Will someone take me to prom??

This morning my mom called me from an antique mall here in Dallas and said, "I got the most beautiful 50s prom dress!! You have to see it!" So an hour later it was here and I've barely taken it off since then…I love it so much!







Worn with patent Givenchy pumps from fall 2007.

*Yes, my hair is much, much darker. I did not mean to get this dark…my hair dresser said he was going to do the same thing as last time. My hair dresser is a liar. 

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  1. Frooshh wrote:

    That is so cute, I totally love it

    10.16.09 · Reply
  2. patty wrote:

    The color looks great on you. My prom dress was completely boring compared to this fabulosity!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  3. Andrew J wrote:

    Great dress!!! (and shoes of course)
    And I think your hair looks bomb actually. I was like “Did she change her hair again?” but seriously, I like the darker auburn on you. It contrasts with your skin very, very well!
    -Andrew J.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  4. Meg wrote:

    wow I LOVE the dress!!!
    And I love your hair too, its really pretty dark! :D

    10.16.09 · Reply
  5. Ashlee wrote:

    Wow!!! I like your hair dark! I am in love with the dress! :-) beautiful! xx

    10.16.09 · Reply
  6. Marisa wrote:

    these pictures are seriously some of my favourites
    i love the balloons and bleachers…and of course the dress.
    i would prolly never want to take it off. lovely jane!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  7. Alison wrote:

    So cute and what a great photo shoot with the balloons! Xox

    10.16.09 · Reply
  8. alison wrote:

    So cute and what a great photo shoot with the balloons! Xox

    10.16.09 · Reply
  9. You like a Texan homecoming queen!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  10. l e wrote:

    Which antique mall in dallas?
    Could you possibly list some great vintage stores as well, that are here in dallas?

    10.16.09 · Reply
  11. HiStyley wrote:

    It’s a really pretty dress and the colors are wonderful!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  12. so fun. you look like a cake!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  13. so fun. you look like a cake!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  14. so fun. you look like a cake!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  15. Sinead wrote:

    You are so stylish!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  16. Carolina Rodrigues wrote:

    You’re looking GORGEOUS with this hair!!! :)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  17. S. Alison wrote:

    The hair is perfect for fall. Like a cheerier version of the colors from the latest Givenchy show! You’re beautiful, hope you grow to love your hair :)
    – S

    10.16.09 · Reply
  18. Ava wrote:

    Hi Jane..L-O-V-E!!!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  19. Chloe wrote:

    Oh, that dress. I am dying from the jealousy- it’s so unbelievably pretty!
    And your hair! I love, love, love the darker hair on you- so sophisticated and it matches your skin tone flawlessly.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  20. Marcia wrote:

    Oh wow the dress is so lovely omg

    10.16.09 · Reply
  21. Feelmore wrote:

    look how tiny your waist is! loooooove that color on you.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  22. santina wrote:

    i never comment on these. but my mom is a hairdresser and i really think your hair looks great that color. makes you look really unique.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  23. Bee wrote:

    The dress is amazing and I really, really, really love the dark hair on you – you should keep it!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  24. Brigadeiro wrote:

    That dress is absolute magic!!! Too cute for words, love the darker hair, and the Givenchy’s breathe a little fresh air to the whole look. LOVE IT!!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  25. Isabel wrote:

    Wow, you look absolutely spectacular. Like a cupcake!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  26. Laura wrote:

    He might be a liar but the color looks great.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  27. omg. that hair color is amazing on you. at first i thought there was something very different about your aura, it was beautiful then realized that your hairdresser made it darker. it’s pure genius! i love it!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  28. That dress is amazing…I love love love the details.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  29. alyse wrote:

    this dress is beautiful :)
    xx. A

    10.16.09 · Reply
  30. Cristin wrote:

    I love your hair dark. Makes your skin look like porcelain

    10.16.09 · Reply
  31. Love the dress on you! Great retro feel =)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  32. Sarah wrote:

    Wow, that dress fits you perfectly. Score!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  33. Leia wrote:

    Jane, you look like a princess!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  34. Valerie wrote:

    First the dress. It is gorgeous! I love everything about it and the puffiness of the skirt is wonderful. I would spin in that dress all day long. :D
    Next, your hair. I have to say that I love the color! The dark hair looks great with your skin tone. It makes you look brighter, if that makes any sense.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  35. Amalia wrote:

    This is so Molly Ringwald. These pics make me as happy as you look in that dress. I just love you!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  36. Sarah Khan wrote:

    god that dress is gorgeous… and don’t fret over the hair, the contrast it makes with your skin tone is amazing!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  37. Do the dress doesn’t make my genre, i must agree the photos look amazing! you’re photos always look like perfect and professional editorial. I do have a fashion blog but my camera is not very good and must of the time i don’t have anybody to take me pictures with my outfits. keep the good editorials and please do visit me at vi-wonderland.blogspot.com & pump-fashiondiary.blogspot.com!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  38. Amanda wrote:

    Sooo cute – love it!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  39. spectacular

    10.16.09 · Reply
  40. Claudia S. wrote:

    Very pretty in pink! ;-)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  41. GORGEOUS dress. And I love it with the balloons. I think your hair looks nice dark too! :]

    10.16.09 · Reply
  42. Jennifer wrote:

    I like your hair darker. It looks more mature.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  43. Zoe wrote:

    The dress look so gorgeous on you! Only matched by the hair color!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  44. Anna wrote:

    What a gorgeous dress. Has your hair become a darker shade of red?

    10.16.09 · Reply
  45. that dark hair looks good on you though. love the balloons with the dress

    10.16.09 · Reply
  46. that dress is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen; what an amazing find!
    – Ashley

    10.16.09 · Reply
  47. oooo Lovely dress, great details, and tiers!!!!!
    LOoks very Promish, but also can be worn to some fancy event! Great photos <3

    10.16.09 · Reply
  48. Love this dress on you. Could your waist be any smaller!!??

    10.16.09 · Reply
  49. Isabelle wrote:

    Bella! I LOVE this dress, reminds me of when Prom was held in gyms not in hotels and girls didn’t dance unless asked to.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  50. Paulina wrote:

    You look absolutely beautiful!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  51. stylefyles wrote:

    I love these photos
    (and your hair is perfect!)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  52. I love the dress!!!!!
    Also, the hair looks great!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  53. Josephine wrote:

    I like the hair!! Also, you look adorable. I love how your posts are turning into mini-editorials.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  54. omg!
    you’re soooooo beautiful!!!!!
    you look like a princesssss!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  55. Christina wrote:

    so adorable! I just got a vintage prom dress too!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  56. That’s the prettiest prom dress I’ve ever seen. Have a ball!
    – Vanessa

    10.16.09 · Reply
  57. Larissa Russo wrote:

    All hairdressers are liars! But you’re lucky: you really look great!
    I think is nice that you changed your haircolor, even if wasn’t purposely ;]
    Your dress looks just perfect!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  58. Midge wrote:

    So pretty! You should be in the Miss Dior ads…

    10.16.09 · Reply
  59. Cara-Mia wrote:

    What a beautiful dress! & I actually think this is my favorite hair color on you, you look stunning.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  60. Rhubarb wrote:

