Bye Paris!!

Hello from Paris! I'm sitting here in the airport…the only place I've had internet so far. It was broken in our hotel but I guess thats the way life goes sometimes. Why waste a beautiful weekend in Paris worrying about the stupid internet?
The past three days here have been crazy…definitely one of the most amazing trips I've ever taken. I've never been to Paris before and I am sad that my stay here was so brief.  It's just beginning to look like autumn and its absolutely romantic.
The reason I came to Paris was for a fitting at Chanel Haute Couture…I was recently referred by Vogue for an invitation to the Crillon Ball here in Paris in November. It got even more unreal when I was told I was going to be dressed by Chanel. Needless to say, I was simultaneously more excited and more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I still can't believe it happened!
The fitting was yesterday (less than 24 hours ago…I was in the Chanel haute couture fitting room less than 24 hours crazy is that??) It was like a real life fairy tale…I'm still buzzing from the experience!
I'll tell you more about it later…looks like I have another plane to catch.
Thanks so much for reading..I can't wait to share my pictures with you!
xo Jane
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  1. Colleen says:

    je’taime paris! I studied abroad there this past summer and fell in love with the city so I’m dying to go back
    & congratulations on chanel, vogue, you earned it!

  2. WJ says:

    Wow Jane, what can I say, that is absolutely astounding. I mean, it’s the stuff of dreams, Chanel haute couture! You deserve every bit of your success and I’m glad to hear that you had such a great time in Paris (internet or otherwise). Can’t wait to see you post some pictures of your adventures there, and of course your outfit…we are all dying to see just what you look like in it!

  3. Stella says:

    thats fabulously exciting ive been to paris loads but it NEVER gets old………

  4. sune says:

    wow that sounds lovely! you are one lucky girl ahhh so jealous x

  5. Daisy says:

    Paris is beautiful! Your trip must have been so exciting you lucky lady !

  6. Wikifashion says:

    That is so amazing Jane, you are living every girl’s dream. Those Laduree macaroons look divine!

  7. Liz says:

    that is amazing!! I’m so excited for you!! You’re incredibly lucky :)

  8. ely says:

    just amazingness. quickly rising to the top miss jane, and well-deserved at that. keep it up! <3

  9. Cadmiumgold says:

    JANE!That’s so AWESOME!! I’m really happy for you :)

  10. klee says:

    wow, you’re one ultra lucky girl!
    cant wait to see the pictures too :D

  11. Leanne says:

    oh wow! i’ve never been to paris, but i would absolutely love to one day!
    i can’t wait to see your photos and hear all your experiences. fitted by chanel— ohmygosh!!! :DDDD

  12. EMILIE says:

    Hey Jane! I love Paris, I’ve lived there for 2 years and worked at CHANEL, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world!
    Your trip must have been amazing! You’re going to the Crillon Ball in november, you’re so lucky!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful pictures, it makes me want to eat some delicious macarons at Ladurée!
    Can’t wait to see all the pictures!!!!!!!!
    Emilie from

  13. cati says:

    crazy! wow youre so lucky.
    cant wait for more info :)
    paris is definitely the pretties city ive ever been to!

  14. Cecylia says:

    Jane, I can’t wait for your fitting pictures!! You are so lucky!

  15. mei says:

    awesome! awesome! awesome!
    you are the luckiest girl in the world!

  16. Lilisfashion says:

    Jeeeesus, you are one lucky girl. It is every girls dream. How amazing. Chanel Couture? Lucky Lucky Lucky…

  17. OMG, how lucky u r!! Crillon Ball, Chanel Haute Couture dress, Paris, i wish i were you:) W8ing 4 all the details, have fun babe!!

  18. Kim says:

    You lucky girl! Enjoy the experience and update us with beautiful pictures! :)

  19. naiyana says:

    congratulations jane!

