Saturday Shoe Shopping

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to go to Northpark Mall with my mom and sister, have lunch at the Neiman Marcus mermaid bar, and shoe-shop maniacally. I was really excited when Stacey (the shoe fairy) called us to tell us the new Proenza boots were in…I've been dying to see them. I wore the Proenza pumps at a shoot for Elle…


And fell in love with them. But I had a hunch the boots would be ten times cuter…

We headed into town Saturday morning to check them out.
I figured shoe-shopping was the perfect occasion to debut these drop-dead ridiculous Margiela boots I got last month in New York… 

Half-mesh half-leather knee boots. They are mind boggling. I feel like the luckiest shoe-lover in the world for getting these…I got them at the basement sale at the If boutique, and they were $180…in my size!! 

I figured these boots were so weird that they needed an even weirder skirt to top them. My mom gets all the credit for finding this gem…

This hand-painted leather skirt is vintage Adolfo, my mom found it on eBay. How does this skirt make you feel? I think that frog looks a little creepy…hugging that log just a little too close, know what I mean? So funny that it's Adolfo..that was Nancy Reagan's favorite. I would like to see Nancy Reagan in this skirt.

My mom kept trying to tell me that the log was in fact a cinnamon stick. What the hell? Hahaha

Keeping it dorky with a Velma turtleneck. 
On to the shoe shopping…


Mom tries them on…oh yes! It's a must-have. I debate briefly whether to get a mid-calf verson of this shoe. It's a very slick plain black boot with white piping instead of yellow. I opted for this version instead. It had more of a ski-boot feel, and I love the lace-up action and repetitive spectator detailing. 

Mom couldn't resist this Louboutin ankle boot either. Gotta love leopard pony hair.

Carol always ditches my mom and me when we shoe-shop…she'd rather check out cake molds and egg beaters at William Sinoma. We caught up to have a long lunch at the Mermaid Bar…

Loved mom's outfit on Saturday…

She got this kilt at the If basment sale too…we really did find the most amazing things that day. She's wearing a vintage Christopher Ross belt with it, and some really hardcore Gucci boots. The leather on them is industrial-strength!!

What a lovely day that was.

And I am so in love with these boots…

And so is Denise.


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  1. Becky says:

    Ahh your mum’s boots are divine! And my mum has a skirt just like the one you’re wearing, several in fact. She gets them from this amazing local designer here, and one has a picture of a little girl and a baby deer, it’s so Heidi it’s not even funny. :D

  2. Meg says:

    Jane! Why didn’t you tell us you got a style award in Elle magazine?! That’s awesome!

  3. frenchghosts says:

    you have such an incredible sense of style! i can’t stop staring at the gorgeous shoes.

  4. Wikifashion says:

    Gorgeous, I love that first shot. The boots are AMAZING :)

  5. Andrew J says:

    Sick new boots Jane! Love your mom’s Gucci’s as well! You both looked great for a fun day of shopping!
    P.S. I miss the Dallas Mermaid Bar :(.
    -Andrew J

  6. ava says:

    Hi Jane!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Elisa says:

    I love the Margiela boots and your new boots too, and the Gucci boots your mom was wearing…. so I like all your shoes!

  8. Kate says:

    Those Margiela boots are to die for! Amazing.
    And your new boots are breahtaking. So jealous, you’ll wear them quite well!

  9. MK says:

    I LOVE THE MERMAID BAR AT NEIMANS that is part of the whole experience.
    Once again and again and again, amazing shoes!
    Ugghh I am so envious.You are sooo lucky.
    I recently did a blog post about your Marni Chrome Wedges.
    If you have time take a peek.
    Much love,

  10. Ore says:

    The Margiela boots are pretty cooooool

  11. Lianne says:

    Love hthe pictures with denise. shes so cute.. :)
    gorgeous shoes as always

  12. Gaby says:

    Damn I am so jealous of you and your shoes!!!!!!

  13. Azn Glow says:

    Wow, those shoes Margiela boots are so lush!!

  14. Flavia M. says:

    The dog is so cute!. You should get her a pair of shoes, there are some great dog shoes to choose from. My dog has red sneakers but he takes them off too quickly… :P

  15. andrea says:

    Aren’t you glad I told your Mom about IF? It is one of the best independent boutiques in NY and it has been for over 25 years. You really made out well at the sale!

