I was invited by the beautiful Katie Nehra  to be in the fall lookbook for her clothing line Simone. I was super excited and the shoot was a lot of fun! 
Here is Katie-wearing a sick leather mesh vest she designed!
Mirror pic behind the scenes ;)
Pretty shoes!!
I got my own personalized leather jacket-so cool right?
Thank you so much Katie for having me out, the shoot was a blast!
It's been nice spending time with my family in LA and I look forward to my upcoming trip to New York!
I'm sorry if I'm behind on correspondence-my email situation is absolutely out of control right now and I do not have enough time to respond to all of them. It's become very stressful but hopefully I'll have things sorted out soon. If you absolutely need to get in touch with me, please abel the email as urgent! 
And to those who have friended me on Facebook, I am sorry that I am unable to accept your request, I found out that there is a limit on how many friends you can have on Facebook…haha.
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  1. This is awesome! Your leather jacket is great! I wish I had a personalized one!

  2. Fitz says:

    crimpy hair, crimpy hair, it looks good!

  3. Ava says:

    Wow– you look incredible in all of these!! That leather jacket is amazing!!!! Have fun in LA and New York!

  4. dea basori says:

    I love it!

  5. Carol says:

    You look gorgeous – I love the embellished ivory crop blazer.

  6. Little Red says:

    Great photos, Jane! You look gorgeous! That leather jacket is awesome!

  7. Sophie says:

    I love your hair crimped! Clothes look amazing…and those shoes!

  8. Scarlet says:

    You look amazing – what lipstick are you wearing?? It’s perfect and I love it. LOL

  9. Adeliet says:

    AWESOME PICS, Jane! Love them! Her clothes are stunning! When will they be available? Love that white studded crop jacket you donned on! ;)))
    xx Adeliet
    lovecoutureluxe @ wordpress

  10. Fannah says:

    I love it so much! Everything! Especially the pop of red lips drew to me.. (L)

  11. Brooke says:

    Awesome clothes! I love both of the jackets. I also need her leather vest…

  12. jay says:

    Those clothes are so you. She picked the right person.

  13. MIA says:

    OMG! Lucky you! ADORE the jacket!

  14. Josephine says:

    What a great jacket. Looks like fun!

  15. Ashley says:

    Are you by chance heading to New York for Fashions Night Out?

  16. Pearl says:

    What a great opportunity, love your hair in the bun! The leather jacket and white crop jacket are amazing, I will have check out that label! x

  17. Patricia says:

    You are absolutely adorable. I love how you pull off bold red lips so well. Congrats on snagging such a great opportunity!

  18. She is very beautiful and I love the vest! Also, the stripes and zebra dress.
    You are looking more and more gorgeous than ever–blossoming into a young and all that, I guess. Lol.. I freaking LOVE!!! your hair all crimped and volumey. Your funny face pics are so cute..

  19. Uh, oops I mean young woman obviously… And also your custom jacket is boss :)

  20. amber says:

    OMG! How exciting!
    Congrats girl!!

  21. Akay says:

    All the clothes looked gorgeous and the shoot looked quite fun, gotta say you’re one of my favourite blogs :) x

  22. alison says:

    you look like perfection!!! always the prettiest pictures of you!!

  23. Carola says:

    WOW, the pieces look awesome! And just like they were made for u…Incredible styling! We featured u on our blog recently: Check it out;-)!

  24. william says:

    I always forget how ridiculously photogenic you are – can’t wait to see the actual photos.

  25. kirsty says:

    that all sounds very exciting – you look great in these pics xoxox

  26. Sweet Chic says:

    Great photos… almost can feel the environment… fantastic.. loved it
    A chic wish…

  27. The clothes are INCREDIBLE!!

  28. Ofelia says:

    Na, na na! Jealousy!!! :D

  29. Rizza says:

    you look wonderful! love the lipstick you’re wearing.

  30. amber says:

    Lol – btw, that self portrait in the mirror is awesome.

  31. Kate says:

    all of it is fantastic!! especially the personalized jacket :) i got a new motorcycle jacket and iv been dying to wear it!

  32. wow awesome jacket! you lucky thing!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Cathrine says:

    Wow, you just have this undefinable beauty about you. Especially in the picture with striped shirt. Gorgeous!

