QUICK OUTFIT POST-Herff Christiansen


Thank you Herff Christiansen for sending me the vest I'm wearing in these pictures…taken quite some time ago when my hair was still red…I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters poncho over the vest, cut-off corduroy pants and Jil Sander asymmetrical sandals.



Borrowed my mom's Omega Seamaster…and wearing my Antonio Palladino octopus ring


Lots of people asked about my boyfriend../here he is….


Amit is wearing Rick Owens leather jacket, Acne jeans, Jil Sander bag, Spring Court shoes…and I'm wearing a Herff Christiansen, a Zero Maria Cornejo sweater, and Proenza Schouler lace up boots.

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  1. K says:

    lovely. & your bf is a cutie!

  2. i wouldn’t expect him to be in anything LESS than a leather rick owens jacket if he is YOUR boyfriend. haha, nice catch, he is an attractive young fellow.

  3. Samantha says:

    I’ve only just discovered your site, and it’s entirely spellbinding and inspiring.
    You seem to possess much of the world’s beauty! At least, in terms of clothes and shoes – but then again, what else is there? ;)

  4. olaitan says:

    u look love-stricken, or awe-smitten…or cute-faced…or facing d cutey;)
    who’s amit’s red jacket by?
    must-av proenza shoes in blk and red…lets design them.k.thats all.

  5. what a sweet, tender photo of the two of you!
    lovvveee the asymmetrical sandals, and Amit’s red jacket is stunning, too.

  6. Erin says:

    aw you guys are so adorable! I love you Proenza Schouler boots!

  7. i love the mood of these photos.
    you guys make a really great couple! how long have you been together?

  8. i love the mood of these photos.
    you guys make a really great couple! how long have you been together?

  9. i love the mood of these photos.
    you guys make a really great couple! how long have you been together?

  10. Wikifashion says:

    Awww what cute photos! I love the octopus ring :)

  11. Midge says:

    Loooove the Jil Sander shoes… so hot. And what an adorable couple you two make! :) All together now… awwwww!

  12. by the way – I love the really warm, rich tones on all your photographs. do you edit the photos at all, or is it the lenses you’re using?

  13. Ava says:

    Those Jil Sanders are so mind-blowing!! And it looks like you’ve found a boy just as fabulously stylish as you are– ADORABLE!!

  14. Little Red says:

    Lovely photos! You look fabulous, Jane!
    You and your boyfriend are so cute together!

  15. Erika says:

    The last picture is so adorable. :-)

  16. Nathalie says:

    You two are so cute together. I’m digging that octopus ring too!

  17. Jay Strut says:

    great look!!
    that ring is amazing
    You and your boyfriend are a great couple!!
    keep us swimming!!! in your sea of shoes :D

  18. esther says:

    oh that is cuuuute! <3 love your blog :D

  19. Flavia M. says:

    I’m in love with your octopus ring, is an amazing piece of art.

  20. Emily says:

    I love following your blog, and you and your boyfriend look so happy together! :]

  21. Jannette says:

    The two of you look so happy in the last photo!

  22. oliva says:

    I love the pic of you and Amit. He is super stylish too and I want his jacket :-)

  23. he’s a hottie, Jane! nice work ;)

  24. he’s a hottie, Jane! nice work ;)

  25. he’s a hottie, Jane! nice work ;)

  26. Jessy says:

    L O V E that vest! You and your boyfriend make an adorable pair.
    x http://www.wideawakethoughts.wordpress.com

  27. Azn Glow says:

    Wow, your outfit looks so cute and your boyfriend is adorable!

  28. Those sandals look like a bitch to walk in but they’re cool!
    Your bf’s outfit is so cute! How did you guys meet?

  29. Nubby says:

    Aww, you two are soooo cute together! SO CUTE!

  30. amber says:

    could you two be ANY cuter together? I think not. Such a stylish couple!!!

  31. Cecylia says:

    Where did you get your octopus ring? You have a gold one too! Very cute, 2 fashionistas!

  32. amber says:


  33. Nathalie says:

    you look stunning as usual, you two make such a cute couple!!

  34. You look gorgeous, and your boyfriend is stunning!

  35. Libby says:

    Ah, you two look so cute together!!!