  16. Sara says:

    Nice shoes!!!
    I love you blog, it´s amazing.
    You always choose the best shoes of the season.

  17. EQotDaF says:

    I fell in love with those Proenza Schouler booties ever since I saw their Fall 2009 collection at the beginning of the year. I’ve been waiting for them ever since, but they are so hard to find (whether it’s websites that ship to Canada or stores in my city)! I guess I now know that Neiman Marcus carries them… though I didn’t see them on the website. I’ll keep looking. GREAT BUY, those shoes, and good choice. :)

  18. chelsea says:

    I love it that the dog is just hanging out shoe shopping too!
    For all the best ediotirals, runway shots, front row and style inspiration check out

  19. yuka says:

    omg the boots are divine!! you always find the best things!!

  20. Vanessa says:

    I know you talk about the crazy boots and the crazy skirt, but I actually kinda love that outfit, not gonna lie.

  21. Kate says:

    Awwww man those are my dream boots of the season and you have them!!! I know you will rock em well x

  22. Ava says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous finds; I’m incredibly smitten with those Margiela boots– probably some of the most innovative and straight stunninnnnggggg boots I’ve seen in a long while! (Leave it to Martin haha…)
    Also, congratulations on all the amazing opportunities that you’ve had recently- you’re fabulous and deserving of each one!

  23. Heather says:

    You ladies are too damn cool. Seriously now, those half-mesh, half-leather shoes just rocked my world radically. seaofshoes is my religion.
    xoxo Heather

  24. The Adolfo skirt is AMAZING, along with all the beautiful shoes.
    Your blog is my favourite!

  25. gina says:

    Your dog is adorable. I love your orange turtleneck and necklace with that skirt. The mesh/leather boots are weird in the most intriguing way. Your mother’s belt is great and her boots are A-MAAAAAZ-ING!!!

  26. amber says:

    good heavens! WOW. Those boots are amazing. And you, just somehow keep getting more amazing too.

  27. Love these photos !
    check out my mummy dress @ !

  28. Emma says:

    those boots are amaazing!!

  29. Margarita says:

    Those boots are gorgeous. I especially love the Margielas, those are so unique I’ve never seen them before.

  30. Britte says:

    woah… how do you afford this?
    Everything you own is beautiful… but the expense is mind-blowing.

  31. Daniela RD says:

    Those Margiela boots are the greatest thing ever (L) I loved them!

  32. Lana says:

    Wow. I enjoyed reading this post about a mother/daughter dropping $5000 on footwear in one fell swoop. AWESOME!

  33. Patricia says:

    That Margiela boots look nice up close but from afar it kind of looks like you have no feet ’cause the boots look sort of like leggings, therefore making your legs look like stumps. Just saying.

  34. Brigadeiro says:

    OH. MY. GOSH!!! Shoe porn! Denise is GORGEOUS, those Proenza’s are seriously 2D4!!! LOVE your mom’s Gucci boots too!!!

  35. sd says:

    the shoes are beyond beautiful
    haha and the photos w/your dog and the shoes made me laugh haha
    i can’t let my dog near my shoes..she thinks they are her toys..haha

  36. WJ says:

    There are some seriously banging shoe porn in this post…no pun intended, haha. I love it the words Margiela and shoes are put into the same sentence, inevitably ends with good results! Yours are gorgeous and such a great bargain too. The skirt is completely creepy but amazing cute at the same time.

  37. good lord, those MM boots are surreal! the delicacy of the mesh combined with leather is downright genius. MM does it again…
    the skirt- oh, man! at first glance, i would have surely passed on something so whimsically bizarre, but in actuality it’s awfully cute- log or cinnamon stick, whatever! lol

  38. Laura says:

    I have followed your blog since the beginning and I would just like to say that I am SO happy for you and all your recent triumphs in fashion – you’re one of the very few who GET IT.
    And those Proenza Schouler boots are just FANTASTIC. Probably my favorite shoes you’ve posted about since the Ann Demeulemeester lace ups (which i now own thank you very much, haha)
    I have a feeling that if I ever come across those Proenzas in my size, they’ll be coming home with me.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up!
    Even if my wallet is a little tired now…oh well. :D

  39. Judy says:

    I am lovin those ankle boots, your adorable dog even more, and your mom’s guccis which are indeed so so very kick ass :) Industrial strength leather? Sounds like exactly what I need!! I’m always scuffing up my new boots!! Anyway, you must be the luckiest girl in the world…seriously. :) take care! xoxo

  40. manya says:

    I always love the color of your photos. Are you still using the Nikon DSLR? If so, is it on Auto Mode? You are a shoe queen, yes, but I admire your pictures!!! Hehe. Keep it up.

