Last weekend in Paris

There was a cold snap in the air when we reached Paris…felt very romantic.
Mom and I stopped in a park which I've forgotten the name of..
Wow!! Why don't trees look like that in Texas?
While we were in Paris, we bought an accessories magazine, and they had styled this Ann Demeulemeester boot with one shaft on, one shaft off. I couldn't resist trying it myself!
Mom's beautiful Dries van Noten pumps that I am soooo jealous of.
Just after we left NY…we saw this graffiti on the street!
Cool model of something in a window…
On the Rue de Archives
We passed this window with a billion jumpropes all tangled up in it..it was oddly compelling.
Saw this AMAZING vintage book store…it was closed, otherwise I would have gone in there and snatched up those Vogues.
Enjoyed a delicious veggie lasagna.
It's true..Paris has the cutest dogs in the world.
Sigh…this post is making me want to jump on a plane to Paris…but it's a beautiful aft
ernoon here in Texas..perfect for some lunch and shopping. My mom and my sister and I had a great time today at Northpark…and we brought home some incredible shoes!! We've waited on these shoes for quite some time. Can't wait to post them.
 I hope everyone everywhere is enjoying their weekends!
xo Jane

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  1. quelle wrote:

    lovely… dying to visit paris.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  2. Amazing trip!!! Beautiful pictures in the most romantic city!
    Lovely! Xoxo…
    Visit my blog (POST THIS)..

    9.26.09 · Reply
  3. Andrew J wrote:

    God you really just made me miss Paris horribly! Now I am going to have to put a trip there on my agenda for sometime early next year. Great pics. Love how you are such a chameleon and take on subtleties of whatever the local fashion is for wherever you are.
    -Andrew J.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  4. amy wrote:

    love love love those bootS!!!
    great shots of fall headed our way :)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  5. that 3rd photo is unreal! what an amazing trip…

    9.26.09 · Reply
  6. that 3rd photo is unreal! what an amazing trip…

    9.26.09 · Reply
  7. that 3rd photo is unreal! what an amazing trip…

    9.26.09 · Reply
  8. I so very much enjoy your blog. You are gorgeous, as is your stunning mother! You are an inspiration to so many bloggers and fashion fans alike. I cannot wait to see all that you achieve. Best wishes! Love your Paris pics – looks amazing there!
    -Whitney @fauxshionable

    9.26.09 · Reply
  9. Kwil wrote:

    Great photos! I would love to experience what Paris has to offer…. sigh.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  10. You outfit in the park is sooooo chic and classic.
    I love the one shaft on one shaft off look of the boots, cutting edge.
    The doggy pic definitely makes me miss my cute puppies…sigh
    Love, love, love

    9.26.09 · Reply
  11. daphne wrote:

    What gorgeous photos! Love the one boot high one boot low look here. That seems tricky to pull off, but it seems to have worked for you! I too love your mom’s pumps! Oh my!!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  12. man that looks like the most perfect french experience – cute dogs, new shoes, bubbly – jealous!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  13. I love the photos, so beautiful!! I would love to experience a real Fall :)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  14. Sara wrote:

    oh jane,amazing pictures,i think I need to go to Paris :/
    with love from Brazil

    9.26.09 · Reply
  15. Ana Leitora wrote:

    All seasons…I LOVE Paris!
    Always will have Paris :-)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  16. Love the shoes as always and I can’t get over how gorgeous your hair is! x

    9.26.09 · Reply
  17. Isn’t Paris grand? These pics have convinced me that I must go back in October . . .

    9.26.09 · Reply
  18. Johanna wrote:

    Gorgeous photos! Loving the boots with up & one down :)Tres chic!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  19. Gotta get back to Paris PRONTO!
    Wanna see an ASPEN girl in her Jimmy Choos?
    Visit me at http://www.fashionsnag.com!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  20. Kendra wrote:

    Paris is amazing, i want to go! Pretty pictures, love the shoes

    9.26.09 · Reply
  21. Hey a fellow ginger! oh Paris…c’est tres bien bien bien.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  22. Midge wrote:

    Paris is my favotite place in the world… I miss it!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  23. Midge wrote:

    *favorite… whoops! :)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  24. the fallen leaves are so beautiful in paris. cool boots! All those vintage magazine shop looks cool. and oddly enough there is something to those tangled jump ropes.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  25. Colleen wrote:

    ahh i miss it as well. i love your photos

    9.26.09 · Reply
  26. WJ wrote:

    I love the exposure an light in all of these photos, it always makes me miss autumn (although we are currently heading into spring here in Australia). Your outfit is very urban equestrian chic with your tan pants and those Ann D’s. Great styling wearing them like you did.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  27. ah-mazing :) just like i imagine paris-i hope it never changes

    9.26.09 · Reply
  28. Maggie wrote:

    I love Paris and I also completely covet your mother’s shoes!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  29. Carola wrote:

    Beautiful pictures! U managed to really managed to capture the atmosphere of a golden fall day in Paris. I love how your hair goes with the color of the fall leafs;-). What kind of jeans are u wearing?
    We took a lot of fall-ish pictures too lately:
    Fall is definitely my favorite season!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  30. Christine wrote:

    You’ve definitely captured the essence of fall with these photos. How beautiful :)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  31. chelsea wrote:

    this is such a beautiful post
    the autumn leaves, champagne, warm food & cute dogs

    9.26.09 · Reply
  32. Isabelle wrote:

    some of these shots are stunning! My favorite are the still life ones, especially the vogue before the antique books, very well done! I also love mom on the leaves, makes me wish I wasn’t in Florida.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  33. those are incredible and awesome boots everrrrr!
    you and your mom look so gorgeous!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  34. Cecylia wrote:

    Looks like you had a lovely trip- did the French women come up to you and ask you about your clothes and shoes?

    9.26.09 · Reply
  35. Maddie wrote:

    Looks like an amazing trip! Love the outfits!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  36. You look so fabulous! Now I really want to go to Paris!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  37. Becca wrote:

    It looks like such an amazing trip – so many beautiful shots!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  38. Gabrielle wrote:

    Paris dogs are crazy cute! I don’t know how many well behaved dogs I saw wondering around with no leash after their owners. Put my dogs to shame in their behavior. You’re making me miss Paris!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  39. Laura wrote:

    Love, love, love your Paris/NYC pictures! The veggie lasagna looks delish, and that vintage bookstore looked incredible! Sorry for you that it was closed. I wonder if they have a website…

    9.26.09 · Reply
  40. Can’t wait to see your new shoes!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  41. Chloe wrote:

    Oh, the jealousy. I am dying to go to Paris. I am dying to go anywhere. Your pictures, as always, are fabulous and if I ever saw you in person, I think I would knock you over and steal your shoes. Except I wouldn’t actually knock you over (because I am a pacifist and, well, little and scrawny) but maybe I would give you a good poke in the ribs. AND THEN STEAL YOUR SHOES AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE. *sighs happily*

    9.26.09 · Reply
  42. braden wrote:

    i love your blog and i love paris!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  43. Caitrin wrote:

    paris in fall is hard to beat… oh wait- a fitting at chanel will do it:)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  44. Angel wrote:

    I LOVE YOUR pictures!!
    they are stunning
    also your mom’s pumps..~

    9.26.09 · Reply
  45. Marj wrote:

    Ho i am so sad to be in Australia when you’re in Paris, I would like to see you there, hope I could see you in your next trip in Paris!!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  46. Goodle wrote:

    Lovely photos and seems like the food was delicious! Paris is such a modern but yet historical city!
    Goodle x

    9.27.09 · Reply
  47. Brigadeiro wrote:

    GORGEOUS pics! LOVE the boots, the autumn leaves, colours…everything!!!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  48. Olivia wrote:

    I’m DYING at the beautiful pictures. Your hair is just like Autumn. :)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  49. Lucy wrote:

    omg those magazines! I would’ve snatched them as well! Actually if you were there, I guess I’d attempt to snatch them before you hehehe :b oh Paris…what a gorgeous city…a few sketchy people in the mix of Parisians but still, a gorgeous city.
    and Jane, your mom just might give those Dries shoes someday! No need to be jealous, just have to be patient! :D

    9.27.09 · Reply
  50. anne marte wrote:

    Paris is just wonderfull <33

    9.27.09 · Reply
  51. Maria wrote:

    Hi! Those pictures are fabulous! Could you tell me the address of that vintage book store? I’m going to Paris next summer and I would love to go there. I can buy you one too :)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  52. Linie wrote:

    Great shots:X
    Paris looks beaufitul in ur foto & so do u girl:X

    9.27.09 · Reply
  53. Great shots…xv

    9.27.09 · Reply
  54. Beautiful pics as usual :-) I adore Fall natural palette…

    9.27.09 · Reply
  55. paris looks wonderful , you too :)
    I really wanna go there

    9.27.09 · Reply
  56. My Emma. wrote:

    i absolutely love paris. it’s just magic! i used to live there for 6months and it was 6 amazing months.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  57. Ebony wrote:

    Tonight I went out with my friends and my friends boots caught my eye I freaked out because I was like do u understand you are wearing shoes designed by one of my favorite bloggers? LOL she didn’t know why I was so hyped but anyway congrats, you are the epitomy of creative convergence( a movement I stand behind) and inspiration. BTW your mom looks amazing!! I love Ms. Judy-a personal style inspiration for me personally.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  58. whats the name on your kamera? :)
    paulinaberg.blogg.se sweden!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  59. Brooke wrote:

    Great photos! You and your mom look right at home in Paris!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  60. mila wrote:

    I am so jealous!I`ve been in Paris two times and now when I see yourn photos I miss it so much!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  61. Nina wrote:

    Beautiful picture, makes me miss of NY… Where is this book store? I was looking for old magazines stores in NY but didn’t find…

    9.27.09 · Reply
  62. looks like you had an incredible time. i too fell in love with paris when i visited this summer. its just magical. love the styling of those boots and those trousers are great. can’t wait to see those shoes
    check out my blog at

    9.27.09 · Reply
  63. shira wrote:

    here in Israel we don’t eat for a full day. it called “Yom- Cipoor”. so i don’t know about the fun part but your clothes are grate! cause of u, i have this new thing for hills. thanks for being grate!
    shira :)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  64. japke wrote:

    Paris is so magical, although I can put my finger on it why exactly.. The styling of the ankle boot with the large boot is amazing and I must say I love those boots! You’re mother and you are beautiful and you can see that you’re having a fantastic time in Paris.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  65. claudia wrote:

    I am sure you’ve seen the film COCO AVANT CHANEL with Audrey Tatou.
    I don’t know if you can remeber a scene where she is laying in a bed of leaves under a tree.
    The first two pictures of this post reminds me a lot that scene! you were really in the Chanel mood when in Paris! ;)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  66. klee wrote:

    beautiful pictures, wish i could go there

    9.27.09 · Reply
  67. Smokylash wrote:

    The Dries van Noten pumps are Beautiful ! I am jealous too !
    I love your photos of Paris , I can see that you love the dogs like me :)
    Your blog is perfect !

    9.27.09 · Reply
  68. Pearl wrote:

    Oh what fantastic images, Paris always looks special somehow! Like the styling with your boots, it is really compelling! Judy looks really great too. Love all the old Vogues!
    Pearl x

    9.27.09 · Reply
  69. Morel-Derocle wrote:

    Hi ! I actually live near Paris, in the suburbs and i wanted to know if you remember the address of the vintage book store.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  70. Daisy wrote:

    Such delightful photos !

    9.27.09 · Reply
  71. Oktawia wrote:

    Hi ;) I visit your blog everyday and I’m waiting for new photos. I think you know you’re good photographer ;) I admire your style, it’s incredible. (I apologize for my bad english, but I’m from Poland) :*

    9.27.09 · Reply
  72. Hanene wrote:

    Jane what a great post, I really love it !
    I perfectly understand what you said , my Best friend lives in Paris , I always find a pretext to visit her. But there is other nice cities in France, like Nancy ( where I live ) ^^

    9.27.09 · Reply
  73. You’re lovely on those photos! Keep us up to date with the Crillon Bal des Débutantes! xx

    9.27.09 · Reply
  74. Jessica wrote:

    Oh oui ! Our city is the best !
    Paris <3

    9.27.09 · Reply
  75. Beautiful beautiful photos!!!! I love the boots with one shaft on and one off..very cool.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  76. Ofelia wrote:

    I love the photo’s colours :D
    Have a nice day

    9.27.09 · Reply
  77. CECILIE wrote:

    omg. every shoe in this post is beautiful. and i can understand the jealousy of your mom’s fantastic pumps! tjeck out my blog:

    9.27.09 · Reply
  78. dea wrote:

    Nice! NY and Paris… Am I jalouse? Oh, hell yeh!
    You look pritty on your fotos.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  79. mina wrote:

    I live in Paris and I would like to know if you speak French ? And your boots are so beautiful, I love them !

    9.27.09 · Reply
  80. georgina wrote:

    I took a picture of that exact same graffiti this summer!! now I’ m back in sunny England:( really beautiful photos…

    9.27.09 · Reply
  81. Paris is great!!!! :-) Love your blog & your pictures, keep up the good work! Best wishes from Holland, x MM

    9.27.09 · Reply
  82. Libby wrote:

    Sounds amazing, how I wish i could go back and visit now!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  83. Shannon wrote:

    Your pictures are beautiful! Paris looks amazing, I have yet to go.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  84. Sun' wrote:

    You just make me miss Paris sooo muchh ! That’s the Paris I love and used to live in, and it was just so incredible…
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, and as always, your shoes are gor-geous.
    Haha, it’s actually really nice to see this post on my birthday, you enlighted it a little more :)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  85. S.I.Q. wrote:

    great photos!
    i love how you wore your boots!
    paris is amazing, like most european cities!
    -art in fahion
    -fashion & cartoons

    9.27.09 · Reply
  86. Alice wrote:

    I love your pictures ! In fact, i’m french, live near Paris and I walked on la rue des archives this week end with my camera. I took the exact same picture of the magazines, but i have to admit, yours look better! :) Oh and in fact it is only a magazines store because it is the press archives. Your pictures are gorgeous and make me feel even prouder to live near such a beautiful city.
    I love your blog… and your shoes !

    9.27.09 · Reply
  87. Jennifer wrote:

    I can’t wait to see your new shoes! Yay for Northpark!
    That vintage bookstore looks like it would have been so fun! I would’ve gone in there to snatch quite a few of those vintage mags myself!
    Lovely pictures as usual my dear!!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  88. faye wrote:

    i love your blog!
    i think youre absolutely adorable!
    and which bookstore did you go to?
    was it shakespeare book and co?

    9.27.09 · Reply
  89. Bru. wrote:

    I love your blog! The shoes are gorgeous and Paris is amazing!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  90. Catalina wrote:

    that magazine store is right by where I go to school right now! (I am studying abroad in paris at the moment.) I pass it every day, and I’ve gone in a few times. They have some amazing treasures in there – you would love it!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  91. Jyun wrote:

    The photo of trees you took juz had me blown away completely.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  92. Jules wrote:

    You look gorgeous!!
    By the way, what is the name of the restaurant
    where you got your lasagna? It looks delicious :P

    9.27.09 · Reply
  93. ely wrote:

    you and your mom are soo beautiful. i love both of your outfits, as always. your boots are amazing

    9.27.09 · Reply
  94. Paris is just an amazing city!!
    Wonderful photos ;)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  95. Laura wrote:

    Hey Jane!
    Just wondering about the address on the shop with the vintage magazines!
    it would really be a big help (:
    // Laura

    9.27.09 · Reply
  96. Lana wrote:

    Real Talk: the only reason why you are able to enjoy this fantasy life that you lead is because you are filthy stinking rich with parents who clearly aren’t looking for a lawyer or doctor out of you. You clearly aren’t attending school of any kind so I suppose the NYTimes article about you WAS spot on. I’m sure it also helps that your mother gets to live vicariously through ALL of your appearances and events. This isn’t an attempt to tear you down but to basically make sure you know that you need to own it. Own the fact that this blog is just a mass of narcissism that feeds the hungry little jealous readers that comment excessively and aggressively. it is their obsession with your blog that has created all of the opportunities that you have been so graciously afforded. I’m not even quite sure what it IS you do apart from wear insanely expensive couture and vintage clothing. Are you a stylist? Designer? I’m just confused, disturbed and completely put off. You’ll probably delete this because this comment is entirely too real for the likes of the mindless drones that write on and on about much they envy, love and adore you but I must say I’m afraid. Afraid that this is the future. Idol worship of a wealthy girl amid economic chaos.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  97. Kathleen wrote:

    Your pictures of Paris are awesome! I love the one shaft on, one shaft off look.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  98. Elodie wrote:

    I leave in Paris and, please, can you tell me where is the vintage book store?
    Thank you :)

    9.27.09 · Reply
  99. amalie wrote:

    Greaat pictures! you and your mom are so lovelyy. i love your outfits!
    and paris looks so TEMPTING. aah x

    9.27.09 · Reply
  100. sigh. yes, this makes me want to go back to Paris too. love ur mom’s dries van noten heels too. beautiful shot of u on rue archives.
    thanks for posting!!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  101. Gabriela wrote:

    oh putain. i always walk through rue des archives & rue du temple, and i always see those old magazines. it s strange that you where there since i go throught it all the time. it s funny. when where you around there?
    Greetings. from Paris.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  102. great shoes! love the pictures!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  103. loloy wrote:

    every thing in your photos is beautiful. my first time here.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  104. wow, im absolutely dying to go to paris- it looks gorgeous. and that food, delicious!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  105. Anastassia wrote:

    This post makes me want to get on an airplane and zoom off to Paris.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  106. Gorgeous pictures! Paris is my most favorite city to visit.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  107. Lex wrote:

    Dear jane! I love your blog! I adore all the amazing pictures you put on it, the outfits that you create, and the trends you start! You really inspired me to start my blog! so here it is:
    Thank you so much for being so inspiring!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  108. Liset wrote:

    Amazing pictures, Paris is beautiful in fall. My mom is going to Paris on thursday.. i’m so jealous, want to go too!

    9.28.09 · Reply
  109. afrockaday wrote:

    Oh wow. Those remind me of some of the vintage issues of Vogue I have.
    How sad that the store was closed. Maybe you can find some on eBay.
    Some magazines I have are even older than you! :)

    9.28.09 · Reply
  110. A&F wrote:

    OOOH !
    This book shop was just near where i use to live in the Marais in Paris..
    They have all old issue from Vogue and lot of fashion magasines.
    Some are at the price of 150 Euros ! But they’re so rare and precious.
    Too bad it was closed when you went by…
    Anyway, i hope you had a nice trip in paris, but if you leave now… you’ll miss the fashion week !
    But we’ll be there so just check our blog.
    Bisou bisous de paris !

    9.28.09 · Reply
  111. A&F wrote:

    OOOH !
    This book shop was just near where i use to live in the Marais in Paris..
    They have all old issue from Vogue and lot of fashion magasines.
    Some are at the price of 150 Euros ! But they’re so rare and precious.
    Too bad it was closed when you went by…
    Anyway, i hope you had a nice trip in paris, but if you leave now… you’ll miss the fashion week !
    But we’ll be there so just check our blog.
    Bisou bisous de paris !

    9.28.09 · Reply
  112. A&F wrote:

    OOOH !
    This book shop was just near where i use to live in the Marais in Paris..
    They have all old issue from Vogue and lot of fashion magasines.
    Some are at the price of 150 Euros ! But they’re so rare and precious.
    Too bad it was closed when you went by…
    Anyway, i hope you had a nice trip in paris, but if you leave now… you’ll miss the fashion week !
    But we’ll be there so just check our blog.
    Bisou bisous de paris !

    9.28.09 · Reply
  113. Precious!!!!
    What camera do you have????????????????

    9.28.09 · Reply
  114. Anna wrote:

    confession: i have a huuuuge crush on you, your style, and your life. gorgeous pictures and of course, shoes!

    9.28.09 · Reply
  115. jane wrote:

    omg… just found these awesome shoes on WWW. The Sam Edelman Zoe Boots seem right up your alley. <3

    9.28.09 · Reply
  116. Marion wrote:

    Oh, i love Paris (i was there in July, this year) and you made me to love this place more! I want to be there :)

    9.28.09 · Reply
  117. Pauline wrote:

    I love Paris normal I’m French.

