J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters Holiday Collection

I am excited to announce that the second collection I did for Urban Outfitters is online now!

These pictures were taken by the talented Shannon Sewell as part of a photoshoot we did last week-it was so much fun and Shannon is so sweet. I can't wait to share the rest of the shots!

Thanks for reading! xo Jane

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  1. alison says:

    wow, just gorgeous!!! you are so incredibly lucky!

  2. J. says:

    It’s interesting how you’ve never worn a pair of your urban outfitters shoes on the site. Nor has your mother.

  3. Sandi says:

    i love those brown wedges. great job jane!
    and i hope you are beginning to get used to your hair because it looks just lovely :)

  4. geri says:

    congratulations! i cant wait to go scope it out!

  5. Roz says:

    Gorgeous! I love the look of the black ones, have a kind of archaic cintage feel.
    And you’re right. The photography is so gorgeous! I was thinking its a litle Tim Walker-esque. That black and white shot with your sketches in the corner is particularly nice. You must be so lucky getting to work with all these photographers and organisations!
    I’d like to say a massive thankyou for replying to my email (I’ll send one back but thought I may as well mention it here too.) I really appreciated it that you got back to me so quickly… A great surprise for me!

  6. Amy says:

    I die for those shoes.

  7. The photos are magnificent, and I love the oxford wedges. I realllly want them (:

  8. Magdalena says:

    Those wedged boots are totally some Chloe-esque shoes I can actually afford. Thanks!

  9. renu says:

    “Producing leather—whether by chrome/chemical tanning or vegetable tanning—comes with a host of problems. It heavily contributes to global warming, land devastation, environmental pollution, the depletion of valuable natural resources, and water-supply contamination, not to mention the spread of disease and the abuse of billions of animals.
    From start to finish, the amount of energy required to create a leather hide is 20 times greater than what’s used to produce a synthetic material.” (http://www.ecouterre.com/4041/can-leather-be-eco-friendly-ever/)
    If Stella McCartney and Elizabeth Olsen can make shoes which are completely leather-free, then there are no excuses anymore not to do so.

  10. Olivia says:

    those pink booties are ADORABLE. Wish we had UO here.

  11. Brooke says:

    I LOVE them, and those photos are great. You are so talented :)

  12. alisha says:

    I wish they fit me I wear a size 4 haha TOO TINY.. :(

  13. The photography/idea is really great. Maybe they can get a photo of you swimming under water wearing a pair? I’d love to see that. This collection is quite cute!

  14. sara says:

    congratulations!!! they re amazing.
    i hope im lucky enought to get my hands on a pair of those lace boots!
    and i love the ones with the bow but cant seem to find it on UO’s website. are they available for purchase?

  15. congratulations, they’re absolutely gorgeous! and it’s nice to get a glimpse of the sketches…sweet.
    i love those two-tone brown wedge ankle boots.
    are you getting accustomed to the hair? it’s quite flattering on you. it’s taking me a while to get used to my darker color, too, but i’m very glad i went for it. i look in the mirror and forget i’ve gone darker…a bit of a shock sometimes, but what the heck, it’s fun to change things up!
    anyway, best wishes on continued success as a shoe designer, or whatever your pursuits may be!

  16. Monika says:

    wow, you are such a talented girl! Love those shoes, especially those black ones with the bow. Look so Chanel’ish:)
    Monika from J’adore Fashion

  17. Maria says:

    Are the UO shoes unavailable for customers in Europe? :/ I can’t find them on the European site.

  18. not sure what happened to my comment. i’ll try again…
    congrats, they’re absolutely gorgeous! i especially like the two-tone wedge ankle boots. well done! nice glimpse of the sketches, too…sweet.
    have you grown accustomed to the hair color? it’s quite flattering on you. it’s taken me a while to adjust to my darker hue, too, but i’m very glad i went for it. what the heck, it’s fun to change things up once in a while!
    anyway, best wishes for continued success as a shoe designer, or whatever your pursuits!

  19. Bargain Bex says:

    The tall wedge lace boot is just adorable! Wonderful, wonderful world we live in when surrounded by such pretty little shoes …

  20. FASHION SNAG says:

    congrats jane! Cute photos!
    visit me at http://www.fashionsnag.com for lots of designer shoes!

  21. Cookies&Milk says:

    I want to have a better look at the pink one!!! Show please!

  22. Cookies&Milk says:

    I want to have a better look at the pink one!!! Show please!

  23. Cookies&Milk says:

    I want to have a better look at the pink one!!! Show please!

  24. Isabelle says:

    I want those pink booties so much! I can’t wait to get my own pair, such an awesome job you did!