  34. Kathlene says:

    You’ve outdone yourself again! Every time I visit your blog I just become more and more envious of your life! I wish I had a personalized pleather jacket…

  35. Jess says:

    oh wow, what a nice opportunity. Simone is so beautiful, as are her designs!

  36. Jess says:

    *oops, I meant Katie

  37. ava says:

    Hi Jane!!! You look beautiful and I love this clothing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this jacket with your name on it. <3 <3 Ava

  38. I love love that dress you’re wearing where you’re taking a pic in he mirror! so cool!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Wow, you look absolutely amazing! What awesome outfits!

  40. That leather jacket is truly something,
    lucky you!
    -N + K

  41. You look sooo good! The pieces look very ’80s inspired.

  42. The zebra dress reminds me of something Shelly Long wore in Troop Beverly Hills! Love it.

  43. You are so lucky! You look gorgeous, and the jacket is awesome!

  44. Wow! That’s so cool. I’m sure it was a blast.
    I didn’t know there was a limit of friends on Facebook either!

  45. i hope they let you keep the jacket!!

  46. WJ says:

    That second picture where you a shooting the mirror…holy shit, what are you wearing! Whatever it is, I’m just about dying for it right now. Awesome lace cutout bodice thingy…come to mama!

  47. Isabel says:

    Cool! So nice to see you doing so well!
    Lovely pics :)

  48. alice says:

    you are so beautiful with this hair you remind of lula in wild at heart. Amazing clothes and photos.
    Kiss from france.

  49. Erica says:

    this whole shoot looks fucking wonderful.
    lets be friendz. haha

  50. Erica says:

    This whole shoot looks fucking wonderful.
    lets be friendz. haha

  51. Rachel says:

    Those photos are gorgeous! Sweet leather jacket, too.

  52. Wow, there are no words. You look so good.

  53. Sang Oh says:

    i’m taken aback everytime I visit this blog.
    The clothes and styles are amazing,
    but you make everything look even better!

  54. Nini's Style says:

    Jane, this is fantastic! I can’t wait for the lookbook to come out. I love love the black leather jacket with your name ;-)
    Have a nice day,

  55. Lainey says:

    You look so amazing in every single one of these pictures. I love all of the outfits you were wearing. And your hair looks fantastic. You should definitely wear it like that more often. And the red lipstick as well. :)

  56. iyam says:

    looks soooo much fun!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  57. Smelly Cat says:

    stunning outfits! you look great!

  58. Your blog is the only blog I want to write mean nasty comments on. Jealousy <3

  59. Nora says:

    What kind of camera do you and your mom use? I’m looking to purchase one and your photos always look beautiful.

  60. Love that metallic high neck dress, your crimped hair (I’ve been contemplating getting a crimper again), and your personalized jacket- soo rad!

  61. Shannon says:

    frakin friak this is amazing!

  62. Jen says:

    I’m in loooove with those clothes, especially that silver high-neck halter dress. The designer’s leather vest and Misfits tee combo is pretty sweet, too. I love band shirts like that.

  63. Mads says:

    Aaaahhhhh that cream jacket is love and those accessories!! Congrats Jane..=)

  64. Erica says:

    This whole shoot looks fucking wonderful.
    lets be friendz. haha.

  65. Fashion Fletcher says:

    wow jane that was beautiful you should really look more towards being a model. As a matter of fact you can model for me! I am so glad that you took the time to apologize and explain. Thanks for not being stuck up and taken by your fame. lol
    please check out my blog at:

  66. S.Elisabeth says:

    Amazing! I’m so jealous! You get to travel all over and wear the coolest clothes.
    And I love the personalized jacket!

  67. Kelly says:

    OHHH LOVE your jacket!!!

  68. kate says:

    I love the leather jacket with your name on it. How cool is that? :)
    You sound like a really sweet and down-to-earth girl and I am happy to know that you are not taken by all the fame and attention.
    May luck be with you all the time. Take care and have lots of fun in New York! I am already looking forward to the New York posts…hehe

  69. Sadie says:

    Wow! Those clothes are amazing! You look great Jane! :)

  70. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE that grey skirt, and hope you keep that jacket too ;)

  71. The Voguette says:

    jane, you look absolutely beautiful in all these picss!! i cant wait to see the finished product!
    <3 The Voguette

  72. Daiane says:

    i love that jacket with your name on it! also, it was funny about having a friend limit on facebook, i added you too recently…:(

  73. Kristen Sara says:

    Wow!! How much fun… and you look amazing!