    9.28.09 · Reply
  118. haha i’d like to know too, whats the address of the vintage bokstor? i just recently posted some editorials from vintage american vogue magazine, and really would like to start collecting! check em out!!

    9.28.09 · Reply
  119. Laura wrote:

    your trip looked simply perfect.
    Nice to see you wearing the kane tshirt… I mentioned my envy of you over at my blog.

    9.28.09 · Reply
  120. Ina wrote:

    Check out this blog!

    9.28.09 · Reply
  121. Fanny wrote:

    You took these photos in the Square Louis XVI, were Marie-Antoinette and Louis the XIV were initialy buried after being killed by the Revolutionary on the Place de la Concorde. I’d recommend reading the biography of Marie-Antoinette by Stefan Sweig, a masterpiece! This is it for the history class…
    great pics and great shoes as usual!

    9.29.09 · Reply
  122. Vee wrote:

    I’m in love with those half-mesh boots.
    The pictures are gorgeous as well.

    9.29.09 · Reply
  123. Ilse den Besten wrote:

    You’re so beautiful I ALMOST hate you haha :P
    Just got back from paris myself (it’s a four hour drive from where I live)
    Amazing isn’t it?

    9.29.09 · Reply
  124. Folktime wrote:

    beautiful! my favorite season!

    9.29.09 · Reply
  125. Those vintage magazines look to-die-for!! It’s like seeing the historic potential of magazine career flash before my eyes in a montage of metamorphic fashions!
    The food looks pretty irresistable too! very well photographed!

    9.29.09 · Reply
  126. Tanya wrote:

    i just loove your way to combine clothes! that creation you did with the frog-skirt and the amazing shoes are just totally lovely all the way! im kind of sad that i wouldnt be able to walk around in clothes like that in sweden whithout being pointed at as if i were some kind of freak.. but of course, i dont really have the money to do something like that neither… eh.
    but great blog anyways, totally the best fashion-blog. take care!

    9.30.09 · Reply
  127. Sarah Jane wrote:

    Hey Sea of Shoes, I am a big fan of your blog in NYC, but I have just one question…where is that fabulous gorilla tee from! I LOVE it! Thanks for your great blog, you are an inspiration!

    9.30.09 · Reply
  128. She is so cute! I really really like her. I like the boots she’s wearing.

    9.30.09 · Reply
  129. gleopatra wrote:

    wow awesome. I would love to know what kind of camera you to take these pictures :)

    9.30.09 · Reply
  130. Christina wrote:

    what awesome photos. i really need to go to Paris. :)

    10.1.09 · Reply
  131. Trine wrote:

    Wow! :) Really nice pictures, and a very nice blog.. I’ll visit often.. Admire your style, and specially your shoes!! ;)

    10.1.09 · Reply
  132. maja wrote:

    may i ask who takes your photographs? and what do you do in life? i’m a new fan and still haven’t figured it out :)

    10.2.09 · Reply
  133. katrina wrote:

    these photos are so beautiful. i just came back from a trip to paris too and it was amazing. hope you had a great time there aswell and your style is just gorgeous.

    10.2.09 · Reply
  134. Alina wrote:

    you and your mom are soo cute and soo stylish. I have so many questions for you ladies, ahhh. Either way – lovely blog, lovely shoes, lovely pics – have a fantastic weekend!

    10.2.09 · Reply
  135. Bea wrote:

    I just want to say I LOVE your blog, maybe because I love shoes, haha :) But the pictures and everything is just great! :D <3

    10.3.09 · Reply
  136. Amanda wrote:

    hey! can you answer some questions on your blog please? I think there are many curious readers. My questions are: why are you so rich, where do you live, why do you blog, are you happy with your life, do you have any job, and have you been in norway?
    Really good blog, keep up the good work!!
    reader from Norway, Amanda

    10.3.09 · Reply
  137. Liva wrote:

    that’s so funny – i stayed in les marais during fashionweek in february and passed by that window with all the colorfull stuff all the time..before i left i decided to take a photo and it ended up on my blog.. quite funny. check it out.