  41. WHOA that was alot to take in all in one post. FABULOUS.
    (and i love that carol just bows out of the whole shoe shopping thing. so cute)

  42. Megan says:

    adopt me , k thanks :)

  43. candice chu says:

    what a fun post! u rock those margiela boots! they are sooo coool!!!!
    glad u guys found some great stuff in nyc!

  44. gennie says:

    wow… i don’t know what’s more amazing- the shoes or denise ;)

  45. samantha atlas says:

    WOW those boots are amazinggg! i dont even want to say what i would do for a pair of them haha
    i’m obsessed with the yellow piping and the color of the wood, it gives me this sort of punk fairy tale feeling for some reason, sooo jealous!

  46. Isabelle says:

    The heel in these boots is what fascinates me, they’re stunning and they look like you can use them with nearly everything.

  47. Catherine says:

    I am in love with the Margiela boots. What a lucky find! I’m so jealous…

  48. S.I.Q. says:

    the proenza boots are amazing!!!!
    -Wintour vs. Alexa Chung

  49. OMG gorgeous!! I want them all!!

  50. Libby says:

    Those are some pretty amazing boots but i adore those booties even more!

  51. Isabel says:

    Sweet Jesus, those Proenza Boots are amazing.

  52. jennifer says:

    So many fantastic shoes! Denise is adorable!

  53. Marina says:

    at first i thought those boots were the either or tights Urban Outfitters had for a while and then there they were in boot form! I love how its not only an “Either or” on the color, but it is on the fabric…
    nice choice with the Lanvin’s too! I love the rich color your camera is able to capture!

  54. Marina says:

    At first I thought those boots were the “Either or” tight Urban Outfitters had for a while, and then i saw that it was 10x better because they are in boot form! I love how not only is it and “Either or” on the color. But, also on the fabric! Lovely Lanvin’s! The camera you have is divine because it is able to capture such depth and color! :)

  55. Nadia says:

    oh my god jane !!!! i nearly passed out when i saw your complete outfit of the mesh boots with the frog .. oh my freaking god this look wil lforever be in my mind …. i should clap right now .. that is too amazing ..
    hope you read this ,,, , , i love it !!!!

  56. Liang says:

    You guys look impeccable, as usual :]

  57. everything about your blog is beautiful.
    those proenza’s make me droooool!
    keep on shoppin!!!
    Runway Hippie

  58. I had a pump version of the Margiela you have, but I returned them. They didn’t look good on me. The boots you have are very cute on, though. Proenza Schouler booties are pretty awesome, too. Love the detailing!

  59. FiveZeroNine says:

    STUNNING margiela boots….
    and i also love that turtleneck….the colour is so so vibrant…

  60. The Voguette says:

    OMGGG those louboutins are AMAZINGGG I want them SOOO SOO MUCHHH!! and your mesh boots are CRAZY!! I cant believe you got such a good deal on them!!!
    <3 The Voguette

  61. Jennifer says:

    Oh my word, I love the frog skirt!!! The boots are pretty killer too! Such a good deal on them!

  62. Jen says:

    OMG, those boots honestly make me drool just a little bit, which is probably very similar to your adorable dog’s reaction. :)

  63. goodle says:

    AW-ESOME! leopard pony heels! wow, it looks like so much work was put to make those babies!
    Goodle x

  64. arline says:

    I don’t even have to mention the shoes/boots.
    But, as I mentioned in your moms blog, Denise is too cute!

  65. Melissa says:

    Love your mom! She is beyond the coolest/chic mom ever!
    And Carol and I would totally hit it off because I also ditch shoe shopping (oops, sorry!) in order to find the perfect cake mold! However, I would be insanely jealous of your shoe finds when I returned!
    Your boxer rocks!