  25. stephanie says:

    Congrats Jane! How involved are you in the prototyping? Do you get to see and critique prototypes & samples?

  26. Heather says:

    They look so lovely, congrats on all of your success Jane!

  27. jamie clare says:

    the brown wedge boots are absolutely amazing! i seriously have to have them. i just started a new waitressing job, so guess where i’m going with my first night’s tips once my restuarant opens? to buy those babies, mmmmmhmmmmm.

  28. Good for you! It must be exciting to have your name on shoes at such a young age. :)

  29. Ale. says:

    Congrats! The pictures are just lovely. Your haircolour is amazing too.

  30. this must be so exciting for you, congratulations! the photo shoot is gorgeous.

  31. Mel says:

    Wow they look great! Congratulations!

  32. Gillian says:

    ooooh they’re goregous!
    are they going to be available in the UK? i think it might be a bit expensive to have them shipped over haha…unless there’s going to be a new collection by April because i’ll be in Florida =]

  33. The Voguette says:

    janeee they are beauuutifull!!! and as are you!!
    <3 the Voguette

  34. keren says:

    It must be amazing to see your designs in stores! The shoot looks beautiful. ♥

  35. evangeline says:

    oh my god!! those shoes are absolutely gorgeous
    you must be sooo proud of them :)

  36. Miri says:

    lovely, you’re like the beauty I never found.. hmm the shoes are just extra.

  37. damn! is there a way to get them in europe?
    I love them ALL

  38. damn! is there a way to get them in europe?
    I love them ALL

  39. damn! is there a way to get them in europe?
    I love them ALL

  40. Meadow says:

    LOVE the black booties Jane. I need! Soo swag.

  41. ZabaChic says:

    OMG Congrats! This collection is amazing…I want everything!! Have you heard of this new site (its like gilt.com) ZabaChic.com. You can get cute stylish clothes for cheap $$$ sea of shoes fans…check it out!

  42. girlcreeture says:

    Well done!

  43. Kate says:

    Those photos are gorgeous! Very creative and I can’t wait to check out your new line…

  44. Becca says:

    congratulations!!! Can’t wait to check it out!

  45. valesca says:

    i adore the one’s you are holding in the last pic…didn’t find them online…hopefully they will be up soon…would love to have those…they will look great with the vintage items i sell

  46. sandra says:

    nice job ripping off your chanel bow booties :)

  47. amy says:

    i must have those brown wedge lace ups! very beautiful designs :)

  48. ava says:

    Hi Jane. They are beautiful. I want a shoe tree. I’m proud of you. xoxo Ava

  49. Cj says:

    I love the shoes hanging from the trees.
    It’d be great if you can wear/style them on your blog. It’d be cool to see how you wear them.

  50. Cheyne says:

    The Satin Bow Heels….I just died and went to Heaven.

  51. Gabrielle says:

    I love the Chloe-esque wedges and the bow-tie booties in pink ! They’re like your beautiful Chanel peeptoes ! I really want them now, HIGHLY CONSIDERING ! :)))))

  52. Sarah says:

    Wow, loving the ads!

  53. Alina says:

    amazing Jane – you’re so talented : )

  54. Erin says:

    your lace-up peeptoes look oddly like the ann demeulemeester shoes you profiled the other day. just saying…

  55. Well Done Jane!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see some close up photos – the peeptoes and the wedge boots are intreguing me! Love the photo shoot, to have them dangling from the tree like forbidden fruit! You looks os difernt with those dark locks!!
    Really though Jane, you should be very proud of yourself, have a great week!
    Pearl x

  56. those are BEAUTIFUL jane!

  57. Kate says:

    wow their beautiful, and so are you-the pictures are amazing! thats such a great oppertunity, and so perfect for you ;)

  58. Kristjana Björk (iceland) says:

    It’s amazing, congratulations :D

  59. Nancy says:

    They look GORGEOUS! You are so beautiful and talented :)

  60. Lauren says:

    i really like the black ones with the bows. so cute!

  61. io says:

    Mama buys $$$ shoes and Jane knocks them off. The lace up tall boot is your original idea. Yeah, we get it. You did it first. Not Ann D.
    No, it’s not because i ‘m jealous or anything. It’s just there are real talents out there who at least come up with original idea.

  62. B a la Moda says:

    I have seen the collection in another blog. I have no words. it is very beautiful. When will the shoes be available?
    B* a la Moda

  63. Candy says:

    WOOOW!!! I just love your designs!!! So cool!!!

  64. Lainey says:

    I’m a bit obsessed with the brown oxford lace-up wedges. They’re probably something I’m going to be lusting over for awhile this season, until I can afford to get a pair. The collection is absolutely stunning! I’m loving every single pair!

