cut away boots are dirrty, you should clean them

  12. Jennifer says:

    Ooh, I’m in love with all your shoes and your jewelry. Just wonderful! Those snake Loubies do look killer!

  13. Anna says:

    That’s the shoewall in every girls’ dreams!

  14. Mira says:

    You shoes.. wow! You have so many gorgeous platforms :)

  15. Julie says:

    I’m crazy about your shoes wall ! All are beautiful! I’m so jealous !!!!!!

  16. Brooke says:

    Absolutely amazing things! I’d seriously love to live in your closet/shoe wall. The skeleton jacket is especially drool worthy :)

  17. victoria says:

    Gahh. I think you should just start charging people to visit your beautiful closet.

  18. Michelle says:

    Your shoe wall makes me so envious!

  19. becca says:

    Dear Jane,
    I absolutely adore the cupboard/shelf (in the 11th picture) with your favourite plastic toys. I love the rough, scratched wood and the peeling paint. :D I must myself somewhat guiltily admit that I love to hunt for little treasures in garbage piles that people put in front of their houses. I’ve found soooo many lovely little things. I love the whole hunting process. It must be the whole prehistoric urge, you know what I mean? ;p But as they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Well anyways, I love the shelf/cupboard thing(Goodness, I have no idea what you call that thing. I know there’s a word for it!). I would love to hear its story and you know… the whole discovery process. :P
    Yours truly,

  20. Roz says:

    These are great pictures.. No wonder they’re you’re favourite things! I really like the picture of all your shoes.. You have such a stunning collection. And those yellow boots are really quite stunning too!
    Lovely shoe boxes,bags,toys etc etc. And I really like that first picture too.The back of the jacket is really quite amazing. Its kind of one of those ideas you wich you’d come up with youself! Do you ever feel the urge to design, out of interest? (;
    And the louboutins, although being a little scary, are really stunning.

  21. Lauren says:

    i love your shoe wall! it reminds me of the post you did last year when you had readers choose a shoe and then you and your mom wore outfits inspired by the shoes. i think you should do that again soon. :)

  22. Ashley says:

    I love these pictures! So cute. And the shoe wall – *swoon*!

  23. i love all of your little nic nacs :) so cute!
    and i agree, shoe boxes are amazing for storage.

  24. Alexandra says:

    The shoe wall, I’ve seen it on your blog before,
    but this time it stopped me dead in my tracks with
    its… power. Hah! Love the skeleton jacket. I am
    also interested in how you afford everything, is
    it just because your parents had good jobs…
    or… somethin?
    Much love.

  25. How do you capture such clear and vivid picutres on your camera??? They are fantastic! Wish my camer was that AMAZING!

  26. Jenny says:

    Those Louboutins are beyond incredible!
    Haha, beauty is pain :)

  27. Adeliet says:

    WOWWW Awesome shoe wall, Jane! Love the clothes too!!! And those cute toys!
    xx Adeliet
    PS: Those yellow Margielas new?

  28. Elle says:

    Oh god I love your shoes, your bags and your draws.
    You draw so well

  29. samantha says:

    super jealous as always. love the octopus toy and your shoe wall

  30. KD says:

    Everything in this post is amazing, but the Loubs especially make me ache with envy. ;-)

  31. k604bc says:

    You take beautiful pictures of your lovely. precious, to-die-for things!

  32. Karoline says:

    Oooh, I LOVE your shoe wall! <3

  33. I’m reading ‘Laughter in the Dark’ right now! What a coincidence 8)

  34. Michelle says:

    Margiela boots -simply AMAZING but most importantly i love your toys.
    just as a sidenote –

  35. alison says:

    lucky, lucky you! what a fun assortment of goodies!!