  66. ely says:

    :) <—what i do every time i visit your blog. love every single pic

  67. Those Margiela boots are just the perfect amount of weird. I love them, especially paired with the creepy humping frog skirt. And I’m STILL kicking myself for missing that IF boutique sale.

  68. Carissa says:

    your mom is so stylish :D and so do you. Love you both and THE SHOES ARE AMAZING!

  69. Becca says:

    I am dying over these. The mesh/leather boots first of all? Amazing. Basically every pair in this post is beyond wonderful.

  70. The dog with the shoe kills me!

  71. Liz! says:

    Thank you for wearing these Margiela boots with that cinnamon frog skirt. I’m glad to see you have so much fun with your shoes – it’s quite refreshing in a world of serious fashion. I can count on you to find the most beautiful of wacky shoes. I love your blog. And those are the best Proenza shoes. A traditional oxford welt outsole on top of layered platforms. Weird and amazing.

  72. Nina says:

    Great picks! Would love to own a pair someday.

  73. esther says:

    my orca loves gold flip flops.

  74. urgh killerkiller boots. your dog is too cute!

  75. Gosh girl, you seriously are one of the luckiest fashion loving girls on the planet! I love reading your blog but can’t lie I get a tinge of jealousy loathing over all your fabulous shoes that you have acquired! I would die for one pair of awesome heels like a Louboutin or something of the sorts- but someday, right?!? If you ever need to donate some old ones, you know where to go!!! :)gotta work my way up there- Great blog though I enjoy reading up on your adventures! xo

  76. Pauline/CHLOE says:

    Margiela boots are fantastic! lucky U, lucky U, lucky U!!!!! I’m Margiela addict, what the hell???

  77. ruxandra says:

    now, no offence, i love your style[especially this outfit here], your shoes, but how come you can afford all of this?:)

  78. autumn says:

    Do you think you could do a post about your beauty/hair/etc routine?
    I love your blog and you are such an inspiration.

  79. klee says:

    omg! all the shoes are awesome!!!

  80. C says:

    wow. you’re rich! lol. anyway what really caught my attention was your dog, is it a Boxer? if it is so cute, boxers are the only dogs i like.haha.

  81. Alice says:

    I think you are the only person who could pull off that skirt, I was unsure about it in the first picture but once I saw it with the polo neck, perfect!
    And I am literally drooling over those ankle boots, If only I had the money!

  82. sofiasophie says:

    Your outfit is really cool, I really love this skirt your mom show us a detail in her blog.
    you seem to have very good weather in Dallas!

  83. Brooke says:

    The Proenza’s are gorgeous!! And, the Margiela boots are quite the steal. Amazing.

  84. Pearl says:

    WOW!!! Total shoe heaven! The Margiela’s were such a total steal! They remind me of the Chanel bow booties with the mesh. I love all the boots here but yep the PS’s are much nicer in boots than shoes. I saw the frog on your mums blog, didnt realise it was on leather you do pull it off really well. Judy’s boots look great to. Ah you make me want to go boot shopping now!
    Pearl x

  85. Oh, the boots are all thumbs up!!!! They are so amazing.

  86. EMILIE says:

    You look so pretty in the first picture Jane!
    Those Margiela boots are quite amazing but I love love love love the Louboutin ankle boots!
    Emilie from

  87. Delia says:

    BRAVO LANVIN¡¡¡¡¡¡
    Kisses from Spain

  88. Anna says:

    The black and white shoes are really cool :D

  89. Mara says:

    Oh my Gosh I looove these leopard Ankle Boots !! ♥

  90. My Emma. says:

    Absolutely looove your pics!!

  91. Jo says:

    OMG the Margiella Boots are so amazing, you wear em so well!!

  92. How how how did you find those Margielas for $180???? Amazing.

  93. Mia says:

    wow, your mum has had some work done on her face. it looks terrific!!!!you are both sosososo gorgeous!

  94. Jennifer says:

    I think that I would rather go with Carol to look at cake moulds as well haha; for me cake trumps everything else!

  95. Sarah says:

    Wow, those boots are really something. They look almost like stockings on heels. Great bargain for them too!