  65. little fish says:

    I love your design, too bad they dont deliver to Malaysia, is it possible that you ask them to deliver to Malaysia LOL

  66. deb says:


  67. ely says:

    what! i didnt even know you designed a first collection, let alone a second! so amazing. btw, i totally did a shoes-hanging-in-trees photo shoot just a few weeks ago!!! what a coincidence!

  68. Barbro says:

    Seriously? Again!? You are so freakin’ lucky, hope you know that! Wish I was as great as you – you go girl!

  69. Sue says:

    why haven’t you worn any shoes from urban outfitters? it doesn’t hurt to try, unless you think they are beneath you.

  70. Antonia says:

    These shoes are amazing, an a/w must have! Your work is amazing Jane, this all must be so exciting for you. Congratulations!!!
    x Antonia

  71. I love your blog! and i love these photos. I just recently started my own fashion blog.

  72. Robyn. says:

    Do you know if your designs will be available in Urban Outfitters in Canada?
    I could seriously go for the brown and white wedges…

  73. Megan says:

    are you going to wear any of these yourself?
    if you are, I’d like to see what you’d wear with the brown and white wedges.

  74. Monica says:

    love all this photoshoot !
    you are fabulous Jane! congratulation for your fashion work !

  75. Bernie says:

    Jane, I really applaud what you’ve done. How wonderful to be able to take what you love and turn it into your passion and a career! Best wishes for this line, and the many more that I’m sure will follow. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s sensational, and don’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

  76. anastassia says:

    i defs want a pair of the black suede booties with a bow

  77. Tee Sea says:

    the shoes are awesome!!!
    i really wanted to invest in a pair, since i’m such a fan of your style, but i noticed that they don’t carry my size!!
    if you ever design another collection, please, PlEASE make sure they produce shoes in size 5 as well!!!

  78. Jess says:

    Those wedge two-toned ankle boots are complete Chloe knockoffs. You should be ashamed.

  79. Our online fashion magazine blog did a little post on you Ms. fashionista! Come take a lookie. Thanks for being such a great role model! If you are ever in Seattle, we would love to do a shoot with you.
    -Kristina Krug with BR Magazine

  80. katie says:

    good deal! i love the pink suede bootie!

  81. Isabel says:

    Congratulations Jane! This is pretty nifty if I do say so myself…

  82. screw the haters.
    these are amazing. love the bow ones. do you wear your own shoes often?

  83. screw the haters.
    these are amazing. love the bow ones. do you wear your own shoes often?

  84. screw the haters.
    these are amazing. love the bow ones. do you wear your own shoes often?

  85. Kelly says:

    OMG they are amazing, I love the bow tie bootie!
    The photos are beautiful with the shoes hanging from the trees, that is genius!

  86. congratulations!!! you’re such an inspiration!!

  87. sam says:

    While I think you are extremely talented with styling and have a great eye at shopping and I enjoy your blog,
    I can’t help noticed that your designs are quite similar to other designers. Your last collection was heavily,
    and blatantly “influenced” by Ann Demeulemeester and this time it seems to be Chloe and Chanel. I also wish
    you wore your collections, as another reader commented (They are good enough for us who cannot afford every
    shoe we desire, but not you?). For your next collection, I hope there is more originality just like your
    style. Again, I love and enjoy your blog but this is just disappointing.

  88. Congratulations!
    This must be very exciting. The collection looks awesome. Not only are the designs great, but they are marketable to the general public. This is a smart, savvy and overall fabulous collection.
    To those who have posted nasty comments (only a few): Grow up and get over your jealousy.

  89. This reminds me of the scene from The City last week, where Whitney takes her sketches before the buyer at Bergdorf, ready to launch a line and have it carried in stores. That was a no-go. The only difference here is that UO went ahead and put the line through, with obvious improvements made by their artisans.
    I’m surprised how easily this is all coming to Jane though and maybe a little disheartened. I know a lot of women and men, working feverishly to “make it” in fashion, with incredible talent, who’ve logged long hours and debt just for the very thought of having their dreams actualized. All Jane had to do was buy a bunch of shoes and take pictures for her blog. I don’t know, I think I’m just overall, disheartened.

  90. huh says:

    Lol, you deleted the chanel bootie knockoff comment someone made?