  36. miranda says:

    All the things are beautiful

  37. you have a beautiful collection of shoes. i’m uber jealous

  38. B says:

    A more detailed post in the skeleton jacket please!!!!!! That jacket deserves it’s own post! Has it ever been featured on your blow before? I really would love to see how you style it/ a front view xo b

  39. Hi Jane,
    Ah I wish I had a shoe wall, instead I have a rather dangerous couple of stacks of boxes, I swear they will one day topple and be the death of me!
    Did we spot some shoes there you haven’t worn on the blog yet, someone mentioned above, when you and Judy did the shoe challenge, that would be great to do again – selfishly just so we get to see more shoes!
    Lovely post though, I am always intriegued by what people have as there favourite things xx

  40. lmnop says:

    i see you, isabella rossellini and dash snow!

  41. Sara says:

    Please give me that shoewall :)

  42. The Aesthete says:

    I love Helmut Newton’s photography. That book is filled with some amazing pictures.

  43. thumbelina says:

    I LOVE your top in the 1st picture. and your shoe collection is to die for!!!

  44. Brigadeiro says:

    Oh my! Your favourite things are simply AMAZING! Hadn’t seen those yellow Margiela’s before, LOVE ’em! And your shoe wall always sets my heart a flutter :) The Miu Miu tie dye bag, JW flight jacket…oooh, could go on & on, thanks for sharing! :)

  45. are you aware that every person who reads this blog is salivating over that shoe wall of yours? ugh, it’s unreal.

  46. maria says:

    I’m drooling over your collection.

  47. Isabelle says:

    Hi, I have a little question for you: Do you always wear these fashionable clothes and makeup? Every day? Don’t you ever get tired of the whole thing? Just wondering how you can cope, I wouldn’t! Well, maybe I would if I had your closet :)
    //Reader all the way from Sweden :)

  48. Great stuff! Your photos are getting better and better everyday.

  49. Crystal says:

    The photo of your shoe wall….heavenly. sigh

  50. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness. Your wall of shoes is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.
    Your closet is full of such amazing clothes and accessories! And all the little toys are too cute!

  51. Kate says:

    ok, il admit it-im drooling. no-im BEYOND drooling! your shoe wall is so beyond incredible its hard for me to even imagine words that could come anywhere near to being good enough to describe your shoe wall. the only one i can think of now is shoe-gasm!

  52. Davina says:

    Can I be your roommate so we can share clothes?? You have quite a nice collection of shoes there, I love the kitschy-ness of your toy collection too : )

  53. anjali says:

    ah, i love laughter in the dark (and all of nabokov basically). your shoe wall is breathtaking.

  54. Abby says:

    i don’t think the drawings are that bad! where are you applying for college? are you going to go into design or do you want to be more in the business side of fashion? i’m the same age as you.. who knows.. we may end up going to the same school

  55. anonymous says:

    I’ve been a fan of the blog for quite some time now; I think you are unbelievably creative and exploratory in your style choices. I’m sure every reader of yours would kill for a wardrobe that could even be a fraction of yours.
    You’re obviously well-off enough to afford these fabulous things, whereas most bloggers are forced to rely on their own thrift and dress-making savvy. I know you have no control into what you were born into and what your natural financial environment is, but, looking at that huge, and certainly invidious, shoe wall, my question is: don’t you ever think of it as excess? I mean, we all have our thralls, things we collect and treasure, but it sometimes seems to me like too much for one person.
    I honestly don’t mean to offend you, but thinking about the current economic climate has me questioning how necessary it is to spend so much money on objects, and then to post this–I don’t want to say glut, but it definitely seems like an overindulgence–on the internet, where other fashion-conscious teens will see it, envy it, want it, and think that’s what money should be spent on.
    I really do hugely admire your style and your interesting and intelligent take on fashion (not to mention–your other blog is just about one of my favorite things on the internet), but it’s just a question I can’t help but ask.