  36. Tayler says:

    Love those shoes! i really like your hair red :)

  37. Isabel says:

    Aww, you and your boyfriend are so cute together!

  38. WHOA Jane! What a stud! And he dresses well too. Will he be your date to the Crillon ball?!

  39. isadora says:

    adorable! i think i remember seeing him in one of your pics from the tokyo posts, not sure though.

  40. Kay says:

    Seriously stylish couple. :)

  41. wow is he naturally that stylish or did you have to persuade him?
    love the octopus ring and the proenza boots <3

  42. Simone Renee says:

    That last shot is gorgeous. Looks like something out of a magazine editorial!

  43. Kelly says:

    OMG you guys are adorable together!!!! Such a stylish couple ;)
    love love both of your looks!

  44. Naray says:

    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…
    Oh my god he is hot…

  45. Isabelle says:

    I cant get over how stunning that ring is, it’s not even my style but I think it’s beautiful! You & your bf look adorable together and I must say I miss the red in your hair, you were born to be a redhead at least a few times in your life ;)

  46. summerTeeth says:

    talk about a well-dressed couple??? jeez. you guys are too young to look this fantastic?? haha, love those proenza booties. and i have that uo poncho. you rock it welll.

  47. Ane Silveira says:

    oun, so beautiful!

  48. You and your boyfriend look so cute together! I love your octopus ring! So awesome…

  49. maryelle says:

    he looks definitely worthy to be your bf! i love seeing stylish couples.

  50. Vanessa says:

    The boy is sooo cute!

  51. Jen says:

    How did you meet him ?!

  52. Simone says:

    Oh gosh, you know how to pick them. You two just look lovely together.
    I am SUPER jealous of that ring as well…
    +, I never thought I’d say this (well, excluding my grade four years, shudder), but your poncho is gorgeous.

  53. Libertad says:

    You look gorgeous, I love those sandals, they’re so original!!
    And what a lovely couple!!

  54. Cruz says:

    WOW your quick outfit posts always are so cool even though they’re quick haha. You guys are such a stylish couple with your designer wears ;-)

  55. Ashley says:

    i love that ring!!
    btw your bf is gorg!
    xo ash

  56. I thought I saw his pic on your blog before. Was he the same boy who you went shopping with when you were in Tokyo? Regardless, you both look perfect together!

  57. Sang Kear says:

    love the organization of the pictures. the intro and end pics are the best :)

  58. WJ says:

    Gorgeous, I’m glad you decided to reveal your lovely boyfriend. You guys have to be the best dressed coupon in Dallas!

  59. mhgfcdfhcfvncvmncmvncmvnv GREAT COUPLE!’

  60. Sydnie says:

    Jane, your boyfriend is so cute! And his style is just as good as yours. He’s clearly a keeper!

  61. Jayne says:


  62. Bailey R. says:

    you two are sooo adorable together!!

  63. Goodle says:

    Naw! What a lovely photo of both of you!
    I am a great fan of your octopuss ring! It is so sweeeet!
    Goodle x

  64. Delphine says:

    People are going to be asking for a full bio of your boyfriend and his style!!! lol!
    There was one SUPER dramatic full shot (the last one in which we see all of you). It’s SO beautiful!

  65. jamie clare says:

    amazing, jane, truly. i love all of these photos, and your two seem like a wonderful match. i can’t even get my boyfriend in anything remotely close to a rick owens jacket…

  66. Bailey R. says:

    you all are adorable together!

  67. kat says:

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee look!!!!!!!!! i love that ring!

  68. Jennifer says:

    OMG y’all are such a cute couple! I want your octopus ring!!!

  69. Emma says:

    I love that ring! and all of the photos, you guys are very cute :)

  70. so rad, I can’t even explain. you two are killer, that last photo is insane and I love it
    is it sad that I want both of you wardrobes? hehe, silly tomboy me :P

  71. That picture of you and your boyfriend is literally the cutest thing ever

  72. FASHION SNAG says:

    love your octopus ring. cute photo of you and your boyfriend together too!
    Check out my Chanel and Gucci stuff @ http://www.fashionsnag.com

  73. Niki says:

    Oh my gosh…you guys make THE most adorable couple ever! You look so good together. :) Both your outfits are fantastic. Bravo.

