If my posts are slow…
Its because I've been busy working with my mom on dissecting this rack of vintage & secondhand furs…most of them are faux. My mom has been collecting these since the beginning of the year and has curated quite the collection…
I can't wait to show all of her finds! As you can see, I've got a lot to cover…expect posts with all of these coats soon!
First off is a personal favorite..
Vintage faux fur jacket-extremely boxy and very warm.
Worn with Joie skinny satin pants and Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up burgundy boots.
Oh hey…notice anything different?
I went red today!
I really like it…it's an exciting change for me, I've never really been anything but dirty blonde before.
Remember this cute jungle green faux-fur coat I posted a few months back?
These faux fur coats by Sasson were what kicked off my mom's obsession with faux-fur.
At the moment she has five of these coats in her possession, and even managed to round up a Sasson baseball tee to go with them.
The green is still my favorite. Worn here with vintage velvet harem pants by Kenzo, and suede tri-tone Pradas.
Plain black doesn't have quite the 'WTF' factor as the green one, but I still love it. Worn with Kill City tie-dye jeans and Balenciaga ankle boots.
More to come soon!
xo Jane

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  1. stephanie wrote:


    9.4.09 · Reply
  2. Stella wrote:

    I really Love ur new hair color it looks beautiful on you and that collection of fur is to die for. Wish I had a reason to go and buy them but I can’t.
    <3 Stella

    9.4.09 · Reply
  3. the red is amazing on you jane! not to mention ooooooooh all the fur coats!!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  4. Madeleine wrote:

    I adore your blog!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  5. Michelle wrote:

    xo rococoandcaffeine.blogspot.com

    9.4.09 · Reply
  6. Jennifer wrote:

    I LOVE that first photo of you, all of the luscious brown!!!!!
    I really like your hair too!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be headed your way tomorrow to do some consignment shopping!!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  7. Wow Jane. The red really works for you. I absolutely love it.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  8. ace wrote:

    very lovely! as always one of my favorite fashion blogs. i’ve been scouring my home town for cheap vintage furs, faux or otherwise, and this is very inspiring because you wear it well. lots of people are afraid to wear fur… most of our local shops’ furs are away for the summer but when they’re back out, this is definitely what i’m drawing from! thanks. :)))

    9.4.09 · Reply
  9. Little Red wrote:

    LOVE the red on you! I’m a natural redhead, so I always love red hair!
    The coats look fabulous! Can’t wait to see more of them!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  10. Connie wrote:

    *sigh* Those all look so warm and fluffy! I can’t wait for winter to start! :)

    9.4.09 · Reply
  11. Kimberley wrote:

    I love those jackets. Right now I am obsessed with feathers.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  12. k wrote:

    you and your mom remind me so much of rachel zoe w/ your love for fur and anything vintage! :)

    9.4.09 · Reply
  13. karen wrote:

    i looove the red hair on you Jane! Beautiful!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  14. Awesome fur coat collection! I love the green one the best!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  15. OHMYGOSHH! your hair looks amazinggg girl! and those furs are gorgeous – especially with the balenciaga boots
    love, love, LOVE it

    9.4.09 · Reply
  16. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  17. Kelsie wrote:

    I’m obsessed with your red hair…the green fur is absolutely fierce!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  18. Smelly Cat wrote:

    incredible collection!! and the new hair colour is great

    9.4.09 · Reply
  19. daphne wrote:

    The green fur is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see where this mini-obsession leads. To some great photos, at least, i’m sure!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  20. Sarah James wrote:

    i’ve been wanting a vintage fur coat for a while….its been quite the challenge to find one i love though. these are Gorgeous!! i wish i was in a better place to look.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  21. gorgeous!
    wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?
    visit me at http://www.fashionsnag.com

    9.4.09 · Reply
  22. Jennifer wrote:

    Love the coats and love the hair! You look amazing!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  23. ladyish wrote:

    wow you’re so pretty. i just found your blog and i’m loving it.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  24. Love yr close up! Man I would make u a model in a hearbeat! You have an exotic look and red lipstick looks good on you! :)
    check out my blog! new post up!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  25. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Wow, love the red!
    Great pics ;) Especially the first photo of you on the stool!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  26. anastassia wrote:

    last shot is epic. fake fur coats are amazing, but they need lots of care not to lool drab.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  27. What an amazing coat collection!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  28. bru marx wrote:

    All the fur coats,amazing,and you look so cute too.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  29. Alexandra wrote:

