Lazy Weekend

Is everyone else in North Texas sick of this gloomy weather yet? It's been wet and grey for two months now. It's starting to affect my mood…but at least this weather provides a good excuse to crawl into bed and watch movies.

This weekend I watched A Room With a View (because I love Helena Bonham Carter) and Paris, TX (because I looooove Harry Dean Stanton..even if this movie was kind of lame)

Went to Chili's with my best friends on Saturday…


Wearing an 80's sequinned angora sweater with jeans purchased from V.O.D., and Balenciaga ankle boots


Then on Sunday morning I went into town with my mom and sister to check out some furniture at Again Design Studio in Dallas. My mom is a big fan of both of Leslie Pritchard's stores.



I wore my favorite patent Alaia platforms and 80s Claude Montana pants.

Hope everyone had a great weekend…for now I have to pack and catch up on correspondence before I leave for NYC tomorrow. I'll be back Thursday!

Thanks for reading :) 

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  1. Meg says:

    Your weekend definitely sounds like my own – movies and grubby yet yummy food with friends. Beautiful Alaias!

  2. MaryJane says:

    That sweater is adorable!!

  3. Kate says:

    loooove those jeans!

  4. Andrew J says:

    First off, yes I’m SICK of this dang weather. Did we skip fall and go straight into winter?!?
    Love the jeans with the zip pockets. Looks like fun times for you this weekend. The owl pic reminded me of a really awesome store I stumbled into this weekend called the Antique Garden. Great clothes and really awesome French antiques. I’ll post pics tomorrow.
    -Andrew J.

  5. yifat says:

    I like so much your sequin sweater!

  6. Krizia says:

    That sweater looks amazing on you!
    Have fun in the Big Apple!
    x Krizia

  7. monika poppy says:

    amazing shoes*

  8. omg, I’m addicted to homemade popcorn…that photo is not helping. =)
    I love those jeans….they are amazing. Helena is awesome….how excited are you for Alice in Wonderland??

  9. yo says:

    I agree with you, terrible weather here in Dallas :(
    And it is not just the gloomy days, but also it is in the 60’s…
    so, movie time!!!
    here is one that I think you might like
    Innocence from Director Lucile Hadzihalilovic

  10. Sai says:

    How often do you go shopping? When do you ever do schoolwork…

  11. Lilisfashion says:

    I love you mums jacket, so wonderful. The outfit that you wore out to chilis was excellent. Am a bit envious of your Balenciagas though….

  12. Noa says:

    homemade popcorn is the best!
    love your black pants!

  13. frl.laut says:

    oh I WANT WANT WANT these pants!!! looking wonderful…like everyday.

  14. frl.laut says:

    i mean the black ones! unfortunately they’re vintage, aren’t they?

  15. Sara says:

    OOH JANE!This blue jacket is perfect,where did you get it?!
    With love from Brazil

  16. Phoebe Rose says:

    Those Alaia patent platforms are stunning! I adore them!
    Love that fluffy red cardie too :)

  17. Gon says:

    I love that red angora sweater! Have fun In New york !

  18. amy says:

    that owl drawing is so sweet
    i love the textures in the picture of just the shoes (2nd to last)
    is that a mural painted on a wall?

  19. sophie says:

    yuck everyone can see your nipples wtf is wrong with you

  20. kamila says:

    i love you red sweater! and a room with a view! george=hot

  21. Brooke says:

    Have fun in New York! That red sweater is great, and I love those chairs!

  22. Mara says:

    love that furniture! i can’t wait to have my own apartment and decorate. Have a great time in NYC!

  23. wow is it just me or have you gotten really skinny lately? Burger it up, Jane-o!
    love the pants :)

  24. wow is it just me or have you gotten really skinny lately? Burger it up, Jane-o!
    love the pants :)

  25. wow is it just me or have you gotten really skinny lately? Burger it up, Jane-o!
    love the pants :)

  26. Liana says:

    love those jeans and the last pants, but uh you’re way too young to have your nipples showing through your shirt…..