  56. Avyn says:

    dear Jane,
    Just stopped by your blog and it is heavenly…the comme des garcons skeleton jacket is unbearably delicious,

  57. Samm says:

    mmm i quite like that shoe wall

  58. Could you show us more pictures of your gold Gucci platforms please?

  59. polaroidme says:

    plastic animals +cool as fuck fashion+ out of this world shoes = all I need

  60. Caroline says:

    Your post is really thoughtful and it reflects the conflicting feelings I have in reading blogs like this one. I’m all for the democratization of fashion but it seems that a number of popular blogs are written by very affluent people (or those willing to spend a ton of money) and feature looks that largely comprise designer labels. For all the touting of mixing high- and low-end pieces, I don’t see that being executed very much in this or other blogs. I hardly think adding a Forever 21 top offsets the cost of $1,000 shoes and a $1,500 dress. The price of the total outfit is still very expensive even after factoring in a budget item. Jane indeed has an amazing and inspirational personal style, but I wonder if she can pull off an avant-garde look on the average teenager’s budget.
    You also ask a question worth asking: how much is enough? Is shopping every day (or nearly every day) a good thing? We as Americans buy so much stuff—more than anyone really needs if we’re honest. Times like these should force us to reevaluate our tendency to consume, consume, consume especially since a lot of people are losing their livelihoods.

  61. Hi Jane, Cool stuffs here. Amazing! It was very supprising that you love plastic miniature toys. Love your shoe wall, accessories, picture quality and window pane :D A refreshing post! Well done. Look forward to your upcoming post.

  62. Christine says:

    This is a great post!
    We haven’t seen those yellow Margiela’s yet, they’re awesome.

  63. Just had to comment again! You’re bag collection is understated, but, umm, AMAZING. Its so non-chalante chic. I totally dig it, especially the voodoo dolls.. yeah.

  64. Mads says:

    Probably my favorite posts of yours recently.. Love the skeleton dress and your plastic animals are too cute!! and your drawing is nice too..=)

  65. Midge says:

    I like this little glimpse into your habitat. Your pieces look well cared for… the shoe wall is basically an art display! You should help me organize! :)

  66. FerNanda says:

    I thought you didn’t enjoy monsieur Louboutin, this is the first time I see the red soles here. Great pics by the way.

  67. anonymous says:

    My thoughts exactly. It’s frivolous spending that got so many people in financial trouble in the first place. Obviously, I have no way of knowing what Jane’s budget it, but she clearly has room in it to afford all she has. She has enough to go shopping often, and not to deliberate over the value of her purchases too often. The problem with this is that posting these purchases and shopping excursions, and this perhaps unintentional but blatant show of consumerism, isn’t the most accurate yardstick against which to measure the economy. Many of the readers of this blog, which I’m guessing are girls in high school or about to leave high school, are getting ready to become financially independent and to step out under the umbrella of their parents. Jane, who can spend money easily and without worry, might not be the best influence for other girls who are preparing to make their own expenditures and to be responsible for their own incomes, maybe forgoing more sensible things for a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t be able to walk to your next class in.
    Self-expression is undeniably important, especially to growing girls, and Jane does it undeniably well. But it’s easy to have good style if you can afford beautiful things that are amazingly crafted, that have great care taken into making unique details, and that are ultimatley exclusive to a certain rung of the social ladder. Can she do it on an average high school girl’s budget? Can she do it without resorting to the typical Vogue method-which I find to be elitist and condescending-of including an American Apparel t-shirt under a four-figure Comme des Garcons jacket and a similarly priced skirt or pair of pants…and without her signature exorbitantly priced pair of pumps?
    I’d think I’d be able to respect someone who already seems like an intelligent, gracious, and original girl even more than I already do.

  68. I am loving your necklaces by Assad Mounser, wish I could find them in Dallas…
    Beautiful pictures!

  69. BS says:


  70. Stacy says:

    your shoe wall is insane! love the blue strappy heels on the second shelf and the gold platform ones!
    and the metal dragon in the last picture is too cool

  71. malkie says:

    shoe wall…incredible!!