    The red hair looks great!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  30. cindywan wrote:

    good to hear that most of your fur collection is faux fur and not real.
    love it everytime u do the crimped hair!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  31. Andrew J wrote:

    May be playing it safe here, but my favorite is the black. I’m also looking forward to seeing the patchwork looking jacket in various shades of brown on.
    When I saw your tweet today I was a little afraid to see you as a red, but I have to say it’s much more subtle than I was fearing. I dig :).
    -Andrew J

    9.5.09 · Reply
  32. Ava wrote:

    That green faux fur has such an alluring, peacock-like sheen to it! GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection in action!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  33. cindy wrote:

    jane your hair looks amazing. such a great move going into fall too. i love your jacket collection but i want to see the mongolian, the leopard and the brown fur beside the leopard. do those soon!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  34. Josephine wrote:

    love the hair! especially love the first outfit and last one as well! :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  35. Amy Rae wrote:

    Jane, you look amazing with red hair. I’m not kidding. It just makes you glow. And the shade looks great with fur :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  36. Mary wrote:

    You the best nd i talk you in y blog
    see please here
    I put your credits ok
    xoxo your fan in Brazil!!!!!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  37. Ofelia wrote:

    I hate fur clothes…

    9.5.09 · Reply
  38. heleen wrote:

    arrrr I want to caress them
    your hair looks stunning, by the way! you really pull off the red.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  39. Bisou-joue wrote:

    wow I love your first fur, it looks so great ! so cosy !! Your Ann D boots are amazing !
    This color of lipstick matches so well with the color of your hair !

    9.5.09 · Reply
  40. love these so much. went to beyond retro (a vintage store in london) yesterday and saw a bunch of these faux fur. they are so gorgeous. i think rachel zoe wears them well. and i love how you have paired the brown with simply trousers and boots leaving the fur to do the talkin!.
    check out my blog at

    9.5.09 · Reply
  41. anne marte wrote:

    I love the ankle boots at the last picture, acutually, at the last picture I loved everything xD

    9.5.09 · Reply
  42. nicole wrote:

    i have to say, you’ve been saying in alot of posts im going to start posting heaps and then the next one you post you say “sorry for the slowing down in updates.” confused?

    9.5.09 · Reply
  43. Lesley wrote:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see more pics with the coats!!! It’s hard to think about coats right now when it is 100 degrees out…
    This is so inspiring though…and right on time! My mom has a vintage coat with fur trim from the 60’s that she is giving to me. I’m trying to figure out what to wear with it to make it look more modern.
    BTW, where did you find your black satin skinny pants???

    9.5.09 · Reply
  44. Cecilia wrote:

    Gah! I´m jeallous. I´ve been trying to find the perfect faux fur coat and you have a whole rack of them! You look gorgeous as ever. Also, I really liked the article about you and your mom that she posted on her blog.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  45. olaitan wrote:

    I learned about you while reading style.com’s list of “up and coming style mavens” that may be in the front rows this fashion week. Got a link to your blog and I think its very interesting. You’re extremely eloquent and I love your style. I wish you all the best this school year!
    The Editor

    9.5.09 · Reply
  46. Jen wrote:

    I looooove your hair color! I like it a lot. It’s something different. :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  47. Laura wrote:

    I would love to sleep on top of all of those coats, they look soo cosy.
    Also loving the new hair colour.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  48. I really love faux fur coats, they way you have styled these is fantastic, great work with the colours and textures. One colour combo I would usually avoid is green and brown but you work it really well with the prada, perhaps it is the flash of lilac breaking it up. Is that a mongolian I spy loving sheepskin at the moment. I would also love a pair of tall Ann D’s here collection this season is quite a minimalist look but Ive always loved the laces!
    That colour hair is absolutely divine, really suits you and a lovely shade for the autumn.
    Pearl x

    9.5.09 · Reply
  49. Rose wrote:

    That haircolor is the best shoebuy of the year. brava!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  50. Brooke wrote:

    You hair looks great. Awesome color. I also love that first coat. My mom, sister, and I discovered a lot of vintage furs at my grandmother’s house, so we have had fun with them too :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  51. Fun! I found my grandmothers old mink coat over summer and fell in love. Mum wouldn’t let me have it though. :( You look gorgeous with the red hair!
    ~Olivia x

    9.5.09 · Reply
  52. Cecylia wrote:

