More of the faux fur collection

Spent the last few days hanging out in the hot hot heat taking pictures of these amazing faux fur jackets…looked like a total fool!
I am so in love with this blonde faux mink… 
Worn with cut-off Madewell corduroys, vintage chambray men's shirt, and these amazing Prada studded peep-toe slingbacks.
Stacy, our shoe sales girl, showed us these shoes..my mom and I instantly fell in love when we tried them on. I don't think they are something I would have picked out on my own…I'm so glad Stacy had them out for me to try on, because they go with EVERYTHING!
Here are two more of my favorite faux furs…one being a leopard mohair pea coat & the other a shagadelic 70's monstrosity.
Here is my mom modeling the pea coat..these pics were taken on her friend Jane's property, such pretty woods!
Worn with J. Crew cords & Jil Sander pumps
Can't resist a close-up shot of these shoes…I'm so jealous!
Heres the shaggy coat…judging from the label, it isn't actually vintage.
I got this coat when I was in Tokyo…it was pouring down rain, and my mom and I were wondering around Shimokitazawa. This coat was carelessly hung outside the door of a vintage boutique, and it was drenched in rain…it looked like it had been crying. I had to bring it home with me…even if it smells funky.
These Ann D boots are new…you know I fall in love with an Ann Demeulemeester boot every season…these are bad ass. They're clunky, rigid, and comfortable. Notice how they are actually two separate parts…the shaft of the boot is detachable. Expect to see these in many, many posts to come…
More to come soon!
xo Jane

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  1. Liset wrote:

    Very nice and your new boots are fabulous!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  2. I love that you love faux fur. So luxurious and cozy. Would love a jacket to wrap myself in right about now. It’s not exactly boiling hot in Vancouver these days.
    * Kelsey

    9.10.09 · Reply
  3. Ming Min wrote:

    Those are amazing bad ass boots! Love the coats!
    Please visit my fashion blog at http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com
    Ming Min

    9.10.09 · Reply
  4. anne wrote:

    jane, I love seeing high-priced, arty designer items combined with vintage combined with urban outfitters combined with your super-sophisticated yet still teenaged sensibility. great combo, and it’s what makes this blog so fascinating to me. it gets boring seeing margiela or ann d in vogue — much cooler seeing how they can be incorporated in a real person’s real life. same goes for your mom! nice shots here.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  5. The boots are badass. I am still in recessionista mode, so I am going to rock the two Ann D boots I picked up last year and wait for the christmas sales to see what I can pick up this year in terms of Ann D Boots. Hopefully, my size will be left! Big risk.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  6. Marcia wrote:

    whoooa i love those prada slingback pumps, they are craazzy!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  7. Carola wrote:

    WOW, JANE! Your way of mixing old with new and cheap with high-class is really amazing! The last coat has a very interesting and particular look…kinda like beach hair;-).
    U are always such an inspiration! I am excited to see more faux fur styles. Check out FashionCoup for Paris updates: http://fashioncoup.com/.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  8. Connie wrote:

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I wish the weather would hurry up & get cold enough to wear faux fur!
    Also, I’m loving your hair! It really suits you well.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  9. amazing outfit. love how you have paired the vintage faux fur with the shirt. going crazy for vintage faux fur coats at the moment!!
    check out my blog at

    9.10.09 · Reply
  10. Brooke wrote:

    I love your Prada’s and Ann D’s. Amazing. I am so ready for colder weather. I love coats :)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  11. Your mom’s Jil Sanders are killer.
    I can’t wait until it gets hot enough to wear all my crazy coats, either. I thrifted a few new ones over the summer that I’m pretty stoked on…

    9.10.09 · Reply
  12. Jennifer wrote:

    Beautiful coats, I absolutely love the shaggy one! I love those Prada shoes as well! You and your mom look amazing!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  13. Naray wrote:

    The Ann D.s are REALLY GREAT. God Ann D can do no wrong.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  14. Shannon wrote:

    Your new hair color really suits these shots, they totally bring out the beauty of the faux fur. Nice! And those Ann Ds are simply amazing!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  15. Kelly wrote:

    Loving the coats, the first one looks sooo real!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  16. Ofelia wrote:

    Like a magazine’s editorial. :D

    9.10.09 · Reply
  17. kirsty wrote:

    loving the sling backs xooxox

    9.10.09 · Reply
  18. laura wrote:

    AWESOME coats!! Love the last one!!!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  19. Nata wrote:

    Those pictures are beautiful, what lovely woods!
    And those Ann Demeulemeester boots are gorgeous, literally to die for.
    As always, fabulous.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  20. Bri Emery wrote:

    envy envy envy.
    looking oh so chic. what a cute mother daughter shoot.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  21. Gorgeous photos! I love the coats!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  22. that leopard coat is gorgeous!!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  23. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Oh my! Those Ann D boots are PERFECTION!!! Great shots of you & your mom! ;)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  24. STW wrote:

    those ann d’s are beautiful, i haven’t seen them before…can’t wait to see them styled in new ways! xx

    9.10.09 · Reply
  25. Cruz wrote:

    WOWWOWOW That first look in that field is ethereal! I mean all the outfits kick ass too js lol. I really want that shaggy smelly coat of yrs.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  26. Kate wrote:

    simply delicious!! and i love love love the Ann d’s! great :)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  27. Beautiful coats! And I am so, so, so jealous of your mom’s Jil Sander pumps. I love those

    9.10.09 · Reply
  28. Miss Carmo wrote:

    Love your hair colour! ;)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  29. Jules wrote:

    jane, your mom’s outfit is perfect… gorgeous coat paired with the white pants, and i have been dreaming of those jils for a long time!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  30. Ashley wrote:

    I love those black Ann D’s. They look like they would be so comfortable and warm during winter. A stylish, sturdy boot like that would be perfect for the snow. The faux furs are amazing as well. Quite a collection!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  31. Josephine wrote:

    Love the faux mink! the new slingbacks are great

    9.10.09 · Reply
  32. the shaggy faux is amazing!!
    <3 The Voguette

    9.10.09 · Reply
  33. I love the shaggy coat the best! And I love Shimokita!!! haha. What a nice find…It almost reminds me of a really scruffy dog, but in the coolest way possible. Awesome
    For street fashion inspired illustrations, check out my blog, onegaishimasu!! :)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  34. dy wrote:

    love the color combination of the grass, faux fur, pants, hair and shoes in the second pic. beautiful.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  35. Betony wrote:

    i really like the mink and those detachable boots are something else! really interesting. oh also like the denim studded denim you’re wearing

    9.10.09 · Reply
  36. Alexandra wrote:

    Love the boots.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  37. Fla wrote:

    Fringe Indie Magazine and chickdowntown.com INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY http://bohohipster.blogspot.com/2009/09/fringe-indie-magazine-and.html

    9.10.09 · Reply
  38. Scal wrote:

    Oh, I have that coat your mum is wearing! Is it by a French label called “Safari”? Mine has the original gold filigree buttons, though. Too gorgeous!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  39. Lauren wrote:

    I will take the monstrosity, please!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  40. Liya wrote:

    adore your moms pumps

    9.10.09 · Reply
  41. britty wrote:

    this pretty awesome i have 2 very old fur coat their were my grandmother’s but not anymore=] but this post is rad girl keep up the good work!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  42. Samantha wrote:

    i love the first look.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  43. Erin wrote:

    i love the shaggy coat on you!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  44. Erin wrote:

    i love the shaggy coat on you!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  45. WJ wrote:

    Both these fur coats are very gorgeous, looking forward to seeing you guys wear them more as the cooler weather takes over. And as always, beautiful shoes! The Ann Ds are very chic, I love the fact that the heel is not too high at all, and I never realised they had a detachable shaft…always thought they were just ankle/calf length. Don’t too fond of the studded Pradas though…they look way too clog-like to me!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  46. jane!!!!
    omg, you and your mom look glamourous as always!
    i adore your sense of style so much!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  47. Jessy wrote:

    The beginning images of Jane look so very grey gardens. I love it. It makes me think EVEN more, because both of you are mother and daughter.
    A modern Little Edie and Big Edie?