  96. sabrina says:

    WOW!!! Those shoes are killer, love all of them!
    For updates from the fashion weeks, check out my blog, I’d be very happy :)

  97. joannapple says:

    love black`n yellow shoes the most and your cute doggy !!

  98. Samantha says:

    i love the new boots and your dog is adorable!

  99. MªÁngeles S.T. says:

    The Louboutin ones are incredible, really nice photos and the dog is so sweet.

  100. Oh . . . I might have to get those boots too. The Proenzas. The Gucci boots are sick as well.

  101. Brittany says:

    Drooooooool* I have the Margiela half leather, half mesh high-heel sandals, soooo in love with those boots, man alive.
    And the pictures of the shoes with Denise are just great hehe
    Great post!! I love your blog <3

  102. STW says:

    ahh love those proenza’s- i was partial to the tapestry version myself but in black they’re a lot more timeless, i think.
    what size did you get those margiela boots in?!? i was “should i get them? or no?” in the size 39 at the IF sale (they were the only pair left), and eventually left them there b/c i got a bunch of other things, but i couldn’t stop thinking about them so i called the next day and they said someone got them that night! anyway would be funny if it was you.

  103. Punkie says:

    this post is totally amazing! love the shoes and the pics so much!

  104. amy says:

    great choice in the Proenza! I fell in love with the boots & pumps when i watched the runway show. Killer!!

  105. amy says:

    oh, & is your sister going to do a cooking blog? the family that blogs together… :)

  106. fashionbyhe says:

    the heels with the yellow are super hot!!
    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  107. summerteeth says:

    you really have an eye for styling in a way that is completely surprising and eye-opening. and those proenza shoes are spectacular. truly. love!

  108. Booup says:

    GOD, I love your blog !!!! He is just wow !! And the Louboutin Boots are just GORGEOUS ! I love that.
    ( Sorry for my bad english, I’m French haha )

  109. Kasia says:

    I adore the first look!!! love the shoes!

  110. linda says:

    beautiful photos whit a dog :))
    I wish shopping very much – as you :))
    (you are perfect with red lipstick ;)))

  111. aysha says:

    You bought all those shoes in 1 day!?!?!!
    I sooooo want to be you!!! lucky girl!!! thay are all fantastic!!!

  112. MLEstyle says:

    I have to say how much I love your blog!! What a fun post….makes me want to go shoe shopping ASAP!!! I miss living in NYC and being able to find those designer discounts in the Upper East Side resale boutiques…the best feeling ever when you found the perfect piece!
    Great post! :-D

  113. Paige says:

    I wnat your shoes, AND your dog now!

  114. Jill says:

    My middle name is Denise! And, tell Carol, I used to do the windows for Williams-Sonoma in Houston. Love the skirt…I think it’s a log. You don’t see many cinnamon sticks floating around willy-nilly, do you?

  115. so amazing.. its very avant garde, and this is what I love about fashion, its so huge and profound that youll find your style, no matter if there several paradigms and stereotypes, there will always be something for everyone!! and this shoes, are not only creativity, but uniqueness and strenght!!
    btw, this reminds me of my new love, my new lover>:::
    sea of shoes was my lover, so long time ago!! im still so very faithful!!!

  116. Bri Emery says:

    I am Bri. I design the Fashion Institute of Design & Merch’s magazine twice a year.
    This time around the theme is…..
    B L O G G I N G !
    I am looking for a
    C O V E R G I R L
    and i think you would be a great candidate!
    There is heavy influence on street style fashion.
    You could use this as a free resource to drive more traffic to your blog, considering this magazine is sent out all over the world to fashion alumni!!
    I want the feeling to be hip, yet sophisticated, and have the feeling of a high end fashion magazine.

  117. Marla Singer says:

    oh my God. shoe porn. i’m so jealous of you <333

  118. jennine says:

    alll i have to say is those MMM booots.. mmmmmmmmmmm

  119. fındıkkurdu says:

    Killer boots… I have been eyeing them for so long by my credit card would go berserk…

  120. Having a giveaway on my blog for Forever 21 – a $20 E-gift certificate. Free clothes are free clothes, right?
    I must admit this outfit somehow works – or maybe it’s that YOU work it. Either its killer. I really wanted the ballet flat version of those boots from Yoox but it sold out JUST as I was buying it :(

  121. Marie from Brussels says:

    Hi Jane!
    Here some comments from Belgium… Ann & Dries’ country!
    I’ve been reading Sea of Shoes since a long time & think you really are incredible and have great taste for fashion & shoes!
    One question though, where the hell do you get all the money for all those incredible items???!!! :-)
    None of my business of course, don’t answer, I’m just jealous as hell :-)
    greetz & love,

  122. Daisy says:

    Your outfit is fab ! So colurful and those boots are just so good ! Your mum always looks delightful too! What a yummy collection of shoes!