  72. Joan says:

    That fluffy toy dog thing looks like it’s humping the lizard!
    And the shoe wall… Ahh, be still my heart!

  73. leah says:

    this is perhaps my favorite post in many months. seeing small tokens of your life only intensifies your cool. you’ve got a smart brain in that skull on those shoulders of yours. thank you for sharing your things with the rest of us :)

  74. Connie says:

    There are so many nipples in this entry! Ha ha!
    I’m still in awe of your shoe wall & those cut-out Margielas. So envious!

  75. Sherry says:

    Your shoe wall is fantastic. My collection isn’t as big, and mine are all flats. :3

  76. Sarah says:

    I think that the ‘haters” for want of a better word, do most blog readers a disservice by suggesting that they will look at Janes’ things and not have the intelligence to separate fantasy from reality
    Reading this blog, as I do daily, is pure escapism for me, much as I might gaze upon an original artwork. Knowing that I will never own it, detracts not from it’s beauty and ability to inspire awe
    There are blogs in interweb land that cover the whole range of the financial/social spectrum , how dull a world it would be if there weren’t

  77. gennie says:

    what an adorable collection of toys!!

  78. Louboutins are THE MOST painful of all. I haven’t even worn mine out of the house.

  79. Atika says:

    i really liked this post

  80. VIM(ish) says:

    Your shoe collection is crazy! Those shoes are to die for..

  81. Your toys are adorable! And honestly, your shoe wall makes my jaw drop and pupils dilate involuntarily. I would love to have a collection like you! I’m far beyond envious.

  82. alexa says:

    you are very fortunate to own such extravagant things! i think we all wish we had the money to own such expensive clothes.

  83. Gabrielle says:

    That shoe collection, (judging by the shoes you’ve posted in the past, this picture doesn’t include all of them) must have easily cost your parents tens of thousands of dollars, probably more. Coming from someone who can barely make a tuition payment each semester (and I go to a CHEAP public college in NYC), I am incredibly jealous.
    I’m not hating on you though. It’s just remarkable for so much to be spent on clothes and shoes to someone like me. However, I’m not even gonna front about world poverty and shit, I would absolutely do the same thing if I was in your situation. I hope you really understand how truly lucky you are. :)

  84. CHICMUSE says:


  85. candice says:

    omg!!!! im so jeolous of your show collection!!!!!

  86. Victoria says:

    These series pictures are so inspiring! I wish I could take pictures like that! Couple things to address:
    1. Those snakeskin Loubs are amazing! I thought all Loubs were comfortable? ;)
    2. Your shoe wall is everything that I dream of! Of course, you have those Miu Miu studded boots that I covet and the runway Marni wedges that I’ve been dying to buy for so long–but nothing comes in my little size 5.5/6 feet :(
    3. Love the Assad Mounser necklace!

  87. jil slander says:

    your shoe collection = drooool!
    i love your necklaces and bracelet.

  88. Ofelia says:

    Please where do you buy that snake bracelet??
    I need to know it! I’ve been looking for one too many years.

  89. Tiffany says:

    My jaw dropped when I saw the photo of your shoe wall! It’s heaven! I wish I could steal them all, haha

  90. Dear Jane,
    we, my colleague Thomas and myself, are great fans of your blog. We love it!
    We are very happy to see one of our books here, we love Newton as well. End of August arrives a new one: For the first time TASCHEN has made a Trade Edition of the BIG SUMO! It’s about 100€, and has also a xl-format.
    We are looking forward to read more interesting things from you, and send our best regards
    René and Thomas – TASCHEN Store Berlin

  91. MB_ says:

    Love your shoe wall, I would die for it….
    Well not really ofcourse, than I couldn’t wear them after all!
    xoxo Fashion Waitress

  92. Heini says:

    Wow, your shoe-collection is amazing! You´re such a lucky girl :)

  93. Ann says:

    bloody hell what a fantastic shoe collection.
    you might find a ring that could interest u on:

  94. Annabel says:

    i love your photos, jane. more importantly, i love all your shoes <3

  95. Leura says:

    The only thing that keeps me from crying when I look at your shoe closet is if I laugh. I don’t know why this is, but if I didn’t I’m sure I’d be equipped with a padded room asap! These pictures are lovely, thanks for sharing!

