Random on Sunday morning

Earlier this week I was playing around with these Christopher Ross butterflies-they are actually belt buckles.
If you want to know more about C. Ross you should head over to my mom's blog, she's the Christopher Ross expert!
Shelley has been the best dog in the world lately-normally she is *very* naughty but lately she has been very cuddly and well-behaved. I guess she's just getting out of her puppy phase.
Ann Demeulemeester lace-ups-so comfy, I wear them like some people wear flip flops. Wearing them with some cobwebby tights from Forever 21.
Shelley & Staci & me chilling out on the day bed.
Shelley hops in my lap for a web-cam shot…
Shelley looks pissed that I'm not taking this picture seriousely…sorry Shelley.
I'm wearing a vintage Givenchy necklace my mom got on eBay-sooo incredible, it has since been polished and looks even better.
And since this post is already pretty random, here is a random assortment of my favorite things I made.
First row: 1. Harry Dean Stanton, current favorite actor. I love his face. 2. Perdita Durango, my alter ego &favorite Lynch character ever, appears briefly in Wild at Heart played by Issabella Rosselini. 3. A favorite picture of Kate Moss.
Second Row: 4. A favorite portrait by Egon Schiele 5. Vintage French Vogue-I wish their photographers & models were still around. 6. David Lynch 7. Serge Lutens Serge Noire, my favorite perfume.
Third Row: 8. The soundtrack to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. 9. Seated Woman by Vasili Nikolaevich, 1918 10. Currently reading Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon 11. Marfa, Tx-my next travel destination. 
Fourth Row: 12. Helmut Newton's Illustrated No. 4-Dr. Phantasme 13. Katsuhiro Otomo's steampunk anime Steamboy 14. David Byrne 15. The soundtrack to Bilitis, composed by Francis Lai. 16. A graffitied truth that makes me laugh
Have a pleasant Sunday :)
xo Jane
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  1. Fitz says:

    This is how David Bowie feels about being left off of your collage:
    (I’m sorry, I’ve been waiting forever to use that gif. He likes ur outfit though)

  2. Jane says:

    LOLZ but he is one here!! he is small but hes one here-he is on the cover for the Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence album!
    I luv you Davie (never gon give u up!!!))

  3. Cool collage!
    Love the belt buckles to!!

  4. Fitz says:

    Well then this is David Bowie feels about my screwup:

  5. I absolutely ADORE Egon Schiele. Glad to see another fan of his work! :D

  6. Becca says:

    those butterfly belt buckles are amazing!

  7. Veronique says:

    The model on the French Vogue is singer/actress Marie Laforet. If you like her, you should rent the movie “Purple Noon” (“Plein Soleil”), an earlier version of “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

  8. daphne says:

    you will appreciate that two of my three cats (the eldest two) are named after Wild at Heart characters Lula and Sailor! When I got them 3 1/2 years ago I was obsessed with that movie and since they were boy and girl it seemed appropriate. I love your tights and of course the shoes as well.

  9. those tights are beautiful, they look so great with your Ann D’s

  10. Ok a bunch of things:
    1.The tights and Ann D’s look awesome together
    2. Your puppies are sooooooooo adorable
    3. I love your inspiration board collages, so many different things that inspire you.

  11. KD says:

    Those tights and shoes are stellar together! It looks like your outfit is pretty awesome.

  12. The first photo is gorgeous
    Love the shoes

  13. ana says:

    the first picture is fabulous you look amazing
    hope you have a lovely sunday yourself!!

  14. The butterflies are so pretty!

  15. great post! its inspiring to see such a variety of things that you count as inspiration. that givenchy necklace is awesome.

  16. Jane so pretty with the butterflies!
    I wear my Ann D’s all the time and with anything and everyting too x

  17. luxirare says:


  18. Hayley says:

    I love these pictures above, so amazing.
    And those shoes are gorgeous!
    I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my list of blogs I love to read.

  19. Kallie says:

    Oh those butterfly belt buckles are amazing!!

  20. erin says:

    ohhh i love those tights, and i never get over your ann’s. those butterfly belt buckles are absolutely incredible!!

  21. thanks for making the entire internet a little more perverted :) says:

    lol softcore lesbian porn

  22. gaby says:

    i love the tights and the necklace. Perfectly put together, as always

  23. maddie says:

    i absolutely adore all your silver, especially the snake bracelet! is it whiting and davis?

  24. Johanna says:

    very whimsical with the butterflies…beautiful pics!

  25. Brooke says:

    I love the first picture! Those belt buckles are amazing.

  26. Jenn says:

    What I meant by my comment was that you’re featured on her blog!! SO COOL!