  123. ctc says:

    what kind of camera are you holding in the first picture?

  124. Laura E says:

    RIDICULOUS ! Thats amazing.
    Your mom and you are just artists!

  125. Roz says:

    Really enjoyed looking at this post…
    I loved your whole outfit, slightly crazy of course! But I think you’re probably one of the only people who could carry it off. Love the monochrome sixties style boots.
    And those Lanvins you got? So gorgeous. I really like the way the yellow piping highlights what be a quite classic shoe shape otherwise.
    Great shots of them at the end.
    Anyway, I’ve just finished a project- designing outfits for ten bloggers, inspired by their personal style. You were one of them! (For obvious reasons.)
    I’ll be emailing you a picture and scan of the designs tomorrow, but I only have time to leave a quick comment now. I did a post of all of the designs on my blog, hope you’ll take a quick look..

  126. Roz says:

    Ooops, I meant Proenza Schouler boots.Got confused by the picture of the boxes!

  127. J. says:

    This maybe my most favorite outfit that I’ve seen you in, Love it!

  128. Anna says:

    Man I fucking hate you! So jealous!!!!!!! Those Proenza boots are sick and too damn cool. Haha your doggy’s so cute!

  129. Emily says:

    I kinda know what you mean by dorky, but you don’t look very dorky to me. You look fab (as always)!

  130. Antonia says:

    So many amazing finds! I don’t think I could ever pull off that skirt but you do fabulously! Love it. Your mom’s Gucci’s are AMAZING…I need them in my life!
    x Nia

  131. love a stack of lanvin boxes!

  132. thinkCONTRA says:


  133. Hope says:

    Those Proenza boots are works of art…the piping is beautiful.

  134. Molly says:

    THAT(!) is my all-time favourite outfit of yours.
    And your dog is precious. Boxer? Mastiff? Mutt?

  135. Kate says:

    ridiculous! (both your outfit and the shoes, although the shoes im speaking favorably of..) so cuteee with the dog :)

  136. Sam says:

    After this, fall shopping here I come.

  137. Lindsey says:

    Those Margiela boots are fantastic, like something a super hero would wear!

  138. modschina says:

    so in love with the Lanvin boots too! they’re gorgeous!!

  139. dannie says:

    you have some of the most ammaaaaazing pieces!
    looving that blast of brite orange witht hat quirky skirt, sooo cute and perfect!
    whoo, thsoe margiela boots are soo 3008!!! loooovin ;)

  140. monicais says:

    this post was shoe heaven! such gorgeous shoes! great shots, up close & personal…
    check out my blog :)

  141. Miriam says:

    Wonderful! Great pictures, wonderful clothes, beautiful shoes! I love it!

  142. juan says:

    Wow jane! Congratulations!!!
    I just heard you were invited for Le Bal this year at hotel Crillon. I understand the apprehension….don’t be anxious. You’ll be fine, and gorgeous of course. By the way, who’ll be your escort?

  143. Ludy says:

    Jane, I’d like to ask for your help and from other people who are reading your blog to please extend help to those flood victims due to typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy here in the Philippines by donating to Red Cross or any organization ( You have the power to spread this word to the readers because you are popular. Any kind of donation will help those who are in dire need. Let’s extend compassion and help to all the victims.
    thank you,

  144. R says:

    where did you get the gold skirt that you wore for the elle shoot? i really like it.
    and i love the shoes. you should write posts like this more often!

  145. dreamsequins says:

    IF is pretty amazing. You’re lucky to find all your items there! Esp those Margiela boots. Wow.

  146. Wieteke says:

    WHoa those shoes are insane! I don’t liek the yellow( but that’s because I just don’t like the clour yellow) but the heel whoa whoa whoa amazeballs!
    WIN for the shoes!