  96. mei says:

    i have your yellow margielas in black.. i love how the leather is so buttery soft!.. <3
    anyway in awe of your shoe collection! absolutely magnificent!!!

  97. I love your shoe wall! It is fantastic

  98. a finngirl says:

    oh god, i’m utterly in love with our amazing shoe wall ! just out of curiosity, how many pairs of shoes do you have? :o

  99. EMILIE says:

    The Comme des Garcons skeleton jacket is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  100. Caroline says:

    How nice that what you post is reflective of your name. =)
    Furthermore, how are Anonymous and me “haters” (I absolutely loathe this word)? We haven’t made any rude or derogatory comments about Jane. We both admire this blog but at the same time find it troubling, hence our conflicting feelings. Also troubling is that some people feel the need to attack others who speak their minds and don’t resort to name calling or insults.
    Blogs are supposed to be alternatives to boring mags like Vogue, truer to how people actually dress and in accordance with real life budgets, yet a number of them (including this one) are increasingly straying from this. If I want pure escapism, I’ll flip through some international edition of Vogue at a bookstore.
    Personally, I’m more impressed when a blogger incorporates just one or two new pieces into her existing wardrobe and is creative enough to compose a bunch of new outfits rather than buying new items nearly every day. Camille from Childhood Flames does this extremely well. I love that she scrimps and saves to buy a pair of Dries shoes with babysitting money—you share her excitement at finally being able to make the purchase, you know she’ll love them and get so much use out of them.
    If such thinking makes me a “hater,” so be it.

  101. japke says:

    So cool to see that you’ve so many animal toys. I think that’s such a good inspiration source! And I would die for your shoe collection, I’ve been watching that photo for like 30 min. or something and I can’t get bored of it!

  102. Dear shoe wall…thank you for blessing me with your amazing power and wisdom…i love thy…yours truly…Elizabeth

  103. Isabel says:

    Your drawings are rather charming. But that shoe wall, wow. Just had a mini heart attack.

  104. dreamsequins says:

    More shoe closet pictures, please! I love your collection of Japanese designer goods.

  105. marissaofthesea says:

    i of course love the shoe wall, can I possibly have those anne demeulemeester shoes? hehe ;) P.s i find it interesting you collect little animal creatures just like shoes haha, and I absolutely love that old wooden shelf with the creamo sign on it!

  106. jess says:

    While the shoes themselves are amazing, I’d settle for having to space to have a wall dedicated to all my shoes!

  107. Dorothea says:

    Who takes all the beautiful pictures? love it!

  108. Emma says:

    Your shoe collection. OH MY GOD! Want all those shoes.

  109. Marcela says:

    Such a beautiful collection of shoes.

  110. Cynthia says:

    The pony from Mexico rocks!!!, come to Mexico again!!! visit me!!!

  111. emily says:

    your shoe wall makes me sooo jealous!!

  112. Wow! That’s some amazing stuff..My favorite is the old vintage toys myself.
    For street fashion illustrations, check out my blog!

  113. Michelle says:

    I love the pics of the shoewall, won’t you please show us some pics of the rest of your closet? We can see a glimpse here, but I’d really love to see it all :D

  114. Libby says:

    Ooo, I love all the things you love. Can’t pick!