  74. danakay says:

    Jane, you should totally create a fan page for Sea of Shoes on Facebook! Please please please do!

  75. You look so beautiful in all of these photos. Great clothes. And that leather jacket is awesome!

  76. so beautiful… love the rockstar clothes..

  77. Jeniffer says:

    my goodness.. the shoot looks amazing… they have great collection n with u as the model i think its wonderful.. lucky me ive become friend with you on facebook. you look incredibly pretty btw..

  78. P Adhikari says:

    Your style is very versatile!Keep up the good work!And am I seeing the Balmain studded shoes alongside the Zara imitations!;-)
    P Adhikari.

  79. Marie-Louise says:

    the cuts of her designs are really unique and i really like how refined yet edgy they are!
    looks lovely!

  80. EMILIE says:

    You are stunning!
    Love your personalized leather jacket!

  81. meggy says:

    Amazing photos — especially the jewelry and the shoes! And of course, you look lovely as well. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  82. Samantha says:

    That jacket is so cool.

  83. lizzy webb says:

    wow this is so totally awesome!
    im so jel.

  84. Rebecca says:

    oh my gosh, i wish something like that would happen to me? haha
    clothes are amazing

  85. arwen says:

    Are there Balmain ‘s shoes?are you wearing it? sorry for my english, i’m french!
    In anyway, you’re always beautiful .and what the chance you have to wear all these beautiful thinks !!!

  86. Solo says:

    Wonderful! Look how lucky you are. ;D And oh you are so pretty! ;D
    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  87. k604bc says:

    Oh Jane, you’re such a great girl… you’re so young and you’ve accomplished so many things in life already. That’s really awesome. The pics are great!!! I love everything but I drooled over that necklace with hearts♥♥♥

  88. Anne says:

    Ah this is so cool. You look amazing . And all the clothes are so beautifull!
    i think you had an amazing time there !

  89. Kim says:

    Great outfits! Really love the leather jacket, the mirrorpic and the one where you’re posing with your back towards the camera. You look awesome btw.

  90. Kasia says:

    You look gorgeous in all of these!!:)

  91. Barbro says:

    This is so awesome! CONGRATS!

  92. Malou says:

    This clothing is sick! I absolutely adore it. And you look amazing!
    Infinite x and o’s

  93. Noal says:

    The zebra dress is incredible !!
    You look so good !!

  94. goyeyyippyhooray says:

    you look gorgeous as always,Jane =)
    What a pity,i cannot be one of your Facebook friends. I friended you 2 days ago or something =(

  95. Victoire says:

    the quality of this pictures are unbelievable. do you happen to know what kind of camera was used?
    and i love the Jane jacket! super cute and it really suits you :)

  96. Sophiemei says:

    Jane~i think u’ve found ur own career!!hahahaa
    i really like ur shot!!
    and u become a woman now, not a girl
    i really love ur pic more more more
    btw i like u in red lipstick!!

  97. OMG that’s so awesome!
    And you look amazing. Yes yes yes those shoes are so pretty.

  98. glad you had a great time! it looks amazingly fun. and the personalized jacket is just plain awesome, seriously.

  99. Johanna says:

    Looks like you had loads of fun! Great shots!

  100. Penny says:

    Check out

  101. Isabel says:

    Oh my gosh, that leather jacket is the coolest thing I have ever seen! And you look rad in the zebra dress.

  102. Joan says:

    Ahh, so lucky! Hopefully you got to keep some of the other amazing pieces aside from that badass jacket!

  103. Jigsaw Jones says:

    Blasted faceboook and their limits! Grr. The pics are lovely, Jane.

  104. Amy says:

    wow, you are so lucky to have such an opportunity like that. the shoes and the leather jacket are making me drool. what kind of camera do you use? All of your pictures come out so beautiful.

  105. Congrats! You look absolutely stunning & rocker chic. I’m totally diggin’ that personalized leather jacket! Very undone glamour for this shoot. I love it.