    9.10.09 · Reply
  48. Jennifer wrote:

    Suxh gorgeous photos!!! I really love the first set!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  49. Jill Sanders aaaaaahhh so fantastic! And your two piece boots are ingenious and super cutting edge :)

    9.10.09 · Reply
  50. Heather wrote:

    Those Jil Sander’s are rocking my world right now.
    This blog is revolutionary, you and your mom are both super stellar.
    xoxo Heather

    9.10.09 · Reply
  51. Cara wrote:

    sooo amazing! all of them! but a little crazy in sept in texas!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  52. Andrew J wrote:

    The shag is my favorite hands down!
    -Andrew J

    9.10.09 · Reply
  53. Little Red wrote:

    You and your mom look gorgeous! I’m loving all the faux fur coats! The leopard print peacoat your mom is wearing is just fantastic!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  54. Someone wrote:

    I’ve got a fab vintage faux fur…got to post it at some point. Your collection is fun!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  55. 9.10.09 · Reply
  56. Joan wrote:

    I like how the fur coat in the first pic is incorporated into a more preppy look. Very nice.
    Anything Ann D flippin’ genius–we already know this, but DAMN those boots are amazing!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  57. Caddie wrote:

    Yay Ann D! I’ve been obsessing over her designs lately.

    9.10.09 · Reply
  58. great post jane! u look amazing. i love ur mom’s jil sander heels! omg! omg!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  59. Joan wrote:

    I love the fur-preppy look, very nice!
    Ann D anything is genius, but those boots are just AMAZING! Damn!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  60. cute!
    wanna see a slinky girl eating sushi?
    visit me at http://www.fashionsnag.com

    9.10.09 · Reply
  61. Hi Jane,
    Everything looks good and pricey too. Everything in this post looks temptious! i’m not a fan of fur coats but i think i’m in love with the shaggy coat.. and in a glance, it kind of looks like the coat wore by Rebecca in Confessions of a Shopaholic movie (where she was being tracked to her office for unsettled debts) Ha ha! Nice posts, keep it coming more frequent. i am hungry for more :D

    9.10.09 · Reply
  62. Great faux fur coat! Will never be able to wear ’em in a tropical country like mine… I love your Ann Demeulemeester boot!! Grrreeeaattt…

    9.10.09 · Reply
  63. loubna wrote:

    OMG. how do you get your hair to look so freakin pretty?

    9.10.09 · Reply
  64. Maya wrote:

    I am personaly not a huge fan of fur faux or real, but it looks great. The first outfit would be cute with or without the jacket.
    lovely photos.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  65. jae wrote:
    9.11.09 · Reply
  66. olga deniz wrote:

    shaggy coat is so U

    9.11.09 · Reply
  67. I looove your makeup. What do you use?

    9.11.09 · Reply
  68. Cecylia wrote:

    Jane, you’ve got me addicted to all of your Ann D boots! They’re really difficult to find in Melbourne, Australia but I shall persist!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  69. Michelle wrote:

    Amazing Prada slingbacks!
    What’s even more amazing is how you could walk on grass with those on :D

    9.11.09 · Reply
  70. Emilie wrote:

    You and your mom look fabulous! Love your new hair colour!!!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  71. Ah I was wondering when the new Ann D’s would lure you in! They do look amazing, thats cool that they are in two parts I hadn’t noticed that. McQueen has done some amazing boots in two parts so it kinda looks like you are wearing socks! The first shots of really great, the colours and textures work so well. Judy looks amazing in the leopard and Jil Sanders – a great modern take on a classic look x

    9.11.09 · Reply
  72. oh you look sooo pretty the two of you!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  73. Elen wrote:
    9.11.09 · Reply
  74. wikuszka wrote:

    I can not find my comment under your previous post so i would try again :) I love Christopher Kane’s t-shirts, his collection for topshop is marvelous!
    These furs are really nice, i’m going to look around for something like that.
    I would also invite you to see my blog – i’m a model, mother, ex soldier and feminist so i hope, it may be interesting :)
    lot of kisses :*

    9.11.09 · Reply
  75. Jasmin wrote:

    I always felt like faux fur is kind of tacky, but I definitely don’t want to use a real fur. You totally changed my mind! (Also in that Rebecca Tailor faux fur you wore in Vogue) I’m going to dig my mum’s vintage faux furs from their boxes and rock that fuzzy. There is one in a minty pastel blue and one in a deep chocolate brown, yumee!
    Those Ann D boots are pure perfection! I’ve been thinking that I need a new pair of long boots and another pair of anklets, but those have all in one. They are the answer to all my problems!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  76. Laura wrote:

    Love it. Every photo looks so professional and your so pretty.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  77. Laura wrote:

    Loving the coats and the photos are so professional and well done.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  78. Mmmmm those Prada slingbacks are delicious!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  79. Kelly wrote:

    I would not be hanging out in the woods with any of these shoes…but they are fabulous moreso on the red carpet

    9.11.09 · Reply
  80. amalie wrote:

    wow, those faux fur coats are GORGEOUS. and i loove both of your outfits. you and your moms shoess!!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  81. Emily wrote:

    Ah! The Jil Sanders! I need those too, and wholly feel the pain of your jealousy. </3

    9.11.09 · Reply
  82. Wow, great coats! The leopard mohair pea coat is amazing. I’ve actually been looking for something similar lately. The faux mink is so luxurious as well.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  83. Franzi wrote:

    you’re so pretty! xxx

    9.11.09 · Reply
  84. Love the coats!!!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  85. Kasia wrote:

    great photos! those Prada shoes are amazing!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  86. klee wrote:

    the first one is awesome!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  87. romy wrote:

    the first jacket looks amazing with your hair!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  88. Molly Rose wrote:

    I love those furs… the shaggy ones are amazing!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  89. mel wrote:

    the 1st pic is adorable

    9.11.09 · Reply
  90. a la mode wrote:

    Love all the shoes in this post Jane!
    The coat textures are amazing also

    9.11.09 · Reply
  91. Lauren wrote:

    I im in LOVE with your mom’s leopard coat! I am looking for something just like it for this fall. Such a big fan of you and your mom. If you have a chance, check out my blog with my mom:

    9.11.09 · Reply
  92. Regina wrote:

    Follow Follow–>

    9.11.09 · Reply
  93. ebony wrote:

    I would wear that fur in the heat 2 lol. luv it

    9.11.09 · Reply
  94. what camera do you use ? it’s so damn clear ! :))

    9.11.09 · Reply
  95. Isabel wrote:

    Your mom is gorgeous!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  96. Carmine Noir wrote:

    I love that coat!! I’ve been visiting your blog for like 8 months and this is my first time posting comment.
    I was your silent fashion stalker! You inspire me!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  97. Hannah wrote:

    First time writing in the comment.
    Saw your picture in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, Weekend Journal section.
    Looked online but the article didn’t have your picture, only in the content.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  98. Becca wrote:

    I too am loving these faux fur coats, especially the first one. And, as always, some amazing shoe choices – fabulous. I esp love the jil sander ones your mom is wearing – lovely!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  99. ilaria wrote:

    I’m glad you rescued the coat that was “crying”…I love shopping around Shimokitazawa, on eof the best places to “hang out” in Tokyo and the best kaiten shushi place I have been to!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  100. sweet!
    sweedish blogg

    9.12.09 · Reply
  101. clémence wrote:

    Great pics, as usual… you both look fab in this little part of nature!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  102. F.S wrote:

    Hey Jane I was wondering besides your blog do you go to school or is this your work? it must cost so much time blogging and combining school together….