  27. Serg Riva says:

    “I wore my favorite patent Alaia platforms and 80s Claude Montana pants”
    luv this bit…

  28. cindy says:

    omg, everything about the first two pictures of you in the red is so 80s.. i am in love.
    new york! i’m assuming you’ll be very busy, but if anything frees, twitter msg me :P

  29. I love your silk jacket and Montana pants!

  30. those Alaia platforms are so amazing. also love that sweater. you have some amazing 80’s clothes. is ebay the best place to look? do you have any other suggestions in finding 80’s gems?
    have a great time in NYC-can’t wait to hear about it!!
    check out my blog at

  31. Meadow says:

    Jane you look absolutely amazing in red…especially with that new hair color. Love! those Claude Montana are amazing as well…

  32. Dithy Rambe says:

    Autumn equals hot chocolate in bookstore window seats(with a stack of european art magazines) and gorgeous, gorgeous coats! Coats that you can keep open to show the rest of your outfit, then button up when it gets chillier! What’s not to love?

  33. Nathalie says:

    love your jeans! and those patent alaias are fab..

  34. Jesse says:

    Oh lord….god-fabid, nipples! Everybody has em, expressing your distaste for the sight of them just makes you look uptight and puritanical.
    Oh, and I felt the same way after seeing Paris, Texas…..way over-hyped and kinda drawn out and boring.

  35. Isabelle says:

    On a super strange moment; I also watched A Room with a View yesterday and wanted to go frolicking in the streets looking like Helena today.

  36. Roz says:

    I actually like gloomy weather,as it means I have a reason to stay inside and read books,or like you said,watch movies! But I suppose that only applies every so often for me.. I’m glad it’s not like that all the time (but probably will be soon- I live in the UK, renowned for rain!)
    Great outfit choices. I really like the blue kimono jacket you’re wearing in that one shot. And that furniture shop looks so amazing! There’s something I find really attractive about interior design and furnishings and all that. That owl image (is it a painting?) is beautiful.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    wow i’m really in love with that blue jacket you’re wearing! it reminds me of a short kimono. lovely platforms by the way.

  38. Amy says:

    awesome photos again

  39. amber says:

    question: are taking a break from school? How do you get to travel around so much without getting behind?
    Anywho -LOVE the platform/pants combo. And the red sweater outfit is AH-mazing! so cozy and fun.

  40. Ramonies says:

    you look georgous on the first photo!!

  41. Carola says:

    Aaah, your favorite Alaias, right;-)? The last picture is awesome. I love the outfit! Have fun in NYC but check out our Paris pics before;-)

  42. Laura says:

    you’re getting rather thin, jane…

  43. Great jeans from V.O.D. Who makes them? I would LOVE a pair.

  44. dannie says:

    those jeans are pretty siiic
    and i love that look with the platforms, sooo simply chic, those shiny plats are gorgeous, like a doll!!!

  45. I just LOVE your blog and every photo in it! You really inspire my (You and your mom!) Keep up the amazing job

  46. candice chu says:

    your alaia’s are to die for.
    beautiful post.

  47. Loving the Claude Montana pants + platforms – gorgeous!
    visit me @

  48. Karina says:

    I too am tired of this crappy grey weather. I think I live close to you (also in the Dallas area) and I can’t tell you how badly waking up to nasty greyness every morning affects me…at least we have good shoes to brighten our moods, right?

  49. sofiasophie says:

    I loooove your last outfit, these shoes are crazy and the C.Montana pants are very trendy!
    you look beautifuk!

  50. Cheyne says:

    This weather is hitting Tulsa too. All gloomy, bleh. At least I can start wearing sweaters and tights and cardigans galore.! (:
    I was just curious, what kind of camera do you use.? The quality is very nice and I’m considering buying a new digital camera around Christmas time.
    Also, those trousers are divine.

  51. evangeline says:

    i love love love both the shoes in this post!
    the weather is just as cold and gloomy here in Chicago…have fun in NYC!