    It’s winter in Melbourne and your post came handy for warm inspirations for me! Thanks Jane!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  53. wowwwwwwwwww. I want it all. Bit inconvinient that I live in Australia so I can’t raid the wardrobe haha. Absolutely adore how they styled your hair in previous post when you did the shoot :) crimping? hot!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  54. Lucy-Jane wrote:

    yay red
    it really reallt suits yoyu actually

    9.5.09 · Reply
  55. Rachelle wrote:

    Ooooh the green velvet one is so beautiful!!
    I’ve been searching for one like that for so long…

    9.5.09 · Reply
  56. Kasia wrote:

    great outfits! and nice pictures!;)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  57. linn wrote:

    I absolutly LOVE it!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  58. The thing that is so great with fur coats is the story behind them, who did it used to belong to? What amazing places has it been to?! For instance your grandmothers fur coats, where has she worn them and where did she get them from? I think it’s interesting to know its history.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

    9.5.09 · Reply
  59. Camilla wrote:

    Not a lot of people can do red if u ask me, but I think it looks amazing on you! I love your blog, your style and especially all your shoes!!! :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  60. victoire wrote:

    absolutely stunning pieces! and they look even more so on you. seriously, you’re getting much too pretty :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  61. Le Cocon wrote:

    the red hair looks absolutely stunning on you!
    xo noah (Indie Music Blog)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  62. Laura wrote:

    last outfit is amazing! i love the ankle boots.
    and you look adorable with your red hair.
    your life just seems like a fairytale!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  63. Catarina wrote:

    I am in awe with the coats and the shoes. The jungle green fur coat is really stunning and your Balenciaga ankle boots are to die for!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  64. Isabel wrote:

    Your hair looks sooooo pretty.
    Omg, all those fur coats are to die for.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  65. fanny wrote:

    wow, LOVE the new hair color!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  66. jess wrote:

    you look great as a redhead, definitely not too over the top.
    And I don’t think I’ll ever stop coveting those Ann Demeulemeester boots, they’re just so freaking badass.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  67. Danielle wrote:

    I like your hair! Your mom sure does have quite the collection of vintage fur too.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  68. You look fab! Love the coats!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  69. madika wrote:

    I LOVE your hair color! it really suits you.
    what shade is it exactly? i want it too!
    and those furs… <3

    9.5.09 · Reply
  70. Clementine wrote:

    Love the red hair

    9.5.09 · Reply
  71. Zoe wrote:

    Gorgeous! Your hair looks really niceee :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  72. Stephanie wrote:

    I love it! It’s so adorable and your hair is so lush! I love having you tweet whenever you post new entries, too.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  73. dy wrote:

    wow the red hair really works for you. dy

    9.5.09 · Reply
  74. fika wrote:

    such an inspiration winter material.
    makes me want to try on those beautiful coats
    though i know i couldn’t since there isn’t any winter here.
    Nice hair color. it really suits you

    9.5.09 · Reply
  75. Jessica wrote:

    I must say I adore that green jacket too. And I love that you added a hue of red to your hair, it’s not too much, but just right. The color looks fabulous on you! OooOOoo and those are some fabulous coats your mom has collected :D

    9.5.09 · Reply
  76. gina wrote:

    Great fur collection. Love your hair!!!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  77. jaime wrote:

    Love your new hair and also the first outfit- those boots are AMAZING.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  78. Karen.D wrote:

    I love fur, I’ve got about a dozen coats myself, some real, some faux… Looking forward to seeing how you work these! (WTF is that strawberry pink thing? Wanna see that in action!!)
    I’m lving the red hair also, really brings out your complexion. Speaking of which I’ve been meaning to ask if you could let us know what skin products you use? If any. I have reddish-blonde hair and fair skin and I’m currently looking to get a proper skin routine going, but haven’t liked any I’ve tried. Was wondering if could let us in on what products you use as my colouring and skin type seems to be very similar to yours.
    Keep up the great work. You’re one of the few truly original blogs out there!! XOXO

    9.5.09 · Reply
  79. lo-la-la wrote:

    Luurrrvve the red hair, it suits your skin so much better than the blonde! :-)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  80. Rosa wrote:

    Awesome. I personally LOVE red hair. Your mom’s collection motivates me to want to start my own. Lastly, I love the last picture the best. Great photo!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  81. You’re hair looks amazing! And I’m so jealous of all those furs. Not to mention, you’re gorgeous! That last photo is so pretty!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  82. Christina wrote:

    the red hair is WONDERFUL!!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  83. mar wrote:

    love the Balenciagas !!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  84. Molly Rose wrote:

    Amazing fur collection! The burgundy one is so pretty. Your hair looks really pretty red… it’s subtle and natural, but still adds quite a pop!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  85. Isabel wrote:

