My new obsession is this necklace by Assad Mounser-kindly sent to my mom and I by the designer Amanda! I am going to be fighting my mom for this one. I've already basically taken over it…sorry!
I like this necklace with my vintage Michael Morrison studded belt. It's good to go heavy on the bling sometimes.
I am hung up on my MM belts lately as you may have noticed-they're so cool. 
Worn with a Junya Watanabe lace ruffle shirt, Joie satin skinny pants.
Wearing my Chloe Paddington boots-I love these guys. I noticed that they have kind of a swash-buckler feel when I paired them with the ruffley Junya Watanabe shirt.
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  1. Karla says:

    oh my god that’s gorgeous!

  2. Emma says:

    The necklace is so pretty, i love it. Its totally something i would wear to brighten up my outfit
    I don’t know if you read your comments but since i’m the first one maybe you’ll see it. i absolutely love your blog with all my heart 100% and i wish my wardrobe could be at least half as good as yours. You never cease to amaze me. Kepp on blogging!!

  3. sd says:

    love the second photo of you haha
    and i’m totally on Team You for having dominance over the necklace haha
    it looks great on you

  4. Very interesting mix of colors and textures.

  5. Robyn says:

    Love the necklace, most def! :)

  6. that necklace is beautiful and i love your belt! :)

  7. Kelly says:

    That necklace is stunning and you look great in red lipstick!

  8. Joan says:

    Love the lipstick in those pics! What’s it called?

  9. ava says:

    Hi Jane! This necklace is beautiful and you look so beautiful!!! These pics are perfect. <3 Ava

  10. Sophiemei says:

    i like ur new shoes and necklace
    a little puck!!
    looks so cool!!! i love it

  11. iyam says:

    you look so chic and mature :) GREAT look on you!

  12. Brigadeiro says:

    The necklace is GORGEOUS! And I just L O V E your Chloe boots! :)

  13. so cute! i love how the outfit is all black and the necklace is a yummy splash of color!

  14. daphne says:

    I love how that necklace offers colour and pops amid all the black. Those boots are fantastic, too!

  15. Vanessa says:

    beautiful outfit, fun fresh and totally creative! you’re incredibly gorgeous! can’t wait for more posts :)

  16. Meg Ellis says:

    I LOVE that necklace as well! It is a magnificent piece. You look stunning and like an image from the pages of Vogue as usual…

  17. gennie says:

    wow the accessories in this post are out of control!! :) the lace top looks so good on you too!

  18. gaby says:

    AMAZING, i wish i could get my hands on this beauty!

  19. Romi says:

    The necklace is FABULOUS!!! Love the outfit!

  20. Joan says:

    Can’t blame ya, I’d probably take over the necklace too, haha.
    PS: Love the lip color!

  21. Caddie says:

    beautiful necklace! and lovely outfit, too.

  22. you lucky thing!! love the outfit, those shoes are to die for

  23. I’m totally diggin’ these necklaces, they have the same aesthetic as Dannijo which I’m wanting soooo bad. My own necklace is soon to come! :)

  24. Kim says:

    Fantastic! I ADORE that bling!
    And the entire outfit is amazing, but your in Texas! Its too hot for head-to-toe black! =)

  25. jil slander says:

    this outfit is fab. the necklace is just wow!

  26. Ava says:

    That lace shirt is so beautiful!!! Love the silhouette with the cinched-in waist!!

  27. Katie says:

    I so agree with you about the bling factor. Sometimes more is more!! =)

  28. Jaderose says:

    Wow that is such an exquisite necklace! I also love your lace top.

  29. amazing ensemble! i love it!!

  30. yansy says:

    I’m in love with it as well! I need that belt asap.

  31. Christine says:

    You look AMAZING!
    Second picture is v. cute :)

  32. Aaron says:

    That red lipstick looks amazing on you!
    I love everything that’s going on here

  33. mare says:

    your belt is bananas! are there any more available! i need one!!

  34. Caitlin says:

    OMG hott hott hott! Love the belt and the necklace is amazing. The colours go pop!

  35. Caity says:

    OMG I LOVE the necklace!! Where are your pants from? I’ve been looking for a decent pair of cigarette pants for ages. Love your blog!
    Caity xx

  36. Caity says:

    P.S. Do you have any favourite Australian designers?