  74. j says:

    i LOVE your blog, and you and your boyfriend are absolutely adorable together!! :)

  75. Kate says:

    he would be :) so adorable and so like you…yet unlike you? either way you guys are great

  76. Jessica says:

    you and my big bro look amazing together! i totally approve! i’m glad he’s found a girl with class!
    <3 ^^

  77. omg!
    you both look so perfect!!!!!!

  78. Isabel says:

    you two look extremely cute together <3

  79. omg!
    i remember him. i saw him in one of your post when you were
    in tokyo. he’s from tennessee, right?
    jane- you both look so cute together.
    it’s a perfect tandem. you’ve fair complexion for a woman
    then he’s dark complexion. i love it!
    hehehe…i discovered his web site. I hope he will update his blog often!

  80. Mimi says:

    oh my, he is gorge.
    so are your outfits.

  81. Ava says:

    Hi Jane! You have a boyfriend! You look Beautiful! XOXO Ava

  82. Mel says:

    Awww you guys are so cute and stylish together!

  83. Mel says:

    You guys are so cute and stylish together!

  84. Jo says:

    Love the picture of you two!

  85. Niki says:

    probably the best dresses couple around!xo

  86. M-N says:

    I love that Octopus ring. And Amit’s red jacket.

  87. fashionisfor says:

    amazing Jil Sanders shoes and Antonio Palladino octopus ring!
    cute pic of you and your boy…love your outfit!

  88. Jennifer says:

    I love those shoes. I saw them on Shoe Girl’s blog and I love them so much.

  89. cindy says:

    you two are adorable!
    the last picture is so lovely…
    i also love your red hair here. it really suited you.
    although the blond is great too.

  90. Rosa says:

    OMG, he is so cute! Is he the same guy from one of your Tokyo posts? Anywho, love the 3rd pic of you in the parking lot, looks very cool.

  91. Mikie says:

    You two make the most gorgeous couple! Stylish, but not too OTT. And love love love the Jil Sander’s!!

  92. Chloe says:

    I am dying from the cuteness of this post- just dying. Your boyfriend is just as darling as you!

  93. alice says:

    so cute togetheeer! And congratulations on your great blog! You are the only young blogger whose style I actually admire.

  94. gennie says:

    amazing outfit post jane!! your bf is equally as stylish as you!

  95. Becca says:

    You two are such a fabulously fashionable couple – no surprise there!

  96. lizzy webb says:

    love the outfits. the shoes and sweater- is it cold-ish in dallas?
    i can’t wait for the texas weather to get colder.
    is your boyfriend israeli?- my friends name is amit and she is from israel!
    anyways. adorable

  97. sd says:

    his eyebrows are INSANE!
    haha i love them

  98. ellen says:

    ohmygod i actually can’t handle this. your style is perfect. your boyfriend is perfect. AND your boyfriends style is perfect. i love your blog so much!!!!!

  99. smallie bigs says:

    caahuuute, the last picture is sweet.

  100. Alison says:

    he’s beautiful! The shoes are beautiful, and lastly, you’re beautiful!
    Good post.

  101. Alison says:

    oh. p.s. I have an idea to run by you. I thought of this when I was really stoned in poetry class.
    Boots shaped like Italy? yes… no? has it been done before?
    I’d just wear them naked maybe.

  102. Belle says:

    oh very cute, very very cute. i didn’t think you’d put photos up but must admit i was curious so its nice that you did!
    i also lovelovelove the second photo. go red again one day?

  103. Meagan says:

    Oh my God. Your boyfriend would be absolutely, adorably stylish. Cutest couple.

  104. beetle says:

    um…not what i expected.
    cute guy, but he just seems so incredibly gay.

  105. Victoria says:

    Those Jil Sander shoes look insanely comfortable-but hey, pain is beauty right? They look fabulous though! I’m loving corduroy for fall and that octopus ring is to-die for! Maybe I’m in Halloween mode, but when I first saw that ring, it looked like a skeletal hand to me. Either way, I love it. You and your boyfriend are very cute together-talk about a well dressed couple!