  115. MVMV says:


  116. Pearl says:

    Why do we always have to have someone preaching the credit crunch gospel? Would you really enjoy Vogue if it only featured highstreet? I certainly wouldn’t! I think most women are intelligent enough to know the difference between what they can and cannot afford. I personally enjoy Janes blog as I like to see how she interprets her designer pieces, which she obviously acknowledges how lucky she is to have. I have never heard anyone sing the praises so much of each designer and subsequent piece she shows in her posts.
    Oh and about the economy, it would totally collapse if people stopped spending in their entirety!

  117. fashionfletcher says:

    I love your shoe wall! i am still trying to convince my parents to reconsturct my closet like so for my b-day! :D
    check out my fashion blog:

  118. fashionfletcher says:

  119. Jenny says:

    Love your shoe actually looks more like a wall in a shoe shop to me…heavenly! Haha, I bet it’s aweseome browsing that shoewall everyday when choosing the right pair for an outfit. =)

  120. stunned says:

    I just counted the cost of the shoes in the picture and it’s upwards of $30,000 and that’s a fraction of her collection…

  121. Dina says:

    OH MY GOOOOOOD skeleton jacket, how fab :)
    And that turtle necklace is the CUTEST ;)

  122. Velveteen says:

    Is that the ‘Regal necklace’ in gunmetal from Assad Mounser’s A/W 09 line? I WANT TO BUY IT, have to make sure it’s the right one!!!
    Love Velveteen.

  123. Andrew J says:

    The first pic is awesome! Love absolute everything in it and the Comme des Garcons skeleton jacket is sick! Very nice.
    Also really loving the turtle necklace and I have to say that everytime I see an octopus now I think Sea Of Shoes lol.
    -Andrew J

  124. Brittany says:

    Dear Jane,
    Your shoes are incredible.
    I’ve been pondering the question as to why people love you so much as we all do. Is it because you wear things we would never dare to wear? Is it because we wish we were you? That we had your sense of style? I can’t figure it out. Does internet popularity translate to real world popularity? Obviously among the fashion world, but I want to know about the real people.

  125. Name Name says:

    you are really starting to bore me. just having expensive clothes and photos that are supposed to look like you are being shot by papparazi or something are not enough to impress me when there are lots of other bloggers with creativity and originality out there. your blog used to be so much better.

  126. Johanna says:

    I would like to marry your shoe wall pretty pretty please !!

  127. Name Name says:

    Really don’t want to come off like I’m hating b/c I really do enjoy this blog… it’s just that I bet your laughing right now b/c your outfits are so simple (like even though your backpack’s Balenciaga you might of as well paid a 10th of the price for a real leather non-designer one since it’s that basic).
    Glad to see your doing so well even though I know and you obviously know too that if 8 out of 10 people walked past you on a street they wouldn’t look twice b/c you’re literally wearing a tank and black jeans -thank god for those daring shoes. You get 200+ comments for wearing a pair of shorts and a white top so you must be doing something right when it comes to this blog… so I can’t and won’t attempt to knock you.
    I suppose your professional camera also helps…

  128. Mindy says:

    I just can’t help but think this absurd. You and your family are clearly unmitigated millionaires. Your “favorite things” can be find in 3% of the closets in AMERICA; don’t you find that a bit disturbing? Isn’t it further disgusting that you constantly show off, boast and gain posterity for being wealthy? You might as well be Paris Hilton, yet another young rich girl famous for doing absolutely nothing. Shame on all of you who obsess over this girl and her blog.

  129. BS says:

    bets that the last couple of comments all came from the same IP?

  130. Stella says:

    I am ridiculously jealous of your shoe closet. Only in the past year or so have I really gotten into shoes, so I’m just starting to get a good collection going.
    FYI I mentioned you in my blog (really not a big deal, since it isn’t like I have anybody who even reads my blog yet…I just started it a few days ago), but I wanted to let you know anyways. If you have any tips on how to really get my blog going I would be unbelievably appreciative. I’m 16, so it’s helpful to hear from a girl close to my age who is already making a difference and an impact.