  37. Kimberley says:

    I love your style, you always have somethings different to bring.

  38. Eli says:

    what an awesome huge belt!

  39. gorgeous necklace! what a great outfit.

  40. Marii says:

    The necklace is nicer on you but to be honest, it would look much nicer on your mother.

  41. Zina says:

    I agree. That necklace would look better on Judy.

  42. Oooh! i adore the necklace by Assad Mounser & Michael Morrison’s belt.. Those are dominant accessories and makes anything looks grand & fabulous! Perfect choice for the perfect fit! A marvelous ensemble. Keep it up.

  43. jules says:

    LOVE your style!!

  44. Bisou-joue says:

    as always your outfit is stunning !
    i adore your chloe boots but the thing i love the most is your vintage studded belt : it’s amazingly beautiful !

  45. Alice says:

    gorgeous necklace and a great pop of color to your black outfit

  46. I love the lace top with the satin pants and the leather boots. All black, but such great textures next to eachother. Love it.
    <3 Maria

  47. Noga says:


  48. Josephine says:

    beautiful as always. and such a nice necklace

  49. Heini says:

    Love the necklace! You have an immaculate style! I´m so jealous.

  50. Brooke says:

    Love the necklace, and you’re beatiful!

  51. Angelina says:

    that necklace is amazing!! beautiful!

  52. That necklace is INCREDIBLE!

  53. Dominika says:

    that necklace is sooo beautiful! it’s really amazing! love it <3
    check out my blog if you want:!

  54. Felipe says:

    I totally love it!
    maybe if you use some purple dramatic gloves…
    it’ll be very interesting to see it
    a great HOLA from Mexico…

  55. The necklace is beautiful, I love the mix of vintage chain and modern colored stones! Really like the all black outfit, that is one gorgeous shirt!

  56. Emilie says:

    Lovely necklace, and the belt is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures ;) Love the second one!

  57. Anne says:

    The necklace is so beautifull ! It’s amazing in combination with your blond hair and your black outfit ! Really like it !

  58. Oriane says:

    Love this necklace, your make up and your outfit !! It’s just “wow” !

  59. Elle says:

    I love the necklace.
    REally colourful

  60. Martyna says:

    Omg, I fell in love with this necklace! I’m dead now. And this belt. I’am sooooooo jealous!

  61. wow!
    this is san awesome outfit, jane!
    i love it soo much with lots of bling-bling!

  62. Susi says:

    Looks cute! :)

  63. They do look very swashbuckler, especially with the belt.

  64. Wonderful, you’re totally right!
    198, Butterfly: Fashion, Design and Architecture:

  65. Maverick says:

    Love the necklace, but i love the belt even more. Looks absolutely fab with that outfit! <3

  66. Simone says:

    I want that necklace like a stoner wants drugs.

  67. Sandy says:

    i can see why you love the belts, they bring so much life to an outfit. In addition, they make your waist look even smaller!
    love it.

  68. lbelle says:

    That necklace is FANTASTIC!! Love it and I’m totally loving this outfit…..

  69. shira says:

    i’m sorry but i really don’t like the boots.. they are so regular.. love high hils thou. and love everything else! grate job!

  70. jaime says:

    You look amazing- I love every part of this outfit!

  71. nikky says:

    perfect as always!

  72. Kathleen says:

    Is it just me or do you literally have everything.

  73. Nini's Style says:

    The Junya blouse and the necklace is beautiful Jane.

  74. A says:

    jane, ive been following you for a long time now. i just wanted to ask you, what do your parents do? i would love to own your wardrobe!

  75. Athena says:

    LOVE the belt and the necklace! You’re right about being heavy on the bling.
    Sometimes it’s nice =]

  76. absolutely LOVE this necklace! you used it to compile such a great outfit too! (as usual)

  77. kristy says:

    lol u look SOOOOOO happy/contented in these pics XD and the necklace is totally awesome (like the rest of your stuff)

  78. Jackie says:

    don’t think you have a REAL Sense of fashion.
    Of course, you have all those couture stuffs, but that’s not it.
    Rumi (fashiontoast) HAS a real sense of fashion. You don’t.