  106. Andrew Jones says:

    I LOVE what you are wearing in the mirror shot picture! Really great! Was that for Simone? It really shows off what a great figure you have. And yes, very pretty shoes. Marisa got a pair just like the ones on the left. Not to mention it looks like you died and went to accessory heaven lol. Hope you’re having as much fun as it looks like you are! Great post
    -Andrew J.
    Me & Marisa

  107. Michelle says:

    Love the zebra dress! :D

  108. Crystal says:

    You lucky lucky girl! That clothing lines looks absolutely fantastic. The dress you’re wearing int he mirror shot is what dreams are made of. Plus that customized leather jacket is so so legit. <3

  109. What an awesome experience! Love the mirror photo – very cool! And that jacket is great! Bet you had tons of fun!
    ~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

  110. Riina says:

    Woooow so cool pics! U’r way too pretty :)

  111. Hannah Sá says:

    I love the Jacket!!! xDDD

  112. Carol says:

    what a beautiful leather jacket!
    so cool :D
    your hair looks really nice like that. love it
    and also your dress in mirror pic :)
    have fun in LA and NY!

  113. Jenny says:

    You are the chunkiest, unpretty model I’ve ever seen. Good luck selling those clothes on an amateur.

  114. J AN E says:

    Hi. My name is Jane. I’m super rich and it rocks. My mom, totally wishes she were young again and lives through me and my fame. I don’t mind because she provides me with my $40,000 shoe closet and $100,000 wardrobe. Yeah, it is definitely awesome to be me. I’m 17 and have every single thing I’ve ever wanted…but that wasn’t enough. I had to make a blog so I could show everyone in the world how awesome I am. I mean, if you were the daughter millionaires, wouldn’t you want to show it off too? And please, vendors of the greater Texas area, send me free stuff. I heart free things and I deserve it. And if you don’t want to send it to me, that’s okay. I can just buy it. Black Amex all the freaking way.

  115. Emily says:

    love the pics jane! what kind of lens are you using on your nikon? is it a prime?

  116. Mari says:

    Dear Jane,
    Love your outfit in the second picture. You look so pretty, as always. Let me say how I admirable it is of you to take the time to explain yourself to your fans. Stay nice OK!

  117. lis says:

    you look beautiful! lovely pictures! x

  118. Lisa says:

    Oh my god, that jacket. Is amazing.

  119. Anna Banana says:

    that is my dream. soooo jealous! just like karen o ;P
    anywho, I love your blog

  120. KD says:

    I will definitely be checking that line out.

  121. Melanie says:

    The clothes look killer on you! I am also a pale skinned fellow, and I didn’t realize how well it actually looked on camera until I saw your red lips and black leather jacket. How adorable!
    Stop on by

  122. the jacket is awesome – luck girl!

  123. geri says:

    is the girl in the flannel in the mirror shot erin smith?

  124. geri says:

    ohh and congratulations!! you look gorgeous!!

  125. silentfilmscream says:


  126. Love every look! You are a model on the rise now, Jane.

  127. mademoiselle Brunnette says:

    I am such a big fan of you. in this photoshoot you look amazing:) plus, the clothes that you’re wearing are SO FREAKIN HOT. I love them. you are soo lucky;)

  128. C says:

    hey jenny….FUCK YOU!!! WAY TO BE AWESOME JANE!

  129. C says:

    jenny is so jealous! hahahah its funny how people judge when they get jealous

  130. I d-i-e for the Burberry studded wedges at the photoshoot. Those shoes should be m-i-n-e.

  131. Niki says:

    this line looks awesome!

  132. Carol says:

    AMAZING!!! Katie is very talented :] I abselutely love that dress you’re wearing in the mirror shot

  133. oh wow! that jacket is GORGEOUS. i’m envious!

  134. Heini says:

    Wow, you´re gorgeous in these – well, as always :)

  135. Marie says:

    Love the red lipstick and crimpy hair… very cute!

  136. Dorothea says:

    oh, you look like a star!