  91. Somegirl says:

    how come i never see any pictures of you wearing the shoes you made

  92. Amber says:

    I agree with a few of the previous comments…I love your blog, I love your style, and most of all, I love your individualism. You are very fashion-forward and I love seeing what you wear. When you consider all of this, both your collections for UO are extremely disappointing. The shoes are simply knockoffs of designer styles that you own and obviously favor, because we have never seen you wear any of your designs. I do like some of your UO shoes, but I honestly don’t want to pay $100+ per pair to have a knockoff collection from your own. Basically, you aren’t “designing” these shoes; you are going in your closet and replicating ones you own. If you are asked to “design” another collection in the future, please use some of your unique style to create new and interesting shoes, because not everyone can pay hundreds of dollars for these like yourself. I am not jealous about this collection or any other of your opportunities; I have no desire to go into the fashion industry myself. I would love to buy some unique, funky designs of yours. Most likely, though, I will wait until these new shoes go on sale, just like the shoes from the last collection did. (Everybody, the studded gladiator is marked down from $98 to $29, and all sizes are in stock! Good deal!)

  93. jane…congratulations and many kudos to you. these shoes are adorable, love each pair.
    oxo, liz

  94. that’s so awesome! congrats.

  95. Kirsten says:

    congrats!! they are soo cute ;o)
    {uninhibited fashion blog}

  96. Nati says:

    Jane, congratulations!!the shoes look very pretty and these pictures are adorable and so you!
    Also each time, I actually like your darker hair more, it gives a beautiful expression to your face!
    Keep up the good work, xx nati

  97. Brigadeiro says:

    AMAZING! Love Chloe-esque wedges too! :)

  98. OMG. these pictures are so amazing. i wanna hang my heels too. so creative!!!

  99. Katie says:

    I’ve read you want to be a shoe designer when you’re older, but I hate to break it to you- you’re not going to get very far with such a blatant lack of originality. Disappointing.

  100. wow – jane!! those are gorgeous.
    i am crazy about the pink ones – going to have to stop by UO to pick up a pair!

  101. First off, congratulations Jane! I know you have heard that so much lately, but this is truly amazing news! For some time now, I have followed both yours and your Mom’s blogs, loving your posts and outfits so much. I wish you many wonderful opportunities like this ahead — you very much deserve it!
    Second, I am in need of the little black bowtie shoe as well as that little pink pair! They are perfect. You have done a lovely job. I just posted about the great news on my blog as well, just in case my readers haven’t had the pleasure of visiting your blog yet!
    {xo} Sarah

  102. filippa says:

    Do you have any friends? Can’t wait to hear about them!

  103. Cecylia says:

    You are so young but so talented! What a wonderful selection…now we can all wear Jane’s shoes =)

  104. Amanda says:

    I must say those are really gorgeous and I’m really considering buying some of these shoes! It’s the first time I posted here and I musy say I’m quickly becoming a fan of your blog because you really have some really interesting ideas on fashion. What I really like is how these shoes seem to be an inspiration of your style on this blog and that the prices are quite affordable :) Thanks a lot and hope to see more designs made by you soon!

  105. EMILIE says:

    GORGEOUS! Congrats Jane!

  106. The brown are so georgous!!! But, we can’t order for France, too bad!!!! I love it

  107. peabody says:

    Oh wow do you have the haters on here. :(
    I will send you some love and tell you, awesome for you! I think you are dealing with a large amount of jealousy since you are accomplishing so much at such a young age.
    Enjoy it, enjoy life.

  108. Alia says:

    you are so darlingly beautiful, so amazingly creative and tastefully artistic with just the right right touches. loooove the shoe tree. have you seen Big Fish? :) it’s almost like that.

  109. Kim says:

    Oeh I like the pink shoes but I can’t seem to find them on the site :(

  110. sandra says:

    Ooh, loved the brown wedge boot! Well done. Love your blog btw.

  111. Enia says:

    they are terrific jane. do you know if they will be available in the UK store of UO or just the US? many thanks from oxford :)

  112. Chloë says:

    I love the satin bow heels & the ballet pink shoes! Really stunning, Jane!

  113. kirsty says:

    ooooh looking fab! i really want the lace up opened toes!xxxxxxxxxxx

  114. K says:

    Ugly, repulsive, trashy, and depressing. Yes, this is a hater, and those shoes are certainly detestable, cheap-looking fakes. Eegads! This is no judgment of you in any other area of your life, since you’re seemingly a decent person, but these shoes are pure hypocrisy. It’s like if Chanel brand-licensed rubber keychains to Claire’s accessories.

  115. Aster says:

    Congrats Jane !
    That satin bow heels in pink are to die for X.X
    and I really love that pair of tall wedge lace boots too !

  116. wow!
    i love all the shoes you designed
    esp the wedge boot!
    you’re very beautiful here!