  20. Marie says:

    Ah, lucky you.
    I’ve been to Paris several times, and I every time I see it, I just love it more & more.
    This summer I went there for a month <3.
    Congrats on the Chanel fitting. *smooch*

  21. Marion says:

    Coucou Jane !
    Je suis française et j’ai découvert ton blog dans un magazine de mode français Glamour. Je le regarde de temps en temps, il est vraiment sympa et ton look original.
    Donc je ne peux pas m’empécher de te laisser un commentaire sur cet article étant donné que tu es en France!
    Profites bien de la France et surtout de Paris pour faire du shopping dans les boutiques de haute couture françaises, ce sont les meilleures :)

  22. kirstie says:

    whoa, that’s amazing! i really don’t think your life could be any more awesome right now.

  23. Rina says:

    Paris magica place where want to come back more and more! :)

  24. alice says:

    What a lucky girl you are ! Crillon ball, you will be a debutante won’t you ? I am french i live to on hour from paris and i can imagine what feelings it may give to you to came in just a fashionable city like paris. The ball is a little bit old age thing and you will be with aristocrats girls who are not always the most nice because they thought girls from other countries and non aristocrats don’t have the same values as her. ( i know some girls like this). I hope you will find your stuff and enjoy your ball. I hope you ate a lot of macarons.
    Kiss from France.

  25. Heloise says:

    all i can say is.. bitch.

  26. Hélène says:

    I’m very glad for you, I think that you have been invited for ” le bal des débutantes”, it’s the last and the most beautiful bal in France. It was made for the young european princess to help her finding the Prince Charmant…
    You are really lucky because it’s a real honor to do it, and you can do it only one time in your life.
    You have to take valse lessons…. :o)
    Sorry for my very bad english….
    Kisses from Paris.

  27. Brigadeiro says:

    How absolutely SURREAL!

  28. ediot says:

    ah- it sounds great. i cant wait to hear/see more-

  29. OMG!!!!! That is like a dream come true!!! Did you meet Karl? Cant wait to hear more, I am so excited for you!!

  30. Jen says:

    Paris is by far my favorite city in the world! Congratulations on this fairytale adventure and can’t wait to see your pictures!

  31. Christing says:

    can’t wait to see your dress! that is really so amazing! congrats!!

  32. Emilie says:

    Oh Jane you came in my country, it’s fabulous!!!

  33. Claudia says:

    Wow you`re so lucky !! Congratulations

  34. Cristina says:

    Oh my lord. I am so jealous. My dream is to go to the Crillon Ball. I follow it like every year and pick at what everyone is wearing. I hope you have a fabulous time!

  35. Isabel says:

    You are ohh soooo lucky!

  36. trish says:

    OMG!! i’m in envy mode! YOU’RE SO LUCKY!!! YOU deserve it JANE!! Can’t wait to see you..

  37. That’s incredible and congratulations :D
    I’m not sure if it gets better:D

  38. gennie says:

    wow wow wow congrats lucky lady!! :)

  39. oh wow!
    congrats, jane!
    can’t wait to see more photos from your trip!

  40. okay my eyeballs just POPPED OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. mimi says:

    invitation to watch or invitation to debut at crillon? debut would solidify your international social status, young lady! how exciting :) :) :)
    either way, it would be rather amazing! im super jealous of chanel haute couture experience!

  42. Katura says:

    That is wonderful and very exciting! It’s incredible to have that opportunity, take in every moment!!!
    And Chanel…Haute Couture! I’m squirming in my seat! That is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    Enjoy, Jane! You deserve it!

  43. Jessica says:

    I am so excited for you! The Crillon Ball in Chanel?! Amazing!! I love reading your blog and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures and see more fabulous clothes.

  44. Michelle says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more jealous of you… haha

  45. Have a wonderful debutant ball!
    I am sure you will look gorgeous, as always.
    I will be in Paris on November but just to “flaneur” and eat some macarons. :)

  46. alexandra says:

    WOW that’s amazing!
    the food looks delicious too –

  47. That is such an amazing opportunity, undoubtedly one that you will remember for the rest of your life! Congratulations!