  27. Cruz says:

    Thought I’d pop in and say that your outfit’s are very nice and you get major props for having David Byrne as a favorite thing. ;-)

  28. Jessica says:

    Love the butterflies :)

  29. Christing says:

    the most amazing belt buckles…beautiful! love the tights as well!

  30. jil slander says:

    pretty butterflies!

  31. sd says:

    the pictures w/your dog are really funny haha
    and the butterfly belt buckles are beautiful

  32. Dominika says:

    great pictures! what a lovely outfits! love your tights and heels! gorgeous ^^
    actually, if you want you can go to my blog, I just posted my new beautiful patchwork heels! >http://fashionmydarling.blogspot.com/<
    kisses, Dominika

  33. ava says:

    Hi Jane, I love the tights and the butterfly buckles!! I love your stripe shirt with jewelry. <3 Ava

  34. Your puppy is so cute! Love the shoes!

  35. Stella says:

    Those belt buckles are AMAZING. and your puppy is so cute and looks like a teddy bear.
    Please Follow my blog:

  36. I LOVE THOSE BUTTERFLIES. your lip colour is amazing

  37. Jenny says:

    The Necklace is absolutely gorgeous!! Also love your lipstick…it looks great on you.
    Looove your Ann D.’s, especially with those tights!!

  38. AM says:

    Dear Jane:
    You’re adorable. I wanna try tights like that with my laceups!

  39. Ali says:

    fun photos! they look great, red lipstick works- stick with it.
    sincerely, ali

  40. jaime says:

    That necklace is stunning and I love the butterflies!

  41. Frances says:

    Oh man, Harry Dean Stanton is one of those “better with age” guys for sure.
    The tights are cute, I’ve definitely ruined more than one pair of knitted stockings by getting my foot caught in the holes haha.

  42. Norway says:

    Hi, I`m a new reader (can`t remember where I found the link…). Nice blog! I`m quite fascinated with the amount of shoes that you and your mom have. How many shoes do you buy in a month or a year (average?) I guess that you must be quite comfortable money-wise ;-), but don`t you ever get guilty with buying so many shoes? I do, especially if I buy two pairs that are kind of similar and within a short space of time. And one more question – when do you wear the shoes? Most of your amazing shoes are extremely high, and must be a pain to walk in for even a couple of hours! Do you wear them around the house or when you are having a cup og coffee in a cafe, or when walking around for hours doing errands? Do you ever wear flat shoes? (I guess that was two more questions…;-))

  43. Midge says:

    Stunning photos! And I love how you show your goofy side. I think I may need those butterfly belt buckles… dreamy :)

  44. adrienne says:

    haha looks like a great sunday! i love those cob-web tights and that necklace…oh my.


  46. Love the belt buckles, you and your mom have a stellar collection. (I sort of want them all!)

  47. Brigadeiro says:

    The first pic is so stunning! LOVE your funky tights with the Ann D’s! :)

  48. Libby says:

    I’m only popular on the internet, lol! Love that butterfly buckle, it looks like a perfect thing to pair with a floral 90’s dress!

  49. lizzy webb says:

    that dog is so totally cute.

  50. Emily says:

    those ann d’s are to DIE for!
    ps. i love your blog :)

  51. those chunky necklaces are amazing!!

  52. Farren says:

    ooh. dark eyebrows and light hair!

  53. Kim says:

    I adore that big floppy hat and those butterflies!
    And I’ve been wanting to go to Marfa as well! I just read about the Marfa Lights and am quite intriqued. It’d be so great to see them.

  54. Dana says:

    wowow. that first photo, and the tights/shoes shot are truly inspiring. spectacular. amazing. not even overstating this! amazing!

  55. Your dog is so adorable and those belt buckles are sweeeet!

  56. Sunday Girl says:

    loveee the outfit! :) very niceee.
    you look like amber tamblyn in the last photo!
    what kind of camera do you use, by the way?
    P.S. Just started reading your blog and am lovin’ every second of itt! :)
    Keep up the good workk.
    -sunday girl.

  57. Andrew J says:

    Love the butterfly belt buckles!
    Question though, I’m back in Tulsa for about a week and I’m wondering what some great thrift stores are that you would recommend. I’ll try emailing you as well.
    Me & Marisa

  58. Joan says:

    Rockin’ two different nail polish colors (toes v. fingernails), I like it! I always thought having the same color toes and nails would look a bit overwhelming…
    Anywho, lovely buckles and jewelry!

  59. Christina says:

    super amazing<3.
    love love love the belt buckles.
    +christina dee

  60. Josephine says:

    And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies
    (but beautiful nonetheless)

  61. Jealous of the shoes! Loving the butterfly belt buckles as well.

  62. Jealous of the shoes! Loving the butterfly belt buckles as well.

  63. Jealous of the shoes! Loving the butterfly belt buckles as well.

  64. jay says:

    Those butterflys would make a dope shirt pattern.

