The skirt I'm wearing today is kid's Ralph Lauren and the blouse is from my moms old label Atlantis Underground!

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  1. ava says:

    Hi Jane! Beautiful boots. I love the way you drew frames. <3 ava

  2. quelle says:

    i love this post.

  3. The Tart says:

    And black tights – Yippee for Fall/Winter!!
    The Tart
    ; *

  4. THESE ARE SO PERFECT!! lovvvvveeeeee THEM!!

  5. Kaylee says:

    I love these boots. So. Much.

  6. Keren says:

    Ah, I love those boots! How gothic, and the heel is incredible. especially love them paired with the white, ruffle like dress; the contrast is beautiful. ♥

  7. Cindy says:

    i am in love!!!!!!!!! too bad it is way out of my budget. Free people just got the knock-off version, but its not as pretty. I worship these boots!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Miss Crysch says:

    What top/bottom are you wearing? You look super cute! Modern colonialism or something… as always, love your look!
    ♥ Miss Crysch

  9. Rose says:

    I love that you are able to wear them!!! Its my fav boots!!! And you look gorgeous in them!!!! I am so happy for you! And we can see more of these boots, and how u play with them!

  10. gorgeous post! i love the hand drawn picture frames – keep up the good work!

  11. Emma says:

    I love how the tough boots compliment the blouse/skirt

  12. hahah! i love the drawing. it’s really cute. and it must feel good to be reuined with those beauties. yay for fall.

  13. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love that whole outfit! You look so cute!

  14. Nina says:

    Awesome! These boots are really something else.

  15. zaneta says:

    cutest outfit i ever seen

  16. Pati says:

    one of my favorite items I’ve seen from your wardrobe :)

  17. I love fall and winter for this very reason! I adore cold weather fashion much more than warm weather. The boots are gorge! I’d wear them all the time, too if I had them!

  18. Skylice says:

    i really really love your boots! totaly awesome! love all of your outfit too!

  19. V says:

    Those boots are suh-weet!!!! I covet. Combining them with the ultra-feminine white skirt/top is genius.
    @gritandglamour |

  20. chichiChic says:

    You have by far my favorite personal style blog, I love it! I have a more informaative fashion blog but I love your style Your inspiring! Checl it out!

  21. the sharpie frames are so charming.
    they are phenomenal boots.
    in the cluster of frames i really like the middle outfit in the 1st row, with the double breasted jacket.

  22. lola says:

    you need to highlight your hair again, u look much better as a blonde

  23. ooo I am officially dying for some lace ups!!! Really really love how you’ve paired it with the fluffy, ruffly all-whiteness. Your photo is very nostalgic and romantic.

  24. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh, am SO glad you get to wear them again so I can live vicariously through you, loved every single outfit you wore with them, and so so wish my calves would fit into boots again…alas not for a while…
    LOVE the Ann D’s!!!

  25. lucie says:

    they really are good looking boots, and don’t you wear them well?
    looking forward to seeing you work them again this year!

  26. Meg says:

    I love being able to break out my A/W favorites! The boots are fabulous!

  27. Jannette says:

    I really love these boots. I am soooooooooooo jealous!

  28. lisa @ luxe says:

    the boots are still amazing!!!
    your hair looks great dark, such a good contrast w/ your skin :)

  29. you’re always so cute, jane!
    i like this outfit on you.
    no matter what you wear, you always pulled it off so well.

  30. I love your boots. And you wear them with imagination and creativity. I have the shorter flat heeled ones — the ones with the large toe box. I love them.

  31. Christina says:

    Hey Jane! You really inspire me to think outside the box while picking outfits :) thanks

  32. Faux Naïf says:

    you look beautiful! yay children’s clothing – i was analysing this the other day in a panic. i think that a good 60% of my clothes ought to be worn by children. heh. whoops! the boots balance out the romance of your outfit perfectly. you look splendiferous.

  33. zola says:

    hey jane, the boots are made for you. Love the outfit.
    xoxo zola

  34. xAZD says:

    great collage! love the boots.