  48. vaiva says:

    I’m so insanely jealous and bitter that it’d be super easy to be a bitch and say mean things. I mean seriously. But good (actually awesome) for you. and too bad for me sitting at home feeling sick. I wish I had your opportunities. wow

  49. beam says:

    Wow. You´re really amazing! It´s very interesting to follow you. Thanks for letting us all into your life! :o)Can´t wait to see the pictures.

  50. I can’t imagine!! Can’t wait to see pics!

  51. sofiasophie says:

    paris paris….
    the city of light,
    my city in France…
    i hope you enjoyed the macarons, the walk in the Seine….& the fitting in Chanel of course!

  52. Alexa says:

    HOW AWESOME! OMG you’re soo lucky! Enjoy it ;DD

  53. jennifer says:

    How amazing! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  54. nicolette says:

    i envy you. i’d die for a chance to step into the chanel haute couture fitting room.

  55. amy williams says:

    The Crillon Ball and Chanel HC!?!? That is pretty amazing, you must be beyond excited! There will be some amazing people there!

  56. Nahal says:

    Im so excited for you!!

  57. claudia says:

    fairy tale
    can’t wait to see the pictures
    and how chanel sees you: how they dressed you!

  58. meaw(yourthaifan) says:

    can’t wait to see yur pic
    love u wonder girl xo

  59. Julie says:

    Jane That’s AMAZING!!!!!
    You will look beautiful at the ball.
    Can’t wait for the pics.

  60. suzia says:

    I’m sooo jealous !! cant wait for the photos

  61. k604bc says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! You’re one very very very verrryyy lucky girl Jane! Such an amazing thing to happen in your life!!! Crazy!!!

  62. I have been to Paris and it is one of my favorite cities. You must not have stayed at George V/Four Seasons because the internet there is great. We stayed there and it is one of the best hotels in Paris (where all the celebs stay also). Next time you go to Paris check it out! Congrats on the Chanel fitting. They have tons of Chanels in Paris, don’t they?
    See me & my Jimmy Choos in Barcelona @

  63. Tikki says:

    That’s amazing Jane..I’m Looking forward to see you in Chanel !!!

  64. Sandra says:

    That’s so cool. I’m so happy for you!! Btw, I hope you can continue your education (maybe in fashion major???) after you graduate high school, but anyhow this is just my opinion hehe because school even though its boring it taught me a lot of basics in the dream job I have right now. But yeah, you inspired me so much to become myself and your experience and talent and creativity definitely the reason why you are so successful now and in the future. (forgive my English). xoxo.

  65. Chanel fitting!
    Love it, finally ppl with style are getting appreciated, not just “common celebs” taking all for granted. Congrats!

  66. Caroline says:

    That’s sooo cool, and Paris is amazing!

  67. J.A. Hodges says:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

  68. Jen says:

    Oh wow, you lucky bitch. And I mean that in the nicest way possible — I am green with jealousy. :) xoxo

  69. Sara says:

    OH JANE!
    YOU’RE SO LUCKY!!I’m dying to see your pictures

  70. Lucila says:

    oh my godd!! You’re the luckiest girl in the world. The photos are beatiful.
    I love your blog and I can’t wait to see more photos..

  71. tereza says:

    omg..I am so jealous. :) I am glad you had a wonderful time. and can´t wait for more from you!

  72. Sabina says:

    Congrats, this is just crazy!!

  73. ladyish says:

    Chanel haute couture, that’s amazing! I’m so jealous of you!

  74. Nubby says:

    Your life just keeps getting better and better! 2009 has been your year!

  75. Maeko says:

    Congratulations, darling! I can’t wait to see the photos of the gown.

  76. Angela says:

    I love Paris!! I hope you got to enjoy some things during your brief visit! Can’t wait to see your Chanel dress, I bet it will be like a dream.:)

  77. Sonia says:

    Paris is amazing isnt it?
    Living in england its easy for me to get there, which is defo a good thing!
    And CHANEL?!
    Im too jealous for words!
    Sonia x

  78. Antonia says:

    This is UNREAL Jane – every single girl who is obsessed with fashion has dreamed about this day. What an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see pics. Paris looks gorgeous!
    x Antonia

  79. shopdiary says:

    that is so wonderful! Chanel Haute Couture + Crillon Ball = Amazing! looking forward to your photos.