    Sweet dress and shoes. But I prefer your hair lighter color. =)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  61. Jo wrote:

    prom dress is divine!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  62. S.I.Q. wrote:

    loove it! its so oldschool and so pretty!
    -Paris graffiti brand logos

    10.16.09 · Reply
  63. I think anyone would die to take you to the prom in that. Those shoes make me melt. You are like a princess right out of a fairytale or a fairy right out of the woods ready to be taken somewhere special….
    i love it.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  64. Heather wrote:

    Yay, I love the Givenchy heels making a return! Your whole outfit is way cute Jane!
    xoxo Heather

    10.16.09 · Reply
  65. Jinra wrote:

    Looking at this dress makes me wish I had enjoyed prom. I obviously didn’t since I didn’t have an amazing dress.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  66. chu wrote:

    oh, this is so lovely… so maryna linchuk for miss dior. fabulous!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  67. Rachel D. wrote:

    Lovely! You look like you just stepped out of the 50s… *sigh*
    Love the hair, too, but then I love dark hair :)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  68. Astrid wrote:

    I LOVE the dress! And your blog!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  69. Lauren wrote:

    you’re stunning! i love your new hair so much.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  70. Not too many comments on those shoes… they don’t seem to fit well on the side :(
    The dress is cute though :) Very cupcake-y

    10.16.09 · Reply
  71. cassaundra wrote:

    oh my god its like heaven!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  72. Giselle wrote:

    Your new hair color complements your skin perfectly – and it makes you look like your age, in a good way!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  73. Christine wrote:

    I love the dark hair colour on you!!
    These photos are just amazing, I’m loving the theme.
    What an amazing find!
    <3 Christine

    10.16.09 · Reply
  74. omg im looking for a prom date =[ id love for you to come with me

    10.16.09 · Reply
  75. K.B. wrote:

    Well the darker hair is very chic, intentionally or otherwise.
    The dress reminds me SO STRONGLY of this vintage game my friend is obessessed with. Her grandma gave it to her or something…It’s from 1960 and it’s a Barbie board game called ‘Queen of the Prom,’ I think. They no longer make them, but the game is so quaint and cute.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  76. Jeanette wrote:

    Which antique store in Dallas?

    10.16.09 · Reply
  77. Elle wrote:

    1) this hair color looks awesome against your fair skin.
    2) I absolutely love this dress. This looks like an editorial out of Lula Magazine or something

    10.16.09 · Reply
  78. Aster wrote:

    Jane this is so sweet ! <3

    10.16.09 · Reply
  79. CC wrote:

    you look so freaking cute!!!
    your mom is quite the photographer.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  80. You look absolutely adorable in these pictures!! I love that the Givenchy pumps match the dress perfectlyyy

    10.16.09 · Reply
  81. Monica wrote:

    I will be your date! You just let me know and I’ll get on a plane.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  82. joce wrote:

    your hair looks great nevertheless :)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  83. Maddie wrote:

    Such a pretty dress! and in the one shot where you are holding the balloons, it looks like the miss dior cheire perfume add!
    Maddie <3

    10.16.09 · Reply
  84. It’s pretty and simple- like Molly Ringwald in the fifties instead of the eighties! Very flattering with your coloring, too.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  85. Erika wrote:

    Your pictures are amazing. :-)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  86. Kate wrote:

    looking good :) not many people could pull of that dress. and i love the balloons-their a nice touch

    10.16.09 · Reply
  87. Tamia wrote:

    Grrr…hair dresser lies are the worst! I like the darker color, though.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  88. M.E. Ster wrote:

    That is so pretty. I was at D&A in LA today and you are spot on for spring…soft colors, lots of ruffles. And there are no worries that somebody else at school will be wearing the dress! Fab.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  89. omg jane you look absolutely amazing in that dress! I love the ballons, miss dior cherie commerical? haha. and i do really like the dark hair on you!
    <3 The Voguette

    10.16.09 · Reply
  90. This may just be the prettiest little pink frock I have ever seen …

    10.16.09 · Reply
  91. ctc wrote:

    you look wayyy edgier and more model-like with the dark hair

    10.16.09 · Reply
  92. Lindsay wrote:

    Omg, your hair looks great! And I also loved the dress (and the shoes, of course) too !

    10.16.09 · Reply
  93. gleopatra wrote:

    the color is amazing with your hair and skin. you have the best skin, so jealous.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  94. chloe wrote:

    wow jane this is amazing! i love it.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  95. Ann wrote:

    Of course, you always look pretty but these are the first pics that make me go “awwww…..preeeeetyyy!”

    10.16.09 · Reply
  96. sarah wrote:

    love the hair!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  97. maggie wrote:

    I really envy that dress! haha i would never be allowed out of the house in it though and the hair is pretty its about the smae color as mine.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  98. miele hart wrote:

    i am absolutely in love with your hair color.
    if only i had the same complexion i would do the same exact thing.
    keep it like this foreverr!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  99. anastassia wrote:

    that dress is the embodiment of youth and beauty

    10.16.09 · Reply
  100. Lexxi wrote:

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous that color. If you could ask your hairstylist exactly what color she used I would LOVE to know!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  101. Robyn. wrote:

    Dark hair does look very good!
    And that dress is amazing!! I wish I could wear one like that (but my hair is orange, and pink and orange are horrid together) haha~ really pretty though!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  102. Christine wrote:

    love this dress on you and the photo op! looks like a spread from a magazine!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  103. I looooove this look so much. The dress is super * 100 pretty and the shoes are very lovely. The colour, the balloons, your hair, wow! Perfect!!!!!!!!!
    This is one of my favourite looks. I always look forward to seeing your outfits Jane.
    Have a great weekent!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  104. Monika wrote:

    Jane, I love your blog, but this is the first time I am leaving a comment. Mom, Carol, dogs, clothes, shoes, photos, etc. always amazing. But your dark hair against your alabaster skin – wow! you look like a beautiful Geisha. I love your lighter look too, and if it is of any consolation – the color will fade away, so make sure to take advantage of it and snap plenty of photos before your beauty evolves once again. xox

    10.16.09 · Reply
  105. Jennifer wrote:

    Oh my goodness that really is the most gorgeous thing ever!! What antique mall did your mom get it at? I know about all of the good vintage stops in Austin but I really need some good places to go in Dallas as well!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  106. Oh sweetie, I’m sorry about your hair, my hair dresser is a liar too, and a thief. However, YOU are lovely with this hair color!! I love it on you!! This pink dress really complements your hair and skin tone. Perfect, wear it to the prom or Somewhere!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  107. Stacy wrote:

    that dress is perfection, love the little details
    and your hair looks GORGEOUS!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  108. The flower detail is so sweet..

    10.16.09 · Reply
  109. sd wrote:

    my god all the ruffles are beautiful!
    and sure i’ll take you to prom ahha

    10.16.09 · Reply
  110. OMG! I thought these were pictures from a magazine? This is you?!! FAB.U.LOUS and I love that dress! I would wear to church, the grocery store and the car wash!! LOVES IT!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  111. gayleO_O wrote:

    oh my gosh!! i love it!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  112. Claire wrote:

    Love the dress.
    ADORE the darker hair.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  113. Laura wrote:

    Fabulous dress. It epitomizes the era. I especially liked the shots on the bleachers – very 1950s all-American vibe!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  114. love it!!!