  79. Mads says:

    Love the 2nd pic you looked so cute! only you can pull off heavy blinged necklace, textured belts and lace! plus some attitude and red lips to boot! =)

  80. your shoes are amazing !
    i love your look ! and your necklace is beautiful !

  81. Erin says:

    i LOVE that necklace, it’s absolutely stunning, and the colours are beautiful..lustingggg. looks really good on you

  82. umm.not sure if u’ve been hearing about the recent “blog wars” that has been going on because of kingdom of style Queen michilles post about luxirare, but u and ure mom have been dragged into it (just fyi)
    i think the bitch is just hating. Love both ure styles!

  83. Amazing necklace!
    you looks gorgeous with it!!

  84. Isabel says:

    This outfit is rad. I wish I could afford expensive designer stuff.

  85. Raji says:

    Suchh a beautiful necklace!!!
    Looks great on you

  86. Laura says:

    Ooh the whole outfit is gorgeous – I love how you paired all the bling with plain black so it would look great but not be too overwhelming.

  87. Midge says:

    Love the color against the black. And the boots! Ohhhhh, the boots! :)

  88. Becca says:

    I can see why that necklace is the “new obsession” – it’s stunning! I love the whole outfit, but that necklace is just fabulous!

  89. deb says:

    Nicely done. Again!

  90. Debbie says:

    You look stunning as always from head to toe. I want those boots and that necklace. :)

  91. I love all the accessories. The necklace adds a great pop of color and the belt is great because its such a big trend today. The belt also makes the outfit more interesting. I love it all!

  92. Ida says:

    Oh, I realy love that outfit! /Sweden

  93. a la mode says:

    Love the belt! The necklace is killer too

  94. Style Fille says:

    Style Snog is now The Couture Chronicles!

  95. PLH says:

    Very swashbuckler POST treasure chest find!
    Perfect way to show off that absolutely gorgeous necklace!
    Love it all!!

  96. PLH says:

    Very swashbuckler POST treasure chest find!
    Perfect way to show off that gorgeous necklace!
    Love it all!!

  97. Rachel says:

    sick belt or rather sick belts. Your collection of belts are inspiring.

  98. Kim says:

    I agree! I <3 this necklace!!! if only it wasn't $350 :(

  99. That necklace is beautiful! And I really love your makeup here – simple, chic, classic!

  100. pipied says:

    i really fall in your style jane….

  101. Madeline says:

    How do you stay so small???

  102. Oh Jane, that necklace is TDF (to die for). I’ve been gawking at it since you posted it earlier.

  103. Cruz says:

    Wow this is so gaudy and amazing, i love it! Those boots are so intriguing, very cool. PS the charity chair idea is so great! :)

  104. Tika says:

    Oooooooooh beautiful necklace! I adore your style :)

  105. Ines says:

    love the necklace and the boots! I´m really adiccted to your blog…I discover it to days ago and it´s amazing!! great style

  106. Alexandra says:

    That necklace is gorgeous! And I love that shade of lipstick- it suits you really well.

  107. Andrew J says:

    The boots are a favorite! Loving them.
    Oh and I got the August Vogue you and your mom are in yesterday on my drive up to Tulsa. For some reason mine didn’t get delivered. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Me & Marisa

  108. Carol says:

    lovin the necklace!!

  109. Jaki says:

    You look great!

  110. Kat says:

    Great pieces – the necklace and belt are fabulous bling blings! Really love your style.

  111. Kate says:

    those belts make you look soooooo skinny! love the necklace, like more than anything!

  112. Tamia says:

    That belt is so deliciously tacky and over the top. I love it!
    Off to check out the Assad Mounser site now…

  113. , says:

    im not going to suck-up with you, so i’m honest. i like ur style, a lot but i now saw your face isn’t so perfect as it seemed to be. notably your nose and lips.. they don’t look perfect at all.
    btw if you really want to delete this comment, go ahead but i want you to know that it’s how i think.

  114. Oriane says:

    By the way I wrote a post about you (among other girls) on my blog, come and check !

  115. Tiffany says:

    Do you plan on wearing any of the shoes you designed for Urban on your blog?

  116. Joanne says:

    Love the necklace, belt and boots!! The necklace is so pretty! :)

  117. Meg says:

    Love the necklace. I would have fought my mom for that one too!