  80. Genielin says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing.
    Dang, a weekend in Paris. How lovely.

  81. dy says:

    that’s amazing!

  82. h says:

    :speechless: !
    How many girls can easily switch between Cassette Playa and Chanel Haute Couture?!

  83. c lo says:

    wow…I can’t wait to SEE the pictures! That’s just amazing. Congrats. :)

  84. Nikki Osei says:

    WOWWWW! U are really living my dream! You are gorgeous, stylish, and appear to be quite humble about the situation that is your life. I mean dressed by Chanel! OMG! Did you meet “father”? I’m dying! Love you, your style, and your blog! Keep doing what you do! xoxo

  85. Annie says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Congrats!

  86. Laura says:

    Je suis française et j’adore mn pays ! Paris paris paris. See you there Jane :-)

  87. ananya says:

    this is so awesome! how did you choose ONE outfit? i would try and walk out with their entire collection…

  88. Jess says:

    oh my god, thats like every girls dream!

  89. Laura says:

    that sounds AMAZING,
    good for you! Who styled you?
    gosh, can’t wait to see the picca’s you made,
    have soo much fun in NY!
    Paris is unbelievable, isn’t it, it’s gorgeous :)

  90. wow i went to paris in the summer. isn’t it just amazing. you just instantly fall in love. and i swear macarooons are one of the best things i’ve ever tasted. did you go to laduree? not only are the pastries mouth-watering but the decor and flamboyance of the place is spectacular. can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!
    check out my blog at

  91. Isabel says:

    Ahhh, you’re going to the Crillon Ball? This is going to be so epic!

  92. Reina says:

    Hi! I loooove your blog and I read it almost every day, but never leave comments.
    Today I write about you in my blog but it’s in spanish! either way check it out:

  93. Krizia says:

    Maybe you could pick up some nice cutie at the Crillon Bal. ;)
    Paris is amazing! I’ve been there 3 times and it’s never enough.
    Sooo much to see!
    Enjoy, this is (probably) a once in a lifetime opportunity!!
    xx Kisses from Belgium
    Krizia. x

  94. eloise says:

    congrats!!!! that’s wonderful.
    You should have organised a night out with your french fans…

  95. Laura says:

    I saw you and your mum leaving the Chanel boutique yesterday, but I was too shy to say anything. Mostly because it wasn’t my best outfit/ hair day and you both looked so gorgeous I felt intimidated!
    Anyway, congratulations for the invitation, sounds amazing! This kind of things make me consider starting a blog…

  96. dannie says:

    ur amazing
    u deserve all this attention ;)
    keep workin it girlie cos its soooo apying off right? ;)

  97. Nicole says:

    Omg you are sooooo lucky :)
    very jealous
    I went to paris once when I was younger and I’m dying to go back!!!!

  98. mika says:

    I’m so jealous..

  99. Liya says:

    what a fantastic trip that must have beeeeeeen
    cant wait for pix

  100. Andrew J says:

    Congratulations Jane! I can only imagine what an incredible experience that must have been for you!!!
    -Andrew J.
    Me & Marisa

  101. Raha says:


  102. Laura says:

    What beautiful pictures! Congratulations on being selected by Vogue! What an honor! And to be dressed in Chanel, no less. Sure you will look ravishing. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  103. amalie says:

    Lucky, LUCKY girrl. paris is so lovely.

  104. Alexandra says:

    Holy jesus. That is so exciting! I am seriously ecstatic for you and I don’t even know you lol. Congratulations!

  105. Aleho Limon says:

    waw!!!!! amazing pictures!
    Paris has something that everybody who goes falls in love with this city

  106. The Voguette says:

    omggg. jane, that’s INSANE.
    i hope one day my life will be that exciting as well!
    paris is the most amazing city – I’m studying there next semester! I can’t waittt!!

