So many great shoes this season!
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  1. Andrew J says:

    Great picks! The Givenchy (which I think you have to get lol), Zucca and Haider Ackermann are my favorites. The “foot” shoes are cool but kinda creep me out lol. Not sure if you like Tory Burch or not but I got an email today of some of her new shoes one of which I’m really in love with. I’ll post it later today or tomorrow.
    -Andrew J.

  2. the YSL and Calvin Klein are my favorites!
    great collage

  3. naiyana says:

    You’ve got great taste, i couldnt agree more! those givenchy’s are so beautiful, and the chloe’s are just dead on chloe. i really love your blog, and i wonder how u’ll bring all ur shoes with u when u go to college!

  4. LOVE those Alaia, any Alaia shoes really..

  5. andrea says:

    Where did you find the Zucca boots? I love them!

  6. Flavia M. says:

    Love Zucca & YSL for a night out.

  7. GB2112 says:

    Belgian designers ftw! A.F. Vandevorst & Haider Ackermann!
    The YSL’s and Kenzo’s are TDF!

  8. WJ says:

    This season seems a little repetitive of the last but I am loving the quirky CDG brogues, or the Zucca and Vandevorst boots for their completely directional designs. Always look forward to your ‘picks’ and can’t wait to see which one of these you will actually purchase. I don’t recall you owning a pair of Manolos so that would be a change…like your first pair of Loubs, I suppose.

  9. Midge says:

    Mmmm, I was just drooling over those Chloes the other day! Now I’m obsessed with those Kenzo boots… great! These are some good lookin’ shoes here…

  10. Christing says:

    ah i love the ysl pair and the alaia!! so many shoes to lust after!

  11. Nahal says:

    Omg these are amazing!
    I love the chloe shoes
    too good.
    thank you!

  12. klee says:

    love the Alaia & Chloe!
    fab collage

  13. hello haider ackermann boots. please be mine

  14. That Zucca pair is really doing something for me!

  15. fashionista says:

    they all look gorgeous.. i need those red YSL’s

  16. Elizabeth says:

    good god, i would kill for each of those shoes. the chloes and calvin kleins are drool worthy.

  17. M says:

    So many shoes, beautiful shoes.
    I love the kenzo shoes.

  18. those comme des garcons are amazing!! when in paris i managed to check out the incredible store. love the alternation to this shoe for this season!!
    check out my blog at

  19. sara says:

    love the calvin kliens

  20. Jaime says:

    Amazing pics- most are not my style, but I appreciate none the less! The CDG noes have such a sense of humor.

  21. Love love love the chloe, kenzo and alaia ones!!

  22. Kenzo=Phenomenal. YSL=Show Stopping. Chloe=Perfect. Docle & Gabanna=Stunning!
    love, love, love!

  23. Kelsie says:

    Love the YSL shoes!

  24. oh wOw!
    those are fabulous shoes!
    i love them!

  25. Jayne says:


  26. lisa @ luxe says:

    OHHHH, I so need those Miu Miu wooden clog booties!

  27. Brooke says:

    Okay, I think I NEED the Givenchy’s.

  28. Would have to be the D&G ruffled ones for me, but those CDG are so amazing!! Ive jsut been posting on the new season Ann D’s thought you might have had those in there! Look forwards to seeing which you and Judy do choose x

  29. Little Red says:

    Absolutely fabulous shoes! They all look amazing!

  30. Amber says:

    Those Zucca boots are amazing! Great picks!

  31. dreamsequins says:

    YSL + Zucca + Miu Miu = yes please. Thank you very much!

  32. Tara says:

    The Dolce and Gabbana are AMAZING!!

  33. I like most of your picks…the Alaïas are my “Fixation of the Week” on my blog :)

  34. Heini says:

    WOW, absolutely gorgeous.

  35. Corrina says:

    i’m not too crazy about any of the apparel this season, but the shoes definately beat my expecations. they’re just great.

  36. Jane says:

    *sigh* I simply love your taste in shoes Jane.
    I’ve had my eyes on those Chloe shoes for a while too.

  37. Melissa says:

    Ackermann & Alaias & YSL’s for sure! Love them! :)

  38. Carola says:

    Great, Jane! We’ve been waiting for your seasonal “shoe report”;-)! I just LOVE the Alaias! They are soo cool yet kinda classic. Let me know what u think of these: http://fashioncoup.com/coupinesstyle/black-n-blues/#more-343.
    Was thinking of u when I bought them;-). However, I think u already got the best of this F/W season: the Miu Miu booties!
    Love from Les Coupines!

  39. Punkie says:

    dear god, send me the money to buy all of this fab shoes!!!

  40. Noo Yokah says:

    I would say the YSL and Alaia ones would look super cute on you.
    And maybe Zucca for something more edgy!

  41. Ballad says:

    I would pass on a few of those (particularly the Zucca boots)… I vote the Alaias and those gorgeous Haider Ackermanns!

  42. Love the picks. But the Chloe’s steal my heart.

  43. japke says:

    the kenzo and haider ackermann boots are beautiful!