  106. Elfie says:

    You look so cute together! =)
    And don’t you just love it that you can wear heels and your boyf is still taller than you are? =D

  107. Anne says:

    Awww you two look so CUTE together!

  108. Carola says:

    Jil Sander platforms are my favorite shoes EVER: http://fashioncoup.com/coupinesstyle/vintage-mulberryvery-fall-ish/!
    I love the second picture. Very beautiful, Jane! You two make a very cute couple. I am sure he’ll get lots of fan post after this;-)…

  109. Angelique says:

    oh my…you’ve got yourself a little stud

  110. How cute are u!
    Keep goin’Jane, your blog is amazing! =)
    Kisses from Italy xxx

  111. Sarah says:

    Ooo love the octopus ring! I posted some photos of awesome octopus rings on my blog from etsy! You would probably love them.

  112. always adore your style.. =)

  113. Davina says:

    cute! i love seeing stylish couples together! :D

  114. yulia says:

    you look great together ^__^

  115. Love this set of photos. You look so effortlessly chic and stunning. Octopus ring is still my favorite accessory of yours! You and your boyfriend look great together too.

  116. Love this set of photos. You look so effortlessly chic and stunning. Octopus ring is still my favorite accessory of yours! You and your boyfriend look great together too.

  117. Mia Palmberg says:

    omg! cute couple! and I must say I totally love your outfits! :D
    with greetings from Sweden

  118. oh you and amit are so cute. the best fashion couple i’ve ever seen. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture <3

  119. Pearl says:

    Ok we guessed right, he is super stylish too! Her reminds me of the guy who plays Jacob in Twilight. Very cute photo, hope you enjoyed your weekend togeather!
    Love the outfit, the cape is realy fabulous, I never realsied the Sanders’ were strapped diferently on each foot! Even more stunning than I originally thought! You should tint your hair again, that red is the perfect autumn colour!

  120. Daisy says:

    Lovely outfit and boyfriend !! :)

  121. Marcus Leung says:

    Gives new meaning to “IRL”.
    Super amazing you two. :P

  122. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!
    Looks like you’re both in a GAP commercial.
    PP x

  123. Kim says:

    Awwww, you just can feel the love in the last picture, nice one!

  124. juliet says:

    Why I’m not surprised there’s no H&M on him? :D Though you do make a cute couple! I love your hair red! Just perfectly faided.
    juliet xxx

  125. Hi, a very stylish couple, that’s for sure.. I totally love your jewelry ;)
    Maison Chaplin @ Paris Fashion Week

  126. kirstie says:

    that last picture is so god damn adorable! you and your boyfriend make a beautiful couple :)

  127. Bisou-joue says:

    you are so cute you two (and so well dressed ! )

  128. Brooke says:

    Great everything and adorable photos :) Such a stylish boyfriend too! I’m lucky when I can get my fiance out of basketball shorts and tennis shoes, but then again, it’s kinda hard to find nicer stuff when you’re 6’9″ ;)

  129. shoobs says:

    did you two fall in love in japan? teehee.
    i love the last picture- great ‘sweet puppy love’ picture!

  130. Tommy says:

    omg you look so beautiful together !
    kisses from switzerland :)

  131. KD says:

    Super outfit! Your boyfriend is very well-dressed as well.

  132. afrockaday says:

    That is such a sweet picture of you together. The look on your faces say it all. :)

  133. Elin says:

    I’m from Sweden, and I recently came across your blog after seeing pictures of you that some other blogger posted, and fell in love! You are stunning, and so is your boyfriend. Can’t you write an entry about yourself? How old are you, where did you grow up, how did you meet your boyfriend?

  134. Kim says:

    Hi Jane! I can’t believe your bf is wearing Martin Margiela Orange Leather Jacket? INCREDIBLE. My ex roommate has one just like that. you guys are lovely!

  135. Daniela says:

    Hey :D
    I love your sandals and your boyfriend is a hottie xD
    You two look great together .

  136. Anna says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend! He’s cute- and stylish! Wouldn’t expect anything less, though.

