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  1. Noa wrote:

    Cool!! like your inspiration board!
    very inspiring! the atmosphere you created is really special!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  2. I loved the Anna J as Diane Keaton story Vogue Paris did, so good!!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  3. I love it! Especially those leopard-print boots….

    9.1.09 · Reply
  4. Andrew J wrote:

    I have to ask, because I’ve never quite been able to tell. Do you do these collages and then take a photo of them? Or do you compile them virtually?
    Either way looks great! Loving the middle look on the bottom and the woman in what looks like an evening gown and aviator shades. I’m a sucker for contrast and she epitomizes it.
    -Andrew J

    9.1.09 · Reply
  5. Laura wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and the mood board here is also great.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  6. Lovin’ the leopard. It is such a classic! I have a pair of leopard shoes for all seasons.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  7. Juice wrote:

    LOVE those ripped jeans at the bottom ;) xxxxxxx

    9.1.09 · Reply
  8. Cybèle wrote:

    The second picture down all the way on the left is great. I’m recovering from surgery on my sofa right now and this definitely made my day. Very cool!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  9. klee wrote:

    love the bedroom pic and the ripped jeans are to die for

    9.1.09 · Reply
  10. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane! I love this collage. <3 ava

    9.1.09 · Reply
  11. Love the leopard print boot!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  12. Eli wrote:

    Annie Hall deluxe!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  13. Great looks, sort of punky to safri by way of animal print!! I like how you think! I am just starting to compile my influences for the new season, it really gets me excited about the new season and the looks to try playing around with! I am loving colour clashing with animal prints right now!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  14. Laura wrote:

    Love the board! Especially the leopard boots…

    9.1.09 · Reply
  15. omg glasses = yummmmm!!!
    and i love those booties as well!
    great mood board jane!
    <3 The Voguette

    9.1.09 · Reply
  16. I love everything! It’s all very inspiring…

    9.1.09 · Reply
  17. Jane-
    is good is good. are you going crazy from all the e-mails, comments etc? Don’t want to add tot he workload, but I’m GIVING AWAY one headband LIKE THE ONE I SENT YOU via my Blog:
    Spread the word, and also Have you heard Julee Cruise? She’s the voice of David Lynch, I think you would love her CD The Voice of Love.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  18. Aleeyah wrote:

    I love your inspiration boards! They are truly inspiring.
    Check out my blog.
    LOVe yA!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  19. victoria wrote:

    what program do you use to make these ammmazzing collages?

    9.1.09 · Reply
  20. Jennifer wrote:

    Great board! I always loved doing inspiration boards, they really are great therapy and a great way to recognize any common threads running through your mind.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  21. Love those print boots! x

    9.1.09 · Reply
  22. Inès wrote:

    I always like your inspiration board. The girl with the glasses and the hat is really pretty, like the look, chic.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  23. Marie wrote:

    Inspirationboards are awesome!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  24. Samantha wrote:

    i like the emphasis on menswear for women

    9.1.09 · Reply
  25. Carola wrote:

    AAAH, I loved the photo story French Vogue did on the Diane Keaton-Menswear-Style!!! Very nice collection of inspirations that perfectly match the hottest fall trends: Leo, ripped denim, shearling…I am curious how u will pick up these inspirations and make them work for u;-)!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  26. rebecca wrote:

    middle left is my favoriteeeeee

    9.1.09 · Reply
  27. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Love the very Ralph Lauren-esque outfit on the bottom (centre)! :)

    9.1.09 · Reply
  28. anastassia wrote:

    sweet loub booties!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  29. great pictures

    9.1.09 · Reply
  30. Evangeline wrote:

    hey jane, ive been wanting to comment your blog for ages but never got around to it so here goes.
    You seriously have the best style of all the blogs ive seen, your shoe collection is absolutely amazing.
    Your fashion inspires me so much :)
    Just interested, as a 17 year old how do you afford such amazing shoes?! I’m 14 and my collection is about a third of the size of yours and it took sooo much begging just to get there! hahaa
    My mum also loves your Mum’s blog, (im australian hence the m-U-m.)
    Keep blogging, your so talented!