  35. Kate says:

    Those boots are incredibly beautiful!

  36. Nini's Style says:

    Love the boots Jane. You’re so creative!!

  37. Catherine says:

    Those boots are amazing!!

  38. k604bc says:

    Aaaahhh those boots!!!

  39. Mel says:

    I love those boots! I’m glad you get to wear them again!

  40. Dithy Rambe says:

    I know how you feel, I’ve just given my kitten heel gray suede boots a big hug today! Gotta love brisk weather.

  41. fashionisfor says:

    AMAZING boots…so beautiful. i love them with tucked in jeans/skinnys.

  42. The Voguette says:

    jane you are precious. love this little collage of yours – those boots are preciousss!!

  43. Davina says:

    I love what you did with the frames and hand drawings, it looks very whimsical! You should definitely study some form of art when you go to college : )

  44. Isabelle says:

    These boots look super complicated to put on but then you notice the sides. They are STUNNERS with all the outfits.

  45. Layla says:

    Wow. Those boots were meant to be worn with that white outfit! Totally darling!

  46. Josephine says:

    yay glad to see them back! love the hair still

  47. amber says:

    happy to see your boots again.

  48. Alex says:

    Those are such great boots, Jane.

  49. Sharon says:

    Love the boots. Gotta find a pair for myself.

  50. BargainBex says:

    If I had those boots, I’m pretty darn sure I would wear them everyday! They are utterly fantastic.

  51. Isabel says:

    I missed those boots on you! They are spectacular…

  52. these are classics, i’ve missed them over the summer. <3

  53. Lexi says:

    That outfit is great! And your frames are cute :)

  54. Cadmiumgold says:

    I’m not normally big on the peasant/ruffles style but I love how you put the skirt and top together with the boots and it creates this great look. Dainty but with an edge to it. I also love how you chose to frame your previous outfit shots with the boots. Very creative and both the frames and shots look great!

  55. kat says:

    amazing boots!!!!!

  56. Tuesdai says:

    FIRST, LOVE your photo entrance, as they’re always so perky and full of wonder….very free-spirit. This fashion I’d say: America’s teen Sweetheart meets Mary Poppins on a rainy day and has a tea party. The look is lovely, “everyday fun” and breezy. I’m not quite a FAN of the TOP cream dress (as you WEAR it perfectly, elegantly and gracefully) as I would have probably would’ve been sporting a hanging off shoulders denim free-flowing dress, with a high split in the middle. As for the other outfits LOVE them as well…but I would have placed a small danity accessory (if that was too a bit) slight colour…but nothing beyond earth tone shades.
    I would describe my fashion style as; Simple Chic. Starting each fresh moring in my “day of fashion,” FIRST with a cache mocha and lightly toasted raisin bagel buttered with cream cheese. I’m comfortably dressed in a perfectly fitted blouse ( preferrably in earth tone colours), denim jeans, a soft danity accessory, and 3 inch coloured leather heels. Then I’m out the door for my daily adventure, comfy in either a short fitted leather (depending on the weather ) or denim jacket. In that moment, I feel my soul say gently and so confident from within; ….”anywhere and everywhere her foot lands, that’s where the fashion follows”. I believe always keep it simple, straight and “perfectly you” …Because your style personality, your body, and the image you want the world to embrace- that’s all that matters.
    P.S. I HAD to add you as a link… :O) BYE

  57. Hallie says:

    Jane, hi from Philadelphia! You’re adorable, what a gorgeous cornucopia of clothes you have. I’ve been browsing YOOX lately and came across these incredible Galliano platform sandals — not sure if you’ll dig them, but the heel + gold stud detail + little suede bow totally won my heart! Check them out, you’d look great in them:
    I picked out some white patent MARSèLL brogues for myself, unfortunately the Gallianos weren’t in my size :(

  58. amy says:

    Yay! for boot weather!

  59. Kelly says:

    Ohhhh I would wear them everyday too if I had them! Love them paired with the white ruffles!