  52. Alison says:

    personally, i am a fan of a little nipple exposure (just to balance out some of the previous criticism.) for fucks sake, we all dress to be sexy now and again…and tight pants and cleavage are…blehh. As long as jane isn’t abusing it like jennifer aniston, who the fuck cares.
    the red sweater and jeans are a win. I won’t comment on shoes. Obviously you’ve got that situation handled from the start of this blog until forever.

  53. Pearl says:

    Here in the UK it is always like that! So totally understand how much the rain gets you down. I love cute vintage sweaters, dont they just put you in a cheery mood, the cardigan your mum is wearing looked great too. Nice to see the chunky platforms again. Have a fun trip
    Pearl x

  54. Brigadeiro says:

    GORGEOUS pics! Can’t get enough of those Balenciaga boots, love ’em!

  55. Emily says:

    amaaaaazing as always :) i love the jeans with the red sequin sweater!!!!

  56. Jess says:

    love the blue silk jacket

  57. Mary says:

    love the silk shirt over the tank
    i have a shirt that’s insanely similar but reversible!

  58. Indy says:

    You look FANTASTIC in the first photo. The lighting, backdrop…red really suits your colouring and it pops against the blue jeans. The jeans are the perfect shade of indigo and they look incredibly well made and fitted. Which brand are they from in the VOD boutique? I’d love to get a pair! The Montana pants and Alaia platforms are also stunning, I’m very jealous ; ) I’m just not sure how I feel about the pseudo ‘oriental’ jacket you’ve got on, it’s kind of costumey in a bad way. Still, you make me lust after everything you own!

  59. Larae says:

    Jeans are fanFREAKINtastic cutie patootie Jane! xo!

  60. A red sweater with sequins? Practically heaven ♥

  61. S.I.Q. says:

    you hair looks great!!
    and that furniture store seems amazing!!
    -Paris graffiti brand logos

  62. omg!
    i love the sequined sweater!!!!
    and the zipper jeans look very unique!
    beautiful photos, jane!

  63. ally says:

    just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’re stylish.

  64. Arianna says:

    I love the owl Drawings and your really pretty.
    Also how did you get this website? im interested thank you please email me telling me ho at

  65. Zoe says:

    That sounds so nice! I wish I couldve crawled into bed this weekend.
    I love that red sweater!! It looks great with the zip pants.. :)

  66. k604bc says:

    Yes red!! Love the sequinned angora sweater and the blue asian bed jacket. I also also love your Mom’s jacket… I want it!
    Sorry Jane, but I’m used to the gloomy weather in Vancouver… I actually learned how to love it. Cozy sweaters and boots and all :)

  67. gigi says:

    I actually thought you were a really cool, stylish girl with discerning taste… until you said “Paris, TX” was lame… eek! like “Wings of Desire” is kinda too black and white?

  68. Magalí says:

    I love your style!!!

  69. Jasmin says:

    We had our first snowfall here in Helsinki today! I still can’t believe it – maybe we won’t have to live with gloomy fall weather all too long after all!
    Red looks so fantastic on you – it really suits your skin tone. Plus the fuzziness of the angora looks so cozy!

  70. Dana Cordova says:

    Adorable as always— maybe I’m a little new to your site, but has anyone snatched you for their ad campaign yet? You are a unique beautiful and obviously a web force to be reckoned with. Bravo, and thanks.

  71. Ah, the ramblings of a wealthy Southern teenage girl. I die.

  72. Love the pants and the sweater. Also, loving your pics :)

  73. Emily Rose says:

    wow people leave really bizarre comments. sorry you have to deal with that! anyway, still love your blog, thanks for always posting great photos!

  74. fashionisfor says:

    LOVE those trousers!

  75. sk says:

    You look great!
    I just told my boyfriend who is sitting next to me right now that I really want popcorn. He didn’t understand why I wanted popcorn so randomly until he saw what was on my laptop!

  76. Midge says:

    Love those black pants! And the Balenciagas, of course.

  77. I’m so jealous of your clothes ):
    Oh well-I’ll deal
    Come back soon.

  78. Paris, Texas was an amazing film! So quiet and intimate..Nastassja Kinski is so beautiful in it.
    I love that lavender and blue Kelly Wearstler print. I was thinking of getting a pair of chairs upholstered in another color variation in it!