    10.4.09 · Reply
  138. olaitan wrote:

    gimme the doggie and ALL the vogues! gotta find vintage bookshops in nyc…strand may be slacking sometimes.

    10.4.09 · Reply
  139. louise wrote:

    love the pics haha!!

    10.8.09 · Reply
  140. Akina from Russia wrote:

    Фотографии сногсшибательные *_* и девушка просто ангельской внешности!))) She is angel, yes?

    10.8.09 · Reply
  141. Inger wrote:

    I was in right where th ‘NY<3ME' grafitti is on tuesday, I was was thinking 'where have i seen it before', and then I remebered it was here:)

    10.9.09 · Reply
  142. SMC wrote:

    Just came upon your blog…besides loving the shoes, I almost died when I saw the vintage bookstore photos from Paris. Every friend I have (swear everyone of them) sends me the photo when they’re in Paris and says “thinking of you”.
    It was only one summer spent at Vogue! haha.
    xx-New Fan.

    10.11.09 · Reply
  143. Clemence Ferry wrote:

    I am a french girl living in New York and i am pretty sure this is my dog that is in Paris with my parents (i am also pretty sure that it is my dad’s back).
    My dog’s name is napoleon and i am certain he is really proud of being on your blog (which is amazing by the way).
    Could you send me this picture of my dog. Here is my email adress clemferry@hotmail.com
    Hope you will be back in Paris, it is the most beautiful city in the world, i really miss it even if i enjoy NY.

    10.13.09 · Reply
  144. Dennis Scoles wrote:

    I’ve been to that vintage magazine store on the rue des Archives. It’s called Les Archives de la Presse. I got some amazingly great vintage Paris Vogue magazines from the early 90’s (Hello, Tom Ford at Gucci!) I believe you can order from their website: http://www.journaux-collections.com – if you can speak French, of course (which I can’t… frowny face!) p.s. it took me about three weeks to find that shop! I saw these vintage Vogue magazines in a little boutique in the Marais and I asked her where she got them and she couldn’t remember but knew the general neighborhood. I went from shop to shop asking if anyone knew the place. I was so excited when I found it. Oh, and for Maria, the address is: 51, Rue des Archives 75003. It’s a few blocks down from the Hôtel de Ville.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  145. missghesquiere wrote:

    from the incline im thinking… by the artificial lac in the bois du boulogne? and btw you neednt have waited for the bookstore! there are TONS of vintage vogues in all languages in the metal stalls by the seine from the end of the louvre all the way to the notre dame(esp on weekends) starting from the morning all the way to 5 or 7. next time! oh and you have to eat the eggplant parmigiana in il giramondo on grenelle in the seventh for lunch sometime. my absolute favorite after school!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  146. Alexandra wrote:

    You stopped at Square du Temple near the Marais. I used to live right next to that park! Such a beautiful place.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  147. http://www.famousbrandbag.com//Handbag wrote:
    11.14.09 · Reply
  148. Tatiana wrote:

    I love your blog!
    There is a slice mistake in the text: we say rue deS archives :)
    love from paris

    4.6.10 · Reply
  149. Charlotte wrote:

    hi, I’ve just discovered your blog. It is just amazing
    I’m french and live in Paris, if I had known you before, we might have met :)
    Anyway ,All the best !
    greeting from France
    P.S: It’s Rue des* Archives

    4.18.10 · Reply
  150. I love to everyone’s blog to see! The artical is great, I learn much knowledge! I will also leave me to say! hehheh…

    4.20.10 · Reply
  151. i like this part of the blog:”
    Mom’s beautiful Dries van Noten pumps that I am soooo jealous of.” is very good

    4.23.10 · Reply
  152. IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

    2.14.11 · Reply
  153. Alice wrote:

    Hi Jane !
    I’m french and I know Paris very well ! It’s true : this town is absolutely amazing ! They have so much to do, so much to see, to visit : museums, monuments, cafés, shops… Paris is one of my favorite town ! Sorry, this comment is too long ! I just wanna say you that I think the park’s name, where you have take your photos, is “Le parc Monceau”.
    Bye, Alice. (Sorry for all the misspellings)

    6.1.11 · Reply
  154. Sandra wrote:

    Love the photos

    8.10.11 · Reply