  60. Amy says:

    I love the way you’re framing everything with those drawings now! Super cool. Those boots are to die for <3

  61. opium says:

    I’m so jealous, I hate you.
    I LOVE ANN D.! <3 Who cares about the season, I'd wear those boots everyday! :P

  62. Isaobeso says:

    looovee the look!! I’ve always loved how romantic white fabrics play with woods and leather and you’re doing it now!! you seem so much more grown up with darker hair!! I actually like it much better than blonde!! but you’re gorgeous anyways!

  63. olaitan says:

    go ann! go ann! its ur birfday! go ann! whoop whoop! (can u tell i like the boots? can u? really? ;-)

  64. I’m happy to see you recycling versus buyingbuyingbuying. Consumption consumption — what’s your function?

  65. monica says:

    the song vamp by trentmoller reminds me of this post.

  66. omg! i cant belive that i found your blog. You were in a magazine from argentina (my country) para ti and you blog page was wrong! so i couldnt see it and now i found ir i dont know where! i saw it all and i looove your style, you are fantastic really and im so upset with my magazine! ahah im going to post a comment always now! and you have a fan in buenos aires :)

  67. Jamie says:

    I love this outfit! You look amazing! The boots are insanely awesome, but the skirt and shirt together with the boots remind me of the TV show Firefly. Kind of futuristic/apocalyptic western.

  68. Sandi says:

    love the last frame! and slowly but surely you are inspiring me to embrace the harsh coldness of winter :)

  69. Becca says:

    I am just as jealous of those boots again this fall! They are so gorgeous and great.

  70. Sam says:

    I wait for boot season all summer long.

  71. Margarita says:

    I love your look, and I’m glad to see those boots again, they are so you!

  72. Your artwork on the blog looks great! I’d love a pair of these boots they are perfection!

  73. Shannon says:

    THAT IS THE CUTEST OUTFIT, EVER. Love how versatile those shoes are.

  74. Kate says:

    While you look beautiful with brown hair, I think I prefer you as a blonde.
    Then again, who cares about hair color when you’re wearing those glorious Ann Ds! Lovely skirt, too.

  75. Laura says:

    They look nice on you. :)

  76. Monique says:

    aaahhh… i missed seeing them. i adore those boots:)

  77. Kay says:

    Disappointed with the new posts.. they are so wannabe modelsque, materialistic, conceited and narcissistic. Then again, that’s what happens when ‘fame’ gets to a person’s head.

  78. Pierina says:

    The boots are woonderful, and so are you!!

  79. Kim says:

    Love your drawings! The darker hair looks great on you, it gives you a more adult look, love it!

  80. FRENCHICK says:

    Lucky you to have found shoes that comfy you could wear everyday! They are great.
    Last year I also found my winter shoes: Burberry boots, everybody asks me where I bought them and moreover they were super comfy.
    Anyway CAN’T STOP looking at your whole collection of wondershoes!
    See you!

  81. FRENCHICK says:

    Gosh I forgot something!
    I would be pleased if you visit my website:

  82. patuxxa says:

    I know how you feel. Today was really the first day of fall weather around here, and I’m so happy despite the pouring rain, because I can wear my new boots!

  83. hek says:

    They should be illegal..too cool! :)

  84. Gee says:

    Love the boots..thinking to but Jeffrey Campbell one…
    Wish the one that you design for UO has wide heel so i can wear them this winter.

  85. laura says:

    Love your outfit – as i always do…:)

  86. I loved this post! And I love the Ann D’s too…they’re so incredible.

  87. Mads says:

    Your Ann D’s are really awesome.. Such a timeless investment piece.. Looking forward to more outfits with your Ann D..=)

  88. I really love it when its time to pull out all my A/W stuff Ive put away for summer, there is nothing like the smell of leather boots and soft sweaters! It is like finding old friends! The lace up Ann D’s are so versatile too, such a great classic buy.
    x Pearl

  89. Christine says:

    Love seriously love the boots. They’ll always be in style!

