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  1. Tariro says:

    I agreee! Man vogue in the 90s was amazing! More fun i think

  2. Camila says:

    amazing jane,amazing! i love your collages
    sorry for my bad english :/

  3. Cam says:

    Bravo on the diversity of your “Iconic Beauties”. They are all gorge.

  4. i like older (current) charlotte rampling. her eyes are so intriguing.

  5. Camila says:

    Oh and Jane,is this really Carole Lombard the actress from the 30’s that was married to Clark Gable?(sorry for my ignorance),but in this picture it doesn’t look like her.Was it before her car accident?
    sorry for my bad english

  6. Alix says:

    It’s Carole Bouquet and no Carole Lombard. (I’m french so…)
    And I’m agree with Cam, I like the diversity of your Iconic Beauties. Few mysterious women…

  7. Laura says:

    Carole Bouquet <3
    and you !

  8. syd vicious says:

    gorgeous ladies. i love tina turner.

  9. mimi says:

    isn’t that Carole Bouquet and not Carole Lombard?

  10. marie says:

    It’s Carole Bouquet not Lombarde
    xo from France

  11. Kahlan says:

    Beautiful selection, I love them all, but especially Carole Bouquet. And she is still beautiful, even older.

  12. Jade says:

    All are absolutely stunning women!

  13. LOL I CANT BELIEVE I PUT LOMBARDE!! I must go into lala land when i make these things….changing now, thanks guys!! i love them both though :D

  14. ragone says:

    Lombarde… -_- what s this bullshit?

  15. Sinead says:

    Fabulously beautiful and diverse selection. Love! <3

  16. Hey, love this! I LOVE 90s models, they’re my favorite. Naomi? YES, please.

  17. Ella says:

    Ahh i love Julia frakes as well! Her style is immaculate!

  18. The Voguette says:

    loveeeee. i like how julia made it on there. she’s a beauty!!

  19. Oh we all make mistake. Day dreaming most of the times. Love the diversity of ur women.
    ( u should put ur photo @ the bottom) ;)

  20. Clara says:

    So nice to see that some of your favorite beautiful women are from France!
    Charlotte Rampling is really beautiful. I saw once in real and she’s just amazing!
    My favorite beautiful women: Naomi (she is just the perfect model!), Catherine Deneuve (who turned 66 recently), Diane Kruger, Vivian Leigh, Jennifer Aniston (can’t help it, I’m a big fan) and last but not least Audrey Hepburn <3
    By the way, I really like your blog !
    (sorry for my english… I'm from France!)

  21. FRENCHICK says:

    Not the same taste as you but I agree for Naomi (everybody does! lol)

  22. FASHION SNAG says:

    love these!
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  23. Gon says:

    They’re all amazingly beautiful ! Great choice ;D

  24. Rosa says:

    I like the fact that you are able to admire other women’s beauty. I do that to. I hate it when women hate on each other(though it’s true sometimes LOL). They do mostly out of self-esteem issues anyway.

  25. keren says:

    Beautiful indeed ♥

  26. Yani says:

    Lovelovelovelovelove all of these ladies :]
    BTW, I’m obsessed with your collages.

  27. Adeline says:

    the chinese model is Du Juan and she is absolutely beautiful and one of my favourites along side Liu Wen and Hye Park. Nice collage btw :)

  28. sean says:

    the photo of the asian woman you wrote “she is so beautiful” on, is one of my favorite portraits. i’ve posted it at least four times and am considering copying it into an oil painting haha

  29. Hanene says:


  30. Gabrielle says:

    love Leonor Scherrer, LOVE HER ! obsessed, even.
    most of these girls would be on my list + stevie nicks !

  31. All such beauties, I adore Naomi (and all the original supers) she is one true diva!

  32. Emily says:

    i LOOOOVE this!!

  33. Kat says:

    Oh my, Carole Bouquet is gorgeous! It’s odd but I love her jawline. I like your list, it’s very diverse.

  34. Is that Nadege in the early 90’s Vogue? She’s one of my all-time favorite models.

  35. Kate says:

    Julia Frakes has such a perfect face and eyes IMO. I really like her personality too. Very intriguing list, miss.

  36. Isabel says:

    You’re right, they ARE so beautiful.

  37. Karina says:

    Tina Turner will never stop being classy!

  38. nik says:

    where’s linda evangelista? (:

  39. dy says:

    charlotte rampling has aged into a beautiful older woman which is really nice to see.

  40. xAZD says:

    LOVE bunny bisous! go PAPER!

  41. Brigadeiro says:

    Stunning women, especially Anouke Aimme!

  42. Elsa says:

    Anouk Aimee and Charlotte Rampling! Amazing.

  43. Christine says:

    Tina Turner! She’s due for a come back.
    One of my favourite ladies is Sandra Bernhard circa 1982, she was strangely beautiful back then!

  44. Libby says:

    You have to love iconic beautys, we all secretley wish we could be them!

  45. KD says:

    Lovely! Naomi all the way!