  107. kianna says:

    Fabulous!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  108. Nata says:

    Congratulations on being invited to the Crillon ball, that is one of the most exciting things in the world.
    And paris, how wonderful.
    I have never been in my life either, but I assume that one day my dream will be fulfilled.
    I would like to say I am a tad jealous, but you deserve it. Your undying passion for couture and vintage relics has founded a dream. (:
    good luck and much love!

  109. Jennyfer says:

    omg, that’s so exciting, jane!
    i’m so happy for ya! i mean, this is just incredible! be dressed by chanel? what a dream.

  110. Jade says:

    Wow thats absolutely incredible! I can’t believe you were in the Chanel Haute couture fitting room. amazing.
    Also so jealous you had the opportunity to go to Paris, I’ve never been and have always wanted to go.

  111. Kate says:

    absoultely surreal :) i would be on cloud nine as well!

  112. Oh my God! Jane you’re on a roll! Chanel Haute Couture fitting? Wow..congrats!

  113. S.Elisabeth says:

    That is so insane! Congratulations!!!! Chanel Haute Couture -drools in unattractive manner- have fun at the Crillon Ball and ahh! Chanel can’t get over it.
    That and those macaroons are setting off my sweet tooth!

  114. Sadie says:

    i live in louisiana and it’s starting to get a little colder here… hopefully you will return to some nice fall weather. : )

  115. Connie says:

    You’re so lucky.
    I’m so jealous.

  116. JOM says:


  117. sarah says:

    i cannot even fathom having the opportunities you have. having studied fashion through high school and college, and the hours and hours i spent patterning and draping and sewing until my fingers bled, i think being fitted in chanel would be the absolute highlight of my life.
    dont ever take what you have for granted, congratulations.

  118. elizabeth says:

    wow, that’s incredible! you better post some good photos from the crillon ball! and your photos are beautiful, I’ve never been to Paris but I really want to.

  119. Jenn says:

    So happy for you! This is amazing and well deserved!

  120. Whiskas says:

    Are you going to do that crazy Texas debutante curtsy when you debut?

  121. Mega congrats! That is so cool!

  122. Ayn says:

    you should go see betty, tokyobanbao and alix! it would be nice to see photo op with you and other bloggers in paris!,

  123. Josephine says:

    congrats! that’s crazy! so amazing

  124. How magical! That’s so great! Congrats Jane ;)

  125. Pindie Dhaliwal says:

    a doc with a fascinating look into the world of haute couture. try to check it out.
    oh and congrats on your inevitable successes! you are too precious.

  126. candice chu says:

    OMG!!!!!!! SO JEALOUS! WHAT AN UNREAL, UNREAL, ONCE IN A LIFETIME ADVENTURE!! can’t wait, can’t wait to see pics of u in chanel couture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lucky girl!

  127. Mel says:

    WOW congrats! That’s so amazing! Not only is it the Crillion Ball, but you’re wearing Chanel Haute Couture! Awesome! Be sure to take lots of pictures!

  128. Mimi says:

    omg, i am so jealous right now! it is one of my dreams to go to paris and u got 2 go AND be dressed in chanel. how cool! :)

  129. Jane H. says:

    Though brief, that had to be the best first trip to Paris for anyone EVER :)

  130. what an experience of a lifetime! I will be checking back to see your posts of your experience at the ball!
    Lovely blog – it is on my daily radar for fabulous posts!

  131. Kat says:

    Congratulations to you! Just watched Coco Chanel bio pic this afternoon…and there you are in Chanel Paris!

  132. beautiful photos! and congratulations on the bal crillon invitation, how fantastic!
    – ashley

  133. Natalie says:

    Sounds like a dream! My mouth is also watering looking at the tray of sweets…
    -Natalie from Shop It To Me

  134. Dru says:

    Congratulations! You will probably be the most interesting of the girls to watch at that debutante ball this year (the majority are chosen just for being from certain families…it’s amazing that a girl who’s actually achieved something – ie you- got chosen).