  90. kirsty says:

    i do love these boots i need to find some descent ones this winter i think soooooo xxxxxxx

  91. Vanessa says:

    I love that blouse and skirt a very romantic look.

  92. Tara says:

    These boots are beyond amazing!

  93. MªÁngeles S.T. says:

    The first photo is so sweet!!

  94. sioux says:

    I always find it very interesting to come to visit your blog, because every time you give me a great creative “upload” and great joy of living. I find really brilliant as you can every time create different outfits, mixing vintage and contemporary clothing, always obtaining winning results! congratulations, I am really honored to be allowed to write a comment on your blog!

  95. sioux says:

    …ops, I forgot to say, that I find a really piece of art the way you decided to present the photos framed with your doodles!

  96. ana says:

    hi, I love your boots! how much you pay? thanks

  97. How do you keep your shoes in such good condition? They always look lovely even though you seem to wear them out lots. Jealous. Mine just look beaten up and I only wear most of my really high ones around the house!

  98. Sara says:

    Hey Jane,which program do you use to make these cool borders?They are so pretty!
    With Love
    From Brazil

  99. Carmen says:

    Your boots are amaziing and the white dress is so hauntingly beautiful.

  100. Creetch says:

    Gah! Where the heck does one acquire such exquisite boots so long after their release? Is it all about eBay or is there somewhere else?
    Jane you look lovely as per usual, don’t ever change your bad self m/

  101. dy says:

    lovely! i would wear them everday too!

  102. cris ma says:

    wow nice pair of boots! it really fits you i can actually say that it is crafted just for you….. i would like to fature this boots on
    Best Deal

  103. Thea says:

    omg..must have your shoes!!!I’m literally drooling allover my keyboard right now.

  104. Christina says:

    wow – I am in love with your boots! Do you think I’d be able to find a pair? I know these are from last fall, and they were wildly popular, but there’s hope… right?

  105. Catherine says:

    I would love to see more from your mom’s old label…

  106. serena says:

    i want.

  107. GGShoe says:

    They are so perfect!

  108. romyyy says:

    lovee the boots, and the drawn frames

  109. Amalia says:

    She loves her boots
    with the endless lace
    by the time she’s done tying
    all the blood’s in her face

  110. juliet says:

    I’m just SO jellous. No reason to even try to hide it.
    juliet xxx

  111. Erin says:

    Those boots look so awesome juxtaposed with the fem. skirt & shirt!

  112. cassaundra says:

    god those shoes are amazing!!

  113. Lady Smaggle says:

    You look so beautiful. Very Victorian. xxx

  114. Jasmin says:

    This is such a cute post! I love the little frames – I want to get a drawing thing for my Mac so I can make things like that too! You look beautiful, as always.. I love those Ann D. boots, they are so tough. I wish I could snatch myself a pair. Luckily I just got some faux Ann D. lace up booties, very similar to the ones you have. Can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail!
    On a completely different note: I just wrote about the problems around the fur industry on my blog. I really want to make a discussion of it and figured you (who wears a lot of faux and fur), or any of the smart people reading Sea of Shoes might have something to add :) Just leave your opinion in the comments section! Thanks!

  115. Paige says:

    Hi everyone! I bought a pair of this amazing boots from Barneys New York last year. I never worn it yet and it is still in the packaging box. I got the same as Jane’s, the black single lace up ones. Whoever is interested kindly email me at I paid $1575 USD plus tax and shipping so whoever is interested kindly let me know.

  116. Paige says:

    Oh I forgot to mention it is size 6 and fits true to size.

  117. I love the way they are styled in this outfit! So perfect!

  118. ely says:

    this post is soo cute! i love all of the frames that you used for your photos

  119. Jules says:

    i like your drawings and borders.
    beautiful anns as well.

  120. Erin says:

    the boots are still so pretty!!

  121. maria says:

    those boots are crazy! I want them

  122. JASMINE says:

    these should be permanently glued to your feet. SO incredible.

  123. Jessica Figueroa says:

    it’s like a love story :’)

  124. jessica says:

    thanks for going back to your roots!
    i like the more artsy style in your blog rather than just pictures.