    10.16.09 · Reply
  115. amber wrote:

    What a cute dress!! And personally I love the hair color on you. Makes your eyes pop.
    Did I tell you that I started up a headband company? I could love for you to check them out – you can see them posted on my blog. :)

    10.16.09 · Reply
  116. Kathryn wrote:

    I absolutely love the dress & your hair looks amazing. I love the color. (:

    10.16.09 · Reply
  117. Jenny in Wellington, NZ wrote:

    Farrrrrr outtt… that is one AMAZING dress, love the shoes you’ve teamed it up with. Goodness me. And your hair? I like it a lot. It would be a big change from your usual colour, yes. Give it a while. Let it grow on you :) What do you look like if you wear a lighter shade of lipstick? I’d be curious, now that your hair is so dark.

    10.16.09 · Reply
  118. Carol wrote:

    I actually think that your darker hair goes much better with this dress than lighter hair would :) And those pics are absolutely stunning, as is that dress

    10.16.09 · Reply
  119. MaryKathryn wrote:

    This shoot looks like the “Miss Dior” shoot for the fragrance. Tres chic!
    Hair= G O R G E O U S !

    10.16.09 · Reply
  120. oh my gosh! the dress is adorable and the shoes are just perfect. your hair is lovely too, keep smiling.
    oxo, liz

    10.16.09 · Reply
  121. Corinne Lopez wrote:

    Acually the slightly darker is very much you dear!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  122. Nakita wrote:

    You’re so Pretty! I Love It!!! I bought a 50’s prom dress a while ago in a vintage shop. Wore it for a photo shoot with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. It was quite exciting.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  123. Géraldine wrote:

    Very Mad Men!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  124. Michelle wrote:

    LOve the dress, love all the photos!!!

    I adore you so much :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  125. Mai wrote:

    Very pretty!!!
    So cute!!!
    I love dark hair!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  126. georgina wrote:

    i love that dress, it’s AMAZING, and with your givenchys. *sighs*
    i think your hair looks magnificent, it looks so natural on you

    10.17.09 · Reply
  127. Sam wrote:

    Oh my! You look adorable in these photos and even more adorable in the dress! Keep up the work…I mean…fun!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  128. omg that dress!
    hairdressers really do lie a lot don’t they. they lie and make people cry. seriously.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  129. Heini wrote:

    It´s lovely. Love the shoes too.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  130. Cecylia wrote:

    Jane, you look like the model for Miss Dior Cherie -wearing a pink dress with balloons. Tres cute!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  131. karafina wrote:

    wow, im speechless!!!!!!
    you look beautiful, even with the darker hair, i think its stunning actually! Beautiful beautiful dress, and of course, the SHOES!!!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  132. Comédie wrote:

    I love, LOVE your hair. It looks so good with your skin !
    The dress is cute too ! In France, proms don’t exist … Though most of the students would love to go !
    Maybe are we watching too much american tv shows ?
    No matters. :D

    10.17.09 · Reply
  133. Annabel wrote:
    10.17.09 · Reply
  134. Mel wrote:

    That dress is so beautiful, and the balloons with it are adorable! It’d be lovely to wear to prom!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  135. You’re making me all sappy and sentimental for my own prom night–I also had a super frothy 50’s vintage prom gown. I figure, you only get a chance to wear it once, so you may as well go all out. I love the one you chose!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  136. Anynomous wrote:

    Wow! What a special dress, almost like it was tailor made for you. It’s perfection on you! I love it. If I looked like that in that dress, I would wear it everyday

    10.17.09 · Reply
  137. nati wrote:

    This is THE dreamiest dress ever, just perfect for prom!! and I actually like your new hair color, you like so incredibly pretty on these pictures!!
    xx nati

    10.17.09 · Reply
  138. Miss M wrote:

    Gorgeous dress, and beautiful shoes to go with it!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  139. colleen wrote:

    so presh! i miss prom-wish i looked as stunning as you do!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  140. Davina wrote:

    You’ll be the talk of prom in that gown! How’d you find matching balloons for the shoot? It looks like a magazine centerfold :D The darker brown hair looks great as well, I think it’s perfect for winter. Brunettes can have fun too! : )

    10.17.09 · Reply
  141. Delphine wrote:

    Your dress is absolutely fabulous ! The shooting with the baloon makes me think about a 80’s movie ! Great blog I read since a while.
    You are very pretty on every photo.
    Xoxo, a french reader :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  142. Nicole wrote:

    The dress looks so great with your skin tone, I love it. & your hair looks great dark!
    XO Nicole

    10.17.09 · Reply
  143. Margrethe wrote:

    Oh my! it’s stunning, perfect really:)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  144. Cristina wrote:

    I LOVEEE the dress, shoes, and hair! omg love this post! everything is so cute!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  145. Lisa wrote:

    The dress is gorgeous. And the pictures with the balloons remind me of those Dior ads from last spring.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  146. Image with the balloons’ reminds to the Miss Dior Chérie Ad! Love your dress!
    198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion, Art and Architecture:

    10.17.09 · Reply
  147. love the dress and your hair is beautiful!
    i like it darker….

    10.17.09 · Reply
  148. MªÁngeles S.T. wrote:

    That vintage dress fits you really great!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  149. Maria wrote:

    That dress looks stunning on you and your hair pops out beautifully next to the pink. The dress looks like it’s been pulled out of the movie Grease!
    Could you do a post n your room? I’d love to see wher this fashionista lives,

    10.17.09 · Reply
  150. kirsty wrote:

    wow that dress is stunning and your hair colour looks awesoem xoxo

    10.17.09 · Reply
  151. Siri wrote:

    The dress is adorable and your hair looks amazing! it’really suits you.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  152. I don’t think I’d want to take it off either.
    It’s so pretty! I love the balloons with it!
    Florrie x

    10.17.09 · Reply
  153. Jessie wrote:

    I love this… it is actually very LOLITA of the Japanese variety with all the fullness at the bottom and the frills!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  154. Carlijn wrote:

    wow beautiful pictures and beautiful dress!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  155. Gina wrote:

    OMG! You are soo pretty! Can I please be you?:)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  156. Tille wrote:

    Oh my god, the dress is Amazing!! And you hair is wonderful!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  157. Black wrote:

    wow, what a gorgeous dress! You look great in it. and the photos have turned out insanely beautiful.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  158. Marte wrote:

    Wow, I love the pictures with the balloons! You are so pretty :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  159. Anna wrote:

    Beautiful dress!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  160. Annie wrote:

    Love it with the hair and the pumps. I love it all!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  161. Kat wrote:

    Seriously, your hair looks amazing that colour. It complements your skin tone perfectly.
    I second the request for you to do a post on your room!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  162. Cibele wrote:

    Dress and hair… beautiful!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  163. gigi wrote:

    Very cute… i’ll love to dare wearing such a dress… and not only for prom day!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  164. gigi wrote:

    Oh, and by the way…
    I would be very pleased if you have some time to visit my website:
    See you!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  165. Zoe wrote:

    The dress is soo gorgeous!
    And i really love your hair, it looks really good with your skin colour!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  166. every boy wants a girl that looks like a princess… I LOVE IT!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  167. Beautiful! And your hair also…

    10.17.09 · Reply
  168. Romzs wrote:

    You look so much like Carol now!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  169. Beth wrote:

    This dress is amazing!
    So perfect for prom, i wish that my school had one ;(
    Love your hair colour by the way! Haha I am glad your hairdresser lied, it looks awesome!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  170. Jess wrote:

    I love the darker hair. It must have been fate because the dark hair looks so good with the pastel pink!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  171. Suzanne wrote:

    amazing look!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  172. Krizia wrote:

    I think your new do looks great!
    x Krizia

    10.17.09 · Reply
  173. its so beautiful :) I loved it

    10.17.09 · Reply
  174. That is one fairytale dress!! You do suit that darker hair colour!
    Pearl x

    10.17.09 · Reply
  175. Marie wrote:

    GORGEOUS photos!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  176. camille c wrote:

    I think the dress is so cool….but why are people always comparing themselves with you?? they should really start appreciating their own styles… :) *eeeeek!!! no offense to anyone in particular, it goes the same for me!!! ;D

    10.17.09 · Reply
  177. Daisy wrote:

    Amazing dress!!! I think your hair looks lovely darker !

    10.17.09 · Reply
  178. a la mode wrote:

    Awwwwwwwww how adorable!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  179. Kiwi wrote:

    i’ve been following your blog for quite a while now, and i have to say i absolutely love what you do :)
    the dress is amazing, i wish i had one like that when i went to my prom ;<

    10.17.09 · Reply
  180. Lizzie wrote:

    Amazing dress! You’re hair looks very pretty. Kind of like the shade of Kate Winslet’s in Titanic. It looked pretty before too, though. :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  181. Léa wrote:

    You’re just looking like a princess !!
    Personally, i really like your new hair color, even if it is much darker than before.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  182. Kinga S wrote:

    it’s simply perfect: the girl, the hair, the dress and the amazing photos.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  183. Cadmiumgold wrote:

    A Vintage ’50s prom dress!! FTW!!!! :D

    10.17.09 · Reply
  184. Ximena wrote:

    That hair color suits you perfectly! Keep it as it is!!! :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  185. Stéphanie wrote:

    Love your hair, the color is beautiful :) and the dress is amazing!
    Beatiful photoshoot ;)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  186. These pictures are absolutely breath-taking! Love the dress, love the shoes and totally love your new hair :) Those balloons are so cute.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  187. Gon wrote:

    The photos look great! Definitely a great prom dress ahah you are lovely ;)!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  188. Amelia M wrote:

    That dress is a dream and you look like a doll!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  189. Heidi wrote:

    That is trully a drress to die for. U look like a sweet little cupcake with the perfect frosting. =)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  190. suzia wrote:

    on the pic with baloons you remind me of miss dior cherie http://fashionbride.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/miss-dior-cherie-edp-ad-thumb-525×712.jpg

    10.17.09 · Reply
  191. KC wrote:

    you’re a real life BARBIE!!! :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  192. dy wrote:

    i like your hair darker!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  193. Oh my gosh! I’ve never commented before, but I just had to when I saw that dress! It’s AMAZING! Looks beautiful on, you have the perfect complexion for it. Brilliant find, well done to your mum.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  194. Sara wrote:

    Gosh Jane,the pictures with the ballons are the best the 4th and the 7th are just perfect,and I can’t find words to define the dress,the givenchy shoes matched with the dress :D,but I prefer your hair blonde :/
    From Brazil

    10.17.09 · Reply
  195. i think your hair looks lovely, any lighter and it wouldn’t really work as well with the dress.
    Trying desperately to cope with the contrasting pointy delicate toes to the bulky chunkiness of the heel, though. :/

    10.17.09 · Reply
  196. Elisha wrote:

    OMG. I’m in awe! :D

    10.17.09 · Reply
  197. Jasmin wrote:

    Jane, the dress is beautiful! It’s like a big, pink, creamy cupcake… in the good way!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  198. trisch wrote:

    You kinda remind me in the dior cherie ad.. so cute..and your waist is so small..

    10.17.09 · Reply
  199. this dress is amazing
    this photo shoot is amazing
    and your hair is amazing
    i love it all!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  200. marissaofthesea wrote:

    little miss dior! so sweet!~ love love love love love.. if your ever in laguna come to laguna supply come by we would love to meet you!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  201. Stephanie wrote:

    omgod jane- these pictures look like an editorial. love the one where you’re looking back at the camera with the balloons in your hand. im going to re-post it on one of my blogs: stardust memories.
    also- from a post below- you and your man are just so adorable :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  202. Alexa wrote:

    you look clearly better in Brunette. Clairement!
    xoxo from Paris

    10.17.09 · Reply
  203. Beatriz wrote:

    you’re so pretty, dear! if i were a boy, i’d take you!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  204. Sandra wrote:

    In this dress with baloons You look like from Miss Dior Cherie commercial :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  205. Laura wrote:

    Princess ! I’m your boy ! I love it.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  206. kaitlyn wrote:

    That dress is absolutely fabulous! Also, I am loving the darker hair. It looks great!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  207. gina wrote:

    Great dress! The pink looks great with your current hair color! I love the photos of you with the balloons in the gym.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  208. sophie! wrote:

    lovely dress ^^
    sadly, all hair dressers are liars
    mine cut my hair sooo much, and he promised he wouldn’t!
    at least you look well with it :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  209. norway wrote:

    wow, u have an kick-ass style!! ive seen through your blog, and its amazing!! i love it!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  210. Keren wrote:

    Oh my, that dress is gorgeous. And to be honest, I’m glad your hairdresser lied because the color looks amazing on you.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  211. CYT wrote:

    The hair is SUCH an upgrade from the blonde its amazing with your skin.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  212. Emilie wrote:

    Wonderful, your hair has changed???
    My blog mode: http://etincelledemode.blogspot.com/

    10.17.09 · Reply
  213. Sarah-Lou wrote:

    Oh you’re gorgeous – you look like a cupcake! Well a “human cupcake”! Your hair are perfect !!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  214. Mieke wrote:

    just surfing and from petunia face by beachbungalow saw your funny tittled blog and wow what a dress. It suits you perfect. i would live in a pink cloud should my mother bring me a dress like this one!!!! DON’T EVER TAKE IT OFF!!!!
    thanx for sharing! Mieke (the Netherlands)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  215. Libby wrote:

    How editorial and cute, I need that dress or something similiar, you’re lucky it fits like a charm!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  216. Edona wrote:

    aw, I think the hair-colour suits you very well!
    And the dress is so cuute!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  217. rowan wrote:

    sooo pretty!
    NEW blog^^

    10.17.09 · Reply
  218. Christine wrote:

    sooooo stunning! dont worry bout your hair, it looks awesome. but hey. you could probably dye your hair blue and still look spectacular, ;] love you Jane.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  219. kat wrote:

    love it! so cute!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  220. oh my goodness, your new hair color is about the same as mine…i just went from pale blond to deep auburn. it looks BEAUTIFUL on you! i hope you grow to love it. it really does suit your skin tone and makes your eyes look so bright.
    what an amazing find that dress is! it’s not easy to find 50s dresses anymore, in such good condition. i like that you’ve added shoes that are contemporary and sleek, a nice contrast with the fluffy dress…and it prevents the outfit from being costumey.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  221. Anne wrote:

    Love the dress but those shoes look like they fit really badly.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  222. Sarah wrote:

    You look so pretty! and the new hair is lovely- always good idea to go darker for winter! xx

    10.17.09 · Reply
  223. Kiwi wrote:

    ps. the hair colour actually works really well with the dress and it suits you! :)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  224. Kaylissa wrote:

    Your hair looks amazing, it’s the best I’ve seen on you. I’m also a natural blonde, and I dye my hair dark dark auburn, and it looks much better.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  225. kelly wrote:

    I will just echo what others have said and say: Your hair makes your skin glow and appear porcelain next to the darkness. It’s gorgeous.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  226. Have yourself a Maison Chaplin fashionable weekend!
    MAISON CHAPLIN, the internationally recognized most stylish and glam fashion blog by some fashion houses!
    http://www.MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com @ Custo Barcelona ad campaign

    10.17.09 · Reply
  227. Dark Hair = GOOD! wrote:

    Dark hair = VERY, VERY GOOD! You should keep it. You have such perfect skin, which is really shown off better by the darker hair. Plus, darker hair always looks thicker, lusher and shinier. Keep it!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  228. JANELOVER wrote:

    oooh, you look great! and I’m jealous ha ha
    your legs mhmm<3 i love them! i totally fall in love with your legs and eyes.
    wanna give me them? ha ha

    10.17.09 · Reply
  229. Carol wrote:

    Hair and Dress are both great.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  230. davis. wrote:

    super cute! Pretty In Pink anyone? Is your hair darker? Love the colour! Have fun at prom.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  231. tammy wrote:

    SO BEAUTIFUL…..i luv it… it is not my type of dress but it so ” bonbon” and gives you that innocence that we tend to forget about you… keep up the good work…

    10.17.09 · Reply
  232. Sarah wrote:

    your hair looks good, but you are so much beautiful before. go back to blondie!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  233. moi wrote:

    I love your color! you’re lucky you have the coloring to go light or dark.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  234. Super cute!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  235. Amy wrote:

    You look like a country sweetheart!
    The dress is amazing and so is your hair!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  236. von wrote:

    your hair makes a wonderful contrast with the creaminess of your skin, but i disagree about the dress– that shade of pink doesn’t really suit your complexion. it IS a lovely dress, however.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  237. Lovely!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  238. You look really cute Jane :-)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  239. Natasha wrote:

    Absolutely Lovely! You and the dress!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  240. Dena wrote:

    You look so adorable.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  241. Really beautiful dress!! I love the photos with the pink and white balloons!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  242. Jessica wrote:

    The dress looks so fun! I also love your dark hair – it’s incredibly striking.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  243. me likey those pumps!!!!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  244. Cate wrote:

    That dress is just gorgeous, I love it! And I think the darker auburn hair colour really suits you

    10.17.09 · Reply
  245. Monique wrote:

    very pretty:) your mom is the coolest:) the dress… the balloons… reminds me of the dior ad:) maybe even better!:)

    10.17.09 · Reply
  246. ¡Oh! Jane, it’s the most beautiful dress I ever seen.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  247. ¡Oh! Jane, it’s the most beautiful dress I ever seen.

    10.17.09 · Reply
  248. fab-u-lous!!! oh yes, yes you totally are! ps- i absolutely LOVE your hair!!!!

    10.17.09 · Reply
  249. It’s gorgeous! What a find!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  250. kate wrote:

    i know everyone is saying this. but yess i think this little lie that your hair dresser told you has turned out to be not so bad. i really like the way it looks on you. and im thinking about going the same color. but im scared to dye my hair :/ so we will see if i have the balls to do it

    10.18.09 · Reply
  251. Kassie wrote:

    WOW, that dress is so darling on you
    i’m jealous!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  252. Sheila wrote:

    Just wondering–could you perhaps style that striking dress for something more informal than prom? I am thinking about the way Paul Smith (S/S 09) combined striped T-shirts with party-dresses like yours. Did you try it with your new studded black Miu Miu ankle boots? I’d love to see you try to give that dress contemporary edge and irony.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  253. sean wrote:

    i’ll take you to prom

    10.18.09 · Reply
  254. cathze wrote:

    wow. that dress is amazing and it looks just perfects with the givenchys. and your hair looks pretty good, whether it’s dark or light.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  255. ely wrote:

    ahhh!!! it’s sooo cute. it’s totally you too. i can tell hahaha. it seems like a dress that you’re genuinely excited over (not that you don’t seem genuinely excited over everything else lol)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  256. Julls wrote:

    Adorable dress ! it looks perfect on you ! How much did it cost ?

    10.18.09 · Reply
  257. diana wrote:

    you look better with this hair color ;)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  258. Elin wrote:

    Holy crap, that must be the prom dress of every girls’ dream! My prom is coming up, may I borrow it for just one night? Hehe. I love your hair, by the way! It makes you look all exotic.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  259. yehav wrote:

    Your hair is beautiful! I love the color! but the dress is realy ugly

    10.18.09 · Reply
  260. Sara wrote:

    Reminds me of the prom in Grease, I love the dress!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  261. Sabina wrote:

    I envy you.
    Seriously. :D

    10.18.09 · Reply
  262. Anki wrote:

    The dress is wonderful. I love the pictures with the pink and white balloons.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  263. Eva from belgium wrote:

    I must say that this series of photos is one of my absolutely favourites! You look STUNNING ! The dress is unbelievably georgeous and your hair too!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  264. Etta wrote:

    This hair color on you is so flawless and rich, quite the serendipitous mistake.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  265. Alia wrote:

    i love that i can see the wear and tear of your fall 2007 givenchy babies. proof that fashion doesn’t have to be all about glossy perfection, fashion enthusiasts are people too n’est-ce pas?

    10.18.09 · Reply
  266. missmilki wrote:

    You look like a fairytale princess – maybe Cinderella! I love the pink balloons too! :)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  267. the-december-girl.blogspot.com wrote:

    it is so beautiful! love your hair color!=)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  268. don’t worry. it makes your skin look fantastic!!!!!!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  269. Pika wrote:

    I think you look great with this hair color! I love it<3

    10.18.09 · Reply
  270. oh my!!! this is the greatest dress I’ve seen for ages… seen some vintage shoes on the flea market today but they’ve been too small (shame! they looked like the black LV with the pearl just without the Pearl!)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  271. A.Huiling wrote:

    how did u tie your hair up? it looks awesome!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  272. Chloë wrote:

    I like the hair colour on you ! You look beautifull in the dress!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  273. Kim wrote:

    I like. Where did the balloons spring from?