    Your style is freaking badass, Jane! I love those Kill City jeans. Scratch that, I love everything about your style.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  86. Kate wrote:

    they are all pretty much fantastic!!! CAN NOT NOT NOT wait til fall!!!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  87. tippy wrote:

    love the new hair color! i’ve collected a few vintage/faux fur coats but haven’t had the courage to wear them yet. you’re style is definitely an inspiration.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  88. japke wrote:

    I love the leopard coat! And the green one is also really amazing! But only if they are faux fure.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  89. Linda wrote:

    I love the hair, i loved them as they were too, actually…;) may i ask what are your glasses? I need a new pair and yours look awesome. Thanks!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  90. Jill wrote:

    Of course I love the red girly girl!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  91. Elizabete wrote:

    The last one is my favourite.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  92. Evi wrote:

    great collection !!!!! btw awesome color of your hair !!! :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  93. Love the coats! Also the Sasson tee’s fabulous!
    198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion and Architecture:

    9.5.09 · Reply
  94. amazing coats! and i LOVE the new hair color.
    – ashley

    9.5.09 · Reply
  95. Love the new color!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  96. klee wrote:

    you look great as a redhead!
    and that personal favourite of yours, its beau-ti-ful!
    looking forward to the post thn :D

    9.5.09 · Reply
  97. Mattaya wrote:

    is that a rainbow faux fur coat i see?i want to see what it really looks like!The green coat is awesome and your new hair color is like fire,in a good way :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  98. Roz wrote:

    I like the fact that a lot of these are faux fur. You’ve chosen some really lovely pieces, especially that bottle green one! (nice glasses too!) A real 40’s, glamorous feel. And those demeulemeester lace up boots are really quite gorgeous. They work well with that particular coat.
    Just lovely.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  99. dv wrote:

    the red is amazing! and i love you blog!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  100. loveeee the faux fursss!! im so jealous! i wish my coat collection looked like that!!
    i love the velvet pants on you – beauttttiiifuuulllll!!
    <3 The Voguette

    9.5.09 · Reply
  101. so epic, I love your mom’s stuff, you two make the raddest fashion team

    9.5.09 · Reply
  102. Anna wrote:

    love your outfits!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  103. changing your hair was a brave move seeing as you’d not done it before. really paid off though, you look sensational! x

    9.5.09 · Reply
  104. Aleeyah wrote:

    i forgot to ask you, how cold does it get in texas? just wondering! lol

    9.5.09 · Reply
  105. Carol wrote:

    I love your hair! And that greeen coat is amazing <333

    9.5.09 · Reply
  106. Sydnie wrote:

    1. Your hair looks fantastic! I saw it on Twitter and I’m really obsessed.
    2. I’m absolutely dying for a faux fur jacket this winter. They look so elegant!
    3. The Balenciagas you’re wearing here are my favorite shoes in the entire world. I’m SO jealous you own them!
    4. Even though I don’t comment a lot, I check out your blog daily. I adore all of your outfits, and I wish I could raid your closet! :)

    9.5.09 · Reply
  107. Samantha wrote:

    i love the red hair! it goes so well with your skin tone.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  108. Remi wrote:

    sorry but am I the only one who thinks your hair doesn’t look red?
    still looks good, just not red..

    9.5.09 · Reply
  109. Mads wrote:

    LOVE LOVE the fur! my fave pic of you is the 3rd, such cute background.. Your hair color’s very nice suits the shade ofyour lips very well..

    9.5.09 · Reply
  110. Christine wrote:

    love the red hair! also the leopard coat is <3.

    9.5.09 · Reply
  111. They are all fabulous!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  112. Julia wrote:

    I love your new hair color! It looks really rich and natural. I love playing around with hair color and recently dyed my hair too , semi-permenant of course so I don’t mess up!
    I’m so jealous of that rack of amazing coats!

    9.5.09 · Reply
  113. Monika wrote:

    I’m planning to buy fake fur this year too. They look great with jeans and booties. Or in different ways too. I like your red hair:)

    9.6.09 · Reply
  114. What an amazing fur collection!
    And your hair looks great, it really suits you to be a reda head :) Strawberry blonde is what its´called?
    I went red last week and I love it too, a draker shade than yours though :)
    Love your blog!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  115. That hair colour really suits you..!
    Red complements your skin tone perfectly..!
    Don’t go back to blonde..!! ;)

    9.6.09 · Reply
  116. Time after time you still gorgeous, your picture too.