  65. I would die to have one of those butterflies. They’re gorgeous.
    I have a vintage brass one, but the gold plating has tarnished & corroded and I have no idea how to have it repaired or if it can still be repaired.

  66. Emily says:

    I saw a feature on your blog in an old issue of Teen Vogue. It seemed really interesting so I came to take a look. I’m from Dallas and I’ve been through Marfa a couple of times. I thought you’d like to know that about 40 minutes outside of Marfa on the the way to Valentine, Texas there’s an art installation by two German artists. It’s a Prada store seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, and it would be a great place for a shoot!

  67. Hi Jane, great pictures. Love the Butterfly buckles especially. Ha ha! Your face with Shelley looks kind of Joker in the Batman movie :D That’s something interesting! Love wackiness! :D Very entertaining. And all your weekends to come will be filled with fun & peace! Cheers~

  68. Aster says:

    I love you so much Jane ! <3
    Do you mind giving a simple tutorial on how to take amazing photos like yours ?
    The color and lighting is always awesome !

  69. Corrie says:

    Have you seen the movie The Good Life? Harry Dean Stanton amazed me and broke my heart in that movie.

  70. CHICMUSE says:


  71. Ofelia says:

    I like that buterfly :D

  72. sofiasophie says:

    the first pc are beautiful!
    bravo to the photographer….

  73. Sasi says:

    I love those butterflies, and the pics with them.

  74. GEMima says:

    Yes, i know what that whole puppy stage is like I’ve got a puppy of my own and he howls like crazy. Gosh, i love those tights, i wish we had Forever 21 out here, btw how on earth do you style your hair ever so perfectly its amazing!

  75. angélik says:

    my heart’s broken because you’re dead !
    i’ll miss you forever Rayan !

  76. So says:

    totally Audrey Hepburn on the first shot, with the hat and the look.
    beautiful light too !

  77. Heini says:

    Your dog is super cut :)

  78. Jaime says:

    Cute shots, and the Ann D.s are fab as usual!

  79. Cadmiumgold says:

    The title track Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is a lovely piece.
    I love the graffiti sign and your humor. :)

  80. Amy says:

    Your pup’s so gorgeous! Love it’s little toosled hair.
    Plus your tights are fanastic.

  81. Jill says:

    You look beautiful in the butterfly pictures!

  82. beautiful christopher ross butterflies.
    i am nearly speechless over those cobweb tights!!! i just might have to get a pair. i have the white Ann D lace-ups…i’ll see if forever 21 has those tights in white.
    lovely post!

  83. yaya says:

    love the belt buckles… makes me think of gilded butterflies … well duh..

  84. fashionfletcher says:

    Those butterfiles are wonderful! i would sport those any day! Maybe a dinner or an upscale mall.
    come home & check out —> http://thefashionsalute.blogspot.com/

  85. Naiara says:

    Dear Jane;
    I have been following you for a while and though our style is million years apart i would like to say how inspiring you are. A 16 year old girl living in such a small town and going against odds. I have always wondered what your classmates think about you and the way you dress. Not every one understands what clothes express and it is usuall to think about the ridiculousness of an outfit. If one day you wake up feeling that you have too many shoes or clothes and that you need to get rid of a small part of your treasure…just let you know that my wardrobe it’s not full yet.Haha.
    Besos desde España.

  86. Nata says:

    I’m also a new reader to your blog, Sea of Shoes. I saw it featured in Teen Vogue a while back, but never got a chance to actually engross myself in it. And, I find it enchanting. You’re such a gorgeous girl, and the outfits you compile along with your handy dandy glorious shoes is truly amazing. (: I wish my mom were half the fashionista your mom is. Well, I guess we all have different roles in life. Anyways, lovely blog and lovely everything. Those Christopher Ross butterfly buckles are divine, and I was meaning to ask you a question, although I’m sure a lot of other people have questions too. These adorable outfits, do you wear them out in public on a regular basis? Or do you just wear them for your blog?
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    – Nata

  87. Nata says:

    Oh and your dog is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. (If my yorkie heard this, she would truly hate me for life), what breed is she?

  88. Isabel says:

    Oh my God, the Anne D.’s with the tights is LOVE.

  89. leigh says:

    i just got back TODAY from marfa, texas. it was so surreally amazing.
    ps: i have an austin street style blog. commonbirds.wordpress.com
    stop by if you’d like!