  137. chelsea says:

    darling, you just look divine! loving simone’s fall line, i must have a few of those pieces! i would love to run into you when you are in NY!!!
    xxx Chelsea

  138. Nikki says:

    Super cool jacket!!! Glad to know THAT’s why you didn’t friend me ;)
    Enjoy the rest of LA and make sure you get to Doughboy’s restaurant on 3rd near Sweetzer. That place rocks!

  139. Aliison says:

    u look great! i love the clothes! btw, you should make a fan page in facebook-you can have unlimited fans there, unlike in a regular profile! xo

  140. Vanty says:

    Gorgeous pictures and cute blog.
    I had a quick question, what type of camera is used for these pictures. they turned out sooo well! Im in the market for a new camera right now.

  141. chickdowntown. com Julia says:

    I love that you’re rocking the Misfits sleave-lee tee in the first photo. I really enjoy the gritty yet glam feel of the pieces shown. I especially liked the 80s inspired zebra dress. It looks like a lot of these pieces are really fun and boundary-pushing.

  142. This is all just so, so pretty. I’ve not heard of this label; must check it out.
    You wear those 80s-inspired dresses like no one else I’ve seen.
    The iridescent sunglasses look just like a pair I tried on for one of my posts…surprisingly, they were Oakleys.
    Congrats on another wonderful opportunity to shine!

  143. Caroline poland says:

    i hope that you add some professional pics from this session : ) just cant wait for see them ! xx caroline

  144. Do says:

    You are biautiful :)
    love from france.

  145. Jennyfer says:

    I pretty much love ALL your clothes! xxx

  146. AliceSprings says:

    you’re amazing :)
    love your style & outfits so much!
    (and your shoesing’s amazing..!)

  147. jess says:

    loved the one with the striped top…very cute!

  148. Becca says:

    Amazing clothes and photos – you look fantastic!
    I love the personalized leather jacket though, I have to say.

  149. Samantha says:

    jane I think you have beautiful skin. I love that you do not bake in the sun. very cool pieces too. love your personalized leather

  150. biadabella says:

    Remember the Balmain Studded heels you were craving a few months ago? Your post featured some exact make-offs of them by steve madden. Not so bad, are they? You admitted yourself that they were pretty. I’m here to tell you they are pretty inexpensive too.

  151. stef says:

    HIII !!!
    I seen you in magazine what you’ve done since the debut of your blog is amazing !! Good luck for the rest !!

  152. Lisa says:

    How cool, your own personlized leather jacket!

  153. Gleenn says:

    Wow, you are so beautiful. You look like one from the fairy wonderland in that shirt and hair adornment. I love your style. :)

  154. Sabina says:

    It’s really all a fairytale ^^ I’m happy for you!

  155. dreamsequins says:

    The pieces look very girly but edgy – very in the now. Loved the strapless dresses with the ruffled yet structured skirts.
    I loved these behind the scene shots!

  156. KPeach says:

    great looks! and you hooked her up with some great press.
    you need an assistant asap!

  157. manxcat says:

    gimme the balmains!!!!!
    i cudnt decide which post i wanted to comment on. they’re all to die for. ESP:: your shoe wall!!
    the manxcat.

  158. Natasha says:

    the shoes and jacket are so cool. it must have been fun

  159. The gal says:

    anons and non anons welcome here: blushing through the mask

  160. birgit says:

    beautiful! Lovely pictures
    xx Birgit

  161. Caitlin says:

    Gorgeous! Love your clothes and style. Do you ever shop at sample sales?

  162. Nata says:

    You have such a blessed life, while we’re off doing algebra or stuffing out heads in a book, you’re out there living the world millions would love to live. All the outfits are mouthwatering and those shoes are to die for. The red lips, crimped 80’s style hair, and the whole look is amazing. (:
    The jacket is incredible, as well!
    The best of luck to you! And all your future endeavors.
    – Nata

  163. Samantha Kiel says:

    Even though i adore the wasp waisted silver dress in these pictures what really stood out was your SKIN, it looks absolutely fanatstic, what do you use?

  164. Kat says:

    You look great! Really love the 3rd pic, the hair looks so grungy chic :D.

  165. Isabel says:

    Absolutely amazing as always.

  166. rika says:

    that;s really a awesome shoot !
    mind visit my blog ?