  147. Ah, love it!
    How old are you and your sister?
    And when are you two born? :-)

  148. Katy B says:

    I love your Margiela boots. I have the pump version. I wish I’d seen the boots back then! Keep the pics coming – your blog is a visual feast xx

  149. God. Those Gucci boots are too gorgeous for coherence…

  150. a la mode says:

    How do you find these bargains!?? Only in America I think! So jealous, amazing boots!

  151. KPeach says:

    I can’t even handle how amazing those boots are-you have such the nice mom for buying you these amazing items!

  152. Libby Riggs says:

    chicos chic!

  153. erica says:

    hi Im Erica from Brasil
    I just love ur blog, the shoes u show here its amazing, so cuuute, i wannna have some 2
    pls visit my blog too

  154. Pinina says:

    I love your boots selection. It’s very original & glam! But most of all the picture of Denise and the proenza is fab!!!

  155. ZZ says:

    omg! so much expensive and a m a z i n g shoes!
    The boots look like Chanel tights : L So cool xo

  156. What a lovely day! You are brave to let Denise so close to those boots, haha! Those boots are incredible. I too would like to see Ms. Nancy R. in that skirt! I’ll bet she would be sweet!

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  158. gleopatra says:

    gosh you guys are fabulous.

  159. as says:

    love the proenza boots! gorgeous.
    and i adore your dog.

  160. chloe says:

    your shoes are amazing. adding a mens leather jackets would add that extra umph to your outfits!

  161. ann says:

    fricken hilarious about the frog skirt. Pretty outfits!

  162. pepper says:

    Jane are you dating ‘Lame Basics’??!

  163. Hannelore says:

    I adore the martin margila boots! So special!

  164. Tiffany says:

    How freaking cute is Denise!! I love the pictures of her with the Proenza boots- i love the Proenza boots as well! Great pictures- I also am adoring your Adolfo skirt! Great site!

  165. sophiellia says:

    love that yellow piping shoes! your sister is very pretty :D

  166. Suzanne says:

    those shoes are so, so stunning!

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    what amazing shoes… i’m especially in love with your mom’s!!

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    Hello,my name is Lara and i love all this fab soes,great blog.

  169. Harold says:

    Your blog is interesting and some of your photos are really good. You should keep taking pictures. And please, next time you go to Paris, enjoy the beautiful streets, building and parks. I agree with most beautiful dogs. :)

  170. dude, you SCORED at the If sale. god, i love that sale so much.

  171. mika says:

    there is this really cool online store ot has your name all over it. check it out

  172. Susannah says:

    What sort of brilliant basement is this? There is nothing weird about those boots! Stunning. And you rock them so well. I love Margiela’s often quirky, always incredible design.

  173. Nata says:

    Your mom’s outfit is divine, but those new shoes of yours aren’t my favorites.
    You do however, have others that are gorgeous!
    And shopping is always fun, I may be beet-tired, but shopping never fails to make me feel better. (:
    Retail therapy.

  174. karen says:

    wow great shoes although it seems like you buy so many at one trip do you even get to enjoy them

  175. DENISE is so adorable… :)
    The most Chic fashion blog

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    also, it looks like the print on the Loubs is cheetah, not leopard

  178. Ashley says:

    does your sister have a blog as well?

  179. Hi, I love those Proenza pumps, they are to die for! It is easy to see where you get your good looks from, you mom is a truly stylish and beautiful lady…. and so are you.
    Love your mom’s outfit, she looks gorgeous!
    Great blog you have here! Keep up the good work.

  180. luna says:

    Jane, you are the luckiest girl ever

  181. Shannon says:

    Those boots are amazing and your dog is absolutely adorable!

  182. katie d says:

    I never have anything to do when I’m in Dallas (my parents live there) so I literally go to Northpark everyday. Its sad… but I love the mermaid bar :) You guys look amazinggg, I love the new shoes especially. Your blog makes me sick with jealousy (in a good way)!!

  183. Samm says:

    LOVE the proenza boots
    and the louboutin botties are to die for

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    The first time I went to northpark I fell in love. I lived in Tyler for a few years (lubbock now) and was kind of disappointed when I hyped myself up for the galleria and realized their weren’t *too* many shops I was into. Northpark is lovely though!!