  46. dannie says:

    The asian girl is sooo pretty indeed
    I donno about Naomi tho, shes not very nice which stops her from being soo pretty

  47. coronaboomboom says:

    Viva la dolce vita, darling!

  48. Laura says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for including Tina Turner.

  49. Emily says:

    love it, great mix of different iconic beauties!

  50. Nata says:

    Love all those gorgeous people.
    They symbolize tender & iconic beauty and they’re comfortable in the skin they’re in.
    It’s so refreshing to see women, of all colors and ethnicities, representing national beauty.

  51. Vogue in the 90’s was much more fun, now it’s Just about being stylish, nothing “normal-we-all-see-on-the-strees”. ^^
    Follow me on Twitter and Facebook
    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  52. a la mode says:

    Absolutely adore Leonor Scherrer! I have that same picture up of her in my studio, she’s my customer for my project at the moment. Absolutely beautiful woman.

  53. Laura says:

    Charlotte Rampling is beautiful <3

  54. LOOOVE Virna Lisi, she’s so talented!
    Kisses from Italy,

  55. Tina Turner is the best ;)

  56. Heini says:

    Amazing Jane! Great picks.

  57. Johanna says:

    Love’n some ’90’s Vogue! I finally parted with my collection when my son was born (tired of lugging the heavy box of them from home to home) & regret it terribly!

  58. Melissa says:

    So, your mom isn’t one of them? ;)

  59. Erin says:

    Perfect list and perfect girls.
    Gosh, how I would love to see Tina in a concert!

  60. Brianna says:

    AGREE! they are all fantastically beautiful!

  61. Nat says:

    I love your collages, they are very artsy and sketchy which is rad

  62. Daisy says:

    Lovely post full of pretty girls !

  63. Nana says:

    i just love tina turner!<3

  64. sofiasophie says:

    virna Lisi is simply beautiful.
    Uma is fabulous too….

  65. You never cease to impress me. You have immaculate taste. Congrats!

  66. You never cease to impress me. You have immaculate taste. Congrats!

  67. You never cease to impress me. You have immaculate taste. Congrats!

  68. And YES! YES! Tina Turner… talented… strong… survivor… DEFINITELY an icon.

  69. And YES! YES! Tina Turner… talented… strong… survivor… DEFINITELY an icon.

  70. And YES! YES! Tina Turner… talented… strong… survivor… DEFINITELY an icon.

  71. Hey, first, I will just say I love your blog!
    omg, I’m so jealous of you, haha :P
    Tina Turner is so cool!
    Naomi is pretty,but according to rumors, she is not so kind, but she is still beautiful.
    My favorite of these ladies are obvious Virna Lisi.
    Greeting from Norway

  72. ely says:

    hehehe tina turner.
    what’s the name of the asian model?! shes GORGEOUS.

  73. Géraldine says:

    Lovely collages, thanks! Check the last Paris Vogue (November issue, I received today), there’s a beautiful article about Leonor Scherrer who’s launching a mourning line (sounds weird, I know).

  74. Molly Rose says:

    those girl are awesome!!!

  75. Natalie says:

    they are all so pretty! great post! all very stylish beautiful women :)

  76. beautiful ladies!!! I love to choose but it wouldn’t be fair since I only know 2 of them! Glad you posted these rest of the ladies, soooo I’m going to do some homework by writting their names down and google seach for history! super posts on those Iconic Beauties!

  77. Carole says:

    OH this is an endless topic. Monica Vitti is also one of my fav. and so many many more. What about Jeanne Moreau. You could spend your life there. Thanks for the lovely post tho.

  78. PARIS says:

    That anouck aimee is absolutely stunning..
    I was looking at 70’s vogues the other day but found that the fashion was just too dated to be cool again.
    Still it is very interesting to look back at them all and see the direction fashion went over the years.

  79. Vy says:

    Oh Jane!
    Sweet Jane!
    You are such an intelligent girl!
    Despite your popularity, there is something very unique & uncommon about your tastes & wide knowledge.
    This post, disregarding it’s superficial premises makes me so proud. All the multicultural faces you have included, oh swoon!
    Seriously, this means a lot to me.
    Also, I love your little tidbits throughout all your posts – peppering it with your voice is a treat!
    Don’t let any space in your mind be infested by nasty things that are written about you on the internet (usually under the guise of anonymous comments) – they don’t understand or see the world the way you do!
    Good luck with everything.

  80. Florenz says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who appreciate Leonor Scherrer. She’s like this handsome, unattainable sort of aristocrat that you can’t keep your eyes off. She’s got a timeless face.

  81. kirsten says:

    wonderful picks!
    {uninhibited fashion blog}

  82. juliet says:

    So many beauties and honeys!
    juliet xxx

  83. joni says:

    i could swear that helmut/vogue 1973 model looks like it could be elizabeth perkins from weeds. love the pout!

  84. aurore says:

    I love the second picture with the illustrations.
    And the color of your hair is Whaouh!

  85. clémence says:

    Charlotte Rampling ‘ s my favourite too…

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