  167. Ash says:

    Some of her clothing, even on her site (like the red pants?),
    are very Balmain-esque…

  168. Suzanne says:

    amazing pictures! your clothes are to be so, so, so jealous at!

  169. sheryl says:

    wow, you look amazing. you can pull off red lips well.

  170. Anon Coward says:

    The only reason she get’s all these free things, the only reason she is invited to events, the only reason is because of ALL the READERS, FOLLOWERS, and SUBSCRIBERS her blog has!
    DO you even think for one fucking second that she would get any attention if her blog had only 17 followers? NO!
    All this “success” her and the blog have is because of US!! Her haters, her lovers, and everyone in between who visits
    Having a product, place of business, or whatever featured on this blog equals $$$$$$$$ for the person who gives it to her.
    And as for calling the commenters “lowly”, and how we should be “GRATEFUL” to have a chance at this attention-money grubbing whore’s hand-me-down’s, speak for yourself. You bow and kiss at jane’s nasty feet. Go, you

  171. Daisy says:

    I love every single thing in that post. Seriously.

  172. Jessica says:

    Love these punky looks! You’ve inspired me to start blogging… I have an all-black dress code at my fashion job, and my blog documents my mix-and-match process — and (I would hope) prove that black does not have to be boring. I will definitely continue to look to you for some inspiration — Jane, your wardrobe is to die for!

  173. Lucky! Looks like so much fun.

  174. Kim says:

    Thats fantastic! You look great! And the clothes are to die for! I’ll have to remember Simone for the next time I’m shopping!

  175. what an amazing shoot! all the clothes fit you to a T; i love that personalized leather jacket!
    i understand the email situation. i get overwhelmed too and I have nowhere near the amount of visitors you do!

  176. everything is so amazing!
    the crumpet girls

  177. juan says:

    It’s funny ‘coz I sent you a friend request ages ago and no wonder why it’s somewhere in oblivion. That’s okay.
    Take care!

  178. Filippa says:

    You are gorgeous, beautiful and very very talented. I love your blog!

  179. Teresa says:

    I just want to say i love your blog!
    And your style are so amazing! Love you shoes and everything! Cant stop read this blog!
    I have a link to you on my blog, i hope thats okey? :)
    Big hug Tess from sweden

  180. Love that biker jacket!!! You look amazing.
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  181. Kat says:

    I LOVE you’re blog! And You are so pretty :)
    Hugs from Sweden

  182. Gorgeous!!! I love all the pics!

  183. Betony says:

    i love the zebra dress and your crimpy hair!

  184. alisha says:

    you are a true beauty
    check out my new blog

  185. kay says:

    that jacket is bad ass!

  186. Tricia says:

    you look so pretty!! :D beautiful pics, really. :DD
    and you’re so lithe and everything! haha ((: i love that leather jacket. the stud details on the shoulders and collars are so rock-chic. OH and not to mention those studded shoes (GORGEOUS) and that zebra print dress! haha did you get to keep anything? (apart from the jacket, i guess. i mean it has your NAME on it, aye? :D)

  187. zoe says:

    You look stunning!
    Love the outfits, your so lucky!!
    Have a good time LA & NY (:

  188. Sylvia says:

    I love the mirror picture and the dress with the high neckline! Awesome.

  189. Shannon says:

    i LOVE LOVE LURVVE your blog. Wishes for continued success.

  190. catherine says:

    it’s just great. Love the happy mood and the beautiful closet. By the way, shoes remains amazing!!!

  191. Wow, the collection is amazing!!
    Great work!

  192. CHICMUSE says:


  193. emma says:

    oh, so nice! :D

  194. The shoot looked so fun – and you looked stunning! You really inspire every time I check your blog! Thank you for that!

  195. Nicole says:

    Hey Jane, love the shoot you look great. I wanted to tell you that you’ve been featured in’s list of Front-Row Faces. Here’s the link :

  196. Kayla says:

    I just saw you at FIT!

  197. Arabella. says:

    ah! i’m so jealous. moree!

  198. Kristina says:

    You can create a fan page for your blog/yourself and there is no limit that way. :)

  199. Shannon says:

    Goodness, I keep looking at this post again and again. Love the leather jacket and those Balmain heels! WOW.

  200. chantelle says:

    omg your jacket is fantastic! so luck!