  188. wow you are such a lucky girl, and you have really great taste in shoes!

  189. Christina says:

    Jesus, chick. You can pull-off literally anything. I love it.

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    hey, i just started up a new blog. take a peek if you get the chance!

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    you have such an amazing sense of style, especially considering your age, just thought you should know that you’ve really influenced me

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    Love your mom’s boots!

  193. Maria says:

    that skirt is amazing and hilarious at the same time. i only dream of finding great stuff like that on ebay. i just lost out on a pee wee herman poseable doll. if he was small enough, i would have worn him as a brooch :)

  194. janet says:

    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

  195. olaitan says:

    kudos pumpkin (orange sweater;)…u know i noticed that u pull off brocade, copper and gold very well. some of moi’s favorite colors, but always fun to see others play it up.

  196. Crystal says:

    I love clothing that has a bit of humor to it like that skirt. Fashion doesn’t always have to be dead serious. I have a bright green sweater with the face of a duck on it that always causes a bit of a stir whenever it’s worn. One of my most favorite thrifting finds.

  197. Julia says:

    Jane – of all your thrillingly fantastic and innovative outfits, I’ve got to say that the combination of weirdly-awesome Adolfoskirt, nerdy turtleneck and Margiela twotone boots is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen. You are SO GOOD at what you do!!! xoxo from Austria

  198. Ramonies says:

    Gucci boots… they’re so hot, love them!

  199. Ahh! I am a fashion intern in NYC that represents Proenza Schouler, I am obsessed with the new line and stare at those booties every day in the showroom! LOVEE THEM

  200. jennifer says:

    Ahhhhh those Proenza’s are beyond amazing! And your mom’s gucci boots are to die for!

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    you are stylish way beyond your years girl!
    and your post had me LOLing, seriously. cinammon stick? as if! xx

  202. j.dimps says:

    looove the pics of your dog with the shoes. adorable.

  203. The fact that you can afford all these wonderful things boggles my mind! You are indeed very lucky.

  204. maria says:

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  207. Sorry on this post!!
    The best: your dog with the shoes… so cute, il love it !!

  208. Annie says:

    Oh, those boots with the yellow line-bit are AMAZEBALLS!!!!

  209. liz says:

    only 10 pairs of shoes in 1 day!?
    honestly i don’t see the appeal in this site.. all you do is gloat about the packs of new clothes and shoes that you get every day and then claim that stuff for $200 is a “steal”.
    Someone certainly doesn’t feel the recession..
    At least people like Tavi or Bryanboy talk about things beside what i bought yesterday, what i bought today etc..
    that’s probably why they get invited to fashion shows and you don’t..

  210. Elise says:

    So I just stubled across your blog…and I’m glad I did! I’m about to have a shoegasm. Luv every shoe on this pg. You and your mom have a fab sense of style!

  211. by-geisslein says:

    Your dog is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! A few years ago I´ve lost my dog Klara, and she looked sooo similar to your dog, I miss her very much. She was simply great!
    Have a great start in the new week, geisslein

  212. Andrea says:


  213. Daniella says:

    i had never heard of proenza schouler before reading your blog. now i am hooked.
    i swear, every shoes from that collection is perfect.
    also, your dog is adorable :)

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    i love your mom’s outfit in this post! lola re

  215. I am so adding you to my blogroll right now! Your closet makes me feel sorry for my closet!

  216. ha ha the frog skirt makes me feel giddy, but cinammon stick, really? go figure. the boots are insane at such a steal. denise is adorable too, kisses to her. love your photos.

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    do you know where you can get the proenzas online?
    all i can find is the orange piping or brown piping.

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  230. FL. Mall says:

    The pumps are very beautiful Jane! I am too jealous like all of them. And the leopard print ankle boots are so lavishing!
    I and my Mom also love shopping together. So sad that she’s out of the country for a month already and it feels like a year! I miss going out with her. It’s nice that you have your Mom all the time. Me? I need to wait for 3 months before I could shop with her again. But for now I enjoy shopping with my girlfriends!

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    I just stumbled upon your blog. I have never seen such gorgeous images. You are amazing.

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    those shoes are breaking my heart

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  235. Maria says:

    Tosay stunning, would mean to say nothing!