  90. The two first pics are amazing!!
    and love the lace tights!!

  91. your dog is cute.a bit monkeyish.
    as i was oogling these kirkwood shoes http://www.brownsfashion.com/product/designers/index/women/nicholaskirkwood/018R52430008.htm
    it dawned on me (since u have most of my fave shoes), why have i not seen u in kirkwoods? do u not have any or have i just not seen them? i am still lusting over those purple ones from last season.
    peace and love

  92. Lisa says:

    Lovely photos!! :)

  93. Melanie says:

    I just posted butterflies in my hair a few days ago on my blog. That’s a very fun picture Ms. Lady! I’ve loved them ever since the beginning of Mariah Carey and her obsession with them. Check it out =)

  94. Cailey says:

    your make-up is absolutely amazing in these pictures!
    Ecspecially in the first ones with the smokey -eye thing you got going on there, and then in the later ones with that bright red lipstick.
    Absolutely amazing!
    Do you do it all yourself? If you do, I’m in much admiration!

  95. Krista says:

    oh my i love your outfit!
    and ohh those Ann D’s, i would die for them.

  96. victoria says:

    ughhh i covet your shoes and sense of style! i wish my mom had fashionable pieces i could borrow. i love that goofy picture of you and your dog, adorable.

  97. Cassandra says:

    I think that the Givenchy necklace may be the find of the decade! I only wonder what yr. it was…and polish always makes things look nice, could anyone give me some recomandations on products that are gentle and do the job well?

  98. Clau says:

    heyyyyyyy i love ur outfits!!!
    and ur face is so perfectt!!
    what do u use for ur skin????
    i will appreciate that u tell me..
    i have a problem with my skin really bad
    love alllllllll!!!

  99. emmz says:

    LOVE your blog! I stumbled across it a few days ago in vogue, and sat down and just read the whole thing today! also, i was wondering if you’d ever tried Irregular Choice? They’re a kitschy cool UK line with a flair I think you’ll love! Also, very reasonably priced! happy shopping!

  100. a.n.e says:

    yay!! thumbs up for ryuichi and steamboy! i want some ann d!!!;P

  101. heleen says:

    I like how the shoelaces of your Ann D’s blend with the intricate pattern of the tights… Great combination!

  102. joanne says:

    I’m trying to say this in the nicest way, you need to lay off the lipstick.

  103. Hélène says:

    Fabulous photos!! Your shots are always great, but these are really amazing :)

  104. dreamsequins says:

    You’ve got the most sophisticated taste… Thomas Pynchon? Really??? I know he has a new book out, but Gravity’s Rainbow is just unreadable.
    I adore that Givenchy necklace that your mom got on eBay!

  105. MIKE says:

    Lynch is a killer inspiration. Too bad his fashion commercials suck.

  106. Amanda says:

    I just love the second photo. I stole it (A) and it’s my new background on my pc. I love the colours.

  107. Nikki says:

    I am an avid reader – you are definitely my favorite fashion blogger out there!
    As such, I must comment that these are among pics are the best pics you’ve taken – just so pretty & whimsical with the lighting, colors, everything. I love the butterflies. I have a few CRs myself. Not the butterflies though.
    From across the globe in Qatar – keep on rockin’.

  108. Ilanka says:

    Love the shoes that you are wearing!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  109. fbC says:

    i love your blog. you’ve got some awesome pics, and last but not least an awesome fashion taste! i’m a big fan. i’ve just started blogging myself, so its not that good, but check it out: http://flightlessbird.blogg.no/

  110. Lilli says:

    I love love LOVE those shoes!! and how cute are those thights!

  111. Willa says:

    I love Marfa! Tell me when you get out there and we can meet up!

  112. lauren says:

    Beautiful shoes, I love laced peep toes x

  113. joo says:

    .wow !!! wonder-fufull blog ! i luv it + muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahh ;b
    .xoxoxoxoox joo.

  114. suzia says:

    I saw these shoes and I thought about you. for me they’re a little bit similar to ann d. shoes but these covered ones. u like them?
    sorry for my poor English

  115. casey says:

    that shoe wall is probably the most amazing thing i have ever seen!

  116. loubna says:

    HOLY SHIT. you probably have more shoes than i have clothes lol

  117. diogo says:

    i really like schiele
    he’s one of my favorite artrists i really like the colors and the style of his line it’s very unique and expressive; but the best thing it’s how well he can express the female form with that decandent side without forgeting the inocence
    his work it’s really an inspiration

  118. ayura says:

    those butterfly shoes are beautiful….
    Cash Online Get Easy cash at your door step

  119. catewinnie says:

    Your gold nail polish + gold butterflies creates such a sick photo

  120. many of us can do different things every time more effective and polished and that is very important, because we must to do everything as well as good possible.thatś why i think this blog is really fabulous.

  121. Elizabeth says:

    So you sell the Christopher Ross buckles?

  122. I also liked your style! It’s pretty cool when a girl has vintage make-up. Go ahead, you are great!

  123. Layla says:

    so cute