    9.6.09 · Reply
  117. kirsty wrote:

    i love all these pieces! and your new hair colour is fab defo need a change sometime iv just gone from brunette to blonde xxxx

    9.6.09 · Reply
  118. Jo wrote:

    I’m interested to find out which lipsticks you wear!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  119. The last pic isAMAAAAAAZING, looks like a pic in a real fashion magazine!
    & the red lipstik is really cool on you!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  120. simply excellent. the green faux fur is so striking. love the reddish hair- the shade is subtle, just right.
    wish i could wear fake fur, but it’s literally endless summer where i live.

    9.6.09 · Reply
  121. Pocahondas wrote:

    Beautiful hair!!!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  122. Your hair looks beautiful! I can’t begin to explain how amazing those coats are!!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  123. Lisette wrote:

    I saw your looks at lookbook, YOU ‘re AMAZING!! I always follow you at look book :) You have a nice style!
    Could you invite me for lookbook?
    I know nobody there :(
    This is my email: lisette-loves-dance@live.nl
    Sorry for the mistakes ENGLISH IS DIFFICULT FOR ME (a)because Im from holland ;)
    With love, Lisette

    9.6.09 · Reply
  124. Megg wrote:

    I love your blog, and read it all the time. Just wondering though, what programme do you use to make your collages – i use polyvore at the moment, – but i dont like it much, and i dont want to have to pay for a programme either – though that may be what you use – it would be great if you could tell me, and even better if its online and free! thanks. x

    9.6.09 · Reply
  125. dannie wrote:

    loooving those kill city tie dyed!!!! you have thee best clothes! how cool is it to have a mom who loooves fashion as well?!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  126. Margaux wrote:

    I love the hair change!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  127. Bri Emery wrote:

    I find your blog very inspirational and your eye for design is appreciated.
    I would love to do a BLOG BANNER EXCHANGE if you are interested!
    I would L O V E if you took a look at my design blog:
    D E S I G N L O V E F E S T
    B R I

    9.6.09 · Reply
  128. Becca wrote:

    Loving those coats.
    As a redhead, I am totally coveting that green one especially – green is my fave to wear. If it ever by some miraculous chance ends up on Atlantis Vintage let me know!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  129. AK wrote:

    OMGoodness how beautiful!
    I just saw some AMAZING fur and faux-fur jackets at the flea markets in Paris today!!!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  130. KD wrote:

    The green is definitely my favorite. :-)

    9.6.09 · Reply
  131. Ji. wrote:

    Love the green coat. So chic!
    and your shoes in the second photo… :-)

    9.6.09 · Reply
  132. ooh you lucky thing.. id love a rummage through all those fur coats:)!!

    9.6.09 · Reply
  133. Amber wrote:

    Wow – your mom has amassed quite the collection. Such wonderful-ness!
    And, I love the hair! I just dyed mine too. But not red. It was supposed to be a light honey brown, but…didn’t turn out that way. :/

    9.6.09 · Reply
  134. Elle wrote:

    I think I have that brown coat in my collection! It makes me feel like a big teddy bear

    9.6.09 · Reply
  135. emily wrote:

    your hair is so pretty… totally awesome. :)

    9.6.09 · Reply
  136. Shoe Me In wrote:

    I’m in love with your hair color!!
    And definitely agree with you on the dark green being more stunning than black.

    9.6.09 · Reply
  137. I have just begun to explore your blog and its phenomenal… Your fur collection is coma-inducing… Amazing and you rock them brilliantly.

    9.6.09 · Reply
  138. kate wrote:

    You look as stylish as always. :)

    9.7.09 · Reply
  139. Jewell wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE the Ann Demeulemeester burgundy boots! to die for!
    Looking forward to the posts on all the faux fur!

    9.7.09 · Reply
  140. beam wrote:

    Your hair looks fab. And I just love your blog ((and your mum´s, too). The fantastic pictures, the details – you are very photogenic.
    All the best.

    9.7.09 · Reply
  141. Amy Guidry wrote:

    Love the red hair! I’ve learned from changing my hair color multiple times that red will fade faster than you can say “Lady Clairol.” So here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years: stop washing your hair, seriously, go as long as you can stand. When you do wash, don’t use heavy conditioners, they fade color quick. And keep the water as cool as you can. Hot water leaches red out. Also, a color enhancing shampoo and conditioner really help. Personally, I recommend Aveda since they are animal friendly and actually have different shades of red shampoo, etc. to choose from.