  135. Rose says: for some serious daydreaming about le Bal de Crillon – incl the names of all the debutantes since it all started in 1991.
    It’s very exciting to see which couture houses were involved from the beginning, and how this, and the jewelry sponsoring, evolved. And even more interesting (and definitely worth a sociological study) to see how from an almost exclusively French élite event, the ball diversified to include European nobility and a princess here and there, billionaire heiresses from all over the world as well as the offspring of various heads of state, famous pop stars and actors. In 2008 only 4 of the girls were French.

  136. Rose says:

    …but what is most piquant of it all: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld debuted in 2001 in Versace and Bee Shaffer in 2004 in … Chanel HC!!!!!
    Makes me do a little happy dance, such tidbits :o)
    ANYWAY, Jane, you are going to have the most exciting time in a marvellous environment, whether you’re ‘only’ attending or truly making your debut in Paris. I’ll be watching the local press…
    Just make sure yu can waltz properly, get a seriously fancy hairdo, and take a spare pair of dancing shoes.

  137. Jobs says:

    It sounds like a very intriguing story to tell. I’ll look forward on reading your next blog.

  138. Quelle Le baise? Place à rendre visite, ma tête lieux de visites, et moelle aussi. oi, mes yeux sortir de ma tête, aussi. ————- Les lieux de visites, aussi, d’égouts , mes yeux sauter hors de ma tête, aussi. Quand j’avais dix-sept, j’avais l’habitude d’attendre environ tous les vendredis pour voir si mon bande punk Était Dans la section divertissement du journal. c’est juste regardé (retard mental, pas de retard, Comme ce traducteur stupide). Tardives et sublime. vous vivez le rêve. J’espère que la Loi de la moyenne ne joue pas contre vous: Vous savez, Celui qui dit que Chaque année UNE, bien que vous avez, avez vous deux mauvais. Il est possible que vous battrez La loi des moyennes, Comme vous avez battu toutes les lois De Toutes Sortes. Vous êtes charme-vous êtes charmant. Vous êtes complexe-êtes, complexe vous êtes désarmant. jamais voir un Américain à Paris, je bien a tu représenter moi, c’est vous. Mon enfant lune! —- Vous propriétaire des salles de bal et salle d’habillage à la mode de la Champs Elysée à l’Elysée Elysium des Hauteur Couture à les chambres de le Coeur des garconnes…Merci pour la ciel pour fillies — Ferez vous au cours des Cinq prochaines années, vous deviendrez président des Etats-Unis. Le bureau ovale est votre placard à chaussures. Obama gratte la guitare pendant que vous concevez le projet de la mode nationale. Ne t’arrête pas. Tu es ma Héroïne! Tu es comme l’heroin a moi.

  139. The cupcakes are colorful and looking delicious. I’ve never been to Paris. You’re such a lucky girl.

  140. lucie nero says:

    Just when I send a e-mail to you, you are in my city !

  141. Cathrine says:

    Insane! Congratulations. That’s so cool

  142. Astrid Renate says:

    Ditta va kult, kan du sei!

  143. Ashley says:

    OMG The Crillon Ball! Its been my reve to attend since I was little! You are so extremely lucky and you deserve it!

  144. You must be so excited! Chanel couture is just amazing.
    Ahh Paris, can’t wait to go for the first time myself at the beginning of February.
    Florrie x

  145. Miranda says:

    Oh my gosh you are the luckiest! The only way I can keep myself from bursting with jealousy is that I’m pretty sure you’re well aware of how lucky you are! Enjoy it girl!

  146. Jade says:

    That is truly amazing! You deserve it :)

  147. Indiana says:

    I am so incredibly excited for you and can’t wait to see the photos! Congrats! This is monumental, but hopefully just the first of many, many more things like this to come.