  117. CONRATULATION to the ever so gorgeous Miss Aldridge! For the 1,2,3 ,4th times? And I’m sure more to come! =) You know, when I have a daughter one day, I should show her your blog so she can learn something from you. That is; to be passionate & be independent.
    P.S: just read your mssg on your twitter acc. The hell with ppl with ugly comments. They’re just jelous. Chanel knockoffs? What Chanel? – eLLy*

  118. Steve says:

    I love your blog! Keep up the excellent work!!
    ps. Link Exchange??

  119. Christine says:

    These photos are precious! Just curious, do you wear your own shoes??

  120. Andrew J says:

    Let em say what they want to Jane. You are innovative and we all know it :). Great new designs!!!
    -Andrew J.

  121. I really like the two-tone oxford wedge bootie! Lovely photos.

  122. I can’t believe some of these comments. You guys are going to give this young woman a serious complex even before she’s old enough to drink. We’re discussing shoes. It’s not like were talking about “high art” here. Don’t be so dire! People need to come back down to earth and stay awhile.

  123. Daisy says:

    Jane ! This is so exciting ! You look fab in these lovely photos !

  124. akm says:

    I’m sorry people are so ugly.
    I hope you’re proud of yourself for all the amazing things you’ve accomplished already! :)
    You’re awesome, girl. Be proud. :)

  125. pepper says:

    It’s not a matter of ‘high art’ it’s a matter of integrity and respecting intellectual property. So lame, I don’t think Karl would be too happy about your chanel bootie rip-off.

  126. …Congratulations for this collection…are cute!! I´m looking forward your next project!! ;-)

  127. Katie says:

    “They’re just jelous.”
    Ugh, for god’s sake. People are allowed a negative opinion just as much as a positive one. Just because people criticize does NOT mean they’re jealous, not everyone wants to be like Jane.

  128. Laura says:

    They are all beautiful!

  129. Sara says:

    Wow Jane,I totally know that you’re extremely stylish and creative,but c’mon,I was hoping for more, before seeing the first collection you designed to UO,i was like ‘oh,these are so not original’,and many people thought like me.
    In the second part I thought that you,after reading some bad reviews,would make some more original shoes.Like,pay attention,the satin bow heel in black is SOOOOO chanel,and it in pink is like the loubotin you have.The tall wedge boot reminds me of your dries sneaks and many other shoes I’ve seen,and the tall buckle boot,it’s a not-over the knees copy of your BARNEYS COOP BOOTS,i was hoping for something better.
    But,anyway,the shots for the ad are marvellous,the idea of hanging shoes in a tree is really brilliant.And well,your sketchs are amazing and you should use your hair more like the way you used in those pictures.
    With Love(and a little disappointment);
    From Brazil

  130. Danihum says:

    Yes ma’am!
    Get it, gurl!!!

  131. Rafael Srur says:

    I love the pink shoes. Well Done!

  132. Johanna says:

    Holy shoe shine those are hot! Looves!!

  133. Jules says:

    Wow! This is stunning! =D
    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  134. Musica says:

    Hello you fucktards?
    Do you think Urban Outfitters would ever be able to make a good-looking shoe?
    Hell no…look at how much better the drawings look than the actual shoes. Haters to the left, its not her fault they’re lame. Where the fuck is everybody getting this Ann Demeulemeester tip?
    Can’t wait until you get to work with a REAL shoe company!

  135. kimzie says:

    that’s awesome! i’m so proud of you!

  136. GGShoe says:

    Great Pictures. Love that hair color on you!! It makes you look so much more sophisticated. Congrats on your shoe designer work. Great styles!
    Would love to see your photos with your shoes on!

  137. Maria says:

    It’s amazing! Congratulations Jane!!!

  138. Ashley says:

    As someone who never comments on blogs I feel compelled to in this instance. When the feedback is negative unfortunately these are the people that tend to voice their opinions more feverishly than the positive visitors. So in an attempt to outweigh the negative, congratulations on your wonderful designs! Anyone who reads this blog regularly can see you draw your inspirations from so many different facets. You should be so proud of yourself for everything you’ve accomplished so early in life! Thank you for allowing us to incorporate some of your style into our own wardrobes.

  139. sioux says:

    What joy must be, to see your own designs become reality! Congrats

  140. Maya says:

    Jane, instead of getting upset about the negative comments people leave on your blog, you should take them to your heart.
    The shoes you designed are, really ,just replicas of the designer’s shoes ( Chloe, Chanel,Demarchelier,).
    And while there’s nothing wrong with that ( a lot of designers do that) you should be honest with your readers and customers and at least say that your designs were “inspired” by the shoes from your own closet.

  141. japke says:

    congrats! so amazing that you’ve got the change to design your own shoe collection!!