    9.7.09 · Reply
  142. Malin wrote:

    Your hair looks great and together with the lipstick…. sooo Great! good choice!
    Check out this online shoe shop, worldwide shipping!

    9.7.09 · Reply
  143. Caramell wrote:

    So many furs! I’m flabbegasted! ;D

    9.7.09 · Reply
  144. juliet wrote:

    You’re a great model!
    juliet xxx

    9.7.09 · Reply
  145. Moa wrote:

    I’ve nerver commented here before but you have one of my favorite blogs! Love it. Style you’ve got off course! In my blog you can win 55 bows right now, all made by me. Have taken lost of nice photos to. Visit if you like!

    9.7.09 · Reply
  146. Jess wrote:

    oh god, I love that green one. Its just the perfect shade of deep green.
    ahh jealous

    9.7.09 · Reply
  147. Love itt, your hair looks so nice!
    I’m a personal fan of that pink vest, looks so fun.
    And yay to it being faux!

    9.7.09 · Reply
  148. Those are nice coats. Shame it doesn’t get cold enough often here in TX to get much good wear out of them, eh? Ah well, they’re nice to have around when it does get cold I suppose!

    9.7.09 · Reply
  149. bVn wrote:

    Love it.
    Visit my blog ;]

    9.7.09 · Reply
  150. Really cool!

    9.8.09 · Reply
  151. Shok wrote:

    nice glasses nerd :)

    9.8.09 · Reply
  152. geri wrote:

    your hair looks gorgeous! itching to do the same but wimp out at the last second every time.

    9.8.09 · Reply
  153. romyyy wrote:

    i’m in love with your Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up burgundy boots.
    xoxox romylicious.blogspot.com

    9.8.09 · Reply
  154. K.B. wrote:

    Hey, I was at Walmart, of all places, today and I noticed a pair of SASSON JEANS in the discards pile by the fitting rooms!
    So if Walmart carries Sasson I reckon that you could probably easily get more of these baseball tees–though probably not so much the fur coats. :)

    9.8.09 · Reply
  155. CHICMUSE wrote:

    LOVE IT!

    9.8.09 · Reply
  156. beba wrote:

    You look great with red hair!
    Peace and love!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  157. Please get one in a dalmation pattern! I’m dead serious!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  158. Emma wrote:

    OMG!! I’m so glad to see someone who uses fax fur and loves fashion!
    Animals are not resources and they deserve to live just like us!
    as an slogan says: “fake for the animals sake”
    best wishes!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  159. I love the red, great look on you!

    9.11.09 · Reply
  160. Regina wrote:

    Follow Follow–>

    9.11.09 · Reply
  161. paz wrote:

    I love these pics so much. Such an inspiration! What black liquid/cream/gel eyeliner are you using in these set of pics? So black, so hot.

    9.11.09 · Reply
  162. I love love love the emerald green Sasson fur coat! Must find some for myself…

    9.12.09 · Reply
  163. Chin wrote:

    you look absolutely gorgeous with those red tresses!

    9.18.09 · Reply
  164. cesar wrote:

    She is beautiful!!!!! She is a poem!!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  165. Katelyn Lutterbach wrote:

    I love all of the coats and the new hair looks marvelous. Just yesterday my grandmother gave me a silver fox fur coat from 1960 that she got in Finland. It is so gorgeous I will never be able to part with it and although I normally wouldn’t wear real fur the coat was made in the past and there is nothing that could be done now. Plus it is oh so soft I couldn’t resist.

    9.26.09 · Reply
  166. Maggie wrote:

    Wow your so very photogenic, but im wondering, who takes your pictures of you, they seem pretty skilled!

    10.5.09 · Reply
  167. Stephanie wrote:

    why do you collect fur coats when you live in Texas? just a question.

    11.4.09 · Reply
  168. http://www.famousbrandbag.com//Handbag wrote:
    11.14.09 · Reply
  169. Naaaa_c wrote:

    I am Brazilian and I loved We have found your blog! He’s too perfect! Decided to comment on this page because it was one that I liked, but of course, all are wonderful! (and i’m sorry, because my english is so bad!)
    i love you so much
    big kiss!

    12.5.09 · Reply
  170. IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

    2.14.11 · Reply
  171. Hello, i would like to read more information about this topic because i think that is very interesting

    5.13.11 · Reply
  172. Dave DeBlase wrote:

    Sorry im late to the Party .. But Faux Speed ahead?? okay that bad. Faux Ho Ho ?? anyway ,, love the set!!!

    12.20.11 · Reply