  131. Stephany says:

    Love the dragon necklace! I’d love to get one for myself soon :)

  132. Anik says:

    You have an amazing collection of shoes! Wow! I’m so envious right now haha !
    Great blog!!!

  133. Isobel says:

    See, Caroline and Anon (who BS claims to be sucking each others’ dick) are thoughtfully dissecting this blog, while Name Name and Mindy are just plain hating.
    Don’t let the fact that most of her items cost thousands of dollars undermine Jane’s sense of style, there are people (well, C-list celebs and minor heiresses) with budgets roughly equal to Jane’s who have never displayed the same amount of taste and talent when it comes to fashion.
    At the same time, the whole thing IS extravagant and there ARE more important and/or more altruistic things that can use that kind of money. I’m not “fronting about world poverty and shit” (as Gabrielle put it), I genuinely think it is a part of being a reasonable human with empathy and all to share, at least a little, when you have more than most, much much more than those who struggle to even survive. On the other hand, knowing how much people just love to attack other without any thought, they’d still accuse Jane of doing it only for show if she posted her more charitable efforts.
    In the end it is her money and, therefore, her decision and I bet posting nasty comments anonymously won’t change her mind. And really, she’s not blogging to be a Role Model of Financial Responsibility for Fashion-conscious Young Women or whatever.
    And to those who said blog readers can separate fantasy from reality — are you sure? You know there’s a lot of women that get into massive debts because they unthinkingly buy things they can never afford. But again, it’s their own responsibility and trying to shut down blogs/fashion magazines for “promoting irrational fashion spending” is as ridiculous as it sounds.
    (By the way, what’s up with getting labeled a hater when you’re not posting gushing praises that noone reads anyway?)

  134. Becca says:

    Oh my goodness – the shoe wall alone is enough to swoon over. Some lovely things.. you have impeccable taste

  135. Elisa says:

    wow I like the shoewall the best, and I love the gucci metallic platform shoes….

  136. charlene says:

    your favorite things are my favorite things. that’s all I have to say. oh ya, I’m also jealous of your shoe collection.

  137. Ekaterina says:

    It is so interesting to watch your photos!

  138. Farrah says:

    Your shoe wall is to die for!! I’m working towards having one right now, but it’s currently still at “rack” standard :P

  139. Fannah says:

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  140. Ellie says:

    Wow your shoe wall! How can you afford to have so many designer shoes/clothes??!! i want all your shoes!

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    woww !! i love your shoe wall ! its so amazing :)
    you should make some walking wardrobe or something xD
    and love that boots :)

  142. Jessica says:

    your shoe wall is so amazing!

  143. Sandra says:

    Jane! You have to know that I love you so much!
    You’ve got a very original style, you’re so different in this world!
    I love watching your things! That’s why I want to ask for something. Could you take some photos with your whole wardrobe? I want to see all these shoes and some other things! Think about it if you agree :)
    Wish you luck with fashion!
    I’m sure You’ll be a great fashion designer in the future!
    Sorry for my bad english,
    With love

  144. camilla says:

    i love your shooes

  145. Leanne says:

    i absolutely adore your drawings, even though you say they are “bad”. i love the angles and the boldness of it.

  146. agatiszka says:

    I adore your shoe wall, it’s my dream to have simillar one :)
    Visit my blog:

  147. Nubby says:

    Your photos, your shoes wall, your style, your adorable toys….it is all so visually captivating and you are so inspiring. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  148. Nini's Style says:

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    The turtle is my favorite !!!

  149. Laura says:

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    that shoe wall is so… Perfect. i wanna be just like you when i’m a bit older ;)

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  152. BiadaBella says:

    I’m relatively new to your blog, but I must admit it is one of my major obsessions. You are so creative and daring. Your outfits always have the contrast to acheive some twisted yet perfect balance. Like some of your other readers, I would love if you would photograph all the contents of your shoewall and tag each pair. (i.e. brand and style) I’d almost like a catalogue style of all your shoes. Thank you for sharing your creativity and fabulous wardrobe with a world that merely dreams of such luxury. Now we don’t have to dream, we can just read Sea of Shoes (:

  153. Niki says:

    i think you and your mom should adopt me. i would be an awesome big sister, just saying. haha. love your shoe wall, it’s AMAZING. esp those Loubs!