  142. helen says:

    don’t liste to shitty comments, offcourse you’re inspired by what you see…So is EVERY designer. i adore them and would love to own every single pair of them. Pity they aren’t available here in europa!

  143. MK says:

    That is amazing.
    My favorite are the wedged lace ups.
    They look like Oxfords mixed with Saddle Shoes.
    Much love.

  144. EriS says:

    wow!! jane it´s amazing the shoes, I just love the Tall Buckle Boot!!! I certaly wanna have it!!
    kisses from Brasil!

  145. Madison M. says:

    Screw the haters.
    They are just jealous they dont have as much talent as you.
    And I love your hair!
    The color looks great!

  146. bJ says:

    I’m sorry, but the suckers-up (most of whom just seem to want to promote their own blogs on the back of sugar coated comments) are just as annoying as the haters.
    Why can people who comment on blogs never take a balanced view of things? Jane is beautiful, well dressed and has an extraordinary sense for fashion. She also has a huge online following and is something of an online celebrity. This is why Urban Outfitters are working with her.
    I’m sure Urban Outfitters specified that the shoes have to be ‘similar’ to the ones Jane wears on the blog in their contract with her, because the whole point of the exercise is obviously to trade off the fame and following of Sea of Shoes, and fans need to feel like what they’re getting is relevant.
    Jane obviously has fashion talent, and I’m sure she could one day be a ‘proper’ shoe designer if she wished, and I’m also sure that if it wasn’t just a ‘celeb promotion’ with UO she could design much better shoes, but here what she is selling is her own brand. Urban Outfitters asked her to design shoes for them because she is famous and has a distinctive look which lots of people admire, not because they were looking for an actual shoe designer for THEIR brand. It’s just like a celebrity clothing line for the online generation.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s stupid to say ‘these are so unoriginal you suck at designing shoes’ because you have to take this for what it is (i.e. celebrity merchandising for the online generation), but also it’s stupid to say ‘OMG Jane you’re suuuuuuuuch a talented designer you’re ammmaaaaazing (btw visit my blog HERE)’ when clearly Ms Aldridge is doing savvy marketing more than actual designing.

  147. FRENCHICK says:

    Your babies are beautiful!! :)

  148. rolka says:

    Congratulations!! shoes are great!!!!

  149. anne says:

    most shoe design is derivative. I think uo calculates that their customer would like an affordable, watered down version of what’s trendy (open toe boot, whatever). it’s not immoral to be mainstream and commercial. and it’s unrealistic to expect anyone but ann demeulemeester to design as well as ann d. even ann d has plenty of unoriginal or mediocre moments. these shoes are ok, probably smart in marketing terms, and jane is 17. all in all, a success imo.

  150. Leia says:

    I love the bowtie booties! I wonder if the collection is out in the London store?

  151. carrie says:

    LOVE IT! congrats!

  152. viky says:

    wow wow wow-so great!
    i love the shoes!

  153. Erika says:

    Yaaaaayyy!!! congrats! they are amazing!! TX girls have the best style :)

  154. Ashley says:

    I really like your hair darker like that.

  155. Congratulations – i can only imagine how excited you must be! :)
    visit me @ http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.com

  156. Molly Rose says:

    Fabulous pics, your designs are wonderful. I love your hair color their btw.

  157. Anna says:

    Great pics, congrats on the success, just one question why are you sooooo thin, now?, I liked the way you looked.
    Happy day!!

  158. deborah says:

    I will get some for sure…

  159. djfjaerlk says:

    ooh you are looking skinny my darling

  160. Y. Monkey says:

    I have to agree with bJ. I adore the blog and read it every day, but her observation was very astute about selling the Sea of Shoes image. It would be an even better marketing tool to actually wear the shoes. Just look at the enormous sales L.A.M.B. generates with Gwen Stefani wearing her product. It is true there is little originality to the designs, and nepotism has played its part in funding Jane’s budding sense of style. But c’mon – bow ties on shoes? That was done centuries before Chanel. Check your fashion history people. UO aside, the blog is wonderful and has introduced me to a lot in fashion I did not know about. It remains a great source of inspiration.