  79. melissa says:

    who made your moms sweater? its amazing

  80. A says:

    love your pants, where did you get it?

  81. Rachel says:

    I am actually slightly obsessed with your shoes you have…I miss DTX sooo much I am in school down in College Station…& the weather is exactly the same…gloomy & a fabulous excuse to defiantly be in bed all day!

  82. Becca says:

    I love the angora sweater and jeans – fabulous.
    And I also love those trousers! So great. Also, that furniture shop looks like the perfect place to browse – so fun.

  83. Courtney says:

    Those zippy jeans are killing me – so hot. Who makes them??

  84. i love furniture hunting! just went to ikea last nite, not as fun as your furniture shops though :P

  85. I love Paris movie too.. ;)
    Maison Chaplin, the internationally recognized most stylish and glam fashion blog by some fashion houses!

  86. Quantcast says:

    Hello there. Are you Quantified yet?

  87. Actually, I kind of really love this weather. lol. Perfect light sweater weather: love. Also love again & again. Reminds me it’s been a while since I visited.

  88. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh great heels and great photos…looks like you also had a great weekend!?
    Kiss, Laura

  89. Cecylia says:

    I love your oriental clothes. Those black satin high-waisters suit your petite frame so well. Love the furniture!

  90. Caro says:

    i kind of love the gray weather. good trip to nyc.

  91. Laura says:

    The jeans are to die for!

  92. Your patent Alaia are aaaaamaaaazing!
    Have a nice trip to NYC.
    Love xxx

  93. dea says:

    i love those plattformshoes… (was it written like this??? :s) Any way! IIII LLOOVVEE TTHHEEMMM! And those fotos are pritty. My favourite is the one where you´re wearing the gray top and those GORGEOUS pants. I love your outfit on it!!!

  94. LoveLoveLove says:

    sequins! sequins! sequins! sequins! sequins! sequins! :D

  95. Enrika says:

    Hey guyz !
    Do you know GHUBAR????
    It’s a brand new FASHION online magazine built on interbreeding and multiculturalism.
    This mag rocks go check it >>>

  96. bonham_carter_lover_girl says:

    oh, i love HBC too. Have you seen Fight Club? It’s the best movie ever like Sweeney Todd.

  97. MªÁngeles S.T. says:

    The perfect weekend, popcorn and movies, when is raining or cold. Have fun in NY!

  98. EMILIE says:

    You sequinned angora sweater is amazing!
    Emilie from

  99. Laura says:

    You look so hot in that photo! I just wish you had worn a bra :/

  100. Christina says:

    Gorgeous Alaias! I am looking to get my hands on the cut-out knee-high boots, they are stunning!

  101. dy says:

    i haven’t been to a chili’s in a really long time :). i love your mom’s sweater and your black pants and tank combination.

  102. Christina says:

    sounds like a great weekend! I love those pants!

  103. therese says:

    hey! i must say i love you blog! i’m from norway and read it almost every day! your so pretty and i love you shoes! beautiful piz too! xoxo therese!

  104. Great weekend… My weekend was pretty much the same, except I have a cold :-/
    Great Jeans, I love the pockets!

  105. Jane says:

    You are so much beautiful!!

  106. sofia says:

    you are so cool! I love your style and beautiful pictures!

  107. I am in love with those jeans! The hardware and deep color are amazing.
    What brand are they ? BTW if you are coming to NYC the weather here has been lovely. It’s getting cold but at least the sun is out!

  108. veronicahhh says:

    where is your mom’s jacket from???? SOOO COOOOOOOL

  109. First post for me on your blog, even if I’m a long time reader. I’m sorry but I have to speak up for Paris, Texas…what on earth is lame about it?
    This is one of the 80s greatest movies, with great acting, not to mention the superb music. Shame on you for not enjoying it!

  110. i love the texture of that sweater. ive been searching for something similar and its either a fuzzy monstrosity or just not quite enough.