    9.12.09 · Reply
  103. love th background!!!!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  104. elysia wrote:

    love those boots.

    9.12.09 · Reply
  105. Emmie wrote:

    I LOVE your hair!! :D

    9.12.09 · Reply

    9.12.09 · Reply
  107. h wrote:

    Love how you’ve played down the OTT-ness of the fur with a man’s shirt and boyish trousers.. those Pradas are great too. I can only imagine what it must be like to be your shoes sales girl!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  108. Libby wrote:

    I would love to ee a front view of your last coat, looks so shaggy and fun!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  109. just fabulous. the most perfect furs ever, not to mention the pradas! xx

    9.12.09 · Reply
  110. Lily wrote:

    love your studded jeans!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  111. Ramona wrote:

    Oh my!Your furs are to-die-for!Kisses

    9.12.09 · Reply
  112. noa wrote:

    you are amasing as usual. but what about the poor animals?
    is it that better then fake fur?

    9.12.09 · Reply
  113. Kaslyn wrote:

    what make are your mother’s jil sander pumps? I want to buy them!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  114. Those Ann D boots are amazing!

    9.12.09 · Reply
  115. Jane H. wrote:


    9.12.09 · Reply
  116. Those shoes are beautiful. And I’m happy to see those furs are faux! ;) Don’t feel too much like a goof wearing them out of season, though. I’ve been known to suffer through hot fall days in thick but adorable coats on the premise that, “It’s fall, it’s the season for these!”

    9.12.09 · Reply
  117. The Shoe Whore wrote:

    AWESOME!!! I have the Jil Sander’s in a slingback version. Patent grey uppers with the same black heel and platform. I searched for the boot versions of these forever. Brown’s webby had them. I was way too late. Size 40 and impossible for my 38! Thought I could heal my devastation by buying the slingback versions in my size no less, but nah…. doesn’t work.
    ******Well, would be willing to let go via eBay if any reasonable offers. Able to place a written message/designated item of any kind within pictures of the Jil’s to prove they are in my possession. Cheers y’all. Enquiry through email. isabelle.lee@live.com :)******
    Don’t mean to advertise sorry, but speaking of the Jil’s….
    In any case, I do love this blog, truly. ^_^

    9.12.09 · Reply
  118. zara wrote:

    the coloring of these shots is DIVINEEEE the rich fall colors + light pop of blue + YOUR HAIR all together it’s just awesome. and THOSE PRADAS!!! jane you are my hero

    9.13.09 · Reply
  119. Cecylia wrote:

    Hey Jane, I like your vintage faux-fur coats, I just posted on my blog about vintage fur coats…

    9.13.09 · Reply
  120. Anika wrote:

    The honey faux fur is gorgeous and looks delightful against that honeyed hair. Lovely, just lovely.
    And the Ann D boots? Killer.
    Love them so.
    Have a great weekend

    9.13.09 · Reply
  121. Emilie wrote:

    I love your Prada shoes!!!
    My blog mode: http://petitetincelle.unblog.fr/

    9.13.09 · Reply
  122. Laura wrote:

    love the leopard and the faux mink coats! new boots and new red hair are great, too.

    9.13.09 · Reply
  123. Nolitta wrote:

    I think I just fell in love with the shoes in those pics
    i’m gonna have sweet dreams :)

    9.13.09 · Reply
  124. amber wrote:

    I’m so glad you had the heart to rescue the saggy awesome-ness jacket!

    9.13.09 · Reply
  125. JMEJME wrote:


    9.13.09 · Reply
  126. Vee wrote:

    You + The coat look gorgeous.
    I can’t believe how real faux-fur can look!
    If you could check out my blog, that would be fabulous. :D

    9.13.09 · Reply
  127. Larissa wrote:

    Please don’t promote the real ones! Don’t upload pictures with real fur coats (you said MOST of them are faux..)
    Thank you so so much!

    9.13.09 · Reply
  128. these photos are so lush.