  161. Eco Fashion? lol
    Follow me on Twitter and Facebook
    @ http://www.MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  162. Camila says:

    Oh Jane,are you really going to pay attention to these haters comments?i think NONE of them have a style like yours.(or will have a chance to design their own shoe line,or have a very succesfull blog).
    The second collection is so awesome,better than the first in my opinion,and i think that it’s no use telling you that you’re soo pretty,because you already know that (:
    Sorry for my bad English,but im trying to learn

  163. I saw the shoes online just now before I saw this post and realized it was yours! Congratulations! Love those pink bow shoes!
    x ws x

  164. Lauren says:

    i guess people just don’t realize, it’s not that easy to have style even if you’re rich. i mean damn, some people pay millions to dress themselves and still look like shit. and how can you criticize a rich person for buying nice things? if you have money more power to you. i guess these jokers expect rich people to also buy their clothes from the george line at walmart… *sigh* don’t listen to their monkey-asses unless what they’re saying is constructive. half of them wouldn’t have the guts to say any of this to your face. i just gotta wonder, why are they lurking around your blog? i mean i don’t love every single thing that you wear, but seriously at least you aren’t just another hipster wearing a baggy t-shirt, black shorts and black tights. you and your mom have given me some great ideas.
    i do think it’d be cool if you took some photos in the shoes, to give us an idea of what kind of outfit you envisioned them with. would you please?

  165. sune says:

    OOOOHHHH the brown wedges look especially lovely!

  166. Kim says:

    So how did that opportunity come about?

  167. Christine says:

    ahhh im so excited for you!! :D
    UO is one of my favorite stores, and it’s so cool you got to design for them. ur living my dream hahaa,
    Beautiful stuff.

  168. Catherine says:

    Congratulations Jane! The pink bow-tie booties are amazing, I’m definitely getting a pair!

  169. Emma Trimspy says:

    Seen it before. Nothing special.

  170. This is absolutely amazing!! Congrats to you!!!

  171. Belle says:

    Please don’t be another copycat designer.
    The bow is so Chanel, the Wedges = to Chloé and the boots are quite similar to any other boot of this season.
    If you love shoes and want to design, do somethig memorable, original, you have a wonderful oportunity, one in a million to do what thousands of girls and boys wants, do it with all your best.
    Congratulations,hope to see a much more interesting collection soon.

  172. Sarah Corley says:

    GORGEOUS shoes Jane!!!

  173. eliabel says:

    It’s so sad !
    I Can’t order any of those wonderfull shoes … Im’ living in Paris !
    Anyway, thanks for your fresh vue of fashion Jane !
    I really love to come and see how you feel your clothes and shoes and everything.
    Working myself for a great Brand that you know, and it’s so interesting to see how your creative !

  174. I would love to design shoes, how lucky you are that you get to do it. I’d love to hear more about the process and how the designs become a reality.

  175. did you change your hair color ? it looks darker. its pretty <3
    jay millionaires

  176. Wendy says:

    Bow booties in that dusty pink color. *die…and a hope skip over to Urban I go.

  177. Congrats I love the little botties

  178. Fannah says:

    what an honor! it’s a beautiful collection :)

  179. Katy says:

    As a designer myself, I have had negative things said to me about my designs. You are influenced by other designers but I do believe that you have taken elements you love and created something of your own. You have accomplished so much in such a short time and I look forward to seeing your future projects.
    The internet is a tricky thing. People seem to love the anonymity and use it as license to write rude and hateful things. I am sure this will only make you stronger and better equipped to deal with all the nasty people there are in the world.

  180. Sylvie says:

    The pink ones are really beautiful, you have had à nice idea! It is a shame we cannot buy them in Europe. Why, why this cruelty, Urban Outfitters??

  181. Hanna says:

    Kika gärna in på min blogg och tyck till om min nya design. När du ändå är där får du gärna anmäla dig till min “Veckans blogg-tävling”. http://haneys.blogg.se är adressen! Ha en trevlig kväll!

  182. Lovely collection Jane. I’m seriously wanting those cap toe oxford wedges! Gorgeous. Very Chloe-esque :)

  183. Hannah L. says:

    the first image is quite picturesque. i really love the wedges. dark hair + beautiful complexion + red lips = classic

  184. jamie clare says:

    i agree with earlier comments that a lot of this is about marketing both jane’s blog and UO. i do believe, jane, that you should wear your product, however. not only is it a good marketing strategy, but it just shows a general pride in your work. i personally love the shoes, particularly the wedge booties which are actually quite different from the chloes, and i know you know shoes and therefore feel comfortable buying a pair of footwear you have had a hand in.

  185. SO cute! i must get a pair! :)

  186. Sandra says:

    Really nice! I totally support you, you’re so sweet and have an inspiring blog :) Why don’t you wear your own designs on the blog sometime? It would be really nice o see how you would style them!
    Good luck sweetheart, you deserve all the good things happening to you!

  187. Martyna says:

    These brown are soooo great!!!gorgeos!!
    Congratulations succes!!

  188. Kathryn says:

    I love all of them, but I wish there were some flats! ): Heels aren’t aloud in my school.