  111. Libby says:

    Ah adore both outfits, especially that sweater so very 80’s!

  112. Erica says:

    i just wanted t say that i luc the shoes, so cute, i wanna have it too :P
    the weather in Rio de Janeiro its a mess, we’re in spring, but theres no sun and flowers, only rain and cold :(
    hope u hv fun in NYC

  113. lustforlove says:

    omgoodness i lovelovelove those CM pants

  114. Esther says:

    I love the outfits in this post ! Especially the first one, that’s what I call a lovely pair of jeans.

  115. jennine says:

    WHAT!!!!! Paris, Texas is a total classic and amazingly beautiful film. Wim Wenders makes subtle films…they run kind of slow, but I think you should give it another chance in a few years because they are so loaded with depth and character.

  116. Olivia says:

    Fabulosity in a sweater. Modern 80s done to perfection. Nothing much better than angora and sequins.

  117. talia says:

    i need to know who did that owl drawing! i love it!

  118. Cristy says:

    Just in encase I miss a post when you are going to Austin, you have to go to Solid Gold boutique. I think you would enjoy the lines they carry and the vintage pieces!

  119. Oo, A Room With A View is so good!

  120. amy says:

    ok, my comment just happens to be by the chick who said “wtf” about your nips…i’ve gotten a little traffic from this comment on my blog…just want to clarify…I didn’t say that :)
    sophie, girl, get over it! Really…move on.
    ok, thanks!

  121. You are so lucky to have Claude Montana anything!!! Amazing. And I love love love the sequin striped sweater.

  122. Amanda says:

    Good God I had that sweater when I was in grade school. 80’s are back and I love it.

  123. xAZD says:

    love those zippers are rad! and lovely mary-janes + trousers.

  124. ruby pierce says:

    I live in south texas, but our weather has been really dreary too… Texas weather is really weird, it goes from hot one day to rainy and cold the next. oh and I love the jeans!

  125. Marcia says:

    the balenciaga boots are dope

  126. Victoria says:

    Hi Jane! I am actually looking forward to the gloomy weather–fall and winter are my favorite seasons! However, come January, I’m ready for the Summer again! It’s an excuse to wear warm and comfy clothing! Those pictures look amazing. I love your black 80s Claude Montana pants–they fit you perfectly! and that serene blue Asian styled jacket is a great color on you. Have a fab time in NYC!

  127. Love the platforms – so chic.

  128. seriously your shoes….i just looked over your site… how do you afford/where do you find these adorable jems????

  129. Kazuko says:

    Awesome outfits. But not only that: love the owls and the furniture. And by the way – Room with a view is one of my all-time favourites!!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  130. Ayn says:

    do you still go to school?

  131. marle says:

    Disagree entirely about Paris, Texas. You don’t have enough life experience to call that lame. The depth of characters, is obviously out of your depth! Wim Wenders is a genius.

  132. Chloe says:

    oh my gosh, I love your mum’s coat! + your Alaias, that’s for sure.

  133. Giselle says:

    Dear jane,
    Found this octopus necklace at Etsy and thought it was so you:

  134. emma says:

    do you have any better pictures of your balenciaga boots? i adore them so far. :)

  135. dreamsequins says:

    I loved the casting in Room with a View. Helena Bonham mushface (and I mean that as a compliment!) Carter at her best!

  136. Rhamier A. says:

    OMG are you Americans really uptight about any and everything! Get a grip, she didnt lift her shirt up for Christ sake. Who knows, it was probabably nippy where she was, and if not so what. Jane, you look great, im a guy and you inspire me so much. I think we’re about a year apart. Keep doing what you do.

  137. Kirsty says:

    Hello. Just to let you know there is a giveaway on my blog for an iPhone app. Check it out and enter if you get the chance! Xxxx

  138. Keep checking to read about your NYC travels. I know it’s selfish of me, but I need more posts!

  139. jane I just bought some awesome flats, and when I put them on I thought “these remind me of sea of shoes.” thanks for continually inspiring me to step out of my box!