    9.13.09 · Reply
  129. Kelsey wrote:

    gorgeous coats
    i have been looking for the perfect faux fur jacket, still haven’t found one just yet :(

    9.13.09 · Reply
  130. 9.14.09 · Reply
  131. I’m not a fan of fur but I can say that the boots are really trendy. They really are in this season. My friend recommended this site http://www.makemechic.com and found cheap dresses and women’s shoes that fashion lovers like me with a budget can splurge on.

    9.14.09 · Reply
  132. I’m not really a fan of fur but I can say that the boots are really fashion forward. My friend recommended this site http://www.makemechic.com and found cheap dresses and women’s shoes that fashion lovers like me with a budget can splurge on.

    9.14.09 · Reply
  133. Sarah wrote:

    I have the last jacket in black! it came in black, beige, white and one other color (maroon?). I picked it up in Hong Kong last December at a store in i.t. It used to shed a lot which was annoying since I’d find fluffy black things everywhere. Posted about it on my blog when I did a shoot with it: http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m107/yuecho/photos/_MG_1062_2_850.jpg but it is soooo much fun. People tend to love touching it, borrowing it, etc.

    9.14.09 · Reply
  134. those first pics of you remind me of a todds campaign!

    9.14.09 · Reply
  135. Rebekka wrote:

    Loving those Ann D boots on you!

    9.14.09 · Reply
  136. claudia wrote:

    the last look is just perfect!!!
    though, the first one reminds me of Chloe this season… :)

    9.15.09 · Reply
  137. erin wrote:

    I ADORE/LOVE/CRAVING for you boots :)

    9.20.09 · Reply
  138. ALB wrote:

    Mmm, leopard.

    9.20.09 · Reply
  139. Lyndsey F. Bergstrom wrote:

    Your mother looks so great in the leopard mohair pea coat!!! I love all of your pictures too!!! Hope all is well with you!!!
    I Miss you both!!!

    9.21.09 · Reply
  140. medina wrote:

    hey jane!
    i’ve been following your blog and i tell you,youre my favourite blogger! I love your style,your fashion insights and your photos!
    keep up the excellent work. I have a fashion blog here too,you can visit me at http://www.decemberia.blogspot.com
    lovess from Malaysia!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  141. amit wrote:

    I don’t know why but the pictures of you wearing a big ‘fur’ coat in a dry-ish garden reminds me of Little Edie in ‘Grey Gardens’!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  142. HkGpk9 I want to say – thank you for this!

    9.29.09 · Reply
  143. valesca wrote:

    love all the looks…especially the yenti! i have the most amazing vintage fur in my shop & am having a hard time letting go:(

    10.7.09 · Reply
  144. http://www.famousbrandbag.com//Handbag wrote:
    11.14.09 · Reply
  145. Babu wrote:

    “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People!!!”

    3.30.10 · Reply
  146. irem çakmak wrote:

    Jane you are my best I love you :)

    6.9.10 · Reply
  147. A fashion pictorial with your mom – I’d say that’s quite an interesting way to bond and have fun together. And the photos show your excellent taste in fashion, as well as your mom’s. I especially got impressed with your collection of faux fur coats. Now, I have an idea what to give the important women in my life this Christmas.

    12.14.12 · Reply
  148. Norma Fay wrote:

    These pictures are great! I love the look of the Faux Fur Jackets. I got just like the blonde faux mink on top at Burlington Coat Factory. They had a great deal on it. It was about $60 less than I had seen it for in any of the department stores.

    2.11.13 · Reply
  149. You look beautiful with the blonde faux mink fur. I like how it wonderfully complements your pants and shoes. Taking pictures under the scorching heat of the sun definitely paid off with how amazing the photos turned out. You did great in modeling those fur coats.

    3.7.13 · Reply
  150. You look beautiful with the blonde faux mink fur. I like how it wonderfully complements your pants and shoes. Taking pictures under the scorching heat of the sun definitely paid off with how amazing the photos turned out. You did great in modeling those fur coats.

    3.8.13 · Reply