    9.1.09 · Reply
  31. yay you haven’t done one in so long! this is one of your more subdued IBs but still, awesome as usual.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  32. Stephanie wrote:

    So gorgeous! I really like it…

    9.1.09 · Reply
  33. bru marx wrote:

    Ilove those pics,and love,love,love your blog.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  34. …so basing tomorrow’s outfit on this.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  35. dannie wrote:

    feelin it

    9.1.09 · Reply
  36. awesome!
    wanna see a girl doing tricks with Trix?
    visit me at http://www.fashionsnag.com

    9.1.09 · Reply
  37. great inspiration board!! love the bedroom pics very much…

    9.2.09 · Reply
  38. kirsty wrote:

    i am in desperate need of those leopard print boots. xxxxx

    9.2.09 · Reply
  39. noemi wrote:

    woaw thats aawsome
    im new in blogs thing so can u come to my blog and comment?

    9.2.09 · Reply
  40. The ripped jeans look amazing!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  41. Jules wrote:

    Cool, still working on mine for this season, you know, winter is finishing here and we are preparing for summer fashion!
    Love from Buenos Aires!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  42. Loove the leopard ankle boots, aviators and ripped denim. J’adore.

    9.2.09 · Reply
  43. KD wrote:

    I LOVE that picture of the girl jumping with the amazing spiky headpiece and super boots.

    9.2.09 · Reply
  44. nice!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  45. Faux Naïf wrote:

    tweeeeeeeeed! oui oui oui!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  46. Ayah wrote:

    I must say it’s ravishing.

    9.2.09 · Reply
  47. heleen wrote:

    loving all the masculine items!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  48. Divine inspiration!
    And I especially love the leopard print booties.

    9.2.09 · Reply
  49. mel wrote:

    oh i love collages!!pretty good ;)

    9.2.09 · Reply
  50. observate wrote:

    you have such cool photos all the time. Stunning

    9.2.09 · Reply
  51. Carina wrote:

    I want to get an inspiration board for myself! Yours is so cool!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  52. Ashley wrote:

    Hot denim and I’m in love with the ankle boots.
    Your blog is amazing, inspiring and I’m addicted!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  53. Shannon wrote:

    Love it. I extremely like the girl in the middle on the left, she’s beautiful!

    9.2.09 · Reply
  54. asd wrote:

    That Calvin shot says it all for the jeans season.

    9.2.09 · Reply
  55. dy wrote:

    i love your blog! it’s always inspiring to me. thank you!

    9.3.09 · Reply
  56. Libby wrote:

    Totally inspired!
    Enter my Giveaway!

    9.3.09 · Reply
  57. I want that bedroom for my house!

    9.3.09 · Reply
  58. Great inspiration set- love it to the full extent! are you on polyvore?! Are you going to london fashion week/weekend? soooo excited! great blog btw

    9.3.09 · Reply
  59. Gonzo wrote:

    Your blog is a microcosm for America and please, let me explain. You’ve got your standard megalomaniac at the top (that being you) leading the masses of simple minded, sycophants, who essentially operate as megaphones for everything you say and do. You talk about your indecisiveness over, say, your inadequacies as a person and the sea of the blind, amplify their personal inadequacies so they can “totally relate.” You’ll just grow larger and larger, while the individual minds of the collective grow smaller and smaller. It is quite depressing really.
    God Bless America, wherever you may be.
    And long live the one eyed man.

    9.3.09 · Reply
  60. gleopatra wrote:

    very nice

    9.3.09 · Reply
  61. sarah wrote:

    found this cool octopus necklace…
    hope you like it

    9.3.09 · Reply
  62. lo wrote:

    perfect inspiration for the autumn!!!

    9.3.09 · Reply
  63. Christina wrote:

    what do you use to make your skin so flawless!!!!????

    9.3.09 · Reply
  64. Nata wrote:

    I agree with everything on it. (:
    Especially those ripped jeans, and that menswear blazer.

    9.3.09 · Reply
  65. Nata wrote:

    daily dose of philosophy. (:

    9.3.09 · Reply
  66. amber wrote:

    very lovely! Great job on the board!!

    9.3.09 · Reply
  67. isis wrote:

    It’s very nice…I love collages it’s better than the sartorialist !!!!!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  68. Becca wrote:

    i love this inspiration board – some great choices

    9.6.09 · Reply
  69. clotheswhore wrote:

    i like love this board too!
    i got a link to this post at:

    9.7.09 · Reply
  70. Greeta wrote:

    Still hawking for accolades? tsk, Tsk!
    ‘It’s loud and tasteless and I’ve heard it all before’.

    9.13.09 · Reply
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    9.29.09 · Reply
  72. if i just know from where this guys are getting this kind of shoes

    7.28.11 · Reply