  118. Mil says:

    LOVE the necklace. is it easy to pair with things?

  119. Niki says:

    wow that necklace… love it so much!
    xo niki

  120. Karen Washington says:

    hey jane! love the look! btw, the blogger Brook & Lyn is opening a boutique on the 11th, and she might have the shoes you were looking for a while back. Theyre on the front page of her boutique site.
    keep it up!

  121. i adore you soo much, jane!
    your outfit is always awesome!!!!

  122. justyna says:

    that’s a nice one. found a few awesome necklaces on their website. so in love.

  123. Bri says:

    Looove the necklace! And your lip color! Your outfit is super cute, but aren’t you hot in all those layers in the Texas summer heat?? lol

  124. such a beautiful necklace and belt! stunning!
    i love the detail in all the outfits you wear!!!!!

  125. sari-sari skirt says:

    are you flawless or what? love the necklace on you.

  126. WK says:

    girl! you look just like wynona, love it!

  127. what a whimsical, delightful necklace! love it.
    the boots aren’t too bad, either. in fact, they’re downright fierce. :)

  128. Style Maven says:

    I just have to have that necklace! Your outfit is superb dear! I just adore you.

  129. Podszewka says:

    I like this necklace ;-) shape like cleopetra’s jewellery ;-)

  130. Hannah says:

    Sometimes I feel like your life is too perfect to be real. Occasionally I even wonder if Universal Studios is using your blog as an extended promo for a movie about “the girl with everything.” It makes it easier to deal with the jealousy.

  131. Lina says:

    I just love you’r stile, and you’r “shoewall”.. I likte to have that to :) is it ok if I borrow that picture frome you? Ant that one with the shoes i snakeskin? (I link you’r webbsiteaddres below the pictures)

  132. Annie says:

    I also do that, but alas, not with things as nice as that. That necklace is gorgeous – I love a good bright, jangly necklace.

  133. marissaofthesea says:

    your style is so interesting and the scenery is so lovely in the background! You seem like you have an amazing life! ps how do you keep up with your shoe addiction?

  134. geri says:

    love those boots! the boys at hellllo are great, right? i miss them being in la!

  135. Ekaterina says:

    Beautiful photos and necklace!

  136. Janette says:

    I LOVE IT!! ,3 i always love ur belts and ur necklace is inspiring :DDD

  137. Caroline poland says:

    you’re perfect ! xx

  138. LOVE that necklace!
    ~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

  139. Adeline says:

    Woooohhh this necklace is so beautiful!!! i like it.
    I just start reading your blog, when i see all your clothes, i’m dreaming, it’s gorgeous like all shoes you’ve got!! you get dressed very well.
    good continuation

  140. Dana says:

    Nice boots! Those look more than the ‘Wing’ boots by Chloe than any Paddys I’ve ever seen.

  141. Dana says:

    I meant “more like”. Must remember to proofread once I’ve typed a response.

  142. I heart<3 that necklace!

  143. Shoegangsta says:

    The whole look is so strikingly beautiful!!!

  144. cry says:

    if you like different and exclusive things….

  145. sasha says:

    okay this may sound silly but may i know what beauty products you are using please?
    your skin is AMAZINGGGGGG with double ZINGGG
    it is so very flawless and clear and ll that you could ever ask for!
    please do a post about it.we all know that drinking lots of water will help but maybe some suggestions?
    thanks you:)

  146. Dithy Rambe says:

    One of my very favorite pieces I’ve ever seen of yours is that insane belt. It’s sculpture!

  147. Bacon says:

    I think I see your inspiration for your black buckle boots for UO in these boots. BTW, They look fantastic and comfortable….I’ll let you know how your UO version feels. Also, to add to my comment regarding a high pitch and heel height….You always wear your Ann D laceups.. Y? because they are comfortable….Need I say more??? If you incorporate High End Aestetics along with comfort, and wearable heel heights, I promise you your shoes will be on the feet of women all over and of all ages…….Also…keep your prices reasonable, get a celebrity to wear them…J Aldridge is going be a household name

  148. wearing a necklace for many woman mean to be more feminine and romantic depending the ocation and if you wearing in the same time a ribbon so you could look better.