  201. I LOVE your leather Jacket!!!!!!!! I want the same with my name!!! I will ask it to Santa Claus!!!!!
    Kiss xxx

  202. Antoine MArtini says:

    Anytime ur in PAris and need someone to take u to the marais!!!CALL A BItch!!lol…ur awesome..;great style!!

  203. Neira says:

    awesome shots! love that leather cute
    miss neira

  204. dani says:

    you are at today!

  205. voldy. says:

    hey, its been a week.
    i miss your posts girl.

  206. Hejsan, hur är läget hemma hos dig då? =)

  207. Victoria says:

    i LOVE the leather jacket! so sick.

  208. Katelyn says:

    I was so excited to see the small line of shoes seaofshoes now has for urbanoutfitters – I plan on buying at least one pair (haven’t made my decision yet) with next weeks pay. The clothes all look gorgeous – especially the personalized leather jacket – as do you.

  209. Liz says:

    omg divine divine divine, every single piece is amazing. Lucky, that was an amazing gig you got with her.

  210. eddi says:

    Wow, you’ve dot amazing style, congratulations :) :*

  211. lilly! says:

    you are such a freak and NOT beautiful at all, but ur mom sure knows how to promote her daughter right and use as a cash cow.

  212. jankoferko says:

    Oh my god 18th august last post. Chesus so lame….SUX

  213. Andrew J says:

    I miss your updates :(.
    Not afraid to admit it, I’m slightly SOS addicted ha.
    Please come back, you’re missed, guarantee it.
    -Andrew J

  214. looking sensational as ever! especially loving the silver zebra print dress and the stripey top/dress combo above it.
    i haven’t commented in what seems like forever, i’ve been a busy boy opening my own tshirt shop! i also started my own fashion blog so if you want to see how it’s NOT done then click my name. ;)

  215. Simone Renee says:

    That jacket is really incredible and you look great. Looks like a fun line and a fun shoot!
    -Simone Renee

  216. Lyndsey Bergstrom says:

    Your JANE jacket is awesome!!!
    Miss you!!!

  217. Lauren says:

    you look so hot Jane! you should show off your legs more often!

  218. Julie says:

    You are really beautiful in those pictures ! I do like the two last , the clothes are just perfect !
    Excuse my bad english , I am french … :)

  219. n.l says:

    well, some people have style and some have money…

  220. Tamia says:

    I think I’m in love with the black dress and the cream jacket with bejeweled epaulettes.

  221. Taylee says:

    How fantastic is that little silver/strapless/zebra dress? LOVE IT!

  222. CZ says:

    i absol love ur hair here

  223. jemi says:

    r u goin to nyc fashion night out

  224. matilda says:

    Your hair looks amazing, and I love those shoes and the lether jacket! Chek out my blog ;)

  225. Gonzo says:

    Your blog is a microcosm for America and please, let me explain. You’ve got your standard megalomaniac at the top (that being you) leading the masses of simple minded, sycophants, who essentially operate as megaphones for everything you say and do. You talk about your indecisiveness over, say, your inadequacies as a person and the sea of the blind, amplify their personal inadequacies so they can “totally relate.” You’ll just grow larger and larger, while the individual minds of the collective grow smaller and smaller. It is quite depressing really.
    God Bless America, wherever you may be.
    And long live the one eyed man. saa

  226. Bri Emery says:

    i love your aesthetic!!!!
    i cant say that enough. the outfits make me want to jump out of my chair at work, quit, and shop for the rest of my time left here on earth!
    i would L O V E if you checked out MY DESIGN BLOG:

  227. Erika says:

    That is is the sickest jacket! I’ve very “The Pink Ladies” meets Joan Jett. I want one, of my own.
    Black Leather, White Stencil – ERIKA

  228. stephanie says:

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you are in september 11th issue of the wall street journal!

  229. danuska says:

    you are soooooo beautiful ! :)

  230. Party Radar says:

    Lovely pics :)
    Jane you look fantastic!

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  232. Jenny Dayco says:

    Wow, those are my heart necklaces on this shoot! I had no idea! You look adorable!

  233. Shoes says:

    Beautiful, brilliant, fantastic work! These pictures are amazing

  234. Do you agree that travel must one day revert to being a luxury