  140. F. says:

    Love your style, Jane! You are incredible. I “look at” you everyday!
    Cheers from Poland, F.

  141. Amélie says:

    Can you give me the references of the apparatus photographs with which you take these photographs please?
    Thank you

  142. ashley rob says:

    your so cute! and so stylish! keep up the good work :D

  143. stylista says:

    I love your blog and the alaia platforms!!!! Check out my blog at

  144. Asa says:

    Love your blog and amazing sense of style! I subscribe to Sea of Shoes. Your post are personal where I feel like I’m right there with you. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo’s!

  145. Kimberley says:

    You always have amazing shoes. Your sweater is cute.

  146. gigi says:

    Those balenciaga boots are so strangely beautiful. I can’t explain what’s so attractive.
    Anyway, i love shoes as well, you inspire me to create my website, come on visit it if you have some time to loose..! :)
    By the way, I’m french

  147. Caroline says:

    LOVE the jacket.
    The brown and orange one.
    its really autum.

  148. Josephine says:

    Those jeans are amazing! I love the first outfit especially

  149. Torunn says:

    Hey, I’m an avid reader of your blog. It’s a great inspiration and your clothes as wel as your photos are beautiful. I just wonder what camera you’re using?
    Lots of love from Norway

  150. Daisy says:

    i come from Honk Kong.
    i love your blog so much!
    i hope you can show us the make up products n perfume that u ues everyday

  151. Ahhh those Alaias are pretty incredible. Im doing a project on Azzedine Alaia at the moment, best image I can find is Naomi Campbell doing english community service wearing leather sexiware. Why doesnt your sister ever feature in the blog? Do you spend heaps of your spare time shopping? What do you do in terms of jobs or uni and stuff? Ahh such an interesting read, I am a little obsessed

  152. Beatriz says:

    Qué fotos tan chulas!!!

  153. Michelle says:

    hey jane .
    I’ve sent you an email regarding you being featured in Indonesia’s CosmoGirl Magazine. hope you get a chance to check it out in the inbox :)

  154. I love those jeans.
    have fun in nyc. Its been chilly here, so dress warm.

  155. Raxi says:

    The movies takes place in florence not paris

  156. rachel e. says:

    we need some sun now. or else there will be no fall colors. it’s just not fair.
    i am so in love with all of your outfits.

  157. Annie says:

    i love all your pictures!
    and i love all your outfits!
    love annie, xx

  158. last pic is just great! love the Alaias

  159. Emma says:

    love these pictures your boots in the first images are adorable!

  160. i LOVE a room with a view– such a classic! your outfits make me want to cozy up to movies and popcorn while dressed in designer duds– im sick of the rain here as well!

  161. Mathilde Etter says:

    Hello there, seing your fabulous taste in exquisite (and unwearable) shoes i was wondering if you had ever seen the Chanel gun shoes from the Cruise 2009 Collection? They are lovely and their heel is gun shaped.. I can absolutely picture you in them.
    (when you come back to Paris, you should tell us, I live here and have soooo many good vintage shop adresses which only true Parisians know about :)

  162. Chloë says:

    That intirior store looks so cute!

  163. loving it all, beginning with your sequined sweater, your shoes and furnishings.
    have a great weekend.
    oxo, liz

  164. apple says:

    watch this Would you like to subscribe?

  165. larela says:

    I need council to buy me a garment and a few spectacular heels for my graduation!!:)

  166. Acaislim says:

    Beautiful post!
    Thank you.

  167. Aubrey Mayne says:

    What brand of jeans are those? They are so cute!

  168. KASH says:

    i think this is the best outfit you have worn so far. i absolutely love it and am dying for those jeans.

  169. Tru Otts says:


  170. Yamila says:

    Ohhhh Lovely pics!
    Big Hug from Buenos Aires.

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  172. Tyr to reminds me of those weekend , who will continue on my way to bed as soon as I get up! These flannel sheets. Maybe you could take the woodworking class for beginners, and is married to the director, or learn to do it yourself!

  173. Hoss says:

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