    10.18.09 · Reply
  274. irena wrote:

    dark hair is beautiful on you! it makes your features pop =) the shoes are fantastically adorable and REALLY match the super cute dress! i find shopping for shoes to match dresses is so difficult sometimes…but you hit it right on the nail! have fun at prom this year =D

    10.18.09 · Reply
  275. That dress is incredible! Love the detailing. Very, very jealous. x

    10.18.09 · Reply
  276. your hair looks amazing, darling

    10.18.09 · Reply
  277. Ore wrote:

    I love it! I don’t think it’s from the same period but it reminds me of the Film Meet Me in St Louis :)
    you look beautiful too!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  278. ncsuemme wrote:

    I personally LOVE everything – the shoes, the hair and the dress. Gorgeous!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  279. Alex wrote:

    I’ve been a reader for a while but this is my first time to comment because…Oh my god. You dyed your hair! It looks great. =)
    The dress is gorgeous! It’s so cute. And the photos are breathtaking…=)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  280. Frida wrote:

    That dress is so fantastic you won’t even need a date! Love the colour of those heels as well, perfect powdery pink.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  281. delmy wrote:

    GORGEOUS…and I actually love your hair darker.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  282. Jadonna wrote:

    You are far to beautiful to stress your hair color. I think the color is lovely but I do like you hair a bit lighter. In saying that, get a new hair dresser. If your hair dresser is not fulfilling your desires, move on.
    Look at every woman that passes you in the street, once you one with color you like ask her the name of her hair dresser.
    But please don’t think for a moment that you cant carry any color you want because you are beautiful women.
    All the beat and keep up the great work,
    your fan,

    10.18.09 · Reply
  283. Rebekka wrote:

    The hair is not too dark, not at all. It’s perfect!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  284. issy wrote:

    lovely blog

    10.18.09 · Reply
  285. Acronical wrote:

    Such a cute dress! Actually went to my grandmother’s today, and took home a couple of her 50s dresses!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  286. adrienne wrote:

    You look so beautiful Jane!! Like a pink Cinderella!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  287. Catherine wrote:

    Wow, that dress is so beautiful! I love the shots of you on the bleachers <3!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  288. Amy wrote:

    You look like a country sweetheart!
    I am obsessed with the dress and the color of your hair is perfection!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  289. sofia wrote:

    yeah! that is what I call a dress!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  290. Kerry wrote:

    I love the dress! I always come across cool vintage finds, but they are usually in really small sizes – you’re lucky in that way!
    When I accidentally dyed my hair too dark (home hair-dyeing disaster!) my hairdresser recommended using an anti-dandruff shampoo to strip some of the colour out. It worked really well.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  291. Moa wrote:

    It’s beautiful

    10.18.09 · Reply
  292. My Emma. wrote:

    that’s amazing!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  293. I like the dress, but I think you should choose different shoes. The look is a bit too monochromatic, so go for one of your gorgeous, bad-ass, black shoes or even boots or maybe one of your Dries Van Notens.
    Also, think about it, you really think you will be able to dance the whole night and survive with the Givenchy pumps?
    I am liking the new hair color so don’t kill the hairdresser yet :)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  294. Avy wrote:

    Those are the cutest pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  295. Maritess wrote:

    OH MY GOSH that’s LOVELY!! That is the most perfect prom dress I have ever SEEN!!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  296. Delphine wrote:

    your hairdresser may be a liar but don’t be mad at him/her; you look stunning!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  297. jaime wrote:

    Love the dress and your dark hair!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  298. Vanessa wrote:

    I looove the prom dress! It might come off tacky on almost anyone else, but you make it work.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  299. dor wrote:

    You look like a fine porcelain doll!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  300. ainsley wrote:

    jane your hair is gorgeous, it looks great! you can call off being a blondie and brunette, serious skillz.
    cute dress too, reminds me of a strawberry cupcake i had in la.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  301. Kenza wrote:

    aww so adorable!
    especially loving the pictures with the balloons :)
    and your hair looks amazing like this! maybe its a good thing your hair dresser is a liar ;)

    10.18.09 · Reply
  302. Miss Shlog wrote:

    I like the darker hair! And the work on that skirt is amazing!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  303. Layla wrote:

    You look like an absolute doll in that dress! Congrats on finding a winner!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  304. Sam wrote:

    Hair and dress are a good combo.

    10.18.09 · Reply
  305. Candace wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE your new hair color!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  306. i’m ur fan from malaysia and i love ur stlye..i love ur 50s dress..it’s so lovely and beautiful..actually,ur dark hair is nothing wrong..ur style inspired me..and i’m the follower your web..

    10.18.09 · Reply
  307. Smil wrote:

    Your hair is perfect! Look great :}
    Ohhh and I love this prom dress! Look gorgeous on you!
    Love photos with balloons! Very nice and Soooo cuute
    Love your blogg!

    10.18.09 · Reply
  308. 10.18.09 · Reply
  309. sara wrote:

    you should let carol wear it. doesn’t she like betsy johnson?

    10.18.09 · Reply
  310. Suzy wrote:

    the pictures with the balloons remind me so much of the Miss Dior cherie adds with the girl drifting above paris in a pink dress! Is that what you had in mind?
    I love the dress sooo much it’s the most amazing dress I have ever seen!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  311. Victoria wrote:

    I commented on your mom’s blog that I absolutely love that dress, but I had to comment on yours too! This dress is amazing and I love the mini editorial spread you did. The balloons and the gym are perfect props. It looks great with your skin tone and hair color. Very Teen Vogue!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  312. Natalie wrote:

    Long time fan of your site, but first time commenting because that is just the most BEAUTIFUL dress ever. It’s just too big for me since I’m 5 feet but I would kill to have that dress.
    And you look like you stepped off a movie set— probably a Sofia Coppola shoot, it really does remind me of the Dior Cherie ads. GORGEOUS!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  313. I think this look completely washes you out.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  314. Ashley wrote:
    10.19.09 · Reply
  315. mystifize wrote:

    Wow you & your mom certainly have an eye for beautiful things!! That dress looks so gorgeous on you!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  316. Trish wrote:

    The dress is just gorgeous! Your photos are breathtaking!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  317. Laura wrote:
    10.19.09 · Reply
  318. That colour looks absolutely gorgeous on you with your new dark hair. :)

    10.19.09 · Reply
  319. Ginny wrote:

    I adore u!!!
    You look like Miss Dior here. XD

    10.19.09 · Reply
  320. Dany wrote:

    A perfect prom dress! It is so beautiful…

    10.19.09 · Reply
  321. Marieke wrote:

    Love it!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  322. Grace wrote:

    That dress is gorgeous! What a lucky find! Much better than the typical trash the average high schooler will wear.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  323. Honey wrote:

    I think the dress is awful but the darker hair color suits you so much, especially for the fall.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  324. sydney wrote:

    I love your hair, don’t worry, it looks fine! Also, this set is wonderful… i especially love the ones with the balloons! Wonderful as inspiration, thanks for psoting these up.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  325. Kim wrote:

    I love the dark hair on you, it sooths you well, really! The dress is nice and girly, like it.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  326. Kirsten wrote:

    you are so adorable!!
    http://www.maisondepeanutleigh.com {uninhibited fashion blog}

    10.19.09 · Reply
  327. diana wrote:

    i can not stop staring :)

    10.19.09 · Reply
  328. Sharon wrote:

    I love the dress and I love the blog. I heard of you from my friend, http://unordinarychic.blogspot.com/, and am now hooked. Thanks

    10.19.09 · Reply
  329. Lindsey wrote:

    Perfect choice of shoes for the dress!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  330. Michelle wrote:

    the 4th and 5th photos remind me of Miss Dior Cherie fragrance ads !!
    loved the dress.. the pink Givenchys.. and your hair is great as well .
    sure your hairdresser is a liar, but at least he doesnt make a mess out of the lie :D
    congratz on being featured in CosmoGirl Indonesia Jane !