  125. Michelle says:

    these are gorgeous . I’m glad that I can start seeing you wear these again as well !!
    getting clothes from a kid’s brand is great . I’m quite small for European size, so I can still smidge into the kid’s collection. they usually have cute cardigans :)
    this looks has great contrast of sweet and prairie-girl like while the boots add a kick of toughness to it .
    cant wait to see you wear these boots more!!

  126. brianna says:

    … you look like youre smelling your armpit

  127. Sarajane says:

    Love your illustrations, well, and of course the shoes!

  128. VintageDress says:

    oh my goodness i love your blog!! i just came upon it for the first time today, but i can tell you’re a pro!
    also, i just started posting daily outfits a week or so ago. Would you take a look at my blog and leave me a comment and let me know what you think so far? It’d mean a lot from a seasoned blogger like yourself!

  129. jae says:

    you are fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    come to toronto, please

  130. Angejuku says:

    I love the ensemble. Btw, did you draw the frames? I’m adore it.

  131. Leonor says:

    OMG they are awesome

  132. Dolly Ramone says:

    Those are great boots. Also, you’ve inspired me to start posting some of my fashion-inpired art on my blog! :)

  133. Kazuko says:

    I actually feel so stupid to add another comment saying that you look absolutely stunning. You really have an eye for unique shoes/boots which will always look great with everything. Greetings from Dubai!

  134. jeannie says:

    Oh I love these boots! All your outfits look so chic!

  135. sanne says:

    wow, your legs are so long, i think that boots will be over my knees when i put them on :p
    sorry for the bad english, I’m a Dutch girl following you!
    Great boots anyway

  136. You have style! Tres chic!

  137. I love that feeling, and the boots still look just as current this season.

  138. These boots are a beauty but then Anne’s always are!

  139. Erin says:

    love love it. you look adorable!

  140. Carol B says:

    You’re so creative! You inspire me!
    Carol from Brazil

  141. joce says:

    the boots are so versatile! you can match it with so many different outfits!

  142. Amalie says:

    I just had to re-think them for a while when I saw your post…. but ever since I saw it this morning, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. been thinking of the things you can wear them with. They are amazing – really nice with trousers!

  143. Hi darling!
    Your photos are always amazing, you have great style and personality and you know transmit it!!
    Beautiful boots, and your previous pics were wonderful!

  144. I am new to your blog and I love your style! Who would have known you could pair your boots with a little bit of everything, loving your first outfit!

  145. Jyun says:

    You can wear them anytime of the year. Nice army boots.

  146. K. says:

    candid these shoes are terrible. very inelegant and asexual eh :(

  147. Shoegangsta says:

    This post is genius… Has a Tsumori Chisato feel to it.

  148. PARIS says:

    oh my god. these really are amazing!!! loving the drawings around the images as well!

  149. lauren says:

    i would give my soul for a pair of those boots. every time you post them, i die a little bit!

  150. sean says:

    i’m honestly fascinated by you;
    i’m so creepy…

  151. Hey, I have a quick question, how did you draw those borders onto your pictures?

  152. Nat says:

    You make the boots look good when you wear them haha!
    Follow! (:

  153. Bino says:

    These boots represent your great sense of style.

  154. Joanne says:

    Those are amazing boots! :)

  155. Wieteke says:

    So cute how happy you are because you can wear them again :)

  156. just looking at these boots makes my dreary day so much better.
    ann is amazing!

  157. Oh my!
    They look ten times more beautiful on!

  158. mitchell says:

    i love your outfit. i feel like the outfits you wear most of the time seem creative yet unsurprising. this was different from you and i loved it :)

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    One wrod” beautiful”

  160. I like the way you wear them.Whatever dress you wear,you still look so cute.It is almost perfect!
    I like it.!

  161. Hi jane! you have a beautiful pair of boots. keep on posting such an interesting and fashionable shoes and clothes.

  162. ss says:

    i’m wondering what ur parents’ occupations are? lol

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