  137. lincoln taft says:

    oh…i want to see him with his glasses on.
    my boyfriend is a four eyes too.

  138. ella says:

    is he from Israel? Amit is a common Israeli name for boys&girls
    written עמית or אמית

  139. You two are so so so cute!! You look so happy together, what a great photo!
    Loving the Jil Sanders with the cords. Fab.

  140. vered says:

    your bf is gorgeous
    so cute together!
    AMIT is he israeli or jewish?

  141. Yeah! you make such a lovely cuple! and your outfit is just amazing as always!

  142. You look so happy! He’s quite the looker, indeed :) And so stylish!

  143. I was so curious to see you to togehter!!
    So sweet :D
    Where / how did you two meet? (if you want to tell)

  144. My Emma. says:

    you look great together!

  145. eynav.A says:

    Is Amit a Israeli?
    and you two are amazing toghther:)

  146. ............ says:

    He is Indian, not Israeli.

  147. pringles says:

    is he indian??????//

  148. bea says:

    i hope you tell us more about him : D he’s very goodlooking. am pleasantly surprised

  149. ainsley says:

    awww jane you and amit are so cute together!
    he’s definitely a keeper!

  150. Troisième says:

    Very cool outfits! Congrats!
    If you want, check out our new fashion brand, we have made a new t-shits collection!
    Thank you

  151. Marina says:

    You look damn good as redhead :)
    but the dirty blonde wasnt bad either ;)

  152. Coco says:

    Love your blog! Your bf is very handsome! :) Has he got his own blog?

  153. Heini says:

    Lucky you, he seems so sweet :)

  154. Great Jil Sander shoes. And you look adorable with your BF.

  155. aimie says:

    ha what a hot couple
    i love how he is sort of a darker tone than you are
    i dont mean to sound racist or anything
    its that you’re snowwhite and he’s more of a tonned color
    perfect match ;)

  156. kelly birkin says:

    awww…i knew it! he’s the first (i think) guy pic that you’ve posted in your blog (Japan photos). I knew he was *special* you both look lovely together!

  157. mariel says:

    of COURSE your boyfriend would rock rick owens and acne. love it!

  158. Katie says:

    How cute can a couple be?! Totally awesome.

  159. ORLY says:


  160. Tara-Jeanne says:

    Wow Jane, where did you find such an adorable male-fashionit(o)?
    Also, I love the Jil Sanders, but yikes they look uncomfortable!

  161. Raven says:

    You look cute together!
    The red jacket reminds me of Michael Jackson.

  162. twiggy says:

    Amit?is he israeli?

  163. Marie says:

    Hi jane,
    We just did a post about you on our blog http://www.afashiontale.dk.
    You are truly amazing!!

  164. Gala says:

    Amit?? Is he Israeli?
    You look very cute together!

  165. rika says:

    wowww.. i really love your shoes and the octopus ring ! its really amazing :D

  166. Omgosh this is amazing, so cute, so lovely, so eternal!
    You are perfect
    and those high heels, made my day
    well actually three things, have made my day::
    1. Ungaro LiLo faillure
    2. you
    3. http://www.mercedessalazar.com amazing new jewelry collection (shes from south america ) and she knows how to work it out!!

  167. Ava says:

    wait……but if that’s your boyfriend, who were you at La Nozze di Figaro with?

  168. babydoll says:

    you are very beautiful.. and thank you for all your posts… keep them coming..

  169. Anki says:

    Your both are very cute ;)
    And you are so stylish ;)

  170. Irma-Poland says:

    Your sandals are amazing, i’m in love with it!
    And your boyfriend is really sweet. You’re luck!

  171. linda says:

    beautiful pair :)) i envy.. ;)) :D

  172. Laura says:

    soo cute the two of you!

  173. Black says:

    Your boyfriend says Michael Jackson all over. His jacket is to die for!

  174. Elodie says:

    Amit & you are a very beautiful couple of lovers !

  175. Teeney says:

    loveee your ring! totally YOU <3
    and lovee you and your mans together! what a hott couple!! =] =]
    – Teeney

  176. The Elle says:

    The octupus ring is a masterpiece, I wish I had it, too!!!
    The poncho looks kinda unisex… could it be?!
    Best wishes from germany :-)!