    10.19.09 · Reply
  331. claudia wrote:

    I prefer you with blonde hair!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  332. Alex wrote:

    that dress looks amazing on you!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  333. Emilie wrote:

    Beautiful pictures! You look like a doll!
    Emilie from http://whatshappeninginmyfashionworld.blogspot.com/

    10.19.09 · Reply
  334. Mia wrote:

    THe ensemble is SO lovely. And the photos are just perfect.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  335. G G wrote:

    Che bella!
    Images (counting from top) 4 and 6 have a nice editorial flair.
    I feel sorry for your hairdresser — idiot for not giving you what you wanted, but with the light in “4”, your hair looks merveilleuse!
    Kudos to your mom for her exceptional skills in picking out “the perfect” prom dress for you. Bravissima! She has a very good eye for fit, which is very, very rare.
    Nice mention in Elle as the designer’s muse and model :) Brava!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  336. RoxyBlue wrote:

    Smashing dress and what a lucky find! It looks to be in perfect condition.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  337. adelaide wrote:

    wow! that dress is so pretty!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  338. cute dress…
    and i think your hair looks stunning.. i think it flattered your skin and eyes… i love it…

    10.19.09 · Reply
  339. Charlotte wrote:

    Hi Jane, that dress is amazing!!! So simple and and elegant at the same time!! I’m jealous, i’m going to make a dress like that to myself!!!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  340. amie wrote:

    So pretty! Love it.
    And, the hair looks fantastic — the dark suits you :)

    10.19.09 · Reply
  341. WOW!!! Gorgeousssss :)

    10.19.09 · Reply
  342. Adela wrote:

    you are SO beautiful!!
    and that dress… spectacular!!
    beautiful pairing with the shoes!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  343. Meadow wrote:

    Jane, you look absolutely lovely in pink (and it actually works really well with the dark hair….although the lighter red would look beautiful with pink too). I love the volume of the skirt! Now I want to go to prom too lol…

    10.19.09 · Reply
  344. Sarah wrote:

    yours is much nicer, but these are too awesomely bad not to check out!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  345. Constança wrote:

    Am I dreaming?!!! You look perfect girl!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  346. Laura wrote:

    I think the darker hair is a good look for you.
    and this is soooo prom like! i like the fact you had balloons to go with it. haha

    10.19.09 · Reply
  347. sandra wrote:

    your hair are not so bad ;) very cute dress

    10.19.09 · Reply
  348. SC wrote:

    Jane! I want to raid your closet. You have some amazing clothes and I’m so glad to see that you aren’t afraid to wear even the most avant-garde pieces. I just started following your blog and I really am impressed. I also hope you keep your hair that color, it’s so fitting and looks beautiful against your skin. I hope all is well with you and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  349. i love the hair, both way its fab x

    10.19.09 · Reply
  350. City Chic wrote:

    How pretty and the shoes match perfectly – just love it :)

    10.19.09 · Reply
  351. Vanessa wrote:

    girl you need a TAN!!!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  352. It looks beautiful on you, and makes you look really tall!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  353. mimi wrote:

    yes, the dress is a wonderful confection, but…the shoes…steal the show of course.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  354. Tara wrote:

    Pretty in Pink!! I wanted to tell you I love your new collection for Urban Outfitters, particularly the two-tone brown wedge. Gorgeous!

    10.19.09 · Reply
  355. If I was a guy, I will take her to prom and spend the night with her, she looks like a beautiful princess with her prom dress. I really like this girl so much she is so beautiful.

    10.19.09 · Reply
  356. Nicole wrote:

    How on earth can someone be this Pretty and have the best taste?? Wow, love at first sight ahha!
    – fashionforestry

    10.19.09 · Reply
  357. Becca wrote:

    That dress is BEAUTIFUL. These photos remind me somewhat of the style of Alix at Cherry Blossom Girl, very whimsical and pretty.
    As for you hair, I actually think it suits you quite nicely! It is frustrating when hairdressers don’t listen/don’t do what they say they’re going to, but in your case, you still look lovely!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  358. Wow! It’s amazing!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  359. You look insane!! So freaking beautiful. I love the hair color jane. You are such an inspiration!!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  360. Lisa wrote:

    the photos with the ballons looks like one od Miss Dior photos ^_^
    I just love the dress and your new hair! You look fabulous!
    -Lisa, Isreal

    10.20.09 · Reply
  361. Jade wrote:

    I absolutely love your hair this dark. It is stunning with your eyes and coloring. It’s inspired me to go darker soon, and I haven’t dyed my hair in years!
    and that dress…wow

    10.20.09 · Reply
  362. Fiona wrote:

    This dress could not be more beautiful. I love the way the layers are entirely old fashioned, feminine and delicate and then the mid section is near obi-style in its simplicity!
    If you have time take a quick glance at my new blog about Fashion in Glasgow, Scotland- we are a little known fashion mecca!
    Not much up so far but I plan a daily update!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  363. The dress is just gorgeous!
    visit me @ http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.com

    10.20.09 · Reply
  364. I’m definetely considering transgender surgery just to hypothetically be able to ask…

    10.20.09 · Reply
  365. Kate wrote:

    this looks like a teen vougue shoot, also you look a little like ali michael with darker hair!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  366. faire wrote:

    this is so precious! i found the perfect pale pink bally’s a bit ago. i wish you had them for this dress.

    10.20.09 · Reply
  367. Desitnee Fisher wrote:

    The hair totally does it for you, I’m absolutely in love with it.

    10.20.09 · Reply
  368. Vicki wrote:

    That dress is gorgeous!

    10.20.09 · Reply
  369. Sofie wrote:

    Wow, I love this dress so much I can’t even begin to describe it. I’ve made a whole blog post about it here: http://www.sofie-ohdarling.blogspot.com .
    You have such an inspiring style! :)

    10.20.09 · Reply
  370. wow adore that promo dress- so unique!
    x ws x

    10.21.09 · Reply
  371. Mark wrote:

    If I was in America; I would LOVE to take you to the prom in that dress <3

    10.21.09 · Reply
  372. Evelyn wrote:

    OMG…it’s soo cute..!!

    10.21.09 · Reply
  373. Zanjka wrote:

    i love the dress and new hair color… but i just don’t like the shoes… they are kind of too much for this dress… but the rest is perfect :)

    10.21.09 · Reply
  374. Gaelle wrote:

    Don’t know if I love the shoes. The color is great. Good match with the dress. The patent leather is gorgeous. But the balance of huge heels and pointed toe is not right.