  44. Ayah says:

    Oh, how I love shoes!
    I think that the YSL red pumps and the Kenzo boots are inresting, very beautiful.

  45. Samantha says:

    I love the Haider Ackermann boots!

  46. Linz says:

    Oh wow I absolutely LOVE the zucca boots ;__;

  47. Zoe says:

    In love with the D&G!

  48. Jules says:

    I need to own those YSLs and the Haider Ackermanns….

  49. Beside the beautiful Comme des Garçons Shoes, I really love the ones from A.F. Vandevorst!
    198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion and Architecture:

  50. Emma says:

    I just wondering… cuz what i see all of your shoes has really high heels.
    How did u learn to walk in so high heels?

  51. Lauren Estep says:

    The Miu Miu’s are so dank.

  52. Jennifer says:

    Love the red YSL pumps!!!!! All of your picks are great!

  53. heleen says:

    love those from Comme Des Garçons

  54. maria says:

    Excellent picks.
    All gorgeous!

  55. Annie says:

    Will you be getting any thigh-highs? Hope so. Saw theLV iones in Paris this w/eand they are every bit as amazing in the flesh (or should that be leather)?

  56. Kasi says:

    The Miu Miu and Kenzo boots are definitely my favorites. Thick shoes.. <3

  57. Ofelia says:

    I love the CDG’ shoes!

  58. nice shoes!
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  59. Courtney says:

    The Chloes are my pick, simply stunning…reflect the earthiness I feel every fall!
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  60. lizzy webb says:

    no other words than love

  61. Ashley says:

    Oooo the Haider Ackermann’s need to be in my closet asap! Wish I could find/afford them lol!

  62. WorkItBerk says:

    Love the Dolce’s.

  63. Yani says:

    obsessed with the Manolos, Givenchys, the Dolce & Gabbanas, and those CDGs ! :D

  64. KENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best!!!!!!!

  65. Gaby says:

    PLEASE get those Haider Ackermans so we can live vicariously through you!!!!!!

  66. lyn says:

    i think that the D&G ones somehow seem really you??
    i suppose it kinda matches the leopard jacket in the last post with all the gold and black
    love your taste in shoes.. YSL is my fav one..

  67. Olivia T. says:

    hehe the CGB are hilarious! I so wanna see u wear those! By the way there’s a cool blog I was on the other day, It kinda like yours! but its called the fashionsalute.blogspot.com I really like it you would too. She mentions u, i think,
    love, Olivia T.

  68. Brigadeiro says:

    Love the texture on the Vandevorst! :)

  69. franca says:

    a bit shameful that a self-proclaimed shoe-obsessed can’t spell Manolo.

  70. gennie says:

    there is just too much amaaazingness going on in this post!!!

  71. Smelly Cat says:

    D&G and CDG

  72. Sarah Hannah says:

    gorgeous! except the miu miu. i have a fear of toes. ewwww.

  73. Sara says:

    The CDGs & Chloes are TO DIE FOR.

  74. Leia says:

    The D&Gs are my fave :)

  75. Oh my golly, all of those are phenomenal! (:

  76. jayennkayeff. says:

    the kenzo and the CDG ones are both completely epic..

  77. KD says:

    Gotta love the CDG!

  78. i love the CDG pair and the A.F. Vandevorst!
    so cute
    love your blog.
    it’s inspirational!<333

  79. Carol says:

    gahh those Givenchy’s are to die for!

  80. I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. I’m not interested in any of those particular shoes. I did try on the YSL’s in Nordstrom a few weeks back and was disappointed.

  81. Marcia says:

    The miu miu and chloe are my faves!

  82. Squill says:

    The Haider Ackermanns have me drooling!

  83. gabriel says:

    assuming you will have all of these in a few months time, what recession?

  84. kaily says:

    i love the chloe and manalo blahnik ones!

  85. Jessica says:

    Loving those Miu Miu’s with the feet. So fab.

  86. Kate says:

    I am lusting after the Alaia heels and Chloe boots. They are so beautiful!

  87. Alex. says:

    I cannot believe you did not include this season’s Proenza Schouler booties! They are a work of art!!!

  88. Elsa says:

    I love those Kenzo shoes, and the uncontrived athleticism of those Chloe lace-up wedges. I also wish for a pair of the ridiculously flamboyant frescoed D&G platforms, although I doubt they are going to come my way anytime soon…

  89. Arielle says:

    Those Dolce and Gabanna shoes are divine

  90. Nicole says:

    My goodness, must you make it so difficult to choose a favourite? haha, but great picks, you have impeccable taste. and you’ll have to write up a post if/when you buy any of those gorgeous shoes so we can see how they look!

  91. Victoria says:

    Great collage! So much variety and texture! I am loving the Alaia and the Givenchy shoes. I’m all about high caged/gladiator heels, and I will never get sick of them!
    twitter: StylistaDiaries

  92. I love the Zucca, Miu Miu and Kenzo boots!!

  93. Rhianna says:

    oooh golly, those Haider Ackermann boots!