  189. gleopatra says:

    that’s what happens when you have such good taste and style :)

  190. Lucy-Jane says:

    I love the little brown booties so much it makes me upset that UO dont ship to nz :(

  191. a la mode says:

    The black shoes look a lot better here than they do on the site. The bow is awful :(

  192. sia.in.love says:

    The shoes in the middle of the first picture remind of shoes in the Chloe Fall Winter 09/10
    The black shoes with the bow tie are reminiscent of your Chanel Booties of Spring Summer 2009.
    And aren’t these a bit like your Prada Spring Summer Boots 2006?
    Do with that information what you will but to be a real designer you need to come up with your OWN ideas…..

  193. missmilki says:

    They’re gorgeous! I love the wedge lace boots, they’re exactly what I’m looking for (well I really want the Chloe boots but just can’t afford them! ;) ) Will the collection be available in Europe/uk?

  194. beam says:

    Well done! Your blog is so incredibly amazing! I love the the great quality of your photos – and of course to see your collection of shoes and clothes in general. Great blog! I live in DK, so I don´t think I´m able to get my hands on your shoes from UO. :o( Have a great weekend.

  195. Tania says:

    Wow! these shoes are amazing!
    i love all of them! and i love your new drawings and border designs on the pictures. you are so creative!

  196. Joan says:

    Thank you for those Chloe-inspired lace-up wedges–it’s the closest I’ll get to owning to the original Chloe pair. I am forever in your debt =)
    Keep up the great work!

  197. Nina says:

    Mazal Tov! Looks gorgeous…

  198. Maria says:

    The heels with the bow on them are so cute! Great job!

  199. Nana says:

    the idea is great!
    love the photos!

  200. Joanne says:

    Omg! How exciting!! Such wonderful shoes! :)

  201. Michelle says:

    Im in love with the brown wedges!

  202. Chin says:

    the dark hair really look good on you. your eyes shine more.
    love the pink bootie on the first photo btw! :)

  203. Marla Singer says:

    wow! lovely! congrats <3

  204. wowwww they are sooo incredibly amazing!! gotta check them out on the website!! :)

  205. Jackie Fleurie says:

    So let’s see…You’ve copied Chloe, Ann D., Chanel…Shame on you, what a fraud!

  206. yasmin says:

    you are lovely!! :))

  207. Jennifer says:

    Hello !
    I’m French and I don’t speak a good English, so excuse me for the faults.
    I saw your new collection, and I was so excited when I saw the wedge booties that you created.
    I really like shoes, and I absolutely wanted to have these, I think they’re original, very beautiful, I’m fond of the colors, laces, details, they’re all that I like.
    It has been approximately one year since I look at your blog regularly, and you have a very good taste. You inspired me, opened my mind in term of aesthetics, in particular about shoes. I bought balenciaga shoes you published one year ago, which were on sale on Yoox !
    When I saw your new collection, I rushed on Urban Outfitters, but regrettably they don’t deliver in France, and the European site doesn’t sell your shoes… I am really disappointed…
    Nevertheless, I want to congratulate you about your blog, and especially your creativity :)

  208. Sri says:

    Wow. I looked at them and they are all AMAZING!!! Congrats! I know that there will deffies be more where those came from.

  209. Bravo! I adore the gladiator heels. Congratulations on a job well done!

  210. Dea says:

    Gorgeous affordable shoes, I love every single pair and I love the fact that they are affordable and accessible. I live in Europe so I can’t get UO stuff here, but when I come home I will be sure to look up your styles at Urban Outfitters :)
    Love you, your mom and everything you both do!

  211. Laura says:

    omg that is so good!
    youve had so many amazing opportunities!!!!

  212. Amber says:

    Congratulations! So amazing for your age! Really inspires me to push myself harder. Definitely hoping the wedges will stick around on the site for my christmas wish list!

  213. stacy di says:

    what a fantastic collection…I can’t pick a favorite..congratulations :)

  214. Omg! You’re even more amazing than about two seconds ago before I knew you made a collection!

  215. jamie says:

    The shoes look great. Congratulations on your second round!

  216. Gili says:

    Jane – the wedges are to-die-for! I am so getting them, even though Urban Outfitters do not deliver to Israel… You have got such a unique style – you are truly a one-of.

  217. bella says:

    There is a blog that would love to hire you to blog you need to call them and talk you are fantastic

  218. erin says:

    is it so… you are on “the city” tomorrow night?! or just another girl who looks just like you?
    love the shoes btw…

  219. Greeta says:

    I just think its a shame that when you have an opportunity to create something new and fresh (as you do with your styling) you choose to rip off other designers work.

  220. air jordans says:

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