    10.21.09 · Reply
  375. ahhh!! the same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago and my hair was a similar color to yours before! Maybe it’s a hair colorists conspiracy to make every one brunette ;)

    10.21.09 · Reply
  376. PS: unbelievable dress!

    10.21.09 · Reply
  377. pandasoppa wrote:

    oh darling, its fucking fabolous, i want to pour some tea in a pink cup and eat you as a cupcake with it!!!!
    love / sweden

    10.21.09 · Reply
  378. Alexandra wrote:

    Please keep the hair colour– it’s gorgeous!
    As is the dress, but you know that.

    10.21.09 · Reply
  379. browneyedgirl wrote:

    the dress looks so innocent, sweet and fresh. at first glance it kinda reminds me of a pinata but on closer look the details look very feminine and pretty. the darker hair looks better on you. it makes you look more striking and compliments your fair skin very well.

    10.22.09 · Reply
  380. Adeline wrote:

    Your dress is FABULOUS !! I love it so much! Looks really good on you:)

    10.22.09 · Reply
  381. Shayna wrote:

    hair suits you soooo well dear.

    10.22.09 · Reply
  382. Ana wrote:

    It’s so nice.

    10.22.09 · Reply
  383. jenny wrote:

    you look like a princess!!!
    xoxo from France

    10.23.09 · Reply
  384. WOW! That dress is gorgeous! I can just see you jiving with John Travolta in the Rydell High gym in Grease!!! What an amazing find!!!

    10.23.09 · Reply
  385. Henna wrote:

    Those pictures remind me of this miss Dior Cherié-ad :)

    10.23.09 · Reply
  386. GB2112 wrote:

    Reminds me of that Dior Chérie perfume add, with the balloons! Gorge.

    10.23.09 · Reply
  387. Danielle wrote:

    That is soooo cute!

    10.23.09 · Reply
  388. Nata wrote:

    Your hair darker, looks gorgeous, as was expected.
    I think it would look gorgeous in nearly any shade. (:
    And that 50’s prom dress is, oh so appropriate in these pictures, it’s a dreams of frills and thrills.
    And I love it!
    Plus, I need to check out your urban outfitter’s line, I’m so excited to see what you put together.

    10.23.09 · Reply
  389. Chin wrote:

    oh my gosh the dress is divine!

    10.23.09 · Reply
  390. Rosanna wrote:

    Your hair has an interesting colour though, sometimes it looks brown and sometimes red. I wouldn’t mind having my hair dyed in the same colour ;)

    10.24.09 · Reply
  391. Leti wrote:

    killer shoes you’ve got there…..

    10.24.09 · Reply
  392. chloe wrote:

    reminds me of a longer betsey johnson dress.

    10.24.09 · Reply
  393. alex* wrote:

    Wow this is one of my favorite photoshoots you’ve ever done. LOVE that dress….and its true, the darker hair sets it off perfectly. (those shoes are gorgeous as well). YAHOO!

    10.24.09 · Reply
  394. amélie wrote:

    Your new color hair is so lovely i love it ,I had not noticed the change so I think it fits you really well, and your dress is so lovely like those in grease

    10.26.09 · Reply
  395. karmela wrote:

    i think your hair is much prettier with a darker color. :) nice dress. it’s so pretty. my mom loves it. :D

    10.26.09 · Reply
  396. sheryl wrote:

    wow jane i’ve got to say everything looks fabulous. from the hair to the makeup. looking so pretty in pink! love alllll the pictures! incredible.

    10.27.09 · Reply
  397. Anouk wrote:

    Wooooooooooow, i love love love the dress =D
    and ur hair looks beautiful too=)

    10.27.09 · Reply
  398. What are you talking about? Your hair looks fabulous.
    The darker color suits you a bit more, and brings out your feminine features.
    Btw, that dress is precious.
    Why haven’t you left for the dance yet?

    10.27.09 · Reply
  399. n! wrote:

    love the dress!
    and the hair looks really good on you, i think it brings out the color of your eyes. :)

    10.28.09 · Reply
  400. Juan wrote:

    I can’t think of anything more suitable for prom! it is lovely!

    10.28.09 · Reply
  401. Clarissa wrote:

    the dress is super cute and so are all of these pictures!
    also, you’re hair looks AMAZING in that color! you can definitely pull it off so I hope you like it :)

    10.28.09 · Reply
  402. There is no disappointment like going to get a service and not getting what you desire….however, sometimes we end up with something we actually end up loving, because its a change. I know you wanted the same shade of color you had previously, but I find this darker color to be refreshing! I think it also gives this Prom Dress shoot a little dramatization. P.S. Congrats on your 2nd shoe line with U.O. :0)

    11.1.09 · Reply
  403. katie wrote:

    beautiful! these are my favorite photos yet! the dress looks like its in pristine condition- what an amazing find!

    11.2.09 · Reply
  404. (Second picture) Can you say PROM? :))
    I’m shock how this pink suits you well. The dress is indeed lovely and I can see it fits you nicely.

    11.4.09 · Reply
  405. This dress is beautiful. You truly know how to rock perfectly. I need to pick up some tips!

    11.4.09 · Reply
  406. clémence wrote:

    I love your hair this way personnally!
    you look just like the last french ad for “miss Dior chérie” by Sofia Coppola!

    11.5.09 · Reply
  407. Wow! I adore this dress… I used a similar one for a photo shoot the other day actually! same amazing style and fabrics, but in a royal blue!
    We have good taste? haha

    11.8.09 · Reply
  408. Lin wrote:

    the balloons remind me of the miss dior cherie perfume ads

    11.9.09 · Reply
  409. one of my favorite posts yet.
    the dress is the cutest dress i’ve ever seen…so june carter.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  410. Sharon wrote:

    Darker hair looks nicer on whiter skin tone.
    Love the dress to bits :D

    11.12.09 · Reply
  411. Disocunt Handbags wrote:

    You look very beautiful
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    11.14.09 · Reply
  412. darlingniki wrote:

    fabulous jane!!
    ala miss dior cherie ad by sofia coppola!!
    it’s one of my fave ads and it makes me smile whenever i see it :)

    11.20.09 · Reply
  413. Meriem wrote:

    Like a little princess ^^

    11.29.09 · Reply
  414. I JUST LOOOOOVE IT THE SHOES. AND THE DRESS. Like in a minute, you reaaally became my icon style, between Hilary Duff and Leighton Meester.
    And I agree, ur hair looks great.

    1.4.10 · Reply
  415. wow i love t hat SO much… can i cut and paste it into my blog?? but give u credit, of course???

    5.12.10 · Reply
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    WOW!You look like so absolutely,and the dress is beautiful.

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    6.2.11 · Reply
  423. Your hair makes a wonderful contrast to the smoothness of your skin. Your dress is also attractive, which shade of pink is really your skin tone. It is a beautiful dress.

    8.27.11 · Reply
  424. Prom Dress wrote:

    I love your dress, it’s really pretty! It matches everything from your hair color down to your skin tone.

    9.6.11 · Reply
  425. Kk wrote:

    I’d put some bronzer on!

    11.10.11 · Reply
  426. Your dress looks so cute! It matches your skin tone and your hair. Kudos to your mom!

    12.13.11 · Reply
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