  94. Solo says:

    That ruffled boots is so cute. ;D
    But sorry for my self coz i can’t wear them not meant for my gender. lol! ;D
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    Job Hunt Pinoy

  95. Libby says:

    I want every single one, right now!!!

  96. EMILIE says:

    The Givenchy, YSL and Manolo are gorgeous!

  97. Cecylia says:

    Striking. Stunning. I would love to own the Alaia booties. the CDG shoes are hilariously adorable and probably wearable.

  98. Urooba says:

    I like the CDG!
    So quirky and beautiful!

  99. Inès says:

    I LOVE the Dolce & Gabbana, so gogeous; and the CDG, so funny, very original.

  100. mei says:

    love the choles and the haider ackermanns!

  101. LL says:

    Where did you find the Kenzo boots? LOVE THEM

  102. Christina says:

    These are great shoes! I especially love the Dolce and Gabbana boots!!

  103. Elise says:

    Hi, just had to leave a note for you to say what a beautiful blog you have here. Interesting, creative posts and great pictures as well – perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes…

  104. The Voguette says:

    LOVEEEE Givency & Calvin Klein!! Amazing!!!
    <3 The Voguette

  105. Jo says:

    those d&g with ruffles are so you!!!

  106. Meow says:

    I’m sure your rich mommy or daddy will buy you all of these.

  107. Stephanie says:

    Love the Zucca boots.

  108. Emilia says:

    Miu Miu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Nata says:

    So many shoes, so little time!
    Fashion week is nearly here, and everyone can taste the couture. (:
    I truly wish I could be there in NYC, Milan, Paris, and all these wonderful place oozing fashion and glamour.
    To be first and ready, when the designers take a bow, it’s amazing.
    Lovely post, as always.
    Those Dolce & Gabbana’s are to die for.
    Whoever said a girl could have too many shoes, was seriously disturbed.
    – Nata

  110. Betony says:

    top three: haider ackermann, ysl, and givenchy of course!

  111. brought the haider’s home already. courtesy of mona moore…

  112. ray says:

    and where the hell are the chloe & stella boots?? thats all you girl
    also when are you quitting school ;] j/k
    but i know your getting busy, and in the best way possible!!!!

  113. ray says:

    i also have not seen an Alaia shoe that i didnt want to joker some banks over for

  114. Amy says:

    Such beautiful shoes and awesome taste! -Amy

  115. hanna says:

    Pretty! I like the Givenchy, Alaia, Haider Ackermann, and A.F. Vandevorst ones the most.

  116. cathy nguyen says:

    the zucca boots are just too cool
    sliver boots are just too pretty

  117. Anna says:

    Those Ackermann boots are gorgeous. I’ve been looking for some victorian style lace ups for a while, if only I had the money. I’ll have to settle for my Dr Martens.

  118. Tiffany says:

    love the Givenchy and YSL shoes! Saw the CDG shoes in a magazine…still not sure on them- think I have to see them on first.

  119. Joan says:

    I’m about to lose my shit over those Miu Miu’s… Perfection!

  120. DianaK says:

    I see you have an L.G.B shirt as well :-). Nice

  121. Le Cocon says:

    I just fell in love with the Haider Ackermann’s yesterday, they are the loveliest!
    xo noah (Indie Music Blog)

  122. those haider ackermans are amazing.

  123. Sophie says:

    The YSL and the Alaïa are so beautifull ! I love it ! <3

  124. jaeve says:


  125. Annika says:

    Loved the CDGs, the feet are so cute! Wished I could come up with a idea as great. Also the Haider Ackermanns are beautiful.
    Lovely collage and the blog is incredible as well. :)

  126. sofiasophie says:

    The blues one are soooooooooo lovely… I’d die for a pair of these beautiful shoes…..

  127. jess says:

    Haider Ackermann, come to me! I wouldn’t mind taking those YSLs either..

  128. brought the haiders home from mona moore <3

  129. Mima says:

    You know, I adore your blog, I’m actually quite addicted to it, but it makes me terribly depressed when I come to the thought that I’ll never ever be able to afford anything ever displayed here. What shall I do? Steal? Cry? Drown myself in debts? I’ll just try to think none of it matters and doesn’t bring real happiness and what matters most is what inside. Yes, that’s it. Debts, here we go.

  130. Ore says:

    I love the lace-ups by chloe! I shall have to snag a pair at some point :)

  131. Becca says:

    those dolce and gabbana are wondrous. LOVE.
    Some fabulous choices.

  132. stephanie says:

    There is nothing wrong with too much Leopard….I could very easily wear it head to toe (and have, for Halloween of course).

  133. Soof says:

    Do you speak dutch?

  134. Jennyfer says:

    dolce gabbana’s the cutest eveer!

  135. Lauren Brose says:

    I have the givenchy ones. They can be painful. :D

  136. April says:

    Where to get the Miu Mius?????

  137. best shoes says:

    Beautiful shoes.I wish that i can own them.

  138. chippendales says:

    c’est une superbe collection, j’adore entre autres les Zucca qui sont magnifiques

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