  177. Your boyfriend is such a cuttie! You guys make such a fashionable yet adorable couple. That poncho is great as well. I love ponchos for the fall.

  178. Mara says:

    your boyfriend is soo cute! You guys make an adorable couple! xox

  179. Kah says:

    Awww, your boyfriend is so adorable! I love this outfit. And I miss the red… :)

  180. dannie says:

    i adore your heels
    and i love you and tyour bfs outfits, they compliment each other well
    was this coincidence?

  181. japke says:

    you two are so cute together and looking good! your proenza schouler boots are to die for..!

  182. Melissa says:

    you two look so good together. :)

  183. I used to have similar shoes back when I was in grade 7!!! One of my first high heeled shoes. Love it!!

  184. joce says:

    you two look so cute together!
    loving the asymmetrical heels!

  185. love the outfit with the Herff Christiansen vest. amazing. love the curdoroys with those Jil Sanders.
    check out my blog at

  186. Ramonies says:

    Oww, that octopus ring is… fuckin’ amazing!!!! Love this!

  187. Saskia says:

    I LOVE your last outfit, the Zero Maria Cornejo cardigan is amazing! And although I didn’t like the PS boots at all before, seeing them in action with a cool outfit makes all the difference.
    Your boyfriend is very cute as well – he’s a lot taller than you which is always good in a guy ; ) But his tank is a little too low…gives off the wrong impression. Do you guys ever go shopping together/help each other out with outfits? That would make a great post!

  188. Raha says:

    cute couple

  189. Karen B says:

    You guys are really cute and I still love your Jil Sander sandals. They’re awesome!
    And have you seen the new Dries shoes from his SS10 show yet? Those green ones are to DIE for! And the green heels. I burn, I pine, I perish!

  190. Shannon says:

    Awwww what a cute couple! He’s stylish too.
    xx. Shannon

  191. Aww. Such a stylish couple :) More outfit photos! ;)

  192. Rebecca says:

    I’m cooing ALL over the cute couple shots! really adorable!

  193. Lauren says:

    The cuttest couple I ever seen !
    You’re so lovely !
    And love the shoes by the way.

  194. Laura MW says:

    I’ve kinda been obsessing over these corduroy cut-offs lately…where did you get them, did you cut them yourself and was the original cut skinny, straight or flared? I want to get myself a pair and do the cut-off thing for when I go on a trip to Morroco soon, so was hoping you could help me!

  195. jason says:

    Your photos have excellent composition to them. Where did you get the octopus ring from? You and your bf look great together. Where did you two meet?

  196. Olivia says:

    He’s not your type at all (if you know what I mean…)Sorry!

  197. S says:

    u arab

  198. K.B. says:

    Oh hey I remember Amit from one of your Tokyo posts, although I don’t think you mentioned you were dating him. Is he not from Texas?
    BTW love the redorangeness of his jacket.

  199. Your outfit is so beautiful and embodies autumn.
    And your boyfriend and you are adorable!

  200. CarolineLindsey says:

    I have to say I laughed out loud when I read that you somehow found yourself a boy who wears Rick Owens…you would! That’s probably about the cutest thing I’ve seen all day:)

  201. Abra Exonar says:

    Wow you make a stunning couple, he’s so cute!!!!

  202. i am officially envious.
    sigh* so sweet

  203. Karen says:

    Love that ring! Is there a cheaper version out there?

  204. Lana says:

    Of course her boyfriend is decked. Do you think she let alone her MOTHER would allow her to have someone who is POOR? STOP PLAYING!

  205. maladroite says:

    Cute, your boyfriend is Indian. Great Catch and I’m not just talking about the heels! ;)
    Love from Toronto.

  206. Brigadeiro says:

    I’m in love with both your outfits (oh, make that 3, including your bf’s, what gorgeous style, you both make such a gorgeous couple). LOVE the Jil Sanders!!! And the Maria Cornejo sweater, the Proenza Schouler boots…ah! Too much fabulousness! :)

  207. Rachel says:

    what a pic of you two! tres cute.