  148. missmilki says:

    That’s amazing! You’re in real life fairytale… the blogger’s fairytale, i can just see the little girls of the next generation reading it! :) Have a wonderful time, enjoy every minute and I can’t wait to see some photos! :)

  149. romyyy says:

    you made the first photo yourself? it’s lovely & it looks so romantic! i’ve never been to paris.. it’s a shame, i really wanna go there, and maybe (my dad) can drive it in 1 day

  150. Becca says:

    congrats – so so so amazing! Glad also that you enjoyed your time in Paris. That is a place that I have yet to visit but it’s on the top of my list!

  151. What a special moment – I know you will never be able to forget!
    I can only imagine how special and beautiful that dress must be
    on you, Jane! You are so lovely, and what a dream come true :)

  152. Elisa says:

    very exciting so happy for you!!!!

  153. Jane, you so deserve all of this! Enjoy every lovely minute! I am so happy for your success! Can’t wait to see more photos of the Ball and Paris.
    Gros Bisous!

  154. kate says:

    Congratulations! Good luck and don’t be nervous :) Enjoy your ball, princess

  155. Megh says:

    wow you are CRAZY lucky! VOGUE sending you to chanel to wear haute couture!?!?!?! wow, right now high school senior girls are going to state capitals to buy homecoming dresses and you are flying to paris to wear chanel couture to a fabulous ball!

  156. Nora says:

    Oh my, these thigh high boots are to die for!! they make your legs look endless.
    It’s the first time I leave a comment but I check your blog daily, you have the best style ever among all the fashion bloggers, I love that you don’t follow trends and there’s always a ‘je ne sais quoi’ in your outfits that makes them so unique. You really deserve all these opportunities! I hope I didn’t sound too much of a bootlicker, but I do think every bit of what I’ve written.
    Wish you a good ball & stay in Paris next November, I’m so glad you enjoyed your journey in my city!
    A la prochaine :)

  157. what a great travel, my city is Paris, love it.
    Hope you have had a wonderful time

  158. Miss zuri says:

    Paris is so amazing! So : ) to see you there… You deserve it!!!
    Zuri 4rm:

  159. fashionbyhe says:

    awesome pictures, you are beautiful…the boots are super sexy
    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think, would love to link exchange

  160. Anonymous says:

    OMG wow that’s awesome!! I’m sure the experience was surreal! You’re on extremely lucky girl!!

  161. anne-laure says:

    I’m convinced and I know you will be the most beautiful girl as a Debutante at the Crillon’s Bal.
    ;) have fun, and do just like you always do in your blog that means: don’t take it too seriously you’re a too adorable girl for that ;)
    Kisses from Paris,

  162. siskadm says:

    i really love your website!

  163. Julie says:

    Jane- do you own a Hermes Birkin bag ? If you do – can you use it and show it to us?

  164. Crystal says:

    Stumbled across an article about you- love your blog! I mentioned it on my blog, if that’s alright :)

  165. Dithy Rambe says:

    It’s funny- I never tried a macaroon in Paris. Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles has some frightfully good ones.

  166. zoe says:

    she looks like Josie from Twin Peaks

  167. Lib says:

    Too bad for you that you havent seen the real Paris. Have fun in the microcosm anyway.

  168. Paris Hotels says:

    It is surreal and amazing but that’s Paris. You never know what to expect. I got Jack and myself tickets in wonderful rates through LMT.We are heading there in 2 weeks. Now I just need to hope I’ll also get lucky in Paris. great story, great pictures..

  169. Paris Hotels says:

    lol. You’re right! I fricked out once just because my wireless connection wasn’t working well in the hotel. That’s weird. I was in rome and that’s all I could think about. I’m soooo “connected”. I’m going to Paris next week, and this time, I’m not even taking my laptop with me! :)

  170. i like this part of the blog:”
    The reason I came to Paris was for a fitting at Chanel Haute Couture…I was recently referred by Vogue for an invitation to the Crillon Ball here in Paris in November. It got even more unreal when I was told I was going to be dressed by Chanel. Needless to say, I was simultaneously more excited and more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I still can’t believe it happened!” is very good

  171. tanya says:

    hey how didi you get invited. it is so cool

  172. IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

  173. Super blog avec plein d’inspiration! Je vois d’aprés le nom que tu es fan du Japon!

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