  154. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for being a huge inspiration, even to us girls in Denmark!!
    You really got a great sense, not only with shoes, but with colours and light and …. well thank you for doing this.

  155. Trine says:

    LOVE the shoe wall!
    Mine is like a fourth of yours, and half of my shoes are stacked on the floor in the hall…

  156. Amalina says:

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  157. Stephanie says:

    Will you give us a tour of your room?! It looks so well organized and cute!

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  159. “creative and daring”, i agree with one of the posters here (BiadaBella).
    1. open, white shoe wall: i believe this is THE best way to store shoes (unless your climate is dusty like mine!) having one’s wardrobe displayed in this manner is one of the keys to putting together an outfit.
    2. the plastic dinosaurs are fun. these pics, and the little stuffed octopus, made me smile. i used to collect ceramic animals when i was your age…still have the collection stored somewhere…
    3. the assad necklace is gorgeous, i LOVE it!
    4. whiting & davis snake: that’s a fun label, so retro and almost old-lady-ish, in a good way.

  160. maryann says:

    sick shoe wall, the shoes are awesome! literally my college tuition on the wall, hahaha!! not hating though, just appreciating!! they’re all beautiful

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    This skeleton jacket and the shoes are to die for (especially your Loubs:) For me, your blog is the best. I know many people prefer more original ones a la stylebubble but i prefer your beautiful shots and much more wearable combinations. Yours is like my dream closet and that is all I care basically. I wish I had your budget, I mean I can afford one or two Loubs or Sergios myself here and there, but nothing compared to you:) Other than that, I see your pictures with Fowles and Nabokov and the dogs and your travels and I really appreciate that you are not one of those ignorant types who are only interested in fashion and nothing more. Really, it’s not everyday that we have a 17 year old fashion blogger posing with The Magus. Keep it up Jane:)

  165. Cor says:

    BS, your my hero! Mindy, name name, and Caroline all blow each other.

  166. Janelle says:

    That shoes wall is the shit. Sorry, I just had to say it. Hahaha :]

  167. FYI – I used your “Show Wall” as my desktop wallpaper.

  168. Nata says:

    Wow, this post is wonderfully enchanting, and powerful.
    First of all, I had no idea you were such a good sketcher, far better than my attempts at fashion sketching.
    And secondly, a girl could fall in love with your show wall, as if of on a venture into Wonderland.
    Thirdly, I love your style, it’s poignant, and based on individuality.
    The Comme des Garcons skeleton dress is eclectic, magical even.
    Your are a very lucky girl for having such a blessing of a closet. (:
    xoxo, Nata.

    This is why I became a shoe designer. Its because of fabulous girls like you.

  170. By the way, when you get a chance — check out the new studded Trinity pump I designed.

  171. Sasi says:

    Oh my, that Comme des Garcons skeleton jacket is to die for. And I love the variety of your bags.

  172. The shoes just astonish me, and make me want to succeed so that I can make a shoe wall myself!! And the skeleton jacket, woah! Gorgeous!! Lucky girl

  173. Christina says:

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    ~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

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  180. Shoegangsta says:


  181. Dithy Rambe says:

    Your shoe wall taunts me. It should be capitalized. Shoe Wall.

  182. Kelly says:

    love the laptop bag! what brand is it?

  183. Stella! says:

    Haii jean! Is that on your bedroom??

  184. valentina says:

    why gianni agnelli? do yu know him?
    hi from torino (italy)

  185. Katie says:

    Super envious of your shoe wall. I wish I even had one of those. *sigh*

  186. Dianaa says:

    Perfect ! wish to be you :D

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