  208. Cathrine says:

    Huh, your boyfriend is gorgeous! Where may one find one such? (or where did you meet him, if I may be so intruding)

  209. Justine says:

    where is your boyfriend from? you guys are ridiculously cute =D

  210. Jasmin says:

    You’re glowing! Very sweet..
    It’s nice to see a picture of you and boyfriend, although I wasn’t completely sure whether you were going to show him to us. Glad you did, I was so curious!

  211. Anastassia says:

    The two of you look absolutely adorable together. Those ProenzaS shoes look amazing!!

  212. kathy says:

    you are so beautiful! i love the outfit completely!!!

  213. M K Hammer says:

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    The boy is styling too!! Love the Rick Owens..=) Do you style him sometimes? should be a lot of fun, no?

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    He’s so cute! Looks like he could be straight from a Bollywood movie, if they were considerably less ultra-cheesy that is.

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  219. Monika says:


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    kudos on your style, girl

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    *gush!* you two are adorable. congratulations on all your recent successes!

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    Your Proenza Schouler lace up boots are to die for!

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    and you´re boyfriend is very pretty.
    you two are a nice couple!=)

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    I love your ring, its gorgeous!
    Constance x

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    Vi from Cali

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    This post was wonderful! Your photos are always a highlight!
    Hey! I have a contest giveaway going on right now you might be interested! Premium Headphones that retail for $119!
    Check it out!! xo Bri

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    And oh my, that picture of you two, it’s perfect.
    How did you meet him?
    He seems rather exotic and wonderful.
    A rare specimen at my local high school.
    Much Luck & Love,

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    I personally find the pictures too pose-y. That’s all.

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  257. ohaiderr says:

    ‘Sup Lab?

  258. Awwwweeee, you two are so adorable.
    NY Mag’s blog wrote about your introduction of him…crazy!
    Can you walk in those Jill Sander shoes? I tried them on and didn’t feel comfortable walking more than 5 ft.

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    I love your blog but never comment b/c I know you are so busy and have so much mail to go through…
    But just had to say that you guys are such a cute couple!!! :)
    Congrats on all your success on the blog, wishing you much more!

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    Come and check mine out :
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  293. Dana says:

    Hey Jane,
    I’ve been looking for a great pair of corduroy pants to no avail… Where are yours from? Thanks!

  294. John says:

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    i adore your blog, i really really do…

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    but I got <3 for all the Israelis out there.
    hi jane!! miss u!!!


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    (and i’m really sorry for my english, in premed you don’t really have the time to improve your english!)
    bonne continuation c’est vraiment très très sympa!

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    Hi! I never comment on any blog cause I just cant be bothered and I’m sure it will be lost in all the other comments here, and you probably wont read it. But I just feel that I have to tell you that the picture of you and your boyfriend together is probably the most beutiful couples picture EVER! You are so cute together!

  318. Amy says:

    You guys look so cute together! Lovely couple… perfect match :)

  319. cass says:

    vous êtes trop mignons ensemble ! j’ai connu ton blog en lisant le “ELLE” et il est très interessant, tu es magnifique mais j’imagine qu’on te le dit déjà très souvent! Je trouve que ce que tu fais est très simple et épuré et j’aime ça !
    bisous et j’espère que tu comprends un peu le français if you don’t the next time I’ll translate!

  320. C says:

    haha of course he had to be a stylish kid. good catch.

  321. Tara says:

    is he an indian? u guys make a sweet couple.. and he looks cute!!

  322. Ria says:

    I don’t usually comment but I have to say you and your boyfriend are adorable. Cute couple for sure. Those proenza’s are gorgeous as well.

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  324. I looooveee your Antonio Palladino octopus ring!
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  325. I looooveee your Antonio Palladino octopus ring!
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  326. You guys are so cute together!
    young love – so cute!
    he’s got good style too!
    awwwwwwwwww, now you got me in a sugary mood. sending my bf a cutesy txt (he’s in europe right now).
    kisses to you jane!

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  329. DANI says:

    Hey! The photos are amazing! What type of camera do you use for the photos?

  330. agueda says:

    your boyfriend reminds me Taylor Lautner… very cute couple ;)

  331. jamie says:

    he looks so like taylor lautner :DDDD

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